Andrew McCabe Memo Highlights More Than Previously Understood….

A 2019 Judicial Watch FOIA Lawsuit resulted in the release of a May 16, 2017, memo written by then Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. [Link Here]  At the time of the FOIA release most people focused on Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein willingness to wear a wire to record the President; however, the memo content actually revealed much more.

There are three aspects to the McCabe memo that warrant attention: (1) Rosenstein’s willingness to wear a wire. (2) Evidence that Rosenstein took Mueller to the White House on May 16, 2017, as a set-up to interview Mueller’s pending target; and (3) the CURRENT redactions to the memo indicate CURRENT efforts by the CURRENT AG Bill Barr to protect the corrupt intent of Rod Rosenstein. While all three points are alarming; given recent events the last aspect is most concerning.

In order to show the significance of this FOIA release CTH is going to present the McCabe memo in two different ways. First, by highlighting the raw memo release; and then secondly, to highlight the important context by inserting the memo into the timeline.

First, here’s the McCabe memo:

[Link to Judicial Watch FOIA pdf]

There are two important background contexts that help understand what is written in the McCabe memo, as contrast with the events at the time:

#1 [Rosenstein’s work with Robert Mueller in the Oval Office Meeting] and

#2 [The Overlay of the IG Report on James Comey with the Archey Declarations]

The first two substantive issues within the McCabe memo can only be accurately absorbed against the background of those two context links.

Now we can insert the McCabe memo information into the timeline. This will help better understand what was happening in/around the dates in question.

Start by noting the May 16, 2017, date of the meeting at 12:30pm is immediately before Rod Rosenstein took Robert Mueller for an interview with President Trump in the oval office. The oval office “interview” is where Mueller reportedly left his “cell phone” at the White House.

“Crossfire Hurricane” – During 2016, after the November election, and throughout the transition period into 2017, the FBI had a counterintelligence investigation ongoing against Donald Trump. FBI Director James Comey’s memos were part of this time-period as the FBI small group was gathering evidence. Then Comey was fired….

♦Tuesday May 9th – James Comey was fired at approximately 5:00pm EST. Later we discover Rod Rosenstein first contacted Robert Mueller about the special counsel appointment less than 15 hours after James Comey was fired.

♦Wednesday May 10th – From congressional testimony we know DAG Rod Rosenstein called Robert Mueller to discuss the special counsel appointment on Wednesday May 10th, 2017, at 7:45am. [See Biggs questions to Mueller at 2:26 of video]

According to his own admissions (NBC and CBS), Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe immediately began a criminal ‘obstruction’ investigation. Wednesday May 10th; and he immediately enlisted Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

A few hours after the Rosenstein-Mueller phone call James Comey’s office was being searched by the SSA Whistleblower per the IG report on Comey’s memos.

♦Thursday May 11th – Andrew McCabe testified to congress. With the Comey firing fresh in the headlines. McCabe testified there had been no effort to impede the FBI investigation.

Also on Thursday May 11th, 2017, The New York Times printed an article, based on information seemingly leaked by James Comey, about a dinner conversation between the President and the FBI Director. The “Loyalty” article [link]. The IG report shows: [Daniel] Richman confirmed to the OIG that he was one of the sources for the May 11 article, although he said he was not the source of the information in the article about the Trump Tower briefing“.

♦Friday May 12th – Andrew McCabe met with DAG Rod Rosenstein to discuss the the ongoing issues with the investigation and firing. Referencing the criminal ‘obstruction’ case McCabe had opened just two days before. According to McCabe:

… “[Rosenstein] asked for my thoughts about whether we needed a special counsel to oversee the Russia case. I said I thought it would help the investigation’s credibility. Later that day, I went to see Rosenstein again. This is the gist of what I said: I feel strongly that the investigation would be best served by having a special counsel.” (link)

According to Andy Biggs questioning of Mueller, on this same day, May 12th, evidence shows Robert Mueller met “in person” with Rod Rosenstein. This is the same day when SSA Whistleblower went to James Comey’s house to retrieve FBI material and both Rybicki and Comey never informed the agent about the memos:

May 12th, is the date noted by David Archey when FBI investigators had assembled all of the Comey memos as evidence. However, no-one in the FBI outside the “small group” knows about them.

♦On Saturday May 13th, 2017, another meeting between Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller, this time with AG Jeff Sessions also involved. [Per Andy Biggs]

♦Sunday May 14thComey transmitted copies of Memos 2, 4, and 6, and a partially redacted copy of Memo 7 to Patrick Fitzgerald, who was one of Comey’s personal attorneys. Fitzgerald received the email and PDF attachment from Comey at 2:27 p.m. on May 14, 2017, per the IG report.

♦Monday May 15th, McCabe states he and Rosenstein conferred again about the Special Counsel approach. McCabe: “I brought the matter up with him again after the weekend.”

On this same day was when James Rybicki called SSA Whistleblower to notify him of Comey’s memos. The memos were “stored” in a “reception area“, and in locked drawers in James Rybicki’s office.

♦Tuesday May 16th – Per the IG report: “On the morning of May 16, Comey took digital photographs of both pages of Memo 4 with his personal cell phone. Comey then sent both photographs, via text message, to Richman.

Back in Main Justice at 12:30pm Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Jim Crowell and Tashina Guahar all appear to be part of this meeting. I should note that alternate documentary evidence, gathered over the past two years, supports the content of this McCabe memo. Including the text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok:

[Sidebar: pay attention to the redactions; they appear to be placed by existing DOJ officials in an effort to protect Rod Rosenstein for his duplicity in: (A) running the Mueller sting operation at the white house on the same day; and (B) the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel, which was pre-determined before the Oval Office meeting.

While McCabe was writing this afternoon memo, Rod Rosenstein was taking Robert Mueller to the White House for a meeting in the oval office with President Trump and VP Mike Pence. While they were meeting in the oval office, and while McCabe was writing his contemporaneous memo, the following story was published by the New York Times (based on Comey memo leaks to Richman):

Also during the approximate time of this Oval Office meeting, Peter Strzok texts with Lisa Page about information being relayed to him by Tashina Guahar (main justice) on behalf of Rod Rosenstein (who is at the White House).

Later that night, after the Oval Office meeting – According to the Mueller report, additional events on Tuesday May 16th, 2017:

It is interesting that Tashina Gauhar was taking notes presumably involved in the 12:30pm 5/16/17 meeting between, Jim Crowell, Rod Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe. But McCabe makes no mention of Lisa Page being present.

It appears there was another meeting in the evening (“later that night”) after the visit to the White House with Robert Mueller. This evening meeting appears to be Lisa Page, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe; along with Tashina Gauhar again taking notes.

♦ Wednesday May 17th, 2017: Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe go to brief the congressional “Gang-of-Eight”: Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Devin Nunes, Adam Schiff, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Richard Burr and Mark Warner.

… […] “On the afternoon of May 17, Rosenstein and I sat at the end of a long conference table in a secure room in the basement of the Capitol. We were there to brief the so-called Gang of Eight—the majority and minority leaders of the House and Senate and the chairs and ranking members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. Rosenstein had, I knew, made a decision to appoint a special counsel in the Russia case.”

[…] “After reminding the committee of how the investigation began, I told them of additional steps we had taken. Then Rod took over and announced that he had appointed a special counsel to pursue the Russia investigation, and that the special counsel was Robert Mueller.” (link)

Immediately following this May 17, 2017, Go8 briefing, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein notified the public of the special counsel appointment.

We Exit The Timeline:

Back to the memo. Notice the participants: Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Tashina Gauhar and Jim Crowell:

Now remind ourselves about who was involved in convincing Jeff Sessions to recuse himself:

The same two people (lawyers) Tasina Guahar and Jim Crowell, were involved in recusal advice for Jeff Sessions and the “wear-a-wire” conversation a few months later.

Back to the redactions. Notice how in the McCabe memo FOIA release, the DOJ is redacting the aspects of the appointment of a special counsel.

The redaction justification: b(5) “inter-agency or intra-agency memorandums or letters which would not be available by law to a party other than an agency in litigation with the agency.” Or put another way: stuff we just don’t want to share: “personal privacy” etc.

Again, when combined with the testimony by Mueller in response to the questioning by Rep. Andy Biggs, the redacted information looks like current DOJ officials hiding the timing of the decision-making to appoint Mueller, thereby protecting Rod Rosenstein.

More motive for this scenario shows up during a statement by Matt Whitaker who appeared on Tucker Carlson television show. Whitaker outlined why Rosenstein could never admit to having said he would wear a wire at the time the story broke.

When the “wear-a-wire” story first surfaced was when DAG Rosenstein was trying to convince President Trump not to declassify any information until after the Mueller special counsel was concluded. Rosenstein’s justification for his instructions surrounded President Trump possibly obstructing justice during Mueller’s investigation.


Reminder when Rod Rosenstein convinced President Trump not to declassify the documents that were being requested by Congress (Sept. 2018):

While McCabe is a known liar, there is enough ancillary supportive information, circumstantial and direct evidence, to make the content of the McCabe memo essentially accurate.

Also Rod Rosenstein expanded the scope of Mueller’s investigation twice, the second time in October 2017 targeting Michael Flynn Jr. Also, Rosenstein participated in the indictment of fictitious Russia trolls and a Russian catering company. Yes, all indications are that Rod Rosenstein was a willing participant in the overall McCabe/Mueller effort.  We have not been allowed to see those scope memos.

Ultimately all of the DOJ delay and hidden information under AG Bill Barr appears to have an identical motive: help protect Rod Rosenstein.

That effort continues with the lack of released information and the ongoing, internal, DOJ and FBI redactions…

….The problem for Attorney General Bill Barr is not investigating what we don’t know, but rather navigating through what ‘We The People’ are already aware of…. (link)

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563 Responses to Andrew McCabe Memo Highlights More Than Previously Understood….

  1. dallasdan says:

    “…and (3) the CURRENT redactions to the memo indicate CURRENT efforts by the CURRENT AG Bill Barr to protect the corrupt intent of Rod Rosenstein. While all three points are alarming; given recent events the last aspect is most concerning.”

    Alarming? Yes. Concerning? Yes. Surprising? IMO, no.

    SD appears to be steadily increasing the intensity of the light being focused on Barr to reveal his corruption. SD’s commentary is scholarly in its detail and completeness. He continues to objectively, thoroughly, and authoritatively document the innermost details of the coup attempt. I hope his anonymity is secure because he is a real and present danger to the DS.

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    • Zippy says:

      “SD’s commentary is scholarly in its detail and completeness.”

      And when you add it all up, past and present, it comes to: Barr is just as much of a Deep State cover-up artist now as he was when he worked for the CIA and for former CIA director then-prez George HW Bush.

      As I’ve said many times, indictments and prosecutions are the only way the vast majority who aren’t paying close attention will wake up to the massive corruption. If those don’t happen, the vast majority won’t wake up and if the vast majority don’t wake up there won’t be the only force that has any hope of forcing reform – public pressure.

      Consider what the 9/11 families had to do to get any kind of investigation of that massive failure of detection and prevention and they had 100% of the US public enthusiastically behind them.

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      • jeff montanye says:

        the 9-11 families were prevented from pursuing their suits against, among others, the israeli company that provided airport passenger screening at the relevant airports on the relevant day. this decision was made by federal judge alvin k hellerstein even though his israeli lawyer son worked for the israeli law firm defending the passenger screening company, arguably a better reason for a recusal than sessions had.


  2. Show me says:

    I haven’t read everything. Pretty extensive, and I may get through it at some time.
    My concern is we are having coups come out of the FBI and DOJ.
    This really needs to stop.
    Probably, the only way to make it stop is to put people in jail, or else send them into exile, at least from Washington DC.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      The coup is still in progress and ongoing. The last attempt was through the NSC. They just reload and try again.

      Liked by 4 people

      • oldguy05 says:

        Yep. FISAgate, Spygate, Rusiagate, Rayciss/Divestment/Emolument/Sex/Health/IRSgate, Ukrainegate, COUPeachment, now Tweetgate! All parts of the same COUP!

        These people will never stop. It’s how globalist controlled socialist/communists roll!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Jimmy R says:

      It will soon be normal for the bureaucrats, the Democrats, and federal intelligence and law enforcement to run a coup against any president who opposes the left. When that happens it will be deemed out of line to protest it or suggest that there is something wrong with it.

      Liked by 10 people

    • SEDeuceTER says:

      A hanging for treason – in the public square – or two would certainly make a difference….


      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        Where can we find a large enough public square?

        We would need the Mall.

        All of it.

        Ecclesiastes 8:11 KJV

        Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

        Liked by 1 person

    • paulyho39 says: question is…who is going to do anything to bring about real justice if our FBI and DOJ are all dirty as can be??? It is really horrific to realize we don’t have any way of seeing real justice these days! God have mercy!

      Liked by 3 people

      • dallasdan says:

        Your question is both legitimate and rhetorical, and the reasons for the latter are the enforcers of justice are dirty, and so are the politicos in the Senate who confirm them.


      • Nasa says:

        The DOJ is an extremely corrupt institution…there is no other way around it… Bill Barr is enabling the corruption by looking the other way..

        I knew that Barr didn’t have the cojones to do what is required here…after all , this finally leads to Obama and very few men exist with the stones to pull off something like that…

        They are waiting for Trump to leave office after which they can get formal control of the DOJ

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  3. billybob says:

    Even in a banana republic they prosecute and punish seditionists

    Liked by 3 people

    • sundance says:

      It is all a shell game.

      Liked by 3 people

      • paulyho39 says:

        Can anyone answer the question as to WHY Barr is protecting Rosenstein???? I don’t get it!

        Liked by 3 people

        • sundance says:

          Same reason James Wolfe was “protected”.

          The institutional damage is too comprehensive to address.

          Liked by 2 people

          • jx says:

            The coverup is destroying the institution.

            Liked by 2 people

            • jello333 says:

              That’s exactly my thought. I think Sundance is right that if they could, they would gladly sweep in all under the rug and hope we all forgot about it. Their problem now is… IT’S TOO LATE! The institutional damage is ALREADY so great that it’ll collapse entirely if they don’t reverse it. And as you say, cover-up is only gonna guarantee that collapse. Their only option now, if they really do want to “save the institutions” is to expose it all, and use that exposure itself to convince Americans they CAN be trusted from now on. (See my longer comment down below…)

              Liked by 1 person

        • Issy says:

          Not sure of the time frame, but I think late Summer/Fall of 2018 Rosenstein saw the coup unraveling. Sessions was fired after midterms and he became very helpful (Nunes words) especially after his friend Barr came in and offered him a lifeline.

          It was advantageous to have Rosenstein, the man who appointed Mueller back up Barr in shutting him down and exonerating the President. If he were prosecuted, McCabe could undermine that carefully crafted arrangement in his defense.


      • coldanger says:

        Is that excuse going to get everyone else off as well? I don’t recognize this country anymore. Maybe it’s always been this way, and I’ve been too naive to see it…

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      • TPW says:

        Ok ….so why is RR so protected….has to be something more than personal friendship ….would prosecuting him bring down the big guns?

        Liked by 1 person

        • TPW says:

          Sorry for repeat question. …..if that is the reason……then same applies to comey ……this is where PT has to decide to step in….He does not have a choice. Everything including his personal sacrifices will be for nothing and the corruption will follow him out of the Presidency.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Bob says:

            The worst part is Trump could’ve just released an unredacted form immediately after a redacted release to shine a bigger spotlight, but had NEVER followed through on his unredacted-release promises.

            Sort of like his promise to hire the best people.

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      • Mary Morse says:

        Am I missing something? Is there a discrepancy in McCabe’s accounts of when he opened the counterintelligence against President Trump personally? May 10, vs. May 16?

        SD: …”According to his own admissions (NBC and CBS), Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe immediately began a criminal ‘obstruction’ investigation. Wednesday May 10th; and he immediately enlisted Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.”

        McCabe memo May 16, 2017, Para. 2, McCabe says that he approved opening the investigation into President Trump , personally, “today”. He further states in the memo that the Comey memos form the predicate, in part, for opening the investigation.

        If McCabe opened the investigation on May 10th, did he have any/all of the Comey memos, on which the predicate is based?

        If not, the other basis of the predicate was evidence from Crossfire Hurricane, that we now know was debunked by an FBI interview of Steele’s source in January 2017.

        Rosenstein’s first scope memo (May 17, 2017) didn’t authorize the Mueller investigation to investigate the President personally.

        Savanna asks McCabe several direct, specific, questions about the underlying evidence for taking the investigation from an investigation of the campaign to an investigation of the President, and he blinks his way thru it…


  4. Johnny Dollar says:

    This thread was supposed to draw a bright line between a crooked Rosenstein and a crooked Barr.

    It doesn’t do that.

    But, the thread reveals other things.

    McCabe is the gorilla in that meeting with Rosenstein on 16 May. Rosenstein was nothing more than the proverbial yes man, caving to whatever McCabe wanted to do. It’s clear from his memo McCabe, as head of the FBI, considered himself, not only above the law, but that he was the law.

    And, he was right.

    Because the only other lawman higher in authority than McCabe and who could have challenged McCabe was the Attorney General – Rosenstein. Rosenstein, turns out, was a push over for McCabe. A weakling who never challenged McCabe and his sources; but, rather, went along.

    Rosenstein, and only Rosenstein, at that meeting, had the power to squash McCabe. He, for whatever reason, chose not to.

    Cowardice? Incompetence? Maybe so. In any case, I don’t see jail time for anything Rosenstein did.

    McCabe is a whole different story.

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  5. trumpetter says:

    I remember an article months back here, where Kamala Harris is questioning Bill Barr. In his remarks was the statement that Rosenstein could be both a witness and a participant in the process.

    Am i wrong to think that Rosenstein could be helping Barr and Durham in this Russian collusion affair?

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  6. Brutalus says:

    Okay, once and for all:
    1) Can Trump fire Barr and appoint interim AG? It seems that happened with Whitaker
    2) Can interim AG serve for 9 months before having to before a permanent AG has to be confirmed (where Trump will obviously be handcuffed by McConnell)
    3) If 1 and 2 above are true….besides the media, Dems, and RINOs jumping up and down and hyperventilating that Trump is a dictator who fired their newly found paragon of virtue Bill Barr and installed a puppet AG to take down the swamp and so any prosecutions are illegitimate (which at this point, I couldn’t give a flying f about)….what is the other downside of giving Barr is walking papers now (if Trump doesn’t trust Barr anymore….

    It’s February now…election is in November…that’s 9 months (I know there’ll be some cut off like 2 months from election….is the fear that Trump may lose election because he pursued these so called “illegitimate” prosecutions (I really dont see this)

    Finally, with McCabe decline to prosecute…would we ever know if they took it to DC grand jury and they refuse to indict? (a fear I have expressed before here)…could that be something Barr or Trump could make known?


    • nimrodman says:

      Finally, with McCabe decline to prosecute…would we ever know if they took it to DC grand jury and they refuse to indict? …could that be something Barr or Trump could make known?

      That prospect would be so perfectly delicious as a Dem narrative that I can’t believe it wouldn’t have been leaked by now by Deep State insiders

      And I don’t get why Barr or Trump would want it known, it seems to me to be counter to their interests


    • dwpender says:

      Barr will not “order” any prosecutions Durham does not recommend. Barr will not forbid any prosecutions Durham recommends.

      Any remaining hopes for justice regarding Scheme Team/Coup Crew rest with Durham, not Barr.


  7. sdogood says:

    No one has mentioned Lisa Barsoomian – Rod Rosenstein’s wife.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Moe Grimm says:

      Bing-Go. A serpentine sub-species lost in the vortex of massive corruption. As related I have more, but did verify what follows before entering it into me notes which must have been at least a year ago. I book nothing to it that I cannot verify… if I whiff even a trace element of B.S. it don’t get in there.

      D.C. attorney Lisa Barsoomian-Rosenstein works, or fairly recently did, for R. Craig Lawrence, an attorney who has represented the Cadaver Robert Mueller three times; Co-me five times; Sotero-0bama forty-five times; Kathleen Sebellius fifty-six times; Wm. Clinton forty times; and HClinton seventeen times between 1991 and 2017. Barsoomian participated in some of this work personally and has herself represented the fbi at least five separate times. As to specifics, many of the documents filed under the D.C. docket/s have been removed (shocking, no?) from the D.C. District and Appeals Court including her representation for Clinton in the 1998 case Hamburg. V. Clinton.

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  8. disgusted citizen says:

    Welcome to the corrupt socialist banana republic of the USA…

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Moe Grimm says:

    It’s a small thing to some, but beyond what this is the note at the very bottom of Page 2 of 7 which states: “This material is being provided to you at no charge.” What balls. Note too the amount of sub “agencies” listed in this disgusting document: Dissemination Section – Information Management Division; Record/Information Dissemination Section (RIDS); Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division; National Name Check Program (NNCP) with the admonition that “Private citizens cannot request a name check”.

    This is only a part of the reason I’ve removed what parts of my life from a system that is more fragile and more corrupt than ever before. We will have to fight to keep what little we can, for now. Shed your delusions for delusions can get you killed. Accept it. Harden your hearts, toughen your bodies, sharpen your skills. There is no way out but through. I hope all of you here understand this.


    • nimrodman says:

      “This material is being provided to you at no charge.”

      I don’t think that is necessarily vindictive

      I think it might simply be FOIA boilerplate language

      To my knowledge, there are fees charged to the requester of FOIA requests

      That may simply be a boilerplate disclaimer that this section of the FOIA response did not incur any fee for it to be provided


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  10. coldanger says:

    This is all so terribly overwhelming. I feel there’s no way to obtain justice. The DS is too deep, too widespread and far too complicit in the Trump coup to ever be held accountable. And judging from the hubris of the top culprits, they know they’re untouchable…

    Liked by 3 people

    • gabytango says:

      Tom Fitton on Inraam last night said two things: The President should appoint a Special Counsel to investigate because the DOJ will not do it and for the President to be very careful who he is listening to and of who is advising him.

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  11. Right to reply says:

    Sundance, what has Rosenstein done to warrant such protection? hat could he reveal if prosecuted?


  12. Former Lurker says:

    Rosenstein was working for Mueller in 1990 as an attorney with the Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division.

    In other words, while Mueller was busy making the FBI more swamp centric, RR was learning what you could and couldn’t get away with at an intimate level. Obama kept him on after Bush Jr., the only US attorney retained by the lightbender.

    That scope memo would be some darn interesting reading.

    Liked by 4 people

  13. randyinrocklin says:

    My test for Barr is how long is Chris Wray stays on his job. If he is not fired or asked to resign, nothing will happen under Barr’s leadership.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Janet Smith says:

    Here’s my suggestion — maybe some on “our side” should start oppo research on (insert name here) the Democratic nominee for 2020 Presidential race. Surely someone could put together a dossier on that nominee. Run some confidential human informants into their campaign, poke around and see if we can find out which Foreign government might want that Dem to win. In short we can do everything that has been done to President Trump and it is all good, no problem!!/Sarc We know it would be all “by the book” cause no one has gone to jail for doing any of that……and the sickening part is no one ever will be held accountable for any of it. Disgusting!!!!!!


  15. Republicanvet91 says:

    “I said I thought it would help the investigation’s credibility.”

    I guess I never noticed this before reading it again now, but why would they be concerned with the credibility of the investigation? Their actions up to that point seemed completely unconcerned with credibility, so why now?


  16. jello333 says:

    So maybe Barr and others were unwilling to allow the corruption and crimes to be fully exposed, out of fear the people/citizens would lose all faith and trust in the “institutions”. Even if that meant allowing some of the worst perpetrators to skate.

    I can see that.

    HOWEVER, that only made sense up to the point where it all started getting exposed anyway. And at that point there wasn’t that much left to hide. At that point most of the trust in the institutions had ALREADY been lost. So Barr and others continuing to play games only made matters worse, and was/is risking the slow loss of any REMAINING trust.


    If there really was an initial desire there (by Barr and others who weren’t in on the initial coup) to maintain trust, that goal was lost some time ago. The goal NOW is even tougher… to RESTORE trust. And the only way to do that is the exact opposite of “cover-up”. While before their fear was that too much would be exposed, their only chance now to restore faith and trust is FULL exposure.

    So if that’s where we’re headed, then “protection” of certain individuals like Rod Rosenstein is a little more subtle than just claiming he’s as pure as the driven snow. Even if they’re not willing to throw Rosey under the bus, I’m hoping that Barr and others are willing to allow him to take SOME of the blame. But only some, not even a huge amount is necessary IMO. After all, he came late into the game, and so can’t be accused of being in on the initial conspiracy itself. He got caught up, couldn’t figure out how to extricate himself, and so played along for awhile, knowing that in the end Trump would be exonerated. I keep thinking back on one moment during his hearing testimony, where Rosenstein actually got a bit emotional, almost pleading with one of the Repub questioners, almost like “If you only knew what was really going on, you wouldn’t hate me so much.” (paraphrasing)

    As you can tell, I haven’t given up hope yet. There are some massively complex issues at play, and while a lot of it seems totally unfair from our point of view so far, I can also imagine scenarios that would explain some things, and will, in the end, make more sense. Of course this could just be some “wishful thinking” on my part, but I also think it’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

    Liked by 1 person

    • waawash says:

      I understand what you’re saying, but…Americans have already lost all hope in our institutions. The only solution, remedy, is to power spray the buildings and repaint them.


  17. magoo622 says:

    Perhaps its about that time to invoke our 2nd amendment rights.


  18. snowshooze says:

    Why would Barr protect Rosy?

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  19. Keep in mind that on May 18, 2017, Christopher Steele admitted in a British court case that at least a portion of his “dossier” was “unverified”, and the FBI/DOJ either knew of this admission at that time or should have known about it, and the FBI/DOJ failed to tell the FISA Court and the Gang of Eight about it, as far as we know, and continued with the Mueller investigation. See and and


  20. Lawrence says:

    “Also, Rosenstein participated in the indictment of fictitious Russia trolls and a Russian catering company.”
    I well remember the news briefing where this was announced. To me, Rosenstein looked sheepish and I thought at the time that something was right about this – there was something fishy about what they were saying.


  21. jimmy matho says:

    people are just staring to figure out Barr is a deep state swamp creature sent in t cover things up…..wake up people, it was obvious!!


  22. waawash says:

    Weeks, months, years go by; mountains of evidence accrue and Americans are buried in resulting scree field of facts. At this point my dork meter is stuck to the wall and I can only deduce that ALL those involved (on either side) in the coup against Trump, presume that protecting the deep state is more important than pulling off the scab and cleaning the deep knife wound on Uncle Sam’s back.

    This goes for Barr, Rosenstein, Sessions, the Gang of Eight, and all the career politicians in DC; do right by Americans or do time, ’cause we’ve all had it up to our ears – let the perp walks begin.


  23. shipley130 says:

    What makes Rod Rosenstein so important that he can’t be prosecuted? Nobody is above the law.


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