Secretary Wilbur Ross Begins Revocation of Hong Kong Special Trade Status…

In a statement earlier today, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has announced the U.S. is revoking the special trade status of Hong Kong in response to escalating encroachment by China in violation of the prior agreement for autonomy.

It is a challenging status to modify because the administration does not want to reduce the ability of Hong Kong to operate as an autonomous economic region.  However, at the same time Beijing is taking control of all systems within Hong Kong and as such policies must be adjusted.  It would be an exercise in futility to expect China to retreat.

WILBUR ROSS – “With the Chinese Communist Party’s imposition of new security measures on Hong Kong, the risk that sensitive U.S. technology will be diverted to the People’s Liberation Army or Ministry of State Security has increased, all while undermining the territory’s autonomy. Those are risks the U.S. refuses to accept and have resulted in the revocation of Hong Kong’s special status.”

“Commerce Department regulations affording preferential treatment to Hong Kong over China, including the availability of export license exceptions, are suspended. Further actions to eliminate differential treatment are also being evaluated. We urge Beijing to immediately reverse course and fulfill the promises it has made to the people of Hong Kong and the world.”

The biggest issue surrounds Hong Kong’s exemptions to tariffs the administration has placed against China.  The statement by Wilbur Ross does not address that key aspect, yet.

As accurately noted: “The end of Hong Kong’s special status became a real possibility once the security law came into play, since its implementation will likely render “one country, two systems” nothing more than a slogan, and the U.S. had already announced it no longer considers the city autonomous from Beijing. The move will likely place Hong Kong’s role as a leading global financial hub in jeopardy. ”

Moving forward, as we previously have discussed, there primary entity who should/could assemble a coalition to defend Hong Kong’s interests would be the United Kingdom.  However, as with most geopolitical issues involving European politics, the British government prefers to abdicate their role and hope the U.S. will fill the gap.

Trump administration detractors will likely use the Hong Kong issue to criticize President Trump for not doing enough to curb Beijing’s aggression, while simultaneously ignoring their own 3 decades of inaction -and support for China- which created the crisis.

President Trump is the first U.S. President to stand up to the aggressive Chinese Communist Party (CCP), while most U.S. politicians and their Wall Street multinational allies have done everything possible to support the same communist economic system they now claim has become dangerous for the world.  There is a lot of insufferable hypocrisy in/around all things China.

Bottom line – It is better to accept the situation as it exists, rather than pretend it could be something else.  With that in mind, the move by Secretary Ross is a step in the right direction.   It’s time to accept Hong Kong as part of China, modify all policies toward that end, accept Beijing is going to take full control, and offer support for the people of Hong Kong as they deal with the reality of their new communist rulers.

Freedom is a tenuous proposition; and we seem to have our hands full in the U.S. trying to retain our own.

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69 Responses to Secretary Wilbur Ross Begins Revocation of Hong Kong Special Trade Status…

  1. littleanniesfannie says:

    File down the CCP!!

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  2. PinotNoir says:

    End China’s most favored nation status.

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    • Betty says:

      It is all over if President Trump loses in November, and that is not a joke. Our freedom will be lost and China will end up ruling the world.

      Now today I got a post card from Ramsey County Elections telling me to register to vote and request a ballet.
      It says “voting by mail is … Safe. Easy. Convenient.”

      They never even warned anyone, or asked us what we thought they just did it, a fait accompli. That is what they used to call it when a brute abducted your daughter and only heir to your fortune, rapes her and forces her to marry him and all you can do is accept it.

      All the years of work I put in convincing people to get trained as election judges or poll watchers must have really been effective, but it is down the drain now.

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      • De Oppresso Liber says:

        Or, you could follow “the Brute” home from the Bachelor Party, abduct him in his drunken stupor, issue him two 9mm rounds to the brain stem at high velocity and low opinion, throw his body down a mine shaft, and tell the cops you were fishing that whole week.

        No marriage, no “brute” son-in-law, no “mini-Brute” little bastards running around, and eventually bliss returns. Hopefully.

        But, that’s just me…….

        What you’re going to wind up doing with those mail in ballots……I dunno.


  3. TradeBait says:

    Anything that helps to dismantle the Chi-Coms I am for. Decouple as soon as possible.

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  4. Publius2016 says:

    Covid 19 came from China and is being used to usher in Agenda 21!

    45 may need to confront the elephant in the room sooner as the pieces are all being moved on the board…

    based on Mini Madoof Bloomberg, Gates Gates Gates, and Soros Open Society, GLOBALISTS ARE ALL IN ON 2020!

    45 and his Team of Patriots will WIN because we are blessed everyday by God’s Grace…2020 is Everything!!

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  5. PatrickS says:

    30 decades of inaction?

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  6. Mncpo(ret) says:

    Extremely hard to support the freedom lovers of Hong Kong and decouple from CCCP.

    I’m glad I don’t have to make these decisions and live with the consequences.

    I weep for Hong Kong and her people.

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  7. thedoc00 says:

    I hope this includes banks and banking capabilities as well. Besides the export licenses, China Inc. easy access to US banks and financial markets also has be severed.

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  8. More Bore says:

    I feel bad for all my friends and colleagues in HK… I do/did a lot of business there and really not sure how this turns out well for them. Highly educated and freedom-loving place. Would be nice to see an immigrant/amnesty path for them, especially if they brought their money and talent permanently. But guessing that won’t happen in this climate.

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    • No says:

      No NO NO!
      Stop importing foreigners who will never think and vote like Americans. There is already a country specifically for anti-commie Chinese. Republic of China aka Taiwan.
      I wish success to the HKers who love freedom enough to flee their homes to avoid commie tyranny…but not here. They already have a place to go


      • More Bore says:

        Lumping all “foreigners” into the exact same boat of behavior, end result, etc, is why people perceive our side as not being genuine about our immigration stance. I have to assume you’ve not met very many, because these simple-minded absolutist statements suggest you’re more interested in the demagoguery and slogans than how to help America.

        The average Hong Kong citizen not only thinks and votes more like an American than half the Americans I know, but they would add a hell of a lot more value to our country than 90% of other immigrants (and probably a good third of current Americans).

        We have every right to control and choose who comes here and who does not, and for whatever reason we deem important. As long as they are logical and sound reasons, it makes little sense to make blanket declarations other than not having to think about solving the problem intelligently.


        • lfhbrave says:

          Sorry to say that HKers are essentially freedom-loving sheeples. They, like most people in the world, love freedom offered and secured by others. They will not fight for it themselves.


          • BobC says:

            So all those protests in HK are just fake news? Are all those who were brutally beaten and gassed just wearing make up to look blood-stained just to fake it?

            What planet are you on? Let me guess – Planet Troll.


            • lfhbrave says:

              The reality says otherwise. The real test for HK People just started after the passage of the HK security law. We will see what the HK people will do to protect and secure their freedom.


  9. kinthenorthwest says:

    In the mean time the big cure all comes from a company controlled by Soros, Gates and China.
    Some are falling all over it….Not me..
    Gilead’s $2,340 price for coronavirus drug draws criticism
    George Soros & Bill Gates Partner with China on Coronavirus Drug!

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  10. We are all so truly blessed. We can purchase all that we need here in our own country or from those allied with us. It is time to say no more to the “fluff” that we purchase from China. I truly think that the poor put upon people of Hong Kong would support with vigor our determination to deprive China of every iota of material support.

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  11. SanJac says:

    We have made it without their junk before and we’ll do it again.

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  12. SanJac says:

    We have made it without their junk before and we’ll do it again.

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  13. SanJac says:

    You can bet the CCP has much blackmail stuff on many in this government.

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  14. Kokanee says:

    Time for military to be deployed as past POTUS have done. America First… don’t care about HK.

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  15. A2 says:


    “ China to put visa restrictions on US individuals over Hong Kong”


    “No matter how Hong Kong separatists squawk, and no matter what kind of pressure is exerted by external anti-China forces, their scheme to obstruct the passage of the Hong Kong national security law will never succeed and the bill is but a piece of waste paper,” he added, referring to the US Senate’s passage of the Hong Kong Autonomy Act last week.

    Oh, and the PRC is calling Sec Pompeo “ a two-faced back-stabber who is destrying international cooperation over the pandemic 国际锐评丨两面三刀的蓬佩奥是国际合作抗疫的破坏者

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    • GB Bari says:

      Ahh, the Dragon spits back…..

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    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Hong Kong was once a major destination for drug trafficking between mainland China and the rest of the world.

      It’s not a stretch, to see were the drug trade money in China has gone, to its leadership.

      Failing the restoration of the “special status”, with Hong Kong, the Chinese drug lords will be forced to find another path to market.

      I would like to remind you of an earlier statement by Sundance “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announce his resolution warning President Trump not to remove troops from Syria or Afghanistan. [Not coincidentally the two countries visited by Speaker Pelosi and Adam Schiff the prior weekend.]”

      Now, get your map out and look at the border between Afghanistan and China. Where, do you think the Chinese drugs will be going?

      So why does Speaker Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Mitch McConnell want the U.S. troops to remain?


  16. FreyFelipe says:

    “Moving forward, as we previously have discussed, there primary entity who should/could assemble a coalition to defend Hong Kong’s interests would be the United Kingdom. However, as with most geopolitical issues involving European politics, the British government prefers to abdicate their role and hope the U.S. will fill the gap.”

    Deja vu all over again. This time just substitute UK for France and Hong Kong for South Vietnam. Don’t get suckered again! 58, 000 Americans got killed the last time.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      Wilbur’s old enough to remember both the Korean War and the Vietnam War. He’s not going to advocate a military intervention six thousand miles from home against the biggest army in the world.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      This has zero to do with defending HK interest. This is flat out defending US interests. The Export Licenses, special agreements and banking privileges for HK directly funded China Inc. and established the legal mechanisms for the US financial puppet masters and China Inc. to merge into a single financial entity.

      Their blunt instruments to adjust US voter attitudes is the democrat party and media.

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  17. GB Bari says:

    Communists including the CCP are funded by Globalists and are on the offensive around the entire world.

    Globalists aren’t going down without a desperate attempt to destabilize every economic system in the world that is based upon real individual freedoms.

    President Trump is the only world leader standing in their way, and he is essentially alone since the rest of the U.S. government in all three branches are clearly addicted to globalist-funded graft.

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  18. peace says:

    Soros is getting up there in years. Soon mother nature will take him away and he will die a very rich, but very lonely old man with unfulfilled dreams.

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    • Snellvillebob says:

      I suspect he has seen the writing on the wall and that is the reason for the stepping up of depriving us from our rights. He wants to destroy the USA in his lifetime so he can gloat. Yes, this is all so Soros can gloat.

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    • dd_sc says:

      Soros has 5 children. All socialist activists.
      Son #1 is kind of a drunken playboy
      Son #2 is the zealot looking to follow in dad’s footsteps.
      The other 3 (2 daughters and another son, I think, are all active in his carious foudations).

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    • swissik says:

      He has son(s) who are of the same ilk as he is, in fact probably worse.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      Soros and his spawn are the enemy but they are not the masters. They are just the strings that link the democrat party to the puppet masters. He belongs to and is shaping the DNC.

      The puppet masters do not belong to either party but use them as control vectors over those who do. President Trump has managed to interfere with the strings leading to the Republican Party and parts of the Democrat Party fence sitters.

      A democrat victory in November resets the situation to start at 2014-2016.

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    • Piper Lauderdale says:

      Soros has two sons trained and well-versed in Soros’ diabolical plot.


  19. slowcobra says:

    Thank you sundance for keeping us informed on this.

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  20. Issy says:

    Did anyone ever believe that CCP would allow Hong Kong to remain autonomous? The status actually lasted longer than I expected.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      That was not the problem from a US stand-point. The problem created was the legal financial union of China Inc. to the US Major Financial puppet masters via US State Department Sanctioned banking and export agreements. The breaking of the link should have happened as soon as the UK left HK or was in process of finalizing the deal in 1995-1997.
      US President: Bill Clinton
      UK Prime Minister: Tony Blair

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  21. A2 says:

    👇👇important read

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  22. A2 says:

    It took only 15 minutes to pass the National abomination bill by the CCP NPC.

    No one in Hong Kong knows what’s in it. To be unveiled this afternoon on the 23rd Anniversary of the Hong Kong sell out.


    America is the only country who has pushed back on the PRC, not with words, but actions.


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  23. islandpalmtrees says:

    Will “The end of Hong Kong’s special status” stop drug trafficking with the world? Will this special status be viewed favorably for long, by the leadership in congress?

    Hong Kong was once a major destination for drug trafficking between mainland China and the rest of the world.

    The city is no longer the international drug smuggling den it once was, but the local drug trade is still very much in the hands of the triads.

    Sundance writes
    “The end of Hong Kong’s special status became a real possibility once the security law came into play, since its implementation will likely render “one country, two systems””

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  24. lbprouddeplorable says:

    It’s been 25+ yrs since the UK abandoned Honk Kong and trusted China to honor the agreement. It had FULL support of most of the people because they were doing well and truely believed as long as that continued and China benefited, they could retain their “autonomy”
    SURPRISE! To the People now protesting: Your Parents sold you down the river by supporting (practically demanding!) the UK leave—well—Be VERY careful what you ask for…………


  25. Phil McCoxwell says:

    For all of the US Nationals and corporations in HK who expect sympathy from us, look elsewhere. You are in HK for one reason, and one reason only, to exploit the US economy and workers. The old adage, “ if you plant your tree in someone else’s orchard, don’t be surprised if you end up paying for the harvest” applies here in spades.


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