Deep State Center Holds – John Ratcliffe Nomination Withdrawn…

The epicenter of the deepest defensive mechanism of the Deep State is the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI).  The SSCI is the bunker, the intelligence manipulation operations headquarters. The SSCI is where the political nuclear weapons (black files and IC gathered political surveillance research) are housed.  As a direct consequence the SSCI is the most corrupt and manipulative committee in all of congress.

President Trump has withdrawn the nomination of John Ratcliffe because both wings of the most corrupt deep state apparatus had formed a hardened defense in the SSCI:

Let me be perfectly clear.  The issue is the SSCI.

The weaponized issues of corrupt DC endeavors are always associated with the SSCI.   It is also not coincidental that ODNI Dan Coats was Senator Dan Coats…. and where was his tenured membership prior to becoming Director of National Intelligence?   Yup, the SSCI.

It always comes back to the SSCI.

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence houses the entrenched Decepticons and Democrats who participate in oversight of the intelligence community, including their black arts.   It was through this committee where much of the opposition intelligence about candidate Donald Trump was relayed and shared.

Donald Trump was an outside candidate; a disruption in the global way of things.  He questioned NATO, he challenged “globalism”, he challenged the perpetual war machine.  In essence he was a risk.  Hence the SSCI aligned against candidate Trump and continued that opposition into the “insurance policy” phase to remove President Trump.

The pre-election operations of the SSCI is why the 2016 Vice-Chairman of the committee, Dianne Feinstein, abdicated her position as soon as Trump won the election.  She knew eventually the SSCI would be in direct confrontation with President Trump; and Feinstein knew what actions they had taken.  She didn’t want to stick around for the bloodbath.

Remember: “The SSCI is working closely with special counsel Robert Mueller”.  Remember: “The DOJ and FBI must not work with administration investigators”.

Enter Senator Mark Warner to take Feinstein’s place.   Yes, the same Vice-Chairman Warner who was caught conducting covert “rather not have a paper trail” communication with dossier author Christopher Steele through liaison/lawyer Adam Waldman:

The institution of the SSCI was/is a participant along with the FBI and DOJ soft coup plotters inside the “small group”.   The committee members were actively engaged and supportive of the agenda to remove President Trump.

That’s why all of the “small group” officials, those who participated in Spygate etc., always wanted to appear in front of the SSCI committee (Burr and Warner), and not in front of the House committee when it was chaired by Devin Nunes.

The SSCI participated in the small group corruption.

That’s why SSCI security officer James Wolfe threatened to subpoena the entire committee when he was caught in a sting operation leaking the Carter Page FISA warrant.  Wolfe was only carrying out the instructions of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.   That’s why the DOJ dropped the charges against him for leaking classified information, and buried his actions behind a singular charge of lying to investigators.

The SSCI is the center of intelligence corruption.

Earlier this morning former ‘small group’ coup participant Rod Rosenstein sent a message to the SSCI to hold firm on not accepting anyone except Deep State Sue Gordon to replace Dan Coats.  In essence the message is don’t allow John Ratcliffe as DNI.  Notice how Rosenstein tags Richard Burr (and Graham)…

Knowing the SSCI has black files on their political opposition; gathered through years of surveillance using databases and monitoring; and knowing those files also extend to the immediate families of targeted politicians, Rosenstein’s signal in combination with the messages from Comey, Brennan and company, was crystal clear.

There was no path for John Ratcliffe to get through Senate confirmation when the Deep State interests are aligned against him.

(via NYT) On Thursday, Senator Mark Warner, Democrat of Virginia, who is the committee’s vice chairman, said the law was “pretty clear” that the acting role goes to the deputy when the director of national intelligence leaves. “This is something that’s very bipartisan,” Mr. Warner said. “Every member of the intelligence committee has enormous respect for Sue Gordon.”

[…] There appears little chance that the Senate, which is currently gone for its summer recess, will swiftly confirm Mr. Ratcliffe, in light of the bipartisan skepticism about his qualifications and questions about the honesty of his résumé. (NYT Link)

This is the way of the swamp.

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739 Responses to Deep State Center Holds – John Ratcliffe Nomination Withdrawn…

  1. Charlotte Willson says:

    Trump should demand that Senator McConnell let him do recess appointment of his DNI just like every other President has been able to use the recess appointment!

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  2. Daniel M. Camac says:

    Rami, you made me spit out my red Rhone and of course I’m wearing white!! IMHO C&C were the best but I guess you had to be “different” to understand them. Funny how I love my President, my country and my fellow Americans (spoken like Tricky Dick) but I can still enjoy the humor. Must’ve been those yummy brownies.


    • Peoria Jones says:

      Long day of work, 634 comments (so far) in this thread, and the first one I come to makes no sense and has nothing to do with this important topic. Very upset about John Ratcliffe, so I guess it’s just not my day.

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      • romy911 says:

        Lots of negative comments, “This is the last straw. “I’m done.” “I’m giving up my support of him.” Probably not a bad idea to skip the 600 plus comments.


        • Peoria Jones says:

          What? If you know anything about my comment history, you’d know I’m never giving up on President Trump.

          Hopefully, you were just suggesting I bypass the comments tonight because of others’ negativity. Unfortunately, that is sometimes a good idea.

          In this case, however, I was a already a bit frustrated with seeing so many misplaced comments (among other types) and called out the OP. I probably shouldn’t have, as anyone can make a mistake, and he/she is far from the only one doing this.

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          • 124andmore says:

            President Trump will not nominate Sue Gordon or anyone else associated with Brennan.

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          • romy911 says:

            I wasn’t commenting about you, Peoria. I always enjoy your posts. A bit frustrated myself with the negative comments.


            • Peoria Jones says:

              That’s what I figured, but wanted to make sure everyone knows I stand with PDJT! 🙂

              Yes, it’s hard to find the interesting comments in these serious topics when there are 600+. And frustrating that lately so many are repetitive remarks, negative predictions, out-of-place, or simply make no sense!

              I do wish people would be more careful about posting. Maybe it’s the dumb-phones acting up.


  3. mtk says:

    Well seeing an option, “To fire Ms. Gordon, just serves to provide the MSM with fuel to continue the ‘da resistance narrative.”
    I say, “How about focusing on the swamp owning the BS of their making.”

    Are you up for that, Ms. Gordon, to become the fall person that was unable to hold back the ‘Big Ugly’.
    Mr. Ratcliffe is NOT going anywhere. He is just going back to leading the charge.
    He has the overarching understanding to lead the ODNI, yet the prevailing wisdom, “Is not to appoint someone the opposition aledges to be politically driven.”
    Well Fine…
    With that standard having been established, he is not qualified because there are those that say he would bring political bias to the office as head of the ODNI.

    Let see how you, Ms. Gordon, are found and measured by that standard. The ‘big ugly’ is getting set to ram that door down.

    Seriously, who would want to own that pile of crap.

    You, Ms Gordon are going to be forced into an uncompromising position of taking ownership to preserve institutional corruption in light of revealed Truths beyond your doing. All in the name of rising to the next rung on a career path.
    Are you, up for it.

    The first instance of making a political calculation AGAINST transparency, is going to see a tweet storm come crashing down around you and it is going to reference the very criteria that the political circus used to invalidated Mr. Ratcliffe and attach it to your name.

    Like I said, Mr Raticliffe is not going anywhere but back to the front lines of driving forward accountability.

    Ms. Gordon, you are being setup as the last gatekeeper.
    The swamp depends on stretching this out to the 2020 election, however the likes of Mr Ratcliffe are not going to play that game.

    Ms. Gordon, sleep well. Since moving forward, the swamps days are numbered. If politicization is the nature of the beast, then by withdrawning the nomination, Mr Ratcliffe is perfectly suited and positioned to assume a mantle where politicization is still assumed to be prefectly valid.

    He(Ratcliffe) will be gunning for transparency. See where this now headed. The swamp rules are going to be turned against, and this is the place to start.

    We have three years of PDJT on record with typical CEO sayings of, “Blowing political smoke up asses with Roses on It”, and still none understanding he is, “Measuring Deeds Against Outcome”. His words are not prejudging actions, yet he is precisely doing just that by remaining neutral and butter up expectations in blowing the same BS back at you.” Actually the more buttered it appears the more likely you just been handed a no win.

    The ‘we must opposed”, just does not get it, when PDJT butters you up, he is setting up the stage for you to own failures, it is measured… do you live up to the hype?

    If you misread and don’t cast down expectations, then you own the expectations.

    With a CEO of this type, such as PDJT, I would be very fearful with language that paints the picture of buttering you up. The more buttering up, the higher the lexpectation you have been sceen through.

    That type leadership gives you sky, the ability to soar, but in practice is defining the expectations by redirecting your presentation(worth) to which you have presented on deliver the goods. He is being polite. Never underestimate a CEO that flatters you. Such a CEO is setting the expectations.

    F the MSM that is partisan, bias, and pretends. The truth is the more low key a CEO presents a flattering position of your role, the more likely that person has the true ear of the CEO. A measured value. Why burn a trusted voice with setting up patent false expectations.
    The days of reading WashingtonDC by how many pizza deliveries arrive an office as an indication to what is the focus of the day are over. Now, it is, “How much contarian butter is spread over you and does that hype match the praise!”

    It is that simple!

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    • Sentient says:

      So your idea is to name Gordon but try to hold her feet to the fire by appealing to her honor? Yeah, no.

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      • Apfelcobbler says:

        I’m with you, Sentient. The last of the honor was used up some time ago. (Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here – and “reform” would be the antidote to all this rot.) We’re all out of the reform option too, with corrupted players guarding the hen house in interlocked “oversight” arrangements! Giant housecleaning required.

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      • 7delta says:

        Exactly, Sentient. My definition of honor is not loyalty to the criminals, liars, cheats and thieves that need cover. This bunch wouldn’t be pushing for Gordon, if there’s even a slim chance she’s a threat.

        Alrighty then, I’d now appointment a interim director that would make the compromised comrades long for Ratcliffe.


        • Rob says:

          If Roger Stone were pardoned and named Interim Director, the fallout would be far from dull. Admittedly, other candidates are more likely, but going along with Brennan’s pal would be far, far worse. Personally, I trust Stone.

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          • 7delta says:

            Stone wouldn’t be my choice and I agree he isn’t a likely contender, but like you, I’d trust him more Swamp Gordon. 


    • I’ve seen Gen Flynn’s name floated as a nominee.
      Just saying.

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    • dustycowpoke says:

      Excellent thought!


  4. NC Nana says:

    I was so sorry to hear Congressman Ratcliffe withdrew his nomination. This intelligence position requires someone with his integrity and statesmanship to earn the trust of the American people. That person also needs to known by the American people. I don’t think it can be someone who has been working behind the scenes even if they are outstanding.

    For me the only person besides the Congressman who fits that description is Admiral Rodgers. Do you think he would consider it?

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    • dawg says:

      Im sure he would consider it. There’s lots of good candidates. The question is “Who can we get confirmed?”


    • The Admiral is certainly more qualified than the Congressman and I do not believe he will require confirmation by the Senate. And even if he did, who would oppose it?


    • cali says:

      @NC Nana: Rogers and Flynn would be the most honorable men ever although it is unlikely because Admiral (ret) Rogers retired from his military service intentionally so he can be the witness against the deep state.
      He collected ALL the info needed to take them out – the same with LTG (ret) Mike Flynn.

      Their service as civilians and witness against the deep state via military tribunal is essential.

      Knowing president Trump he already knew that Sue Gordon – who by the way led the opposition against Ratcliffe as her twitter feed shows together with Brennan. She and Brennan also elicited Hayden and another black hat although I forgot the name.

      President Trump will do a head fake to the deep state agents and appoint a temporary person into Coats position. It may even be Whitaker or Ezra Watnik – a formidable force and white hat (student of Flynn and Rogers).

      This is not over and the Warners, Feinsteins, Burrs, Brennan and Rosenstein will not win this.

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    • MelH says:

      I’m curious why you would be sorry Ratcliffe withdrew his nomination. He wouldn’t have made it past the confirmation hearings, so why subject himself to be Kavanaughized. Why subject his family, us, his supporters, the Republican party, to a fiasco like that? Better we find an alternative route to destroy Sue Gordon.


      • NC Nana says:


        As you know, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of Evil is that Good Men do nothing.”

        ‘When bad men combine, good men must organize.’

        Congressman Ratcliffe is a good man who has a God given talent to speak honestly and clearly. The rest of us must organize and support him and men like him.

        Watch as Congressman Ratcliffe tells Robert Mueller he didn’t follow the special counsel rules.

        Yes, I am sorry that the Congressman will not be the DNI. We, my fellow citizen, need to stand up to the people who were trying to take him down.


        • MelH says:

          I could never advocate that anyone, being Kavanaughed even before the hearings have started, “stand up to the people who are taking him down”. Those weren’t “People”; They were rabid animals of the Democrat party, hell bent on smearing him and his family.


      • Justah says:

        Somebody had to step up to flush out the D-Rats and find out who they would Demand to replace Coats. It sure didn’t take long. Turns out that ALL of them, including Rosenstein demanded the same person. Ratcliff may have been the Decoy to catch the duck.


        • MelH says:

          And you think he should have withstood what they would do to him because they didn’t get Sue Gordon instead of him? They were ready to crucify him and his family from the get-go!


      • Jimmy Jack says:

        To continue to expose the left, just as the Kavanaugh hearings did.


  5. Christian Warren says:

    Then Elisha said, “Take the arrows,” and he did so. He told the king of Israel, “Strike the ground!” He struck the ground three times and stopped.

    The prophet got angry at him and said, “If you had struck the ground five or six times, you would have annihilated Syria! But now, you will defeat Syria only three times.”

    What a feckless and irresolute gesture- -nominating Ratcliffe, only to preemptively surrender at the first inkling of opposition from a discredited press.

    The Chinese may have sized up Trump correctly: His petulance is a facade that covers up his inner indecisiveness.

    If he next fails to defend ownership of firearm suppressors, I’m giving up my support of him.

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    • Apfelcobbler says:

      It’s also possible that there is some incident in Ratcliffe’s past that HE himself judged would not withstand intense scrutiny. In that case, PT gave him a gracious out.

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    • umr_engnr says:

      You’re right! I’m going to forget the totality of what he has accomplished (more than any President in my life time), stomp my feet, and go vote for Warren or Biden who I know for a fact will sell me and my country out. Yeah, great plan. /sarc

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    • 7delta says:

      The Chinese may have sized up Trump correctly: His petulance is a facade that covers up his inner indecisiveness.

      It’s possible Ratcliffe looked at the rabid bats that flew out of the compromised comrades’ belfries and decided he wouldn’t put his family through it. His current position works well. Besides, another tact might more…efficient, shall we say. 

      Trump being indecisive, isn’t a problem. It’s that the predictability of the progressively insane is a feature the public and the world gets to witness, firsthand…over and over. Show the truth often enough, the people will come to understand they’ve been lied to and by whom.


  6. Pew-Anon says:

    Fine. Nominate and confirm this Dep. Gordon swampling. First day on the job, demand immediate release of all documents requested by Barr. Can’t do that? Ok,…you’re FIRED…


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    • dallasdan says:

      I am confident the resistance and msm are busily preparing a blitz, to include the possibility of legal action and fanning of the impeachment embers, against the President for his impending snub of Gordon.

      The political war is becoming more open and hostile every day.

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  7. Koot Katmando says:

    More evidence China is correct the Swamp is still mostly in control.


    • dallasdan says:

      Texas turning blue is inevitable. I’m hoping it’s later (beyond 2024) rather than sooner.


      • Jimmy Jack says:

        Dan, I am also in Texas and agree with you – at this point 2024 is hopeful. Most Texans I meet (I’m not a native Texan) are in COMPLETE DENIAL about this. It is crazy making. The truth is right in front of them. And for all his bluster, Gov. Abbott has done little to nothing to clean up voting lists.

        The border has to be closed, birth right citizenship ended, and mass deportation will have to take place if Texas is to have a chance to going into the 2020s and beyond. I don’t see that happening.

        People forget, California gave us both Nixon and Reagan. Now look at it. Texas has been so mythologized in popular culture for so long that people just cannot see the writing on the wall. It is a loss that is inconceivable to most. Honestly, I think it is a possibility that frightens people to even consider because if Texas can’t stand, how can the rest of the country?

        And once Texas is blue you will never have another Republican President.

        The only other options I can think of for Texas to secede to save themselves and the rest of the country (unlikely) or to break into other states which they can legally do – up to 5 states can be created out of Texas. I really doubt that as most people don’t even know it’s an option. Plus the major cities are all Dem sanctuary cities already so that could make things even worse – it could add 5 more blue states to the Senate!

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        • dallasdan says:

          I agree, with one exception. While “Texas Secession” is a popular, trendy expression, doing so would, IMO, significantly accelerate the growth of the Latino population because the state is already seen as the preferred haven/destination for them. The Mexican flag is nearly as prevalent as the American flag at political rallies.

          The Dem influence is an unstoppable tide rolling over the state. The current Dem slogan, “Turning Texas blue, one district at a time” is exactly what’s happening, and it is being done primarily on the backs of the Latino voters.

          To get a clear picture of the changing demographics, look at the people you see in Texas shopping malls, employees making up the majority of businesses, and the shift in public cultural events from American to Mexican American. The sizeable majority in all instances are Dem voting Latinos. San Antonio is the best example, and is now commonly called San Mexico.

          Moreover, Abbott, Patrick, and Paxton are long on talk and short on action. Absent one lawsuit going nowhere against the Chief of Police in San Antonio, the sanctuary city cancer is progressing unabated.

          As the cliche says, “It is what it is.”


  8. roddrepub says:

    Personally I’ve had enough. I kept saying Robert Mule Face Mueller was going to get his (it’s still coming) and karma is starting to catch up to him. Next I think will be Burr and Warner. You will reap what you sow.

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  9. Julian says:

    So what is Trump doing to DEFEAT the gatekeepers of the SSCI?

    Mitch McConnell. – up in 2020?
    Who is Trump supporting and endorsing as a MAGA Primary opponent to take out McConnell?
    Matt Bevin?

    James Risch in Idaho – up in 2020.
    Who is Trump supporting and endorsing as a MAGA Primary opponent to take out Risch?

    Susan Collins in Maine – up in 2020.
    Who is Trump supporting and endorsing as a MAGA Primary opponent to take out Collins?
    Eric Brakey?

    Tom Cotton in Arkansas – up in 2020.
    Who is Trump supporting and endorsing as a MAGA Primary opponent to take out Cotton?

    John Cornyn in Texas – up in 2020.
    Who is Trump supporting and endorsing as a MAGA Primary opponent to take out Cornyn?

    Mark Warner in Virginia – up in 2020.
    Who is Trump supporting and endorsing in the Republican Primary as a MAGA supporter to take out swamp dweller and the corrupt Mark Warner?
    Amanda Chase?

    Kamala Harris in California – up in 2020.
    When is Kamala going to be exposed for her corruption and in particular her role in designing the Jussie Smollett hoax – and then the corrupt way he was let off via Kim Foxx, Tina Tchen, Obamas etc. What is Trumps’ DOJ & FBI doing to destroy Kamala Harris and have her removed from the Senate?!?!?!

    What is Trump doing to FIGHT?


    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I loathe Cornyn almost as much as I loathe McConnell and Kamala. I wish Gohmert would run against Cornyn – I think he could win.

      Collins may well face Lewandowski. I read something about him running for Senate to help Trump.

      Cotton actually ran a close race when he won. He could be beatable.


  10. Conservative_302 says:

    Trump is not a career politician. He swings at a few balls, but eventually he learns and hits a home run. He went through sessions to find Barr. He went through Rince then Kelly to find Mulvaney. Too bad he had to go through 2 very and FBI directors and still hasn’t found a good replacement. DNI will be the same. Let’s just hope we don’t get another Wray.


  11. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    So it’s time to play hardball.
    Next batter up… Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn… for DNI.
    Clear all the legal hurdles and make it so.
    Defy the globalist jackals & hyenas.

    ~~~~~ TRUMP 2020 ~~~~~


  12. TKA says:

    Any chance this was a planned nomination knowing there would be opposition in hopes McConnell would finally recess the Senate so POTUS could recess appoint his own candidate?


  13. islandpalmtrees says:

    I don’t know, if anyone will ever read this post but I hope so.

    NOTE: It’s clear now that the NSA would have had copies of the DNC emails had they been transferred as claimed per the former NSA technical director. We all when through almost three years of BS because people like Mike Pompeo did nothing. This means to me that it was all fabricated by the IC!


    s it time to look at Pompeo carefully again? When Ratcliffe was ignored by SSCI why didn’t the former head of CIA come out in support of Ratcliffe for DNI? Why didn’t the then director of the CIA Pompeo in September 2017, act on the evidence presented by Bill Binney that DNC was not hacked. Could this have ended the Mueller investigation years earlier? I think yes.

    It seems apparent to me that the IC is loyal to the members of the IC first.
    It was clear very early that Trump was aware of VIPS50 and entertained a lively interest in its findings. In September 2017, two months after Consortium published the memo, he ordered Mike Pompeo, then director of the CIA, to interview Bill Binney, the leading technical expert within the VIPS group. Pompeo did so in October 2017, but by Binney’s account he flinched: Pompeo heard Binney out at the president’s insistence, but he never pursued the forensic findings the former NSA technical director walked him through.

    This was an early sign, it is now plain, that even efforts to unearth the truth of the allegations against Russia that emanate from the White House would meet political resistance. Another came last Friday, when Trump was forced to drop John Ratcliffe, a Texas Republican who pledged to support a full investigation of Russia-gate, as his nominee to replace Dan Coats as director of national intelligence. While Ratcliffe considered the orthodox Russia-gate narrative bogus, Coats was vigorous in his promotion of it.

    This makes political will another key question to ask of the Barr investigation: Full exposure of the travesty of Russia-gate is almost certainly within Barr’s power to achieve. Will he do so?



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