Rep. Doug Collins Releases Transcript From ‘Spygate’ Target George Papadopoulos…

Earlier today House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins, released the 239-page transcript (full pdf below) from testimony delivered by George Papadopoulos.  This latest transcript release happens on the same day that Papadopoulos released his book, “Deep State Target.”

George Papadopoulos is the low-level Trump campaign advisor targeted by the CIA and FBI in early 2016.  Papadopoulos was the excuse behind the FBI conducting Operation Crossfire Hurricane that began on July 31st, 2016.

It is widely suspected, almost certain, that CIA Director John Brennan enlisted the help of U.S. and foreign intelligence assets to run operations against the Trump campaign. The objective was to give the false and manufactured appearance of compromise.  Once the CIA established the possibility of compromise that opened the door for FBI investigation.

It’s likely the operation run by Brennan targeting Papadopoulos is at the center of the two-page “EC” (electronic communication); an origination document given to FBI Director James Comey to start the counterintelligence operation (Crossfire Hurricane) against the Trump campaign.  Two of the intelligence assets Brennan organized were Joseph Misfud and Stefan Halper.

Despite his position as a central target of the FBI investigation, Papadopoulos was never questioned until January 2017; highlighting the point he was indeed simply a manufactured tool to assist the larger scheme in monitoring candidate Trump.  George Papadopoulos was never charged with any illicit criminal or spying activity.

When Robert Mueller took over the Crossfire Hurricane operation, the FBI ran an elaborate entrapment string against Papadopoulos using a CIA asset in Israel and a payment of $10,000 in cash.  FBI Agents were waiting at the airport in Washington DC for Papadopoulos to return.  However, that part of the Mueller plan failed because Papadopoulos left the money behind.  So they applied pressure another way, from his book:

Here’s the Transcript:


Now, many people have asked: what could possibly put George Papadopoulos on the radar of John Brennan?  Why make him a target?

Well, remember that 2014/2015 massive natural gas reserve discovery off the coast of Israel…. long before the 2016 election?

Remember that?

Well, there was a development late in 2018:

JERUSALEM (AP) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday said that Israel, Greece and Cyprus will sign an agreement early next year to build a pipeline to carry natural gas from the eastern Mediterranean to Europe, while the United States pledged its support for the ambitious project.

The $7 billion project, expected to take six or seven years to complete, promises to reshape the region as an energy provider and dent Russia’s dominance over the European energy market. It also could curtail Iranian ambitions to use Syria as a gateway to the eastern Mediterranean.

Speaking at a summit with the Greek and Cypriot leaders in southern Israel, Netanyahu said the three nations reaffirmed their commitment to the pipeline and discussed “important aspects” of the project. Italy is also a partner in the pipeline’s planning. Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades said the project is waiting for a green light from the European Union to move forward.

“We’re going to sign formally, officially, this agreement in a few months,” he said.

In another boost for the project, U.S. Ambassador David Friedman hailed the pipeline as integral to the “stability and prosperity of the Middle East and Europe,” and urged all countries in the region to ensure its success.

Washington is eyeing the east Mediterranean with renewed interest. In a meeting with the Greek foreign minister earlier this month, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the region “an important strategic frontier” for Washington, which is working to strengthen its relations with “democratic allies there like Greece and Cyprus and Israel.”  (read more)

Here’s the interesting aspect…. Do you know who was the original energy policy consultant; the person who wrote the obscure -at the time- policy paper; a plan to avoid putting an EU pipeline through Turkey; and the person who put all of these regional heads together; that ultimately ended with this announced deal?

That would be the little known, generally invisible young energy adviser, who would eventually become the central figure in the “spygate” targeting, George Papadopoulos.

Yes, for those following the granules as they expose, that 2014 energy extraction strategy; a plan from a little known energy consultant; would have put Papadopoulos in opposition to the interests of President Obama, candidate Clinton, Turkey, Qatar and ultimately Iran and Russia.

Huh… Funny that.

It’s almost as if…..

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252 Responses to Rep. Doug Collins Releases Transcript From ‘Spygate’ Target George Papadopoulos…

  1. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Truly bizarre shit…..

    Curtis Heide, he tells me basically, we want you to wear a wire to go after Joseph Mifsud or to get some sort of information about him.
    And my recollection of his response was, we know what you’re up to. I know everything about you. I know what you are doing with the Israelis, and you’re lucky they’re allies or we’d bust you, or something weird like that

    SERGEI MILLIAN (major dossier source)CONTACT
    Millian reached out to PapaD around July 22 2016
    One day, in October or November (2016) in Chicago, where I felt that he (Sergei Millian) was wearing a wire or he was setting me up for something about this proposal that he was talking about. He came to Chicago, we met at Trump Tower. He was very nervous, and he started telling me yet this deal that I think is for $30,000 a month, it’s a PR gig for a contact of mine in Russia…..And but you have to understand, George, that if we do this you still have to work for Trump. And he was looking at me with his eyes really bogged out, very nervous.

    (Wonder if there are any further versions of the dossier we haven’t seen with this encounter included or where PapaD is named)

    As I stated, the reason I went to talk to them was because I thought that this person, Sergei Millian, was probably a person of interest that I could help them with. And it was a voluntary interview, of course. I wasn’t forced to go down. It was a voluntary interview. I was helping my country.
    Mr. Meadows. So let me get this straight, you went voluntarily to talk to the FBI to try to help them with an investigation, of which they taped privately, and then used that against you for the purpose of saying that you gave false testimony to them

    Mr. Breitenbach. Who mentioned the idea of you acting as an Israeli agent?
    Mr. Papadopoulos. I believe it was Andrew Goldstein, the prosecutor from the special counsel’s team. During the last meeting I had with them — along — he said something along the lines of this is our last meeting. We have to make a decision, it’s either you’re going to accept one count of lying to the FBI or we’re going to charge you with obstruction. I think he said maybe even multiple counts of lying and acting as a foreign agent of Israel.
    Mr. Baker. Did that relate to the $10,000?
    Mr. Papadopoulos. To this day, I don’t know what it relates to. I don’t. It could be a combination of many things, but they were very sensitive about that. And actually had notified my previous counsel that it’s up to them, meaning my previous counsel, if we would like that to be in the status of offense or not. But it didn’t seem that they were very enthusiastic about — meaning the special counsel — wasn’t enthusiastic about actually putting that in

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Mueller SC are outright law-breaking criminals.

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    • Cathy M. says:

      Niiice /s/.
      Both Carter Page & Papa voluntarily assisted & provided the FBI with info in furtherance of FBI investigations then the FBI turns around & burns them..

      The FBI was notorious for burning their sources at a drop of a hat, at least in the states where I had worked. I guess that practice was farther spread than I thought.

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    • deguello13 says:

      For the life on me I cannot fathom why believing and commenting that the evil Russians hacked HerSelf’s inviting email server is cause for investigation. Didn’t everyone at that time believe that, and didn’t many, as I certainly did, say that to many friends and acquaintances? Why didn’t the feds investigate us too? Oh, I get it, we were not an means to tap the Trump campaign.

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  2. Fools Gold says:

    Is it just me? I’m ready to see these two eggheads cracked with a baseball bat.

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  3. PoxOnTheDnc says:

    They #FBI were acting as international pimps they were not using “OCONUS lures” they were using “SUCCUBUS lures”

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  4. ValJar okayed/orderted Brennan to initiate the hoax in order to protect Obama. Protecting HRC was merely a by-product. She was expendable and was being used by the Muslims.

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  5. Please help

    Where has Admiral Mike Rogers been for the last two years? Isn’t he likely to know where the bodies are buried? Seems like he was one of the few good guys, but he has been strangely absent.

    Also…much was made, at the time, when Mr. Trump declined daily intel briefings. The IC was offended. Trump was arrogant. The dossier was presented by Comey as an example of why Mr. Trump needed the intel briefings. (And Senator Schumer noted that Trump ought to realize that the IC can hurt you 6 ways to Sunday. Samantha Power noted that you don’t piss off Director Brennan.)

    Question…is it possible that the IC needed to conduct daily briefings with Trump as part of the grand entrapment plan, and the panicked when he demurred? Is it possible Trump suspected something (maybe a tip from Rogers) and wisely declined?

    Any ideas?

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  6. Bryan Alexander says:

    Some speculation here:

    Obama was a bad actor from the get-go. Remember Maxine waters back in 2013, “Obama is building a database the likes of which the world has never seen.”? I venture a guess that Obama started illegally unmasking politicians conversations during his first term. Some of the flips are unexplainable. Unless they were blackmailed. Knowing how the FISA warrant was obtained, is it any stretch at all to believe that other “opposition” politicians were targeted?

    Will not surprise me if FISA judges were blackmailed. There is no telling who has been the subject of FISA surveillance.

    DO I sound like a conspiracy theorist? Consider this:

    The Obama Administration used intelligence operatives in at least 2 foreign countries and inside the US to infiltrate the Trump campaign to “legally” justify a Title -1 FISA warrant. They used this FISA warrant to spy on the campaign of the opposition political party to prevent his election.

    When the plan failed, the backup plan was to generate felonies against the president and remove him from office.

    President Trump needs to completely declassify the originating intelligence documents and expose everyone involved. And that is gonna mean going after, criminally, Barak Obama.

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    • Chip Doctor says:

      Bryan, I do not see you as a conspiracy theorist at all. I completely believe that people will be shocked to find half of what Obama did. Blackmail, murder, extortion, lying, cheating, stealing, to name a few. This man and his band of thugs still have access to this database and are involved in massive blackmail to this day. It’s what makes this whole thing so hard to take down. Normally you would expect for patriots to come forward, but there is a dark cloud of fear over DC. This black cloud emanates from Barrack Hussein Obama’s house.

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    • Linda Taormina says:

      I think he blackmailed Justice Roberts. His sudden vote change and now his non conservative votes? Standing up for an Obama judge? Someone needs to look into this


  7. This whole thing is really creepy. What really surprises me is that they were able to pull it off…most people don’t have the focus or persistence to actually successfully get as far as this conspiracy got, and is still going…most be some real motivation here. Money? Power?

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    • dutzie60 says:

      Littleflower, consider what you’ve read here at CTH –“trillions of dollars at stake”, globalization, multinational corporations, trade agreements, money in off shore accounts, war for profit, the entirety of the NWO at stake. I’d say those are some motivations. 🤔


    • Robert Smith says:

      They work for the government. This is what they decided to do as their everyday job using all the available awesome tools of surveillance. They also had legal cover, political cover and media cover.

      They, all, must have felt like masters of the universe. They knew they would get to the ending they wanted. They more they tried, the more they proved there was nothing of anything that Trump did that even smelled of illegality. The foot soldiers did it for power and advancement. When I’m in DC I hear young aides talk all about how important they are.

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    • 335blues says:

      The World.
      If America and it’s Constitution falls, it will be like dominos.
      Who would be left to challenge Russia and Communist China?

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    • Zorro says:

      A lot of the pols have more money than they know what to do with. Pelosi and Feinstein could be sitting on any beach in the world. It’s weird that they don’t want to do that at their age.

      Their motivation is to control every aspect of your life.

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      • zorrorides says:

        “Their motivation is to control every aspect of your life.”

        TY, Zorro. And folks, Z is using the massively plural sense of ‘your’ life. It includes everyone on earth who isn’t Cabal or Cabal Admin Lite.


    • Rock Knutne says:

      Littleflower481 ~

      How about self preservation as a motive?

      Pretty strong inclination to not be the first President hung for treason, eh?


  8. bessie2003 says:

    That was quite a transcript! Couldn’t stop reading until the end.

    Definitely that young man went on a riveting adventure that he’ll never forget! Wow. To think he’s doing the right thing, by voluntarily giving information to the FBI only to discover that by doing so he set himself up to be their perfect mark. And this is why people don’t trust their government.

    I do believe that Sundance has put together the answer PapaD asked during that interview as to why him? It makes the most sense, his area of expertise with the oil/gas field in the area of Greece, Cyprus, Israel and the designs the previous admin. had planned for that area, get this young man out of their way and use him for their muh, Russia story, 2 birds, one stone.

    It will be nice to see how he turns this downside into a win for his future life.


  9. packysite says:

    Absolutely!! Spot On!! I believe that our POTUS DJT, has been dively sent from God like Washington and Lincoln.

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  10. Jim Raclawski says:

    let’s get this straight… payback is much more than a bitch ……


  11. So here are some highlights I’ve noted through page 50. Not repeating some of the points others have already made.

    p 14–PapaD meets Mifsud March 14-15 2016–this is BEFORE it was public the he was on the Trump Campaign foreign policy “team”. (It is worth reading just to hear how eagerly PapaD sought the role, and it seems to me exaggerated his credentials to get hired. PapaD emailed Corey Lewandowski about joining the campaign in summer 2015, and was later working on Carson’s campaign (all volunteer apparently).


    p. 16-20–Mifsud tries to lure PapaD by offering to help set up meetings with Russian ambassador to UK–which never happened. But PapaD thought he was supposed to set up these type of meetings so that Trump and Putin could meet (!)–my opinion here is how incredibly naive PapaD seems. These pages also describe the honey trap Polanskaya (beautiful but not articulate–and as PapaD says later, she comes off totally different in later emails and phone calls. Spy alert!)


    pp31-34–Details how he met Israeli diplomat based in London through his U.S. based friend in Israel’s Washington embassy. The London based Israel, Christian actor and his girlfriend Erica Thompson are hostile towards him, suggest he should work for Cruz or someone else. PapaD says that the “started to feel then that ‘they’ were keeping tabs on him”. Then he meets two U.S. diplomats based in London, Terrence Dudley and Gregory Barker that pester him to join the Trump campaign and offer to set up more contacts in Greek embassy so PapaD can consult on NATO!

    This is just unbelievable how many people were trying to cosy up to PapaD and lay traps for him.

    (posting more in separate comment).

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  12. More on the testimony:

    pp37-39. Papadopoulos recounts the meeting with Downer and how hostile Downer acted, and that Downer held his phone in such a way to appear to be taping him. Downer claims to be angry about PapaD’s interview where he criticized UK PM Cameron.



    • And this is particularly interesting because the “narrative” that the SC and the press have had about the Downer meeting was totally focused on Clinton emails, NOT the energy business.

      Which, given what we know about the DemonRats and DS, means that they were deflecting the REAL ISSUE as per SD’s theory above.


  13. pp40-48: Meadows is particularly careful in questioning to protect Papadopoulos’s rights (and cautions him about sharing any conversation that he, PapaD might have had with his–PapaD’s attorney). That reflects very well on Rep. Meadows.

    Meanwhile, Meadows asks about exculpatory evidence as it becomes apparent that the FBI has tapes of Papadopoulos’s conversations with Downer. PapaD says that he had been forced to give up his rights to discovery as part of his plea deal (!!!!!!!!) and never saw/heard any tapes.

    And finally, Papadopoulos admits that he finally became suspicious when one of his friends in Chicago warns him that the friend was shown surveillance tapes of PapaD!

    Still reading


  14. Page 50-59:
    1) PapaD never saw transcripts (that FBI had) of his meetings. SHOWS HOW SC TEAM DID NOT PLAY STRAIGHT WITH PAPAD AND HIS LAWYERS
    2) Foreign policy team for the Campaign was, to be generous, loosely organized. He only met Candidate Trump once (3/31) during the campaign and Sessions a couple of times. Most of his work was email, which ended up being primarily one-one emails with Clovis and Hicks. Some of this reflected the frequent changes in Campaign Manager–Lewandowski to Manafort to Conway.
    3) PapaD’s major accomplishment was helping to set up Candidate Trump meeting with President of Egypt, with assistance of Bannon.
    4) PapaD heard that a major Candidate Trump foreign policy plank was to “improve relations with Russia”. The campaign liked that Papadopoulos had energy industry experience.
    5) During the transition period–quoting here–“I’m put in touch with Mike Flynn and K.T. McFarland by Steve Bannon regarding some sort of energy proposal that the Greek Government wanted to discuss with — with the new administration”.

    THIS LAST POINT IS INTERESTING. It indicates awareness of the potential pipeline/impact of the offshore find by the incoming Trump administration. No harm there, but again TOTALLY DIFFERENT THAN THE MEDIA NARRATIVE.


  15. pp60-86
    p66-First mention of Sergei Millian and the “side project” in PR consulting with a Russian contact of Millian’s. Started in summer 2016–would be coincident with beginnings of “formal” Crossfire Hurricane. Upon meeting Millian PapD is suspicious that Millian is wearing a wire and acting strangely. PapaD did apparently let the Trump Campaign know that he was considering this project.
    p 74–PapaD does not recall ever discussing the Mifsud claim about Hillary emails with the Trump campaign
    p.75-80-But PapaD DID MENTION THE HILLARY CLINTON EMAILS TO THE GREEK FOREIGN MINISTER! (My comment–I think PapaD did this to polish up his street cred as “in the know”). THAT MEETING OCCURRED MAY 2016, close to the TIME THAT PUTIN WAS IN GREECE. PapaD does note that the Greek foreign minister seemed surprised/disturbed by this.
    p 77-First mention of Bert MIzusawa. I don’t recall much discussion of this name, linking below his wikipedia entry.
    pp 78-86- Mizusawa was with Trump Campaign and according to PapaD, was adamant that PapaD join Sessions, Flynn and Mizusawa in a meeting with the Greek foreign minister (around Sept 2016).
    Likely this had the IC in a tizzy given their predilection to believe the worst about Candidate Trump. (I’m assuming that they were already seeing copies of all Trump campaign emails)
    And PapaD admits that he did this to burnish his credentials with the campaign, and because he believed, based on Mifsud’s boasting, that Mifsud was very connected and would be able to set up a meeting for PapaD with the Russian Ambassador.

    THIS IS SO MANY WAYS FUBAR–Comical in one way, sad in another. A young man naive but ambitious, being played by DS spies and not even realizing what everyone really wanted from him. My inference is that the Trump Campaign was well aware of the geopolitical value of the offshore Israeli/Greece find and its potential vs. Iran, Russia, et. al but did not tip their hand with PapaD. (unless Papadopoulos is a very accomplished liar, which does not scan for me.


  16. pp. 101–Mizusawa contact PapaD “He reached out to me in September of 2016 with an unsolicited email about working with him on the project that he was leading at Cambridge about energy security developments in Israel and Cyprus and Turkey, which was my expertise at the time.

    (earlier in the transcript, p 97, PapaD admits that he was “well known” in American intelligence circles about “what he was up to in the Mediterranean as a whole. These (people) would ask his advice. He also mentions meeting with US defense attache in Athens, Robert Palm.

    OF COURSE HILLARY AND OBAMA would know something about PapaD if he was so “well known”–or this could just be Papadopoulos bragging. But it is striking that in the testimony PapaD does not seem to understand that he has some very valuable knowledge…

    Here is the Wikipedia on Mizusawa.



  17. Not a lot new to add until p 194. There are a number of questions about his various interactions with the FBI–most of which we’ve discussed here before. PapaD’s testimony recounts bullying and potentially illegal treatment from FBI, including searching his briefcase without presenting a warrant (looking for the planted $10K), not reading him his Miranda rights, not formally charging him with a specific crime.

    then on page 194, in discussing Sergei Millian at the Inauguration–MCCAIN’S NAME IS RAISED. “What’s even more strange was during the inauguration, where I met him (MILLIAN) again, and it was my understanding that he had been meeting with Senator McCain and some other members of Congress with an associate of his Aziz Choukri,” And later, Papadopoulos recounts that Aziz Choukri claimed that Sergei Millian was an FBI agent.

    As we recall Millian is supposedly “Source D” in the dossier, and yet we hear that Millian represented himself as helping POTUS win the Russian-American vote!


  18. And p. 210-211–It is apparent that although Papadopoulos was considered to be the predicate for this investigation (started in July 2016), no one from FBI contacted him until January 2017:

    “Question: Congressman Ratcliffe was indicating that you are generally considered the predication for the entire Trump-Russia investigation, which we now understand to have started at the end of July of 2016. So between July of 2016 and January 2017, you are the predicate of the investigation, but you’re not interviewed until January of 2017. Is that correct? A That’s correct. Q And throughout that intervening period, from July of 2016 through January of 2017, you don’t recall any instances where the FBI or anyone in the U.S. Government was attempting to contact you or interview you?”

    Answer: “No, no, absolutely not. I don’t have — I don’t recall any U.S. Government official or intelligence official openly reaching out to me to talk about this…”


  19. p 222:
    This is the line of questioning that reveals how manipulative the SC is–and abusive, coercing guilty pleas by threatening very serious sentences. In Papadopoulos’s case, he was also very sleep deprived so his judgment was likely compromised when he agreed to plead guilty.

    “Q: Mr. Breitenbach: Who mentioned the idea of you acting as an Israeli agent? Mr. Papadopoulos. A: (PapaD): I believe it was Andrew Goldstein, the prosecutor from the special counsel’s team. During the last meeting I had with them — along — he said something along the lines of this is our last meeting. We have to make a decision, it’s either you’re going to accept one count of lying to the FBI or we’re going to charge you with obstruction. I think he said maybe even multiple counts of lying and acting as a foreign agent of Israel”

    No wonder Rep. Meadows states his concerns about 4th Amendment rights being violated.


  20. pp 224-229: A series of very aggressive and pushy questions from Rep. Cummings’s staff lawyer, Suzanne Sachsman Grooms. Papadopoulos’s lawyer has to repeatedly say that PapaD will not answer her question. In typical D-rat fashion, she tries to bully him, and his counsel (Ms. Polosi).

    Found an article on Sachsman Grooms here:

    I stayed up all night reading this because I found it just freaking unbelievable. What a very very sorry episode in our country’s history. I will post on general Presidential thread an article about other presidents spying on candidates (notably Goldwater), so this is not unprecedented, BUT the scope and aggressiveness of this instance is particularly appalling.

    Truly the worst political scandal of our history.

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  21. brenrod says:

    Didnt I read sometime ago that Papadopolous was sent to a conference or meeting in Paris sometime around 2010 by Hillary or a related org?


  22. askandgettruth says:

    upon looking at the pictures of these corrupt cronies it should be made a poster titled what and who to look out for when corruption is present. many of these crooks are nothing but re-cycled cronies and what the system calls fixers. the biggest is BRENNAN he belongs on trial for treason.obama is not above the law as the rest of them.


  23. 6x47 says:

    The effort to “infiltrate” the Trump campaign organization was frustrated by the fact there WAS NO “campaign organization” in the conventional sense. Hillary Clinton and other professional politicians build a massive permanent campaign bureaucracy; Donald Trump ran a shoestring operation comprised of a very small core consisting primarily of himself and Jared Kushner, with a succession of temporary help (Lewandowski/Manafort/Bannon for example) and ad hoc campaign offices.

    Recall, George Papadopoulos and Carter Page came to the attention of Brennan and the other conspirators because Trump name-dropped them to an editorial board as “foreign policy advisors” – members of a committee that never actually met and existed only to impress the journalists.

    So Brennan, Clapper, and Comey et al went chasing nobodies only briefly connected in a very superficial way to the Trump campaign.

    They were chasing “The Man With One Red Shoe.”

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  24. visitortoearthblog says:

    The level of effort expended toward derailing the Trump campaign in 2016, and toward unhorsing him after his election in November of that year is phenomenal. To say they pulled out all the stops to make sure a Trump administration never happened seems like an understatement considering all the resources they expended internationally and domestically. Better to say, it was an Herculean effort which presupposes that President Trump was NOT an unknown quantity to them, but a force to be reckoned with that they must stop at all costs or everything they had been working toward, ie, global dominance, would be lost. This underscores the clever and vicious psy-ops we saw against us as well as our candidate, because they knew full well that if Trump was elected in 2016, then it would be the beginning of their end: just punishment for the crimes against the humanity of planet Earth which they also knew full well could ultimately result in their execution.


  25. itsy_bitsy says:

    It is so very obvious that the only collusion was and is in the Obama White House and it’s lackeys Brennan, Clapper, Comey and Lynch, to name just a few.


  26. Barnestormer says:

    The NYT reported on Nov. 11, 2017, the following: Papadopoulos attended “breakfast the next month [April, 2016] at a London hotel during which Mr. Mifsud revealed to Mr. Papadopoulos that the Russians had ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton in the form of ‘thousands of emails.’ That was months before the theft of a trove of emails from the Democratic National Committee by Russian-sponsored hackers became public.”

    If you’re a Clinton sympathizer with institutional off-shore means (a John Brennan, say), and you are tipped off that Hillary’s 33,000 reputedly destroyed “personal” emails may well have been hacked (how could they not have been?) by the Russians, and could be, or come to be, in the hands of the Trump campaign or otherwise publicly released, what do you do? Especially keeping in mind that, depending on the audience, they have to be simultaneously treated as sensitive (require locating) and not sensitive (yoga and weddings.) How sensitively non-sensitive? An election in the balance, say.

    Would it be extreme to believe that a full-on search and destroy mission might suggest itself? And because of the potentially explosive content of these purported yoga and wedding emails, if they were to emerge, in Trump’s hands or elsewhere, what then? Wouldn’t their contents have to be tainted, obscurred, deflected by the most toxic circumstances imaginable (or in Company terms, tradecraft)?

    The Dems’ standard playbook contains a whole chapter on countering public disclosure of compromising information–elevate how and by whom it was obtained over its contents.

    Did 33,000 emails launch RussiaRussiaRussia?


  27. Bill Henslee says:

    Since when did the DOJ begin bringing cases that are so insignificant that they run a plea deal for a 10 day sentence. They won’t even touch a drug case unless it has a lot of weight and major sentencing terms. They went after low level dupes so they could open a fake counter-intelligence case where they weren’t subject to normal FOIA requests for information on the case.


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