Devin Nunes Discusses Importance of Russia Narrative Origination….

Devin Nunes appears on Fox News to discuss why the origin of the Russia narrative is important.  The scale and scope of the fraudulent construct is now a strongly enmeshed narrative, toxic to the systems of cohesive government:


If you read the Weissmann/Mueller report carefully one aspect stands out strongly; the Mueller investigation was fully committed to The Steele Dossier. An inordinate amount of the report is focused on justifying their investigative validity and purpose in looking at the claims within the Steele Dossier.

Repeatedly, the investigative unit references their mandate based around the Steele Dossier, and the mid-summer 2016 origin of the FBI counterintelligence operation.

Why? Why was/is Crossfire Hurricane (July ’16) and the Steele Dossier (Oct. ’16) so important to the principle intelligence apparatus, and the Mueller team (’17, ’18, ’19)?

I believe former NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers has told us the answer. In early 2016 Rogers caught on to a massive and pre-existing weaponization of government surveillance and the use of collected NSA metadata for political spy operations. Everything, that comes AFTER March 2016 is one big blanket cover-up operation….. ALL OF IT.

The Russian election interference narrative; the use of Joseph Mifsud, Stefan Halper, the London and Australian embassy personnel; Erika Thompson, Alexander Downer, U.S. DIA officials; everything around Crossfire Hurricane; and everything after to include the construct of the Steele Dossier; all of it was needed for the creation of an ‘after-the-fact‘ plausible justification to cover-up what Mike Rogers discovered in early 2016, AND the downstream unmasked records that existed in the Obama White House SCIF.

Fusion GPS was not hired in April 2016 to research Donald Trump. The intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations. They already knew everything about the Trump campaign. The Obama intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to give them a justification for pre-existing surveillance and spy operations.

That’s why the FBI, and later the Mueller team, are so strongly committed to, and defending, the formation of the Steele Dossier and its dubious content.

On Pages #11 and #12 of the Weissmann/Mueller report, the special counsel team outlines the purpose and intent of the probe as delivered by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Within these pages Mueller outlines the August 2nd Scope Memo that has previously been hidden and remains redacted through today.

Read the highlighted portion carefully to understand the scope of the instructions. Note the careful wording “the Special Counsel had been authorized since his appointment to investigate allegations”… This means from Day #1 of the special counsel, the scope of the probe was always to investigate the claims within the Ohr/Steele Dossier:

The August 2nd Scope Memo additionally authorized the investigation of “certain other matters” specifically relating to Manafort (financial crimes), and Papadopolous and Flynn (FARA violations).

These paragraphs tell us a great deal about what originated the purpose of the FBI investigation and the continued purpose of the special counsel. Remember, the special counsel was a continuance of the FBI counterintelligence operation which officially began on July 31st, 2016. [The unofficial beginning was much earlier]

Understanding now that Mueller is saying from Day One he was investigating the Steele Dossier; here’s where we all need to question the assumptions.

Why is the Steele Dossier so important?

From the beginning most people have thought the Fusion-GPS objective was to dig up dirt on Trump for political exploitation. However, with all the recent information outlined there’s actually a more significant role for Fusion.

The overall intelligence apparatus of the U.S. government was already conducting political surveillance on their political opposition. The systems of the intelligence apparatus such as FISA-702(16)(17) databases searches were being exploited months (if not years) beforehand.

When NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers discovered the use of the database he shut down contractor access on April 18th, 2016.

When Fusion GPS was hired by the DNC and Clinton team; also in April of 2016 immediately following the shut-down of FBI contractor access; it now appears the purpose was to provide cover for government surveillance already taking place. Perhaps part of that motive was fear of what NSA Mike Rogers might do.

The Obama administration (U.S. government intelligence apparatus) needed an external source of information that could cover their domestic surveillance and spy operations. That’s why Fusion GPS was hired, and why emphasis was put on using European and Australian intelligence contacts to create the plausible process to continue surveillance that was always taking place.

This corrupt weaponizing of the U.S. intelligence apparatus is MUCH BIGGER than anyone currently absorbs. The Steele Dossier was an eventual part of the cover-story.

When Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were discussing the “insurance policy” in August 2016, they were not discussing insurance from the perspective of their success, ie. Clinton elected; they were discussing insurance from the position of: if they failed.

If Clinton was elected, great; everything continues as normal. However, if Clinton was not elected the weaponization of government needed a cover story, a plausible legitimate reason for why political surveillance/spying was taking place. This is the insurance policy need…. This is why they needed the Steele Dossier.

Regardless of anything happening to stop them, the intelligence community was conducting surveillance of their political opposition. To validate that surveillance the intelligence community needed a plausible FBI counterintelligence operation. That’s where John Brennan (CIA) comes in.

Brennan manufactured the plausible excuse for an FBI operation to begin through the use of “unofficial channels” via Joseph Mifsud, Stefan Halper and eventually Alexander Downer via an Australian intelligence asset Erika Thompson; who was working in London with U.S. intelligence assets Terrence Dudley and Greg Baker, ie. the “Papadopoulos operation”.

While the overseas operation was working to create plausible explanation and start Crossfire Hurricane, back in the U.S. Fusion-GPS was contracted to supplement the appearances for a domestic parallel track. Fusion ran operations for the Russian appearances inside the U.S., ex. Trump Tower meeting.

For their effort, Fusion was using previously extracted FISA-702(16)(17) results to create more supportive evidence and plausible material. That Fusion effort led to the Steele Dossier.

However, in a similar way the Brennan operation needed the Australian Diplomat Alexander Downer to cross from “unofficial” into “official” channels, the Steele Dossier needs a way to cross from “unofficial opposition research” into “official investigative product” status.

Enter the FISA warrant and Carter Page.

A FISA warrant that could be built upon the Steele Dossier was what they needed.

The Steele Dossier is the investigative virus the FBI wanted inside the system. To get the virus into official status, they used the FISA application as the delivery method and injected it into Carter Page. The FBI already knew Carter Page; essentially Carter Page was irrelevant, what they needed was the Dossier in the system {Go Deep}.

With the communication from Alexander Downer (foundation for the EC), in conjunction with the Steele Dossier (foundation for the Page FISA), the CIA and FBI now held a plausible -albeit fraudulently obtained- basis to explain/justify all of their 2015 and 2016 political spying and surveillance activity. This is their insurance policy.

If Hillary wins the election, everything just evaporates into the ether. However, if Hillary loses the election – the fraudulent investigative evidence now protects all of the players for their role in weaponized intelligence spying and surveillance operations.

Andrew Weissmann was/is one of the DOJ participants who is well aware of the status of the operations as they proceed. In 2016 and 2017 Weissmann is being briefed by DOJ official Bruce Ohr who is carrying messages from Fusion-GPS and Chris Steele into the FBI.

Fraudulent justifications.

Just like the Susan Rice justification Memo, fraudulent justifications are what’s behind those paragraphs in the Rosenstein scope memos as delivered to Weissmann and Mueller.

Fusion GPS was not hired to research Trump, the intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations. The intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to give them a plausible justification for already existing surveillance and spy operations.

See the difference?

Fusion-GPS gave them the justification they needed with the Steele Dossier.

That’s why the Steele Dossier is so important in the scope memos. That’s why all of the corrupt players are so reliant and protective of the Dossier. If the dossier is removed, their collective justification diminishes.


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215 Responses to Devin Nunes Discusses Importance of Russia Narrative Origination….

  1. Eric says:

    Why would the special counsel investigate the allegations in the dossier? Multiple governmental officials including the attorney general had already sworn multiple times it was true and correct, and had been verified. The scope of the special counsel’s instructions on their face state that is a lie.

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      Maybe not so much a real investigation. More like building a narrative that seeks to incorporate the Dossier hopefully giving it further apparent validity.

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      • Mark McQueen says:

        ….beside that, it’s the only “investigative material” they had.

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      • M W Smith says:

        yup, no doubt the Steele/Clinton/Fusion dossier is the poisoned tree at the base of the entire narrative

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      • Ryan Huotari says:

        I think you are leaving out 2 very important points:
        1) I think the evidence indicates that Carter Page was an FBI CHI embedded in the Trump campaign.
        2) In Muller’s Report, he specifically points out that “no American” colluded with Russia. Given that Mueller was a clean up/cover up operation, his purpose here is not to clear Trump, but to issue a blanket clearance of any DNC/Uniparty operatives.


        • Barnestormer says:

          Ryan, if Carter Page was an FBI plant, and the FISC judges were unaware of it, then the veracity of the Steele dossier (and any additional purported evidentiary support) is relatively trivial as to a fraud on the FISC charge. Page could not have fulfilled either of the requisites for a warrant–that he was an agent of a foreign power and that he was engaged in a federal crime acting in such capacity.

          OTOH, if Page was a plant and the judges knew it, then there’s a whole additional level of corruption involved.


        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          Mueller himself was called to the carpet and rebuked by the FISC itself in 2003 as FBI Director for several improprieties including:
          seeking a FISA warrant on one of it’s own informants.


          “early in Mueller’s FBI tenure, nearly two decades ago, the FISC summoned the new director to appear before the judges to address concerns about extensive cheating on FISA warrants”

          “A declassified FISC order from 2002 gives a glimpse into how serious the omissions were: In one case the FBI failed to tell the court that the person they were seeking a FISA warrant to surveil was, in fact, one of their own informants.”

          From that FISC order:
          c. omissions of material facts from FBI FISA affidavits relating to a prior relationship between the FBI and a FISA target,

          So if Carter Page was actually a Confidential Human Informant
          the FBI obtained a FISA warrant—-especially one ginned up with Christopher Steele 00PP bullshit sauce…..
          misled the FISC by excluding exculpatory evidence
          the DOJ participated by short circuiting the Woods Procedure that Mueller himself proposed as a solution to avoid cheating the FISC

          Mueller didn’t just fly close to the sun….he set up camp there.


          • Barnestormer says:

            KVS, the Hill piece doesn’t specify the citizenship of the informant in that case, but we know that Page is a U.S. citizen and therefore draws the two legal requisites of foreign agency and criminal acts in order for a warrant to issue.

            Page’s prior role as an FBI informant would suggest that for the FBI to allege that in 2016 Page had suddenly gone over to the dark side would take some extraordinary factual basis to be even superficially persuasive. For him to be an actual known plant of the FBI could hardly be outdone as a FISA mockery.

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      • Mrs. e says:

        I agree. It was to increase validity of the dossier.


    • Republicanvet91 says:

      If they are still just allegations at this point, how could they have been used to obtain a FISA warrant?

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    • DIRTY Bobby (the WEASEL) Mueller wasn’t investigating the allegations in the Steele Dossier because he knew they were False. DIRTY Bobby helped ‘Flesh-Out’ those allegations so he could protect Obama and his Intel Community. After that was established DIRTY Bobby set about constructing an Obstruction Case against Pres.Trump for the Democrats Impeachment narrative. Bobby 3 Sticks main purpose was to deflect the Public’s attention away from how Obama TRAMPLED on OUR 4th Amendment Rights.

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    • GB Bari says:

      The Special Council was done investigating anything in the Dossier almost as soon as he was appointed. He knew it was bogus. He also found out very quickly the entire Russian Collusion narrative was bogus.

      Mueller’s entire focus after July 2017 was spent trying to find a case of obstruction against POTUS. ALL of the technical process crimes that he was able to force were committed by people he (more likely Weismann) was squeezing hard to sing or compose incriminating testimony against POTUS. Manafort was the only person of that group who had genuine outstanding legal issues and those were prior to any involvement with the DJT Campaign.

      But Sundance is telling you in this article that the ONLY reason the black hats are trying desperately to prop up the Dossier is to cover the fact that the ENTIRE scandal was caused to
      (1) fabricate an air-tight excuse for spying (surveillance) on the Trump campaign which was being done illegally before any FISA warrant, and
      (2) Use the Trump Russia excuse in (1) to cover the fact that the FBI and unauthorized contractors had been illegally using the NSA database for years to spy on political opponents, an even worse crime.

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      • Dutchman says:

        I think go ‘all the way’; Mueller was eorking on OBSTRUCTION, from BEFORE day one. When he and Rosie met PDJT, in the oval office, they were hoping DJT would say something,…Obstructing.
        “IF I appoint you FBI director,….how will yiu handle this Russia investigation?”
        Or “Can you go easy on Flynn, he’s a goid man?” Etc.

        So, before he was even appointed S.C.

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        • ILOT says:

          I don’t think so Dutch. Meuller had already received one exemption on his tenure for serving as FBI Director; it’s unlikely the senate would have confirmed him for another 2 year stint max. I won’t rule out that this was Rosensteins handy work to set the stage for the what has yet to be named investigation of the coup plotters. I’m on the fence on this but clearly if it is as you suggest rosenstein was “all in” on it and I don’t see it…yet. He must have seen what Admiral Rodgers saw and for him to advance that would be apparent and troubling. We will see. Yes, he signed off on the FISA warrants but not the Affiant and I’m not sure who that is for each warrant….


          • beach lover says:

            Yes.. I’m still on the fence about RR as well. How in the world could he have been duped on this from the get go? Or if he was duped… when did he know it? There had to be a time he went from stooge to “let’s flush them out”.

            I still don’t see how he could let this get to this point knowing how damaging it was to the President and the country. We are seeing a little anger surface from him toward Comey.. so I wouldn’t be surprised he was lied to and used… but at what point did he KNOW?


          • Donzo says:

            Joe D., for whom I have the highest respect, says Rosy is dirty. If it turns out not to be the case I wouldn’t fault him because it would be one of the most brilliant moves by PDT in flushing out the rats. I doubt it, but the script to this novel becomes more and more fantastical and nothing surprises me any more. Nevertheless, I’ve had a belly full. Ready to lock and load if Barr doesn’t pan out. Is anything left? Exactly what the 2A was written for – to raise up the people against a corrupt an tyrannical government. In this modern example it is government within government.


          • Amy2 says:

            I’m not on the fence about Rosenstein. I hope he gets impaled on it. His only saving grace is that he may have been in the right place to cover his own tracks. If he was stupid enough to be duped, he 1. shouldn’t have been in his position in the first place 2. should have come clean instead of covering everyone.

            He is arrogant slow walking of documents to Congress can never be over emphasized. At best he is an opportunist at worst, well, will we ever know now?


        • poodle12 says:

          Dutchman, PLUS Mueller “forgot” his phone in the Oval Office after that “job interview.” How long was it there? Was it set to “record?” Is it plausible that a man like Mueller would forget his phone?


      • Nostalrius says:

        Agreed, but more to clarify and emphasize the importance of the second point.

        I stopped reading after…”Everything, that comes AFTER March 2016 is one big blanket cover-up operation….. ALL OF IT.”

        Getting caught in the zealous attempt to thwart the trump campaign, subvert the election and overturn the presidency is the real crime…no no no.

        Getting caught. Period.

        Getting caught is what happened when Rogers shut down the spying. Long before the election.

        These people were caught for what they had been doing for YEARS!

        Trump was the perfect cover-up NARRATIVE…a perfect excuse to deflect and minimize damage to the machine..after all they knew they were caught.

        If they got caught spying on Trump who would care? They could damage control in the media and smoke-and-mirror it away. The leftist masses would cheer the cause.

        After all they were only spying on Trump…or were they…?

        So, spying on the Trump campaign…ya whatever…compared to spying on everyone on a pay-to-play basis of full blown treasonous espionage and selling the metadata to the highest foreign bidder.

        The hole is much deeper.

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        • Petey says:

          They followed the dictum of the former FBI director , J Edgar. Why bother spying on people if you ‘re not going to use the information to your advantage. See Roberts,Session, Ryan,Gowdy…. They all got charged up and them blame, couldn t Do a thing


        • ILOT says:

          This to me is logical. PDJT was a patsy, easy target, beatable (in their eyes) which would provide cover for years of transgressions. Comey made it clear he exploited PDJT’s inexperience and naivete with the Flynn interview. Some of the connections these folks have to full on communism are troubling to say the least and these developments are more than troubling if true.


        • pucecatt says:

          Where was RR before he was appointed DAG ? Like what office etc.. there is a text between lovebirds about somebody being a “ snake “ obviously somebody they did not trust that was brought into the investigation.


      • BitterC says:

        It goes a little further. They needed to unseat Trump.

        The only way the illegal spying Obama had been engaged in for years stays hidden is if Trump gets impeached or quits. Yes, Pence would become POTUS, but no one would do any more digging. The feckless GOP would only want to put Trump in their rearview mirror.

        They really thought they could sell the public on Russian collusion. Surprising they didn’t, considering they had the full co-operation of the media.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Just a thought. When the DNC got “hacked”, the FBI database would have been used to monitor suspects. I hope they saved the 702 logs from back when it was discovered that the DNC had a leak problem. If these 702 searches on DNC personnel can be found, it would throw water on the “Russia hacked” claim.

      Crowdstrike’s Russia hacked claim would fall to pieces. Maybe they were spying on Seth Rich. That would be bombshell stuff. I think a good look at that timeframe would be a worthwhile effort. Comey could get two nooses.

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      • bertdilbert says:

        Nevermind, the hack was discovered after the 702 searches were shut down.

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      • Joshua2415 says:

        If you want to REALLY twist your brain into knots, what if it was Brennan/CIA who indirectly “leaked” the DNC emails to wikileaks? Downer had his little bar chat with Papadopoulus in May, but he didn’t officially report it to the US until July? If the information was so damning, why wait? What prompted him to suddenly bring his tale into the light two months after it happened? Why the release of the DNC emails by wikileaks of course. It was that release that made his conversation with Papa seem credible. Without the leak, there is no reason for Downer to pretend to believe anything Papa told him about his knowledge of Russia having dirt on Hillary.

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        • beach lover says:

          Certainly the DNC leaks are connected to this thing… I have no doubt in my mind. The farther they had to cover up.. the more they had to cover up.


        • bertdilbert says:

          Assange had this to say in late 2016 “We have not disclosed our source, and of course, this is a diversion that’s being pushed by the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

          Assange was calling this fake news before the election.


        • Dad's son says:

          Here’s another twist:
          (And this is pure conjecture – just something that struck me)
          I still feel that Assange may be a key player here. And now it’s reported that Sweden may renewing the rape allegations and requesting extradition.

          Remember that Sweden has a history of being a “neutral party,” often used as a go-between between antagonists. Let me ask you this: In whose custody, should he indeed possess critical info regarding this coup attempt against Pres. Trump, would Assange ostensibly seem safer …. USA, UK or Sweden.

          Maybe Assange is safest in Sweden right now?
          Oy, what a complicated affair.


          • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

            Britain can only hold Assange for a matter of weeks.
            America WAS next on the list.
            Enter SWEDEN

            Sweden is to BLOCK extradition to the US
            See this article from 2014:

            “Sweden’s extradition agreement with the United States, signed in 1961 and updated in 1983, prohibits extradition on the basis of “a political offense” or “an offense connected with a political offense.” The agreement does not specify what constitutes a “political offense.” Whether the Swedish supreme court would rule to extradite Assange largely depends on what charges the secret U.S. grand jury brings against him.

            If Assange is accused of espionage, Sweden most certainly would not comply, as its courts have consistently determined that espionage constitutes a political offense.”

            Looking more like someone(s) do NOT want Assange to come to Barr’s American DOJ.


    • iwasthere says:

      Because of the so called ‘parallel construction’ doctrine.* Who better to create the after-the-fact parallel construction than it’s creator and biggest advocate – Bob Mueller.



    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      Nunes just stated what I said 2 years ago. The “Steele Dossier” is a “made in the USA” dossier, handed to a Foreign agent, solely to give the lies some cache, and dust off the trail back to Washington.
      I doubt that Steele even contacted any Russkies. Why would he need to? The dossier fiction was readily available from the fertile, evil minds at Coup Central.


  2. JC Calhoun says:

    Understand the intelligence agencies were spying…is there any evidence as to who was receiving this illegally obtained info? What was the nature of the info? Was the information being provided to both the Obama White House and the Clinton Campaign?

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    • ivehadit says:

      Blackmail/shakedown material against individuals and corporations. Powerful…and heartbreaking. No telling how many people have been harmed/destroyed by it. I always said we had given the house keys to our rapists when the previous administration came into power.

      Epic psychological boundary violations committed. The darkness of this is sickening as are the people involved.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Heartbreaking, sickening, earth-shaking…. are all valid adjectives to describe this scandal.

        It cannot be allowed to be swept under any rug with no penalties.

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        • 3rdday61 says:

          GB, remember what was said about Trump. That ‘He must be destroyed as an example so that no one ever tries this again” . They are outright admitting what must be done to prevent “this” from ever happening again.
          There are no higher crimes on earth than crimes against the Government(The People) of The United States of America. And that’s the bottom line.

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      • joebkonobi says:

        Not to mention the constitutional boundary violations. We had a sitting president and most of his IC attempting to rig a presidential election, then when busted by Patriot Rogers, use his Justice and State Department to cover it up and take down a duly elected President. That’s about as traitorous as it gets.

        I would imagine there will be mucho pressure not to let FISA Judge Collyer’s 99 page report see the light of day. IG Horrowitz should have the goods but will he and Barr expose it all or sweep the dirt under the rug and claim mistakes and miscommunications occurred but no intent, or claim Ruskie misdirection? We will likely know within the next 6 months whether we still have a Republic or not. I trust Trump to do the right thing. Not so sure about the rest. The future of the country is in the hands of a relatively small number of (hopefully) Patriots.

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  3. bessie2003 says:

    Sundance, do you think this will finally come out, that the man Barr has now appointed to look into this will be able to put it all together, to bring these perpetrators down?

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  4. The Demon Slick says:

    The dossier was never anything except Hillary Clinton campaign fantasies laundered through Perkins Coie and Michael Steele. There were no Russian sources.

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  5. Sammy Hains says:

    The 0bama administration cooked up a Red Scare to deceive the public 25 years after the Soviet Union collapsed and almost no journalists even questioned it.

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    • GB Bari says:

      You are confusing the genuine infiltration of Communists into American government with Obozo’s (and his sycophants’) unproven allegations of 2016 election meddling by Russian state controlled entities.

      If you doubt the first part of my sentence I suggest for starters that you read “The Red Thread” by Diana West.

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  6. Republicanvet91 says:

    ” “the Special Counsel had been authorized since his appointment to investigate allegations”…”

    Allegations. Not crimes as I understand the Special Counsel law requires.

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    • CM-TX says:

      Posted earlier on other feed, but this backs your point (See #2) :

      | Here’s The List: The Top 10 Crimes Committed By The Corrupt And Conflicted Mueller Investigative And Legal Team! |


      • CM-TX says:

        | … Manafort’s case also argued in paragraph 33 that the special counsel put in place by crooked Rosenstein gave crooked and criminal Mueller powers that are not permitted by law –

        But paragraph (b)(ii) of the Appointment Order purports to grant Mr. Mueller further authority to investigate and prosecute “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” That grant of authority is not authorized by DOJ’s special counsel regulations. It is not a “specific factual statement of the matter to be investigated.” Nor is it an ancillary power to address efforts to impede or obstruct investigation under 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a). |

        (From the above link)

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  7. Earl says:

    I would add one additional layer to the analysis as to the origins of this travesty.
    I believe Hillary was genuinely outraged that the FBI would dare to investigate her over her use of a personal email server as Secretary of State.
    So to even things up, Hillary wanted there to be an FBI investigation of Donald Trump, and for the fact of that investigation to become known during the presidential campaign, just as she was investigated and the fact of her own FBI investigation was so highly publicized during the election. That’s simply how she thinks.
    Her campaign hired Glenn Simpson in order to see that an FBI investigation was started on Donald Trump and to publicize that investigation.
    Bill Clinton’s visit with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac was likely for the purpose of letting Lynch know that the Clintons wanted Donald Trump under FBI investigation.
    They were no doubt frustrated that Comey did not publicly announce that Trump was under investigation. This is why Brennan was briefing Harry Reid to push the FBI, and why Chris Steele was pushing his media contacts so hard with the fact that he was working with the FBI investigation. They got the FBI investigation started, but they didn’t get the media focus on it that they wanted.
    They didn’t really care about the quality of the dirt that was used to get the FBI investigation. It just needed to be started and it needed to be publicized, and after Hillary won the election no one would care anymore about it.

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    • tucker7518 says:

      Bill Browder, hated by Putin, said on C-Span that Glenn Simpson is a Russian agent. He told the FBI this many times, and they won’t investigate him, and charge him for not registering as a FARA agent. Browder also said Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer hired Glenn Simpson to set up the Trump Tower meeting with Trump Jr. Simpson must have used his ties to Hillary to get Loretta Lynch to grant Veselnitskaya an emergency visa to get into the United States. The State Department turned her down.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Good take. On one level, the political level it was an attempt to manufacture an “Oct. Surprise”.

      On an intelligence level, as Sundance states it was to cover up previous unauthorised, illegal 702 queries by contractors, (the stuff in the colyer report, and that Adm. Rogers discovered).
      This may explain SOME of the amatuerish nature of it. The I.C. people grabbed onto the dossier, knowing it was crap, just so they would have an excuse for the warrant on Page.

      So, you have Simpson, representing his client, Hillary, DESPERATE to get it into the news that the FBI is investigating DJT and his campaign for colluding with Russia, BEFORE the election.

      Meanwhile, you got people at top of FBI, and Obama admin. who realise if DJT wins, there earlier spying is exposed, so, KNOWING the Steele dossier is crap, they USE it, just as they use Carter Page, to create the insurance policy.

      So, two different inter-related groups, with different goals?

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      • Earl says:

        Exactly. Brennan was the main bridge between the political and IC sides. And Strzok was Brennan’s patsy in the FBI. My guess is that Strzok fancies himself the hard-boiled g-man but in fact is a gullible fool. Brennan ID’d him as an easy mark to manipulate. Strzok’s own anti-Trump bias told himself that Trump was a bad guy and if they could just get hold of all of Trump’s communications using two hops from Carter Page, then even if they couldn’t prove the things in the dubious Steele dossier, they were sure to turn up other crimes by such a corrupt wheeler-dealer like Donald Trump. And if that didn’t work, they should use hook or crook to entrap Trump associates in order to pressure them into revealing all they knew about the crimes of Donald Trump. It took dumb Strzok months to realize there was “no there there” when any intelligent person of common sense and worldly experience would have at first sight viewed the Steele Dossier and these other ploys with a very skeptical eye.

        If the contractors who were accessing the FBI portal into the NSA database were CIA contractors acting under a CIA-FBI MOU then who at CIA was supervising these contractors? Did that go up to Director Brennan himself? Perhaps Brennan also was the main impetus between using the FISA warrant to whitewash the past NSA database abuse.

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      • nimrodman says:

        As I recall, the one thing that Hillary WAS able to get in the press was the story about Alfa Bank and pings to a server in trump Tower. I think that came out around Oct 20 and Hillary was tweeting about it, here on Oct 31

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      • Amy2 says:

        Thanks Dutchman! Concise is what I needed after the last few articles!


  8. Jim S. says:

    I wish Sundance would make it a point of emphasis on why the timing is what it is with Downer coming forward. Downer had obtained what the CIA had considered the minimum amount of information to start an FBI investigation.

    Australia waited 2+ months to bring this info forward. Why?

    Plan A: Someone beats Trump in the primaries. You know, surely the Republicans will come to their senses, right?

    Plan B: Surely the Republicans will come to their senses at the convention, right? Surely?

    Plan C: No? They didn’t? Well, OK, now we’ll put the last ditch ‘Downer’ plan into action (in concert with the DNC emails being released). So, around a week after the Republican Convention (as I recall) Downer comes forward so the FBI can implement their last ditch effort to stop the only candidate who says he is willing to “drain the swamp” (put their asses in jail).

    Once Trump became the official Republican candidate, they had to be ALL IN.

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    • jambo says:

      “Australia waited 2+ months to bring this info forward.”
      Who and when the Downer/Pap tale was told is murky to say the least.

      “In an interview with The Weekend Australian last week, Downer spoke for the first time about his conversation with the Trump campaign aide and how Papadopoulos let slip his knowledge of a Russian “dirt file” on Hillary Clinton. Within 48 hours Downer had sent an official cable about what he had heard to Canberra.

      After a period of time, Australia’s ambassador to the US, Joe Hockey, passed the information on to Washington, possibly around the same time that the hacked Democratic Party emails were being published by WikiLeaks.”

      I strongly suspect that rather than Downer telling US intelligence what happened, they told Downer.


      • jambo says:

        A piece of genuine ‘five eyes’ intelligence sharing regarding Russian hacking of Hillary’s e-mails would have a wide paper trail at both ends.

        A piece of manufactured after-the-fact ass covering flushed through the New York Times wouldn’t

        I’d be putting Mr Downer top of the line for some questions from Mr Durham.


      • Padric says:

        If you got back and look at the texts from late July-Early August between Page and Storzk and compare them to statements Downer has made, the only logical conclusion one can come to is that the FBI never spoke to Downer. They may have spoke to someone in the Australian embassy, but it wasn’t Downer. Its the only logical conclusion as to why Downer’s story not only never matched Papadopolous’, but never kept his own story entirely straight.


  9. Bone Fish says:

    This has been nothing but a clown show. They have no intention of prosecuting each other for crimes against the people, any more than ‘we the people’ would be stupid enough to turn family in for victimless crimes against the state.

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  10. PVCDroid says:

    I keep getting confused with pundits continuing the “We know without a doubt the Russians tried to meddle in our elections”. It looks like the Russians is really just Fusion GPS making up stuff with a hint of credulity form some high level Google searches and Nellie doing a bad job at NSA database searches on Trump.

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  11. jnr2d2 says:

    Sundance: Just a nagging question —– Why was Steel so desperate that the info got out thru so many channels? Besides the obvious that the FBI could claim multiple “sources” even though they were mere echos of Steel’s doc. Why would Steel take on such a potentially “jail time” mission for a measly $165,000. After expenses that wouldn’t be much. Even if expenses were covered separately, it still wasn’t much. Was he promised massive future work for his (struggling?) company. It’s unlikely it was just Trump hatred. It’s always about the $$$$. Check that angle by investigating his firm. Any crimes, use extradition treaty to bring him to US.


    • Dutchman says:

      Because his assignment and motivation was to create an October surprise.

      To get the press to start writing about the dossier, but they wouldn’t print it.

      So, he shoved it at the FBI, so that media could report it, cause FBI is investigating.

      If he had been succesful in creating a phony Oct. Surprise that got Hillary elected, you can bet he would have been rewarded, handsomely…..or got a double tap to back of head.

      Apperently he wasn’t worried about that.


  12. Sentient says:

    Have we ruled out the theory that Carter Page – who has a history of being a CIA asset – was sent by Brennan into the Trump campaign precisely so that he – and the campaign – could be spied upon?


  13. jnr2d2 says:

    As a side note: can’t wait till things get closer to Obama. Watch him and Valery, and other Islamists sneak away into IRAN. LOL


  14. Newhere says:

    If this truly gets blown open — the misuse of the NSA database by contractors dispatched under FISA authority under the Obama administration; the laundering of intel through those same contractors, and the media; no doubt the selling of wrongly-obtained, sensitive information to multinationals and governments, friendly or not; the falsely-constructed Russia Scare, that overtook agendas from Silicon Valley to think tanks to Congressional hearings and coursed through traditional and social media for THREE YEARS —

    If it all gets laid bare, it essentially tells the country and the world that on every important front, Americans have been acting or faking it or operating under delusion. Americans will be faced with whether to accept that their deepest convictions about what they knew as true were simply flat-out wrong, the product of endemic lies and manipulation. If it doesn’t get laid bare, and we all “move on,” the divide at the fork will be irreconcilable; it’ll be like people who witnessed a UFO landing living side-by-side among those who didn’t. There are no business-as-usual outcomes left.

    What happens in the “reckoning” on spygate will affect our relationship with China, and Iran, and Europe, and nothing short of the future of our country and the world. I don’t mean the question of whether Justice is achieved for its own sake — I mean whether it’s achieved so that the selling off of our national and economic security, piece by piece, deal by deal, by grifters with no business having so much access, can finally be forcefully vanquished. And the world put on notice that the buying spree of our country is over. Mitch McConnell knows the stakes. And he’s on the wrong side. It’s his move, his play in all this, that worries me maybe more than any other.

    I have dreaded that was this was going to drag out through another election cycle — or even be deliberately timed to help frame election issues. But if election considerations affect timing, and that’s what it takes to go all the way, so be it. I never thought I’d come to that opinion, but when you break it down, everything depends on getting through 2020. The further we wade into this, the more it becomes clear how much the different planks of Trump’s presidency are intertwined, and can anyone actually fathom the notion of turning back now (e.g., Trump loses in 2020 without reaching closure on Spygate, China, Iran, the 3-letter agencies)? I’m going to have to remember this when things seem inert. Trump’s presidency bears the weight of the world on its shoulders.

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    • jedled says:

      “So many questions”…… James Comey


    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      I think your assessment that the outcome may have a cleansing effect internationally quite likely. If the disloyal globalists are outed and schemes disrupted by criminal proceedings against the Seditionists, then that is a huge collateral ramification and benefit.


      • amwick says:

        The reckonong, I like that. I am not being negative, because I do think there will be a response, but that it will not live up to most imaginations, military tribunals, gitmo, etc. Just as these crimes ocurred in the dark, I am thinking some of the justice/respose may happen discretely. I am good with VSGPotus at the helm. But, justce is slow by necessity, pray for 2020. Also, get out and make it happen.

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  15. azgulch says:

    Right after Trump was in office, he sort of said – let bygones be bygones for Obama and Hillary. I think at that point they could have just walked away “Scott free” had they done nothing afterwards. However—That did not happen. The deep state has proven to be very nasty and deadly creature.

    I think everyone involved in this “plot” are going down very hard, including Obama and Hillary. This is the only way Trump can walk away from the Presidency without fear of his own demise or that of his children. At this point in time, it is not revenge- it’s survival.

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    • Jase says:

      Indeed, I remember the howling from many conservatives when the President made that offer.
      I can understand why people didn’t like it, but I obviously PDJT believed that the benefit to the country of him having a free hand to MAGA outweighed publicly punishing wrong doers.
      As it was, it was Clinton Cabal’s chance to walk away having broke even with the house, not even down the money spent on drinks.
      But no! Like all addicts convinced that the big win is just around the corner if they keep gambling, they kept doubling and look like losing their shirts.
      They threw what was the best offer they are ever going to get back in the President’s face, so now any calls to let bygones be bygones (the ones floated by their RINO partners a few weeks ago to test the waters) will fall on deaf ears.
      All the Nadler stuff is just them pawning every last think they own to get a few more bucks to throw on the table.

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    • FreedomLover says:

      That’s the way I took it without any knowledge of Trump. Now that I’ve learned a lot more from this web site since then, now I’m not so sure. He’s said similar nice things publicly about China and NK leaders. They knew that he knew. They were/are in a panic about him having visibility into all they have done over the years. But I agree, at that point in time, it was really a message to the American public the way we interpreted it.


    • Firefly says:

      Sociopaths never walk away. There is also power, greed and ideology factors too making it especially dangerous for anyone they perceive as an enemy. It is survival for trump and his family. Remember Mark Cuban said PTrump and family would likely become bankrupted just for running. If Barr only prosecutes a few low level people the sociopaths will think they won, become untouchable more emboldened to do even more. Hillary is already letting everyone know how untouchable she thinks she is.

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  16. Tl Howard says:

    If the powers that be continue with the investigation, take it all the way to its origins in the Obama admin, what will be the racial blowback regarding the election?


    • Sentient says:

      Who cares? It’s not our goddamn fault that for the first black major party nominee they picked someone who had a bunch of skeletons in his closet. I don’t know where he was born – maybe Hawaii – but I damn sure know that both of his birth certificates were fake. (Regarding the short-form “certificate of live birth”, it’s important to understand the difference between an embossed and debossed seal.) His 1981 travel records and those of his mother were absconded with by Brennan. His draft registration was forged. Don’t even get me started on murdered church choir director Donald Young. Before this is over, our current righteous president is going to reveal the truth about Obama, who will find – to his eternal chagrin – that he f*cked with the wrong kid from Queens.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      Forget any racial blowback. It is time that the communist centers in every identifiable ethnic/so-called racial group, as well as those unidentifiable, be clearly called out, identified, their criminal activities investigated, reported widely, their guilt as to their intentions to destroy a nation, a Constitutional Republic, be recognized, and they be indicted, tried, and convicted. Period. Every singe one.

      As to African Americans, they have a long tradition of attraction to communism, due to the truly horrendous violent behavior towards them on the part of Americans, often concentrated in Democrats, but all Americans being complicit.

      It is time for them to recognize that tremendous efforts, efforts that only a Constitutional Republic can or will make, to eliminate that violent racist activity actually happened and worked, that official racist activities were ended by the 1990s. Those African Americans, 0 (or 1/2 of him anyway) included, who continue to turn to communism, or any other totalitarian way of life, is only for criminal purposes — and to enrich themselves. They constitute a criminal cabal.


  17. So Devin Nunes is saying there are actually two parts of the “mosaic set of facts” in the first Page FISA warrant. The first part is the Steele dossier. The second part, Nunes is saying is just as bad as using opposition research as a basis for getting a FISA warrant. According to Nunes, the insurance policy is not referring to the investigation itself, it’s referring to whatever is in the first FISA application besides the Steele dossier. What is in that application that could be as bad as the dossier itself?


    • Dutchman says:

      I didn’t hear that, justold.
      What I heard was what WASN’T included in the,FISA app, which is a BUNCH of exculpatory info the FBI/DOJ HAD, at the time of the,application, but did NOT include.
      So, the “Woods Procedure”.

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      • YeahYouRight says:

        And exculpatory evidence about Papa that remains hidden, even after the poor kid went to jail.

        Gowdy said there’s souch stuff that is so much worse that we don’t know about. Classified. For now.


  18. JC says:

    I’m thinking (hoping) that Barr;s special council is looking not so much forward as back as far as he can to establish the genesis of the spying back to about 2010/12 when its likely that the rogue intelligence agents decided they could trust Obama to run with their spy schemes.. it would have appealed to the man’s “fundamentally change” the US. You can almost see Biden salivating at the expanded opportunities to jump his family into a powerful dynasty.

    The more I think about the more I believe the spying had to be very broad based to pull so many people.. a mix of greed for some, ideology for others and vindictiveness to get the political establishment on side. The great thing about it is it can be covered with a veil of patriotic virtue if you pick the right external villain (Russia and co).



    • Patrick healy says:

      JC and others.
      Great stuff on here. The amount of work Sundance does is mind boggling.
      Of the manny things that nag, one stands out.
      Is there not one honest cop in the whole U.S. apparatus who will come out and spill the beans?
      That to my mind is the biggest stain on your constitution.

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      • We the people know says:

        Diogenes in Washington


      • Chip Doctor says:

        Patrick, I may be wrong, but there are VERY few people that don’t have something to hide. But even if we don’t, the chances of our extended family being without fault are slim to none. According to scripture, all of us have something.

        From the outset, our natural inclination is to go to any length to hide it. Thus, Adam and Eve covered themselves with leaves and tried to hide from God. Mankind has been doing the same since that point. Our enemy uses fear of exposure to keep us in bondage, which makes blackmail a powerful weapon.

        Mad Maxine stupidly opened her mouth and told everyone what Obama had. And she clearly knew how it could be used. Probably knew how it was being used. The power of this data is staggering. Blackmail can and has been used against politicians, law enforcement, judges, intel community, religious leaders, Silicon Valley, media, business leaders, foreign powers, small town mayors, prosecutors in cities like Chicago…….

        So why is there not even one honest cop? I believe that if we ever learn the extent to which Obama used/uses blackmail, even those of us that are awake, will be shocked. What’s to say that some entity outside of the US gov’t doesn’t have this information? Is it possible that Obama has everything in his basement? I am not technical enough to know, but I know that the blackmail continues.

        I will admit, that I have things (personal/family) that I would go to great lengths to keep hidden. I would like to say that as a patriot, I would fall on my sword for the country, and maybe I would if it were just my embarrassing stuff. But, if it were to ruin a loved one’s life/family…..I honestly can’t say.

        America is in a very precarious place. Each person’s shame is a very powerful tool when in the wrong hands, and it is. The truth will set us free from fear of exposure, but not from the consequences. No easy way to break the stranglehold that Obama’s boot has on America’s neck. God help us.

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  19. Zorro says:

    There will be some prosecutions of the “rouge operators” to “save” another institution. That institution is the illusion that we have government by the people and equal justice under rule of law.

    The width and depth of the Swamp will not allow anything else.


  20. Kelly says:

    I hope Barr/Horowitz/DurHam are or have been talking to Admiral Mike Rogers an to
    Judge Collier. An look at how far back they
    were spying on PDJT ! I think there
    Will Be a lot to look at, an also find out about the Clinton servers with the fbi
    An Crowdstrike .
    This whole scandal is so bad the Obama administration had to get
    The whole demoRat party involved
    An all the way down the msm.
    Clinton knew they would all hang.
    These are disgusting people!

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    • We the people know says:

      “An all the way down the msm.”
      I’ve come to believe that the MSM is on top. In fact you can argue that the MSM is running the show.
      Here’s what Hillary looks like:

      EXCEPT when she’s on TV. I believe that the MSM used CGI on her neck and jowls during every debate and the Commander in Chief Forum.
      Look at Hillary in the last debate (10/19/16) They smoothed away 20 years of wrinkles.
      Her October Surprise teeing up the Russia Collusion Narrative/17 Intelligence Agencies.
      She is pleased as punch doing it.

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  21. Battleship Wisconsin says:

    We have this as the emerging picture of Spygate:

    Prior to March 2016, the Obama administration and its senior officials were spying on Americans for a variety of corrupt purposes. These spying activities constituted an unprecedented abuse of the federal government’s investigative authority. It was done mostly for political gain and for the pursuit of wealth and power.

    In March 2016, Admiral Rodgers blew the whistle on this abuse and so the perpetrators needed to find a way to justify and defend the illegal spying activity that had gone on for some number of years before. The Russia collusion narrative was created to fill that critical need.

    Fusion GPS, which had been directly involved as a private contractor in conducting the illegal spying activity, was then hired by Perkins Coie using funds nominally supplied by the Democratic National Committee to create and distribute the Russia collusion narrative. They described their product as being ‘opposition research.’

    Fusion GPS in turn hired Christopher Steele, formerly of Britain’s MI6, to add a stamp of credibility to the material that Fusion GPS itself had assembled and written. The end product was and is the Steele Dossier, but it is in fact the work of Fusion GPS written under contract to Perkins Coie which was in turn an agent of the DNC. We know too that in 2016, the DNC itself was in fact acting as the paid agent of the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign.

    The money which funded the Steele Dossier was nominally supplied by the DNC and passed through Perkins Coie on its way to Fusion GPS, and eventually on to Christopher Steele, with each party to the project taking their cut of the action along the way.

    This question now arises: While the Steele Dossier was being written and subsequently peddled to the DOJ, the FBI, and the press throughout the spring, summer, and fall of 2016, whose money was actually paying for it? In other words, who is the true customer for the work product?

    Is the true customer for the Russia collusion narrative the Democratic National Committee, or is it actually someone else? John Brennan? Loretta Lynch? Sally Yates? James Clapper? James Comey? Barack Obama plus some number of people on his senior White House staff? Hillary Clinton? Adam Schiff? Jerry Nadler? Nancy Pelosi? Chuck Schumer? The mainstream media?

    Or is the true customer for the Russia collusion narrative and the Steele Dossier ‘all of the above?’

    If the answer to the question of who owns the Steele Dossier and the Russia collusion narrative is all of the above, then the Democratic Party as a private political organization has, for all practical purposes, subcontracted its most powerful and effective political influence operations to the CIA, the DOJ, the FBI, the State Department, the mainstream press, and to the Democratic congressional staffs inside the US House of Representatives and the US Senate.

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    • nimrodman says:

      Nice summary, tho I see the final paragraph in a flip sense:

      … the Democrat Party as a private political organization has, for all practical purposes, subcontracted …

      … the most powerful law-enforcement and spying agencies of the United States (the CIA, the DOJ, the FBI, the State Department)

      … and its wholly owned and operated propaganda arm (also known as the so-called “mainstream press”)

      … in service of whatever corrupt plans the upper denizens of the Party have for criminal influence, blackmail, corrupt financial gain, and destruction of their enemies.

      Kinda like that

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      • nimrodman says:

        … but now that I look again at how you use the word “subcontracted” – we’re really saying the same thing

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      • Battleship Wisconsin says:

        Yes, nimrodman, the last paragraph of my comment has a flip sense just as you describe it.

        Take some time to look at the Youtube clip of the third Trump/Clinton debate from October 19th, 2016, the one that “We the people know” posted on May 15, 2019 at 9:41 am. In this clip, Hillary Clinton outlines every major point of what we now have come to know as the Russia collusion narrative.

        The clip demonstrates that up to that point in time in mid-October of 2016, Hillary Clinton herself is fully aware and informed as to what has been happening behind the scenes with major parts of the Spygate saga. She is and has been a full participant and collaborator in the Spygate scandal. The only question remaining to be answered is how and when she became a direct participant in the conspiracy.

        The FISA warrant against Carter Page was filed by the FBI two days later on October 21st, 2016. The FISA warrant, its supporting evidence in the form of the Steele Dossier, and the Russia collusion investigations in general are multi-tasking constructs crafted by people who know their business when it comes to justifying actions and activities that are initially intended to be covert, but which are likely to be publicly revealed in the course of events.

        As a well-crafted Cover Your A$$ type of construct, the entire Russia collusion narrative can serve multiple purposes depending upon what events are happening in real time. Its original purpose may have been to justify spying on Americans if that spying activity had been discovered and lots of CYA was then needed by lots of people inside and outside the Obama administration. But it could also serve other useful purposes as well.

        IMHO, if the election had been close in the Electoral College but still resulting in a narrow Trump victory, Clinton would have contested the election in the courts using the Russia collusion narrative as one of her justifications. Senior Obama administration officials would have supported her claim by revealing the existence of Crossfire Hurricane. However, Donald Trump’s decisive margin in the Electoral College prevented a contested election. (Three cheers for the Electoral College.)

        At that point, after the outcome of the election was completely solid, the Russia collusion narrative took on another important mission that it was exceptionally well suited for, which was to de-legitimize the Trump presidency.

        With any luck, Trump’s enemies could force his early departure from office using some combination of resistance tactics. These tactics would include the threat of impeachment and conviction forcing Trump’s resignation from office; invocation of the 25th Amendment; and if those tactics weren’t successful, striking a deal with him for gaining his early resignation in return for not being indicted after leaving office by any number of Democratic prosecutors operating inside the federal and state governments.

        What the conspirators have failed to recognize from the beginning is that Donald Trump isn’t a run of the mill politician in any way, shape, or form. If he was such a person, he’d have been driven from office by now.

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        • nimrodman says:

          Wow, thanks for fleshing that out, Battleship

          That’s a key point you make about Hillary being fully onboard, I haven’t seen it pointed out that clearly and maybe it merits more attention.

          A lot to digest, I’ll come back to this and view the video you suggest.


  22. Dutchman says:

    I don’t see Nunes supporting what Sundance is saying, in the article above, and has been saying for some time.

    In fact I see several lies being perpetrated, including by Hannity.

    1) The Carter Page Fisa was used to spy on Trump campaign, transition and administration.
    A) NO, it wasn’t. They had already BEEN, illegally spying on Trump, as well as journalists, politicians, judges and ‘opinion shapers’ FOR YEARS, and the Carter Page Fisa was an attempt to cover it up.

    2) Russians DID ‘interfere’ in a MAJOR way, in our election.
    A) No, they didn’t. “We” (elements within our own government, and our allies) attempted to interfere in our elections, and Russia had NOTHING to do with it.

    Specifically, the 5 eyes ‘signals intelligence’ indicating contacts between Russian Government officials and Trump campaign officials was NOT a Russian disinfo campaign, it was a Brennan wet dream.

    It was supposedly the EC that was used to justify opening crossfire hurricane.
    Brennan flew to England, to get it personally from MI6 head, who resigned when DJT won. Bullshit!

    Just as no Russian supplied Simpson with any info. Made up by Nellie.

    Russians ‘hacked’ the DNC/DCCC computers, and relayed the hacked emails to wikileaks.
    A) Bullshirt! Too many arguments to bother reviewing here.

    These lies, cumulatively are being perpetrated to limit the damage, to ‘bad actors’, and ‘politics gone too far’.

    Is this cause the detirmination is that Americans “Can’t HANDLE the truth!”?
    And will the ‘white hats’quietly clean up the mess, and ‘insure it doesn’t happen again’, WITHOUT transperency?
    Unless and until I see Nunes saying the spying goes back YEARS earlier, and talking about Judge Colyers report,…I won’t be convinced that ‘we’ are plumbing the depths.

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  23. angech says:

    “Is there not one honest cop in the whole U.S. apparatus who will come out and spill the beans?””
    Not while you are winning, now might be a different story. Still very risky.
    one, then another and then there will be action.
    Lisa and Bruce Orr best bets!


  24. SD, excellent summary and explanation of the “insurance policy”.
    It seems likely that multiple campaigns were spied upon–and likely others even before the run-up to the 2016 election. And why not, given earlier Obama administration dirty tricks with the IRS scandal and other “weaponization” of governmental institutions.

    Obama has never struck me as very smart, honestly, but he is corrupt and loves the sound of his own voice as all narcissists do. He would be easily manipulated–perhaps Valerie as a conduit for more powerful puppet master(s). Political spying would help as they pursued infiltrating the permanent bureaucracy with the 7200+ Selective Executive Service bureaucrats (non-fireable, all loyal to Obama and progressives). Also helpful as they seeded the judiciary with their corrupt minions–for ex. Judge Jackson (mysteriously oversaw both Manafort and Roger Stone trial).

    So, as SD posted Saturday, Judge Jackson’s key position may help squelch the truth about how the emails were received by Wikileaks might be suppressed.

    The SCALE of the Obama administration weaponization of every organ of government is just breathtaking. This is far beyond the “usual” corruption and favors we’ve seen before. No wonder those two agents waited for John Solomon back in 2017 and told him that things were far far worse than he thought, and encouraged him to pursue the story.

    And thank goodness for him, SD and the several others that have pursued this doggedly. Hopefully prosecutions ensue, but thankfully we have some sense of the truth now, and earlier fears are being confirmed daily. (Heck Collins says he is releasing over 50 additional transcripts!)

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    • BTW, my husband has contended from the beginning that Obama and his “team” spied on multiple Republican candidates. Likely of course Ben Carson as Papadopoulos was originally working for Carson’s campaign, and credible evidence of targeting PapaD before he joined the Trump campaign.

      But we think multiple other campaigns were in the spying crosshairs of Obama Admin.

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  25. boomerbeth says:

    All about John Durham P, Whitey Bulger & the Boston FBI
    FBI corruption is as old as the hills ( & the CIA)


  26. Pyrthroes says:

    Attested biographical records extending to these principal Deep State/IC actors’ undergraduate years strongly indicate that virtually all of ’em –particularly Brennan and Comey– were explicit Marxist/Leninist (Soviet) sympathizers from their their earliest days.

    At age 22, having experienced a prolonged 8-month interlude of extraordinarily detailed background investigation preparatory to issuance of a rarefied crypto-intelligence clearance on a level of nuclear launch codes, I can attest that there is no way in hell our vaunted “Intelligence Community” did not know of these pricks’ long-standing enemy affinities from Day One.

    This cabal of treacherous sellouts attained pre-eminence for two reasons: First, because Gangrenous as a taqiyya Muslump plant was manifestly Soros’ duplicitous catspaw, a Marxisant “red diaper” quota baby; and second, because since Roosevelt’s accession in 1933 DC’s extreme-left academic clerisy (“establishment”) has employed “inverse personnel selection” to prevent American loyalists from attaining any meaningful Fourth Branch authority. (Adm. Rogers slipped through Benedict Barack’s cracks due to his military vs, civilian bona fides).

    Though policy reversals and organizational-structural measures indeed are crucial to national security reform, unless-and-until a blanket personnel housecleaning occurs –“civil service” impediments (Pendleton Act et al.) be damned– the Brennan-Clapper-Comey axis will essentially remain in place as a “lurking menace” Police State apparat available for forceful recrudescence with the next Rat administration.

    For those objecting to radical reform of DC’s so-called Civil Service –including major decentralization, contractual “privatization” of administrative/technical expertise, above all tenure constraints stringently preventing metastasis of a reigning in-group clerisy, mandarinate, nomenklatura– we reply: Next time around, you won’t have Trump to keep the Gulag Archipelago at bay.

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    • InAz says:

      @ Pyrethroes



    • railer says:

      It was Mueller years ago who demanded that FBI regional managers MUST migrate to DC to join the borg, or be removed. That was the enabling essence of today’s plots. Those who rose in the bureaucratic court HAD to be of a piece.

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    • warrprin1 says:

      Message received. Thank you, Pyrthroes.

      Publicity of the true and life-long political predilections of these characters is a missing link as the “fundamental transformation” of our federal government and its powerful agencies has progressed.

      How many Americans are aware of the younger James Comey’s admiration for, and possible formal affiliation with Marxist groups? Then, Brennan: Marxist connections turned Muslim Taqiyya Tool within our government.

      Here comes the dangerous question. How many movers, shakers, and worker bees within our government agencies could withstand the public revelation of their authentic political biographies?

      Clean the seditionists and their crap out of the coop, and lock them out permanently.

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  27. Akindole says:

    The solution to all of this is quite simple…Testimony from Adm Michael S. Rogers.

    Why hasn’t Rogers already testified, or been deposed, or otherwise spilled the beans?

    Did he sign some form of non-disclosure agreement, or is he now a private citizen subject to subpoena?

    Why has no one put him on record?
    1. He had enough beans to go to Rosemary M. Collyer (Presiding)
    2. He as names, places, and memories.
    3. Those beans obviously provoked the ire of the Marxist cartel.
    4. Rosemary M. Collyer had enough beans to write a condemning document to terminate the outside contractors and shut (some of) the surveillance down.
    5. Why hasn’t John G. Roberts, Jr. made some calls to certain people to clear this up, pronto, and nail the bad guys?
    The people above swore an oath to uphold the President and the Constitution…they have not yet demonstrated that. They are guilty of perpetuating a very real constitutional crisis by their silence. Because of that they are, in point of fact, accessories to the coup.

    I’ll be “cautiously optimistic” when the above happens. Otherwise, no dice.


  28. Citizen Owner, USA says:


    Why has Admiral Rodgers been allowed to disappear? Why has NO ONE…Congress, Special Counsel, you name it…requested his testimony? IMO, he can blow the lid off the whole thing in one session of testimony, yet his name never surfaces.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Congress and the Special Counsel DID NOT want to hear what he knows…………..


    • Barnestormer says:

      Good question. And I would expand it to apply to the relatively scant attention paid to the NSA database issues in general.

      If that database abuse was the heart of the spying activity, and all the Russia hysteria-based activity was merely initiated to cover it up (with SD going so far as to posit that the Steele dossier wasn’t even about information gathering at all, but was an instrument to obtain a FISA warrant, and thereby post facto create authority for the prior NSA database spying), why aren’t Judge Collyer’s report and witnesses to the data inquiries (Rice, Powers, Powers’ impersonators, the redacted contractors, et al.) the main investigative focus?

      Put differently, will the various wagging investigations ever shift from the Russia tail to the NSA database dog?

      Liked by 1 person

  29. Sunshine says:

    1. Nunes once said in 2017 that the illegal spying via NSA database/unmasking impacted thousands of people.
    2. Crossfire Hurricane and the Steele Dossier were created to cover up the illegal spying on Trump, and to remove him from office if he was elected.
    3. Question: how many other fake, retroactive investigations have been created to cover up illegal spying on those thousands of other people that Nunes mentioned?

    Liked by 4 people

    • YeahYouRight says:

      The surveillance covered several, if not all, GOP candidates. I recall it was on Cruz, and they started on Papa while he was at Carson.

      They may not have needed to spy on ¡Jeb! Had he been a serious contender, he probably would have told them everything.


  30. Warren Schickli says:

    In other words the entire house of cards falls once they show general surveillance of political opponents not connected to Trump.


  31. railer says:

    This is the biggest political scandal in US history, and dwarfs Watergate. It’s good we’re finally treating it that way.

    We have to take down McConnell and a few of his lieutenants, before we can clean up this mess and prosecute the guilty.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. YeahYouRight says:

    Why do none of the talking heads (including the biggest one at 9:00pm) remind everyone of the previous illegal FISA searches?! It would help.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Did the idea of the “Russian Consulate” noted in DOS Kavalec’s meeting w/Steele come from surveillance of Michael Caputo?

    I can’t recall precisely, but seem to remember Caputo mentioning his affiliation with the Russia-American Federation (in Miami?). Caputo states he began working for the Trump Campaign in Dec 2015 at the state level in NY, and moved to the national level in Apr/May 2016?

    In the first week of May 2016 he was approached by an “intermediary for a government contractor” with offers of HRC emails.

    Is it possible Caputo’s affiliation with the RAF “in Miami” was confused (intentionally?) by Steele/Ohr and referred to as the Russian Consulate?—From-Russia-With-Business.html?soid=1103640938993&aid=4_aUU4emVew


  34. I appreciate the opportunity to read all the comments and SD’s analysis of the “Russian” matter.
    I have little faith much will happen until the passports are pulled from Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Baker and Yates to start. Then “show time” begins in earnest. And, I will graduate from popcorn to pretzels and potato chips.


  35. digleigh says:

    While I want to continue to be hopeful, the fact that “throw Trump under the bus” DNI Coates, and Fratboy “protect FBI rep. at all costs”Wray are who is helping this new guy on his investigation,gives me great pause…..


  36. John says:

    I think you have to look back further and really discover who stole the DNC emails, either Seth Rich, a surrogate of the HRC campaign or John Brennan.

    The timing is pretty damning when you look at the Steel Dossier creation, the spying on the Trump campaign and the end of the Democrat primaries. Hillary wasn’t exonerated yet and they needed to get something on Trump out, a good month before the election for maximal damage, which she tried. She was overshadowed by the Podesta email leaks and Access Hollywood Tapes. Brennan (with Strok) also did the 17 agencies intelligence review and DNC funded Crowdstrike did the Russian Server analysis. We need to know who gave Julian Assange the DNC emails. The emails while damning were released after the Primaries, well in advance of the election (unlike Podesta’s) and helped shield her own email problems and Comey exoneration by taking it off the front page. They needed a crime to frame up Trump with the Russians and the DNC hack either was convenient for them to do so or they generated the story by taking the DNC emails and giving them to Wikileaks.

    The illegal surveillance abuse itself, while through FBI sub-contractors (probably connected to HRC more than Obama) may have gone on without the FBI’s knowledge. Rogers noticed it and shut it down.


  37. George M Hyde says:

    I appreciate the painstaking attention to the interconnection of the details as they continue to come out.

    A question about The Aussie involvement. I saw a tweet from Downer recently claiming that he wasn’t asked by anyone to visit with Papadapolous. Of course he could be lying. What if Brennan’s scheme was to plant the Russia has dirt on Clinton narrative with expectation that due to his nature, he would surely share it with someone that would report it back?


  38. Pristach says:


    I’ll say it again. Durham needs to come down hard on Glenn Simpson. He will fold.


  39. Why is it so important to start at the rear end of this Russian pollution collusion farce. Start at the present, have all members of the mueller gang still working for the United States of America take their oath of office over. Ask each FIB agent and each prosecutor if they witnessed any thing unconstitutional during their activity with the mueller gang, if they say no then GITMO for further questioning. If they say yes to mueller gang constitutional violations then GITMO for further questioning. All these people involved take a sacred oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, from foreign and “mueller” domestic enemies of our once free Democratic Republic. God protect our freedom.


  40. lovearepublican says:

    Makes me wonder if all 16 candidates weren’t spied on. Bernie Too. Maybe everybody in Congress and the Senate has been under surveillance…explains why they have dirt on everybody. Also, this could go all the way to back to the Clinton Administration…it just smells Hillary. This could really get interesting if it comes out.


  41. I’ve been working in information technology for more than thirty years, and I flatly do not believe the =entire= story about “Hillary’s e-mail servers” and “hacking” (by anyone, anywhere). I believe that the information was leaked, and would go so far as to question whether the e-mail server actually existed.

    First of all, let’s talk about the information: CLASSIFIED, and owned by the US SECRETARY OF STATE, our nation’s top diplomatic officer. There are many types of “security clearances,” all of them “compartmentalized” as is the entire intelligence apparatus, and so VERY, VERY FEW PEOPLE would have had access to these materials. (Assuming that the leaked material is, in fact, “authentic,” which I also doubt.) If somehow these data wound up on “a public e-mail server,” who did it? Who COULD have?

    And again – is the leaked information authentic? It would be a felony crime of the highest order, committed by a Government employee entrusted with the highest levels of access, IF the information was genuine. It would not be, if the information is false.

    But to continue – this privileged information is placed on a “public” e-mail server, for no apparent reason and by people who had access – apparently SO THAT it could be “hacked,” and specifically to construct a story that reinforces the narrative that “the Russians (of course … it’s always The Russians) did it.” That’s their story and they’re sticking to it. But I don’t believe a word of it. “The Russians” would have to know about this server, where on the Internet it was, how to penetrate it and what to find there. All from Moscow. Simply not credible.

    In my experience, I have encountered many incidents called “external hacking” and in each and every case it was an inside job. This is the only scenario that actually is credible. The analogy I use is this: “No STRANGER walks into an office building and walks out with the diamonds.”

    In my opinion, the entire “hacking” story, and probably the “public e-mail server,” is simply another part of a completely false narrative.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Postscript:

      In the “official story,” the Russian hacking would not be “the original crime.” The original criminals would be those who stole the information from internal Government servers, then inexplicably set up a public e-mail server, then placed the information on it, then somehow informed others (i.e. Moscow) exactly where it was and then looked the other way. (There are over 4 billion IP-addresses in the so-called “IPv4” address-space, and infinitely more in the “IPv6” address space. “First, you have to find it. Good luck with that.”) Ladies and gentlemen, this is nonsense.

      It’s quite nonsensical to think, “well, Hillary herself did it.” Not only would she have no motive, but she wouldn’t know how. The SOS has a very large staff specifically concerned with cryptographic security and message handling so that the officer can simply assume that her communications and records are, and always remain, profoundly secret.

      I am absolutely certain that the information was leaked – not hacked – and I would lay odds with you that it isn’t real. It just looks real, but then again none of us would know what “real” is. So, it just looks plausible, but now a communications officer did not commit a felony.

      Also – “99.9% of the people in our Government who have access to privileged information are professionals who take information security very seriously.” They watch each other. They know that it’s a sacred trust and to them it is sacred indeed. The postulate of this entire scenario is therefore absurd. NO ONE in the communications group of the SOS(!) would ever actually do such a thing. I trust the integrity, and the honor, of my (unknown) colleagues implicitly.


      • CA M says:

        Why do you think the crowds were chanting, “ Lock Her Up”? They all knew this email issue would have put virtually anyone else in jail, and HAD put people in jail. We all know that the DNC wasn’t hacked. They never allowed the FBI to inspect their servers (hmmmm, wonder why?!)


    • Sandra-VA says:

      It was the DNC servers that were supposedly hacked by the russians… not Hillary’s illegal private email server (although it is pretty much 100% guaranteed that some foreign entities were rooting around in that email server while it was active).

      The HRC emails that were placed on wikileaks were not hacked… they were released by the State Dept pursuant to a court order.


    • James Felter says:

      Hillary’s phone was hacked on an Asian trip after she was warned that it would be vulnerable. All of her (private) email would have been in her phone. One of Obama’s former intelligence officials was reported to have said that Hillary’s server was so vulnerable that it would have been automatically hacked by at least half a dozen foreign agencies. That is the basis of PDJT’s joke asking Russia to release Hillary’s emails; everybody on earth other than the American people already has them.


  42. The Gipper Lives says:

    “In early 2016 Rogers caught on to a massive and pre-existing weaponization of government surveillance and the use of collected NSA metadata for political spy operations. Everything, that comes AFTER March 2016 is one big blanket cover-up operation….. ALL OF IT.”

    And March of 2016 was when John Brennan went to Moscow.



    I still don’t understand something.
    The weismann report puts the acquisition of the PapaD “dirt” comment May 6th.
    We know PapaD didnt meet Downer till May 10th.

    So who, or HOW are they claiming gave them that information? It has always been attributed to Downer yet Downer had yet to meet with PapaD….?????


    “””However, in a similar way the Brennan operation needed the Australian Diplomat Alexander Downer to cross from “unofficial” into “official” channels, the Steele Dossier needs a way to cross from “unofficial opposition research” into “official investigative product” status.”””


    • JMC says:

      Papa D met a woman on May 6th (whose name I forget but whom others have mentioned before. Perhaps a Treeper will remind us) and she mentioned Hillary, Hillary’s Emails, and the Russians’ possession of them to Papa D. It was hoped Papa D would then mention this planted data to Downer. But Papa D. DID NOT mention this to Downer. So the Weissmann Report had to resort to the fallback – and weaker position – of the May 6th meeting, which also proves that the woman there was a plant and her purpose was entrapment.


    • YeahYouRight says:

      I think the May 6th thing was with Ima Turk, or whatever honeypot cover name she used. She was somehow attached to Downer.


  44. flatlandgoober says:

    I wonder if this corruption started under Obama, or if he just exploited something already in place.


    • I suspect that if you started to look, it would just keep going and going and going.

      Some have suggested that the PATRIOT Act – which, inexplicably, was “already written” when 9/11 came down – might have been intended as both an enabling document and an “ex post facto” justification of what was always going on.

      Politicians are strange that way – they spy. A lot. They just don’t have many scruples. And sometimes (as in this entire situation …) it just doesn’t make much sense. WHY would they do it, let alone “obsessively?” And for years? But, that’s what politicians do, if they can. (shrug …)


  45. Max De says:

    This is about the 119th time Nunes has showed up on FOX and pointed out the same problem and so far nothing but a promise for more FOX appearances for Nunes. Oh wait we may even be so privileged to receive another set of hannity tick tocks. When are people going to realize nothing is going to get done and nothing is going to change using relying on these folks and thinking that tweet/blog discussions mean anything or will change anything?


  46. CA M says:

    EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT should be pissed off at what the Obama Administration was doing. Seriously. They were extremely upset about the Patriot Act for this very reason, that is wiretapping and spying on American citizens, and rightfully so. But this is where the MSM has participated in the cover up—they have become so partisan themselves, that they have failed to hold the Obama Admin accountable, and went along with unfounded “dozziers” that we’re easily debunked by independent reporters.


  47. thedoc00 says:

    I suspect there is more than the Russia Hoax and Illegal use of NSA data by Democrat Operatives at stake here. Those queries and other data Admiral Rogers is able to “see” would include access by the Ukraine, China, Pakistani INI for China, Russia, etc. In other words, Admiral Rogers saw the access by the international donors and friends of the entire Uni-Party.

    In addition, he saw foreign and domestic access via Hillary’s server and that Obama is/was involved. There was way more than dirty tricks politics discovered, by design or accident. Candidate/President Trump is/was being set up as the fall guy and cover.

    I also suspect Nunes saw the entire mess by accident when he came out of the White Skiff.


  48. daniel1335 says:

    At 3:53 Hannity shows his ignorance and lack of first-hand knowledge when he asks Devin Nunes if it is true that the Carter Page FISA application has the words verified on it. If he had actually read the redacted version released last year, he would know that it clearly states on page 1 “Verified Application”.


    • JMC says:

      You know that, and I know that, but Hannity’s audience does not necessarily know that. And so Hannity is making sure the issue is brought up again. This kind of repetition is necessary with complex issues that many people watching TV do not have the time to explore. My note here also holds good for Max De’s gloomy remark a few posts above.


  49. vocem meam says:

    I don’t believe the operations after July 16, 2016 were ONLY about justifying the earlier spying. Nor do I believe hiring Fusion GPS was SOLELY for the purpose of covering up the illegal actions. It was always an attempt to help Hillary Clinton even before the primaries began, and afterward to prevent then Republican nominee Trump from being elected. After he was elected they attempted to derail his inauguration through claims of Russian interference and through the mobilization of radical leftist groups such as ANTIFA and the pink hat lunatics. After his inauguration they still tried to remove him from office through the counterintelligence investigation which morphed into the Weissmann/Mueller probe.
    Yes, unofficially beginning in April 2016 the coverup began and became official in Jul 2016. But even the coverup always had a dual purpose- save their own hides and get rid of Trump. After Trump was inaugurated the coverup/justification continued with the additional goal of (from their perspective) getting that uncouth outsider non-globalist out of Washington.
    Point of fact- Nellie Ohr was hired by Fusion in November 2015 and likely began accessing the NSA database immediately after. The CIA and FBI were well aware of this. In other words they were coordinating with Hillary to provide information through Fusion GPS on her political opponents. The use of Fusion was simply as a wall of separation for government officials (“we didn’t know what they were doing”).
    Point of fact- Christopher Steele told the State Department that the dossier was a political document and the it needed to be made public before election day, proving that one half of the objective was still to prevent Trump’s election. It wasn’t either/or. It was both.


    • concernedcitizen says:

      Yes, the Dossier was a multi-purpose work of fiction. Never let a good lie go to waste.

      The ultimate insurance policy was the Special Counsel’s “obstruction” investigation, aka coup attempt, and we have Comey, Rosenstein, and Mueller to thank for that.


    • We the people know says:

      Yup. Plus the continued demonization of Russia.


  50. concerned3 says:

    Do we have reason to believe that 5Eyes bulk spying was used?

    Just think of it, we have the FBI and CIA starting to create a spying cover-up story before March of 2016 using money provided by a setting President (Obama), the current Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) and the DNC. How did the FBI and CIA know to create a cover-up story. At best, the conspirators had no more than 7 months, before it would be used. Where did this information come from. The point is not the actual date here but the realization on conspirators part, that a story was needed. It seems to me, that in order to gain the necessary preparation time for the cover story, the conspirators, needed to be spying on a good many citizens, for an extended period before March.

    It must be apparent, that this this kind of information could not have come from an early or middle term election, poll. Therefore, it must have come from bulk spying. The only organization, capable of doing this is 5Eyes. Or, another database constructed for this purpose by Obama, using on going NSA extracts.


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