Wilbur Ross Delivers – No More Steel and Aluminum Tariff Exemptions For EU, Canada or Mexico (video)…

Amid ongoing trade stalemates with NAFTA and the EU, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has announced the U.S. Commerce Department will no longer provide exemptions for the European Union, Canada or Mexico.

As anticipated, during a telephone briefing with reporters Secretary Ross announced at midnight tonight the 25% steel, and 10% aluminum, tariffs on imported goods will begin.

Via Reuters: U.S Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told reporters on a telephone briefing that a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports from the EU, Canada and Mexico would go into effect at midnight (0400 GMT on Friday).

“We look forward to continued negotiations, both with Canada and Mexico on the one hand, and with the European Commission on the other hand, because there are other issues that we also need to get resolved,” he said.

Ross offered little detail about what the EU, Canada and Mexico could do to have the tariffs lifted. (link)

The imposition of the import tariffs will likely break the impasse on current trade negotiations with multiple countries – as they will now move to try and get their products exempted.

Australia, Brazil and South Korea (KORUS) have completed trade agreements with the U.S. and will remain exempt from any countervailing steel and aluminum duty.  Japan is close to signing a similar trade agreement.  However, Canada and Mexico (NAFTA), as well as the EU, have been unwilling to reach reciprocal and balanced trade agreements with the U.S. and will now be subject to the tariff.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce representing Wall Street multinational interests will likely go bananas.  Those DC politicians who are fully purchased by the U.S. CoC lobbyists will likely attack the administration….. all predictable.

(Via NBC) […] The European Commission fired back at the White House’s trade decision with a lawsuit, saying the E.U. “stands now ready to react to the U.S. trade restrictions on steel and aluminum in a swift, firm, proportionate and fully WTO-compatible manner. The E.U. will launch legal proceedings against the U.S. in the WTO on 1 June. The level of tariffs to be applied will reflect the damage caused by the new U.S. trade restrictions on E.U. products.”

Mexico’s Ministry of Economy released a statement saying “Mexico deeply regrets and rejects the decision of the United States to impose these tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum from Mexico as of June 1, under the criterion of national security. Mexico will impose equivalent measures to various products in the face of U.S. protectionist measures.”

[…]  “These tariffs are totally unacceptable,” said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a press conference Thursday afternoon. “Over the past 150 years, Canada has been the most steadfast ally. The idea that Canada could be considered a national security threat to the United States is inconceivable.”

Starting July 1, Canada will levy “dollar-for-dollar” tariffs on a selection of American-made goods, said Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, announcing that the government had drawn up two lists of products that would be subject to either 25 percent or 10 percent taxation, until the U.S. changed its position.  (read more)

WHITE HOUSE – Today, President Trump announced that he is taking action to protect Americas national security from the effects of global oversupply of steel and aluminum. Following extensive discussions and a months-long process, the President will implement tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico, and the European Union.

The implementation of steel and aluminum tariffs follows the announcement by President Trump on March 8, 2018, of a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports.

In the initial proclamations in March, President Trump welcomed any country with which the United States shares a security relationship to discuss alternative means to address threatened impairment to the national security caused by their steel and aluminum exports to the United States. The President made it clear that the Administration was willing to work with those countries to find separate arrangements that would meet the national security requirements of the United States.

The United States has reached an arrangement with South Korea on steel, which was announced on April 30. Included in todays proclamations, the United States has reached arrangements on steel with Australia, Argentina, and Brazil, and with Australia and Argentina on aluminum.

The United States was unable to reach satisfactory arrangements, however, with Canada, Mexico, or the European Union, after repeatedly delaying tariffs to allow more time for discussions.

*WHY: Current quantities and circumstances of steel and aluminum imports into the United States threaten to impair national security. These excessive imports are driven in large part by the worldwide glut from overproduction by other countries.*

In January 2018, the Department of Commerce delivered two reports on steel and aluminum investigations conducted under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962.

The reports found that the excessive level of imports threatened to impair the national security because further closures of domestic production capacity would result in a situation where the United States would be unable to meet demand for national defense and critical infrastructure in a national emergency.

On March 8, President Trump accepted the Department of Commerce’s recommendations and began to take action to address the threatened impairment to Americas national security.  (LINK)

Understand 232 Review HERE


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359 Responses to Wilbur Ross Delivers – No More Steel and Aluminum Tariff Exemptions For EU, Canada or Mexico (video)…

  1. robins111 says:

    The Canadian negotiator Freeland, is best described as a real stupid Liz Warren, She has all the trappings of a far left activist, but to this date, her only success has been to guilt trip a negotiator from Belgium by bawling publicly because she didn’t get her own way.

    I ran into one of her campaign workers a couple of years ago, who was trying to get me to vote for her, (I don’t live in her riding) I told her I was retired, but had a part time job creating Tactical Rifle Cases, for AR-15s, and they were made out of Baby Seal Skins, I thought she was going to have an aneurysm.

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  2. Minnie says:

    President Trump has and always will declare – America First 🇺🇸

    When will others realize they would do well to work toward making their own nations “first”?

    Fair and balanced trade – it truly is not that difficult a concept.

    What a blessed time to witness history in the making.

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  3. Marica says:

    Minnie! IT is a fantastic time to be alive!! And with a Cabinet full of wolverines to continue to make the strong trade deals…Yes, Minnie feeling blessed indeed.

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  4. redline says:

    These fools wanna play “Quien es mas macho?” in a trade showdown?
    Against the Lion and the Wilburine?

    Big Mistake. Big. Huge.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      The interviewers in this entire clip were the most annoying especially that woman in the white dress. She starts the interview with the words trade war with the EU? I am just amazed at the lack of understanding that these people covering business in the news have. Not surprised by their pretense in the questions they were asking as well being presumptuous on the outcomes that they were trying to throw out there as a result of this announcement! Sigh! This is the part that always makes me angry about CNBC, and their stupid people they peddle out as experts in Finance on a daily basis! Just more noise! Another parasite of humanity, MSM that is!



  5. truthbomb says:

    Trump needs to tax all remittances to Mexico or suspend them indefinitely. Let’s keep the money in the US.

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  6. Maquis says:

    The only thing these wankers will accomplish with their “lawsuits” at the WTO is expose their own deceptive and predatory tactics. PDJT’s Wolverines are smiling. Salivating too.

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    • anon says:

      only 10% of the US economy is represented by foreign trade.. period.. and I’d love to see the WTO attempt to impose military sanctions on the USA.


  7. fleporeblog says:

    I put my multiple post from the previous page into a single thread.

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  8. If the tariffs release 2.6 million workers from “tenuous jobs”, they’ll at least put a dent in our 6.6 million job openings and will no doubt pick up pay raises in the process.

    So why the whining?


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  9. Cdn Mom says:

    The full list of American products that will be charged 10% or 25% tariff as of July 1, 2018. It’s a bit more than felt-tipped pens, and includes steel and aluminum. Incidentally, Canada imports MORE steel from the US than the US imports from Canada.


    I was about to purchase a stainless steel backsplash for behind my stove, and an aluminum frame for a 30’ x 50’ greenhouse, as well as greenhouse climate controls. I will now need to either source Canadian, or find subsitute materials because I refuse to pay any part of these new tariffs for US products. Since my husband’s paycheque comes from a Canadian steel mill, no US products will be entering our house (including food products), or part of our new construction, until his job and industry are no longer affected. Call it Household Security.


    • Wink says:

      Whatever floats your boat.

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    • musicdoc2020 says:

      Such a knee jerk reaction. People really need to try and understand the whole issue. It’s not like the US just wants to shaft other countries. It’s just that the shafting has all been going one way and now we have a prez that has the balls to stand up to it.

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    • The Boss says:

      Your husband’s paycheque comes from a foreign-owned Canadian steel mill. FIFY.

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      • Cdn Mom says:

        Well, until about 2009 it was a publicly-traded company, with a large majority of shares held by a US hedge fund, which attempted to suck it dry. It is now about to be taken over by largely American investors, so yeah, I guess it’s foreign-owned.

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        • Dennis Leonard says:

          You know I do not think your are who say you are.Had some real thought power behind your name.


        • John Jones says:

          You say that a US capital source is about to invest in a Canadian located steel mill that sends much, if not most of its production into the US as steel or steel parts in another product. They will do this just to pay a 25% tariff on the product they make and ship into the US. They are going to do this versus the option of investing that same money into an idle steel mill located in the US in order to make steel for use in the US without having to pay the tariff. The US mill will also pay a lower income tax on mill profits and not pay any VAT. Sure … makes sense… after all, the world is full of those folks that invest in something that provides a lower return on their investment than another available and obvious investment. We usually call such investors stupid and bankrupt. Canadian steel mills and auto plants are staring at closure in 9 months or less. Canadians need to live with it or get rid of your incompetent leaders.

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        • davidb says:

          Im near Bonners Ferry Idaho….Does this mean less Canadians will be flowing down Highway 95 to the Doctors and Dentist offices during the week, making a visit take a extra hour in the waiting room? While you are boycotting US products, feel free to stay home too.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      You go, girl! Canadians SHOULD be about Canada First! We knew you guys would get on board and dump your globalist overlords! But if you are rejecting US goods in favor of Made in China, there’s a cost there that will eventually have to be reckoned with down the road. Just something to contemplate.

      Meanwhile, I gotta get back to work Making America Great Again! As Don Corleone would say, it isn’t personal it’s business.

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    • redline says:

      I think what’s sought here, is that Canada (and all of America’s trading partners) understand that they must respect the sanctions America places against exploitive and dishonest countries like China, rather than whore themselves out as conduits to undermine those sanctions.

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    • sundance says:

      If tariffs turn to embargoes (your promoted approach) Canada will be CRUSHED in less than 30 days.

      If the U.S. blocks Canadian Products, and Canada blocks U.S. products, Canada will be wiped out – while the U.S. is barely impacted.

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      • milktrader says:

        They have a very weak hand to be throwing those chips on the table, but who knows maybe they go all in and blow themselves up.

        Their rhetoric doesn’t match their leverage.

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        • GREENMIRROR says:

          Maybe we get a few more states out of the deal in the end!

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          • Maquis says:

            Been contemplating that myself.
            We only need to repatriate the Hiraj and we are good to go.

            (Screw Mexico. Build The Wall. We don’t need that social corrosive and moral depravity here.)

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        • litlbit2 says:

          The secretary stated, “less than one percent”. I do not know what the clowns need to understand those four words.
          It does put a bright spot light on the mental ability of Fake News(CNN), their ability to hire
          intelligent puppet readers as well as the deficiencies of all things connected to bankruptcy. It can not happen fast enough, bankruptcies.
          Even sadder these nut jobs can breed. Good thing, we are running low on OPM, victimhood will become real victims of self. Game on.

          Got it, 2019 we should change the life style, EU, Canada, Mexico, China will become the 18 billion holder of the trade deficit as we take over the other side of trade for the next 30 years. Deal with it!


        • It’s the tantrum gambit.


      • Cdn Mom says:

        There are times when I think that may be the best option for Canada in the long run. The Free Trade Agreement of the early 90s decimated our manufacturing base in favour of the US. There’s really not much we can’t supply for ourselves these days, except perhaps pleasing winter weather.


        • Cdn Mom says:

          That respnse was to Sundance.


        • Maquis says:

          While such a rapid plunge would be less preferred than a gradual adjustment, chances are good that such a realignment would indeed benefit Canada, and many other nations.

          China has been creating vassal states globally and seeks to span and dominate the world economically and militarily. It has a huge head start and we only just got a Patriot President, unlike the Socialist Sellouts of Administrations past.

          We will all feel some pain, and fear, as Trump restores the Human Ingenuity and Prosperity that is the hallmark of Western Civilization. We need to see who, and what, is our true enemy, and put our passion into bringing down the enemy agents that pose as our leaders.

          Sure, a freak-out is in order. But don’t direct the charge South, send it to Ottowa.

          Make Canada Great Again!


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      • Normally Quiet Observer says:

        SD … the sad thing is that far too many people HAVE NO IDEA that this IS the case! Most Canadians I know fully BELIEVE that most of what they buy, they produce, in Canadian factories! To a certain extent, that IS true. When the facts of the matter are that most of the major factories in Canada … are American owned, and they are fed parts on American Logistical lines! Just check out the auto / truck industry as an example! If they even get anywhere near an embargo on American Importing … the auto plants all close NEXT WEEK! Resulting in massive lay-offs – of Canadians, and expansion of American factories – MAGA! Sadly, they won’t even begin to understand what is happening until their paychecks miraculously disappear, and then find out the Canadian Government is spending ALL of its’ welfare resources on immigrant Muslims … and there won’t be any left for them.

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    • talker2u says:

      Do whatever you believe is in your best interest.

      And so will we here in the U.S.

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    • Maquis says:

      Perhaps you can direct some of your ire to your feckless leaders who have created and are fighting to retain an economic scheme that prioritizes the scam assembly of imported components designed to cheat their largest “trade partner.”

      Seems to me that Canadian production of those now imported components would greatly benefit Canadian steel and aluminum producers, amongst so many other industries.

      Seems to me that Canadians are themselves the victims of a huge scam that reduces their economic well-being while it enriches the corruptocrats and multi-national puppetmasters.

      The fewest Canadian workers possible are engaged in the production of automobile related products destined for the US, cheating so many of you out of an honest and decent living. You have been assigned the role of a two-bit smuggler employed at the end of a highly lucrative scheme, whose role is to “launder” cheap illicit goods to mask their origin. Decimating-times-nine your native industrial capacity, ours too. How is protecting that helping anyone but the ring-leaders of the scam?

      Knee-jerk parochialism is an understandable human reaction we all experience to some degree at times, but the greater fight here is to end the selling of American, Canadian, and Mexican sovereignty and economic self-sufficiency to China.

      These tariffs are but a single tool in a very large and powerful tool-chest. Let us thank God that we have a Patriot and a great VSG with a big heart and yes, a Big-Azz Wrecking-Ball, employing those tools to the betterment of Citizens of all lands. We want the best for us all, all of Humanity.

      That isn’t accomplished by defending a status-quo that has injured most nations and seeks to subsume all in its scheme of global dominance, rendering the bulk of Humanity as Serfs, mere cogs in an Orwellian Marxist-Faschist elite-enrichment machine.

      N’est-ce pas?


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      • WES says:

        Marquis: Some conservative Canadians see what Trump is doing resetting the globalists trade rules as an opportunity for Canada too. Unfortunately our current leftist Trudope doesn’t see it. But then he has no economic understanding at all. He has never worked a day in his life that wasn’t on the taxpayers dole just like Obama.

        Trudope is more concerned with making pot legal this summer!

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Good for you, and while you’re using inferior metals I’ll be using American products.

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    • Kaiser Derden says:

      quit selling the US chinese steel and aluminum products (thus avoiding the US tariffs on Chinese products) and you won’t have a problem … you took advantage of a loophole in NAFTA … now it closes …


    • Paprika says:

      Good for you! I applaud and commend your choice of being a Canadian First Patriot and doing what you feel is right for your country, your family, and your security.

      That is exactly what all citizens of all countries should be doing, don’t you think?
      And isn’t it great that President Trump has awakened people all around the world to think and take action for their family, their community, their belief, and their county!?!

      If you feel that another country is not dealing fairly in trade with your country, then by all means feel free to boycott, or renegotiate deal, or cancel deal, or trade with another country, or make it yourself! Those are exactly my same sentiments as an American Patriot.

      I wish you Good Luck, Good Skill, and a happy, prosperous, and secure life to you! I hope you will wish me the same!

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      • Maquis says:

        This is exactly the sentiment that will prevail when honest citizens of every land recognize the abuses they have suffered and the obviousness of the solutions.

        Good will is Trump’s genuine default setting. This isn’t only business, it IS personal. Every Human Being has a stake in the contest between freedom and chains, prosperity and ruin. Let us all engage the true battle, which is mostly within our own societies and polities.


    • scott467 says:

      ” Call it Household Security.”


      I call it cutting off your nose to spite your face, a microcosm of what your government leadership is doing to your entire nation.

      But have at it, I would not want to discourage you in any way from learning a lesson!

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    • famouswolf says:

      Try to imagine how little we care.


    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Well pin a rose on your nose.

      Comeuppance is a bit rough, isn’t it… You lot have been skimming off the US economy for years. Party’s over… And where’s Justine going to get sparkles for his socks???


    • WSB says:

      Are you including the Chinese and other ‘pass-through NAFTA cheaters?


    • Hoosier says:

      Fine with us, eh? BTW poutine is nasty. Tastes like a dog pooped on your cheese fries.


    • Mike says:

      Sounds like Canada first and Ohio can continue suck it and rust away as we make money being the Gateway to Chinese steel sneaking in to your nation. The USA has given away too many job for too long. It’s made us feel like you for a very long time. Perhaps 45 years now. Welcome to the party. So many entitled countries in the world. Entitled to our markets, jobs, demands of expanding immigration slots, foreign aid or armed forces breaking up their conflicts. It never ends and for all the American bashing and name calling they always quickly demand America lead, and pick up the bill. Sorry, no more free lunch. Canada needs to spend money on defense rather than enjoying the proximity of the neighbors to the south keeping them safe.



  10. Kristin says:

    Great! Now I am going to read the Belgian Trump hating papers…. with glee.

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  11. Sunshine says:


    ”Justin Trudeau’s reputation as the “Trump whisperer” looks to be in tatters after the U.S. president rebuffed efforts by Canada to have the two leaders meet this week in Washington, and the concern in Ottawa is that the meeting of the heads of G7 governments in Charlevoix, Que. next week — the pinnacle of Canada’s G7 presidency — may also be teetering on disaster.

    ”The fear in Ottawa is that the tariffs will create such a hostile environment for Trump in Charlevoix that he may not even show up. ”


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  12. The Boss says:

    Two quick things.

    First, the European Commission is a criminal enterprise. Make no mistake about it. The EC likely served as a blueprint for Barry Hussein’s mal-administration. Arrogance, bribes, kickbacks and shakedowns are hallmarks of the EC.

    Second, Canada’s petulant remarks about tit-for-tat levies totally obscures the fact that every steel mill in that country is foreign-owned. They sold out, and wonder why they might be considered a risk?

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    • Cdn Mom says:

      Mmmhmmm. Sometimes foreign-owned means AMERICAN-owned. SMH


      • Wink says:

        Instead of the phony guilt trip and bellyaching, why not do something productive like “Make Canada great again!” Support your local companies. Buy Canadian! I have no problem with Canadians building up their own country, but not at our expense.

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  13. Donna in Oregon says:

    Necessity is the mother of invention. Finally, America will become self-sufficient. This is a National Security issue, we must be able to take care of ourselves.

    Thank you Mr. President. Very good news.

    Re: Mexico. Close the border while we build the wall.

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  14. parteagirl says:

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    • Maquis says:


      (Giggle Out Loud)


    • Gil says:

      You should watch prices of food over the next few weeks. Here in socal, lots of our traditional American brands are now heche en mexico. Plus, avocados, tomatoes, etc. I hope Mexico doesnt try to do that. If you drink tequila, you might want to stock up. 😊

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    • GrandpaM says:

      Parteagirl, funny that you should post this tweet. This morning long before I got on the CTH, my wife and I were doing a little garage cleaning. Found a Perot for President sign from 1992. I told her, “That giant sucking sound is getting reversed right now.”

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  15. Publius2016 says:

    Imagine they cancel G-8 but President Trump meets and signs peace with NK?


  16. milktrader says:

    Whoever the blonde was, boy was she ticked off ….

    She is semi-intelligent, enough to comprehend one side of the argument (obviously, the CoC side), but when faced with the possibility that maybe she doesn’t know what the hell is going on, she gets agitated and defensive, spewing phrases like ‘trade war’ and observing that ‘clearly’ the market agrees with her since it’s down 0.7% at the moment.

    Sheesh, that with the dead time between questions made her look very ill-suited to be asking questions. She needs to sit down and listen to the adults in the room a little longer.

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    • TheWanderingStar says:

      MT – No kidding. She lost me after the opening salvo, “Mr. Secretary, did we just declare war on our closest trading partners and allies?”. Good grief get a grip! Next time I see her on an interview, not going to waste my time.


    • lokiscout says:

      Remember SD has warned the stock market “Wall Street” would go nuts as Trumponomics take hold rebuilding “Main Street”.

      President Trump be ecstatic with the 30+% growth in the stock market post election. That growth is the “Padding” he needs as he brings the rest of the economy in line. Eventually the market will level out also with more domestic investment and less in global firms.

      Neither Wall Street nor the FED can figure out what is going on right now and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving group!

      Lived most of my life with a simple philosophy: If you like what’s happening, ENJOY! because it will end. If you don’t like what’s happening, settle back and work your way through it because this too shall end.
      Been enjoying the past year and a half! The previous 8 years was starting to shake my resolve bordering on desperation.

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      • It was a very long 8 years.

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        • lokiscout says:

          It was the gut wrenching reup 4 years in that just about did me in.

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          • Hard to believe so many Americans were deluded or had embraced Globalism and hated America. Now I believe it was rigged.

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            • pyromancer76 says:

              I think you can be certain “it” was rigged. There was so much rigging going on it’s a miracle our country has as strong an economy as we have and one that Pres Trump has been able to turn around.

              I feel certain that 0 did not win in 2012 without rigging all over the place. And look at how desperate these guys and gals were that they had to try to take over every tiny lever of power they could imagine. Their arrogance, an American business and entertainment genius willing to run for President, appointing killer-secretaries in almost every department, and a monster vote of Americans sick to heart and enthused about the future has turned everything around.

              Take down that rigging!

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      • Hoosier says:

        My IQ is 150+ Microecon makes perfect sense. Macro OTOH is a joke. When classmates could regurgitate the Macro myth, I still did not get it. I could puke it up on command but it is a joke. It does not hold consistency. It is unicorn farts in a hurricane. It is central planning, ie. communism. It is a bad bad thing.


    • John Matrix says:

      Regarding the blonde talking head…my thoughts exactly! Definitely needs more makeup to cover the ugly inside. She has probably presented that snarling Visage during countless discussions her whole life. Sorry rat face, your dealing with a grown man, not some millennial soy boy class mate you can beat down with a nasty look and attitude.


  17. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that it was even a possibility that we’d have come this far. We are living in very exciting times! On another note, the CNBC idiots are insufferable.

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  18. Dutchman says:

    Just a thought. Is it possible, that in the end game, TRADE, and DJT will be nail in the coffin, for EU?
    What im getting at is US by far biggest market. DJT has made clear he wants bilateral agreements. So, if any one member of EU wants to make deal with US, fine. (sarc) Sure would be a SHAME to see an end of the EU, not.


    • pyromancer76 says:

      Oh, yes, let us cry tears of joy at the end of the EU. If we can add the end of the UN to that I will both cry and laugh my heart out — all due to our fabulous President and his followers.


  19. simicharmed says:

    Grab some popcorn and let the adult-child temper tantrums begin!

    We will (once again), witness the conduct of the intellectually disabled leftists – kicking, screaming, pounding the floor and crying; including throwing things, hitting, and even holding their breath to the point of turning blue.

    Today’s breed of Leftist’s are not only a public nuisance, but also a public health crisis everywhere they exist…

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    • TheWanderingStar says:

      simicharmed – didn’t the “adult-child temper tantrums” start yesterday and the day before with Trey Gowdy? Can’t wait for the others to start whining!

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      • Phil aka Felipe says:

        Yeah, how long before we hear Mad Maxine, “Impeach 45, impeach 45!”?

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      • simicharmed says:

        They (temper tantrums), look to be perpetual anymore.

        Each time President Trump Makes America Great Again….the Leftist’s adaptive behavior erodes even more. Today’s Leftist’s truly are a menace to any society they exist

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  20. Dutchman says:

    DJT ‘floated’ the idea of ‘mirror’ tarriffs, a real ‘right back at ya’ approach. Wonder if thats still part of his long term calculas, just needs to clear the board, in order to get there.
    Eventually, “free trade” will be proven lie, just like ‘climate change’, ‘multi-culturalism, and the rest of the claptrap of the new world order.

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  21. argustheboxer says:

    NEVER play poker with Mr. Ross.

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  22. Dutchman says:

    And the libertards, who have been telling their brainwashed useful idiots that “Trump”, being a billionaire, did tax deal, and everything else hes doing, to enrich himself, his family, and his ‘rich friends’ now have to try to twist themselves into pretzels, to explin WHY the libertards seem to be, once again in bed with CoC, and multinationals.
    And, once again, several hundred ussful idiots have their head explode, recover from TDS, and realise they’ve been suckered with lies.
    And the coming red wave, gets a few drops bigger. “Inch by inch, my friends, …inch by inch!”

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    • TheWanderingStar says:

      Dutchman – brainwashed is correct. For the past 40+ years in print, media, universities and scholarly works the drumbeat of the globalist has been pounded into the heads of every American citizen. Now Trump is breaking up the droning globalist drumbeat and he beckons America and the world to an economic freedom for all. MAGA!


  23. anon says:

    I spy, with my little eye, a thread full of people who need 7 more years of Trump, and then 8 more of Don Jr.

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    • lokiscout says:

      Agree with the Don + Don Jr thought!

      As for Ms Fields, I believe Ivanka is all the above “powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest!” So again it comes down to the definition of “is” to quote that paragon of virtue WJC!


  24. Dutchman says:

    They never read the boy who cried wolf; remember when the tax bill was gonna be the end of the world?
    So GREAT that they are gonna throw tantrums. In fact, as repulsive as Samantha bees comments were, I hope she STAYS on the air. Giving these fools air time, is like giving them a fresh shovel. So please, PLEASE lots of msm covrrage about how TERRIBLE this is, DJT starting a ‘trade war’.
    Maybe they will even say “Its the end of the world!!”,…one can hope.


  25. Brant says:

    My reply to countries would be, “So, the US is about 60-70% of the world’s economy……who are you gonna sell to and get anywhere close to the same return?” Are you going to replace the US market with……Brazil, Argentina, the economic power house of Nigeria…..?

    Any retaliatory tariffs will last about a month. We just have to hold (The Patriot snip here), because once they come crawling back, its over and the LSM and globullists just can’t allow the red pilling of so many people.


  26. Delibero says:

    Wilbur and POTUS are by the nature of their business backgrounds–huge risk takers. Overall, Trump was very successful in business but he did have his costly failures including his involvement and then “well timed” flight from the casino properties in Atlantic city. (ie. Taj Mahal)

    Hammering all of your trading partners and allies at once is a courageous but huge risk politically and economically as the propaganda and the retaliations will now ramp up. Former “trading partners” and long time allies are now outraged “trading combatants.” Imposing these huge tariffs are certainly not the actions of weaklings but I hope Wilbur and Trump have calculated all of the pending counter measures coming and are fully prepared to mitigate them.

    Risking a small part of your own personal investments is not the same as risking a nation’s economic well being and reputation. Americans are going to be hurt by these retaliations and unfortunately, it will create excellent propaganda for the MSM, that will not mention the crucial reason why the tariffs are being implemented in the 1st place. Without change, America will continue to be bled by trade deficits, stolen intellectual and technological property etc.

    There seems to be no other way than the hard way to reduce these deficits and China’s manipulations but those Americans being affected by the retaliatory tariffs like some farmers etc will suffer most of the casualties on the front lines .

    This is now clearly a widespread, combative trade war. I would’ve meekly concentrated on creating one battlefront at a time and not several around the world all at once with former trading “partners.” If Wilbur and Trump triumph in this battle it will be an incredible victory. Whether it will lead to a GOP shellacking in the mid terms due to the MSM’s hysterical propaganda showcasing every American being hurt by the retaliatory tariffs from other nations that will undoubtedly be chosen for maximum political effect to damage Trump is yet to be determined


    • NutGallery says:

      There is no way that they can not triumph in this battle. There is no huge risk here like there can be in business decisions. To insinuate that this is the opening salvo of a widespread trade war belies the fact that this war is ongoing and has been for decades.

      We are simply moving from an artificially suppressed position in relation to the rest of the world to an equitable position.

      As far as MSM hysterical propaganda goes, when have they NOT been like that?

      Liked by 2 people

    • Maquis says:

      Nothing meek about MAGA.


  27. KBR says:

    According to FBN, “king” Ryan of HOR and his “anointed one, the dauphin” McCarthy are howling mad.



  28. Like

    • Lady in Red says:

      WHY. Seriously, I am going to lose my marbles waiting for this report. Even if it is less than explosive, it’s just the continued rescheduling, it screams cover. Since I am paying for it, I want to hear a reason for the continued delay.

      Liked by 2 people

  29. Dutchman says:

    Deliboro; a very judicious and well reason expression of concern, and (we will see) perhaps VERY valid.
    Not arguing with you, at ALL. Im guessing the alternative view would be;
    DJT has been preparing for this, by “Trump effect” economy, since BEFORE being sworn in.i.e. building up the economy, YUGE, to gird our loins economically, so as to minimise the hurt to our citisens and companies.
    In addition, this perhaps gives him SOME leeway, with the American people.
    Second possible argument, the rip off the bandaid view. Taking the cautious, one small step at a time, SOMETIMES is just the way to go, other times not. With world wide trade, maybe you HAVE to tackle it worldwide?
    Just the example of how Canada and Mexico, nafta is backdoor FOR China?
    Since, as SD disclosed awhile back, CofC has actually been at the table on trade negotiations for YEARS, there may be so many similar interlocking threads, that you cut one, you get no real benefit, cause they simply use another back door?
    Trade is NOT my strong suit, for sure. I appreciate hour pragmatic pointing out there MAY be real costs, born by Americans, in all this. Hopefully, as DJT has said, they will be small, short lived, and the long term benefit will overshadow the short term pain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Perot Conservative says:

      Agreed. Don’t forget some other biggies.

      1. Over 10,000 Regs cut
      2. Big tax cuts
      3. Repatriation of money / tax cut
      4. Pro energy policies
      5. Pro manufacturing policies

      These probably all intertwine.


  30. scott467 says:

    These CNBC idiots keep referring to the people who have been robbing us blind as ‘allies’, when they’re not allies at all, they’re criminals.

    The exfiltration of wealth from America is flat out the biggest robbery in the history of the world.

    If those are our ‘friends’, then we should find better friends.

    Liked by 4 people

  31. Mr BiG Time says:

    That interview by CNBC was brutal. They look like a bunch of dopes and clueless on the big overall economic picture on trade. Not a very good thing for a so called business news channel. Send them to Sundance University!


  32. EternalVigilanc3 says:

    This needs to be remembered and shared. From SD article above.

    “In January 2018, the Department of Commerce delivered two reports on steel and aluminum investigations conducted under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962.

    The reports found that the excessive level of imports threatened to impair the national security because further closures of domestic production capacity would result in a situation where the United States would be unable to meet demand for national defense and critical infrastructure in a national emergency.”


  33. melski says:

    Mexico, Canada and EU: “Stupid Is As Stupid Does.”


  34. Summer says:

    I enjoyed Wilburine’s short answers to the aggressive blonde’s and the pajama boys’ pathetic questions.

    I love the guy. Cool, unruffled, slightly sarcastic, highly competent, and deadly.


  35. Wayne Robinson says:

    Way over due they been helping China steal thefutures of America’s children for over thirty five years


  36. Perot Conservative says:

    I like him. Calm, solid, sharp.


  37. G. Combs says:

    I will have to dig it out, But if I recall correctly the USA put in a ‘Get out of Jail Free Card’ when they signed on to the WTO. It was the only way Clinton could get congress to sign.

    This is why Burr HAD to insert the WTO compliance into the Food Safety Modernization act…

    United States Law to Prevail in Conflict The URAA puts U.S. sovereignty and U.S. law under perfect protection. According to the Act, if there is a conflict between U.S. and any of the Uruguay Round agreements, U.S. law will take precedence regardless when U.S. law is enacted.

    FOUND IT! (very old notes are great.)
    It is at least 8 to 10 years old. I will reproduce much of it here since I get a 404 not found on my old system.

    The Application of WTO Law in China
    (Jiangyu Wang)

    Part II Application of GATT/WTO in U.S. Law – No strict Self-Executing

    B. Application of GATT/WTO Agreements in U.S. Law

    Although the United States was biggest driving force behind the multilateral trading negotiations, and was the one leading the effort “to reinvigorate the negotiations and to break the gridlock that has stalled the negotiations despite several years of preparation and another seven years of negotiation” during the Uruguay Round, the legal status of GATT/WTO agreements as domestic law in the United States is not entirely clear. First of all, according to relevant U.S. statues, trade treaties are not self-executing. Secondly, they could even not apply the later-in-time rule.

    In the first place, status of trade agreements in U.S. law is governed by the Trade Agreements Act of 1979 (hereinafter the 1979 Act). In the Act, Congress made clear that any provision of the Tokyo Round agreements negotiated under the GATT framework would not prevail over a U.S. statute, regardless of when the statue was enacted. Clearly, this was not consistent with the later-in-time-prevail rule. In addition, the same Act precluded any private right of action or remedy based on the agreements, unless otherwise provided by U.S. law.

    Subsequent international trade treaties the U.S. concluded continued the opposition to trade treaty priority. The United States-Canada Free-Trade Agreement Implementation Act provided that “[n]o provision of the Agreement, nor the application of any such provisions to any person or circumstance, which is in conflict with any law of the United States shall have effect.” Similar expression was contained in the North American Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act of 1993. Moreover, the Act further removed any legal actions by private parties challenging the validity of any U.S. law or government action under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

    ….. During the debate on approving the WTO Agreement, the prevailing view was that the multinational pact was not in conflict with U.S. sovereignty generally for two reasons: first, Congress is ultimately responsible for changing the laws of the United States; and second, the U.S. is entitled to withdraw from the WTO if it feels that the DSB abused its power. These arguments were vehemently endorsed by Clinton Administration officials who were eager to get the agreement passed Congress. Mickey Kantor, U.S. Trade Representatives, stated emphatically that “[n]o ruling by any dispute panel … can force us to change any federal, state or local law or regulation. Not the city council of Los Angeles, nor the Senate of the United States can be bound by these dispute settlement rulings.” His assistant, Deputy USTR Rufus Yerxa reiterated that “a WTO dispute settlement panel recommendation does not automatically change U.S. law. It has not self-executing effect …. Only Congress can change that law to implement a panel recommendation.”

    But the language of the URAA is even clearer. The features of the URAA are described as follows:
    United States Law to Prevail in Conflict The URAA puts U.S. sovereignty and U.S. law under perfect protection. According to the Act, if there is a conflict between U.S. and any of the Uruguay Round agreements, U.S. law will take precedence regardless when U.S. law is enacted. § 3512 (a) states: “No provision of any of the Uruguay Round Agreements, nor the application of any such provision to any person or circumstance, that is inconsistent with any law of the United States shall have effect.” Specifically, implementing the WTO agreements shall not be construed to “amend or modify any law of the United States, including any law relating to (i) the protection of human, animal, or plant life or health, (ii) the protection of the environment, or (iii) worker safety”, or to “limit any authority conferred under any law of the United States, including section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974.”

    Relationship of WTO Agreements to States Law The URAA contains a detailed provision outlining how the U.S. federal government will work to secure the objectives of the WTO agreements without impinging on state rights. In a nutshell, with regard to inconsistence with WTO at state level, there is no guarantee of compliance but only “consultation”. It is the U.S. understanding that “each WTO member will be free to determine how it will conform with those agreements at national and sub-national level”, and as such, the WTO agreements “do not automatically ‘preempt’ or invalidate state laws that do not conform to the rules set out in those agreements”. The URAA establishes Federal-State consultation process, under which the U.S. shall take efforts to help the states bring laws into conformity with WTO obligations, and the states have the right to be informed and involved in any challenges to the WTO consistency of state actions, as well as the right to be consulted before the federal government challenges subcentral government actions of other countries….

    WTO Decision-making & Dispute-settlement and U.S. Law To make sure that the WTO decision making process will not be applied in a manner detrimental to U.S. interest, the URAA requires the U.S. government “ensure that Ministerial Confference and the General Council continue the practice of decisionmaking by consensus followed under the GATT 1947.” Though the WTO Agreement allows for voting for a few matters, it is understood that voting procedures in the WTO will ensure that “there can be no change in U.S. substantive rights and obligations without the agreement of the United States.” With regard to dispute resolution, the U.S. declared that, whatever the decision made by the WTO dispute settlement panels is, it will not “have any power to change U.S. law or order such a change.” The USTR described the WTO dispute settlement’s relationship to and consequence on U.S. domestic legal system as follows:

    “[our] government was careful to structure the WTO dispute rules to preserve our rights. The findings of a WTO dispute settlement panel cannot force us to change our laws. Only the United States determines exactly how it will respond to the recommendations of a WTO panel, if at all. If a U.S. measure is ever found to be in violation of a WTO provision, the United States may on its own decide to change the law; compensate a foreign country by lowering trade barriers of equivalent amount in another sector; or do nothing and possibly undergo retaliation by the affected county in the form of increased barriers to U.S. exports of an equivalent amount. But America retains full sovereignty in its decision of whether or not to implement a panel recommendation.”

    Liked by 1 person

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