White House Created Production Video to Assist Singapore Summit Talks With North Korea….

Details are surfacing of a video put together by the White House to assist in diplomacy messaging toward Kim Jong-un and the team of North Korea negotiators.  According to reports, toward the end of the talks between President Trump and Kim Jong-un the video was shared in both Korean and English languages to the audience of both teams.

Brilliant messaging.  WATCH:


The video was also shared with the international media audience prior to President Trump’s remarks at the press conference:


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176 Responses to White House Created Production Video to Assist Singapore Summit Talks With North Korea….

  1. CNN_sucks says:

    A lot of delusional actors like Alec B and De Niro can win this game they played. Empty headed idiots.


  2. A2 says:

    On the other propaganda-side. This morning’s (Wednesday here) the DPRK official commie newspaper, Rodong Sinmun had pictures of KJU and POTUS at the summit plastered all over the front page.

    Rodong Sinmun: “The meeting of the century that pioneers new history in US-North Korea relations.. The first US-NK summit in history held. Our Party, State and Military’s Supreme Leader signs a joint statement with US President ”

    (the meeting was held to end) “extreme hostile relations between NK and the US” and “open a new future in the interests of the two countries’ people, and for global peace and prosperity”
    (page 3) “Trump agrees to stop joint exercises”

    (page 4) Full text of Summit agreement.

    The photos were chosen on the basis of what made KJU look in charge.

    So no surprises, as I said yesterday, the joint statement was very close to his father’s 1993 agreement. Precedent matters for the cult-dynasty.


    • AH_C says:

      It’s to be expected, let each look good to their people back home. Not allowing KJU some of the glory would be the death knell to Trump’s bargain. Basically, Trump sold peace and prosperity to a communist Dictator.

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    • konradwp1 says:

      2018 is a very different time than 1993.

      A key difference is the relationship between North Korea and China has soured considerably, making this the prefect time for President Trump’s “prosperity” sales pitch (with glossy movie trailer*).

      China has been upset with their avionics being used in NK’s ICBM development, these were only supplied to support medium range missiles. (That self destruct charges didn’t properly work in lower stages of one test, meant that evidence of Chinese components was collected from 2 km deep in the Sea of Japan).

      China also didn’t appear to support North Korea’s attempts to upgrade from atomic to thermonuclear weapons, nor attempts to integrate shorter range missiles with their submarines. Their bulldog on a chain appeared to be getting too big for its boots. (NK wanted more than China was offering and they were trying to get it the only way they knew how).

      In April 2017 president Trump meets Chinese President Xi Jinping, and warns him on the trade imbalance. Xi Jinping in turn puts the squeeze on NK, hoping to appease Trump by bringing their bulldog to heal. Maybe the possibility of continued “strategic patience” might deflect Trump from correcting the trade imbalance?

      It was a double miscalculation on the part of China. Trump was never going to drop the trade thing and NK finally turned and bit the hand that fed them:

      It is important to understand that most of NK’s recent belligerence, while apparently aimed at the US and their allies, has actually been aimed at China. China’s bulldog has been threatening to go feral if China does not provide “Prosperity”. After all what has barking on China’s command achieved NK, but poverty and international condemnation?

      Putting short range missiles on submarines? That’s NK saying: “So China, you won’t allow us long range missiles? We can still hit the US!”

      40 mile ring of fire around Guam? That’s NK saying: “So China, you cut off our access to the BeiDou Navigation Satellite navigation system? We can still hit a US protectorate!”

      Look at our new solid fuel research facility? That’s NK saying: “So China, you cut off our light oil? We don’t need liquid hypergolic fuels to launch missiles!”

      Who is responsible for cutting off even village trade over the NK/China border?
      Who is responsible for cutting off NK access to international banking?
      Who is responsible for cutting off NK’s access to light fuels?
      Who is responsible for cutting off NK’s access to the BeiDou Navigation Satellite navigation system?
      Who is responsible for the loss of NK’s first missile converted submarine?
      Who is responsible for NK’s thermonuclear accident?
      Who made Kim Jung Un make a humiliating train ride north for a tongue lashing for barking at the US just as he’d always been told to?
      Who realised their mistake way too late and tried to woo Kim in beautiful Dalian, instead of grotty, congested and smoggy Beijing?
      Who realised their real mistake far too late, and are now (post summit) try it claw back a majority role in a “de-nuclearisation for fabulous prosperity” process they had no part in initiating?
      Who just lost bigly? That would be China, not NK or the US.

      *The “glossy movie trailer” was not just for Kim Jung Un. South Korean activists will be ballooning it on USB sticks over the border just as they have with solar recharged video players for some time. The “glossy movie trailer” was a sales brochure for all of the NK people.

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    • cali says:

      @A2: I watched the TV personality in on NK’s one-station channel and could not help but to notice that her facial expression was a happy one and even cracking a smile as she reported about the successful meeting in Singapore.
      She caught herself quickly and turned back to her normal stiff and earnest style. It was cute though. 🙂

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    • jello333 says:

      I know you’ve got a good reputation here for often being accurate. But in this and some of your other comments regarding the summit (and earlier and future meetings), I think you’re way off. Sorry, but this ain’t 1993, Trump ain’t Clinton, and maybe most importantly Un ain’t his father or grandfather.


  3. Mujhunter says:

    THAT is one of the most extraordinary pieces of positive “propaganda” (peace marketing?) that I have EVER seen..

    Incredibly CLEVER!!


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    • mr.piddles says:

      Was a wee bit disappointed in the voice-over. I mean, it was good, overall. But was hoping for Movie Trailer Voice-Over Guy.

      “In a world. Where war is the only option. Only the strong will survive…” etc. etc.

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      • AH_C says:

        We’re not the target english audience, the world is.

        Also the marketing of liberty has shifted. Instead of a Statue of Liberty inviting immigration, it’s a Video of Liberty promoting self-determination.

        Free-thinkers in all those other countries are looking on with awe and deciding they want to join the Trump Train. President Trump has applied the domino theory to promoting liberty. After the Norks, who next? Iran? What about Pakistan now considering possible denuclearization? Russia?

        For 2020, maybe even go down to Havana and Caracas to show Killary how a “reset” is executed.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Mujhunter, a fabulous video getting to the basics of yes, we can change and be successful. Actually a great video for many on this planet to learn to overcome faults/wars/killings, etc. and move on to better lives and futures. Hope it gets seen worldwide and might even be a great mover of many countries in the EU like Italy make the decision to leave off being a world order owned populace and get back to have a better future and overcoming those who would enslave them.

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  4. andy says:

    Q dropped a line from the script ahead of time to shut up the doubters 😀

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  5. Vince says:

    One of the subtle things President Trump did was select Singapore as the meeting place. Singapore is a small Asian country with no nukes, yet is not threatened by anyone. It is a wealthy country by any standard. In other words Singapore today is a model for what North Korea can become tomorrow. Kim toured some of the fabulous sights like the gardens they have, and had hours to let it sink in, “Why NOT North Korea?”

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  6. RabbitDoneDied says:

    This “scripted” event has given me hope. It is a rare and strange historical time line we are on. After watching the pillars of globalism constructed over the last decades it seemed to be futile to fight it. Now we have an actual worker, a real honest-to-GOD worker directing us back to a lawful and logical path. I pray every day that our society can find a way to heal. God Bless the REPUBLIC.

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  7. Daniel says:

    KJU is a man-child; a North-Korean Millennial. He wants to be loved and admired. He kicked off his reign by killing a relative — I suspect that was bad advice from someone close to him and the results were disastrous.

    From the moment Pompeo was sent to meet, I got a feeling this was the nature of the olive branch being offered to KJU. I believe I was right. Perhaps it was too obvious and everyone else saw it too. Perhaps not based on Ben Shapiro’s take on it — sounding more like a CNN commentator constantly stating the KJU is the lunatic leader of a dangerous nuclear power, etc.

    Trump offers KJU something China will never offer — a place in the modern world and what looks like an instant forgiveness. (Please, don’t give KJU a “reset button!!!”) But I think it will also include a US military presence in North Korea.

    Trump is taking North Korea from China.


  8. First, very impressive video, and a very well-done bit of marketing. (Seems that I had a bit of dust on my keyboard there for a minute.)

    Second, I do believe that President Trump has beaten China, using their own Sun Tsu playbook (in that he appears to be positioned to “conquer” North Korea without firing a shot).

    I quite agree with those who view this as an inflection point in world history.

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  9. Publius2016 says:

    SD, here’s the Official Videoo link: https://www.facebook.com/WhiteHouse/videos/1710505219037204/


  10. WRB says:

    Some of the criticism is completely nuts (and these people run our government?) Schumer complained “their flag touched our flag”. wtf!


  11. jjs says:

    I would like to take the time to personally thank all of us who believed in Donald Trump – thank you. You and I are part of the solution while many others are just part of the problem. God Bless and God help others to see who are yet to blind to.

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