NO DEAL – China Departs Early as Negotiations End – President Trump Fulfills Campaign Promise…

Giddy up… President Trump has fulfilled another campaign promise to confront China and hold firm.  As promised, three decades of Donald Trump’s intense commitment to stop the exfiltration of Amerian wealth is on display today.

When you plant your tree in another man’s orchard don’t be surprised when you end up paying for your own apples….

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer; U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin; U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and U.S. President Donald Trump are confronting Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping and Vice-Chairman Liu He… and now consequential things get economically very serious.

There are going to see multiple geopolitical background moves now as the confrontation shifts to the painful phase…. who can outlast the economic standoff.

WASHINGTON DC – Negotiations to end the US-China trade war came to a surprisingly early close in Washington on Friday with no signs of a deal – reportedly just hours before the Chinese delegation will return to Beijing.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told reporters at noon that the talks had been constructive as he left the US trade representative’s office, where negotiators held their latest round of talks in an attempt to end a months-long trade dispute. (more)

Steel your nerves; we’ve waited decades for this.

As most CTH readers are aware, Lighthizer has focused heavily on the enforcement mechanisms within the trade talks. [Previous Bookmark] Apparently, when the 150 page draft agreement was presented to the Chinese politburo, Beijing balked at allowing the U.S. to hold controlling enforcement over the trade agreement terms.

The fallback presentation from Vice-Chairman Liu was: we cannot put the binding enforcement mechanisms in writing, you’ll have to ‘trust us’ to honor the agreement; at which time Lighthizer said no-way.

However, Lighthizer and Trump are not only fighting China, they are fighting U.S. politicians who are beneficiaries of China. They are also fighting against the U.S. CoC, the multinational corporations, Wall Street and members of both political parties who desperately want to stop any trade balance reset.

Almost half, perhaps more than half, of congress has a better financial self-interest if China can gain economic superiority over the United States.   This congressional hearing, and the severity of Lighthizer toward those purchased politicians, highlights this very tenuous internal challenge.

Stop and think about this again.

The U.S. economic, trade and manufacturing system is so structurally broken, after three decades of severe corruption by corporate financial interests: Almost half, perhaps more than half, of congress has a better financial self-interest if China can gain economic superiority over the United States.

The likely response from China will be additional tariffs on U.S. goods and/or refusal to purchase U.S. agriculture products.  Their strategy will be to get key BIG AG senators, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, to target fire toward President Trump over diminished farm prices.

CTH anticipated this dynamic in 2016.  Any Chinese pull-back from U.S. farm purchases hits the Wall Street multinational corporations hardest.

Multinational corporations, BIG AG, are now invested in controlling the outputs of U.S. agricultural industry and farmers. This process is why food prices have risen exponentially in the past decade.

The free market is not determining price; there is no “supply and demand” influence within this modern agricultural dynamic. Food commodities are now a controlled market just like durable goods. The raw material (harvests writ large) are exploited by the financial interests of massive multinational corporations.

Because the domestic supply-side agricultural market is based on perishable goods; this predictable Chinese response has a rapid downstream impact.  The wholesale price of domestic food drops rapidly inside the U.S. as the supply now exceeds the market.  The multinational mega-food conglomerates will be apoplectic.

The prices of imported durable goods (stuff from China) will increase, slowly over time; depending on the supply chain for the specific product sector.  However, if China retaliates by stopping import of U.S. agriculture products, the prices for U.S. domestic highly-consumable goods drops quickly.

In this scenario Wall Street is hardest hit.  Other than the AG sector, Main Street -and the U.S. consumer therein- actually benefits.

The Big Club will go bananas.

There are trillions at stake.

It is simply incredible how President Trump has taken his 2015/2016 proposals, and made them current policy, absolutely proving he was right. Go back and READ THIS from February 2016…. it’s stunning how he was able to deliver on the plan.

What you will find in all of Donald Trump’s positions, is a paradigm shift he necessarily understands must take place in order to accomplish the long-term goals for the U.S. citizen/worker as it relates to “entitlements” or “structural benefits”.

All other politicians begin their policy proposals with a fundamentally divergent perception of the U.S. economy.  They are working with, and retaining the outlook of, a U.S. economy based on “services”; a service-based economic model.  Consequently their forecasted economic growth projections are based on ever-increasing foreign manufacturing dependency, and even more solidifying service-based economics.

While this economic path has been created by decades old U.S. policy, and is ultimately the only historical economic path now taught in school, candidate Donald Trump intended to change the course entirely.

Because so many shifts -policy nudges- have taken place in the past several decades, few academics and even fewer MSM observers, are able to understand how to get off this path and chart a better course.

President Trump has begun a process for less dependence on foreign companies for cheap goods, (the cornerstone of a service economy) and a return to a more balanced U.S. larger economic model where the manufacturing and production base can be re-established and competitive based on American entrepreneurship and innovation.

No other economy in the world innovates like the U.S.A, President Trump sees this as a key advantage across all industry – including manufacturing.

The benefit of cheap overseas labor, which is considered a global market disadvantage for the U.S., is offset by utilizing innovation and energy independence.

The third highest variable cost of goods beyond raw materials first, labor second, is energy.  President Trump unleashed the U.S. energy sector and slashed regulations; as a consequence the U.S. manufacturing price of any given product now allows for global trade competition even with higher U.S. wage prices.

In addition the U.S. has a key strategic advantage with raw manufacturing materials such as: iron ore, coal, steel, precious metals and vast mineral assets which are needed in most new modern era manufacturing.  Trump proposed we stop selling these valuable national assets to countries we compete against – they belong to the American people, they should be used for the benefit of American citizens. Period.

EXAMPLE: Currently China buys and recycles our heavy (steel) and light (aluminum) metal products (for pennies on the original manufacturing dollar) and then uses those metals to reproduce manufactured goods for sale back to the U.S.

President Trump stopped this process with global Steel and Aluminum tariffs; and shifted the dynamic to where we do the manufacturing ourselves with the utilization of our own resources; and we use the leverage from any sales of these raw materials in our international trade agreements.

When we combine FULL resource development (in a modern era) with with the removal of over-burdensome regulatory and compliance systems, necessarily filled with enormous bureaucratic costs, President Trump has proven we can lower the cost of production and be globally competitive.

In essence, Trump changed the economic paradigm, and we are no longer a dependent nation relying on a service driven economy.

In addition, an unquantifiable benefit comes from investment, where the smart money play -to get increased return on investment- becomes putting capital INTO the U.S. economy, instead of purchasing foreign stocks.

With all of the above opportunities in mind, this is how Trump takes us back to the pathway of rebuilding our national infrastructure.   The demand for labor increases, and as a consequence so too does the U.S. wage rate which has been stagnant (or non-existent) for the past three decades.

As the wage rate increases (it is), and as the economy expands (it is), the governmental dependency model is reshaped and simultaneously receipts to the U.S. treasury improve.   More money into the U.S Treasury and less dependence on welfare programs have a combined exponential impact.  You gain a dollar, and have no need to spend a dollar.  That is how the SSI and safety net programs are saved under President Trump.

When you elevate your economic thinking you begin to see that all of the “entitlements” or expenditures become more affordable with an economy that is fully functional.

As the GDP of the U.S. expands, so too does our ability to meet the growing need of the retiring U.S. worker.    We stop thinking about how to best divide a limited economic pie, and begin thinking about how many more economic pies we can create.

Simply put, we begin to….

…..Make America Great Again !

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160 Responses to NO DEAL – China Departs Early as Negotiations End – President Trump Fulfills Campaign Promise…

    • Xi says target Trump jr. and Burr says yes sir

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      • SwampRatTerrier says:

        No Worries.

        God’s got this methinks!


        Ride ’em Cowboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • budklatsch says:

        How many skilled production jobs have we lost over the past decades? How many UNION jobs have we lost? How many factories have been closed? How many American families have been crushed by our trade policies. God damn the lot of the POL’s and the WSJ, NYT. etc that have told us that this was good for the world!

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        • Smack says:

          Remember that when the prices for imported goods start creeping up. The best response to the nay-sayers is to simple ask whether or not they’re willing to pay a few extra bucks for their third t.v. so their neighbor can have a decent paying job.

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          • Walt says:

            Prices for imported goods are already going up. Wal-Mart’s Chinese-made room air conditioners started at $119 last season, this season $137. I’ll bet I’ll find more price increases when I look closely.

            The only thing in that tools/hardware area that’s Made In USA is garbage cans and mailboxes.


          • redthunder238 says:

            Remember that also when the price of domestic goods and especially food go down.


          • Clarissa says:

            US consumers respond with a deafening silence regarding imposing tariffs on China-made products…perhaps years of shoddy quality, lead-painted toys, dead pets due to contaminated pet food, etc. have taken a toll.

            When China sought entry to the WTO, the US was flooded with the best that China could produce at very low prices. It was a heady time, when we still had our manufacturing base and those jobs, and “free trade” was pitched as a Golden promise that we could keep all of it…now, we’re at the opposite point.


    • Xi says target Trump jr. and Burr says yes sir

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      • Orville R. Bacher says:

        The “agricultural market is based on perishable goods; this predictable Chinese response has a rapid downstream impact.”
        True. But also true Everyone in China has to eat.
        Want to see a more rapid “downstream impact”? See what happens in China as shelves start to empty or food prices see Hyperinflation.
        Chinese exports into the USA are paid for in US dollars which in turn support the Yuan/USD peg, which purchase imports including food.

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        • KP Smith says:


          I haven’t laughed that long and hard in a while. Your gravatar [name] in this day and age of “Buy more popcorn” is awesome! Damn, there are some funny folks out there. :~)

          Just sayin’.

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        • oncefired says:

          PDT has been saying this for along time. Here is 2011

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        • dallasdan says:

          “…Everyone in China has to eat.
          Want to see a more rapid “downstream impact”? See what happens in China as shelves start to empty or food prices see Hyperinflation.”

          Yep. The consequences of China ceasing to buy food products from us are, IMO, much more acute and dangerously severe for them versus us. The impacts in the USA will be disruption of farm and economic markets, while in China the consequences will be starvation and death.

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      • Marygrace Powers says:

        Transparency is beautiful/


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    • KP Smith says:

      WooHoo! Let the good times roll!

      Love me some VSGPDJT!!!

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      • margarite1 says:

        If the NK rockets were an attempt at negotiating then that sure didn’t work.

        Wonder what China’s next move is? I imagine some money will be changing hands in D.C…money that was originally earned by Americans.

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        • Reloader says:

          Is this because VSGPDJT knows that the Chinese operate in N. Korea? That there are lots of Chinese military in N. Korea, moving stuff around, doing missile tests, making it look like N. Korea is an aggressor … perhaps for decades now? Is N. Korea really an aggressor? Has the country ever been? Is it all nothing more than China using them as a proxy?


      • SwampRatTerrier says:

        Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!!!!!!

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      As a native Midwesterner, I’d like to make sure this is clear. Often when speaking with Americans from other regions they think of the big Midwest commodities, corn & beans, for human consumption.

      NO!!! The huge fields of corn & beans the Midwest is famous for, are FIELD CORN & SOY BEANS. Primarily, this is used for feed for the livestock we all eat. Animals eat a lot of food, and we eat a lot of animals.

      This agricultural product is not the sweet corn and green beans you put on your table. Sorry to be so plebeian, but you’d be surprised the intelligent, educated masses who are unaware. (Thankuverymuch.)

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  1. Elric VIII says:

    Call them out. Every Congress critter that is beholden to the Chinese and/or the U.S. Chamber of Commerce should be exposed. Show how much money they are receiving and why they vote for the Globalists on Wall Street and against the majority of Americans on Main Street. Put a strong light on the shenanigans pulled by China and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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    • Mad Mike says:

      I’ll bet Mitch McConnell is doing frequent shots of Mylanta these days.

      He’s going to need a bigger bottle.

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      • NOT only Mylanta but huge doses of any drug he can get his hands to calm the jittery nerves in his stomach…

        Imagine this, come 12:00pm tonight, the phone lines between all the congcritters who are beholden to the chinks and lobbyists will be burning up like nobodies business. And what does congcritters have, Don jr to come in again…Don’t think so…

        The congcritters cage is empty of any worthwhile pitchers and PDJT is hitting grand slams…BOOYAH!!! Can’t wait for Monday…Wonder HOW many CEO’s will be texting…I ain’t coming in today…came down with something…Yeah!!! A VERY BAD CASE OF ORANGE MAN…


        Thank you and good night Treepers, I have a small gathering coming over for chips, dip and wine and Mexican Train…Ta!!!

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        • SwampRatTerrier says:

          Here’s a consolation participation prize for the Communist-Bought Congress Critters.

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        • john says:

          I like what you say in your posts but please stop using racist terms like “chinks”. Their government is our enemy, not their people. There is no need to dehumanize an entire culture because we compete with their government. And it also perpetuates one of the Dems talking points that conservatives are all racist. I am not a racist and I refuse to allow you to help the enemy paint me as such.


      • SwampRatTerrier says:

        Then surely Ol’ Mitch will need this.
        Looks as though it was designed with him in mind.

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      • Jeff says:

        Mylanta, hell. That’s a Wild Turkey man if I ever saw one.

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    • drlou007 says:

      Elric, you are right over the target. We need names. These traitorous Senators and Congressmen need to be exposed and ousted. They actually should be arrested. they are supposed to be doing the people’s business and they end up doing their own.

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    • rashomon says:

      Where are the ships designed and built that serve Elaine Chao’s (Mrs. McConnell and our Sec’y of Transportation) family business, The Foremost Group? I can’t find the details, but it appears they are a product of China.

      Make American shipbuilding Great Again! Elaine? Elaine, can you hear us? Talk to your papa and sister.

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  2. The Boss says:

    I saw Steve Forbes (a sell-out to China) on FBN not long ago whining about “complex supply chains” which will need to be re-established. News flash Steve – they’re not as “complex” as you make them out to be. I’ve managed supply chains – including some with China – and things can happen FAST.

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    • snellvillebob says:

      Steve Forbes is telling us it is too complicated for us to understand so we should leave control up to him. An ancient corrupt political stunt.

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    • drlou007 says:

      Of course, these “complex” supply chains can be re-established quickly. And the consumer supply chains even faster. Why buy anything from China? Turn to S. Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, etc. Shut the door on the Chinese if they refuse to cooperate. They must start playing by the rules or they can take their phony game elsewhere.

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      • usayes says:

        The multinationals ALWAYS have a backup plan — and the backup plan can be put into play PRONTO. Made in China on Monday can easily become Made in Vietnam on Friday.

        One of the stories not being told is the exodus from the PRC. WINNING!

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      • rashomon says:

        Build on U.S. soil using U.S. workers! The Japanese and S. Koreans as others have had their day stealing our patents and intellectual property, then manufacturing goods bound for America at cheaper cost than they could be made here as their governments financed the industry and underwrote losses. Our steel industry in one example where we gave away the baby with the bathwater following WWII. Reminds me of Obama’s Solyndra fiasco, propped up by his magical mystery wand.

        Other countries make beautiful products crafted by local artisans who have invested generations of knowledge in their originality. However, we as Americans will not survive economically if we don’t invest in our own people and protect our ingenuity. Made in America used to guarantee a quality product at a fair price.

        Can we learn to delay gratification while we get our import/export markets corrected, our debt under control and break up some of these global monsters who are destroying our (no longer) free market economy and competitive positions?

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      AMEN. They always lie all the time! (Those Congress Critters and their CoC Masters that is.)

      President Trump has a solution for those “complex supply chains” that are TOO LONG!

      CHOP CHOP!!!!!

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  3. Blind no Longer says:

    Hold FIRM Mr. President. We are winning!

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    • bertdilbert says:

      As long as uncertainty exists, more money will come to the USA and no money will be invested in China. One thing about Trump, he knows how to move money. Or keep it from moving.

      Trump is kicking back, turning the money valves off and on.

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    • Buy American!!!🇺🇲🇺🇲

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      • GuessAgain says:

        I remember the first time I went to a Wal-Mart store, (in the 70’s). Signs all over saying “Made In America”. Try finding something made in America there now! its there but you got to look hard. Like someone mentioned earlier in thread, mail boxes and garbage can lids. lol. Wal-Marts gonna have to dust off those old signs and hang em up again.

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  4. WhereEaglesDare says:

    I absolutely can’t stand China! I am concerned about our Farmers. We definitely need to protect them. Buy American……

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    • Don’t worry. The tariff income can be used to subsidize our wonderful farmers and get them through this until China caves. Trump will open up other markets for our farmers, too.

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    • Shakey Leaf says:

      They should protect themselves by growing better, more diverse crops. Crops Americans need and want.

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      • NOT only that but get rid of the conglomerate con-agra business model!!! A LOT more safer…Farmers grow the food, get paid a decent wage for their labor and American GET FOOD that is not artificially induced to cause diseases!!!!

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    • Mncpo(ret) says:

      The President said today that our Govt can buy our farmer’s produce and ship to starving people around the globe. We get the tariff $, buy from our farmers and feed people who need it. Pretty good plan.

      Farmers protected, people fed, China pays for it.

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      • El Torito says:

        Keep their kimonos.

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      • montanamel says:

        Was going to point out that with the Grand Solar Minimum upon us now, and due for years into the future…. Low/no crop output for many areas will become the normal, colder temps overall, with added volcano and earthquake activity….means that the world’s food supply will be reduced. There will be “new markets” for our farm products soon enough. And, don’t forget, we just lost a large portion of our “field stored reserves” due to the massive floods this year…
        What not to forget, also, is that Chinamen need our beans and grains or many rice bowls go empty….Hungry Chinamen remember who put trade in danger of failing….can anyone spell “uprising” or even “revolt”….eh?…. Also, remember, that a lot of China’s oil comes from Iran…which we just shut down… No oil means no/little fuel for farming….as well as thin rations for big standing army…. Many angles here…most won’t be examined on any MSM coverage… Check-6

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      • bertdilbert says:

        Trump can’t do that. If the government gives away food It must be shipped on a US built vessel. We do not have the vessels or shipyards to build them. Pay the farmers not to grow and let the starving people starve.


        • redthunder238 says:

          We don’t have the vessels or shipyards to build them? How many US ports have you been to? That sounds like something Obama would say.


          • bertdilbert says:

            The last shipyard in the LA area, Todd shipyard was closed years ago and now is a container terminal unloading goods from China. It cost 250% more to build a ship in the USA than China or Korea. The facilities that you dream of do not exist.


    • ristvan says:

      I owned a Wisconsin dairy farm for 37 years (just sold last year), to teach my kids about real life (plus great hunting and fishing, horseback riding, and snowmobiling). Don’t be too concerned about American farmers. A very tough lot. There are ups and downs—weather, commodity price cycles, …
      There is a lot of technology change to keep up with. (On my dairy farm, small square to big round hay bales, crushed corn to distillers grain feed supplement, stall milking to a continuous milking parlor, dry silage to chopped fermented wet silage (those big blue Harvestor silos), Roundup Ready seeds enabling some no till planting for erosion control, to name just 5.)

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      • KP Smith says:

        Different story, same result. Respect farmers!

        If a hammer isn’t available, they can drive a 10 penny nail in with their bare hand [metaphorically]. Nothing stops a man that makes his living out of the earth.

        Love to read your posts ristvan… Bless you, and keep up your work enlightening us Treepers.

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        • RIVSTAN ALWAYS has something wise to say…I call it…Intellectual Intensity!!!

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          • hoghead says:

            Now we find out Ristvan was into dairy farming after we found out he is a Harvard-trained lawyer.

            What else do we not know about you, pal?

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            • ristvan says:

              Lots. Including 13 issued US patents as sole or co inventor, for starters. will take you there with the right actual last name input. Hiding in plain sight is best. And BTW, dunno if you are a pal. Mine are up close and personal hunting companions.

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              • hoghead says:

                Ristvan, I was using “pal” in the rhetorical, blue collar, New Yawk/New Joyzee sense.

                But seriously, you do sound like you’d be a good pal to have. Cheers.

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      • Marygrace Powers says:

        “to teach my kids about real life (plus great hunting and fishing, horseback riding, and snowmobiling).”

        What a great gift to your children/their memories will be PRICELESS.

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        • ristvan says:

          Marygrace, my returns are already coming in. My daughter and her husband and two young boys had just bought their first house in Park Ridge, a very nice Chicagoland neighborhood. We had Thanksgiving with them there two years ago after deer hunting on my Wisconsin farm. They went on a week ski trip to Colorado next spring followed by a one day Denver ‘college class reunion’. They got back to Chicagoland, she called me and said,” Dad, we are selling the house (at a quick turn loss) and moving to Colorado. Lifestyle.” They are in Evergreen, up I70 from Denver, and very happy. Fortunately both her job (senior corporate lawyer) and his (brownfield real estate development) were not locationally dependent.

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    • WSB says:

      Bulls&Bears on FBN just now.

      After interviewing a hog farmer disgruntled about the tariffs and wishing TPP had been in place, the panel started mocking PT’s tweet about the US Government paying farmers to provide pork to poor countries. All were laughing that this was the dumbest idea ever, and President Trump was creating a socialist program.

      Some of us believe paying US citizens to provide sustenance to poor countries is better than throwing our own money to dictators, who turn around and launder it back to the CoC.

      Only one commenter seemed to understand that squeezing is a necessity because the US has been scammed for decades. He also correctly said that China would be silly to place tariffs on imported items they really need.

      So here we are…

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      • Kaco says:

        I saw almost the same thing earlier on regular Fox I had streamed. A hog farmer, talking about a 500K hit if he can’t off-load his pigs. I hope something can be done to help them ride this out. We need the farmers, we need their vote, we need to stand strong against Red China draining the wealth and production out of this country, along with our innovations they have stolen, too.

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      • KP Smith says:


        Great post as always, consider:

        Isaiah 65:4 “…which eat swine’s flesh… 65:4 …area smoke in my nose…” He is actually grossed out by swine eaters!

        Col.2:16 “Let no man judge you in meat…”

        Hey, I get it, don’t judge anyone for what they eat. But with so many great things to eat in this world, the last thing I want to be is, “smoke in the nose” of my Heaveny Father! Pig farmers can sell their product to Mexico or wherever else they need to make a buck.

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        • WSB says:

          Thank you for the kind words! Oops! I just posted baconmojies above your post, KP!!!!! LOL!

          I always took that passage as a reference to negromancy, paganism or acting against the Jewsh faith, animal sacrifices…but I suppose it could mean pork crack’lins as well! Ha!

          If taken literally, I am going with bacon and tenderloins as being NOT flesh!

          Still, 🙏 For the 🐖👨‍🌾s!

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      • SwampRatTerrier says:

        RE: “Some of us believe paying US citizens to provide sustenance to poor countries is better than throwing our own money to dictators, who turn around and launder it back to the CoC.”


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    • diogenes says:

      My family refuses to buy any produce that isn’t labeled “Made/Grown in USA” for numerous reasons. One of them is making sure there isn’t any toxic garbage used on it, as is a near certainty from China or Mexico.

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    • drlou007 says:

      There are almost no ‘farmers’ the way you think of them. There is big international AgriBusiness that controls many Dems and RINOs. Trump is going to try to use some of the tariff money to buy farm products and give them to poor countries to satisfy these creeps. Mabe some will trickle down to the few little farmers who are left.

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  5. alligatriot says:

    Renewing my efforts to buy American.
    Renewing my efforts to convince family and friends to buy American.

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  6. Mark L. says:

    I can hear the squealing elected pigs.

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  7. Monadnock says:

    Gotta say it again: I love this man

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  8. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    It will be revealing to see who the earliest and loudest voices from Congress are. The Chicoms bought and paid Congress will show itself….

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    • Rileytrips says:

      Many of them are really too dumb to understand how this all works…and how it COULD work really well for Americans. They just listen to the latest “talking point” from their party leader, and accept that religiously, along with donations from lobbyists, of course. Pray for those, they are weak and lack intelligence, and only Almighty God can turn their hearts and minds.The others are actual traitors to the country, sell-outs for personal gain and power, and they DO understand.

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  9. William Schneider says:

    Sundance I like your relentless optimism and ability to see the big picture. It gives me hope amidst the madness of MSM pessimism and simplistic shortsightedness.

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  10. Mad Mike says:

    Another great article sundance. As you’ve said, this stand has been long desired by true Americans and I’m so thankful we have the perfect person in the White House for the job.

    We’ve GOT to bring manufacturing back to the States. When folks are working, everything else falls into place.

    President Trump has the winning hand and he knows it. Exciting times!

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  11. hoghead says:

    If the people in this country who spy…sorry…”investigate”, want to do some good work for a change, let them thoroughly inspect the members of congress in both parties who have any sort of relationship with the people’s republic of China or any of its butt boys.

    I suspect the American people would be outraged at who these pols actually serve. (This might be the best explanation for why our “leaders” have consistently ruled against the will of the people for so long.)

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  12. One Voice says:

    You have to believe that China will do everything in its power and influence to have Pres. Trump lose in 2020. Dozens of so-called (Chinese-financed) Repubs will be turning on him .It will be ugly.

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    • Dutchman says:

      So, whats new? They already have thrown everything they have against him.
      But, DJT is not a ‘Teflon President’, he is an “I’m rubber, you’re glue, everthing you throw at me, bounces off of ME, and sticks to YOU!”

      PDJT is saying “Go ahead, punk,….make my day!”
      Projectiles, idle threats at my kids, projectile vomiting, I don’t CARE. NOTHING is going to sway me from my coarse!
      His opponent, Chicoms, thru their foriegn and domestic allies, have thrown EVRRYTHING they have at him, and he keeps getting STRONGER.
      Like with the tarifs, where China ‘runs out’of U.S. goofs to tariff, and PDJT can just keep going, his domestic opponents have run out of ammunition.

      And, having held his ammunition till seeing yhe whites of their eyes, they are defenceless, and he can fire at will.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. chojun says:

    Key point here from Sundance:

    “The third highest variable cost of goods beyond raw materials first, labor second, is energy. President Trump unleashed the U.S. energy sector and slashed regulations; as a consequence the U.S. manufacturing price of any given product now allows for global trade competition even with higher U.S. wage prices.”

    I think it’s important to know HOW the US can compete with the rest of the world when our Manufacturing cost – via labor – is more expensive than the rest of the world, especially the developing world.

    The truth is that there is a hidden cost that the rest of the world would like everyone to continue to ignore. That is, taxes and regulation. A great example of this is people pointing at Sweden and their excellent healthcare system. They would like everyone to ignore the fact that Swede taxpayers are on the hook for as much as 70% of their income to pay for this.

    Much of the world’s production capacity is lost to what should be known as waste and legalized graft – states imposing cost on production by way of taxes and regulation. Governments are notoriously inefficient and very little of the money or production capacity that is skimmed off their economies is re-invested. Are we supposed to expect that the same nations, who enact punitive tax schemes against their workers and earners, wouldn’t do the same to their producers?

    By cutting taxes and reducing regulation, Trump has enabled the consumers and producers of the United States to keep their money – the vast majority of which is re-invested (privately) into production, thereby expanding the economy.

    Big League.

    PS: Biden says that none of this is working for the common man and it should all be repealed. :hmm:

    Liked by 6 people

  14. Akindole says:

    Gonna get harder and harder to find those Chinese burritos.

    Liked by 2 people

  15. cthusername says:

    25% of $200 billion is not much, $50 B. Our balance of trade deficit with China is about 5 times that. I would increase this tariff over time to at least 100%. Ultimately, we need to close the deficit and of course stop intellectual property theft. Allowing Chinese nationals into our universities to steal our research needs to be stopped.

    Liked by 3 people

  16. 335blues says:

    It will be an interesting interplay to see which senators stick their necks out
    to stand up for communist china and globalist multinational corporations,
    INSTEAD OF AMERICA CITIZENS. Especially with some, perhaps many of them,
    up for re-election in 2020. The American people can sometimes have short memories,
    much to their detriment, but in this case the election is barely a year away.
    It will be hard for duplicitous senators to ‘wash their hands’ of the red chinese stain
    in time for the campaigns that will be ramping up in earnest shortly.
    And we all will be shouting from the rooftops to remind America of their treachery.

    Liked by 8 people

  17. yy4u says:

    I suspect China, like NK, took heart when their allies took over the House of Representatives in 2019. They expect the Dems to come through for them and hamstring President Trump. Add in the Republicans that represent Wall Street and China and you have what we have now.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Dutchman says:

      Sorry, but IMHO, China has full control of NK, and China had full control of House of Representatives (and Senate, as well) WELL before the 2019 election.

      Read Sundances article, AGAIN. These elements, collectively known as Uniparty, have controlled BOTH Houses of Congress, for MANY years.

      It doesn’t matter which ‘face’ is minority, which is majority, both are,owned by China.

      If you have a baseball in your Right hand, and you toss it in the air, and catch it with your LEFT hand, you STILL control the ball.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Yy4u says:

        Dutchman — reread my post.

        I said the same thing as you… i just pointed out that China and NK can hang tough because the Dems took the House.

        YES the Repubs are owned by China too but they need to pretend they are an opposition party in order to be elected. This is how they have played us for decades. Perot tried to tell us in 1992.

        They work together. Notice that the Dems base didnt want TPP so Repubs obligingly passed it FOR their cohorts. Think of the times the Dems did the same thing for their Repub cohorts.

        Ryan NEEDED to lose the House to maintain the illusion that the Repubs are not just one side of the Uniparty.. We were catching on that a REPUB House was no different than a Dem House would be. No defunding Planned Parenthood. No stopping illegal immigration.
        No fiscal responsibility. No cutting government….

        Which is why McConnell is trying to lose the Senate.

        After they get rid of Trump they can go back to business as usual. They don’t realize Trump voters are done being fooled. If they take doen Trump it us the end of the GOP.

        For decades they have been lying to the base. Both sides are Globalist Uniparty. Dems are just socialist and repubs are corporatist. Neither side represents us, we the people.

        Both wings of the Uniparty expected Hillary go win and the charade to continue. OOPS. We found out who the Repubs really were in 2017. Now we are stuck. If the Dems have the House and Senate they will impeach and we will have had our last election in 2016.


  18. Publius2016 says:

    I think Taiwan is key! $600 billion GDP annually!! Believe 45 wants to end 1 China ideology like 45 wants to end Radical Islam!!!

    Why deal with China where everything is Communist (all land leases no private property) and the Chinese steal all intellectual property?

    Liked by 3 people

    • Dutchman says:

      Ah, the SECOND glaring weakness of the paper tiger that is China; the so called “One China”.
      Conmunism consists in part of repeating lies, over and over until they become accepted.

      We think of China as “X” billion people.
      However, there are many ‘ethnic minority enclaves’ in China, which China suppresses, and attempts to brutally assimilate.

      IF, as I suspect, PDJT is sort of following Reagans model for bankrupting USSR, these areas can be thought of as being like Eastern Europe. In the event of a collapse of Chicom rule of China, due to bankruptcy, I suspect these regions will strive for autonony, and if successful be virulently anti-conmunist, much like Poland and Hungary.

      So, not JUST Taiwan, then.

      Liked by 8 people

      • KP Smith says:

        “We think of China as “X” billion people”.

        Quantity of heathen souls is meaningless to our Heavenly Father’s plan. One person [VSG President Trump] and GOD make the majority! The rest are just waiting until they see the light. This dispensation…or the next. Pray for everyone. Father’s Plan will come to pass EXACTLY as it’s written.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Publius2016 says:

        very good comparison…one difference of course is the time that China was united…more than 2,000 years…USSR was less than a lifetime…

        Liked by 2 people

        • cthulhu says:

          It should be noted that “an empire under unified rule” ignores an awful lot to make a propaganda point. It references the final chapter of the “Warring States” period of Chinese history, a civil war between the states of Chu, Han, Qin, Wei, Yan, Qi and Zhao, where Qin triumphed over the other six states by 221 BC. And, yet, the Qin Dynasty only lasted from 221-206BC before being supplanted by the Han Dynasty, which lasted over 400 years, until 220AD.

          China has been China for 2000+ years the same way that Italy has been Italy for 2000 years… other words, mostly not. It should also be noted that the Qin Dynasty ruled over a tiny patch of what is today modern China.

          Nice Wikipedia link —


          • Beigun says:

            Bring back the Bund and carve up China like a melon? That was when China was considered the “poor man of Asia.” On the contrary, the Tributary State system based on trade last a long, long time, centered on the Middle Kingdom. History is history, and you will find China was more like Athens and Japan more like Sparta in an Asian context. Unfortunately, Mao destroyed the Five Classics and the idea that anyone could become a Mandarin through merit of examination.


  19. KP Smith says:

    Only left one entity off your list…

    “However, Lighthizer and Trump are not only fighting China, they are fighting U.S. politicians who are beneficiaries of China. They are also fighting against the U.S. CoC, the multinational corporations, Wall Street and members of both political parties who desperately want to stop any trade balance reset.”

    Satan, who wants to f things over, especially in the US of A. Come to think of it, all those you mention already belong to his club, so maybe you nailed it. I bow to Sundanc’s expertise.

    Liked by 3 people

  20. Dutchman says:

    So many things to cheer about. A special thrill for me; PDJT tweeting that the 100’s of Billions of $ a year we will be taking in, from tarifs on China, can be used to finance the 2 Trillion $ infrastructure bill.

    Pelosi came out of her meeting with PDJT (on infrastructure) absolutely GIDDY. SHE (thought) she had snookered him, right at the outset!
    First, she ‘got’ him to agree, with (surprise to her) no resistance from POTUS to agree to raise to 2 trillion.

    “But wait, theres MORE!” chuckled Nancy. She ‘got him to agree that HE would come up with plan, for how to PAY for it! She was figuratively drywashing her hands! “Nyah ah ah, NOW we’ve GOT you!” She thought.

    Its 2 Trillion $, over 10 years. 100 billion $ a year, over 10 years is,….what? THERE, Nancy is your financing! And, since CHINA is going to be footing the bill, of coarse I have NO problem, increasing the amount! Heck, I would have gone HIGHER, if you had suggested it!

    Lets have the BEST roads, bridges, airports, schools etc. in the WORLD.
    ALL payed for by YOUR benefactors CHICOMS and Multinationals, as we exfiltrate wealth back INTO America!

    So, Nancy how hapoy are you now?
    “CURSES! DRAT that Trump, foiled again!”

    Liked by 9 people

  21. Doppler says:

    Great article, Sundance. Oh for the ability to spread the word.

    President Trump now predicts “Sleepy Joe” Biden will win the primary, and clearly the plurality of Dems are more comfortable with him now than with any of the more leftist candidates. In addition to being “sleepy” and “creepy,” Biden has a big China problem, via his son’s Billion dollar investment from the Chinese government. See Schweizer, Secret Empires. And Biden is trying to play to the blue collar base and to the Wall Street, CoC donor base by defending China: “they’re good folks, folks. But, they’re not competing with the US. C’mon!” Hopefully, that will play to his donor base, but not his blue collar base, not his Main Street base.

    Sleepy, Creepy, China Joe Biden.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dutchman says:

      To me, the question is, will their,…hard to distinguish the MOST extreme base, of a very extreme party,…bernie/aoc grassroots people, ACCEPT sleepy creepy joe, or ANY main party nominee.

      They are still REAL pissed that they got hosed last time. Will they really fall for the same old machinations as in 2016, (and every election prior), or is their 2020 Convention going to be 1968, all over again.

      I vote the latter, and have a semi truck load of popcorn, scheduled for delivery, the week before the Convention starts.


      • Bubba Cow says:

        Bernie has become desperate and had to recruit AOC to be the “body” for his socialism pitch for credit debt interest – trying desperately to be seen (as are they all)


  22. lfhbrave says:

    It is a well known secret in DC that POTUS listens to Dobbs. We know Dobbs reads CTH/Sundance. Perhaps we should all pat ourselves on the back?

    Liked by 1 person

  23. rustybritches says:

    This morning Rep Hurd was out talking about how the TIT FOR TAT TRADE WAR IS NO WAY TO DEAL WITH CHINA sad, these people just never get it
    I guess its no wonder that all of these people are against the President. They don’t know from one min to the next what he is going to do,
    This morning also, I read where the Chinese Econ is in bad shape some of their business are not getting any orders and they are not doing so well They blame the President and today before china left the talks they said he might not be trustworthy Well my gosh,.we do know that we cant trust China and We have a President that knows how to deal with things like this, but what I don’t understand is how can a newspaper write that with all the deals that China is doing in Europe that they are blocking off America and I agree that’s what they are trying to do but also some of the countries that they have already made a deal with are coming apart now and they are asking for more money or goods from china to help off set what they are losing with the deal

    I can remember a time when we didn’t need any other country and I was only a young person when I first heard about how they were going to out Source our jobs to china and india and other places and We would be so happy with things because they would cost less and we would have more jobs but that didn’t happen Our shops closed our Manafactures boarded up their business and left none of what they said turned out to be true.. I do believe that PT knows what he is doing and trust him with my life. however I am worried after listening to what one of the Farmers said on Fox earlier about how this needs to be fixed so they don’t lose anymore
    I don’t know how they can win or lose if we ship what they Grow to countries who cant pay for the food The gov will just be the one who pays for that ? and our taxes will be a big part of their subsidies Don’t understand Well have to go back to work been off to long today
    Hope and Pray for Our President and hope that in the very near future the Chinese will understand that this President loves to play cat and mouse

    Liked by 4 people

    • WSB says:

      There are a few comments upthread about farmers.


    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      RE: “….these people just never get it…”

      Oh I think they get it!

      They get it to the tune of Million$ in Bribe Money (lobbying money) each year!!!

      Search for some of the online articles about how the Congress Critters go to DC with “normal” net worth and then in a very few short years are MILLIONAIRES!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  24. ristvan says:

    Dunno whether this session ended early, as implied. Do know it was unreasonably for anyone to think a deal would have been concluded today under the circumstances. Obvious given the diplomatic cable nullifying lots of previously agreed stuff (implicitly by Xi) that as Sundance points out the Politbureau balked. So this session likely simply sent a very clear message back to Beijing. It will take months and months of real pain for Beijing to change their minds. The pain only began at midnight today.

    The next few weeks will flush out China oriented RINOs and CoC bought pols. Will make good primary target shooting for 2020.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Monadnock says:

      “It will take months and months of real pain for Beijing to change their minds. The pain only began at midnight today.”

      I relish the thought of the bought and paid for members of the house and senate starting to see their chicom contributions drying up as they demonstrate their inability to move 45 into China’s preferred economic agreement model. Grinning so much my face hurts! 🙂

      Liked by 5 people

    • davidb says:

      @ Ristvan…’s a like for your post and 50 more for the last 50 times you posted.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Niagara Frontier says:

      Primary targeting should be already underway, and in some cases, it may be too late to deny an incumbent the party nomination. Deadlines for primaries come early in the cycle and challengers need to raise tons of money to go after these incumbents. In some places it’s a struggle to even get on the ballot.

      Identifying challengers and direct fundraising needs to start immediately.

      Liked by 2 people

    • LBB says:

      Maria said on her show this morning (before they even convened) that the talks would be shorten because of 4pm flight back to China, but maybe it was still a bit short.

      We aren’t wasting time now, word of tariffs on remaining 300B started.

      “Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Chinese newspaper Global Times, citing “an authoritative source,” tweeted that “talks didn’t break down. Both sides think that the talks are constructive and will continue consultations. The two sides agree to meet again in Beijing in the future.”

      Still, the Trump administration escalated the confrontation again after the Chinese delegation left town. Lighthizer announced Friday evening that he was preparing to impose tariffs on the $300 billion in Chinese imports that haven’t already been targeted. The government will have to get public comment before it can target more Chinese goods.”

      Liked by 1 person

    • Dutchman says:

      Guess we can agree to disagree. I don’t think Chicoms were EVER going to agree, PDJT KNEW they were never going to agree,…..because they CAN’T.

      Their system stamps out innovative thought. Hence, they HAVE to steal innovation. And innovation is absolutely necrsary to compete.

      Whereas the U.S. system encourages innovative thought. Our system discourages using inferior raw materials, lawsuits and product defects.

      Their system ENCOURAGES corner cutting that adversely affects quality.
      Hence, they produce massive amounts of poor quality crap.

      To address this endemic flaws in their system, tjey have to not only free up their markets, but free up their iron grip on thinking, which they will not do.

      This is an existencial battle between Chicoms and PDJT; their can be no negotiated compromise. One is left standing, victorious and the other defeated, destroyed.

      Its Reagan vs. USSR, only instead of weopons systems, its TRADE. Same fundamental principle.

      A rigid, highly centralised and State controlled economy can not compete with a vibrant, free market capitalist economy. He will bankrupt them, just as Reagan did, with USSR.

      Liked by 3 people

  25. ms Idaho says:

    I won’t tell you to watch tv ads, but I am waiting to see a shift from ‘gimme’ ads (insurance, donations, drugs) to products ‘Made in the USA’. washers, dryers, clothes, shoes – anything and everything – proving we are moving away from being ‘services only’.
    Not IF – WHEN!

    Liked by 9 people

  26. As China does so well .. they’re gonna wait and see. Wait and see what happens to Trump politically as tariffs bite segments of our economy. Wait and see if the ever furious democrats can somehow weaken Trump’s approval numbers. Most importantly, wait and see what happens next with our Iran problem (which is a M.E. oil problem for China) .. which will impact our North Korea problem (which is an always available sharp stick for China to poke U.S. with)

    Complicated business. Here’s a good (brief) analysis @

    Liked by 2 people

  27. alliwantissometruth says:

    Besides not getting ripped off anymore and returning America’s wealth and innovation to it’s rightful owners, the American people, another benefit is Trumps economic actions are exposing the corruption and the personal payoffs to our political class

    But the President needs to use his bully pulpit to spread his message, just as Sundance has done here, far and wide

    The politicians and their media operatives will howl with their lies and deceptions about how bad this is for our country, and too many people will believe it due to not understanding what’s really taking place

    A fat body does not get fit without some sweat and pain, and a completely usurped Republic does not return to form without those either

    We simply cannot afford to put off what needs to be done to avoid a little momentary pain. Bold action and steadfast determination is what we need right now for the future of our country

    It’s truly now or never, and if the American people cannot or will not recognize that fact, they deserve to lose their country

    Liked by 1 person

  28. OldSkool says:

    Time to send some more ships into the South China Sea.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. snellvillebob says:

    If they are hungry in Iran we can send them our excess pork.

    Liked by 2 people

  30. woohoowee says:

    MAGA! Orange Man Bad? Nope – to the tune of Sammy Davis, Jr.’s Candy Man:

    Oh, who can take tomorrow
    dip it in a dream
    separate what’s borrowed and collect up all the $green

    The Orange Man
    Oh, The Orange Man can
    The Orange Man can ’cause he mixes it with love and makes the world $trade good

    The Orange Man makes, every deal he shapes
    satisfying and stupendous
    Talk about your fondest wishes
    we can even buy new bridges

    Liked by 3 people

  31. 13wasylyna says:

    McConnell owes his fortune to his wife’s family. McConnell wants to show Trump what can happen to Trumps family if Trump doesnt toe the China line. Burr does nothing that isnt approved by McConnell. The Chao have their Chinese agent as President of the Senate. Read Schweitzers Secret Empires to understand how ethically corrupt McConnell is.

    Liked by 5 people

  32. zephyrbreeze says:

    Oooh, let’s play Hardball.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. twingirls (@twingirls49) says:

    Recently, PDJT stated that the worst deal ever was allowing China into the WTO. Who is responsible? How did it happen?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dutchman says:

      Since no /s, indicating sarcasm, twingirl I assume your ? is legitimate.
      Bill Clinton, after he left office (IIRC) lobbied HARD to get China admitted to WTO.

      Liked by 1 person

  34. Dutchman says:

    WHAT do PDJT domestic opponents, in the pocket of multinational big ag and China, have LEFT in their arsenal?

    Only one thing left, as I see it. Move Impeachment from using as a political weapon, with hearings TOWARDS, but not actually ‘going there’, to ACTUALLY going there.

    House doesn’t need an excuse, let alone a reason. “Orange man bad” is sufficient for a vote to send to Senate.
    Whole purpose of House action would be to develop excuse for ENOUGH Republicans, to vote with Democrats, to convict.

    Without that, Republicons would have to expose their true nature, which they are LOATHE to do.

    IMHO, the whole focus on OSTRUCTION, has been to develop an excuse for Republicons in the Senate, to vote to impeach.

    Republicons can’t say by word or action;
    “PDJT did NOT commit any ‘high crimes or misdemeanors”, but by getting into a trade war with China, and bringing $100 billion /year into our treasury, he is hurting my big ag sponsors, so therefore I am voting to impeach!”

    And, with his tweet SUGGESTING buying excess products and giving to poor countries, he is blunting criticism.
    If they say “NO” to his plan, lets see them explain WHY they are against it.
    They will once again tie themselves in knots, while the American people watch.
    “We are against PDJT’s trade war with China, cause it will hurt Americas farmers!”
    PDJT “No worries, with SOME of the $ from the tarifs, the U.S. Gov. can buy the produce formerly purchased by China, and give it to poor countries!”

    Opponents “NO!”

    PDJT “Why,…are you against foriegn aid?
    You have been spending Billions of dollars in foriegn aid, for many years!

    Against U.S. Gov. manipulating food prices? You have done that for YEARS, putting the Food stamp program in an agriculture bill.

    Their is really no reason for PDJT’s domestic opponenys to OPPOSE the program, and by nevertheless opposing it, they expose their true nature.

    Its like when PDJT PROPOSED granting dreamers amnesty, in exchange for the wall. He KNEW they wanted the issue, and would not accept. But, the Dems who refused it had Dreamers camping out in their offices, and Americans seeing their true nature.

    “DRAT you Trump! Curses, foiled again!”

    Liked by 4 people

  35. Rgt says:

    Pure genius. Now we have to have the guts to follow thru.

    My dad once told me: a lot of people know what to do, have the means to do it, but lack the vital third element…the will.

    Liked by 2 people

  36. Sanj says:

    POTUS just raised the stakes. He’s beginning the process of raising tariffs on another $300B

    Liked by 3 people

  37. jnr2d2 says:

    Sundance: Tell me I am wrong — but it looks like Trump is doing his usual strategy to keep letting the other side have more rope, until they hang themselves. I see the Tariffs going to 25% on all China imports to the USA (I believe 25% is the highest one can do in WTO. True?). Then he’ll move them out of WTO, as they should never been in the “Developed Most Favored Nation club), back to where they were!!!!!!.


    • Dutchman says:

      You make a valid point, that hadn’t occurred to me. Actually, its most favored nation TRADING status. Now HOW can you say a coontry is that, while simultaneously hitting them with 100 billion a year in tarifs?

      I suppose PDJT could wisecrack “But they ARE my favorite trading partner, cause I LOVE me some tariffs!” but yeah, at some point that ‘status’ goes by the,wayside, NEVER should have been.

      Thanks to the ‘fixer in chief’, Bill Clinton!

      So, I get it! Having destroyed Obamas legacy, in his FIRST two years,…now VSGDJT id going after Clintons legacy, as well. Actually, pretty well destroyed Bush’s legacy, with his sctions in ME, as well.

      Crap, by start of second admin, he’ll be going after FDR!

      Liked by 2 people

  38. Jeff says:

    I will gladly pay more for a label that says “Made In America.”
    And to all those Nay-saying Nervous Nellies bewailing that this group or that group will suffer, I ask you this:
    Would you prefer that China keep stealing us blind?
    (I think I already know the answer to that one)


  39. mtk says:

    When you plant your tree in another man’s orchard don’t be surprised when you end up paying for your own apples….

    I think a better turn of phrase would be…

    When you allow another man to plant a tree in your orchard don’t be surprised when they claim ownership of your orchard…

    Liked by 1 person

  40. citizen817 says:

    Liked by 2 people

  41. thedoc00 says:

    It will be interesting how the Markets react because the President and his team played the “headline algorithms” like fiddle this afternoon, which his team making progress.

    If the headline algorithm traders do not adjust or fine tune their metrics, it would be fun to watch the President’s team toy with them. I also would not mind it because allot retiree as well as work place 401’s (457. 403, et al) portfolio’s is tied to Wall Street.


  42. Kleen says:

    I don’t the Chinese Gov has ever been this confused.

    Every trick that used to work, suddenly it doesn’t


  43. tgimacb says:

    Fewer Walmart trinkets?
    Hey, it’s a win like banning plastic straws, bags, take away containers.
    Knock off hand purses; perfumes, shoes.
    Girls, if ya wanna look and smell slutty, you’ll be paying retail.
    America’s 25% tariff’s on exports of hog bellies gonna hurt the consuming Chinese a great deal worse.
    She Zen Ping pong, you have some ‘splainin to do
    Ingenuity? Promotion of education!
    Learn engineering skills!
    Theft is theft.


  44. ladyliberty11 says:

    Loverly, just loverly, Sundance. Although I rarely comment on your superb, comprehensive, illuminating, etc., etc. economic analyses, I devour each and every article with glee, full stop.

    With each illuminating exposition, my knowledge increases exponentially, growing by leaps and bounds, so that this Deplorable cannot explain, without blowing the minds of my non-deplorable, liberal friends, exactly how, what, when, where and why our dear VSGPT is transforming the U.S. economy.

    While the level of my discourse and apparent understanding of trade and macro and micro-economics appears profound (thank you, Sundance), they just can’t understand why my economic predictions so often come true. Recognizing that they are brainwashed and ill-informed is one hill too high for them to climb. Love it!


  45. Kleen says:

    This won’t end well for China.

    Xi won’t last.

    When people starve they revolt.


    • thedoc00 says:

      Long before the “people” revolt, the Board of Directors of China Inc., the Communist Party Central Committee and Chinese Armed Forces, will retire President (for as long as we say) Xi.


  46. Sundance, the scope and clarity of your post is truly one of your BEST!

    Elegant Synopsis.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    Liked by 1 person

  47. BobC says:

    I’m wondering what the Xi/Politburo relationship is like right now. As ‘President for life,’ Xi has the most dangerous job in the world because there is no definition of how long that ‘life’ will be and what the contingencies will be. So, is Xi trying to make a good faith deal on the terms as negotiated, but the Politburo is dead against it, or is the Politburo ready to make the deal but Xi won’t do it. Either way there’s trouble in Beijing. Perhaps Xi will suddenly decide to step down to ‘spend more time with his family’ or suffer a ‘serious health episode’ (perhaps bullet-induced) that renders him incapable of carrying on.

    As PDJT would say: “We’ll see what happens.”


    • thedoc00 says:

      that is why I take license to change his title to President (for as long as we say so) Xi. Many experts have it backwards, thinking Xi is in control. His “control” lasts as long as the majority of the Board of Directors of China Inc., the Central Committee of the Communist Party and Chines Military, give him a favorable performance rating. Descendants of Moa and Zhou Enlai found this out the hard way.


  48. Xi thought President Trump was bluffing when he pointed his big .44 magnum tariff gun at China’s head and said, “Go ahead. Make my day.”


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