Knowing it Can’t be Done – Adam Schiff Requests White House Intelligence Distribution to Entire Committee…

LATEST –  Adam Schiff downplays intelligence reports, and falls back on same strategy deployed in Part 3.

Ranking Intel Member Adam Schiff releases a statement that is fraught with parseltongue and obfuscation in the hopes that average voters/Americans don’t know the difference between executive level intelligence (highest security level), used by President and only available to Oversight Gang-of-Eight, and committee level intelligence (lower security threshold) which can be reviewed by the entire House Intelligence Committee.

Even a public official openly discussing the various levels of “compartmented” intelligence and various differences within the authorized use of SCIF facilities, is itself a violation of classified intelligence rules.  This makes it easy for deceivers to manipulate their words knowing they cannot be publicly challenged.

If you are paying close attention, you’ll note this strategy is what Adam Schiff is using in the statement he released below:

Ranking Intelligence Committee Member Adam Schiff claims: “I cannot discuss the content” and then claims “they should have been shared with the full committees”.

Schiff knows full well the executive office level intelligence, as an end product, cannot be shared (as a whole) with the intelligence committee because the committee is not authorized to see the same level of intelligence as the President.

Only the eight congressional intelligence oversight members, the Gang-of-Eight, can be allowed access to the same end-product intelligence as the President of the United States.  If the Go8 level intelligence is shared, it must come as individual parts from each of the intelligence agencies that have assembled the product.

The President DID ask the congressional committees to review and investigate the intelligence leaks, which would encompass looking at the actual intelligence that was being leaked:

Devin Nunes investigated the intelligence as an outcome of information leaked to him by a member of the Intelligence Community.  His concern, after reviewing the intelligence, was “unmasking” as a tool to target political opponents.

Later, after Nunes reviewed part of the surveillance intelligence and reported his findings to the President – the President, through his office of legal counsel – and following clearly defined rules of classification and protocol, requested the four intel committee chairs of the G08 (Nunes, Schiff, Burr and Warner) to review the same intelligence.   Only Nunes and now Schiff have done so.

Senator’s Burr (Chair) and Warner (Vice-Chair) have NOT reviewed the intelligence; yet Schiff is now claiming it should be distributed to all members of both intelligence committees (House and Senate).


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478 Responses to Knowing it Can’t be Done – Adam Schiff Requests White House Intelligence Distribution to Entire Committee…

  1. katherine009 says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Larry Johnson’s blog? It has simply disappeared.


  2. Voice of Reason says:

    Why is Fox burying the story by Housley?

    Wallace seemed to ignore Fox’s own report on his program today.


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