The Maltese Fulcrum – Sketchy Mueller Sentence Recommendation For Papadopoulos Plea Likely 30 Days Incarceration…

In a late Friday submission to the court (full pdf below) Special Counsel Robert Mueller has presented a sentencing memo recommending 30 days jail for George Papadopoulos. The basic charge against Papadopoulos was lying about the timing and substance of his meeting with Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud.

Mifsud is the professor who allegedly told Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos that the Russians had emails related to the Clinton campaign. The FBI says it opened its Crossfire Hurricane investigation on July 31st, 2016, after Papadopoulos relayed that information to Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, and the Australians tipped off U.S. authorities.  However, HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes refutes this origination claim.

Almost everything about the origination narrative stands without evidence. Quite the contrary both Mifsud and Downer have given statements that directly contradict the popular origination pitched by the media. The DOJ and FBI have never given an actual explanation as to what evidence existed to originate the Crossfire Hurricane operation. Everything is media supposition. Thus, everything remains sketchy – including everything surrounding the plea agreement between Robert Mueller and George Papadopoulos.

Within the DOJ’s July 28, 2017 Affidavit and/or the October 5, 2017 Statement of the Offense there is no mention of the meeting between Papadopoulos and Downer. However, there is a portion of the offense where Papadopoulos is cited as mentioning “thousands of emails” in his FBI Interview regarding his April 26th, 2016 meeting with Mifsud.

Unfortunately, it appears the narrative of the meeting content comes from the FD-302 interview notes of FBI agent Peter Strzok who is known to have fabricated the content of his interview notes to support his own investigative agenda.  Recently Papadopoulos, through his wife, has indicated a possible withdrawal of his plea.    So who knows…

It is worth noting an earlier point by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes that there was no official intelligence used in the opening of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Investigation: “There was no intelligence that passed through the Five Eyes channels to our government. There was no Five Eyes Intelligence Product as it’s been reported. There was no product.” ~ Devin Nunes

Regardless, ultimately sketchy George Papadopoulos accepted a sketchy plea agreement under the sketchy auspices of lying to the sketchy FBI during a series of sketchy interviews about the timing of his meeting with sketchy Professor Mifsud.



More background:

♦The Maltese Phantom of Russiagate

♦George Papadopoulos, Alexander Downer & the Opening of the FBI Investigation.

♦There’s a terrific May 2018 twitter thread with details – SEE HERE


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287 Responses to The Maltese Fulcrum – Sketchy Mueller Sentence Recommendation For Papadopoulos Plea Likely 30 Days Incarceration…

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for posting this. As a huge trump supporter, this worries me, I don’t recall this being so “bad” in the months leading up to this memo. I didn’t realize the guy lied so much, and had so many interviews with fbi. Kind of worries me that he tried to hide so much info. There must be a reason he lied, this is not good news at all.

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    • jnr2d2 says:

      Troll alert

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      • cheryl says:

        Concern trolls gotta concern. They always start out with “as a Trump supporter” or something similar.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        jnr2dd2, just read on another site that Papa was not even involved. Now, where lies the truth? Mueller can’t be believed, but there are others that do need to be in the bright light that he is not bringing forth because he and his “friends” are the problem and liars and traitors.


      • ann says:

        Thank you. As a non lawyer, I am unfamiliar with this murky world. But my trust in !AHA will never be shaken by Clinton DoJ, EU China Uniparty pushback. Simply not going to happen. 🌸


    • blind no longer says:

      Hahahaha. Mark he either worked for the FBI, or he was framed by the FBI/Mueller take your pick. Otherwise, Huffington Post is still in business I think!

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    • Sharon says:

      Mark go to CNN and worry some more!

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    • Mr. T. says:

      Hey, Mark, troll much? Perhaps you would do better on a Rachael Madcow blog, or maybe even one for that racist on the left coast, Maxine “Manic” Waters.

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    • john edward lorenz says:

      Yeah well the POTUS could release all the documents and clarify things couldn’t he? Would you support that?

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      • Mark says:

        Some of you folks are as stupid as the left now. Use your real name when you post, what are you afraid of? I’m the troll? Ok. Clapping seals gonna clap I guess. Instead of just assuming everything is great for trump, actually go read the memo. As I said, this is new to me, all these lies of GP. I’ve read this site 3x a day for last couple years. Not a troll, I assure you.


        • jeans2nd says:

          If you have read here “3x a day for last couple years” then you should be well up to speed on GP, and also be familiar with the actions and words of all the trolls that try here, concern trolls or not.

          Your claims of ignorance, and simultaneous claims of knowledge, ring a wee bit hollow.
          Have a nice evening.


        • Louis Genevie says:

          Hey Mark, didn’t you see that it was Strok who wrote the 302 summarizing the meeting with GP. Do you believe what he wrote down was accurate?

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      • Harleeryder says:

        Who are you labelling a liar, Papadop or Mueller? Because the only one hiding info is Mueller and his corrupt cabal.

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    • mcfyre2012 says:

      A recommendation of 30 days incarceration?

      In other words, Mueller has nothing.

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      • Louis Genevie says:

        Isn’t it interesting that as soon as Mueller heard that GP was considering withdrawing his plea this soft sentencing memo appears? Mueller obviously does not want to try this case, which would be a disaster for him. The “professor” could have been questioned at any time as he was in the country. They didn’t need GP to say anything. And if the case is tried, all the FBI’s attempts to infiltrate the Trump campaign and the Trump Presidency will be fair game.

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    • Louis Genevie says:

      What a slimy troll you are. Spreading conjecture without reason.


  2. Greg says:

    The Manafort trial is like a Stalinist show trial from the 1930s. Mueller is now in charge of the conspiracy and a badder actor than Strozk. Congress should subpoena him amd get his emails.

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    • Good Job! says:

      Manafort will go down on the money from Cyprus to his clothiers and home contractors. No doubt about personal benefit, no intermediaries who might have fouled up, no reason to think clothiers and contractors have ulterior motives and concerns.

      The other counts are complicated.

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  3. gsonFIT says:

    Why would an attorney from Malta suspected of being a Russian spy agree to be interviewed by the FBI in Washington D.C.? You would think that if he did submit to an interview it would be in London or Italy where he lived and worked. That way if there were charges, extraditions would delay or slow the process. But 2 weeks after the FBI interviewed George Papadopoulus, Joseph Mifsud was interview in D.C. by the FBI. These 2 meetings were 7 months after the beginning of Crossfire Hurricane

    Please read the Federalist article 08/02/2016 by Margot Cleveland for additional background.

    If Mifsud is i.d.ed in the redacted Carter Page FISA warrant as an informant/spy, all of these guys including Mueller should lose clearance, license and prestige. They should be jailed but I fear that will not happen. But If this is accurate they should burn in Hell before sending Papa to jail

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  4. Good Job! says:

    Sundance look at footnote 2 second paragraph.

    If that’s not solid proof the Mueller scam artist think talking about “the emails of Clinton” is the same as being tipped off about the future hacks of Podesta and the DNC, what else could there be?

    To the contrary, the defendant identified the Professor only after being prompted by a series of specific questions about when the defendant first learned about Russia’s disclosure of information related to the campaign… Only then, after acknowledging that the agents had “brought this up” and lying about when he received the information, did the defendant admit that the Professor had told him “the Russians had emails of Clinton.”

    Notice Mueller blends “campaign” with Clinton. The Mueller complaint also make this mess. But Papad. said the emails “of Clinton” not the DNC or Podesta. Obviously they were talking about the almost old news over Hillary’s personal private server she had when she was SOState. But in order to prop up the “dossier,” the Mueller team pull this confusing scam.

    Though I admit they might have been confused by it themselves. NY Times to this day obscures the difference between the old news about Hillary’s emails and the issues of the DNC and Podesta hacks–which had no “hillary” emails.

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    • Good Job! says:

      Papad’s lawyers might not understand the distinction.

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    • Good Job! says:

      From January, 2016:

      A national security expert says his source, a one-time KGB agent, tells him that “of course” Russia obtained “all” of Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails. If so, it’s likely others did, too.

      January 29, 2016–

      “Of course the SVR got it all,” explained a high-ranking former KGB officer to me about EmailGate (the SVR is the post-Soviet successor to the KGB’s foreign intelligence arm). “I don’t know if we’re as good as we were in my time,” he added, “but even half-drunk the SVR could get those emails, they probably couldn’t believe how easy Hillary made it for them.”

      Any foreign intelligence service reading Ms. Clinton’s emails would know a great deal they’re not supposed to about American diplomacy, including classified information:

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      • Good_heavens_are_you_still_trying_to_win says:

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        • Good Job! says:

          In her case it’s hard to say. For any one else I will prolly agree it was a clever scam to let a foreign intelligence agency see everything on purpose. But she is so beyond the human emotions of shame and guilt she might have done it not caring a whit about any body but herself.

          BTW it wasn’t only her server but also her unsecured personal communication devices surely monitored by several embassies in DC. If not they must be kicking themselves for missing out!

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          • Good_heavens_are_you_still_trying_to_win says:

            Fair enough … personal motivation and predilection to be a sociopath aside, the mechanics of the subterfuge were the same … whether the drops were in apparently-discarded coke cans, strangely-marked mailboxes or in too-clever-by-half innocuous servers, they were still drops. Someone, whether Hillary herself, members of her staff or others (cough, cough: can’t get this HUMA out of my throat) were leveraging her disregard for security (willful, which I think, or not).

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      • trapper says:

        You are forgetting something. You have to play out the game forward as they envisioned it. Obama would be followed by Hillary. Once Hillary became president, a nonexistent southern border would lead to amnesty and legalized non-citizen voting, and under TPP the US would be required to conform its law to TPP regulations. In short, the US was destined to disappear into the TPP, ceding its sovereignty and with it its existence. Looking at it from the perspective of a player seeking to bring it all about, security for a server for a Sec State of a country that was soon to disappear would not even rise to the level of an afterthought. Yes. It WAS that bad. And it ain’t over yet.

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        • thedoc00 says:

          While this may sound ludicrous, consider the US would have been administered by a combination of the WTO and UN under the evolving trade agreements. The UN would have been the political arm, also linking the unelected government of the EU.

          Barack Obama was to be the next Chairman of the UN General Assembly and is actively campaigning for that role now as he travels the world sewing together the White race has held the world hostage in a massive apartheid arrangement.

          The US rich elites, Democrat Party and GOPe allies are collaborators in the scheme for their own seat at the big table.

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          • ann says:

            Backtracking from 9/7/18. I appreciate having all this expertise to help make sense of the murky unfamiliar workings of corrupt federal prosecutors. we have been deprived of authentic oversight and accountability so long iCitizens are vulnerable to manipulation . But nothing the Uniparty/DoJ/EU/China/transnational spook canal can cook up will cause me to abandon the only President and cabinet i have ever truly supported, except Perot and stockdale. I wish contemporary Americans could have experienced living in a country that had leaders that were proud of our culture and heritage and honoured their roles as defender s and protectors of the people who entrusted them with our future.

            Anyways , to all those above who contribute expertise, I truly appreciate your comments. Mr.Mueller is scary and the hatred directed at citizens and a president Trump by our former leaders may be intimidating , but I could not live with myself knowing my children and grandchildren could be burdened with a corrupt husk of a republic propped up by a totalitarian surveillance police state.. I want to eradicate their power.

            I will never back down . My ancestors fought and died for our liberty , and I will sacrifice , go to prison or do the same if needed
            i pray we find a way to restore control of our country into the keeping of trustworthy leaders of good faith without a hot civil war. But my conscience is clear. .citizens did not start this, Resist declared war on us.

            They are still refusing to cede power by a peaceful transfer of authority. The DNC & DoJ continue to refuse to face the obvious truth, deny facts and place our country’s international credibility and internal stability in grave jeopardy for “legacy” self serving imyerests.
            This continued persecution is a specious pretext which only serves as superficial validation for agit prop.and antiquated revolution by conflict collectivism.

            The Resist also wages e war of aggression against our status, power and rights as citizens. Every month the decrees of sanctuary state status is in p!ace,, and courts ratified
            Court ratification stands allows further precedence to be set and more erosion of our standing
            I do not understand why we cannot have federal marshalls come to help us .restore our standing as full participants in our union. Is there an entity that citizens can request for remedial action apart from our nonfunctioning Justice Department?


        • Lady Sid says:

          Wow, trapper, your comment sort of takes my breath away.


  5. honestyoz says:

    Downer did not support the story as he did one interview on TV and for Murdocks The Australian, with totally unprepared hacks, to get ahead of the spying charge. He gave over $20m of Australias money to the Clinton foundation, so that gets him a ticket to the NY cocktail circuit. He was on the board of Hulkut with Mifsuds handler Helper for six years and he didnt pass the info back through official channels (5 eyes) but directly to a former Clinton staffer at the embassy. He is a POS and as Ambassador to the UK for Australia needs to be questioned again by the media and go to goal as part of this plot against our true friends the Americian people.

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    • Good Job! says:

      Downer, Mifsud, they’re all lying prolly. Of course they were discussing Hillary’s emails like gossips. The news of her missing emails was already a year old.

      The Mueller team may be Hillarybots in total denial that she did any wrong and purposely hid themselves from the “missing emails” news, so what Mifsud said sounded new to them. Or they are just a bunch of crooks trying to prop up the Dossier’s central collusion claim that the Russians wanted to, had to or did tip off the Trump campaign about their future hacking plans.

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      • Good Job! says:

        February 1, 2016–

        CIA officials assume foreign agencies intercepted unencrypted e-mails stored on Clinton’s home server while she was secretary of state. …“The worst part is that Moscow and Beijing have that information, but the intelligence community maybe never will.”

        This is what Papa et al. were discussing at the time.

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        • JX says:

          Clinton’s email were at rest on her illegal servers. Her servers may have been breached leading to accessing the email. Those same emails were in motion over unsecured public internet. It’s practically guaranteed they were intercepted.

          And what about her emails being on Yahoo? And on Weiner’s electronics?

          She made no efforts to prevent unauthorized access to government property. Her crime is premeditated, she registered the domain prior to being sworn in. She intended to run an illegal server, she intended to circumvent government requirements.

          Her partner in crime is Jeff Sessions who refuses to prosecute her crimes.

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  6. iRock says:

    Misfud, Halper and Downer were all taking runs at Trump campaign connected people for the John O Brennan CIA. Additionally, Ohr and Steele reference a Steele employed agent embedded in the Trump campaign.

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  7. Pat Childs says:

    There is a reason the FBI does not record interviews. So it and the DOJ can lie.

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    • scott467 says:

      “There is a reason the FBI does not record interviews. So it and the DOJ can lie.”


      If there is any other conceivable reason… I mean, ANY reason in the world, they should explain it.

      But they can’t.

      Because there is no possible reason that is good enough to offset the potential for abuse by setting up interviews where the side with ALL of the power and control keeps a written record, and goes to trial with the presumption of telling the truth. Setting up a “he said / she said” between the FIB and someone the DOJ portrays as a criminal (guilty or not).

      It is so corrupt it’s sickening. The idea of written notes to record what transpired in a criminal probe interview couldn’t even survive a first week high school ethics discussion.

      They should be doing everything possible to avoid even the APPEARANCE of impropriety, but instead, what they do is actual impropriety.

      It’s LAUGHABLE. It was intended to be corrupt by design, and if there is ANY other plausible excuse for it, I would love, love, LOVE to hear it.

      Go ahead, make my day.

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  8. AccountabilityPlease says:

    FYI, article says Misfud in a number of places. Isn’t it Mifsud?


  9. CM-TX says:

    I am certain it was reported in the News… when some Russian Official (in response to repeated false allegations of “hacking”) publicly warning to knock it off. He/she clearly stated they had “embarrassing information about B0 & HC”, & insinuated it might be released in retaliation.

    When this was exactly- not certain. But it would likely be around the time those allegations first surfaced, & the Left was vehemently pushing. Based off the Guccifer2 debacle (mid-June 2016), or thereafter
    But it’d be curious if that disclosure occurred PRIOR to the July 31st meeting.🤔

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  10. CopperTop says:

    Hmmmm. NEW NUGGET. Female Russian
    ” The Russian Federation would love to welcome him once his candidature would be officially announced.”

    so if this memo is to be believed Russia did not know Trump announced his candidature in 2015 by this late date of April 11 2016 OR they do understand our system of government and don’t want to talk with him until he accepts the nomination.

    This appears exculpatory that there was no relationship with Trump himself until he would be ‘official’ which is not until July 22.

    To my eye this is CRITICAL evidence that the Female Russian was working with an entiity to entrap Trump and manage him from a very particular time frame in July 2016

    I’m starting to think this Russian Female informed Steele and thereby Bruce Ohr as early as July 2016 that she was making this contact with Papa and they only had to wait until July 22…fly Papa out overseas…

    I have been on the hunt for that July 2016 FISA and start to thing a FISA could have been based on a scenario like this one.


    • CopperTop says:

      at a minimum a Foreign surveillance (masked appropriately) could have been live or NSL approved if this letter from the female Russian was known to FBI by July time farm.


    • CopperTop says:

      c. The Professor responded to defendant P AP ADOPOULOS’s email later that day, on or about April 11 , 2016: “This is already been agreed. I am flying to Moscow on the
      18th for a Valdai meeting, plus other meetings at the Duma.” The Duma is a Russian government legislative assembly.
      d. The Female Russian National responded: “I have already alerted my personal links to our conversation and your request. … As mentioned we are all very excited by the possibility of a good relationship with Mr. Trump. The Russian Federation would love to welcome him once his candidature would be officially announced.”


  11. Peter Costello says:

    Let’s fine out if “Putin’s niece” has any ties to the DNC or Fusion GPS.


    • Peter Costello says:



    • scott467 says:

      Or Putty-Poot himself.

      The Deep State treason cabal was so certain Sick Hillary would win, they probably didn’t even hide it.

      His name is probably right there on the DNC payroll.

      Redacted, naturally.

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    • Foggy World says:

      Putin to students of Russian contemporary studies, could really only have a niece if it was a relative of his by that time, divorced wife. Putin had a brother who died as a youngster and left Putin in effect an only child. And to that, Putin has always left family members out of business so to speak.

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  12. scott467 says:

    ” The FBI says it opened its Crossfire Hurricane investigation on July 31st, 2016, after Papadopoulos relayed that information to Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, and the Australians tipped off U.S. authorities. ”


    None of which is even remotely credible.

    ‘FBI says’ — except the FBI is wholly corrupt, and one of the FIB’s foundational predilections

    It was already suggested here on CTH (by Sundance, IIRC) that naming any operation ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ was laughable, that it was likely dreamed up long after the fact, for dramatic effect, as part of the narrative.

    Like the UK, the Australians (‘royal subjects’ of the queen of England and part of the ‘Five-eyes’ intelligence ‘cooperative’ that spies on each other’s citizens in order to get around domestic laws against spying on their own citizens) were “all in” Sick Hillary, the Wicked Witch of the West.

    They were ALL involved in the set-up, in the narrative construction, in the spying, in the (ongoing!) attempted coup. Along with Stefanie Halper and lots of others.

    They were all working together toward the same objective, on behalf of the same people — with those being American citizens committing Treason in the process, and those being foreigners (here’s looking at YOU, queenie) committing an Act of War against America.

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  13. Ash says:

    Papadopoulos’ wife, Simona Mangiante, has set up a GoFundMe for his legal expenses. He can’t afford lawyers. Peter Strzok has raised over 400k in a few days. Papadapoulos has raised under five thousand dollars in two months. Doesn’t seem right. Maybe get the word out and give a little.


  14. Also weird to see all the recent news about him going to prison for 30 days and then others report 6 months are asked… lots of diversion and fake news going around.

    Something is up…


    • blind no longer says:



    • CopperTop says:

      Papa may withdraw his plea…here is why

      Papa NUGGET 2 in Gvt’s Statement of Offense: Concerning what the US said Papa lied about

      1) when he met Mifsud
      “This isn’t like he [the Professor]’s messaging me while I’m in April with Trump”…
      Government really pretzel worked that phrase to say it’s proof he was lying because they know he was paid at least by early March.
      2) when he met Russian beauty
      The DO NOT quote him later when they say he lied about the time frame he met the false Putin niece.

      The government utilizes the word “DURING” instead of ‘JOIN’ to make out that he lied about when Russians generally contacted him and only JOIN In relation to the beauty.

      Papa was not represented at his first hearing in July 27 and plead because he just didn’t care and knew after a year of reflection that The Russians played him and now his own government was doing so. This is a person SERIOUSLY effed.

      PLEA IS DUBIOUS in face of what GVT ASSERT
      If he had representation he might have had someone point out the holes in the Statement of Offense.

      Mfisud made contact with Papa March 10/11 2016…

      Papa was outside of the US until March 31( which for many people is “April” when talking generally and not under arest without a lawyer present) and not working on the ‘radar’ of the campaign WITHIN the US for meetings etc until AFTER April.

      The gvmt’s own document states Papadopolois introduced himself to these folks for the first time on March 31

      9. On or about March 31, 2016, defendant PAPADOPOULOS attended a “national security meeting” in Washington….When defendant P AP ADOPOULOS introduced himself to the group, he stated, in sum and substance, that he had connections that could help arrange a meeting between then-candidate Trump and President Putin.

      THEREFORE Papa considered himself to be ‘in’ the campaign while he was in Washington and paid by the campaign since early March. His ‘lie’ is not one. His ‘understanding’ was he was ‘in’ the campaign after that table meeting.

      He was drawing a clear distinction that the Russian contact BEGAN not while he was not actively on the team’s radar, at at table meeting, or on role defining emails.


      • CopperTop says:

        double negative …must fix

        He was drawing a clear distinction that the Russian contact BEGAN before he was actively on the team’s radar, AT at table meeting, or on Role DEFINING email.


  15. John Huettner says:

    Love ya’ Sundance; but ain’t it Mifsud not Misfud?


  16. Charlotte says:

    Papadopoulos Did Not Wear A Wire For Mueller, As Pundits Initially Speculated


  17. Dew says:

    Help George Papadop fight Mueller! His wife set up a gofundme page for help with legal expenses.


  18. CopperTop says:

    More curiosity on Papa

    “Based on the defendant’s offense level under the Guidelines, the applicable range for a fine
    is $500 to $9,500. The defendant provided information about $10,000 in cash he received from a
    foreign national whom he believed was likely an intelligence officer of a foreign country (other
    than Russia).”

    OH the choices we have to fit that foreign national ref to an individual


  19. Donna in Oregon says:

    He’s weird and so is the other one, Carter Page. There is something creepy about both of them.


  20. Donna in Oregon says:

    More background:

    With one exception, May 13, 2016 marks the last communication between Papadopoulos and Mifsud.

    October 1 2016 – Papadopoulos sends Mifsud a private Facebook message with a link to an article from, a Russian news website.
    This contact is only disclosed in the FBI’s July 28, 2017 Affidavit, signed by FBI Agent Robert Gibbs. Notably, it is not disclosed in the October 5, 2017 Statement of the Offense signed by Robert Mueller. For more see here.

    Significant events occurring in the surrounding days of that final communication:

    Early October 2016 – Bruce Ohr meets with Dossier author Christopher Steele.
    Early October 2016 – Bruce Ohr meets with Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS).
    October 1 2016 – Papadopoulos sends Mifsud a private Facebook message with a link to an article from, a Russian news website.
    October 3, 2016 – Steele meets in Rome with FBI Eurasian Joint Organized Crime Squad Team. Steele is asked to “explain how he had compiled his reports, and to give background on his sources.
    Early/Mid-October 2016 – New FISA Warrant on Manafort likely issued. Possibly a National Security Letter.
    October 21 2016 – FISA Warrant on Carter Page issued.
    October 24 2016 – Rogers verbally informs the FISA Court of Section 702(17) violations.


  21. Pingback: Sketchy Mueller Sentence Recommendation For Papadopoulos Plea Likely 30 Days Incarceration – IOTW Report

  22. Sidney Powell says:

    Yet another glorious example of Mueller’s total waste of our taxpayers’ dollars.

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  23. Republicanvet91 says:

    Two things.
    1. Why would Misfud not be called as a witness in any trial? Did I miss that G-Pops just accepted a plea without trial?

    2. A 30 day sentence sets a nice precedent for others who might not be able to avoid jail for lying.

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  24. Chieftain says:

    Otis, the town drunk in Mayberry gets 30 days for being drunk, no?


  25. Justbill says:

    The entire Russia collusion hoax falls apart when you realize that Mifsud was not a Russian intelligence source. He was a U.K. Intelligence source.


  26. 30 days jail or $150,000 in legal fees? Take your pick.I’d pick jail.

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