Wolverine Blood – USTR Robert Lighthizer Testimony on U.S-China Trade Negotiations to House Ways and Means Committee…

You might want to bookmark this congressional testimony from U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to the House Ways and Means Committee for specific purposes…
There are many people who are understandably worried that any U.S. trade agreement between the U.S. and China might not have the most ferocious teeth behind a binding enforcement provision.  If you listen to Ambassador Lighthizer he makes clear that President Donald Trump, and the negotiating team, will not accept any agreement that does not have the strongest enforcement mechanisms at every level.

In his testimony Lighthizer walks through the basic outline of what a U.S. successful agreement would look like.  While increased Chinese purchases to lower the deficit are a part of the goal, they are a VERY SMALL part of the goal.
The protection of U.S. intellectual property; the removal of non-tariff trade barriers; the confrontation of currency manipulation and the sector by sector enforcement provisions are the primary objective.

The Section 301 review, and the subsequent tariffs on Chinese products, is the issue that pried open the Chinese fist and allowed Lighthizer, Ross and Mnuchin to begin negotiating a trade deal.  Everything is happening as a consequence of those initial 301 tariffs; and the tariff increase is only being suspended, not removed.
Secondly, within the hearing Lighthizer is facing committee membership who have been purchased by The United States Chamber of Commerce and CoC President Tom Donohue. Those thoroughly corrupt, Wall Street purchased, globalist democrat and republican CoC politicians only care about removing the tariffs and getting back to the multinational exploitation of trade.
These corrupt political voices also do not want the USMCA.  So part of Lighthizer and Trump’s pressure on congress to get the USMCA passed, it to keep the threat of the Chinese tariffs for use against the Chamber of Commerce politicians (Dems and Republicans; the UniParty Big Club).
Lighthizer and Trump are not only fighting China, they are fighting U.S. politicians who are beneficiaries of China. They are also fighting against the U.S. CoC, the multinational corporations, Wall Street and members of both political parties who desperately want to stop any trade balance reset.
Almost half, perhaps more than half, of congress has a better financial self-interest if China can gain economic superiority over the United States.   This congressional hearing, and the severity of Lighthizer toward those purchased politicians, highlights this very tenuous internal challenge.
Stop and think about this again.
The U.S. economic, trade and manufacturing system is so structurally broken, after three decades of severe corruption by corporate financial interests: Almost half, perhaps more than half, of congress has a better financial self-interest if China can gain economic superiority over the United States.
One of those key congressional members who benefits ONLY if the USMCA is destroyed, and China rises to be the world’s primary economic power, is Mitch McConnell.  Others include Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and most senior members of both wings of the UniParty.  It is in their personal financial interest to remove Donald Trump.
There are trillions at stake.
Remember this.
Watch it as time permits, and bookmark his testimony.


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67 Responses to Wolverine Blood – USTR Robert Lighthizer Testimony on U.S-China Trade Negotiations to House Ways and Means Committee…

  1. Dances with Wolverines says:

    This is more important than the bogus Cohen testimony. I just hope we win!

  2. necsumadeoinformis says:

    Go get em, Wilberine.

  3. jeans2nd says:

    The Washington think tanks are also a big part of this economic corruption. Check out today’s think talk topics – Atlantic Council, Aspen Institute, CFR, Brookings, CSIS, etc etc. Every single think tank is covering China, how China is the future, China is the main trade partner, China China China.
    They are all in on it.
    Godspeed Amb Lighthizer, and thank you.

  4. Tom22ndState says:

    Hell to the yeah, thank you once again Sundance. MAGA children!

  5. Scott says:

    I think Mitch and wife will make their money regardless of USMCA or tariffs/new trade deal on China. Mitch may be a little dumb but his wife isn’t. I’m sure she will structure her interests to make money. Maybe not quite as much, but she won’t be cut off.
    Mitch has COC masters to repay and to keep his power. He will be fine regardless of the trade outcome.

    • ?Gunny66 says:

      In Asia….it is a fact and tradition……….the men work for the money……
      The women……”Control the Money”……Mitch’s wife runs the show

    • olderwiser21 says:

      Scott – I would think Mitch and wife have enough money by now – don’t you? I wonder what they are so worried about. They can’t take it with them.

  6. czecharthur says:

    It is totally amazing to me that after fighting communism for almost half a century especially Soviet Union, the traitors to this country and Europe hungry after cheap labor (modern slavery) turn around, sell to the public the globalist song (Trump’s speech) of “free trade” and build up a communist empire in China!!!!!! So now we have to fight communist again, but this time much stronger. I guess they couldn’t find a democracy with cheap labor? They should be all prosecuted not celebrated because one day all this will backfire.

    • Janie M. says:

      czecharthur, China makes no pretense of their ambition to be the dominant world power, economically and militarily. We have supposed American politicians who have sold their soul to them. The only impediment for China is President Trump. Those bought and paid for congressional members would become useless cannon fodder if it were to succeed (that would be worth the price of a front row seat). Those asshats know Russia had no effect on the election of our President.

    • Patriotalways says:

      Exactly. Building up a communist NUCLEAR empire with our Judas trade wealth. Why are our companies allowed to be in Communist China anyway — stealth treason for 30 pieces of silver. Take away the citizenship away from these corporate traitors.

  7. 335blues says:

    Think about that. It’s worth repeating.
    Almost half of congress is working to destroy America.
    Almost half of congress is working to destroy America.
    Almost half of congress is working to destroy America.
    Almost half of congress is working to destroy America.
    Almost half of congress is working to destroy America.
    Almost half of congress is working to destroy America.
    Almost half of congress is working to destroy America.
    Let it sink in.
    Our own government is working with communist china to destroy us.

    • mr.piddles says:

      “Almost half of congress is working to destroy America.”
      I think it’s more than half. Even if many more than half of Congress (say, for the sake of argument, 70%) are not “actively working”, they are still accomplices of some form and function. They are playing their self-serving part in the Global Scheme, in spite of what they most definitely know to be America’s best interests. Still, the end effect is the same…

    • Jan says:

      And part of that half is working with the rest of the Dimms to make our government a communist government. Let that sink in as well!!

  8. Perot Conservative says:

    Quick point. What Sundance alludes to with McConnell is his and his wife’s ownership of a shipping company.
    Foremost Maritime is registered in the Marshall Islands and sails under a Liberian flag. It has a fleet of over 16 dry-bulk cargo ships. Due to its registration, it pays no taxes. Their ships are built in China.

    • Perot Conservative says:

      Their business reportedly does lots of business with China and has close ties to the Chinese government.

    • 335blues says:

      It also is pretty obvious, that when McConnell can get away with it,
      he maneuvers, and votes, to screw America, and to help communist china.

      • Patriotalways says:

        Just like his political brother Paul Ryan. Selling out America for slave labor. Outsourcing is the flip side of the illegal immigration coin.

    • mr.piddles says:

      “It is in their personal financial interest to remove Donald Trump.”
      There are a lot… A LOT… of people sprinkled throughout The World in McConnell’s position. Which is the underlying PROBLEM, at least as far as Americans are concerned… they are most certainly NOT “America First”. The String Pullers have no problem boycotting, say, Isreali companies, but are seemingly all on board with Blood Oil and Blood Diamonds and China and various forms of Slavery and etc. etc. Cuz money and power. SOMEBODY has to own the ships and pay off the governments and control the water ways and screw everybody else… that’s the game. In an ideal world, you’ll still have Bankers and Brokers and close friends of those… It just so happens that China is probably the worst case scenario, which is what makes the McConnell’s of the world so distasteful.

      • mr.piddles says:

        “you’ll still have Bankers and Brokers”
        As in: the practical reality… and anything but “ideal”, at least in their practical forms.

    • beaujest says:

      Commies,Criminals and Cowards ! Not Honorable Senators !

  9. George Hicks says:

    Gordon Chang was on WABC NY radio this morning on the Bernie and Sid Show, his statements were of the bent that PDJT was making a mistake as to how he was approaching NoKo and thus the Chinese. Now, tonight on Lou Dobbs, Chang seems to be in complete agreement with the President?

    • Jake says:

      Chang and everyone else doesn’t know squat. Trump has built towers in Asia. He understands them better than 99% of Americans. Negotiating is tough over there but he’s been there, done that. I trust the President.

    • olderwiser21 says:

      Gordon who?

    • GB Bari says:

      So….ABC hates PDJT so Chang is critical of PDJT.
      And….Dobbs likes PDJT so Chang agrees with PDJT.
      We are to conclude that Chang says whatever he thinks his particular audience wants to hear.
      THAT’s really being genuine (NOT).

      • George Hicks says:

        GB, under normal circumstances I would agree, except ABC radio has some pretty conservative shows (like Mark Levin), also the show he was on (Bernie & Sid) are friends with the President and are pretty conservative in their own right.

        • GB Bari says:

          OK. I was referring to ABC News and that entire organzation, none of whom ever seem to find anything good to say about the President. I literally have not watched any alphabet networks since the middle of Bush 43’s second term, so I am unaware if they ever have any shows whose hosts are objective or even lean conservative or pro-Trump. I do watch clips of interviews that are posted here in CTH but that’s all.

    • Chang is always definite in his opinions and he usually takes the position that he knows more than President Trump. When he asked asked how he would proceed that would be better he falters and backtracks. I think he has useful insight but no game when it comes to strategy, only criticism.

  10. RageAgainst says:

    Love this guy.
    There has to be some divine intervention in bringing us people like him to save America from it’s own corruption.
    Trump and the Wolverines are battling some evil and corrupt government officials, and this hearing is no different since so many of these people are bought and owned by the C.O.C., and benefit from China keeping its dominance over the US. They also benefit from the new USMCA failing to pass.
    Everything is against them, yet they are taking the abuse, especially Trump, and saving us from China, islam, Globalism, and our own corrupt government.

    • ForGodandCountry says:

      So are you, Sundance, and as with Amb. L, we Treepers ar so fortunate for you and this space. By necessity your Christian name is hidden, but one day we will celebrate it, and you, openly…along with the rest of the great MAGA warriors of this age.
      A thousand thanks to you and the CTH team.

    • Kudos for making this point about Lighthizer. I would like to expand on our good fortune.
      Since I was Bertie County campaign chair for Jesse Helms first Senate run, I have been a keen observer of the DC Follies for a long time. In all of those years I never seen such a capable, competent and committed group assembled as Light, Ross, Nuch, Varo and the Koala. I feel humble and thankful to see these intellectual knights go into battle under the stars and stripes.

  11. tonyE says:

    In a perfect world we’d see these “politicians” and their patrons walked out, hands up in the air, and shipped to a Russian Island North West of Alaska where Putin allowed us to build a US Naval Base with a Prison.
    I think Putin would benefit greatly from that too!
    Oh, don’t forget the Clinton Mafia.

  12. simicharmed says:

    It’s actually (sadly), entertaining watching some of these cretins (those purchased by the COC), ask the provided scripted COC questions they clearly have ZERO understanding of. Bumbling fools gotta get those ignorant talking-points in….

  13. Zaza says:

    For the past half century CHINA has been the greatest and most dangerous threat to the American people and the Deep State has reacted by opening up all doors and allowing all access to the RED menace.
    China is EXHIBIT A of why the Deep State are a confederacy of TRAITORS.

    • WSB says:

      Not only the Deep State but the Shallow Congress. I believe it is a lot more than half.

      • Zaza says:

        Congress are the Deep States henchmen, fut soldiers and bag boys, that’s all Congress is now, we have already LOST that branch of GOVT. The one or three decent ones like Nunnes, Jordan and Paul are so vastly out numbered by the sold out traitors there is literally no chance of recovery there.

  14. joebkonobi says:

    Excuse my language here but you can bet that those Congress Critter Whores for China wanting China to surpass us in economic superiority have a direct line to China and is telling China “Don’t worry, we got this”. “This” being getting rid of President Trump, and as Cummins said today, getting things back to normal. Obviously China will attempt to kick the can down the road for as long as possible hoping for that result.
    The good news is I believe PDJT will still get it done, with both hands and one foot tied behind his back, which will make the victory just that much sweeter. Just sickening that American Legislatures are putting Chinese economic superiority over America’s. Sounds like political treason. . .and very hard to prove, but we all know it is there.
    “There are trillions at stake” and the Globalist own half or more of Congress. Not to be over dramatic but if we lose Trump, we lose America, because everybody else, besides his economic team and a few others, are on the take. Current Congress = Global Mafia. I hope we are not too far down the road to turn things around.

  15. Marshall says:

    More on why Cocaine Mitch is bought and paid for: Peter Schweizer’s Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends
    There are trillions at stake and it looks like Mitch sold out for under $50 million.

  16. Scott says:

    My guess: Trump has told China that they need to show good faith efforts to stave off a raise in Tariffs. Agreeing to buy billions worth of soybeans and rice is a good faith effort. Stick and carrot method. As long as China keeps tweaking Trump will extend.
    Your method of just slapping the tariffs on them despite any decent efforts on their part solves absolutely nothing and hardens the rift instead of softening it. That will also raise the wrath of Congress (again) for no good reason.
    Trump is giving China the rope they need to either save their economy (and save face)or hang themselves. If they don’t give Trump an optimal solution, the tariff is there to hit them with. Trump is a patient man and a fair man.
    It’s an entire paradigm shift for China now. That’s not something that should be rushed. At least that’s my two cents.

    • Lindenlee says:

      The REAL issue is the IP theft. That is where the billions are. China will buy soybeans, but they will not give up the IP theft..They can’t, it is their lifeblood.
      As SD said in a prior article, thry are an export economy, so they must have these things: 1) a continuous, reliable raw materials supply line, and 2) a market to buy stuff, and 3) the IP to steal to manufacture. If any of those are missing, they are in deep doo-doo. The IP is the big deal, Lighthizer and Trump appear to be holding firm on that…

  17. chojun says:

    Two things:
    1) If Congress is as beholden to China’s financial interests as you say, Sundance, then what are the chances that the Cohen testimony occurring at the same time as Trump-Kim negotiations is NOT A COINCIDENCE AT ALL..?
    2) There’s an aspect to the US negotiating position that is quite interesting, that I don’t think many beyond the CTH has picked up upon.
    Structurally, the Chinese economy emerged and developed on the broken trade system created by emergent globalism in the ’80’s and ’90’s. Because of this, a re-negotiated and re-balanced trade system is almost a no-win situation for the Chinese. The only recourse would be to increase the pain level of US consumers by dramatically increasing the cost of goods, especially finished goods.
    There are at least 2 main angles to the US-China trade negotiations that the US delegation is pursuing. These are the trade deficit, and Intellectual Property protections. If one of the two of these Chinese advantages over the US economy were to be eliminated, which one would hurt the most? In my opinion it would be the trade deficit since the Communist Party-run Central Banks have been able to issue liquidity (via different means) into the Chinese economy due to the persistent presence of the US-China trade deficit.
    It’s therefore no surprise to me that the US is willing to trade a little bit of continued trade deficit for a lot of Intellectual Property protection. Over the past decades China has invested in a manufacturing economy attractive to US manufacturers. We invent things, they manufacture the things, then steal the ideas and manufacture subsidized products and sell them in the US at prices with which premium US products cannot compete.
    If Lighthizer is able to cut off the IP spigot, then that particular well will run dry. US-based companies who manufacture their product in China will no-longer have to compete in a losing batle with their own innovation.

  18. GB Bari says:

    I listened to the entire 2 hours and 46 minutes. USTR Lighthizer held up exceedingly well and was consistent and assertive when he needed to be.
    The speeches, whining, complaints, and questions from too many of the committee members were illustrative of exactly what Sundance mentioned in the article above.
    Lighthizer repeatedly told them (I’m paraphrasing here) that unless we agree that there is a trade problem with China then this entire endeavor is moot. Of course no one wanted to argue that with him but a few did respond by saying we recognize the problem we just don’t agree with the chosen path to solution (i.e., TARIFFS). No secret as to whom those Reps are beholden…
    Several times, the whining anecdotes these Reps were telling about some of their constituents’ businesses back home had me yelling “tell them to come up with a better buasiness model than being 100% dependent on cheap products from China”. I don’t think these Congress Reps have any clue about devising robust and flexible business models, developing multiple sources for raw materials and/or products you intend to assemble or resell, etc.
    It underscores the limited, uncreative thnking that exists among far too many in our country. And that is courtesy of the Globalists since the late 1980s.
    This trade reset won’t happen overnight, it took 30+ years to develop, it’ll take at least 5 to 10 years to undo even with focused effort. But these Congress Reps are clueless – or simply masking their desire to retain the status quo for per$onal rea$on$.

    • Jan says:

      Thanks for listening and summarizing, GB Bari. I just can’t abide these Dimm-run hearings. I skipped Cohen’s as well. I’d rather read Treeper summaries & Sundance’s and try and keep my blood pressure down. I’ve watched enough hearings to learn that none of these guys/women–even the lawyers–do their homework or understand their homework and are incapable of asking intelligent questions on tough problems like China offers to the U.S.
      As others above have said, Thank God for the trade team and the President. We have been sold out by our Congress and the Deep State and politicians.
      (Currently watching FOX News–no agreement has been reached between NoKo and the US–Pres. Trump didn’t give away the farm. Take that, you yahoo networks that call yourselves journalism and news)

  19. Ghost says:

    Observations from a smaller limb.
    China’s manufacturing PMI index fell for the third straight month. PMI is a survey of purchasing managers in the manufacturing industry. Above 50 is expanding below 50 is contracting. Each .1 has connotations.
    February: 49.2
    January: 49.5
    December: 49.4
    New manufacturing export orders are falling 45.2 this month down from 46.9 last month. Their services PMI is at dropped from 54.7 last month to 54.3 this month. It also is falling. New services orders have dropped to 50.7 nearing the 50 level. Consider this is after a major stimulus done last month, didn’t have the hoped for results.
    They are heading into a recession. Any delay of removing current tariffs digs a deeper hole for them. Adding additional tariffs could be devastating to them. PDJT has time and patience he is going to win.

  20. Hebo Sabe says:

    What are the pins that these representatives wearing?

  21. Tiffthis says:

    I love when Lighthizer said he had no intention of bringing the bill to congress ??? it’s a 301 (or whatev number) settlement. Very creative ??

  22. USMCA faces immense elite opposition and will test Congress if the Mitch puts it to a vote, instead of sitting on it: https://bit.ly/2tHRESV

  23. Pyrthroes says:

    How, specifically, did Donahue’s CoC and K Street attain this overriding, up-close and personal, financial leverage on senior U.S. legislative figures?
    Repealing 1932’s Glass-Steagall Act at Wall Street’s merchant/investment banks’ behest in 1999 most surely played a role, but Central Bankers’ fiscal/monetary (MMT) coteries from Bush I in 1989 have leveraged multi-tens of $trillion “thin air” (unsecured) sovereign debt to Globulists’ (sic) kleptocratic “One World Order” purposes.
    By now, long-suffering bourgeois worldwide are at early 1780s and mid-Great War points. Either Brussels and global DC clerisies, Enargues, nomenklatura, mandarinates begin to sense their ingrown-toenail cliques at-risk, or direct-action will make this very plain.

  24. Jee Pacorn says:

    Wilburine is awesome on the CPAC main stage right now.

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