Report: Israel and Egypt Told John Kerry To Stay Out of Ceasefire Negotiations – But Secretary Kerry Kept Insisting…


A recent report into the inside contacts surrounding a Hamas / Israeli negotiated ceasefire confirms –with exact precisionwhat we predicted was happening at the time.

Obama(Via WFB) Secretary of State John Kerry offered numerous times to fly to Cairo or Jerusalem to assist in cease-fire negotiations but was told that the sides “didn’t need American mediation,” according to an account of events by Haaretz.

Senior Israeli officials told Haaretz that Kerry offered to come to directly join the talks in each and every call during the attempted brokering of a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas on Monday, but was “politely rejected” by all sides.

Egypt wanted to prove that it could play its traditional diplomatic role with regards to Gaza without U.S. assistance. Israel thought that a visit by Kerry would make it look like the United States pressured Israel to make a deal, which would have been a public relations victory for Hamas.

Senior Israeli officials said that in every phone call that day, Kerry offered to fly immediately to Cairo, and perhaps even Jerusalem, to try to advance a cease-fire. But Egyptians and Israelis both politely rejected that offer, telling Kerry they are already in direct contact and didn’t need American mediation.

Cairo objected to Kerry coming because it wanted to show that President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi’s new government was capable of playing Egypt’s traditional diplomatic role with regard to Gaza without outside help. Jerusalem objected because it thought Kerry’s arrival would be interpreted as American pressure on Israel, and thus as an achievement for Hamas.

Ironically, however, Kerry’s pressure to fly in pushed Egypt and Israel to accelerate their own efforts to craft a cease-fire proposal. A senior Israeli official said the Egyptian proposal essentially adopted the ideas raised by Abbas several days earlier. Abbas had suggested that the Egyptians first declare an end to hostilities by both sides, and then begin detailed negotiations over various issues related to Gaza, such as easing restrictions on its border crossings with both Egypt and Israel. (read more)

el sisi 3

What part of NO is it you fail to understand?

As we previously shared when we posed the question: “Who Is More Likely To Be Trusted In a Brokered Peace Deal Between Israel and the Hamas-Fatah government ?

[…]  Traditionally you would expect Netanyahu (Israel) to want Team Obama.   However, Team Obama stated last month they would support a Hamas-Fatah representative government, even though Hamas is directly a terrorist organization.

Team Egypt will NOT support a Hamas-Fatah representative government specifically because Hamas is an ideological compatriot of The Muslim Brotherhood – another terrorist organization.

So, in a generally predictive sense, Hamas, the terrorists within the equation, would probably be more comfortable with Team Obama.

Conversely, Israel, understanding the terrorists in the equation, would probably be more comfortable with Team el-Sisi.  (read more)

abbas 1 with kerryabbas-netanyahu-550x309

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18 Responses to Report: Israel and Egypt Told John Kerry To Stay Out of Ceasefire Negotiations – But Secretary Kerry Kept Insisting…

  1. Josh says:

    ” … without U.S. assistance” Uhhh, assistance? That should be interference.


  2. justfactsplz says:

    Obama and Kerry are being sent a strong message. No one trusts them or wants their input.


  3. Yakmaster says:

    If only Mr. Kerry was the super hero he’s always felt himself to be, he could really “come to save the day!” Oh, wait. That was Mighty Mouse.


  4. Steve K says:

    Hahaha! I assume posting this right after Comcast phone call was intentional?

    Kerry: Why don’t you want me to come broker your peace deal?
    Israel: Please stay in Washington.
    Kerry: OK, but why?
    Israel: We don’t find you helpful.
    Kerry: Why? The US has been your partner in peace since the Camp David accords in 1978. We’ve been with you through 6 presidential administrations. Why won’t you let me come to your negotiations?
    Israel: Please stay in Washington.
    Kerry: OK, but why?


  5. Robbins Mitchell says:

    I swear,Kerry would screw up a steel anvil


  6. HopeChangeInAZ says:

    He is a liberal, which pretty much says it all!


  7. lnvaderzee says:

    my only response…. Ha, hahahahaha ha hahaha


  8. allhail2 says:

    Kerry couldn’t negotiate a fight between ketchup and mustard.


  9. joshua says:

    Lurch, return to your yacht and resume wind surfing immediately and stay out of world politics….you only know how to drone on and on and to marry rich women.


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