Secretary Ross and Secretary Mnuchin Discuss World Trade During Davos World Economic Forum…

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is attending Round Six of the NAFTA talks in Canada while President Trump, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, and Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin attend the Davos World Economic Forum and sit down for an interview with Maria Bartiromo. (Three Video Segments).

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65 Responses to Secretary Ross and Secretary Mnuchin Discuss World Trade During Davos World Economic Forum…

  1. conservalicious says:

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  2. conservalicious says:

    Don’t you just love Wilburine?

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  3. Frog says:

    My Canadian Monopoly money is going to be worthless soon enough! I bet the idiot in charge of Canada will run for re-election blaming trump about the economic problems of Canada and it will work.

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  4. Sayit2016 says:

    Who gives a rip what the MSN has to say at this point…..they are proven habitual liars. The President DOES get the credit for the bonus the companies are paying out BECAUSE of the POLICIES President Trump has put in place. This is a DIRECT result of those policies. Obama has NOTHING to do with this. What whores these people are over a past President that has nothing to point to for his 8 years in office except for Lies, treason, destruction and chaos.

    I truly hate these people and what they have done to my country.

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    Wilbur Ross is absolutely right! I wrote this earlier in the Presidential Thread:

    Today for me is as close to what I felt the day after the election. As many of you know, I live in Queens and work within the NYC DOE. I have been going around my office space asking folks to take a look at the check they either received today or will receive next week. They are all shocked! One woman is bringing home an extra $121.27 every 1st and 15th of the month. Another colleague who gets 26 checks a year got an extra $97.16 on his check.

    The woman will be getting an extra $2,880 a year and the young man will be getting an extra $2,526.16 a year. I asked both if they saw a reduction in their state and local taxes (since they reside within NYC) and they said it was the same. I told them they can blame Bill DeBlasio and Andrew Coumo for that. But I said YOU BETTER THANK YOUR PRESIDENT for the extra money you will be getting every check from this day forward.

    Steve from CO just emailed me and said he saw a $100 increase in his check today. Steve also gets 26 checks throughout the year. That is $2,600 more for him.

    The DEMOCRATS are DEAD! There is absolutely nothing that will save them. Every single one of them voted against the Tax Reform Bill!

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    • rmnewt says:

      great approach, making it tangible for the people! We still have a fight on our hands though w/ the MSM and enemies of the state.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        They won’t be around when the checks are dispersed every week or every two weeks. Hundred million plus people will see it and feel it with their own eyes and in their own pockets. The MSM are just as DEAD as the Democrats!

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      True dat ! Seeing is believing !

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    • Stymietime says:

      I recommend taking the extra dollars seen in your paycheck and buying donuts/bagels/whatever for the people in your office in celebration of this gift that the President and the Republicans in Congress have given to the working citizens of the US. Not in a bragging, in your face way, but in a way to show that these tax cuts will not only help struggling families stabilize their finances and achieve their economic goals, but they will also allow individuals to be more generous with others, and be more generous with charities. That is where the story will go next, and you have already started to see that story poke it’s head up, and it is gaining momentum just like the bonuses. Like Trump said to the Boy Scouts, momentum is extremely important.

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    • mazziflol says:

      Unfortunately for me, I saw a 25$ (wk, 100mo, 1200yr) decrease in my check due to rising insurance costs. I suppose it would of been wore. But It is what it is.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      I love that you made PDJT’s tax cut REAL for your coworkers!

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  6. jnearen says:

    I genuinely admire Wilbur Ross. He is on top of his game. Makes our country and the Trump Administration look great. Why? Because they are great!! 🙂

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    • piper567 says:

      the President, all through His Campaign told ab The Killers just waiting to work for USA.
      When he was elected, we immediately were introduced to these killers.
      Wilbur is just one of many, although I confess I have a special soft spot for Wilburine
      Anyone ever hear of Mnuchin? Lightweilder? TRex before they were appointed?
      These are guys who are billionaires of Trump’s caliber…and normies had no idea.
      But Trump knew of what he spoke.
      And here we are…watching Wilburine and Mnuchin make the panels of sissies pee their pants.
      Just wait until our Lion comes to the podium…I love the tweet sundance posted: a hushed silence as Trump went up the stairs: This is what power looks like.
      Trump’s Cabinet members are truth tellers extraordinaire, preying on lies, confusion, and evil projections.
      God bless them all.

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  7. MaineCoon says:

    Ok, MSMer, Businesses had the last 8 years to give $1K YE bonus, but they didn’t do it UNTIL POTUS Trump got the tax cut reform passed! You got that, right?? Jake, explain it, if you can…

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  8. TreeClimber says:

    “If you go way back into ancient history, after WW2…” Ahh, I love some good deadpan snark! 😀 I can just imagine him oh-so-politely going “Sir, Madam, please list the nations less protectionist than the US” and their mouths just gaping as he smiles at them.

    Wow. I would so not want Secretaries Ross and Mnuchin teaming up on me…!

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      I was in a park one day in the autumn walking under some oak trees that were shedding their leaves and I was glorying in the color and crunch of the leaves.

      I noticed a squirrel in front of me and stopped to watch it. I like squirrels. They are cute. And then I noticed he had a buddy and thought oh what’s better than a squirrel? A squirrel and his friend. Cute, cute, cute.

      Suddenly I felt like I was being watched and I turned round and there was a third squirrel behind me. I turned again and discovered the first two squirrel had moved in on me while I was looking at the one behind me. I whipped around and discovered the third squirrel was almost on me, running quietly across the leaves so that I didn’t hear him.

      I screamed and ran. My DH, who was a safe distance from me watching the whole thing unfold was bent over laughing hysterically.

      It was unnerving. They had me. They must have been used to tourists tossing them food or something. Or maybe I looked like a nice meal. But they had me. And I never saw it coming.

      I can still close my eyes and imagine those sharp little teeth closing in and tearing the flesh from my ankles. Makes me think of Wilbur, Mnuchin, and Lighthizer, and every time I see Sundance’s photo montage I think of those squirrels.

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  9. duchess01 says:

    Most of Maria’s questions are Media Talking Points – to be fair – some of her questions were intelligent and thoughtful – however, Secretary Ross is so adept at handling every question in a calm, quiet manner as he carefully corrects the misnomers and misconceptions – in addition – he makes the truth seem natural as well as obvious.

    Any child can easily understand an if/then scenario – however, presenting financial facts in easy-to-understand terms takes finesse and alacrity.

    Well done, Will! We are proud to have you on the Trump Team!

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  10. Pam says:

    Wilbur Ross makes the MSM look like total dopes. Wilbur Ross’ response to that final clip in the interview with him and Mnuchin with Maria B was priceless because this kind of growth would have NEVER happened with Obama or any president other than Trump. As Diamond and Silk have been saying lately, “suck it up buttercups!”. 😉

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  11. MK Wood says:

    Alrighty!!! More Wilbur. Can never get enough of common sense.

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  12. TeaForAll says:

    Wilbur Ross was the only one who bailed Trump out when he declared Bankruptcy. Their friendship goes way back.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      President Trump has never declared bankruptcy…depending on market conditions, a small fraction of his business investments have underperformed at one time or another.

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  13. jbrickley says:

    Ahh, the ole’ one two punch hopefully followed by the flying reverse round house kick to the head as a finishing move! What a combo! What a tag-team extravaganza! The Canadian PM is down, he’s down, oh my gawd, he’s on his knees, shaking his head, nope he’s down again. Meanwhile at our Globalist match in Switzerland, the crowd is stunned as Trump struts his stuff taunting the CEO’s before the magnificent duo of The Wilburine and Mnuchin The Honey Badger are entering the ring, growling and barring their teeth aggressively. Chatting America First, Make America Great Again.

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  14. rmnewt says:

    got to watch this, lets title it: “earning the respect of industry” or maybe just “winning”


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