Bad News For Coup Crew – Former NSA Director Mike Rogers Working With John Durham For Several Months…

Merry Christmas.  The intercept is reporting that former NSA Director, Admiral Mike Rogers, has been working with U.S. Attorney John Durham for several months during his investigation into the origin of the 2016 intelligence operation against candidate Trump.

This is particularly important because NSA Director Mike Rogers’ knowledge is at the epicenter of the origination of almost everything related to the FBI data-surveillance that was happening in 2015 and 2016.

(Via Intercept) Retired Adm. Michael Rogers, former director of the National Security Agency, has been cooperating with the Justice Department’s probe into the origins of the counterintelligence investigation of the Trump presidential campaign’s alleged ties to Russia, according to four people familiar with Rogers’s participation.

Rogers has met the prosecutor leading the probe, Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, on multiple occasions, according to two people familiar with Rogers’s cooperation.

While the substance of those meetings is not clear, Rogers has cooperated voluntarily, several people with knowledge of the matter said.

Rogers, who retired in May 2018, did not respond to requests for comment.

[…] Rogers’s voluntary participation, which has not been previously reported, makes him the first former intelligence director known to have been interviewed for the probe.

“He’s been very cooperative,” one former intelligence officer who has knowledge of Rogers’s meetings with the Justice Department said.  (read more)

BACKSTORY:  When Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes explained his concerns in March 2017 -about what he saw from a review of 2016 intelligence gathering, reporting and subsequent unmasking- the issue behind his concern was clouded in mystery. Indeed the larger headlines at the time were about demanding a special prosecutor and driving the Russia conspiracy narrative.

1.) …”On numerous occasions the [Obama] intelligence community incidentally collected information about U.S. citizens involved in the Trump transition.”

2.)  “Details about U.S. persons associated with the incoming administration; details with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value were widely disseminated in intelligence community reporting.”

3.) “Third, I have confirmed that additional names of Trump transition members were unmasked.”

4.) “Fourth and finally, I want to be clear; none of this surveillance was related to Russia, or the investigation of Russian activities.

“The House Intelligence Committee will thoroughly investigate surveillance and its subsequent dissemination, to determine a few things here that I want to read off:”

•“Who was aware of it?”

•“Why it was not disclosed to congress?”

•“Who requested and authorized the additional unmasking?”

•“Whether anyone directed the intelligence community to focus on Trump associates?”

•“And whether any laws, regulations or procedures were violated?”

“I have asked the Directors of the FBI, NSA and CIA to expeditiously comply with my March 15th (2017) letter -that you all received a couple of weeks ago- and to provide a full account of these surveillance activities.”

~ Devin Nunes, 2017

Immediately after Nunes expressed those concerns during a press conference the media went bananas and Nunes became target #1.

In hindsight, and with information from our assembled timelines of 2016 though today, we can now revisit those March 2017 concerns expressed by Chairman Nunes with a great deal more perspective and information. Understanding the information helps us all understand the totality of Nunes original frame of reference.

Admiral Mike Rogers became NSA director in April 2014.

Sometime in early 2016 Admiral Rogers became aware of “ongoing” and “intentional” violations of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), Section 702(17) surveillance. Specifically item #17 which includes the unauthorized upstream data collection of U.S. individuals within NSA surveillance through the use of “About Query”.

Section 702 – Item #17 “About Queries” are specifically the collection of electronic messaging, emails and upstream phone call surveillance data of U.S. persons.

The public doesn’t discover this issue, and Director Rogers action, until May 2017 when we learn that Rogers told the FISA court he became aware of unlawful surveillance and collection of U.S. persons.

Put into context, with the full back-story, it appears that 2016 surveillance was the political surveillance, the stuff Chairman Nunes was questioning. The dates here are important as they tell a story.

As a result of Rogers suspecting FISA 702(17) surveillance activity was being used for reasons he deemed unlawful, in mid 2016 Rogers ordered the NSA compliance officer to run a full audit on 702 NSA compliance.

Again, 702 is basically spying on Americans; the actual “spying” part is 702. Item 17 is “About Queries“, which allows user queries or searches of content (messaging, email and phone conversations) based on any subject matter put into the search field.

The NSA compliance officer identified several strange 702 “About Queries” were being conducted. These were violations of the fourth amendment (search and seizure), ie searches, privacy violations, and surveillance without a warrant.  As an outcome of the notification Rogers initiated a full compliance audit and then blocked all contractor access to the NSA database on April 18,2016, while the audit was ongoing.

Admiral Rogers was briefed on the audit results by the compliance officer on October 20th, 2016.  Admiral Mike Rogers ordered all “About Query” activity to be disabled, reported the activity to the DOJ, and then went to the FISA court.

On October 26th, 2016, full FISA court assembled, NSA Director Rogers personally informed the court of the 702(17) violations.  Additionally, and as an outcome of the NSA systems inability to guarantee integrity, Rogers also stopped “About Query” permanently.

[Things to note: ♦Note the sequencing; ♦note that Rogers a career military person, followed the chain of command; ♦note the dates as they align with the Trump FISA application from the FBI and DOJ-NSD, (ie. early October 2016); ♦and note amid this sequence/time-line the head of DOJ-National Security Divsion, John P Carlin resigns.]

IMPORTANT – WATCH The first two and a half minutes of this video:


Here’s the part where we find criminal intent and malice aforethought.

By looking at the way the FISA court was notified, it becomes apparent the DOJ National Security Division set Admiral Mike Rogers up to take the fall for their unlawful conduct.

Asst. Attorney General in charge of the DOJ National Security Division, John P Carlin, preempted Rogers by filing a notification with the FISA Court on 26th September 2016 (look at the pdf).  DOJ-NSD head John Carlin was setting up Rogers as the scapegoat while knowing the NSA FISA compliance officer was still reviewing their conduct.

According to what we know of the FISA warrant, right around the time the DOJ lawyers formatted the FBI information (Steele Dossier etc.) for the FISA Application, the head of the NSD, Asst. Attorney General John P Carlin, left his job.  It would have specifically been John Carlin’s responsibility to ensure a valid legal basis for the firs Carter Page FISA application submitted to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

The timing is way too suspicious.  DOJ-NSD Director Carlin wouldn’t notify the court of a FISA compliance issue, while a compliance review was ongoing, unless he was trying to cover something. Conspicuously John Carlin never informed Admiral Rogers, but rather announced his resignation.  The NSA compliance officer did not brief Admiral Rogers until 20th Oct 2016. Admiral Rogers notified the FISC on 26th Oct 2016.

October 2016 is a very important month:

♦DOJ Deputy Attorney Bruce Ohr was “demoted” in the summer of 2017 after the Inspector General discovered unreported 2016 contacts between Ohr and Russian Dossier author Christopher Steele, as well as contact with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, that happened in October 2016.

♦Also in October 2016 the DOJ lawyers formatted the FBI information (Steele Dossier etc.) for the Trump FISA application; the head of the NSD, Asst. Attorney General John P Carlin, left his job. It would have specifically been John Carlin’s responsibility to ensure a valid legal basis for the FISA application submitted to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

The chief legal counsel for the DOJ-NSD at the time was Michael Atkinson; in 2019 Atkinson is now the ICIG who brought the fraudulent whistleblower complaint forward.

In October 2016 the NSA compliance officer completes a review and briefs Rogers of FISA(17) violations, email collection and phone surveillance. Rogers informs FISC – [FISA Court Ruling Link]

Also October 2016: On Friday November 18th, 2016, The Washington Post reported on a recommendation in “October” that Mike Rogers be removed from his NSA position:

The heads of the Pentagon and the nation’s intelligence community have recommended to President Obama that the director of the National Security Agency, Adm. Michael S. Rogers, be removed.

The recommendation, delivered to the White House last month, was made by Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter and Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr., according to several U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

[…] In a move apparently unprecedented for a military officer, Rogers, without notifying superiors, traveled to New York to meet with Trump on Thursday at Trump Tower. That caused consternation at senior levels of the administration, according to the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal personnel matters. (link)


Important reminder. Remember, in 2015 Sally Yates blocked any inspector general oversight of the DOJ National Security Division (SEE Pdf HERE). The OIG, Michael Horowitz, requested oversight and it was Sally Yates who responded with a lengthy 58-page legal explanation saying, essentially, ‘nope – not allowed.’ (PDF HERE) All of the DOJ is subject to oversight, except the NSD.

There’s a pretty clear picture here.

Obama’s political operatives within the DOJ-NSD were using FISA 702(17) surveillance “about inquiries” that would deliver electronic mail and phone communication for U.S. people (Trump campaign).  We see this in the 2018 report from FISC Judge Boasberg:

The NSD unit (John Carlin) was working in coordination with the FBI Counterintelligence Unit (Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok etc.). DOJ Attorney Lisa Page was the intermediary between the DOJ National Security Division and he FBI Counterintelligence Division.

In an effort to stop the FISA 702(17) activity NSA Director Mike Rogers initiated a full 702 compliance review. However, before the review was complete the DOJ-NSD had enough information for their unlawful FISA warrant which worked retroactively to make the prior FBI surveillance (began in July ’16 per James Comey) lawful.  Mike Rogers stopped the FISA702(17) process completely on October 26th 2016. As a result of his activity, Rogers became a risk; DNI James Clapper demanded he be fired.

When Rogers met with FISC Judge Collyer on October 26th, 2016, to report the FISA(702) database issue, he explained the audit found numerous unauthorized searches of the same “identifiers” over different date ranges.

This means the metadata for specific individuals or entities were being extracted from the NSA database, repeatedly, at different times, throughout the time-frame of the NSA audit (November ’15 through May 1st ’16).

Unbeknownst to Rogers (compartmentalization), at the time of their meeting, FISC Judge Collyer would be absorbing reporting from Rogers while knowing she just authorized a FISA Title-1 surveillance warrant on the Trump campaign just five days earlier (October 21st, 2016).

Then comes the election less than two weeks later, November 8th, 2016.

FISC Judge Collyer then writes a report; an outcome of the briefing with NSA Director Rogers shortly before the election; and critically exposes the unauthorized FISA(702) NSA database exploitation (by the FBI) that Rogers shut down.

The most important sentence: “Many of these non-compliant queries involved use of the same identifiers over different date ranges”…

I would state with considerable confidence, those “identifiers” were phone numbers, cell towers, unique identifiers and more importantly IP addresses, from Trump Tower.

Again the non compliant audit date range: extracted data from U.S. persons between Nov 1st 2015 and April 30th, 2016, during the GOP primary.

After the election Rogers would be reporting to the incoming president, that unique identifiers associated with his campaign and transition team were being monitored, harvested and extracted, from the NSA database by unknown FBI interests.

♦Ten days after the presidential election, November 17th 2016, Admiral Rogers travels to Trump Tower without telling ODNI James Clapper. Rogers likely informs President-elect Trump of the prior activity by the FBI and DOJ, including the probability that all of Trump Tower’s email and phone communication was under surveillance.

On November 17th, 2016, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers went to see President-Elect Donald Trump in Trump Tower, New York. –SEE HERE– Director Rogers never told his boss DNI, James Clapper or anyone else in the intelligence community.

On November 18th, 2016, the Trump Transition Team announced they were moving all transition activity to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. –SEE HERE– Where they interviewed and discussed the most sensitive positions to fill. Defense, State, CIA, ODNI.

The transition team was set up in Trump Tower. The very next day, November 18th 2016, Trump moves the entire transition team to Bedminister New Jersey?

The information the FBI collected, and the stuff Fusion GPS was creating via Christopher Steele, was used to create the Russian Narrative and also to manipulate the FISC into giving them a FISA warrant. ie. “The Insurance Policy”.

Ultimately, the people within all of these intercepts is what Devin Nunes discovered when he looked at the “unmasking requests” which were a result of those FISA 702(17) collections on Team Trump. That’s why Devin Nunes was so stunned at what he saw in February and March 2017.

Back to FISA Judge Collyer.

On October 26th, 2016, NSA Director Rogers wouldn’t know what Collyer knew about the FBI requesting a surveillance warrant on Carter Page and by extension the Trump campaign. However, Collyer would be putting the briefing about database searches together with her knowledge of the FISA application she authorized.

In her mind, those Trump Tower searches would likely be part of the arc of the FBI investigation. To FISC Judge Collyer everything may seem to be in the lane of legal, albeit stretched on the database (FISA-702) searches, up and until she is informed the underlying evidence for the FISA application was built on FBI fraud and misrepresentations to the court in 2019 by IG Horowitz.

Now, it’s all out in the open and no longer subject to opinion.

After the DOJ inspector general informs, positively affirms, Judge Collyer was purposely misled into cooperating with, and authorizing, a fraudulent FBI investigation…. well, now Collyer is also likely rethinking those Trump Tower searches Director Rogers told her about back in 2016.

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629 Responses to Bad News For Coup Crew – Former NSA Director Mike Rogers Working With John Durham For Several Months…

  1. “Admiral Mike Rogers became NSA director in April 2014.”

    Perhaps Obama’s biggest mistake — hiring a patriot who was not a long-time loyalist, and who could not be counted on to maintain the Obama Code of Omerta.

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    • Greenwald is an anomaly. Like Assange, he’s a principled anti-war leftist who hates the federal police state more than he hates Trump.

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    • livefreeordieguy says:

      All of us who worked with and around Mike Rogers know that, despite rumors to the contrary, he would turn out to be an honorable white hat in this passion play… Of this I have never had any doubt. Though I confess to wondering why we haven’t heard from him for so long. This post answers that question and is indeed a wonderful Christmas present.

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    • John-Y128 says:

      We need that damn to break, indict someone so they’ll flip and get the whole mess to spill out.

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    • PA96er says:

      They wanted someone they could blame if it was ever discovered. Unfortunately for the swamp dwellers, Adm Rogers not only discovered it, but also did the right thing. They thought they could make him their patsy. Instead, he became perhaps the biggest patriot in this whole mess. I can’t say this enough, Adm Rogers has completely impressed me with his integrity. I never in a million years thought someone from the NSA would be the savior and protector of our civil liberties. He truly is a hero.

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      • cali says:

        @PA96er: Let’s not forget about Strzok/Page’s favorite FISA judge Contreras who also signed one of the FISA warrants and indicted Mike Flynn but mysteriously was ‘recused’ shortly thereafter.
        Do I think Roberts is dirty? Yes – after he approved the Obamacare Act making a U-turn from his original opinion.
        Was he blackmailed by Hussein/Brennan to force him into compliance? Yes absolutely because the adoption of his children did not correctly reflect not only their birth country but the adoption paperwork was customized to make it legit.

        Since Mike Rogers is working with Durham there were five (5) resignation at the Pentagon alone just this week alone. Remember that’s the place that the Net Assessment office was next door, employed Stefan Halper and paid him 1 million dollars not only to set up Mike Flynn but also Carter Page.

        The Pentagon swamp is being drained! But nothing is happening right!


    • trump20162024 says:

      I just looked up the Presidential Medal of Freedom because I think Admiral Michael S. Rogers deserves this recognition from the Trumpster. Not surprisingly, the Google search engine prominently soils this honor by showing obozo hanging the Medal around VP Jar Jar Biden’s neck. Maybe we need to think of an unsoiled honor for Admiral Rogers instead of this one?


  2. bluenova1971 says:

    I’m not familiar enough to know how “The Intercept” leans politically, but the article’s reference to PDJT’s pushing “conspiracy theories about Ukraine” leads me to think it’s a leftist purveyor of BS.

    If this is the case, who planted the story and what are they trying to get out in front of?

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    • It’s Glenn Greenwald’s site and yes he is a liberal but he also can be quite fair with good insight and sources. I am finding it impossible tor right now to read anything there because this donation page comes up and I have no idea how to continue.

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      • dd_sc says:

        There should be an “X” in the upper right corner to close the donation page. On a phone or other small screen, you may need to pan a bit to see it.

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        • jeff montanye says:

          yes there is, upper right. this story is not by greenwald but by matthew cole and it tastes strongly of a limited hangout. while trump does give credence to ukraine conspiracy theories (crowdstrike has a ukrainian loyalist at its head and it’s just possible the dnc email server is in ukraine), but cole stretches to get to an idea that ukraine hacked the dnc (trump never says that on the call transcript). he also adds the part that mifsud was not an fbi asset (no, a cia one). so some truth and some propaganda mixed together.

          from my reading, greenwald is absolutely, scrupulously loyal to the truth while cole is working his (and others’) book.

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  3. TheWanderingStar says:

    Has anyone issued an Epstein watch on John P. Carlin?

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    • jbowen82 says:

      I differ with Sundance somewhat on Carlin’s role. I think he has been cooperating with Durham for some time and that he left DOJ when he left precisely to avoid being caught up in the illegality. For example, he didn’t coordinate with Admiral Rogers — but Rogers was not in his supervisory chain (it was Sally Yates and Loretta Lynch), and if I were Carlin, I would have no idea who to trust and who was part of the Obama conspiracy. So I wouldn’t say anything to anyone and just get the hell out, which is exactly what Carlin did. He has been very invisible over the past several months, which is consistent with being a cooperating witness.

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      • WES says:

        JBowen:. Carlin tried to set up Rogers to take the fall.

        He is not likely cooperating!

        Hiding yes!

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      • Publius Syrus says:

        He could also be in WITSEC, or promised a new life when finished as if you are correct he has laser dots on his forehead, metaphorically speaking.

        Speaking of which, Sundance, I hope you have good security.
        Dont go walking home alone from a bar in DC, or a conference in Santa Monica.

        We havent got to Uranium One, yet…

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      • Despicable Me says:

        Put this statement in the Nuclear-Nunes thread on Wednesday and will try to recall it all re Carlin….

        Per Carlin’s archived bio, he was the AAG of DOJ NSD from April 2014 through October 2016 and before that had been Chief of Staff and Senior Counsel to Mueller when Mueller was FBI Director. Carlin had also been an AUSA in the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia (USAO-DC) where he worked everything from homicide and sex crimes to white collar crime, cyber and public corruption. Mueller and ICIG Michael Atkinson had also been AUSAs in the USAO-DC where they, respectively, had worked homicide; and espionage, FARA and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Atkinson overlapped as Senior Counsel to Carlin at NSD for about three or four months, (July 2016-October 2016).


        • Haveaspine says:

          Atkinson stinks to high heaven.

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        • StandAndFightSir says:

          Don’t forget that Atkinson’s wife is connected to Fusion GPS Simpson’s wife Jacoby…


          • Despicable Me says:

            The intent of my post was nit an an all-inclusive post but rather a merely a response to jbiwen82’s previous post concerning Carlin. I was describing Carlin’s direct links, not necessarily all of the indirect (or direct) sub-links (spouse) to Carlin’s direct links (Atkinson). Not saying the indirect (or even possibly a direct link) aren’t important, just that it wasn’t the intent of the post.


      • I agree with your analysis of Carlin, but seemingly forgotten is the role of Mary Jacoby.
        Admiral Rogers halted all “contractor” access to the NSA database on April 18th.
        Jacoby (the wife of Glenn Simpson) was meeting ??? in the WH on April 19th.
        It is too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. It is the smoking gun.

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        • StandAndFightSir says:

          And don;t forget that ICIG Atkinson’s wife is connected to FusionGPS Simpson’s wife Jacoby… There are plenty of government officials who are lawyering up. As for the civilians, Simpson has to be top of the list as he is the node from Hillary and the DNC nito the WH.


      • Proud American from Texas says:

        If you google the announcement of the Russians whom Carter Page helped ring up, you will notice Preet Bharara (sp) AND Jon P. Carlin, both in SDNY. Mr. Carlin had to know who Carter Page was and how he was associated with the Russians well before the first FISA application.
        I’d be invisible to if I had the same exposure as Carlin.


        • Proud American from Texas says:

          Evgeny Buryakov Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court In Connection With Conspiracy To Work For Russian Intelligence
          Evgeny BURYAKOV, a/k/a “Zhenya,” Worked for Russian Intelligence Under “Non-Official Cover” as a Banker in Manhattan
          Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and John P. Carlin, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, announced that EVGENY BURYAKOV, a/k/a “Zhenya,” pled guilty today to conspiring to act in the United States as an agent of the Russian Federation, without providing prior notice to the Attorney General.

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    • ipack says:

      On Mifsud…. Oops, too late.


  4. Republicanvet91 says:

    “•“Who was aware of it?””

    I am believing more and more Obama was aware of it since it fits his pattern to a Tee of using documentation to remove his political opponents. His races in Illinois show that.
    I am sure he thought, why not do the same on a massive scale against any perceived enemy using the full force of the federal government.

    He did the same with the IRS, and we all know how that turned out for the perps.

    A skunk can’t change its stripe.

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    • Doug Amos says:

      A friend works in the penal system. He says some of the smartest guys in the world are in there. They all made the same mistake, according to him; they thought they would never get caught. Remind you of anybody?

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    • theoldgoat says:

      Don’t discount the real power behind the Obama throne. Jarrett seems the most likely architect of a lot of this, as he didn’t make a move without her blessing. They never thought they would have any of these things come to light because Hillary was set up to win.

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    • delighteddeplorable says:

      AND – SHE was a guaranteed lock for the Presidency. Ooops.

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    • roddrepub says:

      A skunk can’t change its stripe.
      Nor his effen smell!

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    • BLaw says:

      Good point about Obama especially looking at his campaign for Illinois Senator against Jack Ryan in 2004. Obama had his party operatives and Chicago media allies obtain sealed divorce court records of Jack Ryan. The Cook County judge that made that decision was probably a partner in corruption with the Obama cronies. Ryan dropped out to protect his son and ex-wife from the fallout. They were civil court divorce records, not criminal. This was who Obama was early on and now what the Democrats have become.

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      • Republicanvet91 says:

        That is exactly the case I was remembering, but I believe it was not the only instance of him doing that.

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        • dd_sc says:

          It’s not. In the Democrat primary before Obama faced Jack Ryan, Obama was down in the polls against Blair Hull and had Hull’s sealed divorce records leaked. There was an issue of domestic violence with those that Hull had to explain. In both instances David Axelrod was a key player for Obama.

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      • William Murphy says:

        This is Obama’s Faculty Lounge Fiasco.

        The Fountain of Hubris.


    • Vince says:

      “I am believing more and more Obama was aware of it since it fits his pattern to a Tee of using documentation to remove his political opponents.”

      And the people in Obama’s orbit have their own dirty tricks.

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    • Zabadak says:

      Nor its smell.


    • Richard Simon says:

      He not only knew, he probably coordinated it with a couple of layers between him and it to protect himself. Remember the e-mail about everything by the book?


  5. Newhere says:

    Especially with this news, it’s hard to believe General Flynn has been sidelined and hung out to dry all this time. Flynn would have just as much valuable information and perspective as Rogers, and those with the right clearances have known the truth from the beginning (even with compartmentalization, we’ve put the pieces together so obviously leaders in DOJ/IC have too).

    Certainly we know his persecution and wrongful prosecution is real. But maybe one day we’ll learn more to this story. I sure would love to learn that one way or another, General Flynn has been serving the effort in some way shape or form, because our country needs him so urgently.

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  6. Republicanvet91 says:

    “By looking at the way the FISA court was notified, it becomes apparent the DOJ National Security Division set Admiral Mike Rogers up to take the fall for their unlawful conduct.”

    If only Adm. Rogers referred to himself as a whistle blower and set up a GoFundMe account.

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  7. Autonomous Collective says:

    Barr spoke about Comey and the 7th floor crowd managing Crossfire and pulling the Op management up to their level.

    💥Know what other investigation was led from the 7th floor? Las Vegas.

    The largest mass shooting in American history that was closed with a 3 page report. 🤨

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    • Zephyrbreeze says:

      And the shooters girlfriend wrote FBI as employer on a loan document. Nice.

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      • Autonomous Collective says:

        Would you like to know what really happened and why?

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        • jeff montanye says:


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        • bluenova1971 says:

          Please fill us in, AC

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        • Ben says:

          Probably, the shooter was being handled and monitored by the FBI. One of these stings where the FBI encourages and helps you carry out a terrorist attack then swoops in at the last minute to prevent it and look like heroes. Except in this case the shooter went off early. Oops.


          • frances says:

            Not likely, too many problems with that approach such as: the angle and trajectory from his window and the guns he was supposedly using would only have allowed him to take a shot if he was standing in the actual frame of the window, which with twenty and thirty mile an hour winds and the curtains still up would have made getting off multiple shoots impossible. Further he was supposed to be using a bumper stock yet many testified to hearing fully automatic weapons being fired. There were far too few casings found in the room, there were no powder burns on his hands and no gloves were used. Lastly there were multiple casings ON the body. Yes the event was yet another in the long line of operations to take away guns. But while he was the fall guy, from what I have read is still alive and well.


    • that is ugly…you mean to say the insurance policy was multi dimensional.


  8. RLTW says:

    Admiral Rogers is the Paul Revere of modern America. But for Rogers we would a nationalist socialist workers party at this point. Trump and his family would have been bayoneted and at least 30 million of us would be in concentration camps right now.

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  9. Zephyrbreeze says:

    How is it possible that our drug overdoses are going UP?
    How is it possible that we are still training Saudi pilots by the 100’s? Could it be that Saudi ‘princes” make perfect weapons and drug-running pilots with their diplomatic immunity?
    How is it that one of the most powerful weapons ever developed Shadownet, used to create fake news as a weapon against our enemies in the middle east, was turned against the American people, and other people worldwide now that Shadownet has been put on the commercial market?
    Are our politicians making billions off the trillions with these schemes including USAID?

    Their entire scheme is at stake. And at the core is Crowdstrike, money, drugs, weapons, human-trafficking and permanent power for politicians and the international entities that control them.

    Once you see the strings on the puppets, you can’t “unsee” them.

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  10. Everett Miller says:

    Rogers is helping Durham put together the ultimate RICO case against these seditious criminal conspirators. (who, BTW, Jeff Sessions gave cover and protection to). Obama’s going down, no matter that he is half-white.

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  11. roddrepub says:

    This is just one more reason why this judge and other FISA justed can shove their faux outrage where the sun doesn’t shine. These people knew damn well what was going on. I am ticked that POTUS was impeached, but I think next spring summer these people will pay!

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  12. rmramerica says:

    It would seem that Rodgers has been working with Durham for some time, months I would guess, and this is now a strategic leak of status to see how the players respond. Interesting to see how the rats disperse and begin to react. A lot of people should be very nervous. How will the NYT and WP describe the current atmosphere around DC? This will be fun to observe. Bravo to Sundance for connecting the dots!

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  13. Anonymous Commenter says:

    Such a great article!

    When we notice that the culprits in this Spygate have not been even charged but Roger Stone was arrested before dawn by what looked like a SWAT team and then punished sternly for relatively minor infractions , we can’t help noticing that something terribly wrong is going on in the federal government.

    The only logical explanation I can see for all those “random” errors and mistakes that are directed in the same direction is that a powerful clique has already weaponized large part of the federal government to advance their egoistic political agenda.

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  14. john says:

    You have to wonder if Roberts has just been buying time. His children are now college age and about ready to fend for themselves. Whether he was coerced, blackmailed, or just corrupt it’s time he paid the piper for his deeds. Obamacare, FISA, replacing judges because of the coincidental “health concerns”, etc. Something stinks.

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  15. Jeff says:

    I just have to say this. After reviewing everything I’ve learned about William Barr, in great measure due to Sundance and the commentors here, and his most recent Fox interview, I just do not get the impression that the man is false.
    It’s a gut feeling. I don’t have any hard data. But I read his words very carefully, and I cannot help but know that he is committed to the right path.
    As Data from Star Trek once famously said, “I am attempting to ascertain what my guts tell me about you.”
    (Serendipitiously reinforcing my contention that everything, eventually, circles back to Star Trek.:) )

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    • zekness says:

      It is perfectly acceptable to consider Barr’s intention to be …well…uncertain…

      If one goes back to some of his prior work, you witness the same presentation of a serious minded stalwart of judicial objectivity. But one also has to examine Barr has the unusual habit in the past of white washing some very critical investigations with the same persona on display.

      I think this is one of the reasons that SD and others do not trust he will “go all the way”..

      He might…I would like to think by naming special counsel, he might recognize the value in removing himself from process.

      if we follow that view, then we are left of what to make of durham?

      so perhaps the best way to evaluate what to expect…is what cases and outcomes have happened from durham.

      I think that is a reasonable way to approximate what to expect.

      I’m agnostic on the matter myself. Not because I don’t care..It’s because I sense there are greater powers that will move mountains should this investigation become mueller 2.0

      I am a part of that team.

      I do care.

      I am not comfortable assuming barr and durham will get it all done. there are some real world reasons to consider it’s just not going to be possible for these people to accomplish what really needs to happen here.

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      • Jeff says:

        I appreciate your point about Durham. I’m not saying Barr is going to wave a magic wand and everyone gets a ride to Happyland. But I don’t believe him to be the “cleaner” some suspect him to be. I believe he is going about this with good intentions. Whether he fails or succeeds is yet to be seen.

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      • Peppurr says:

        I feel the same way as you, zekness. I want to see, at least, Brennan and Clapper go down. Now, who they take with them, will be interesting.


    • Patrick Healy says:

      Yes I too was an ardent Trekkie before they put a woman in charge!
      What I, as an outsider, cannot understand is who is in charge of the corrupt asylum which is the U.S. spying network.?
      I thought the President was supposed to be in charge and could hire and fire.
      For instance that Atkinson bloke who all by himself(?) changed the whistle blower rules – how in blazes is he still in a job?
      Is there no honest person in charge or is your President all on his own?
      And finally why is Sundance not in the White House advising your President Trump?

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      • Jeff says:

        I have no doubt that there is someone in the White House who reads this site. Is it PDJT himself? Who knows. But certainly someone who has the ear of the President and can call attention to important items. So perhaps in an indirect way, Sundance actually is advising the POTUS.

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  16. owtolunch says:

    Collyer has no choice but to leave. She was an integral part of this whole saga whether she knew or not… She has no credibility as a sitting judge any longer.

    All she can do is place a few shots at the sinking ship and try to claim she stopped its progress…

    She will be remembered as the FISA Judge who allowed this all to happen and continue on her watch..

    Kinda like the bow lookouts searching for icebergs on the Titanic. They didn’t recognize the hazard until it was too late and their fate was already sealed. She is abandoning ship.

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  17. Reggie Tait says:

    And to reflect the cesspool that Chief Justice Roberts is a part of himself, he digs right back into the historically corrupt Obama Cabal to pick an OBAMA judge to replace the compromised FISC Judge Collyer. Wow! Another crooked judge from the very Barack Obama Admin that started this whole coup against POTUS Trump in the first place

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  18. zekness says:

    Note: Matthew Cole (intercept) is an investigative journalist, who worked closely with Glenn Greenwald. Matthew’s “passion” is examining the US IC, specifically black operations. I will suspend any comment to the current Intercept article, only to mention that several real journalist over the years bailed from former US media groups and other “popular” three letter news orgs because of real world efforts to limit and editorialize serious work. The Intercept is the brainchild of Pierre Omidyar, multi-billionaire, founder of Ebay and primary funder of New Look Media Works (THE INTERCEPT). New Look Media Works has its origins with Glen Grenwald Along with a cast of world class researchers also includes in the fold: a well known new zealand hacker of considerable “talent”, Morgan Marquis-Boire.

    Matthew Cole has been accused ( with prejudice I will add) of having such poor opsec capability that most of his peers consider him solely responsible for a former whistleblower, NSA contractor (reality winner) arrest. And Matthew Cole, prior to this, was also responsible in part for the outing of ANOTHER NSA whistleblower, John Kiriakou.

    Pierre is known to have STRONG ties to Richard Branson, a known quantity with british intelligence.

    So, I would treat this report with some strong reservations….It may very well turn out that this is a plan to get RADM entraped into legal jeopardy..these people seem to have a history of getting a story about sensitive “closed wall” secrecy and then the “source” ends up either discredited or goes to prison.

    take care with this Matthew Cole!!

    sidenote: Many of these people are homosexuals. Almost all of them support anti-american, anti-god idealogies. I think that’s important to understand…these are not trustworthy and reliable people…any of them really. (The Intercept operates it main office in Honolulu, and Pierre “plays in weirdo world” there! fact. I know this first hand, having observed it directly. Not to be trusted.


    • zekness says:

      A commenter “jake” does it best with his reaction to this article. I recommend reading the article word by word to get a greater big picture of what kind of angle Matthew Cole designed here. And also to notice his prior work and how it is clear his views are unobjective and salacious …not to be trusted.

      “jake” has this take on the article:

      “A pretty disappointing take on things. Cole is clearly reporting from the anti-Trump Resistance viewpoint. He gives himself away with such loaded terms as “right-wing media ecosystem.” (I really wish Greenwald had written this piece instead.) There are serious inaccuracies in this piece as a result:

      1. Rogers didn’t travel to New York to tell Trump about Russians, he went there to tell Trump he was being secretly surveilled. The next day, Trump moved operations out of Trump Tower and to his main property in New Jersey. This is the money fact yet Cole gets it totally wrong.

      2. Mueller never found the GRU hacked the DNC, his report admits he’s relying on good old CrowdStrike’s word like everyone else. More slant from Cole.

      3. This one’s just riddled with spin and error: “Mifsud was portrayed as part of an Obama administration plot to entrap and frame Trump. The inspector general’s report concluded that there is no evidence that Mifsud had any affiliation with the FBI.”

      Nobody claimed Obama is involved in any plot, simply that Mifsud may be a Western intelligence operative and not with the Russians as Comey claimed. Nor did anyone claim Mifsud is with the FBI, Cole is repeating a straw-man talking point being circulated around the left-wing media ecosystem.

      Like I said, disappointing article for those of us who are a bit deep in the weeds about this. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that is is big news — and bad news for Comey, Brennan and Clapper.

      the point here, I am making note of, is that there is VERY LIKELY a reason at this point for Matthew Cole to be conferring with “several NSA contacts” about RADM activities with Durham. Basically, he has signaled to every single deep state actor: time’s up, gloves off, go get Rogers.

      watch carefully. I know some people and they are very concerned about this “leak”.

      it does not usually end well for folks in Rogers position.

      I am of the mind that the current NSA director (an untrustworthy POS) is unlikely to even investigate who these sources are from his agency…It also makes me wonder if persons that RADM Rogers and Durham have in waiting to help assist, are now very much having second thoughts.

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  19. BitterC says:

    Something that has always bothered me but never shared here since Adm Rogers is held in such high esteem…

    He should have known when he ordered the audit in April that the unusual activity was aimed at Obama/Clinton political rivals, yet he waits until the audit is finished, just weeks before the election to speak up?

    I suppose there was no one to turn to, yet he could have gone to Nunes, or someone

    I am hoping Durham is also discussing the “Russian hack” with Rogers. To do a thorough investigation of Spygate, that is a cornerstone. The NSA would certainly have captured the exfiltration of emails from the DNC if it was really done remotely.


    • zekness says:

      couple of thoughts:

      NSA is gatekeeper of its’s the collector…

      but NSA is NOT the only collector in town. FBI has capabilities…CIA has capabilities Cybercom has capabilities.

      NSA has the task to store ALL of this collected signit.

      NSA operates (prior to 2016 damning audit), on principle and mechanisms that were based on a trust….particularly with respect to “unmasking requests, 702 orders, and other domestic related actions. Prior to this audit, all “errors” in query were apparently resolved to the satisfaction of the House Intelligence Oversight Committee. There isn’t public knowledge about how prior errors were resolved…But we know (at least for now), they did not rise to a level of severity that got the people in power spun about it. (I’ll resist making my own assessment, as there is sufficient evidence with whistleblowers from those agencies that were summarily punished by the obama regime).

      However, what DID happen, is that RADM Rogers made a connection (actually, is immediate audit staff reported it to him and he carried the football from there), that queries directed at domestic political targets, AND unmasking was taking place in a very specific and narrowly focused scope AND that these searches were exclusively coming from private contractors (read: FBI, CIA, and DOD, in that order of scale), who did not have a legal reasoned credential or a tasking authority to do so. This relates to the 17 type 702 query.

      THAT reality changes things….quickly.. any prior errors, can be chalked up as trivial and investigative errors (my words)….these errors however cannot be reconciled as they directly indicate unlawful intent to commit crimes….searches on domestic targets using more than just 2 hop controversial access..but persistent searches for specific data about specific people, from a wide cast of different private contractors on or about the same time. Where those private contractors are not responsible for conducting officially or by any fisa order, to do so.

      that IS the big difference. It’s not so much that RADM Rogers had to commit any serious investigations to determine any of this: it was being done openly with no possible explanations or reasons to justify the searches. He is a hero in the sense that he was actually doing his job…following the law, and providing gatekeeper duties that he oathed to defend…against enemies both foreign and domestic. (my words)..He is special, because it appears nearly all of his “peers” were corrupted by their own private interests that had zero to do with following the law and obeying it.

      I would have to imagine RADM Rogers greatest regret is that the level of trust and obligation to duty was not honored by others in the community. That really has to be a big blow to a perfectly normal american patriot and military officer…To witness a scale of corrupt lawlessness on display.

      I admire him…But I also would like to note, almost ALL military officers are of the same caliber. The temptation to cross over into the dark side, is always is the belief and the training and the proper culture that mitigates against it.

      I would follow this man in battle any day of the week.

      and I just have to do that before this damned thing is over.

      I know he feels the same way.

      It’s not over yet.

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      • “…private contractors (read: FBI, CIA, and DOD, in that order of scale)…”

        The agencies were NOT the “private contractors”; the latter were private entities (Fusion-GPS, and likely Nellie Ohr specifically, working for Fusion) hired by the FBI to “assist” them. The FBI colluded with those private contractors in the Obama-enabled effort to “get Trump”, by allowing them to illegally make those officially disallowed FISA queries. Of course, in this the FBI was also colluding with the CIA, as coordinated by Peter Strzok, who was “Section Chief, Counterespionage Division”, working as such for both the FBI and CIA:

        Strzok worked for FBI and CIA at the same timeQ

        Quoting just the first few lines from that article (which provides proof):

        “Peter Strzok worked 24 years for the CIA. His job title was Chief of their Counterespionage Group.

        “The FBI never had such a unit.

        “Strzok led the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton. She used personal email for classified government business while she was Secretary of State.

        “The FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the election of Donald J. Trump as President was also led by Strzok.

        “A joint CIA/FBI position was created by Congress in 1996. Strzok was “a senior FBI official” by being the CIA’s Chief of Counterespionage.
        I would recommend everyone read that linked article (which is why I linked to it, and quoted from it). It makes the CIA-FBI path of corruption plain, in the person of Strzok.


        • zekness says:

          Private contractors WERE in fact tasked by all of the three letter agencies! This program was installed during Obama and represented the vast majority of 17 “about” types of the 702, that RADM Rogers detected as unlawful searches!

          I think that is important to understand and recognize.

          In order to provide a sphere of lawlessness, these agencies depended on mostly private contractors to “game” the NSA system to get dirt. This is a fact. You may have to wait from the Durham investigation to render a judgement about that …but be there no doubts, these private non-oathed contractors were working hand in hand with their handlers to achieve something that was not easy or possible by using the mechanisms at the three letter agencies. In the same way, that foreign intelligence was used to provide resources that our own three letter conspiractors were careful to avoid committing themselves.

          If I was not clear on my message…now you have it.

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    • zekness says:

      one other point, in case you are unaware, is that RADM Rogers DID fulfill the standard SOP to report these matters to all members of the IC that included the DOJ for adjucation..he was denied ..and torpedoed at every single step of the way. He then reported these unlawful acts to the House Intelligence Commitee (Gang of 8) in a non-normal schedule when he was met with that resistance..and it still did not go anywhere.

      remember, this the Obama administration….One has to acknowledge he was a very lonely person at the time trying to get control of a situation he realized was well out of control. Noone seemed to think it was worth the attention it deserved. Noone!

      He was however, effective. FISA judge took immediate action to concur and the 17 part of 702 was shut down. However, the FBI preempted this action by big footing what is now seen as the most critical element of this entire attempted coup: the FBI gained spy warrants on the prior query material that was unlawfully drawn…on the same day, and just prior to the FISA judge taking action. This was not some coincidence. What this implicates is that FBI not only had knowledge that RADM Rogers was keen on blocking any material unlawfully gained from the prior abuses, but that he was likely a target of surveillance himself or the fisa judge, or both..somehow the FBI became aware of his intentions…and they acted quickly to get “in” with an official FIS order warrant to spy on trump.
      this we do know.

      what the durham investigation will presumably uncover, is if the material searched by the FBI prior to this shutdown order was lawful at all.

      that very subject determines if just about any of this entire matter really has any legal merit.

      so durham investigation is key here.

      When was the FBI actually spying..when did it start? Was it legal? Why was it important for the FBI to lodge a fast application just on the same very day that collyer shut the program down to them!???

      everything really centers on that part of the investigation.

      RADM Rogers will have the fact witness account about what went on before that first application on that day. This is why he is so important….everything else is pretty much details….

      it’s about predicate….origin.

      it does not appear the FBI complied with the law …at all.

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      • mickjt says:

        Having lived/worked in this dark IC world on/off since VietNam, I can tell that zekness has a deep understanding of all the issues connected to the Deep State IC. My interest was peaked with the use of the word ‘sigint’. That is a seldom used term (in common parlance) internal to the IC for ‘signal intelligence’…anything that can be gathered from any form of electronic communication. It is apparent that the Obama Administration was using all the capabilities of the IC to SPY on Trump and his associates to bring him down. This continues to this day and Dare I Say, is all needs to be not just dismantled AND all the perps, regardless of level, need to see prison time with Bubba as a cell mate! This includes Judges!

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        • zekness says:

          I get all my information from that guy down the street. He knows what happened. I just listen carefully. I think he tells me these things, because ….I don’t talk about fight club.


      • PB says:

        zekness…great context on SD’s excellent timeline. So the urgency to get an acceptable app thru the FISC drove Brennan to insist FBI to include Crown material? The earlier request that was rejected (1 in 10,000) presumably didn’t include the Steele dossier, and now with RADM digging into 702(17)’s, DNI/CIA/WH knew they were in a foot race to justifiably predicate their past snooping & unmasking. Ironically, with only 2-3 weeks before the election, the FISC warrant wouldn’t likely and didn’t have a chance to impact the election, but as an “insurance policy” it surely changed the arc of the Presidency

        While Mueller/Weissman and Horowitz have given 2 questionable perspectives on this period and the actions of many, I think if we actually see Durham-Barr conclusions/prosecutions, the post election period thru the impeachment vote will require further examination to properly view the actions of many clearly compromised individuals. God-willing PDJT gets re-elected, it’d be worth a second term to allow a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Investigators : Rosenstein, Mueller/Weissman, Schiff.

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        • zekness says:

          concur with your take on the events.

          also key to understand the corruption are to examine the nature and scope of unlawful searches that took place before that very first fisa application. to examine HOW it happened, and what the obvious focus (targets) were, dates, times, and locations. This was from dozens of remote private contractors attached in dark circles with CIA, FBI, and DOD. There is some speculation (none proven…yet) that insiders at the NSA were instrumental in creating additional resources to these private contractors.

          This is why the “prior” 2013-2016 period is so important to get RADM Rogers to testify about.

          It will show the same identical 702 queries during that period can be connected directly to secret spy orders and details was the actual predicate for the latter surveillance requests.

          it’s basically the old potomac 2 step on sterioids.

          corrupt the system, break some laws, get the “dirt” you seek, then use other sources that you can use to gain a court order for spying to cover the first.

          that is just one part of the conspiracy.

          the other part has to do with carter page..

          and the use a british co-intel agents to frame up what the conspirators really needed to establish: a reason to spy in trump and then to engage in a “lawful coup”…so to speak.

          RADM Rogers will be vital in understanding many aspects of the predicate for the 702 applications. This exposure has many in opposition..namely the gang of 8, which many are still installed and do not want this ..any of it to get public traction.

          it invites criticism about the many other things that are done, routinely that are performed against US citizens….

          One things to understand about these awesome capabilities that operate in the dark…there is no actual accountability …and can be leverage to perform just about any measure imaginable.

          So one expects the swamp in DC to have us look the other way.

          it’s not merely a tool to keep maintain surveillance superiority..but one that is used to maintain economic (and military) superiority.

          eventually that it would be used corruptly to pull off a plain vanilla coup against a US president and then dirty him up, was inevitable!.

          and predictable.

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    • Conservative_302 says:

      When the game is played at this level, I think he waited for factual evidence before saying anything. A coup to subvert a presidential election bespeaks that he could trust no one.

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  20. Rynn69 says:

    The Deep State and their media allies throw another bone from the treasure trove of “Trust the Plan Narratives” to string people along. Massive attempts to continue the run-out-the-clock strategy to stall, delay, manipulate, and deny true justice.

    After 3 1/2 years not one indictment.


  21. Tom says:

    Why don’t you just directly charge readers for your documents, rather than sending them to SCRIBD to be charged. I’ll bet you would get a higher percentage from yourself.


  22. Mike Rogers is “the real deal,” but it’s the system itself that’s irrecoverably broken: FISA, and PATRIOT, among others. We’ve created a technological monster that we can’t control. Information of the most-sensitive sort can wind up in the shirt pocket of almost any minion as long as s/he has a “Top Secret clearance,” and the government out-sourced that clearance process a long time ago. It’s now the candy that government officials just can’t stop eating.

    Whereas – the authors of our Constitution had a brilliant “national security” concept: the Fourth Amendment. (And, separately, the Second.) There’s no “search warrant” that could cover: “tens of thousands of searches a day, each one capable of including everyone, all without their knowledge.” Folks, this is “a national security matter,” and we’re on the wrong side of it and by our own hand.

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    • mickjt says:

      All this ‘intelligence gathering’ to damage opponents harkens back to J Edgar Hoover, the Cross Dressing Gay first director of the FBI. He had lots to hide so his solution was to use the govt. capabilities to gather as much intelligence, mostly negative, on all the Politicians that could harm him. Hitlery did the same thing and I’m sure there are many more in the govt. that have used this tactic. What remains is WE the People need to get rid of all the slime in our government and do a total reset!

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    • BigTalkers says:

      Maybe, maybe not.. As in the movie War Games, if you have the right “password,” you can just turn the damn thing off!


  23. MD says:

    Rodgers informed Trump of the “wiretap” at Trump Tower. The next day he moved his transition team to his golf course in Bedminster. After that Obama and the fake news media ran articles about how Rodgers should get fired (two months before Trump was going to get in office). If Durham is talking to him there is something serious going on. Those conversations are a matter of record and would not be happening if something could be revealed at a later date!


  24. flatlandgoober says:

    There have to be some tightly clenched sphincters this weekend, all through the world of Lefty Loonies.

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  25. florida91 says:

    Hillary and Obama’s goons just murdered Joseph Mifsud. They won’t hesitate to murder Rogers either.


    • BigTalkers says:

      Possibly, but it’s more likely the (now pro-Trump) Italian Govt helped arrange for his personal safety to go underground again.

      Besides which our foreign Intel assets are lying pretty low these days, the last thing they need being involved in yet another scandal.

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    • BigTalkers says:

      I’d surmise the Brits are guarding Steele and Assange, the Italians Mifsud, the US Halper, and the Aussies Downer. They’re likely taking extra precautions after what happened to Seth Rich, just in case.


      • frances says:

        I don’t think what the UK is doing to Assange could ever be viewed as ‘guarding.” Torturing is more like it. 100 doctors have signed a document saying that if he is not given immediate medical attention he will die.


  26. ed357 says:

    I’m tired of this crap…..

    If there is probably cause for criminality by any of these people…..

    Indict and try them……

    I see this as running out the Trump45 clock.


  27. I wote a few months ago that the left would only go forward with impeachment if they thought justice was coming. They spent ALOT of political capital over the past 3 months, and for what…to have President Trump go up in the polls?

    I still believe that Pelosi and company will try to drag out impeachment for as long as possible in order to provide cover for the bad news that is coming their way. I personally have no idea if justice is coming for the left, but they sure are acting like it is.


  28. jeans2nd says:

    Luv ya to death, Sundance, but still not buying the “Colyer only now figured it all out,” especially with Boasburg taking over FISC. Nobody is that stupid (Colyer, not you). Unless they want to be.

    We figured it out, what, some 2+ years ago? Yet none of these Swamp Creatures, possessing greater knowledge than we, knew anything, and continued on along their merry cocktail circuit way.

    Strzock and Page no doubt have already made plans for the cocktail party honoring Strzock’s good friend Boasburg’s promotion.

    And they expect slightly over half the country to buy into this crap.

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  29. BigTalkers says:

    Tying together the timeline of the Obama Admin’s conspiracy against Mr Trump (and numerous others) in this manner is brilliant investigative reporting, sir.

    The item that caught my eye is the present Intel Community IG, Michael Atkinson, the individual responsible for the “whistleblower complaint” leading to the President’s Impeachment by the House, was the DOJ-NSD’s counsel in Oct 2016, which put him in the middle of falsifying the documents used to initiate the fraud on the FISA Court resulting in the FBI obtaining their initial Carter Page warrant.

    This confirms my suspicion that the original “Trump-Russia” hoax and the evidence made up by the Intel Community used by the House to Impeach the President are both part of the SAME CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY, albeit three years apart!

    Moreover, this indicates that despite being under an on-going high profile federal criminal investigation for these acts, the brazen individuals who initially hatched this plot are still actively engaged in perpetuating this fraud to this day. All of which leads me to the conclusion that regardless of the penalties they now face, they have no intentions to ever stop!

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  30. The American Patriot says:

    I hope he has been given full witness protection of the nth degree because you know the hag will be after him


  31. askandgettruth says:

    a very bad storm is coming to our once great country. in the end these animals need to be hunted down and tried for treason.


  32. G. Alistar says:

    So….how does judge Contreras fit into this corruption and importantly, who is the very smart, well informed, patriot at the highest levels of the CIA or FBI who is slowly making this very sorry and corrupt affair known

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  33. G. Alistar says:

    So….how does judge Contreras fit into this corruption and importantly, who is the very smart, well informed, patriot at the highest levels of the CIA or FBI who is slowly making this very sorry and corrupt affair known


  34. G. Alistar says:

    So….how does judge Contreras fit into this corruption and importantly, who is the very smart, well informed, patriot at the highest levels of the CIA or FBI who is slowly making this very sorry and corrupt affair known


  35. Luz Maria Rodriguez says:

    When O’s ambassador to the UN was allowed to get away with all that unmasking so easily, the writing was clear and on the wall for all to see. His cabal’s coup effort did more harm to American values and institutions than 90% of our foreign enemies combined efforts taken together. Talk about a Trojan Horse ….

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  36. 4EDouglas says:

    Rogers is an American hero, patriot. I think he has protection. It would surprise me if he isn’t surrounded by it…

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  37. Pew-Anon says:

    “After the election Rogers would be reporting to the incoming president, that unique identifiers associated with his campaign and transition team were being monitored, harvested and extracted, from the NSA database by unknown FBI interests.”

    Drilling down onto the statement above, I don’t believe for a second the identities of the individuals who made the illicit queries is unknown. Any garden variety business IT system requires individual users to log on with a unique username and password. Once logged on, every keystroke by that user is archived and can be audited. If everyday business systems can do this, are we to believe that the NSA system has no such ability? That’s completely unbelievable. Lost in the enormity of issues to analyze is the very likely fact the identities of the individuals stroking the keys of these illicit queries is INDEED known. We need those names, or at least we need anyone with reach in the media asking that question. but given the long list of other relevant questions they are uninterested in asking, I’m obviously I’m not holding my breath.


  38. Bert Darrell says:

    Let us not forget someone named Evelyn Farkas, who urged demoRat politicians to save and protect the vast (as well as grossly illegal) OBAMA database on non-Rat Americans. Interestingly, she was a member of the Ukraine-linked submafia group within the Obama band of criminals working for the US government.


  39. Deplorable GTO says:

    re: Admiral Rogers…..It seems there is a ram among the sheep.

    Obama didn’t get to get rid of all the patriots in the military with people like Vindman.


  40. bluebongo says:

    So, under a T-1 warrant the pen registers, selectors and specific locations of the mobile devices being surveilled are already known. What is not expressed here is that all of the conversations that occur on those devices are also known, it’s not just metadata. It doesn’t matter if the target uses multiple devices or multiple sim cards, the T-1 is a warrant “on that person” and anything they use is subject to monitoring.

    The reason Trump moved the team so quickly to a more isolated location is because the communications van/aircraft monitoring the comms from Trump Tower couldn’t get within range without being noticed by Trump’s team. Downtown NY is very easy to conduct these types of monitoring.

    The information gleaned from the monitored conversations is used immediately by a “fusion cell” (Google: National Guard Fusion Centers) and additional data accessible to the FBI contractors through the NSA is “fused” into the cell. Intel analysts working in real time develop the information and create the wire diagram hierarchy for surveillance. This process happens very rapidly.

    As additional information becomes available in real time it moves the operation tempo, into developing what we called a “pattern of life”. Additional assets, including human sources such as paid informants, or under cover informants fill in missing information. This operation is filled with known informants (Mifsud–now reported dead, and his female UCI are one example).

    By the time Adm Rogers briefed Trump the operation against him was fully developed, and had all the information needed to build the narrative. The circumstantial information leaked from this point on for circular purposes only solidifies the “case”.

    Adm Rogers knew all of this, thus he was targeted once he briefed Trump. He’s not a dumb guy, and the words and actions he chose to brief Congress were very carefully chosen, he could only give away just enough information to portray a hapless director who stumbled into a policy violation. The reality is he knows so much more. Bull Duram is likely basing his investigation on Adm Rogers under oath testimony.


  41. Bob Reichert says:

    This is an attempted coup against the government of the United States and Candidate/President Donald Trump. It almost sounds like a Tom Clancy novel only it’s real.
    Americans can only hope that Federal Prosecutor Durham can continue his investigation into the criminal activity of the people in the highest reaches of the Obama Administration, and includes the former President.
    There is an old adage in law enforcement: Follow the money. You have to ask yourself, “How is it that an individual whose only illegitimate source of income prior to being elected President was from a brief stint as an Illinois Representative and a just as brief member of the US Senate could now be worth hundreds of millions and own three mansions worth tens of millions.”
    Follow the money.


  42. 2112 is now. says:

    As I understand how we got here, on 9/11 jihadist kill 2,977 killed and more than 6,000 others were injured so in response our government passes the Patriot Act thereby suspending Americans Constitutional Rights in an end-run.
    It all goes back to jihad, DC cartel malevolence and pure lust for power.


  43. Jim says:

    There is also the OTHER “whistle blower”, Dennis Montgomery, who’s revelations of the misuse of the Hammer (HAMR) surveillance system (as it’s creator) show the corrupt cast of Obama team plotters spied on Trump and Flynn before the election. His direct evidence of that was ordered destroyed by FISA court’s Collyer on April 26 2017. She’s part of the coup.


  44. alicat says:

    So basically FISA Judge Collyer is either 1) incredibly stupid/ignorant/incompetent and didn’t put two and two together after her meeting with Rogers or 2) Judge Collyer is in on it. There is no way after meeting with Rogers that a judge doesn’t start second guessing that FISA warrant she just approved a couple of days prior to meeting with Roger. An order should have immediately been written by Judge Collyer to rescind the warrant issued. Then an order should have come down from Collyer to stop any and all approval of FISA warrants dealing with any campaign. Judge Collyer is 100% involved in the coup.


  45. Clarioncaller says:

    “Renegade” spent 8 years purging the military of patriots but, thank God, missed a few.

    Liked by 1 person

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