Kim Travels, Lighthizer Growls, Liu Flinches, Xi Sighs, Trump Smiles, Media Oblivious…

We are living in historic times.

It was not coincidental that North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong-un took the long train out of the DPRK yesterday while U.S.T.R Robert Lighthizer and Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He were still engaged in the extended U.S-China trade negotiations.  Quite simply Kim’s early exit from Pyongyang meant Chairman Xi’s geopolitical trade leverage was diminished.

If you’ve listened to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo describing Team USA and Team DPRK delegations, both holding discussions in Hanoi all last week, the early exit of Chairman Kim takes on an enlightened context.  Meanwhile, the U.S. media is oblivious.

Since mid 2017 the long-game plan of the Trump Doctrine toward China (on trade) and their proxy province of North Korea (nuclear hostilities) has been clear. However, being able to see it unfold means accepting President Trump held a strategy.  Fortunately for us we have a front row seat.

President Trump has been engaged in a two-year long hostage rescue mission.  We are now entering the final stages of carefully designed hostage negotiations.

The Chinese trade delegation, led by Vice-Premier Liu He, could not leave Washington DC without some structural progress in U.S-China trade discussions that would avoid the looming March 1st 25 percent tariff on over $200 billion worth of Chinese imported products.  With a summit between President Trump and DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-un on the calendar, Vice-Premier Liu stayed in Washington DC for an extra two days.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and President Trump knew the Chinese delegation needed the tariff delay; for the Chinese the issue was urgent and important. This necessity gave Trump and Lighthizer leverage.  When Lighthizer brought Liu to the White House on Friday, POTUS Trump laid down the hammer.

The customary ‘light’ Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) would not suffice. Incredibly POTUS Trump made the statement publicly with full media present while he looked directly at both Lighthizer and Liu.  It was a stunning moment.  The Trumpian demand was an actionable and enforceable principle agreement on the trade framework. A ‘heavy’ and contractual MOU that could easily be transferred to the final trade agreement.

We don’t yet know the details within the demanded ‘heavy’ MOU; but we do know the strategy appears to have worked.  From today:

Clearly President Trump is applying the Trump Doctrine, and overlaying the outcome of a U.S. trade agreement based on Chairman Xi removing all elements of his control over the DPRK for Beijing’s benefit.

China uses the DPRK as a source of forced labor, and a strategic geopolitical threat against encroachment by Western interests in the region.  Young Chairman Kim is essentially a hostage to the dictates from Beijing.  For almost two years President Trump has been methodically confronting this dynamic, and countering through the use of strategic economic pressure.  President Trump is seemingly one man, yet he has this entire process surrounded; he is, quite simply, winning.

As a result of the economic leverage President Trump is applying; and with full understanding that Beijing cannot win an all out trade war against their primary customer; China’s panda mask is forced to remain in place.

President Trump reinforces the panda mask of Chairman Xi Jinping with vociferous praise and a level of cunning the Chinese have never before encountered.

As an outcome of the negotiations between Vice-Premier Liu He and Trump’s biggest killers USTR Lighthizer, Commerce Secretary Ross and Trade Advisor Peter Navarro, it would appear the ‘heavy‘ MOU is agreed upon.

Thus President Trump retains full ‘killer’ tariff leverage by announcing a “delay” (key wording), and simultaneously announces an upcoming Panda summit in Mar-a-Lago:

Here’s where it gets interesting….

How heavy is the MOU?

We’ll be able to see how heavy the framework is by the results from phase-two of the hostage rescue.  {Go Deep on phase-one}

If Chairman Kim and President Trump announce an end to the U.S. war with North Korea; or if Kim agrees to some very serious, measurable and actionable denuclearization; then it’s likely the MOU is very heavy and Kim is further distanced from Xi’s grip.

We will be able to tell the weight of the U.S-China MOU by the distance of Chairman Kim from Chairman Xi.

This is both epic and fun stuff to watch.

ps. That graphic is almost two years old…. {{snicker}}

…”Complicated business folks, complicated business”…


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180 Responses to Kim Travels, Lighthizer Growls, Liu Flinches, Xi Sighs, Trump Smiles, Media Oblivious…

  1. Dutchman says:

    Yeah, Joe. Maybe we should, I don’t know,….declare a State of Emergency?

    Get the MILITARY on the Southern border, have THEM build the Wall,…

    Something like that,…perhaps?/s

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  2. William Schneider says:

    Just wanted to mention something I have not seen yet in post -and that is the reality that a new trade deal with China and a peace settlement with North Korea will be a huge win for not only the US but also China and North Korea. Hell the whole world will be safer and more prosperous if the Trump team can pull this off. The stock markets are poised to explode upward as business/trade grows exponentially with peace settlement and new trade deal between worlds largest two economies. What Trump is attempting will be a huge win for not only the US but for the world economy-especially China and North Korea. I pray China and North Korea can see this. I believe they are beginning to see the victory!! Let us keep Trump in our prayers as he needs to stay strong and be re-elected to finish the task.

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  3. White Apple says:

    The whole World will experience the economic benefits and all Countries will want to emulate their trade deals in a similar manner. Trump will be the de facto President for the people all over the World. It is not a good time to be a Socialist/Communist.

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    • Joe says:

      I had a conversation with a recent American immigrant from Mexico.

      He is an impressive young man and doing well selling real estate in Whittier, California.

      100% of his buyers are Mexican descendants. In case you don’t know, Whittier is where Nixon attended college. It is very close to his hometown of Yorba Linda.

      I asked this young man that if it came down to it, would he vote for socialism. His answer was an emphatic “YES.” He would “never” vote capitalism. He votes tribal, even though capitalism is the system that has put him in such a great economic position.

      You people HAVE NO IDEA what you are about to confront.


      Treat this invasion as WWII or expect a bloody civil war.

      Posted from The Mexican Colony Of California.


  4. Newton Love says:

    As I watch the evolution of Kim Jong Un (KJU) under the influence of PDJT, I see a new (HYUUUGE) episode of Celebrity Apprentice. PDJT offered to show KJU how to develop his gorgeous beaches with luxury hotels and become very rich.

    KJU responded by (as Sundance documented) making a response video that had no displays of military force. The choice of attire was a business suit with power tie, in a room that looked like a CEO’ office.

    KJU has been shuffling his top staff, firing some Generals, and reorganizing into a more business oriented operation than the previous military one.

    Without actually filming an episode, I believe that PDJT has acquired a celebrity apprentice that is eager for PDJT to teach him (KJU) how to be a billionaire, or even a trillionaire.

    I predict success for The Trump Doctrine.

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    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      I compliment you on your reading of the optics.

      Many years ago I was trained in this discipline by a mentor who had spent many summers and winter visits behind the Iron Curtain.

      Optics tell a great deal about closed societies. For instance, we were trained to learn the members of the Polit bureau, their area of origin and background, their rank for purposes of succession, their political and state functions, wives, location of Dachas etc. When we then saw video footage put out by the Kremlin we could extrapolate on events based upon prominence of position, dress, the event where public display was shown, the members attending or missing etc.

      One can learn a ton of information from optics, phrasing of statements, etc. if one takes the time to identify the players, and compare photos or video over time. Culture and history are key prisms for enhancing analysis.

      Sundance has a great deal of knowledge about these sorts of ques, in addition to other analytical skills. The MSM has been clueless about the dynamic between the state players in this diplomatic, military and economic strategic dance.

      The MSM has less than a high school education regarding these sorts of subtleties which mean so much. From an educated perspective, its embarrassing to witness how sophomoric the pack of them are. Very few original thinkers in the group.

      It’s a window on how poorly our universities educate these “journalists”.

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      • Newton Love says:

        Thank you for your experienced insight. Your read on the optics is right on. Sundance is brilliant with his reading of the optics. The DPRK (KJU) is fully aware of the optics, and is working them to signal many things.


    • I have always called the Trump Doctrine “Peace through Prosperity” Now I think I’ll add a new part to that “Mutually Assured Prosperity” or MAP. Trump is simply AMAZING. This is history folks, we may NEVER in our lifetimes see someone like Trump.

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  5. amwick says:

    kim-travels-lighthizer-growls-liu-flinches-xi-sighs-trump-smiles-media-oblivious-treepers rejoice

    Fun stuff, well now, that there is an understatement.

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  6. MfM says:

    The slow pace of negotiations with North Korea also bodes well for changes in North Korea. The more gradual approach is giving people time to make changes, not have change dumped on them.

    Early on someone noticed that political posters had toned down.

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  7. Following the trade talks (NAFTA, China, EU, BrExit, Brazil) has been fun. It is what has gotten me thru the misery of watching the “coup” expose……………………

    Thank you Sundance.

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  8. He has taken the train before; most recently when he went to Beijing for meeting with Xi.


  9. Doug Amos says:

    Success is no mistake.


    • Agreed, and yet ALL we hear or see from our Propagandized MSM is Trump has lowered expectations. One dimwit dem on Fox had the AUDACITY to say Trump had not accomplished ANYTHING with regards to NK by TALKING and having a summit.

      Yep, spot on, I mean we had to pay 1.5 billion in cash to get those hostages that was Obama and Iran, my bad. What did Trump pay? What? NOTHING…oh OK. Well we always got all those Korean era US soldier remains back under the last few administrations…HUH? you mean we NEVER got ANY back before Trump. HMMM what did that cost?’re kidding.

      Well thank goodness that Clinton and Bush and Obama got NK to stop lobbing all those missiles into the bay of Japan! Wait, NO, you mean that too was Trump, and it didn’t cost diddley….well I’ll be damned. Well, at least the anointed one was able to STOP Kim from obtaining nuclear missiles and the ICBMS to deliver them….OF FOR GOODNESS SAKES, you mean THAT too was ALL Trump. Yep Trump has accomplished NOTHING by talking…NOTHING EXCEPT PEACE that is. (Sarc off)

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  10. James W Crawford says:

    The potential is best explained by comparing age structures.

    This is North Korea’s population pyramid:

    This is South Korea’s population pyramid:

    This is Japan’s population pyramid:

    This is China’s population pyramid:

    The bottom line is that China, Japan and South Korea have inverted population pyramids. Their people are old. Their populations will get smaller aa their elderly people die off.

    North Korea has a more normal, population column. Their people are younger and their population will remain constant.

    North Korea can supply the pool of laborers that combined with the technology of Japan and South Korea will be able to offset China.

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  11. L. E. Joiner says:

    If I understand Sundance correctly, he suggests that President Trump is playing a three-way game: NK is a Chinese hostage. So put the tariff screws on Xi, threatening the Chinese economy, then ease up on the Chinese trade deal in exchange for Xi letting Kim free.

    I suspect there is more than that in the offing: North-South reunification. A unified Korea that is non-nuclear and neutral, with status guaranteed by the US and China. Not this meeting, maybe, but some demilitarization—maybe even free passage north-south?

    Remember, you heard it here first. /LEJ


  12. jameswlee2014 says:

    Someday soon, hungry people all over the world will be hitting their local KimBurger’s at lunch time


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