Tom Donohue Warns President Trump Against Trade Action Toward China…

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue is warning President Trump not to take any trade action against China or he will unleash his purchased control agents within congress and financial media to destroy his presidency.

Donohue takes-in hundreds of millions in payments from multinational corporations who hold a vested interest in keeping the U.S. manufacturing economy subservient to China. The U.S. CoC then turns those corporate funds into lobbyist payments to DC politicians for legislative action that benefits their Chinese trade deals. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the #1 lobbyist in DC; there are trillions at stake.

Wall Street’s famous CONservative mouthpieces then take their cues from Donohue and decry any Trump trade policy that might impact their multinational benefactors.  They hide behind catch phrases like “free trade”, or “free markets”.  However, what they are really hiding is the truth, there is no free market – it is a controlled market.  It’s a circle of trade and economic propaganda driven by the most well known guests that appear on Fox News. Ben Shapiro is one such example; there are hundreds more.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The head of the most influential U.S. business lobbying group warned the Trump administration that unilateral tariffs on Chinese goods could lead to a destructive trade war that will hurt American consumers and U.S. economic growth.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue said in a statement on Thursday that such tariffs, associated with a probe of China’s intellectual property practices, would be “damaging taxes on American consumers.”

His comments came after White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said that Trump would in coming weeks get options to address China’s “theft and forced transfer” of American intellectual property as part of the investigation under Section 301 of the U.S. Trade Act of 1974.

Reuters reported on Tuesday that Trump was considering tariffs on up to $60 billion worth of Chinese information technology, telecommunications and consumer products, along with U.S. investment restrictions for Chinese companies.

Donohue said the Trump administration was right to focus on the negative economic impact of China’s industrial policies and unfair trade practices, but said tariffs were the wrong approach to dealing with these.

“Tariffs of $30 billion a year would wipe out over a third of the savings American families received from the doubling of the standard deduction in tax reform,” Donohue said. “If the tariffs reach $60 billion, which has been rumored, the impact would be even more devastating.”

He urged the administration not to proceed with such a plan.

“Tariffs could lead to a destructive trade war with serious consequences for U.S. economic growth and job creation,” hurting consumers, businesses, farmers and ranchers.

In Beijing, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said Donohue’s comments were correct, adding that recently more and more American intellectuals had made their rational voices heard. (read more)

We have consistently stated the #1 reason for opposition to President Trump is financial (ie. economic); “There are Trillions at stake“.

Everyone admits the past 40+ years of U.S. trade deals have resulted in the massive export of U.S. wealth via jobs and manufacturing gains within other nations.  The financial beneficiaries of those prior trade positions were: Wall Street, multinational corporations and multinational banks.

The losers of all prior trade priorities was the U.S. middle-class.  This point is inarguable, just look around.  Stop the nonsense and quit listening to those who control the markets.

So ask yourself, friends and family this very important question:

If prior U.S. trade policies resulted in the export and redistribution of U.S. wealth… What happens when you reverse the process?

In the answer to that question you discover the opposition to U.S. President Trump.

For those who follow closely the strongest argument against the U.S. trade and economic policies of the past 30 years has been the outcome. We don’t need to guess what the pro’s and con’s of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce position is, we are living them. We don’t need to guess what the Wall Street economy delivers, we are living through them.

For the past 30 years the U.S. has lost jobs, wages have been depressed, and the middle-class has suffered through the implementation of economic trade policy that destroyed the U.S. manufacturing base. None of this is in question – the results stare us in the face – yet the Wall Street and multinational corporate club(s) [U.S. CoC chief among them] now demand a continuance of the same.

The economic and trade policies of the Trump administration are adverse to those interests. As we have shared for several years, candidate Trump, now President Trump is an existential threat to the multinational program.

All opposition to President Trump is about the underlying financial and economic policy of America-First. There are trillions at stake.

Those who have read here will note the media are generally oblivious to America-First economic policies; this includes the financial media.

As an example is the misleading information about how Steel/Aluminum tariffs would work. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross stated clearly exactly how the Steel and Aluminum policy would be carried out; yet for the financial media they claim the action would be something entirely different. The level of intellectual dishonesty is off-the-charts.

The truth is: •Point #1 – the media don’t want to know any alternative; they are committed to retaining all prior policy. •Point #2 – there’s almost no-one within the professional economic punditry class who have ever given thought to what happens during the space between two fundamentally different economic policies as executed.

What happens in the space between taking the U.S. economy off the path of ‘service-driven-globalism’, and reasserting the economy back to a balanced ‘production-based national economy’? None of the key participants within the larger discussion have ever contemplated this dynamic.

CTH is one of the few, perhaps the only source, who has gamed-out MAGAnomics.

Allow me to re-emphasize:

All opposition to President Trump stems from the underlying financial and economic policy. All opposition is about money!

When you ask the “why” question five times you end up discovering the financial motive for all opposition. It doesn’t matter who the group is; the opposition is ultimately about money. There are trillions at stake.

When Main Street economic principles are applied Wall Street will initially lose. There’s no way for this not to happen. Most of Wall Street is built on the Multinational platform of economic globalism. Weaken the grip of the multinational corporations and financial interests on the U.S. economy and Wall Street will drop… this is not difficult to predict. This is also necessary.

U.S. stocks, centered around U.S. domestic companies, will go up. U.S. stocks, centered around multinational companies, will go down.

As Secretary Wilbur Ross, U.S.T.R. Robert Lighthizer and U.S. President Trump have previously affirmed, they are going to restore the U.S. manufacturing and production economy -OR- lose office trying.

The U.S. Steel and Aluminum tariffs are just one component of the larger economic issue. Bringing back U.S. production on those sectors is vital to the infrastructure of a manufacturing and production economy.

Additional steps will come from exits of NAFTA and renegotiated trade deals with ASEAN nations, China and Europe. We either have a stable broad-base economy, or we follow the former path and eventually lose the country.

On the specifics of inflation, we have discussed this issue at great length. As stated three years ago, inflation will happen within this cycle –especially in the space between the policy as constructed– however, it will not affect the larger economic restoration because the growth of U.S. wages will exceed the rising prices of durable goods…. AND simultaneously energy prices and high-consumable goods’ prices (food, fuel) will drop. [Exit NAFTA and U.S. food prices will drop 25% within a year]

In this transitional phase (the space between) wage growth will remain ahead of aggregate inflation. No former economic models have any way to measure or gauge this dynamic. We have never been between two entirely different sets of economic policy before. No amount of immediate fed monetary policy will effect what happens on Main Street in this “space between” the two economies.


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300 Responses to Tom Donohue Warns President Trump Against Trade Action Toward China…

  1. Matthew LeBlanc says:

    Reminds me of the “it is ok to punch a nazi” meme in that it just seems that this guy’s face was made for punching. I could be biased but seems to me it would be ok to “punch a CoC leader advocating for China” in the face.

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    • SW Richmond says:

      Looks like Ted Knight in “Caddyshack”

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    • webgirlpdx says:

      The guy is 80 years old now. Why can’t these old guys and girls give it up and go home and enjoy what days they have left. Power absolutely corrupts.

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “Power absolutely corrupts.”

        You answered your own question. That is why these people that have more money than they could ever spend never stop lusting.

        As Jamie Colby says on her FBN show “Strange Inheritance” – “You can’t take it with you”.

        Matthew 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

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        • wolfrom1 says:

          Just how deep is the deep state? Seems there are a lot of ppl out there not elected by we the people trying to run our government. The ppl we voted for are taking orders from them and the$$$$… This may be the last chance to bring back our constitutional Republic. We all have to think long and hard where they want this country. I know if we fold to the globalist power all the blood spilled to keep this country free, Was in vain.

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      • nikkichico7 says:

        Maybe if they’re taking HGH (human growth hormone) it’ll all work out in the end 😃
        Taking that actually speeds up the system …. like running an engine at high rpm …. burns out the engine …

        I can dream can’t I 🤨

        If I’m totally wrong about that then … nuts …

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    • Pa Hermit says:

      Most of all of the Politicians need punched! This is exactly how these pols get to be multimillionaires on a $200,000 a year salary! On top of that, what is the most popular education of these pols? Look no farther than LAWYERS! If there’s a way to make one wealthier, who better to find ways to do that than a Lawyer? Trump has these pols showing us exactly where they stand! They don’t have America’s interests at heart, they have their own wallets to worry about if this goes through. Take the names of these pols as they are the true swampers and need replaced!

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    • Mongoose says:

      He he, you are right Mr. Friends, some people just have the kind of face you want to put a knuckle sandwich into! One of my all time favorites was Bobby Valentine, manager of various MLB teams. Really disliked that guy and always felt like putting my fist right in his face. Donohue is the same!


    • 335blues says:

      If anybody ever needed a b*tch-slapping, it would be donohue.


    • MGBSE says:

      I bet POTUS is shacking in his shoes – not.


    • Carrie2 says:

      Matthew LeBlanc, what bothers me is why has he not been arrested for threatening our President? He was blatant and loud stating he has the money and power and people to take down Trump and to me that means he needs to be taken to the nearest tree and hang like a Christmas ornament from it. He seems to think he has that power but will learn he hasn’t and we also will not allow him to threaten our country either!


  2. alliwantissometruth says:

    Donohue (CoC) is the epicenter of the corruption that completely degrades our form of government & destroys the quality of life we’ve built for ourselves

    He’s the wolf that infiltrates our government houses & pays off the weasels we elect to look out for us

    It’s an absolute treachery of the American way & the faith we the people put into our government, business & civic leaders

    This must be exposed for what it is, & these people must pay with prosecutions & prison time

    It galls me to no end. The CoC & our government is nothing more than a racket filled with pimps, prostitutes & miscreants

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    • THIS. A thousand times this. /\ /\ /\.

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    • NSA revelations of Tom Donahue’s treachery would be timely.

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    • lady4trump says:

      Donahue threatened President Trump with destruction. I think something needs to be done about this creep!

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    • Dave Radetsky says:

      “It’s an absolute treachery of the American way & the faith we the people put into our government, business & civic leaders”

      That point is extremely interesting because it shows how we have failed as American citizens. America’s founders warned over and over and over again that government cannot be trusted and must be carefully watched and held accountable. Instead of listening to the founders we’ve fallen into the trap of trusting those who run our government. America’s problems are the result of we the people failing in our responsibilities. Our failings have allowed this mess to happen and it is up to us to not only take our government back, but to train up our children and grandchildren to take over the responsibility from us and continue the fight. This is a generations long process and Americans need to understand we can NEVER stop guarding our liberties. Frankly, we’re lucky we haven’t lost more of our freedoms over the years and very fortunate that we’re blessed to have been given Donald Trump to help start the process of returning America to its founding principles. We won’t get there any time soon, not even in a decade or two. This is a very long term process but we’ve been given the chance and it’s up to us not to drop the ball.

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      • aumechanic says:

        Agreed, but we do need to drop the ball. The damned basketballs,footballs, and every other ball that has turned into a cult religion for a big portion of this country. You have the ncaa sanctioning pedophilia by threatening states that if they don’t let Cuomo and his buddies into the girls bathrooms they will shut down tournaments. PLEASE DO.The country’s tailgated while congress and Wallstreet sent our supper and dessert to china. Sundance, Thank you for what you do. I’ve always known something was amiss with the economics of our country but didn’t have the sense to figure it. Highly appreciate you sharing your knowledge in a way I can wrap my noggin around it and share it with others. Thanks

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      • Old Codger says:

        “Instead of listening to the founders we’ve fallen into the trap of trusting those who run our government…”

        Too many conservatives trust the government under the auspices of “respect for the office” or “respect for the institution”, or worse, “respect for the Constitution” all of which are pure bullshit!

        Properly construed, the Constitution is the leash on government, not the wellspring of its goodness, as there is no inherent “goodness” in government. Washington recognized that government is merely “force,” at its essence, BACKED BY ARMS!. Hence the overwhelming importance of the 2nd Amendment’s citizens’ RTBA!!!

        All constitutional conservatives should start by recognizing that as well.

        ENOUGH of this insipid “respect for” crap!!!


      • churchmouse says:

        Thanks for the link. Rush’s transcript on this is compelling reading:

        Brief excerpts:

        ‘We’ve been told as long as I have been aware of the name Robert Mueller, we are told that Mr. Mueller is a man of impeccable character, a man of refined tastes, a man of immense sophistication and qualification. The man was a judge, he ran the FBI, he is a fair person. He’s an all-round good guy. And in terms of people in Washington when it comes to the integrity, there are none with any more integrity than Robert Mueller.

        ‘Well, I’m sorry, but that doesn’t fit with what we see this man doing. And what I ask myself is, does Mueller ever get up and ask himself, “What the hell am I doing? I don’t have a crime here. I don’t have any evidence of a crime.” Does Mueller ever get up or does anybody on his team, do they get up in the morning and they ever ask themselves, are we really doing the right thing here in seeking to destroy an American citizen whose only audacious behavior is winning the presidency?

        ‘I mean, what did Donald Trump really ever do to these people? Except come in and upset their established order of things …

        ‘How do these guys keep doing this? There’s nothing here. This is perfectly obvious, a mission to destroy Donald Trump for the sake of destroying Donald Trump. Because they don’t think he’s qualified, because they don’t like his taste, because they don’t like his lack of sophistication, because he’s not one of them, because he runs the risk of outperforming them, because he runs the risk of blowing up the game they’re running, that only they are qualified to run this country.’


    • Mongoose says:

      Twenty, count’em 20 years as head of that criminal enterprise and does the DoJ do anything about it? Nope. NADA!

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    • CM in TN says:

      Domestic Enemy of The Republic, plain and simple. They and their members need to be treated as such. I don’t mean going hot, but they need to be publicly repudiated often and be boycotted…even at the local level. Tell local chapters that we will not do business with anyone even remotely associated with the USCoC as they are blatantly
      anti-American. End of rant…

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      • CC says:

        From the northern IL tree branch and squirrel nest….As I ponder all this CofC stuff…and globalism…tariffs etc…I am in an age group where I am de-cluttering and have significantly reduced my consumerism to the essentials….

        I have posted before, about little things from the 1980’s and ’90’s….that stuck with me–like lawyers being allowed to advertise, pharmaceuticals…same thing….doctors and hospitals, redundant but, same thing……I am not a business person so please be patient with me…..but these little things were not little ideas back then…there was controversy about them.

        Also, getting an MBA was a big deal…not everyone could get in to business school….as I recall, it was the children of the rich and or elite, now the business grad programs are a dime a dozen. Like locusts, after they have devoured the land, and little is left, they ‘open the doors’ of said aspects…to the common folk while they move on to fresh pastures.

        Another example….of a ‘product’ open to common folk….the stock market….in the 70’s and 80’s, stock purchases had to be a high volume of shares….with a hefty commission paid to the broker….? Technology has really been a huge benefit to Wall Street…easy and cheap purchases….

        Another business concept….from the early ’80’s…..”Target Profits” was the talk of the day…..companies have long figured out how to make money in spite of whatever economy we are in or between.

        In my area, the only non global type businesses….I can buy farm fresh eggs, local honey, straw and hay….after driving 30 miles.

        Like most in flyover country and my age group…I look at the economy from the bottom up now.


  3. Tom S says:

    FU donohue

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  4. m says:

    could someone tell me why we have to have such a long, drawn out process to negotiate NAFTA and these other trade deals? It is so agonizing. Could not some definitive decisions be made and put in place more quickly?

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    • talkietina says:

      Because Mexico, Canada, and the rest, don’t want fairness. They still want to screw the USA, and they are so spoiled by it, they think that is fair.

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      • Turranos says:

        …and in today’s world everything must be absolutely FAIR!

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      • Mongoose says:

        It is their “normal” so it is fair to them. Our politicians have opened “our” pockets and said “Here, come take what you want. We are the good guys.” So they did and they are used to it now. Of course, they don’t want their gravy train to go away! Thank you to all the treasonous politicians, lobbyists, and corrupt capitalists who would sell their mother’s for a buck!


        • Sell their mother’s what? Um, hair? Jewelry – a buck isn’t enough. Oh, wait. Maybe you meant all of the mothers of the bad guys?

          Sorry for the snark, and I usually succeed in resisting, but I finally have joined, just for tonight, the pdmac58 club. Aaaarrrrrggghhh!


      • piper567 says:

        talkie, I actually think it a good thing, although its too bad our wolverines have to tolerate such cretins, to give the world the impression of negotiations in good faith.
        Even if USA planned all along to withdraw from NAFTA, a rapid withdrawal would play into the President’s critics.
        Plus, there will be many more negotiations, so its a good thing for other Countries to see our willingness to negotiate, even when the terms are not good for us…which will always be our position.

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    • Eris says:

      Since NAFTA is a law, not a treaty, CONgress could in theory pass a new law overriding President Trump if he takes official action to terminate NAFTA. The long drawn out process is needed politically to not give the US CoC swamp critters in CONgress the excuse needed to get enough votes to block President Trump. He is executing a long term plan to get what he wants despite opposition from the US CoC etc. Trillions are at stake after all…

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    • FreeLayerOK says:

      I highly recommend a book to read titled “Start With No” by Jim Camp. He covers everything about the negotiation process, how the pros do it, and how to win. Great read and gives wonderful insight into great negotiators strategies, style of thinking, and handling adversaries in the board room in the heat of battle.

      More complex negotiations can take 18-24 months or more to successfully complete because of the hundreds or thousands of small negotiations that each side must individually and finally agree upon. Each little negotiation may take minutes, hours, days, weeks, adding up to a final deal — everything consumes time.

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    • Only when Democrats are in charge, then we get the bloated TARP and Obamacare passed the first year in office.


  5. fred5678 says:

    “Donohue said the Trump administration was right to focus on the negative economic impact of China’s industrial policies and unfair trade practices, but said tariffs were the wrong approach to dealing with these. ”

    “..Donohue said in a statement on Thursday that such tariffs, associated with a probe of China’s intellectual property practices, would be “damaging taxes on American consumers.” ”

    So Tommy agrees with the focus, admits to China’s intellectual theft, advises against POTUS Trump’s plan, doesn’t want to probe that theft, but doesn’t propose an alternative plan of his own. Have I got that right??

    T R A I T O R. Have I got that spelled right??

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  6. Paul says:

    Over the target

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  7. I really hate Donohue. He is an enemy of the Middle class. I. Really. HATE. Him.

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  8. beaujest says:

    Top Rodent !

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  9. tonyE says:

    Why is it that I think the CoC and Donahue are going to become frequent topics in Trump’s Tweets.

    The man has the gall to threaten Trump? What an !D!OT. Or, most likely, he’s desperate.

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    • lokiscout says:

      Just remember wild animals get very dangerous when cornered.

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      • Dave Radetsky says:

        lokiscout – That’s an excellent point. If people read Sundance’s article carefully (which clearly many commenters here have not), they would realize that this is so much bigger than most understand. Donahue and the CoC are fighting for control of trillions of dollars and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. And, as Sundance pointed out, Trump and his administration are fighting that but in a short statement in the middle of the his point, Sundance mentioned that Trump his administration will fight to the point where they win or lose their jobs. That’s an important point. Even Sundance recognizes, like few here seem to, that there’s no guarantee Trump will win. He is fighting a battle bigger than can be imagined and there is a chance he could lose, but he’s willing to go down trying. It is not inevitable that Trump will win. That’s why these midterm elections are critical and it’s already getting almost too late to get any traction in them if we don’t get good candidates running immediately.

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        • lokiscout says:

          Spot on with everything you say.


        • CC says:

          A lot of the information in the articles is very complex with twists and turns and multiple characters, laws, organizations etc. to keep track of….sometimes I personally find it hard to keep track of the details….and for me, too, often a commenter will trigger a thought…

          Midterms are crucial but there are pathetic candidates all over….in IL, at least 6 are running for governor and for example….they are so spread out in their stance….I cannot find a candidate that has more than one issue stance that I agree with…

          I agree with you about Trump…in his favor is the fact that he likes to win.


    • What do RATS do when cornered? 😉

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  10. lokiscout says:

    I don’t know about the rest f you but sometimes for me it takes awhile and some thought for things to sink in. I finally realized in the last few days looking at our improved economy, consumer confidence, folks spending more and the GDP numbers since the tax break went into effect that once again we are getting the short end. Something between a third and a half of the greatly increased consumer spending is on imported products. The net result is something between a third and a half of our tax break is again being sucked overseas to foreign markets. One of the historical benefits of tax reductions has been increased tax revenues offsetting tax rates. But due to our dependence on imports this increased tax revenue will be minimal at best. Some claim we get a big subsidy from foreign governments when they subsidize their manufacturers and provide us with a cheaper product to buy (Think China and steel). How magnanimous of them! Looks to me that when we buy these imported goods we are sending our hard earned money to these foreign countries where it can be taxed by them. So in effect we provide their working class with jobs and better standard of living and increase their tax base. So they can afford even more subsidies to undercut our domestic producers and at the same time build up their militaries to challenge our national security (in the case of China). Europe isn’t so much a military threat but we are providing them with the means to finance their Socialist societies. To paraphrase Thatcher, “Socialism is great until you run out of United States money to support it!”

    While Russia takes a confrontational political / militaristic approach, arms races, space gaps etc China could care less about our politics but slowly sucks us dry economically while building a military that will insure when they have bankrupted us no one else will be able to challenge them for the spoils.

    Am I starting to get the picture?

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  11. theresanne says:

    Trump. Don’t. Scare.

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  12. Don C says:

    I voted for Trump because of sheet like this! You won’t hear from me much, if ever again, but i am pissed and waiting in the wings…

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  13. jeans2nd says:

    There is so much wrong with Shapiro’s “arguments” in that clip – starts at 23:26. What an ass. Not worth the time to deconstruct, except to ask – Shapiro says there is no basis for tariffs in national defense. Does ISIS use Chinese steel in those decapitation vids? Does China use the same steel on their ships and planes that they send us to use on our bridges and walkways?

    As for Donahue – many threats, but no solutions. Where are Donahue’s solutions?
    Does Donahue realize that threats do not work on Economic Titan Billionaires?
    That Our President also has a pen and a phone? (and us)

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  14. ediegrey says:

    The Chinese agree with Donahue, go figure – and we are supposed to be persuaded to agree with Donahue? They really think we think China is on our side?? Give me a break.

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  15. FL_GUY says:

    I view the so called US. CoC as nothing more than a money laundering operation for foreign entities to buy US politicians and influence US policy.

    I would like to see Donahue and the CoC investigated. See their finances examined by forensic accountants with an electron microscope. See which foreign countries are paying them and which US politicians are being bought.

    Then, prosecute all of them! Bribery of public officials is illegal. The briber and the bribee can be prosecuted and they should be. Accepting money from a foreign government is seriously illegal. Jimmy Carter started the grand tradition using his nitwit brother as the middle east bagman. Clintoon made it an art form turning over our best technology to the Chicoms for money. No one really knows what all HilLIARy sold to other countries in addition to 20% of the US uranium supply. She did get a lot of covert operatives killed so that may have been part of it.

    A lot of these jackass politicians would shut up really quick if a serious investigation into their contributions and business dealings was conducted; I would love to see Lyin’ Ryans lefty wife lobbyist wife investigated. Investigate Soros, his numerous NGOs and the CoC. That’s who is buying the politicians on behalf of foreign interests and countries. Cut off their cash now!

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  16. Elle says:

    The actions of Donahue leading the COC remind me of the AARP during the Obama care debacle. It is easier to buy off the head of these organizations with promises of large donations than it is to grow membership with those you are supposedly representing. It seems to me, however, that the weakness for Donahue’s COC and the AARP is the flip side of that coin. While the can get legislation past that, in effect, screws their members, and benefits the CEO with a big boost in salary, they lose in the long game. Obama care crashed, as we all knew it would, and so did the AARP’s reputation and membership. The things the AARP set themselves up to gain from the passage of Obamacare are no longer the place to be. Likewise, the COC can take action to help pass legislation to benefit a few (as well as the CEO’s bottom line) but – because he is screwing the majority of the businesses that make up the COC, he’s slowly poisoning the the goose that laid his golden eggs. Sadly, these CEO’s gain personal profit, it is the organizations they represent that are damaged.

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  17. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “The level of intellectual dishonesty is off-the-charts.”

    The MAGA agenda must proceed no matter how loud the opposition howls, the sound will be deafening.
    All these traitors know once the economy starts to take off and the American people see the results for themselves, they are screwed.

    It would not surprise me if a bill countering the economic MAGA agenda is being drafted right now, to be slapped on the President’s desk just like that ill-advised Russian “sanctions” bill that the President chose to sign and not veto.

    I had wondered about him doing neither with that bill – not signing it and not vetoing it.

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    • donny says:

      I wondered about that too. I believe it wasn’t worth our President’s time, it would be a distraction from the war. How many times has President Trump ‘taken things of the table’? Besides, it is clearly unconstitutional,


  18. GW says:

    Ok. Us Treepers have been made acutely aware of these facts.
    So the question is : what does (can) Trump do against “the enemy within” ?

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  19. Right Mover says:

    My money is on the C.i.C. to conquer the CoC.

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  20. visage13 says:

    Isn’t the media and Washington DC already being unleashed on Pres Trump, his family and the people working for him? What else can they do outside of physically hurting them? Seriously, this is kind of scary stuff.


  21. Ross says:

    For me, the basic question –is it better to have people in jobs doing meaningful work, having improved self esteem, contributing to their community etc. or being on food stamps ? It is that simple.
    That doesn’t mean you have to have a fortress economy but as the President says everything has to be fair as possible. The ideal will never be achieved ( that is not reality) but if one country subsidises a product to the detriment of the other then the the latter is entitled to try to redress the imbalance –ie. the Chinese steel situation.


  22. pyromancer76 says:

    It’s a new era. Octogenarians no long rule. I like Right Mover’s CiC will conquer CoC. May I also say “trash his a$$ as well as “thrash his a$$?” I have always felt that Tom’s face was one that invited punching. There is something about the attitude displayed, something like spoiled bully who believes in his own grandiosity.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. whoseyore says:

    Hey folks, I just went to the National Office of the Chamber of Commerce, selected “CONTACT US” and there were several Regional numbers/addresses available. I called the Regional office for my state and left a voice message telling my representative to tell Mr. Tom Donohue to quit threatening our president. I told him that we were onto their scheme and it won’t work any longer. Below is a link to all of the Regional Offices. I would encourage my fellow branch dwellers here in the Tree House to pick up your phones and bombard them with messages this weekend. I think that should send a pretty clear message to Mr. Donohue.
    Tee hee hee! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  24. PGlenn says:

    “Donohue said the Trump administration was right to focus on the negative economic impact of China’s industrial policies and unfair trade practices, but said tariffs were the wrong approach to dealing with these.”

    Okay, Donohue, what is the right approach to combatting Chinese unfair practices and intellectual property theft? You and your crones have run DC for decades, so please tell me what the f—- your Gang has been doing rightly to combat Chinese economic aggression?

    Liked by 3 people

  25. donny says:

    It is absolutely a fight for survival of the United States of America and guess what? President Donald Trump, his team and we American Patriots are going to WIN. Tom Donohue,can only throw tantrums. The Storm is coming. Check out a Dilley Drop at Says Mueller is a Marine called back to duty. Blew my mind.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. jojo says:

    Can’t you just see President Trump shaking in his boots? LOL! It makes me laugh.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. littleanniesfannie says:

    Who died and appointed the CofC God?? I don’t think so. Those snakes need to be removed.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. diogenes says:

    A good rule of thumb is “The opposite of Tom Donahue’s position is the best one for America.” I have rarely been disappointed applying this rule to economic or political discussion.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. TimeIsNow says:

    CoC and Donahue are Treasonous foreign agents, who get paid well for their treason, and this is a time of War. What happens to foreign agents, dressed like civilians during War Times? Where are their Chinese military uniforms?


  30. Jack says:

    Tom Donohue? Is that Phil Donohue’s retarded brother?


  31. joeknuckles says:

    Is that little goblin registered as a foreign agent? If not, why not?
    What if Trump does a major prime time speech to expose the crap to the entire country once and for all? Since it involves republicans, the press would eat it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Caius Lowell says:

    I’m disappointed SD, seems Tom earned the Mickey finger! BTW, I was just skiing at Breckenridge, with it’s $179 lift tickets, and the slopes were filled with globalists…


  33. Mongoose says:

    This “PUNK” is warning the President? Come over here and say that you little weasel. I’ve got something for you! You can’t hold a candle to this great man. You have not built anything. All you have done is steal, lie, cheat, and corrupt everything you have touched. You are a globalist turd and you stink. Time you were flushed!

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Blacksmith8 says:

    hey tommy, that’s nice little chamber you got there. Be a shame if something happened to it.

    Liked by 2 people

  35. William Dorritt says:

    Force the Chamber and all of their employees and agents to register as Foreign Agents, and require them to take their requests to the State Dept.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. jameswlee2014 says:

    Donald Trump has left the entire Republican establishment and their 16 candidates, Hillary Clinton, the media/entertainment/campus axis lying face down and bleeding into a mud puddle while he strolls casually away checking to see if he lost a diamond cuff link while he was slapping them around. This dude has nothing to throw at The Don that hasn’t been thrown already. I do not like his chances and it’s likely that this time next year there will someone else at the head of the CoC.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Sara says:

    Can you add GAB to your share options?

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10


  38. Che Pup says:

    The fact that the Chinese spokesperson 100% aligns with Donohue, really says it all. Donohue may as well come put as a foreign lobbiest or simply rename and rebrand as the CHINESE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. What a traitor Donohue is.


  39. distracted2 says:

    Charles Koch threatened Trump last week and Donohue threatens him this week…I’d say Trump is right over the target.


  40. Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

    I’ll say it.
    Donohue & Soros need to be killed.

    Best would be a .gov team of “Patriots”, homegrown patriots only if absolutely necessary.

    This needs to end.


  41. Buck Turgidson says:

    Donohue is an enemy of the state and the citizenry. His passport should be revoked and this rat should be deported.


  42. G. Combs says:


    And Science has proved it. 😁

    The neurochemistry of power has implications for political change

    (It also makes you a very poor decision maker.)


  43. Rynn69 says:

    The CoC is the root of all corruption in Washington, DC. It is the head of the snake. I can hear Nigel Farage now: “its the multinationals!” They are the #1 lobbyists in DC and the #1 reason nearly all of the politicians have been corrupted. They are a cancer that has grown more powerful in the last 2 decades, metastasizing everywhere, making our country sick and weak. Teddy Roosevelt was known as the Trust Buster. There comes a point when an entity (CoC, Amazon, Google, etc?) thinks itself too powerful, above the law, untouchable. Is it time for a modern-day Trust Buster?


  44. Festering Boil says:

    Can’t we kick that SOB Donahue out of the country???? I mean, he is one of the biggest scumbags residing under out protections and deserves none of it…..

    Pit him on the same plane as Soros and they can cuddle with each other……..


  45. Festering Boil says:

    Dono-ho is a total douche. Sitting there lying about all of this stuff. Trump would skin him alive in a business negotiation. Interesting to know that he has overtaken the Jewish lobby as the most powerful lobbying group in the country, though I am quite sure that the Jewish lobby fully and unequivocally endorses Dono-hoe and may well be providing most of his funding. This shit, from both of these groups, has to STOP in this country……


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