Wilbur Ross Shreds Globalists at Davos: “We don’t intend to abrogate leadership, but leadership is different from being a sucker and being a patsy”…

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross at the World Economic Forum in Davos (President Trump departs the U.S. tonight to attend). The attendance by Secretary Ross provides an opportunity to further enforce the position of the Trump administration regarding free, fair and reciprocal trade deals.

Believe me, the economic globalist attendees were/are entirely freaking out.  There’s a panel discussion video at the bottom which will highlight the tenuous position of the multinational corporations, banks and the economic interests of the globalists.  Prior to the panel Secretary Ross gave an interview to CNBC. WATCH:


As mentioned Secretary Ross also outlined how the ‘America First’ economic policy and platform engages with the global community during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum.  Generally the attendees have been historic champions of multinational corporations and multinational financial interests, ie. fans of “economic globalization”.

Wilbur Ross conveys to the larger multinational interests an explanation of the high-level shift in U.S. trade policy, and reinforces the Trump Doctrine of economic nationalism.

Secretary Ross told the panel: “The Chinese for quite a little while have been superb at free-trade rhetoric and even more superb at highly protectionist behavior. Every time the U.S. does anything to deal with a problem, we are called protectionist.”

Ross brushed off some narrow-minded global criticism about the U.S. retreating from the world stage allowing China to increase its geopolitical footprint around trade leverage. After three decades of President Trump outlining his trade views, secretary Ross accurately said President Donald Trump has a forceful leadership style that some people don’t like.

… “We don’t intend to abrogate leadership, but leadership is different from being a sucker and being a patsy. We would like to be the leader in making the world trade system more fair and more equitable to all participants.” …

Secretary Ross also challenged the panelists, including World Trade Organization Director-General Roberto Azevedo and Cargill Inc. Chief Executive Officer David MacLennan, to name a nation that’s less protectionist than the U.S.

He got no responses.

Wolverine Ross then cited a study of more than 20 products that showed China had higher tariffs on all but two items on the list, and Europe all but four.

Before we get into sticks and stones about free trade we ought to first talk about, is there really free trade or is it a unicorn in the garden,” said Ross. {{{ZING}}} Again, no response from the panel. Despite the tariffs Trump imposed this week on solar panels and washing machines, China is hoping for a “bumper year” for new trade deals, according to China’s own Commerce Ministry.

All trade and economic wonks can join me in watching the full panel discussion in this next video.  If you have time, watch it all.  Wilburine was pulling no punches, and he deconstructed the ridiculous arguments brilliantly.  At 14:50 you can hear a pin drop in the room to Ross’s correcting the record.  Again, around 17:30 Ross bears his teeth:



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254 Responses to Wilbur Ross Shreds Globalists at Davos: “We don’t intend to abrogate leadership, but leadership is different from being a sucker and being a patsy”…

  1. litlbit2 says:

    Wow! Thanks MR. President Trump and team. The forgotten man has a spokesperson! MAGA

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Your absolutely right!

      That was worth every minute to listen to! Our Wilburine defended our President and our country extremely well. You could tell that the Globalist and Multinationalist are scared to death. One thing that was clear as day to me is that our President and his killers have their eye on China 🇨🇳. The Wilburine shared some interesting facts.

      China 🇨🇳 in one damn month produced more steel than the US did for the entire year in 2017. He also shared that there are countries in Asia that are selling steel that don’t have a single mechanism to actual produce steel. China 🇨🇳 is passing e their steel to these countries so that they can get around tariffs.

      He also talked about how China 🇨🇳 wants to be the leader of technology production by 2025. They are stealing intellectual property from our companies that want access to their market.

      This year our President will make a determination about imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum as well as on the Intellectual propert dispute that our President opened last year. China 🇨🇳 is going to be in a world of hurt once those decisions are rendered.

      I also learned a lot about how automotives is skewed completely against our country. The US only can enforce a 2.5% tariff according to the WTO on incoming automobiles 🚗 and parts. However, Europe can impose a 10% tariff while Japan 🇯🇵 and South Korea 🇰🇷 also have formidable tariffs (according to Wilburine) and China can impose a 25% tariff in the near future as they get rolling with their automotive sector.

      Our politicians, both Republicans and Democrats had no problem giving away the entire store. The CoC is a complete POS organization that doesn’t care at all for our country. They payoff politicians at the expense of everyday Americans. I LOVE ❤️ our President and his killers more after listening to that forum.

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  2. Paco Loco says:

    The Wilburine speaks softly and carries a big stick. He’s what my grandfather used to call a “Captain of Industry”. The entire Trump cabinet team is awesome.

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  3. joshua says:

    Maxine Waters completely gets it….she watched the video and declared loudly

    “Peach fawty fie……peach fawty fie….peach fawty fie…….”

    The Globalists were totally IMPRESSED by this.

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  4. sickconservative says:

    Really hard to pick a favorite as so impressed by most but Ross is one of the top three.

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  5. Bull Durham says:

    Just a background point on Ross and Trump in the past.

    When DJT had go bankrupt in Atlantic City, he personally had to cover almost one billion dollars in losses. No banks or investors would bankroll him to carry on. Wilbur Ross did. He believed in DJT and three years later Trump was back on top, and never looked back. Ross knew the Man. He believed that DJT could and would recover and come back as a developer. They have been tight ever since. Wilbur is a master on seeing value in troubled industries and understands what it takes to turn around a distressed company or enterprise.

    In essence, DJT would never have been able to save America if Wilbur Ross had not saved DJT.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      As I recall, Bull…it was more like DJT personally paid back loans that he didn’t have to pay back under bankruptcy.

      DJT could have walked away. But he didn’t.
      This impressed Wilbur Ross, that DJT displayed such integrity…and they became friends after that.

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      • Lindenlee says:

        These dumbasses that crow about Trump’s “many bankruptcies”, can’t tell you what they were, when they were, how they were resolved, who was made whole, what the industry was doing at that time (like the fact that casinos at that time, in Atlantic City, were going BK by the load), or how many BKs he had compared to his successes. No idea of how to empirically assess what was what. Stupidity.

        So I ask them… How many were there, what industries, who was made whole and how, and to what degree…etc. Blank faces, slack jaws, and glazed eyes. Hope to God they don’t breed or vote.

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  6. ecmarsh says:

    The globalist at Davos all are speaking English, in the presence of our Commerce Secretary. Not German, Chinese, Hindu, French, or even Norwegian.
    Those parasites are speaking our language because want to continue sucking our wealth. Not gonna happen anymore!

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    • Charlotte says:

      The US save their bacon in WW2 from the Nazis and then the US helped them along to recover economically and they just TOOK and TOOK and TOOK, all the while demonizing the US and disparaging us.
      hen they allowed terrorists to plot plans on their soil (the MUNICH MOSQUE for example where 9/11 plotters congregated–the Hamburg cell-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamburg_cell_
      The EU also got rich on the backs of Jewish slave labor and confiscated Jewish assets many formation of the EEC (which morphed into the EU) was plotted in 1942 by Hitler’s ministers- and then WE HELPED THEM ATTAIN THOSE GOALS! UNREAL!
      Heres the original document
      So to hell with the EU.

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      • formerdem says:

        Well what I heard was the EU was formulated by Adenauer and De Gaulle after the Nazi loss, and neither of them were Nazis 🙂 It was a symbolic thing at the time that they went to Mass and then to the meeting. There was some symbolic impetus there around reuniting Europe with a prayer to Christ. I also understand that the European flag originally referred to Mary’s crown of stars. Of course, I know this may be as bad or worse in some minds. Anyhow, there it is. And anyhow, Europe is now embarrassed of Christ and is falling apart so what does it all matter.

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        • churchmouse says:

          Yes, that was the post-WWII version to unite Europe in peace.

          However, it started elsewhere, as Charlotte posted.

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          • Cuppa Covfefe says:

            Actually the plans were before the Nazis. Look up the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan (btw. their foundation gave “Mutti” Merkel an award a few years back). They intend to meld ALL races together (effectively reversing the Tower of Babel) by forcing unlimited immigration, intermarriage, breaking down of borders and institutions, and rendering the people powerless against that. Hence all the Multi-Kulti influences in the media, curricula, and politics over here (I’m in Germany).


      • churchmouse says:

        Thank you, Charlotte — greatly appreciated.

        Even today, it is no accident that Germany appears to be the leader of the EU.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Sorry, this is not true. Indian PM Modi delivered his entire speech in His native language – Hindu? – and it has been remarked on in other forums.

      Many things are changing at Davos this year. The primary emotion from the beautiful people is fear, except for the real businessmen that are there. Those tiny few are full of optimism and hope. The Chinese threat has been diminished by the topic of every forum seen by far, which for me has been quite a few. Diminished by United States President Donald J. Trump.

      Cannot wait til tomorrow’s speech.

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    • Fake Nametag says:

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  7. WhistlingPast says:

    Now we know that Wilbur Ross really doesn’t (allegedly) “doze off” during meetings.
    He is actually meditating to come up with these great lines!

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    • maiingankwe says:

      I must have missed the dozing off accusations, which doesn’t by any means mean it’s not true, just I wasn’t aware of it.

      I do know when there is something important I am listening to, I close my eyes to block out any distractions. I don’t usually do this when people are talking in front of me, but I do do it when listening to videos. Heck, I even realized I did it with this one after I read your post.

      I know body language is important to watch, but when you know the speaker, it really isn’t as necessary. And anyways, Secretary Wilbur Ross is more than likely a great poker player, not a lot of signs going off with this guy. He keeps things pretty close.

      I just can’t resist saying this, which I know I say every darn time when we have an article here written about or in reference to him:
      Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is my absolute favorite cabinet member and one of many working for free! I absolutely love this guy and it would be a dream come true to sit and talk with this brilliant man working so hard for our nation. Love him. Absolutely love him.

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      • Lindenlee says:

        On occasion, I could see fleeting expressions of contempt in Wilburine’s eyes for some of the comments by the guy on the left, silver hair. Very fleeting. Very interesting.

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        • maiingankwe says:

          I must’ve had my eyes closed. 🙃. Hmm… I might have to go back and have a watch just to see that.

          The guy on the left was a putz. To me, it looked like he didn’t know what the heck the others were talking about, way over his head kind of thing. Either that or he thoroughly despised our Wolverine…or both.


      • El Torito says:

        It is a dream just listening to him speak – I don’t have enough economic knowledge to merit a conversation with him – I’m sure I would resemble an insect trying to converse with a human.
        Every time I listen to Wilburine I learn so much and he delivers it in a way that no one can dispute.

        Thank you SD for the post.

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        • maiingankwe says:

          My level of knowledge in economics and commerce is quite limited as well, I only took the required classes in college, and unfortunately don’t remember much.

          I do know one thing though, our Secretary Ross wouldn’t mind a bit explaining anything our hearts desired. He’s the kind of guy who is not only gracious, but appreciative of when someone is honestly trying to learn something, especially when that subject is near and dear to our Wilbur Ross.

          In addition, any subject would be worthwhile and memorable if we were able to sit down with him. And if we did talk about what he excels at, he in no way would look down on us unless of course we were arrogant and thought we knew more than what we did, which of course wouldn’t happen with either of us. We know his value and respect him in so many ways.

          If anything, I think he’d be ticked pink, to sit with us knowing how much we care about our country as he does. It would also give us chance to acknowledge the work he’s doing for all of us and how much we appreciate and recognize history sacrifice.
          Be well,


    • Michelle says:

      If he does doze off it’s because he can do this in his sleep, he is that good.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      He’s playing opossum.

      Just let anyone try to draw something on his forehead, thinking that Wilbur is ‘sleeping’…he would take their arm off and beat them with it.

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  8. thedoc00 says:

    The one thing the members of this administration clearly understand, that the vast majority of previous administration did not understand nor cared to acknowledge, is that the US Voting and Tax Paying Consumer contributes over 40% of the money paid into the world economy. That is enough power to sink allot of bottom lines if our government properly applied that leverage .

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    • piper567 says:

      thedoc…I think our President has a pretty accurate idea of that truth.
      I believe its the source of his great confidence that MAGA can succeed.

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      • MAJA says:

        I think the root of PDJT’s motivation is to unshackle American exceptionalism (free, independent, self sufficient, industrious, creative, respectful). He knows us. He is one of us. He knows what to do. He knows who to put on his team.

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    • El Torito says:

      Past administrations sold out the US citizen and economy. They understood perfectly. PDJT is taking the personal gain out of it. Disband the CoC.

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  9. tempo150101 says:

    Nobody said making a buck should be easy, but these trade deals have simply made it too hard for companies like, say, MTD, to make lawn mowers here in the United States. It shouldn’t be that hard!!! Thank god we have some sanity in the White House again who has been able to change this narrative. Just in the nick of time.

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  10. Charlotte says:

    The late Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington, rather unkindly, coined the term “Davos Man” to indicate the kind of person who goes to the WEF meetings: “they have little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing[,] and see national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the elite’s global operations.”


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    • Kent says:

      …thusly they present their narrative to displace intellect and virtue


    • formerdem says:

      it is such an irony that Marx’s analysis that history would tend toward throwing all the workers into one international heap that the capitalists would pick over, did nearly come to pass after the fall of the Soviet Union, supported by the stupid applause of the left which is facilitating it all they can. and it will not happen, because national boundaries are something, however attenuated, to do with love, which trumps money and violence.


  11. scott467 says:

    “Believe me, the economic globalist attendees were/are entirely freaking out.”


    Then you have to ask yourself… why do they care?

    It’s not about money. It can’t be. The globalist traitors meeting at that place have more money than anyone in the world.

    So it’s not money.

    What *IS* it?

    WHY are they ‘freaking out’?

    Something a LOT bigger than ‘money’ has been interrupted by the election of Donald J. Trump.

    A LOT bigger.

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    • scott467 says:

      Once you already have all the money you could hope to spend in ten lifetimes, there’s no point to the pursuit of MORE money.

      That’s not what it’s about.

      It’s about CONTROL and POWER.

      It’s about worldwide enslavement.

      That’s what these filthy maggots are up to.

      And they should all be identified and strung up with piano wire.

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      • konradwp1 says:

        Yes, it is about Power and Control.

        They may claim altruistic motives like free trade, open boarders and ending wars, but it really is just about maintaining Power and Control of a socio-economic pyramid they were born on top of, or climbed up.

        For their wealth to have any meaning, the legal and financial systems that recognise their wealth must be maintained and a socio-economic pyramid must be enforced. Once these people are at the top of the pyramid, they have the best of everything, and they don’t want anything to change that. Further to that, they don’t like the idea of other pyramids springing up, which is why the constant capitulation to China. They want China to be part of the single pyramid. The idea of a second bigger pyramid that they can’t be at the top of? Noooo!

        Things that frighten globalist elites are Internet sales, Internet currencies and Internet communications. They could lose control of the peasants. Gasp! Suddenly there may be people or things they cannot buy. At Davos, some of the panicked discussion has centred on new media sources and its dissemination on social media. They have seen their plans to control global energy through the AGW hoax smashed by a handful of bloggers. The globalist elites have also just seen Donald Trump elected against their will, despite the full opposition of the media forces they control.

        During the election campaign, Trump made it very clear that he would “fight the false song of globalism”. In Davos on Friday, I expect President Trump to repeat that message, and there will be much wailing and lamentation.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      These globalist elites don’t want to be hindered by the Rule of Law that some sovereign nation might try to enforce upon them.

      They consider themselves above the laws that apply to us peons.

      They want to be able to engage in any sordid and depraved activities that they desire to engage in…which includes pedophilia, torture and murder.

      Someone like PDJT is a threat to this, Scott.
      You are right about it being “bigger than the money”.

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      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        It’s like Ephesians 6:10-18 says. We are part of a (mostly unseen) war between good and evil. The globalists are worshipping and bowing down to their god of Mammon, the Devil. And they do all manner of evil things at his bidding, and for his false kingdom.

        The interview of the Dutch financier, the “Pizzagate” mails/revelations, Arkancides, drug and human trafficking, abortion, MK, are all part of their war against us, and against GOD.

        They will fail, indeed they already have. The “Beast of Babylon” will be vanquished. Totally.

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  12. porkyspen says:

    Wow! Who are these idiots doing the interview? They seem misinformed, at best…. and pathetically anti-America at worst. Bunch a jerks.


  13. CharterOakie says:

    Excellent job once again by Wilburine in articulating the issues and marshaling the key facts.

    Just awesome.

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  14. Mark Brown says:

    Sundance, I want to thank you for once again alerting me to highly pertinent information, That was indeed an hour well spent.

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  15. Donna in Oregon says:

    I love to watch Wilbur handle interviews….he’s such a cool breeze.

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  16. bessie2003 says:

    That was a great video, definitely worth watching.

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  17. konradwp1 says:

    At 21.00 –

    “There is no longer a need to subsidise
    or Japan,
    or Europe.
    With. Our. Money.”

    I think Wilbur made that point reasonably clear to the panel.

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  18. scott467 says:

    “Prior to the panel Secretary Ross gave an interview to CNBC. WATCH:”


    That was a strange ‘panel’.

    I think the young guy was able to work in two questions. Becky Quick dominated the entirety of the rest of the interview.

    And Joe Kernan was just there for eye candy, apparently?

    I don’t think he made a sound.

    Must have been the Becky Quick show.


    • wheatietoo says:

      Joe Kernan is probably afraid of Wilbur Ross.

      Joe is not very smart, but he’s smart enough to know that Wilbur could make him look stupid without even trying.

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  19. daughnworks247 says:

    (Sigh), I’m in love with an 81 year-old Wilburine!

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  20. scott467 says:

    “Generally the attendees have been historic champions of multinational corporations and multinational financial interests, ie. fans of “economic globalization”.”


    That’s like saying that auto racing enthusiasts are fans of ‘going fast’. The objective is to cross the finish line first, going fast is the necessary means to that end.

    Likewise, ‘economic globalization’ is also a necessary means to an ‘end’.

    What is the ‘end’ that these fans of ‘economic globalization’ are seeking?

    Remember, they already have all the money in the world… so it’s not money…

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    • iswhatitis says:

      –> “What is the ‘end’ that these fans of ‘economic globalization’ are seeking?”

      Words of the Oracle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixgFi3G_HAs&feature=youtu.be&t=358

      (youtube 6:41 queued to 5:58, hopefully 🙂 )

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      • scott467 says:

        How do you que the video to the specific point you want to reference?

        That could be very helpful!


        • iswhatitis says:


          I use a PC browser, and I don’t know if it’s different via a smartphone or not, but all you have to do is:

          * Manually queue up the video to the specific point you want to reference. This can be via sliding the slider or just watching it to that spot. Then pause it if needed.

          * Right-click on the video, and a menu pops-up.

          * Select choice #2: “Copy video url at current time”

          * It’s now in your copy-paste buffer, so just paste it where-ever (such as in a comment). It will have tacked on the starting point, as a number (shown as “&t=358” at the end of mine, above).

          * That’s it. 🙂


          • iswhatitis says:

            I left something off – just a caveat:

            * If you paste the url on a separate line in a comment here, it will show the video preview window, where you can hit Play and watch it directly (not going to youtube). On my PC, those urls seem to drop or ignore the time-mark, and just start at the beginning.

            That’s why I pasted it on a line with text – so that it would *not* show the preview window. You have to follow the link to play the vid. *That* preserves the time-mark.

            * Again, this is on a PC browser. It all might be different on a smartphone. I haven’t tried that way yet, so I don’t know.

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  21. Elizabeth Carter says:

    I watched the whole video. It was very informative. Wilbur Ross did an excellent job of explaining our position and our willingness to lead but no longer be the one nation that has to take care of all of the other nations.
    I learned a lot as I listened. I had not realized that we were still under the rules that were put in place in 1945. I had never understood that trading partners were simply moving from one country to another to circumvent the rules.
    I found his explanation of why the multilateral agreements do not work was very well put. He is plain spoken and addressed every topic clearly and courteously.
    Wilbur Ross was clearly respected by the others in attendance and stated the fact that changes are going to be made and that our intention it to level the playing field so that we have the same opportunities to succeed as all of the other members. He never acted subservient to them in any way and never took an attitude of threatening them or trying to create fear in them or left any doubt of his agenda.
    I was very pleased with the way he represented President Trump. I really do think that when the members get to actually meet and negotiate with President Trump, they will walk away with a much higher opinion of him and greater respect for him than they ever expected.
    Our MSM media has treated President Trump with total disrespect. They do not seem to take into consideration that America is their country and he is their President. When they harm America, they harm themselves also.
    When I look at the World GDP chart that sundance provides for us, I am amazed that for a country with such a small population, we have been able to provide welfare for most of the world. I wonder what we could do if we did not have so many other countries to support and so many people in high positions stealing our money all these years, just what our GDP would have been by now.
    God Bless President Trump
    God Bless America

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  22. SonAmRev53 says:

    19:05 – Sec. Ross talking about post WW2 US response. Yes!! And then at 20:45 he is saying there is no longer a need for the US to subsidize China, Japan, etc. and Europe. Then Mr. Cargill is doing one of the biggest kiss ups to Mr. Wilburine I have ever seen at this level. Saw it quite a bit between our guys and the gov guys. Oh, all the other folks besides Sec. Ross are talking the vague BS all current leaders do when public. Sigh, we have so far to go. Long term plan must be for replacements for PDJT, his friends, and replacements for the Uniparty congress scum.

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  23. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    It is so weird for me. I actually love watching videos of our financial diplomats covering trade, budgets or whatever, something that bored me or was over my head before PDJT!

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  24. Just finished watching the whole thing. First impression was I felt like I was listening to NPR…all of this pretentious intellectualism covering up what was really going on. What is really going on is income redistribution on a world-wide level and it is the US redistributing its wealth, no not its wealth, the wealth of the individual citizen, to every body else on the planet.

    So, you and I are giving up our wealth/lifestyle, so people in Europe can come here on month long vacations spending up a storm…something I could never afford to do by going to Europe …so people in Germany, China, and Japan can live a life of leisure at my expense. Oh, man, something has to change.

    I really appreciate Ross blowing through the pseudo intellectual bs being put forth by everyone else there. Particularly irksome was the guy who referred to the non-college educated people, you know, the rednecks, who can’t possible understand the whole grand scheme of things which benefits the world, to hell if it benefits them or not.

    I think things are at the point where it all blows apart so we can start clean again. Too much structure, too much social engineering…it doesn’t work…wow, now we even have to engineer the weather..probably off topic….but I guess I am too much of a libertarian spirit to ever tolerate that crap.

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    • tonyE says:

      Ross was simply awesome. He was using simple language and quite a few American idioms. He did not mince his words and was right on point. It was a lesson.

      Those perverts from Business Schools got schooled in the real world.

      The whole “forum”, really, was dominated by Ross. The others were simply the wall paper to make it look like it was a “forum”… and obviously no one with any intelligence accepted the invitation.

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Sorry, we normal folk in Germany are not living a “life of leisure” by any means. Our cost of living has been going up, and our standard of living has been going down since the Berlin Wall fell. And we in the West have been paying for the rebuilding of the East, while getting nothing in return.

      Oh, wait; we’re getting cultural enrichment from the Middle East and Africa. Supposed refugees who are really eco-tourists because they get everything paid for. Yep. By we “normies” who have no way of getting rid of the EC/EU and have no way of directly electing the Kanzler/in who is always singing their globalist tune.

      We German deplorables aren’t getting the money: the globalists are. It’s the usual “reverse RobinHood”; take from the poor (and middle class soon-to-be-poor) and give to the rich. We are taxed up the wazoo, and that’s still not enough. The EU wants its own military, and they want to create new taxes to fund it and their other follies…

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  25. tonyE says:

    Dang it… the grown up just spanked the kids with the MBA.

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  26. Pam says:

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  27. iswhatitis says:

    “Wilburine” Ross set the table wonderfully @ Davos.

    I have no fear about President Trump’s visit. Wilburine set the table. President Trump is delivering the meal (Dear April, did he cook it himself?).

    Getting so much better all the time.. 🙂

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  28. Pam says:

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  29. Summation of the full contributions of the 4 Panel Globalists consuming 50 minutes:
    • “We can improve.”
    • “But it’s hard.”

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  30. jameswlee2014 says:

    The aircraft carrier Gerald Ford just joined the fleet. That one ship displaces more tonnage than the entire German navy. They’re lucky we’re not charging them rent for their freedom. Decadent ingrates.


    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Put a sock in it.

      You might want to look at where a lot of your technology and, indeed, society came from.
      Yep. Europe. Including Germans, who comprise (or at least did a few years back) 25 percent of the ancestry of US citizens (not course not the 30 million+ illegals).

      Look a little deeper. And look at the years of the Klintoons and Øbozo. It’s not the German (or European) people you should be mad at; it’s the Globalist shills who are running our countries.

      MSM misdirection again.

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  31. Eliza says:

    I love these guys! AMERICA FIRST!!

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  32. sundance says:

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  33. sundance says:

    Liked by 3 people

  34. sundance says:

    Liked by 3 people

  35. Jeff says:

    Wilbur Ross speaks softly and carries a big BADGER STICK ! He’s warming up the NERD PROM of GLOBALISTS for President Trump to deliver the message . The NERD PROM of GLOBAL “ELITES ” will be put on notice by 45 that it’s AMERICA FIRST or else !!

    “anonymous sources” ….saying the laundry staff is reporting a spike in ” soiled drawers “cleaning requests !! They have orders more TIDE PODS as a result of this phenomenon .BREAKING NEWS

    As in the past the GLOBAL HUMAN FARMERS ( top 3 tiers of pyramid ) all descend from their lofty perches to celebrate their POWER and CONTROL OF THE HUMAN HERD . However , this year will be different . THIS YEAR President Donald J Trump will come to DAVOS to issue a new DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE from the NERD PROM .

    He will declare the American people are no longer SERFS in their GLOBAL SERFDOM SCHEME !!

    ” anonymous sources ” say the DAVOS laundry division has put out an emergency request for more staff in anticipation of President Trumps visit . Get ready as the poop is about to hit the PANTS !!

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  36. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    I think the author meant “bares” his teeth. One hopes that it is routine for Secretary Ross to “bear” his teeth.


  37. Benson II says:

    Absolutely amazing. I loved every minute of it. I wish every American had to watch this to get a better understanding of world trade even though it barely touched the surface (quite enough for most of us). Secretary Ross was wonderful as always. Thanks again to CTH for providing this.


  38. TwoLaine says:

    Squawking in Davos. How appropriate.


  39. thinkthinkthink says:

    I appreciated how Secretary Ross points out the historical errors being put forth and the shift in the room following. Everything moved to orient around him as the Alpha. A very pleasant, courteous fully Alpha at the conference. Beautiful to behold!


  40. Phil Allen says:

    Holy Canoli but Secretary Wilbur Ross absolutely dominated that not so much forum as it was dissertation.

    Ross’ every statement and response so dominated the forum because each was fact-driven as the Secretary so ably demonstrated with great fluidity, historical insight and erudition. It was a masterful performance and another demonstration of command and leadership from President Trump.

    After so many decades of lip-service, flimflaming and false promises, it is politically and culturally refreshing to here the truth spoken with such command so openly as to be awesome to behold.

    And my personal great thanks to the authors of this continuing endeavor. In many ways your efforts have been some of the most heroic in this uncivil war for our future. Thank you and may the blessings of humanity be upon you.


  41. Pat Michaels says:

    Watching and listening to Secretary Ross, as he swats away silly Leftist talking points, or must, for the umpteenth time, explain patiently, as to a child, the U.S. position on world trade.

    It is absolutely refreshing and even thrilling to watch this master at work. And it is amazing to watch President Trump orchestrate every, his benevolent genius let loose upon an unsuspecting world.

    God bless them and you, all.


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