SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner Tells Intelligence Community to Defy Barr and Democrats Will Protect Them…

All of the same deep state actors/manipulators keep surfacing and resurfacing, like a game of whac-a-mole, as sunlight gets closer to revealing their corrupt behavior.

In the most recent example the familiar Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chairman Mark Warner pops his head-up to write a letter to the intelligence community telling them to defy the executive branch declassification directive, and turn to democrats in the legislative branch to defend them:

(Via AP) […] Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, in a letter obtained by The Associated Press, said he fears Trump is giving Barr “the right to selectively declassify certain information for purposes of political gain.” He asked that the leaders of the nation’s spy agencies contact lawmakers if Barr’s investigation threatens their work.  (read more)

Laughably, predictably, and certainly not coincidentally, former FBI Director James Comey jumps quick to the typeset and writes a supportive op-ed for the Washinton Post:

As director, I was determined that the work would be done carefully, professionally and discreetly. We were just starting. If there was nothing to it, we didn’t want to smear Americans. If there was something to it, we didn’t want to let corrupt Americans know we were onto them. So, we kept it secret. That’s how the FBI approaches all counterintelligence cases.

Blah, blah, blah… squeal, squeal, squeal.

[…] We investigated. We didn’t gather information about the campaign’s strategy. We didn’t “spy” on anyone’s campaign. We investigated to see whether it was true that Americans associated with the campaign had taken the Russians up on any offer of help. By late October, the investigators thought they had probable cause to get a federal court order to conduct electronic surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser named Carter Page. Page was no longer with the campaign, but there was reason to believe he was acting as an agent of the Russian government.  (read more)

So the most ‘competent’ investigative unit in the U.S. apparatus, had “reason to believe” Carter Page was an agent of the Russian government (he wasn’t/isn’t) and yet couldn’t figure that out after six months of investigative review?

That’s his story and Comey is sticking to it…  “By-the-book” etc.



And let us not forget, the FBI -led by Christopher Wray- is still fighting to keep the memos written by James Comey hidden from public review:

(Source pdf)

Following the conclusion of the Mueller probe, FBI Agent David Archey was moved. Effective March 8, 2019, Archey became head of the Richmond, VA, FBI field office. (link) Due to the corrupt nature of the special counsel, this is somewhat concerning. I digress…

The first three pages of the filing consist of David Archey explaining to the court that some of the material can be released, but other material must be withheld. He then goes on to reference two prior sealed attachments outlined as “Exhibit A” and “Exhibit B”.

“Exhibit A” is a filing from the FBI on January 31st, 2018, essentially supporting an earlier “in camera ex parte declaration” requesting continuance of a prior court order to keep the background material sealed from public view. In essence, the FBI didn’t want the public to know what was/is contained within the Comey memos (including the scale thereof).

“Exhibit B” is where the action is.

This is the original declaration outlining to the court on October 13th, 2017, why the Comey memos must be sealed. It is inside this exhibit where we discover there are many more memos than previously understood, and the content of those memos is far more exhaustive because James Comey documented the FBI investigation.

In essence Comey created these memos to cover his ass. (pg 13):

FBI Agent Archey then goes on to explain what is inside the memos: It is in this section where we discover that Comey made notes of his meetings and conversations with investigators.

Along with writing notes of the meetings and conversations, apparently Comey also made notes of the sources and methods associated with the investigation. Why would Comey generate classified information in these notes (sources and methods) unless he was just covering his ass because he knew the investigation itself was a risk…

The content of the memos seems rather exhaustive; it appears Comey is keeping a diary for use in the event this operation went sideways. (page #14, exhibit B)

All of those investigative elements would likely be contained in official FBI files and notes by the investigative agents. There is no need for a contemporaneous personal account of meeting content unless Comey was constructing memos for his own protection. These memos appear to be motivated by the same mindset that caused Susan Rice to generate her email to self on inauguration day.

In the next section FBI Agent David Archey explains the scale of the memos. There are obviously far more than previously discussed or disclosed publicly. Additionally, look carefully at the way the second part is worded.

Archey is saying Comey’s written recollections should be withheld because it might affect the testimony of people familiar with the “memorialized conversations”. (page #15, Exhibit B)

This is an October 2017 filing, Comey was fired May 9th. FBI Agent Archey is outlining Trump as the target who might have adjusted his testimony. Again, more evidence of the special counsel focus being motivated by the obstruction case they were hoping to build. [Reminder, Comey was still FBI director at the time these memos were written]

The next section gets to the heart of why the FBI wants to keep the Comey memos hidden and not released.

In this section Archey outlines how FBI Director James Comey wrote down who the sources were; what code-names were assigned; how those confidential sources engaged with FISA coverage initiated by the FBI; what foreign governments were assisting with their effort; and what the plans were for the investigation.

Again, why memorialize all of this classified information unless the Comey memos were intended as CYA protection for himself?

The good news is that AG William Barr can declassify the Comey Memos.  We now know there is a set of documents, a diary of sorts, that could be released.

The Mueller investigation is over.  If the FBI was running an honest and genuine investigation; what do they have to fear from the release of the Comey Memos now that the investigation is over.

Here’s the full filing:

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378 Responses to SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner Tells Intelligence Community to Defy Barr and Democrats Will Protect Them…

  1. Could the person mentioned in part B, page 14, be Azra Turk, and this refers to shielding her true identity (and which agency she actually works for? George Papadopoulos was being set up, and proof of that is nearly within the public’s view. The more puzzle pieces that are snapped into place, the clearer everything will become.

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  2. John-Y128 says:

    Sedition is the name of the game here… Even Christopher Steele has joined ‘the Resistance’ refusing to cooperate with AG Barr’s team on the origins of the investigation. We’re going to need some heavy tactics to break the backs of the Resistance starting with the arrest of Sen. Warner!

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    • Pale rider says:

      They are standing in front of all the world and taunting Barr “what are you going to do about it ?” Makes me wonder, who makes the rules now?

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    • AliciaC says:

      Warner should be under arrest by the end of the day for obstruction. Does not get any clearer than this. In addition, he should be removed from the gang of 8 and the intelligence committee. Where in the world is McConnell letting him get away with this

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      • Mitch McConnell is not a friend to any true Conservative and he has no desire to help them in any manner or fashion.

        McConnell’s priorities are: 1) Mitch McConnell 2) The Establishment GOP 3) The Chamber of Commerce 4) China, more specifically, his Chinese wife and her Chinese father and 5) Anyone else who may have paid Mitch McConnell the appropriate financial retainer.

        Mitch McConnell’s services can be obtained for a price, and Conservatives haven’t ponied up enough cash to offset all of McConnell’s other “obligations”.

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  3. chipin8511 says:

    It is time to send the Marines in to raid the CIA NSA DNI FBI. Congress to openly defy the POTUS order time to go scorched earth. Coats Haspel Wray are evil enemies. Haspel was head of the London office she knew everything.Time to fire all of them traitors.

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    • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

      NSA is under control of US Militery/Cyber Command/General Paul Nakasone now, thanks to Admiral Mike Rogers.

      But the rest of those bastards are gonna be walkin’ nekkid down the street…


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      • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

        And if you really want to remind yourself why our US servicemen and Military keep our country great, watch the video of the ceremony when Adm. Rogers transfers that command to Gen. Nakasone.

        I cried with a smile and a full chest.

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    • Remington says:

      chip….I’m not sure firing will work for me. I envision that scene out of the movie Valkyrie where the guilty parties are stood in front of a wall. Lock and load. The damage these animals have caused our Country is insurmountable.

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  4. Louisiana Tea Rose says:

    Whatcha wanna bet Diane goes down with this in a real-soon-kinda-way???

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  5. StanH says:

    Like Joe DiGenova inferred their wall will stand up and until a Grand Jury is empaneled and rats begin to save themselves.

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    • steph_gray says:

      I read above somewhere in this thread that a grand jury has been empaneled for six months by now.

      No link was given – but I don’t think it’s a knowable fact either way, nor should it be. My guess would be that there is already one in place, because it stands to reason.

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  6. chuckyschmucky says:

    Charge Warner with Obstruction of Justice.

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  7. dwpender says:

    So the memos “must” be kept secret because they reflect confidential “interactions” between US investigators and specific “foreign governments and officals,” and disclosure of those foreigners’ roles could “affect relations” between those governments and “the Government of the United States.”

    I was under the impression that our Constitution gave the President of the United States the power to conduct the foreign policy of the United States. I will be most interested to learn who the US officials were who thought they constituted the “Government of the United States” for purposes of judging how disclosure might affect our foreign relations.

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  8. ScienceABC123 says:

    And should any intelligence agency official defy the President’s order and not provide the AG with information that relates to the Russian election interference investigation, the President can summarily fire them for defying his order – “You’re fired!”

    On a side note… I find it very interesting the Democrats don’t want the public to know what started the Russian election interference investigation. Could it be the Democrats already know and don’t want it made public?

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    • Shelly Hollatz says:

      I like the evaluation given be SD a couple days back, which was repeated on by me on WeaselZippers, and by a real author on a Washington Examiner article: this all started to cover Obama’s spying, way back from 2012. I’ve been closely watching all of this for years, and that description makes the most sense, with Mueller ‘part of the problem’.

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  9. Retired USMC says:

    The Democrats will protect them? The Democrats can’t protect themselves let alone rouge swamp creatures….these miscreants better be very careful..they are treading on very thin ice.

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  10. chuckyschmucky says:

    How damaging must the dirt be when your best option is to risk appearing guilty by openly begging your co-conspirators to flatly refuse to follow direct orders from the president?

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    • chipin8511 says:

      They cant stop the pain that is coming. Criminal bastards.

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      • ballgame17 says:

        Barr must move quickly . The corruptocrats in the agencies have been and are diligently working to destroy as much evidence as they can. I would personally shoot these bast**ds in the head then piss on their carcasses. I might run out of pee but I’ll be sure to have plenty of ammo.


  11. Mark McQueen says:

    Comey’s detailed memos will of course reveal how many times he perjured himself under oath. Surely a “sensitive” matter.

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  12. Finbar O'Shaunnessey says:

    Just what I don’t want to hear when I’m in the middle of a firestorm. Some DemoKKKrat yelling “Don’t worry, I’ve got your back”.

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  13. chuckyschmucky says:

    It’s very curious that Democrats don’t want the public to know about all of the treasonous, atrocious behavior that Trump officials engaged in — so egregious and shocking that it caused our brave, honest intelligence agencies to defend the Constitution by launching a counter intel probe into all of it.

    Even more curious is why President Trump — who narrowly escaped impeachment because of the Mueller probe — would task the Attorney General to re-investigate those very same origins. Isn’t Trump terrified that Barr is going to uncover and expose all of the terrible conspiratory behavior of Trump officials that Mueller failed to find?

    Don’t the Democrats and Comey/Brennan/Clapper WANT the people to see all of the valid reasons that compelled them to take such extreme measures to protect all of us?

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    • steph_gray says:

      Great comment, chuck. 👍🏻

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    • chipin8511 says:

      Bif problem they also spied on CRUZ ROBERTS and many more and not for Russia all political and that’s where they are going to get indicted and hung for treason Its War time.

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      • formerdem says:

        Remember when Queen Victoria was being told by her mother and advisors that she was too little and frail and must obey them and not even walk downstairs without them holding her hand bc they LOVED her too much to allow all those dangers? One day she threw them all out. Oh were they surprised. Out they go, out out, out.


  14. Bryan Alexander says:

    The battle lines are being drawn and the players are quickly choosing sides. Right now, one side has a MASSIVE advantage.

    The only way for President’s Trump’s side to win this war is to use people who cannot be bought, compromised or intimidated. Unfortunately, President Trump’s use of Deep State operatives early in his presidency (Rince Priebus and ilk like him) have paralyzed his operations.

    AG Barr needs to have Durham convene Grand Juries outside of Washington DC and even outside of the Northeast. He needs to convene these Grand Juries in places like Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas. Places where average people understand the idea of privacy, overreaching government and obeying the law.

    Last, President Trump better have a Secret Service director he can absolutely trust. The Deep State will not go down without a fight.

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  15. littleanniefannie says:

    “As director, I was determined that the work would be done carefully, professionally and discreetly.”

    Is this as discretely as you were in leaking through your professor buddy who YOU put on the FBI payroll?

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  16. digleigh says:

    Now , Comey worries about integrity, sources and methods, and leaking??….. LOLOLOLOLOL!! He needs to be asked about Richman, any connections to Orbis( Steele) Hannigan (GCHQ who stepped down ), the Italian plot(3-4 intel resigned or retired)?, Ukranian plot(to blackbook Manafort and protect Podestas?) , did he talk to Alexandra Chalupa/Cody Shearer /Sidney Blumenthal?, Sir Andrew Wood, Sir Dearlove, Halper?GPS Fusion/Ohrs/Natalia, Greenberg(aka’s)? Tawil? Azra Turk(aka’s)? Did he talk to Obama about this plan ? or HAMR surveillance ( 702 abuse, etc..)going on since 2012..Did he know any unmasking info. on who all the 300 unmaskings ( of Samantha Power because she said they were not hers.? Forged or lying?) What , if any discussions with Mueller were had BEFORE he came in for FBI head interview OR before the Special Counsel trigger? DO WE HAVE ANY MEN WITH GONADS TO DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS??IF NOT, KISS AMERCA GOODBYE!! Marxists, antifa type groups,leftie Dems, islamic jihadists want to bring down America.. Do not be fooled.. These folks are NOT on America’s side!! I do not trust Haspel(been in CIA way too long…..), FRATBOY Wray(who cya’s for FBI corruption/already excused behavior(just needs new training!lol!) and witheld most recent requests from Barr!) IMHO), and probably not Coates who mocked Trump in an interview…..

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  17. chipin8511 says:

    Mueller father grandfather all uranium whores goes way back.

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  18. Can any of us imagine the hews and cries if any GOP Senator had dared to do this to President Obama?

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  19. botchedcasuality says:

    Shackles time!

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  20. ezduzit63 says:

    One of the best sources of News,Analysis & Reports on the Net! Sundance ROCKS!

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  21. doohmax says:

    So Mueller decides today to further muddy the water. Obviously a concerted effort to turn the pressure back on Trump in the face of coming intelligence disclosures. You can tell who is guilty. There’re the one bleating the loudest. Warner, Comey, Brennan, Clapper. If there’s nothing to investigate, why the commotion? Trump impeachment proceedings coming to divert the public from the coup conspiracy.

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  22. doohmax says:

    So Mueller decides today to further muddy the water. Obviously a concerted effort to turn the pressure back on Trump in the face of coming intelligence disclosures. You can tell who is guilty. There’re the one bleating the loudest. Warner, Comey, Brennan, Clapper. If there’s nothing to investigate, why the commotion? Trump impeachment proceedings coming to divert the public from the coup conspiracy.

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  23. Moe Grimm says:

    These things called “democrats” are in open sedition. I actually never gave a thought to an all out SHTF scenario developing from the bowels of that domed building in that disgusting city, but it now seems plausible. This Mueller, Weissmann, and their like ilk, no words. He has no idea, but he should be hoping he dies a natural death.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. Howard Campbell says:

    Probably a dump question, by encouraging intelligence agencies to not cooperate, how is Sen. Warner not conspiring to obstruct the DOJ/AG?


  25. Frederic Bastiat says:

    How is Warner going to protect Executive Branch officials form a-a-a-a-all the way over in the House of Representatives? Congress have NO power to interfere or intercede in the management of ANY office in the intelligence community. Complete FOOL!


  26. richard mcdonald says:

    When will Admiral Rogers appear and present his testimony? That’s when it all falls apart.


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