Oversight Member Adam Schiff Uses Misleading Intelligence Argument to Deceive CNN Audience…

It appears the political left are having trouble embedding a false narrative or else they wouldn’t need to expend so much energy attempting to deceive their audience.

To fully grasp the level of political obfuscation and lying inherent within this interview it helps to understand and absorb the prior reference articles:  HERE and HERE.

Represenative Adam Schiff is the vice-chair of the House Intelligence Committee and as a consequence of his position he is a member of the Intelligence Oversight Gang of Eight.

♦ Adam Schiff can go and look at any information Chairman Devin Nunes has already reviewed.  ♦ Adam Schiff does not want to see the intelligence because he would be unable to keep lying about it.   ♦ Devin Nunes cannot share the Go8 level intelligence with the full committee because the committee is not authorized to see it; only Adam Schiff can.

In order for Schiff to maintain his public protestations, entirely based on politics, he must mislead about the rules and laws surrounding the intelligence product.  Schiff must also keep the committee from seeing the full executive intelligence report that is concerning to Devin Nunes.  WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:


I know it can be a frustrating exercise to force yourself to watch the liars; however, sometimes the only way to break the cycle of abuse is to look the abuser directly in the eye as they hit you with their fist – and don’t flinch.

Nothing scares those who depend on falsehood more than a person who will not accept their false assertions and challenges them with truthful knowledge.  That’s where your self-empowerment comes in.

People often ask me: what can I do?

Well, we defeat the swamp, and further support our President, by being intellectually armed to engage in cognitive combat.  We then take the truth to our friends, family and neighbors and we help others to cut through the fog of fake news.

We succeeded in 2016.  We can succeed again.

So long as Devin Nunes stands firm and also doesn’t flinch in the face of his political opponents, he too will win.   Nunes will win because the truth is on his side, he only needs assistance in letting it out.



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221 Responses to Oversight Member Adam Schiff Uses Misleading Intelligence Argument to Deceive CNN Audience…

  1. Donald says:

    Did everybody pick up from the Blitzer interview that Dems don’t want Comey to go on the record in closed hearing BEFORE the open hearing testimony of Clapper, Brennan et al?? Dems obviously want Comey to hear OPEN HEARING testimony before he testifies in closed session.
    What I wouldn’t give to be Devin Nunes now?
    If he continues in his present fashion, we’ll have to declare ‘we have a new great man in our midst!’

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    • Joe Knuckles says:

      Schiff (for Brains) won’t sign the request to get Comey to testify.
      (Useless Ptece of) Schiff refuses to view the classified Documents Nunex referred to.
      (Full of) Schiff says Nunes refuses to share the classified docs that he is not allowed to share (the same ones that Schiff refuses to go look at).
      (Lying Piece of) Schiff continues to say he has seen evidence of Trump collusion with Russia, although he won’t say what that evidence is.
      He’s going to Schiff his pants when the entire truth is exposed.

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    • bob e says:

      Lord please give him the strength & backbone ..

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  2. fleporeblog says:

    SD thank you so much for this article and as hard as it was, listening to that liar for 15 minutes. I guess old Sally is being portrayed as the hero since they are chomping at the bits to get her to testify. That woman is so lawyered up that she will take the 5th on multiple occasions. Sally is a small player in this. She is the only one that remained on after the inauguration. The giant fish are Clapper and Brennan. They have absolutely no cover for either of them. There is no request that can be made to the WH for privilege. They also know about the WH SCIF and the fact that each agency is comparmentalized.

    DNI Coates was smart to give Nunes cover by stopping the NSA from sharing more information. In doing so, these fools don’t know what Nunes knows and may ask at the hearing. Sure people like Shifty can go on tv and give his side of the story. SD is dead on that in order for him to remain dumb and accuse Nunes and the WH, he can’t see the information. This is as high stakes as we can imagine. They need to get Comey on record to continue to purge himself. They need to do it behind closed doors so that the 3 amigos are not aware of what was said.

    The ultimate wildcard in all of this is our LION! The fact that he used a nuclear bomb earlier this month on Obozo has got them scared out of their minds. If he was willing to take out the top dog, the rest of them would be eaten as a snack. He is allowing this to play itself out perfectly. I hope that Nunes waits until after the Easter break. My biggest reason is that Barry from Hawaii won’t dare show his face in the US. He longer he is away, the better for us. Our President s using all this time to move his agenda along beautifully. Gorsuch will be appointed to the SC on the 7th of April. President el-Sisi will have his day at the WH on Monday. That will put us one step closer to peace in that section of the ME (Israel and Palestin). Next weekend the President of China will be hemeeting with our President on Friday and over the weekend in Mar Lago. Those discussions will go a long way to helping us deal with the real threat in NK as well as our trading relationship with China.

    Notice that Barry’s bozos’ haven’t been protesting in the streets. The Dakota pipeline has been completed and ready to have oil flow through their pipes. No protests to be seen. Yesterday’s EO has thrown the SJW into a tantrum. Amazingly not a single protest in the streets. This isn’t happening by accident. I admire all the fellow Treepers in our Treehouse. I hope you can see that by being patient, we are WINNING Bigly! Our Lion is getting us closer and closer to MAGA.

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    • Evocati says:

      You’re spot on about the protests, more proof that they’re nothing but coordinated chess moves and not a real representation of what the country feels.

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    • Terrific strategic and tactical assessment with specifics – as always, fleporeblog!

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    • About the protests – may not be gone, may just not be being covered. I talked to a state legislator a week or so ago and he said the protesters were at the state capitol EVERY DAY yelling and screaming. It was driving him nuts. I said, I haven’t heard about that. He said, press was getting bored.

      I thought, either the protests were causing even our very blue state to get angry at the “protesters,” thus the effort was backfiring, or the money was being cut off. Or BOTH. You don’t need nearly as many people at the confined area of the state capitol as you do on the streets of our major city. Also, the Big Press is in the major city, not the capital city.

      Anybody else out there have a field report from your state?

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    • uvaldegirl says:

      Much heartened reading your posts.
      I wonder if Tahiti has an extradition treaty with the US.

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    • BMG says:

      ” Barrys Bozos’ “…

      Nice touch, Fle.

      Can we fit Soros in there too? 🙂

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    • nuthinmuffin says:

      i want barry to travel the world for the next eight years…unfortunately, valjar is at his dc residence so she can have off record clandestine talks with obama government lackeys

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    • Dr T says:

      Floreblog: thank you as always for sharing your great analytical mind with us. You kept us sane during the election !!!! Don’t stop 🙂

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    • Buck Turgidson says:

      Good post! Winning bigly, I like that and it’s true. I know a lot of these mental patients who work in the climate “social cost of carbon” insane parallel universe they constructed for themselves with our tax $$. Trump absolutely torpedoed them this week. They are soiling themselves. big time. Oh man, they are writing their posts and their veins are bulging out of their necks. Trump is sawing the legs off this ‘climate change’ ‘research’ bullshit. Trump is racking up W after W and is slowly and methodically smashing the left’s face into the mud. They are getting whacked so hard on so many fronts they don’t know what to do — except scream and yell of course but even on that front, as you point out they aren’t holding their usual marches for justice for all Trump is blowing them to smithereens. They don’t know whether to schitt or go blind. It’s awesome

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  3. Not the least bit concerned …. PDJT has this. These people against us are going down, watch, listen……… We shall have our country back.

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  4. graphiclucidity says:

    This sh*t is better than Game of Thrones.

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  5. President Trump’s Options:
    [Thought-starters: Jump in everyone]

    Follow the Money
    • Congressional Donations (YUGE)
    • Clinton Foundation (YUGE)
    • Russia Deals
    • Obama’s Slush Funds
    • Federal Department Funds “lost” (Prosecutions)

    Freeze Russia’s Uranium Deal (Shipments; Ownership; Eminent Domain)
    • Until ALL deal-making transactions are revealed
    • Until ALL deal-making records are revealed
    • Until ALL related transactions are revealed
    • CONSIDER: Destroys the “Russia Meme” of Trump “collaboration”
    • CONSIDER: Green-lights Russia to spill what they’ve warned of
    • CONSIDER: Dimms suddenly argue “don’t trust info on Russia”

    Declassify and Expose NSA Surveillance on Members of Government
    • Transition Team
    • Congress
    • Courts (Bizarre rulings; Courts with high Overturn Rates)
    ○ Justice Roberts (After Gorsuch Confirmed)
    ○ 9th Circuit (Let Dimms complain: Then ALL Circuits)

    Convene Secret Grand Juries to run parallel to Intel Committees
    • Use Indictments to OUT Intel Committees’ stalling & cover-ups
    • Indict Congressional staffers/members for Seditious collusion

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  6. lfhbrave says:

    While all these are going on, keep in mind Lynch’s call for “marching, blood and death” right after POTUS’s “Bad/Sick” tweet. They are unlikely to go down quietly if the uncovering ever reaches that point.

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  7. Evocati says:

    The other day I was thinking about the whole situation and concluded that Trump did not “beat” anyone or anything Nov 8. At best he gave them a jab and put them on their heels. He needs to use the initiative and momentum or they’re going to regroup and overwhelm his positions. We’re dealing with a swamp that has NO limits on their depravity. I wish he would give us specific guidance on what we can do to best help him.

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    • President Trump has the full force of the entire Federal Government (Administration and Departments) mobilizing and now winning.

      He has them moving so fast, on multiple fronts that are expanding daily, that he’s wearing the media out and driving Congress nuts as they try to do two things at once: their jobs (as he piles up their backlogs to prove they do NOTHING) and their obstruction (when they’ve barely been briefed on one thing he’s done before he’s announcing another).

      They can’t keep up, much less mount the sustained attacks need to thwart his progress.

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  8. navysquid says:

    What a freakin’ LIAR Schiff is…having TS/SCI and being “read on” to SAPs he can go into the same locale as Nunes and view this reporting…Being in this community I was so ticked watching what a complete moron this guy is and “playing politics” with our security and thinking he’s funny and cute. Schiff has always been an idiot in my book and lacks the seriousness it takes to be on an Intelligence Committee. For the millionth time, intelligence should NEVER be about R’s or D’s!!! We live in a serious world and you can thank Choom Gang Barry and HRC and her philanderer for turning serious matters into a joke!

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  9. maggiemoowho says:

    Months before the election, Adam Schiff and Mike McFaul started giving interviews to the Fake News outlets, spreading lies and basically doing the same damn thing that the Dems accused Russia of doing. Speading fake stories about a candidate to sway an election.

    Schiff even praises his buddy McFaul on an article he wrote about how the US can counter Russia’s growing influence. In his article he talks about funding Democrats in countries, but not by check, no that looks bad, so it should be done by private foundations. Sounds to me like McFaul and Schiff want to do exactly what they are accusing Putin of doing. (Click on the tweet to read the article).

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  10. Canada for Trump!!! says:

    So can someone please explain to me how these Gang of 8 traitors got on the Intel Committee, and if there is any way to get them off of it? Who chooses the membership of this committee? Is it a job for life, or what?

    Right now, it seems like there is am impasse here, the Democrats are still babbling about Russia, Russia, Russia, and nobody is calling them on their total lies, other than The President himself in his tweets. The so-called Intel Committees, House or Senate, are going to find exactly nothing, and take a long time to not do it, while time ticks away, being the useless cretins they are. And the Republicans are looking like the most incompetent bunch of losers who ever held a majority, Trey Gowdy, Nunes, a few others excepted, but only a handful at best.

    No doubt Pres. Trump will be totally vindicated, but the time frame for that is stretching out to infinity, at the rate things are going now. Meanwhile, all this garbage is highly damaging to his Presidency, and causes the RINO Republicans to think they can just ignore the President now, witness the trial ballon they floated about not funding the wall to buy some “favors” from Democrats.

    I’m getting very frustrated, it’s time to just start calling the Demcrats what they really are: traitors, and enemies of the nation and the constitution they swore to serve. They aren’t shy about going on TV and lying about everything, it’s time to throw it right back in their faces. Use these:


    I’d use them, but I’d just get banned from Twitter, again.


  11. Janie May says:

    How utterly overwhelming. I read and watch as much “information” from as many sources as I can consume in between doing my job and taking care of my family. As a Christian who attempts to live a righteous life where the lines between right and wrong are fairly obvious, it is more than bewildering to try to square all the lies, obfuscation and misdirection our “leaders” engage in with reality.
    I consider myself fairly informed on political things, but in the last month I feel so very lost in the weeds – can you imagine how the uninformed view all this? I don’t know which way is up sometimes.
    THIS is exactly why good people are disgusted by modern politics… I appreciate so much the Treehouse, it has kept me sane, but it is so far into “game of thrones” BS that I’m having a hard time even accepting the legitimacy of our government.

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    • G. Combs says:

      At present our government is NOT legitimate and has not been since 1913 Federal Reserve Act, FDR’s New Deal** and Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (2010) among many other anti-Constitution moves.

      ** FDR was president in the 1930s. Pascal Lamy, French socialist, EU big wig and former director-general of the World Trade Organization let the cat out of the bag.
      “…All had lived through the chaos of the 1930s — when turning inwards led to economic depression, nationalism and war. All, including the defeated powers, agreed that the road to peace lay with building a new international order — and an approach to international relations that questioned the Westphalian, sacrosanct principle of sovereignty…’ (wwwDOT)theglobalist.com/pascal-lamy-whither-globalization/”

      Lamy is quite blunt in stating national sovereignty is passe.
      “…more than half a century ago that the Frenchman Jean Monnet, one of the shapers of post-war Europe, said, “The sovereign nations of the past can no longer provide a framework for the resolution of our present problems. And the European Community itself is no more than a step towards the organizational forms of tomorrow’s world.” His assessment was as valid then as it is now….”

      Lamy indicates that an European Union like super state is the goal.

      That also explains the EUs grab for the Ukraine leading to the whole ‘Russia is bad ‘ mess and why Trump is so hated.

      (Those three articles are very useful for waking up people to reality.)


  12. BMG says:

    Schiff: Lots of rapid blinking and swallowing. Clearly lying.

    Mr. Nunez, get yourself some 24/7 protection, pronto. It’s a long way to the post-Easter recess.

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  13. TRiUMPh says:

    So, who should we get to tell the surely beautiful Red-Haired-Mary that it is time to GET OFF THE BEACH…!


  14. itsy_bitsy says:

    Just call him Shifty, because that’s what he is! You can’t go wrong if you use this yardstick when measuring what he says: Anything a democrat says is a lie! Believe it!


  15. littlebird160 says:

    “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success.”
    A. Hitler. Mein Kampf


  16. Donna in Oregon says:

    Looks like the Schiff hit the fan……love it!


  17. GREENMIRROR says:

    Schiff just left the SCIF give statement about the process, not the substance.


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