Explosive Interview – Maria Bartiromo Drops Big News With Trey Gowdy….

Whooo doggies, Maria Bartiromo outdid herself this morning with an interview segment just packed with information, insight and discussion into the DOJ and FBI corruption and DNI Ratcliffe’s nomination. (h/t Michael SheridanThis is a MUST WATCH:

After the first segment on the El Paso and Dayton shootings, Ms. Bartiromo segued into a discussion of George Papadopoulos and the secret informant transcripts; from recordings that were part of the FBI sting operation using U.S. intelligence asset Stefan Halper; and are now being held in evidence by U.S. Attorney John Durham and Inspector General Michael Horowitz. [Background] Keep in mind Gowdy has seen these transcripts.

According to Bartiromo those transcripts include FBI wire-taps of Halper attempting to get Papadopulos to accept assistance from Russia (delivering Clinton emails), and George Papadopoulos absolutely refusing to accept any engagement therein.  Confirming that outline, Gowdy notes there are more recordings (and transcripts) of a similar nature, where the FBI was attempting to bait other Trump campaign officials.

Additionally, Bartiromo confirms that Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to meet with DNI nominee John Ratcliffe after his nomination; and exactly as we suspected it was the lack of support from the SSCI and McConnell that led to his nomination withdrawal. Stunning interview.

Also, the point brought up by Trey Gowdy contrasting the experience of John Ratcliffe and Senator Kamala Harris is exceptionally acute. Both Ratcliffe and Harris were State Prosecutors; Ratcliffe for Texas and Harris for California. Both Ratcliffe and Harris sit on the same committees – one House and one Senate… Yet Ratcliffe was accused of being unqualified for the job of ODNI, while Harris is claimed -by those same voices- to be qualified for President.

An excellent rebuttal point by Gowdy.

A stunning admission earlier this year by The New York Times described how the FBI enlisted a female agent to work the “operation” in the U.K. during August-September 2016 posing as an aide for U.S. intelligence asset/FBI informant Stefan Halper.

Halper was an FBI operative and Cambridge professor who set up meetings with Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos. The female agent used a fake name, Azra Turk, and presented herself as an assistant to Stefan Halper; however, she was actually an undercover intelligence operative of the FBI.

NYT […] The woman had set up the meeting to discuss foreign policy issues. But she was actually a government investigator posing as a research assistant, according to people familiar with the operation. The F.B.I. sent her to London as part of the counterintelligence inquiry opened that summer to better understand the Trump campaign’s links to Russia.

The American government’s affiliation with the woman, who said her name was Azra Turk, is one previously unreported detail of an operation that has become a political flash point in the face of accusations by President Trump and his allies that American law enforcement and intelligence officials spied on his campaign to undermine his electoral chances. Last year, he called it “Spygate.”

Ms. Turk went to London to help oversee the politically sensitive operation, working alongside a longtime informant, the Cambridge professor Stefan A. Halper. The move was a sign that the bureau wanted in place a trained investigator for a layer of oversight, as well as someone who could gather information for or serve as a credible witness in any potential prosecution that emerged from the case.

A spokesman for the F.B.I. declined to comment, as did a lawyer for Mr. Halper, Robert D. Luskin. Last year, Bill Priestap, then the bureau’s top counterintelligence agent who was deeply involved in the Russia inquiry, told Congress during a closed-door hearing that there was no F.B.I. conspiracy against Mr. Trump or his campaign.

Obviously the group (CIA, DOJ and FBI) who constructed the political surveillance and spy operations are trying to present their side of the story, prior to investigation by AG Bill Barr and the soon-to-be-released IG report.

The London operation yielded no fruitful information, but F.B.I. officials have called the bureau’s activities in the months before the election both legal and carefully considered under extraordinary circumstances.

They are now under scrutiny as part of an investigation by Michael E. Horowitz, the Justice Department inspector general. He could make the results public in May or June, Attorney General William P. Barr has said. Some of the findings are likely to be classified.

It is unclear whether Mr. Horowitz will find fault with the F.B.I.’s decision to have Ms. Turk, whose real name is not publicly known, meet with Mr. Papadopoulos.

Mr. Horowitz has focused among other things on the activities of Mr. Halper, who accompanied Ms. Turk in one of her meetings with Mr. Papadopoulos and also met with him and other campaign aides separately. The bureau might also have seen Ms. Turk’s role as essential for protecting Mr. Halper’s identity as an informant if prosecutors ever needed court testimony about their activities.

Notice how the leaker of this information to the New York Times appears to have direct knowledge of exactly what IG Horowitz has investigated. This leaked story is coming from within the still employed corrupt elements of the FBI.

[…] This account was described in interviews with people familiar with the F.B.I. activities of Mr. Halper, Ms. Turk and the inspector general’s investigation. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the subjects of a continuing inquiry.

As part of Mr. Horowitz’s investigation, his office has examined Mr. Halper’s past work as an F.B.I. informant and asked witnesses about whether agents had adequate control of Mr. Halper’s activities, people familiar with the inquiry have said.

While in London in 2016, Ms. Turk exchanged emails with Mr. Papadopoulos, saying meeting him had been the “highlight of my trip,” according to messages provided by Mr. Papadopoulos. “I am excited about what the future holds for us :),” she wrote.

Notice how The New York Times is intentionally conflating the timing and sequencing of events in this article.

[…] One of the agents involved in the Russia inquiry, a seasoned counterintelligence investigator out of New York, turned to Mr. Halper, whom he viewed as a reliable and trusted informant. They had a longstanding relationship; the agent had even spoken at an intelligence seminar that Mr. Halper taught at the University of Cambridge, discussing his work investigating a Russian espionage ring known as the illegals.

[That section tells the possibilities of who the FBI agent might be. [TWE] George J. Ennis, Jr. (ASAC NY Counterintelligence), Alan E. Kohler Jr. (SSA, NY Counterintelligence) and Stephen M. Somma (SA, NY Counterintelligence) attended the intelligence seminar by Stefan Halper in 2011 (LINK). Alan Kohler, FBI representative at the United States Embassy in London, returned to the seminar in May 2014 (LINK) George Ennis was named the Special Agent In Charge of the Administrative Division at the New York Field Office on April 1, 2015, having had a background in counterterrorism and counterintelligence. (LINK)]

Mr. Halper had the right résumé for the task. He was a foreign policy expert who had worked for the Pentagon. He had been gathering information for the F.B.I. for about two decades and had good contacts in Chinese and Russian government circles that he could use to arrange meetings with high-ranking officials, according to a person briefed on Mr. Halper’s relationship with the F.B.I.

The F.B.I. instructed Mr. Halper to set up a meeting in London with Mr. Papadopoulos but gave him few details about the broader investigation, a person familiar with the episode said.

His job was to figure out the extent of any contacts between Trump campaign advisers and Russia. Mr. Halper used his position as a respected academic to introduce himself to both Mr. Papadopoulos and Mr. Page, whom he also met with several times. He arranged a meeting with Mr. Papadopoulos in London to discuss a Mediterranean natural gas project, offering $3,000 for his time and a policy paper.

[…] The F.B.I. also decided to send Ms. Turk to take part in the operation, people familiar with it said, and to pose as Mr. Halper’s assistant. For the F.B.I., placing such a sensitive undertaking in the hands of a trusted government investigator was essential.

British intelligence officials were also notified about the operation, the people familiar with the operation said, but it was unclear whether they provided assistance. A spokeswoman for the British government declined to comment.

Mr. Trump has repeatedly claimed that British intelligence spied on his campaign, an accusation the British government has vigorously denied. Last month, the president quoted on Twitter an accusation that the British had spied on his campaign and added: “WOW! It is now just a question of time before the truth comes out, and when it does, it will be a beauty!”

When Mr. Papadopoulos arrived in London on Sept. 15, he received a text message from Ms. Turk. She invited him for drinks.

In his book, “Deep State Target,” Mr. Papadopoulos described her as attractive and said she almost immediately began questioning him about whether the Trump campaign was working with Russia, he wrote.

Mr. Papadopoulos was baffled. “There is no way this is a Cambridge professor’s research assistant,” he recalled thinking, according to his book.

The day after meeting Ms. Turk, Mr. Papadopoulos met briefly with Mr. Halper at a private London club, and Ms. Turk joined them. The two men agreed to meet again, arranging a drink at the Sofitel hotel in London’s posh West End.

Notice how Ms. Turk is the primary focus of the interaction.

Turk emailed Papadopoulos; Turk text’d Papadopoulos; Turk met him for drinks etc. However, Halper only “met briefly” with Papadopoulos with Turk present. FBI agent Turk is the working operative here, agent Halper is simply the inconsequential cover.

During that conversation, Mr. Halper immediately asked about hacked emails and whether Russia was helping the campaign, according to Mr. Papadopoulos’s book. Angry over the accusatory questions, Mr. Papadopoulos ended the meeting.

The F.B.I. failed to glean any information of value from the encounters, and Ms. Turk returned to the United States.

Mr. Halper continued to work with the F.B.I. and later met with Mr. Page repeatedly in the Washington area. The two had coincidentally run into each other in July as well at Cambridge, according to people familiar with the episode.

At the urging of Mr. Page, he met another campaign aide, Sam Clovis, Mr. Trump’s campaign co-chairman, to discuss foreign policy. (read more)

It’s obvious the people who ran these spy operations into the Trump campaign are nervous now. After years of denying spying; and after weeks of apoplectic pearl-clutching over AG Barr’s use of the word “spy”; the New York Times now outlines spying directly?

Make sure you go back and re-read the House testimony transcript of how Papadopoulos describes this interaction with Turk and Halper (embed below). Start around page 101

(Papadopoulos Testimony to House Committee start around page 101)


It must be first noted that Devin Nunes outlined the two-page “Electronic Communication” or “EC” from CIA Director John Brennan to FBI Director James Comey was not from official intelligence channels. Meaning the intelligence used to originate Crossfire Hurricane did not come through officials Five-Eyes intelligence communication.

When we reviewed the documents recently released by the Australian government, there was a disparity between the dates of George Papadopoulos meeting Australia’s High Commissioner Alexander Downer. The Weissmann report seemed to put the meeting as May 6th, 2016, but Papadopoulos and Downer (Australian docs) put the London meeting on May 10th.

Here’s the excerpt from Special Counsel Weissmann/Mueller report that describes the events.  Note Weissmann assigns a meeting date of May 6th, 2016:

[Page #89, Muller Report]

The paragraphs and the footnote direct the reader to assume a meeting between Papadopoulos and Downer on May 6th, and later the communication from Downer on July 26th, as the impetus for Crossfire Hurricane.  However, there’s some strategic conflation in the presentation because Downer and Papadopoulos didn’t meet until May 10th.

Andrew Weissmann and Robert Mueller carefully word the paragraphs because they don’t want the background of the May 6th, 2016, event attached to western intelligence.


When Weissmann/Mueller write: “On May 6th, 2016, 10 days after that meeting with Mifsud, Papadopoulos suggested to a representative of a foreign government“… they are not writing about Alexander Downer.

They are writing about an aide to Downer, Erika Thompson.

As noted in Papadopoulos’ book:

After meeting with Downer’s aide, Erika Thompson on May 6th, she sets up a meeting between George Papadopoulos and her boss for May 10th.  The meeting is put on the official schedule for the Australian Ambassador to the U.K:

[Note in the meeting schedule the dates/times are listed in both Australian and U.K. time zones.]  On May 10th, 2016, Ms Erika Thompson and Mr. Alexander Downer then meet with George Papadopoulos.

After the meeting, Ambassador Downer reports back to the Australian government on his conversation with Papadopoulos. [As noted in the recent document release]:

The details of the conversation, and how Alexander Downer viewed the information from Papadopoulos is heavily redacted.  Essentially, he writes out what the Trump foreign policy seems to be from the perspective of George Papadopoulos.  This would be typical for any government to assemble the views and perspectives of a potential presidential nominee.

Additionally, Downer was a major supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton; but in general terms, any personal bias is irrelevant for the purposes of outlining information from the Trump campaign that might be useful later on in understanding how the relationship between Australia and the U.S. might evolve.

As noted in the Weissmann/Mueller report, it is from this May 10th, 2016, meeting where  later communication from Ambassador Downer, July 26th, 2016, is referenced as the origin of Crossfire Hurricane.  However, here’s where it gets interesting.  Notice how Mueller presents the May 6th conversation as confirmation of the information from Joseph Mifsud, and not May 10th.

Weissmann and Mueller are saying the information: “that the Trump campaign had received information from the Russian government that it could assist the campaign through the anonymous release of information that would be damaging to Hillary Clinton”, came from Erika Thompson on May 6th, 2016.

Weissmann/Mueller are NOT saying that information came from Alexander Downer, despite the connection to the footnote that now appears to be intentionally conflating the origin of their claim.  They are “technically” saying the information came from Erika Thompson.

This makes sense, because Downer has denied that Papadopoulos ever brought up anything about Clinton “dirt”, or Clinton emails with him in the May 10th meeting.

Now the origin of this set-up takes on a new understanding.

Remember, a large portion of the CIA’s foreign agents work overseas as members of various U.S. embassies.  The U.S. State Department is the cover for a lot of CIA work; reference the “Benghazi Consulate” etc.

Rather than keep writing “U.S. intelligence officers”, and/or “U.S. intelligence assets”, let us just use the word “spies” to make things more honest and easier to understand.

Also consider “unofficial channels” as useful to a set-up; and “official channels” as part of a needed legitimacy for this operation.

George Papadopoulos was contacted by two members of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA),Terrence Dudley and Greg Baker, working out of the U.S. embassy in London.  Two American spies working in London put Papadopoulos in contact with their ally/counterpart in the Australian Embassy, Erika Thompson. [ie. ‘unofficial channels’]

Erika Thompson takes it from there… and sets up the meeting with Alexander Downer which will later be used to take an ‘unofficial channel’ and turn it into an ‘official channel’.

Now, which one did the CIA/FBI use: “unofficial” or “official”?   For the answer look at what Weissmann and Mueller say in their report.

The May 6th, 2016, Erika Thompson’s unofficial channel is cited for the quotation as to what Papadopoulos was claimed to have said…. as Papadopoulos is referencing information from Maltese Professor Joseph Mifsud, another unofficial channel.

See how that set-up was played?

And then there’s this:

The FBI Director of Counterintelligence, Bill Priestap, just happened to be in London on the exact same dates the ‘unofficial’ operation was happening… Now things really come into focus.

Remember, this is all happening in May, long before the official launch of the “official” FBI counterintelligence operation known as Crossfire Hurricane, July 31st, 2016.

What happens two days after Crossfire Hurricane is launched? …back to London: On August 2, 2016, Special Agent Peter Strzok and another agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation met with Alexander Downer in London to discuss his conversation with Papadopoulos further. Strzok then received reading materials, which he texted about to Lisa Page.

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552 Responses to Explosive Interview – Maria Bartiromo Drops Big News With Trey Gowdy….

  1. waicool says:

    That’s a lot of reading with no convictions, not even one indictment. The bigger story for me is how billy barr is gonna get comey off again and what his dad, don, has to do with all of this.

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  2. Cheesehead54016 says:

    Quite the article Sundance. Great info as always.

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  3. Aside from Papadopoulos’s own stated understanding that the CIA was behind the spying on him, not the FBI, this is one great adventure (cough-cough) into the weeds of the later treasonous framing of then-candidate Trump. I wrote a comment here last April 25th on this, and quoted from independent investigator Ashton Gray:


    “In the context of indicting and convicting the plotters, the fact remains that neither the CIA nor FBI tracks actually cover up the illegal collusion, between the FBI and Fusion-GPS, with the “data queries” process, between November 2015 and April 18, 2016. Both tracks are after that, and involve “evidence” that only took place after that, and are openly known as being after that illegal “weaponized political” FISA runaround by the FBI in collusion with Fusion.”

    and from Gray:

    “Please note very carefully that everything Papadopoulos was doing in actual evidence was manufacturing a prominent paper trail to other members of the Trump campaign urging, prompting, suggesting, promoting meetings and coordination with Russians—and even using someone who was a total fraud, Olga Polonskaya, to do it.

    “Why the hell didn’t George Papadopoulos go to any computer and do a 10-second (with coffee break included) internet search to discover that Vladimir Putin didn’t have any such niece? Why the hell didn’t he tell anybody connected with the Trump campaign at the time that this woman supposedly was Putin’s niece? Because any honest and responsible member of the campaign would have done due diligence and checked into it—and that would have shredded the CIA-scripted fiction George Papadopoulos was carefully constructing in order to entrap and frame Donald Trump and his campaign. That’s why. That’s the only reason why.

    “There is not one fingernail-clipping-sized scrap of actual evidence anywhere in existence that anyone in the Trump campaign solicited, or asked for, or urged, or even suggested that Papadopoulos do anything at all in relation to Russia. In fact, every such claim has been contradicted (yet one more classic CIA psyop in all of this). The only actual evidence is that the campaign officials ignored or actively dissuaded Papadopoulos in his “muh Russia” frenzy, and even refused to reimburse him financially for his activities. Every bit of it was gratuitously manufactured, with malice aforethought, by Papadopoulos and his Deep State pals.”

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  4. I guess one thing that I’ve never understood about all this international Keystone Cops business is that it concerned “dirt” (i.e. “blackmail bait”) that was: “thousands of DNC emails.” If this stuff was so damaging to their candidate should it ever become available to the opposing campaign, why on earth did DNC people write it? These emails are being treated as though they were the crown jewels of England. Superficially they don’t seem that they would amount to much at all.

    Could this actually be another smoke screen? Do we, in fact know just what they are referring to?

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  5. OldParatrooper says:

    Erika Thompson, Joseph Mifsud, Azra Turk, Stefan Halper. These are the names of either CIA, FBI, MI-6 or ASIO agents whose identity as agents must be protected, at least according to the FBI and former DOJ investigators. They’ll cite the National Security Act of 1947 which requires the DCI to protect Sources and Methods, even though the FISA wiretaps and identities are already known.

    Where are the declassified documents surrounding Papadop’s Great Adventure in London?

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  6. Sherri Young says:

    Charles ‘Chuck’ McCullough is another potential nominee who would never make it past the SSCI. He was the IC IG (ODNI IG) under Obama/Clapper and retired in 2017. He was the one who told Louie Gohmert that the Chinese had infected Hillary Clinton’s email server with malware that automatically forwarded a copy of every email that came or went from that server. In that way, the Chinese had obtained all but 3,000 of the email during the time that server was used. He and the IG at the State Dept were the ones who made the referral to the FBI/DOJ for investigation of Hillary’s violation of the espionage act through use of her servers.

    I’d love to see him nominated then have PDJT push hard to have him receive hearings. That would set off fire alarms all over DC. Video inside:


    Here’s something from a leftie website:


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    • OldParatrooper says:

      One avenue that needs more research is the potential that the Chinese MSS rolled up the CIA’s network in China because there were 22 TS/SAP/HUMINT emails about CIA resources in China on that server.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        Right at the end of his testimony before the House Oversight committee in a near empty room McCullough made certain to squeeze in remarks about those emails. He said they were so extremely sensitive that some of his staff had to be read into the program to be able to work with them during the his department’s review.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      You can’t convince me that Donald Trump and Barr don’t have leverage over Warner and Burr IF they want to use it.


    • Sherri Young says:

      Gowdy has never been my favorite, but he has been dropping truth bombs.

      Too bad so many here refuse to listen and think through what he is saying.

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  7. BigTalkers says:

    Over time our Union cannot survive such Govt-organized and coordinated political fabrications.

    In its zeal for power, the Democratic Party doesn’t comprehend this. Unfortunately, nor do too many Republicans.

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    • Sherri Young says:

      Too much trying to win through game theory instead of pushing forward toward a vision of what this nation should be.

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    • GenEarly says:

      To “segue” back to the mass shootings…… A Deep State FIB, Dept. Justus, and CiA that could attempt a Coup,. surely could create some “Diversions” to change the MSM newz and throw Trumpsters back to defending by compromising gun rights.
      It’s a twofer, and working as Quisling Repubs roll over on DNI selectee, while imposing more Red Flag Gun Controls, and FIB Director Ray obstructs Declassification.
      These perps are demanding a CW. Never, Ever surrender and give up your weapons!!!!!!


      • Granite says:

        Why isn’t anyone asking about the fact that both shooters had on headphones? I can’t find anyone on the net discussing this. Frustrating because this is a huge coincidence. When I saw headphones on the first shooter I was highly suspicious of some sort of a) being given instructions in real time or b) a new technology that does who knows what?

        To see both shooters wearing headphones that cover their ears – and no one talking about it – is maddeningly overt in its in-your-face obviousness.

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  8. Pokey says:

    The plot continues to sicken. I don’t know if the USA can be saved from its own governments.

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    • GenEarly says:

      Not that much different from Russia, or China Persecuting Citizens that advocate for Liberty. A World Wide Deep State. Only one side will win, the other will be subjugated and eliminated. Make no mistake about that, We are in a War. God Bless, there will be more casualties, more Prog Socialist outrageous shootings too.


  9. Pat Thomas says:

    It is now clear that Mueller was a figurehead for his report. Andrew Weissmann was the architect/top lawyer on the Mueller Report. Weissemann is the Clinton’s lawyer for the corrupt pay-for-play Clinton Foundation. Andrew Weissmann is on the Clinton’s payroll. So, the scandal gets even bigger when the truth comes out that the Clinton’s were behind the Mueller Report. Unbelievable! Thank goodness President Trump has 5+ more years to expose the biggest scandal in American history.

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  10. Fools Gold says:

    Barr publicly said there was spying on Trump campaign and wants to know the predicate. Let’s hope that’s exactly what he is looking for with Durham since we all know there isn’t any. All of it boils down to the answer to that question IMHO. We’re waiting on you Mr. Barr!

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  11. islandpalmtrees says:

    Just like Antifa these people have a mask. Their mask is being anonymous. Think of how this story would have changed had Papadopoulos taken a picture of Ms. Turk? If your out someplace and the activities of the person is suspicious take a picture.

    Someone would have tracked Ms. Turk back to the person who sent her.

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  12. James Patrick Ryan says:

    I have to wonder why people like Charles McCullough and Mike Rogers can’t be nominated to be the next DNI. The Senate hearings would likely do more to educate the public on the past crimes perpetrated by intelligence operatives of the federal government than anything originated in the House. But then again, if the public were educated about these crimes, politicians in Congress would have much to answer for, wouldn’t they?

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  13. 1guitarman says:

    Well done as usual Sundance. Unfortunately, we have a clear and evident criminal cabal in the federal government, colluding and conspiring with foreign governments, to illegally target, spy upon, undermine and remove from office, President Trump. It started years ago. The evidence has been and remains overwhelming, but not one single indictment in all this time. It is far more likely all of this will be whitewashed than that these criminals will be prosecuted. It may already be too little too late. If true, if will be the beginning of the end for the rule of law and justice.

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    • GenEarly says:

      The “Begining” occured long ago, it will be just, “The End”.
      Which brings up the most unasked question; What happens When there is No Rule of Law?
      When the Feral Government, which claims it’s authority from The Constitution, Abandons the Constitution, What then?????

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  14. Chewbarkah says:

    Mueller deliberately confuses the date when Downer met Papadopoulos as May 6, instead of May 10, 2016. The same Mueller charged P. with lying to the FBI for misstating the exact date he first encountered Mifsud. For a senior government official in a position of trust to lie and dissemble about a matter at the core of the investigation is just fine. For a wannabee Trump campaign advisor to get some dates wrong is a $9500 fine and 17 days in jail. Seems fair.

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  15. Raised on Reagan says:

    The coup conspirators in the Lincoln assassination were shot or hung within 3 months of the crime.

    Justice delayed is justice denied.

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  16. Hoop says:


    Almost one year after he was fired from his top post at FBI, Peter Strzok is back in the building and the FBI’s good graces. “Strzok is in the (HQ) building all the time,” one FBI insider revealed. “He is taking meetings or part of meetings.” What? FBI sources confirm Strzok has been granted access to FBI facilities in Washington, D.C. and its headquarters building on numerous occasions since he was sacked in August 2018.


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  17. ed357 says:

    Justice……is dead in the US….

    DC…..it’s a big club and you ain’t in it.

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  18. tmack says:

    If this is true; has Strzok flipped and telling all?


    • Peppurr says:

      Apparently, he’s there for meetings . He has a visitors’ badge. I’m sure Barr would know about this, so, I’m not going to worry yet.


  19. ChampagneReady says:

    And Wray know this, those tapes better not get accidentally “lost.”


  20. ezduzit63 says:

    Your the Bomb Sundance! Thank you for your Great Work!

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  21. BobR says:

    All of Gov hoping for a prez change. Perhaps they will rig votes. If they can change the prez, all of this will go away.


  22. Tl Howard says:

    I am NOT understanding how Donald Trump has NO LEVERAGE over Burr and Warner!

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  23. ChampagneReady says:

    When Papadopolous brings back the $10,000 and that money is marked, that will be prima facie evidence about as good as you can get to put those Trump frameup cretins in orange jumpsuits.

    How do they explain that ? …..No way possible.

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  24. warspite2 says:

    Explosive? LOL. I see another day gone by indicating all of them are going to get away with it. Uh, the Bruce Ohr docs? When will we stop being idiots and accept it appears we cannot win? Trump signing a GD executive order truly declassifying docs is not going to occur. By assigning the decision making to Barr the president took himself out of the loop. On the declassification issue Trump is now subservient to Barr.

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    • lady4trump says:

      And President Trump did that on purpose. He wants to be seen as a “nice guy” rather than press for the truth coming out himself. He has put the blame for not exposing the docs onto Barr, while whispering in Barr’s ear to NOT make the documents public. Sometimes P. Trump makes me so angry! He is only hurting himself with these machinations!


  25. ozymandiasssss says:

    So the crime that will be charged, if one is charge, is lying on a FISA warrant. Which is perjury


  26. ATheoK says:

    Excellent amazingly deep penetration into the murky boring world of CIA/FBI/NSA anal details followed up by a gobsmacking good summation.

    As mentioned above, this is a true Keystone cops melodramatic treacherous comedy.
    Mueller, Weissmann and a number deeply evil FBI agents and officials thumb their nose at decades of American Jurisprudence. Willfully using dirty cop practices of illegal entrapment and treachery coupled with planted evidence.

    What is missing from this scenario is a practical end game?
    SCOTUS and many if not most Federal Courts, except for a few politicized activist judges will immediately rebuke any charges backed by such levels of illegality.

    Exactly how does the evil incarnate triad, (DNC/DOJ/CIA) expect to take this fiasco further than an incompetent absurdly partisan Congress? An appeal to SCOTUS after childish democrats impeach the President would soon expose Weissmann’s, Brennan’s and Comey’s corrupt pyramid of duplicity.

    Unless, the true end game planned by the corrupt intelligence agencies, Department of Justice and high level democrats is not yet obvious?
    Leaving us to wonder what the final acts of fraud are?

    Perhaps, President Trump should bring in to DC a couple of highly trained Marine units to back up the Secret Service and to stand guard over the Capitol building, Supreme Court, and the Smithsonian Mall near the Washington Monument and the White House?

    Perhaps passing several Marine guards several times per day might give the corruptocrats pause? Maybe we can arrange for Weissman, Peloser, schifface and a few others to have Marine guards accompany them throughout the day?
    Republican Congressmen could have Marine guards too; but they’d be proud and enjoy it too much.

    The end game is not yet in sight.
    Maybe we will incarcerate Weissman and most of the dirty cops before they deploy it.

    We should pass the word amongst America’s prisons that murderous copycat serial killers are actually stool pigeons for the FBI. Even hardened prisoners can be patriotic…


  27. Suspect Device says:

    I firmly believe that the setup of GP was mishandled by the small group. Mifsud was supposed to entice GP with the availability of dirt/emails on Clinton. GP was then to contact members of the Trump campaign and relay the possibility of obtaining dirt from source. GP was probably supposed to get a sample of the dirt to relay back to entice the campaign to ask GP to come back to Mifsud or his connections for more. Mifsud would ask for money, the campaign would pay and receive a small dump of fake emails intertwined with other emails scraped from Wikileaks as filler. The Trump campaign would get those fake emails out to the press where they would featured in the news cycle until the FBI rolled up the whole Trump campaign. GP never bit though and the backup plan was to bluff him into becoming a “cooperating defendant “ where he would reinstate that same plan and the origins would never come to light. Sorry for long post.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Here’s some breaking news you’re not going to believe. Peter Strzok is back in FBI headquarters? Is this an Onion article?



  29. Suspect Device says:

    I also feel FBI was duped by CIA into the investigation and they felt they had no choice after they were in so deep and hoped something would turn up or someone could be flipped to save it all. The ongoing coverup re the fbi is not to only hide the embarrassing details but to retain access to the surveillance tools that would surely be curtailed with the additional layers of scrutiny added to new requests after the American public found out just how cavalier and intrusive the activity the fbi actually engaged in based on politically charged rumors. The surveillance tools are such a crutch for them that they are willing to let the criminal abuse of those tools slide in order to maintain access.


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