The Enemy Behind The Wire – About That “How Brutus Killed Caesar” Consultant…

Donald Trump is pouring sunlight upon the entire crowd behind the GOPe curtain.  Two weeks ago you saw George Will sayingthe Trump supporters (vulgarians) needed to come to the Republican party on our terms, not theirs“; last week Charles Krauthammer said it’s impossible to deport illegal aliens“; meanwhile the entire class of elite republicans are apoplectic at the thought of Donald Trump winning the GOP primary.

As the sunlight poured upon them another professional GOP Consultant, Rick Wilson, took aim at the Republican base, and hours later directed his hatred toward Ann Coulter saying: “Does Trump pay you more for anal“.

rick Wilsonalex castellanos

However, the latest sunlight comes from GOP consultant Alex Castellanos who was questioned about how the GOP could stop Donald Trump.  As shared via Breitbart:

[…]  The best way to do it is how Brutus killed Caesar. Get real close, snuggle up, and shiv him in the ribs. (link)

All of these are examples of how vitriolic the establishment GOP can be toward anyone they identify as a risk to their place at the political trough.  It should always be noted their anger and hate is never directed toward professional Democrats, because in their world Democrats are simply fellow travelers in line at the same buffet of political indulgence.

Once again we are bearing witness to a reality that the real mortal enemy of the GOPe are Grassroot Conservatives.

We should not be surprised at the events of the last two weeks, given the recent example within the 2014 GOP primary race when the National Republican Senatorial Committee, actually placed racist attack ads in Mississippi against another Republican Candidate, Chris McDaniel – and going one step further – they paid Democrats to cross party lines and vote in the second primary election.

The Washington DC class of Republicans will stop at nothing to insure they remain in power.

However, to the recent example outlined through Alex Castellanos it bears noting this is nothing new for him, or them.  Twenty-five years ago, in 1990, it was Castellanos who wrote, produced, and ran a racist attack ad now famously known simply as “White Hands“:

1990 – In the North Carolina Senate campaign, Republican incumbent Jesse Helms was several points behind Democrat Harvey Gantt in polls taken shortly before the election. Over a weekend, political consultant Alex Castellanos wrote and produced an ad called “Hands.” Gantt’s support of affirmative action had been identified on surveys as an unpopular position.

The controversial “Hands” featured a close-up shot of two hands holding a letter and crumpling it as a narrator says “You needed that job, but they had to give it to a minority.” Helms made up the difference in the polls and won re-election. (link)

alex castellanos

Yes, the same professional GOP consultant who wrote, produced and used this ad to the benefit of his guy, Jesse Helms, is the same guy who appears regularly on CNN to give his opinion of political candidates and is now saying:

” […] The best way to [remove Donald Trump] is how Brutus killed Caesar. Get real close, snuggle up, and shiv him in the ribs.”…

And yet, vast swaths of the electorate think it’s a good idea for candidate Donald Trump to pledge allegiance to this same crew ?

trump brilliant

I think not.


Think about it !

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331 Responses to The Enemy Behind The Wire – About That “How Brutus Killed Caesar” Consultant…

  1. mari says:

    Castellanos needs to be castigated with a price of his head, dead or alive. How dare he suggest killing Trump. He ought to have his mouth permanently stapled.

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  2. feralcatsblog says:


    One battery of field artillery is worth a thousand muskets.
    – William Tecumseh Sherman

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    • Keln says:

      Perhaps but…

      A battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and the enemy’s…Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake – Napoleon Bonaparte

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    • JeremyR says:

      Yes, but it does not replace them. Every innovation in battle field tech has been heralded as the end of the infantry. Well, the grunts are still here and still doing what grunts do, winning the war.
      Read Tarawa conquest of the unconquerable. The might of the Navy, bombardment from 16 inch guns, precision control of it and aerial attack did not destroy the enemy. It took the guts and grit of the muskets, United States Marines to root out the enemy.
      Granted, Custer sure could have used a battery or three when he went to Montana.

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  3. unseen1 says:

    Yet amazingly a caucus of lifelong Republican politicos in Washington are announcing to the world with defiance and self-righteousness that they will vote for Hillary Clinton.

    They are mostly former Romney and Bush operatives. They lost and now they want people to believe that their anti-Trumpism is an act of heroism and principle. They ingratiate themselves to The New York Times, Washington Post and Team Clinton – the sworn enemies of free markets and conservative values.

    Somehow this doesn’t offend their moral compass.

    I certainly don’t mean to disparage conservatives who say they won’t vote for Mr. Trump. One’s vote is a matter of personal conscience. But to actively support Hillary is to put the other team’s jersey on and then run a lap around the stadium.

    It’s worth examining the case of the Republicans for Hillary, because none of the arguments make much sense.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      The NeverTrump swine are all out of work. And when Trump wins, they are out of their careers.

      Thousands of losers will have to get jobs. Maybe in another country.

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    • Patriot Lady says:

      My dear unseen1,
      With all due respect, I see errors in your description of the “Republican politicos in Washington”…
      1. You said “somehow this does not offend their moral compass” Not correct– They do this because have no moral compass!
      2. You “don’t mean to disparage conservatives voting for Hillary.” Again, incorrect–They’re not conservatives. If they were, they wouldn’t be voting for Hillary!
      Buckeyes for Tom Connors for US Senate:

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    • Paul Killinger says:

      Well. If you don’t wish to disparage these political hustlers who have the temerity to call themselves so-called “conservatives” (and wrap themselves in the mantel of Ronald Reagan), allow me to do it for you…

      I’ll tell you EXACTLY who they are — They’re traitorous merchants who sell their offices and their souls for pieces of silver. This is why they get along so well with the Clinton Crime Family, the KING and QUEEN of the Silver Merchants, now fully exposed and soon to face a jury of their peers for their criminal exploits.

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    • Patriot1 says:

      Their electorate needs to know what these traitors are doing. A mass mailing to their homes would do the trick. We will need to unelect this swine.


    • wasntme says:

      It is especially stupid of them to announce they are not supporting Trump when all they have to do its vote for a 3rd party candidate and they have in effect voted for clinton. But instead they choose to expose themselves as RINOs.

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    • mari says:

      They hate America just like Hillary, they’ll sell to the highest bidder–globalists. Trump is America first.


  4. unseen1 says:

    Hot night in my real world in Wasilla – yard work complete, baked loaves of late-summer garden’s zucchini bread, & now get to sit down to catch pay-per-view’s big UFC fight.
    As we’ve seen throughout Rio Olympics, like I’ve always said: sports are an analogy of life, thus analogous to the Presidential election.
    Like this McGregor vs Diaz fight tonight, it always comes down to “who wants it more?”
    So, supporters of America-First Nationalism (represented by the Trump movement) must understand the UniParty’s Globalism (that’d be Hillary), and how the Left fights to win. They fight dirty, but they fight to win. This election is the battle for America’s future. Patriots who know our solvency and sovereignty hinge on the next administration’s defense of our Constitution, it’s policies and it’s Supreme Court appointments must ask: Are we willing to fight to win this time? Do we want it more? More than leftist zealots who are out for blood and never fight fair?
    Commonsense independent Americans must SHOW our willingness to fight to win this time.
    I want it more… for our kids’ future. Do you?
    –Sarah Palin

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    • YvonneMarie says:

      We want it.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Zucchini bread—yummmm


    • JC says:

      Want it baaad. Armed for battle, gathering intel, undeterred, watchful, determined, prayerful.

      The very soul of our nation is at stake, my children and their children will live the consequences of this election, make no mistake about it; this is the Big One. I am a member of an army that never gives up. I. Will. Never. Give. Up.

      Are you visiting us in the Treehouse tonight, Ms. Palin, or are you a Wasilla resident quoting Sarah Palin? A warm welcome, either way.

      My brother lives in Wasilla; what a beautiful piece of paradise.

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  5. SPMI says:

    I never liked Manafort
    Luke warm in so many ways
    Bingo gone
    A dude and a chick from breisbart?!
    One of em is no good for DJT’s World.
    48 states 80,000,000 votes 🌊Sunami

    G O D J T R U M P!!!


  6. Iron Lady says:


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  7. barton2016 says:

    This is why I have always been skeptical of talk radio. Their first allegiance seems to be the Republican Party.


  8. mister549 says:

    WOW! These are treacherous times!

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  9. B says:

    Trump gonna go third party?


  10. yohio says:

    If you read between the lines of what Sundance is saying someone is trying to undermine Trump on his immigration policy. They have figured out the one thing, probably the only thing that could make voters leave Trump is if they can convince people he is wavering on immigration!!! They seem to be doing this by someone convincing him he needs the party, and if he gives some he will win and he can get stuff passed. The truth and where I think Sundance is going to go with the post is that once they get Trump to give, they are going to turn on him come out with stuff showing him saying he would give and then throw him under the bus to us as someone who lied on most important policy and can’t be trusted. That’s my take hope Trump smart enough to not trust them and sees it coming. This is therir surprise expect them to keep pushing softening immigration and if Trump softens to leak video or papers of him saying something different then policy. By the way something was up between Manafort & Stone and now Stone not happy because Manafort gone.

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    • ShirleyM49 says:

      There is no way the Trumpsters are going to abandon him over illegal immigration. Trumpsters are loyal and will stick with him to the end. We’re in in to win it. Stop listening to all the naysayers. Just continue to support him to one and all.


    • john lorenz says:

      The original basis for Trump’s support was the idea of restoring America. To do so we had to become a sovereign nation first, which meant border control before ANYTHING else; then deal with the illegals by simply enforcing the existing law. Nothing Draconian about that. Simply do that or change the laws.I don’t believe The party needs Trump. He’s proven he doesn’t need them. Uniparty Rinos, Big chiefs——-no tribe,


  11. emet says:

    The critical time will be from Trump’s victory in November until he is sworn in. The Clinton corruption revealed to date is just scattered pieces, compared to the ocean of deceit and treachery that will be exposed. If Trump is permitted to establish an aggessive, incorruptable DOJ, some very highly-placed people are going to prison, and many others will face seizures of bank accounts and real property. Plans will be put into place to either create a major catadtrphe so that there is an indefinite delay in the transfer of power, or Trump will be made ill by some means. At the very least, key government personnel (politically connected) will be directed to vandalize the Trump administration.

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    • JC says:

      Have been thinking the same thing, Emet… in spades. There will be no laying down of arms after election, and we must remain hypervigilant, prayerful and ready to “stand in the gap” wherever and whenever we can. The tsunami that ushers Trump into the WH must continue to be a powerful force for a righteous America.

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    • Paul Killinger says:

      I share your concerns, but who is going to not “permit” any President to name an Attorney General and staff the DOJ with their own people?

      And as regards to questioning Trump’s commitment on the Immigration issue, this is like Custer’s Last Stand. They’re getting down to scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for a way out now, folks.


  12. paper doll says:

    Trump knows these guys better than they know themselves.I believe he’s got this covered. The biggest mistake you can make is believing you can fool the Trump

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  13. Garrison Hall says:

    Sundance, I want to again compliment you on the quality of your political analysis. Identifying the discrete unity of the political class not only revealed a fatal weakness in their organizational structure—which is why they’ve go to such lengths to keep it hidden from the voting public—but it also forced the bought-and-paind-for “conservative” intelligentsia to admit publicly that their true loyalties aren’t to conservatism at all but are instead to the wealthy oligarchs who back their magazines, run their TV channels, own their newspapers, pay their salaries, and use conservatism as a convenient cover for their progressive/statist/globalist hidden agendas.

    Nobody has done this as well or as thoroughly as you have, something that is reflected in how your ideas are now commonly used by other media outlets, both liberal and conservative. I don’t think its an overstatement to say that the contribution of your work has played an important role in manifestly changing the American political landscape. By revealing the hidden alliances of the GOPe/Uniparty, American politics will never be the same again. I’d say y’all done pretty good.

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  14. Truthfilter says:

    Does anyone remember the rumor that circled around (several months ago)that the NYT or WAPO had a video or audio of Trump stating that he really wasn’t going to build a wall or deport illegals? I don’t remember the details exactly but it was supposedly recorded during an off record meeting between Trump and one of the major newspapers…..

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    • wheatietoo says:

      I remember that.
      It was the NYTimes…and there were differing accounts of what was said.

      I think Mr.Trump preempted the release of it by saying what was said…and it was basically that he was thinking out loud about how it would work while the Wall was being built.
      – That building the Wall would take some time, and until it was built, it wouldn’t make sense to deport people because they would come right back in…or something like that.

      If there was anything to it, the NYT would’ve released it back during the Primaries.
      They would’ve preferred to have Cruz as the nominee, because he would be easily beaten by Hillary.

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    • fedup says:

      If you wanted to undermine him, you’d start just such a rumor, whether such a recording existed or not.


  15. dalethorn says:

    The number one rule of security – never let anyone know you have a secret, lest they start poking around. The Trump team would be like world-class checker players. The difference between chess and checkers is, you play chess to win, but play checkers for the draw. The game is too well known to play for a win directly – you play for the tie game and when your opponent makes a mistake, you nail ’em. Or vice-versa. You have to know the possibilities, especially the aspect of so-called Manchurian candidates that the public is so ignorant of – the active shooter sprays fire around as a distraction while the real killer gets the job done close-up. Shock and speed. Trump’s insiders will keep an eye on the SS. Security drills can be leaked, and can turn real if bad guys get one of theirs inside. So many things to think about, but good security guys are on high alert for these and lots more.


  16. ALEX69 says:

    I heard him say we need to enforce the law first tonight.Thats a great start. The wall needs to concentrate on the choke points I would think.

    I have no problem moving a large contingent from South Korea down their. That would send shockwaves throughout Latin America.They are just going to get vaporized in South Korea.


  17. wheatietoo says:

    This post dates back to when ‘The Pledge’ had been created, to make Mr.Trump promise to support whomever won as Nominee…and promise not to run as an Independent.

    I didn’t like it.
    But Mr. Trump has managed to use that Pledge to his advantage, to force the RNC to support him as reciprocity for his having signed that Pledge and won fair & square.
    The Pledge has also served to forever brand the Pledge-Breakers as untrustworthy weasels whose word is worthless.

    As far as having one or more Brutus types inside the Trump campaign….I think it is entirely possible.
    Kellyanne Conway has certainly become worthy of scrutiny, because of her mumbo-jumbo on illegals in recent days.

    There are several people in the campaign now who were previously supporting other R-candidates.

    What we have going for us…is the fact that Mr.Trump, and his kids, have long memories.
    So for now, I am trusting that they are staying mindful of the perils of taking advice from people who might still be working against them.

    Right now, I am wondering if Kellyanne’s mumblings about illegals was by design…to create increased interest in Mr.Trump’s Town Hall this evening, and further speaking on the topic, this week.
    Because…it worked!
    People paid more attention, and tuned in with increased interest…to hear if Mr.Trump was ‘softening’ on the issue.

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    • Tonawanda says:

      Wheatie: you perceptively identified what SD was talking about when SD cited this post from a year ago – – KAC. Well done!

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    • MVW says:

      I always read your posts, and thank you for this one. My take is that Trump needed someone to out psychopath the psychopaths by having 30 IQ points on them so they look stupid even to Libtards.

      The hand wringers that worry about Trump and immigration are thick as a brick. Want to know what Trump will do, listen to him. Trump is a man of his word. He conducts business that way. Pearl clutcher’s need to put the fire in their hair out with a good bucket dousing.

      Kellyanne Conway is doing the job Trump wants her to do. The very second she strays, Trump will know. Backseat drivers are just lip flappers.

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  18. Seraphina says:

    Can you say swine ‘a swillin’? “Et tu , Brute?” I think not. Not this time.


  19. copperchief says:

    There’s been a Brutus, a Judas, and a Benedict. And they ALL end the same way. Shamed and dead in inglorious infamy. And the “elites” should not forget Louis XVI who was beheaded along with many of his “royalist” friends.

    Trump is your final warning shot across the bow.


  20. Stay the course, people. The only doing the undermining here is Sundance. Remember, Trump’s main guy now is Bannon from Breitbart!

    I can’t believe that I woke up this morning to all of this paranoid ravings.

    Everyone needs to chill and MAGA.

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  21. unconquered says:

    The nagging question is whether Trump is Brutus. If so, politically, all is lost.


  22. bluejean says:

    I think Trump knows exactly who and what she is. He didn’t get to where he is at without understanding people’s behavior in all kinds of circumstances. He may be giving her enough rope to out herself as an enemy.

    He has always stated (even at the Hannity town hall) that he would follow the US laws concerning immigration. No matter what else is said, he always states “we will follow the laws”. Those existing laws accommodate deporting anyone here illegally.

    He may not form a task force to round people up in an aggressive way but deport people as they’re discovered (no more handing over to ICE with the mandate to catch and release).

    Deportation will be much more permanent….just my humble opinion.


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