Tying All The Loose Threads Together – DOJ, FBI, DoS, White House: “Operation Latitude”…

There are so many threads of information surrounding the 2016 operation to conduct political surveillance on the Trump campaign by various officials and offices within corrupt structures of government it’s easy to get lost.  However, if we take all the various bits of information and placing them together a more clear picture emerges.

The {Go Deep Threads} look like this: The FISA-702(17) ‘About Queries’; the political opposition research of Fusion-GPS and Glenn Simpson; the DOJ officials and FBI officials; Bruce and Nellie Ohr; the U.S. State Department and U.N Ambassador Samantha Power; the Clinton-Steele Dossier and Christopher Steele; the FISA Title-1 surveillance warrant; and the unmasking by former Senior White House officials: Lisa Monaco and Susan Rice.

Here’s the basic overview of how all those threads come together to paint a picture.

The FBI group was participating in a plan to exonerate Hillary Clinton. That same FBI group was simultaneously conducting opposition research on candidate Donald Trump and the larger construct of his campaign team. Those FBI officials were allied by entities outside official government structures. The ‘outside group’ were “contractors”. It is likely one of the contractors was Fusion-GPS or entities in contact with Fusion-GPS. {Go Deep}

The contractors were using FBI intelligence databases to conduct opposition research “searches” on Trump campaign officials. This is where the use of FISA-702(16)(17) “To/From” and “About” queries comes in. {Go Deep}  This FISA abuse was the allowed but unofficial process identified in early 2016 by NSA internal auditors.

This is where NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers steps in on April 18th, 2016, and stops the FBI contractors from having any further access. {Go Deep}

{Go Deep on NSA Rogers}

No longer having access to the FBI intelligence database the group needed a workaround. That’s where DOJ official Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie Ohr come into play. {Go Deep}

The DOJ side of the operation was conducted within the National Security Division (John P Carlin head). {Go Deep} The DOJ-NSD could use the NSA/FBI database and pass information to, and receive information from, Nellie Ohr. Nellie was hired by Fusion-GPS immediately after Admiral Rogers shut down the FBI ‘contractor’ use of the system. Nellie would be the go-between.

The problem was that any information from within the FISA searches could not be directly used by the FBI because they would likely have to explain how they gained it and all search queries were illegal. This is where Fusion-GPS hires the retired British MI6 officer Christopher Steele.  The FBI needed to launder the intelligence product:

Chris Steele would be the laundry for the intelligence information pulled from the U.S. system. Unauthorized FISA-702(16)(17) results were passed on to Christopher Steele, likely by Nellie Ohr. Steele would then wash the intelligence product, repackage it into what became known as his “Dossier”, and pass it back to the FBI ‘small group’ as evidence for use in their counterintelligence operation which began in July 2016 [ intentionally without congressional oversight {Go Deep}].

Evidence of this laundry process is found in a significant “search query” result that was actually a mistake. The faulty intelligence mistake was the travel history of Michael Cohen, a long-time Trump lawyer. The FISA search turned up a Michael Cohen traveling to Prague. It was the wrong Michael Cohen. However, that mistaken result was passed on to Chris Steele and it made its way into the dossier. Absent of a FISA search, there’s no other way Christopher Steele could identify a random “Michael Cohen” traveling to Prague.

The Cohen mistake created a trail from Chris Steele to the FISA database.  {Go Deep}

All of the unauthorized FISA-702 search queries, “To From”(16) and/or “About”(17), of the NSA/FBI database were returning results. Those results were “raw intelligence”.

That raw intelligence needed “unmasking”, that’s where the Department of State (DoS) comes in. The U.N. Ambassador is part of the DoS. Samantha Power stated she wasn’t doing the daily “unmasking” identified by the House Intelligence Committee investigation {Go Deep}. Someone, or a group of people, within the State Department, were doing unmasking requests – presumably using Ms. Power’s authority.

The collaborative process by officials within the State Department, as outlined and supported by Senator Chuck Grassley and his investigation, explains why those officials were also communicating with Christopher Steele. {Go Deep}

The assembled but highly compartmentalized reports from the DOJ-NSD, FBI-Counterintelligence, Department of State, Office of National Intelligence (Clapper) and CIA (Brennan), was then constructed to become part of President Obama’s Daily Intelligence Briefing. That’s where National Security Adviser Susan Rice comes in and her frequent unmasking of the assembled intelligence product. {Go Deep}

The Obama PDB was then redistributed internally to more than three dozen administration officials who POTUS Obama allowed to access his PDB.  This includes the heads of DOJ, DOJ-NSD, FBI, FBI-counterintel, CIA, DoS, ODNI, NSA and Pentagon.

The distribution of the PDB was how each disparate member of the administration, the larger intelligence apparatus, knew of the ongoing big picture without having to assemble together for direct discussion therein. That’s Lisa Monaco and “Operation Latitude”:


Additionally, remember this from the FBI?

January 31st, 2018, […] “With regard to the House Intelligence Committee’s memorandum, the FBI was provided a limited opportunity to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it. As expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.”

FBI Asst. Director Michael Kortan (aka text message “Mike”), the head of the FBI Public Affairs Office was the one who wrote it.  Kortan was part of the scheme team.  FBI Director Christopher Wray fired him the following week.  {Go Deep}

So now you know.

I’ll stop there, but hopefully that part helped…. a little, maybe.

Oh, Hi Adam!

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  1. SW Richmond says:

    Some may consider this “off topic”, but as it relates to FBI behaviour, lying and so on, it is exactly ON topic:


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  2. repsort says:

    This is amazing work.
    And it makes me wanna F#$%ing puke.


  3. georgiafl says:


  4. Bendix says:

    I posted a link to this column the other day, I want to highlight the last paragraph because it fits here:
    “Our own Deep State has rapidly become an entity as sinister as the old Soviet Nomenklatura. It is interesting and dismaying to see so many public intellectuals swallow its self-serving claims when it was not so many years ago that a healthy and natural skepticism about government lying was the order of the day, especially when it came to the dark towers of US Intel.”
    This man is no Republican, no conservative, and certainly no Trump supporter.
    He is Northeastern Liberal Elite all the way.


  5. Just one….waiting for just one indictment…how about against “some” of the 27 “leaker” investigations the FBI/DOJ are doing? A half dozen of them in court will bolster the good will, morale and discipline on our side.

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  6. I found this very helpful. Thanks, SD


  7. Minnie says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for presenting intelligent, sound reasoning.

    Grabbing a cup (make that a pot!) of java and jumping in.

    But first needed to share gratitude.

    No where else can we find information to lead us to truths. Also, all will be shared. 👍


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  8. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    From yesterday at CPAC:
    “We stand together. There are tens of millions of us who are true believers in this nation. And let me tell you something; we DO have a president of the United States, you can say what you will, who Loves this country, who Loves its history, who Loves its people, and we need to stand with him! Because, again, they want to take him out . . . over our dead bodies.” ~ Mark Levin

    M A G A

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    • Peter and Jan Denny says:

      Glad Mark Levin has come into the “light”. I always like him but ceased listening to him because he was, once, a NeverTrumper. He, now, is on the Trump Train and glad to have him aboard.

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      • Joe says:

        Levin was never a “Never Trumper.” Once Trump was nominated, he was behind him for president. He is not a Trump idol worshiper or “clapping seal.” There is a difference. Levin will not compromise his conservative principles.


        • thinkwell says:

          Levin threw away the Constitution to foolishly supported an obviously ineligible candidate who was born in an alien land to an alien father. Some Constitutional expert he is — who doesn’t even know the difference between a natural born Citizen and a mere born citizen (i.e., a statutory born citizen).

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          • Striker Dad says:

            On the other hand, this thread isn’t to bash Levin. If Levin runs for President we can either vote for him or not vote for him. More relevantly to today, President Trump is the best, most faithful (to the people) President we’ve had in a long time. We should thank God daily for helping Donald Trump over the finish line so that Hillary and the schemers are on defense instead of offense.

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  9. fred5678 says:

    1. Somebody else mentioned that the list of crooks is getting too long for mortals to follow.
    George Carlin had a solution for a similar problem years ago, when every week something was announced as a carcinogen or mercury poisoning, — charcoal grilled meat, swordfish, tuna, Canadian rats eating too much sugar substitute, etc., etc. Carlin announced that the FDA would be publishing a new and simpler list — a list of foods that DON’T cause cancer. “This week it’s mashed potatoes and lima beans.”

    2. Most of us here can barely keep up with just reading the incredibly complex case that SD brilliantly lays out before us many times a day. 98% of America has no idea of I can plain this horrendous laundry list of crimes to Average Joe and Josephine.

    3. If Hillary and Obama eventually are fully exposed, it may be that VSGPDJT has a super duper press conference where he lists all the sordid crimes of each of them, they each allocute publicly, get down on their knees to receive a pardon, lose their pensions, and retire to double-wides in Arkansas and Kalaupapa, respectively.

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    • fred5678 says:

      98% of America has no idea of the facts in this scandal. It may take a long mini-series like “The Alienist” to explain this horrendous laundry list of crimes to Average Joe and Josephine.


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      • Conservativeinny says:

        Your statement is so true. I buy the local paper on Sundays for the area events listing and coupons. I had stopped reading most of its leftist drivel years ago but for some reason I read the first section today … well some of it. I didn’t get beyond one of the letters to the editor( all anti-POTUS) and had to stop: Trump and his supporters have us at the edge of a cliff. It was all BS stating how POTUS eats burgers in bed and tweets in between. Meh, I threw all but the fliers, coupons and local happenings list into the fireplace to help start the fire.


    • Patsy says:

      Agree. Some times I have to wait a day to read SD. So much info that I want to make sure my eyes don’t glaze over. I rarely watch FOX anymore because they are so far behind. Rush can barely keep up. Very grateful for all the treepers whose comments keep me grounded.

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  10. NoJuan Importante says:

    I think Sessions will let them keep their pensions so long as they admt their misdeeds. Which, according to my calculations, will be about two weeks before early voting starts this fall. I don’t expect the IG report out till about a month before that. This will be a very sterile analysis by someone that is not trying to play politics. It could have just enough momentum to swing the elections, if properly used by Republican candidates, who have a history of not campaigning very smart. The media won’t make a big deal about it. Victor Hanson has a good read about why-basically, its not about the crime. It wasn’t in Watergate either-its about who’s ox is being gored. The media wanted to gore Nixon. They don’t want to gore the Obama administration, plain and simple. So don’t expect the second coming.

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    • Conservativeinny says:

      Actually, if everyone is perp walked and the MSM doesn’t cover, It might be good. No rioting in the streets by the crazed left. I am sure I am being too naive


    • thinkwell says:

      If Sessions lets true criminals keep their undeserved pensions rather than send them to prison, then he is part of the deep state. We all must operate under the same rule of law.


      • Patsy says:

        I am so sick and tired of rewarding illegal behavior. These SOBS didn’t blink and eye when they financially ruined innocent people. Take their pensions and make the victims whole. Then give them a permanent seat in GITMO.

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      • Maquis says:

        I am so much less concerned about the pensions of these seditious criminals than I am about removing them from any position from which they can continue to do great damage to our Nation, and the World.

        They must be convicted. By their own tongue or that of juries stunned by by the unassailable and overwhelming evidence of the greatest crimes of our History as a Nation.

        Strip them bare. Take all worldly goods and ill-gotten gains, that’s all well and good, but above all, take their Freedom. Silence them. End their conspiracies and ability to further division and sedition and excuse themselves with a never-ending stream of lies.

        They could sleep on beds of gold and eat off silver for all I care. As long as they can do no more harm and their guilt is proven, published, punished, and, most especially, their powers ended.


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      • NoJuan Importante says:

        The pension is typically an inducement held out for people that plead out. I am familiar with an FBI agent that spent time that kept his. It happens


  11. JIM says:

    Drudge Report is avoiding this topic just like the MSM, any surprise?

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    • PS says:

      Drudge in 2018 has been rather silent on the whole spying issue in general. I’ve noticed personally that the has fallen back on mostly click bait articles from chosen media outlets. I think he thinks that’s what his viewers want, shock reporting on breaking news, not this political theater that has stretched on for months. I will note he didn’t shy away from reporting on the Broward County’s police behavior, which is the news du jour.

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    • Deb says:

      Drudge links to the MSM and articles, he covers what they cover.


    • RLC2 says:

      Not a media insider nor a tech geek, but I recall that Drudge’s original claim to fame was reporting on the blue dress when no one else would- and second, his ability to demonstrate insight/irony/hypocrisy in side-by-side groups of links.

      As to the first, he no longer has to take chances, as he is big enough that even the left journo’s check in daily. As to the second, I agree- its almost impossible to create irony anymore as the outrage of the left’s doubling down is monomaniacal, and requires no insight to demonstrate.

      So, I assume he is just cruising on page views, or his interns are – he proudly notes when he moves up the rankings, and I notice a lot goes to the gossip-outrage sites of the left- Yahoo, etc, so maybe some of that monetizes him, or goes back and forth- dunno how that works, so maybe someone who does can ‘splain to me.

      Also the UK tabloids- Daily Mail and Grauniad, although I dont mind and suspect that’s because you cant get anyone in the US to report on the news courageously- so have to depend on the gritty Brits.

      ~ just another observer on the sidelines…


      • RLC2 says:

        PS fwiw, I find Doug Ross Journal to be a better faster way to what I am interested in, than Drudge. Drudge is useful to follow what a train wreck the US MSM has become, and how low they will go to Double Down to Push The Resistance (Alinsky).


  12. Countrywatch says:

    A brutally frank expose of the apparent role of Brennan in the whole Clinton-Steele dossier scandal, It also details Brennan’s motives for bringing Trump down.
    “….When Brennan’s and his co-conspirators’ plot to smear and defeat his political matron’s opponent failed spectacularly in the greatest upset in American political history, a now-embittered and politically-unrestrained, if not unhinged, Brennan maliciously set about poisoning the well and salting the fields to undermine the incoming president and his administration.

    Brennan did this by systematically and purposefully disseminating the defamatory contents of the sleazy, Clinton-purchased “dirty dossier” to official Washington and numerous sympathetic media mouthpieces during the transition period and beyond, ensuring their continued proliferation, compounding the damage Brennan hoped and expected would result from his calculated treachery.

    Brennan was even so brazen as to attach the dossier’s contents to an official daily intelligence briefing provided to the outgoing president just weeks before the inauguration of the president-elect…”

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  13. PS says:

    The Daily Beast captures the Dem. excuse for spying, from 2013:

    He was then asked if he felt upset over what he had done in Auschwitz. “I thought I was doing the right thing,” said Höss. “I was obeying orders, and now, of course, I see that it was unnecessary and wrong. But I don’t know what you mean by being upset about these things because I didn’t personally murder anybody. I was just the director of the extermination program at Auschwitz. It was Hitler who ordered it through Himmler and it was Eichmann who gave me the orders regarding transports.”

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  14. Harleyd says:

    As many hours as I’ve spent on this site, and as much as I respect SD’s intelligence and writing ability, I think we may have all been played.

    As background, politically, I’m slightly to the right of Attila the Hun. And I not only have followed the Treehouse, I’ve followed several Twitter posters with seemingly “inside” information and insight. We all know who they are.

    But I’ve grown tired of all the “predictions of immediate revelations” that have not come to pass. Daily, breathless, predictions of a big bomb about to drop have strung out into weeks, and now months.

    The more us true believers in PDJT are led to believe “TRUTH” and the “RULE OF LAW” are just around the corner, only to be advised of a delay or to have the subject changed, the more we (whether we admit it or not) become discouraged and demoralized. I fear that’s part of the plan.

    I know. Patience, grasshopper. Well patience was apparently what the Sheriffs in Florida had as they cowered outside the school while kids were blown apart by a known madman with known firearms and a known agenda. Patience, my a$$.

    I could list all the “predictions” that have not come true, either here or on key Twitter accounts, but I would just be demoralizing you more.

    The one thing that has kept me going, beyond PDJT’s constant and inspiring efforts on all our behalfs, is the long promised DOJ IG report. It was originally promised here on Jan. 15 and now, who knows when. It has been repeatedly predicted to be the MOAB we are all waiting for. While it has been delayed several times, I still had hope.

    But now, I see this comment from Tex. Rep. Ratcliffe:

    “Representative Ratcliffe was on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo where he said IG report is expected to be out in about a month. Ratcliffe expects IG report to reveal significant departures of policy and protocol by FBI and DOJ.”

    Here we go again. We are being “softened up” for a typical bureaucratic “nothing burger”. How many times have we heard: “Mistakes were made but we will do better in the future”.

    I have an admission to make. I personally committed departures from policy and protocol this morning as I didn’t fully stop at a stop sign while on my way for newspapers and coffee.

    We are talking about sedition, if not treason, here. There is more than enough evidence on the table to start holding these criminals to account. And yet nothing has happened (except Mueller continuing to shred Trump associates). Not one indictment of a significant Swamper, despite 27 leak investigations and who knows what else.

    Net, this may well be a clever Swamp strategy. Get Patriots’ expectations high, and then dash them. And make a lot of “click bait” money in the process.

    I hope to be proven wrong. But until somebody actually indicts a crook, I’m assuming this is all part of the Swamp’s plan to skate.

    I suspect more than a few of you agree with me. But many may be afraid to admit it to avoid being labelled “concern trolls”. How much more delaying are you willing to tolerate. Right into the middle of the mid terms? By then, it’s “Game Over” and we’re on to Impeachment.

    Now or never. Put up or shut up.

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    • Bill says:

      You are not the only one with these concerns. I read, everything that I can find on these subject matters. I believe that SD, is doing the best he can with all of this too.

      He is clearly much closer to the source, for much of this information too.

      Look at some of the facts:

      For example: This web site is not a common web server. Ask yourself were are the trolls. Ask yourself, how is it able to handle millions of concurrent viewers with apparent ease. Watch what happens when something is not recognized when storing data, the system’s response is interesting.

      I would suggest that someone (SD) has gone to allot of trouble and cost, to educate, as many people as possible. For now, I am contint with soaking in all of this information.

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    • To coin a phrase, I feel your pain. Now, if only Jeff Sessions were alive, this mess would have been cleaned up ages ago. We’ll just have to wait for another “Top Cop” to be appointed or for kindly ole Jeff to be reborn.

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    • Oldschool says:

      Harleyed, I agree with most of what you say. Inaction is masquarading as patience and people are dying. I question everything and everyone. I never bought into this IG report to bring down the house. Between Rogers, Sessions, Wray, Flynn, Nunes, grassley, Jordan , Horowitz and POTUS himself, there is enough known to have taken some action on someone for something. With each passing day of “patience”, my hope diminshes. I am sure many feel this way and 2018 will show just how many there are. The people will never be motivated to fight if their leaders don’t.


    • Brant says:

      I do indeed hope. As I’ve noted a few times recently in my probable desperation pleadings, I would hope that enough of the good guys are pushing forward with major stuff if only to save their own skins. Nunes, Jordan, Grassley, etc. They have stuck their necks out so far and esp with Trump winning, if the republicans lose in November, deep state is going to make a very quick, obvious, and publicly terrible example of the few good guys. If dems win in November, fully expect January 2019 to be one of the most scary and dark times this country has ever faced…….and it will not let up. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go so far as to root out opposition at the state and district level. Deep state is going to make it so bad that no one will ever cross them again for generations….if ever.

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    • Craig D says:

      I agree with Harleyd – With all that is currently known, there should have already been major action by the DOJ. The situation is essentially so bad, that we (The Conservative Tree House) cling to any ray of light (or positive news and debate if Jeff Sessions is good or bad). To anyone looking from the outside, we are pathetic. The OIG report will come out and say misdeeds have occurred and the DOJ will investigate and prosecute if necessary. And, the crooked main stream media will not even mention the report! The UniParty will shortly say that President Trump was an anomaly only to be read in history books.

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    • Pelicansview says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Unless Mueller is neutered, the outlook is grim.


      • Leapin says:

        Trump knows everything that was going on and has leverage on Mueller who is a compromised individual in his own right but also has a history of service to the country. Have faith. The Demosocialists have already set up Mueller as having infallible integrity so they can’t complain (although they will) when Trump is cleared. He will go with clear evidence of collusion against Trump instead of having “Trump’s team” drag him thru the mud if he tries to falsely indict Trump. Manafort and Papa were basically Clinton plants. Tony Podesta goes down next.


    • Mark McQueen says:

      I suppose it depends on your perspective.Bombs HAVE been dropping. This article itself is FULL of bombs. Huge bombs. There are several other new investigations of previous matters pushed aside by Obama’s DOJ that currently get little attention. The difference is the leaks have been plugged for the most part. There will be indictments and it will happen before the mid-terms.


    • NC PATRIOT says:

      What was promised on Jan 15 happened !

      The IG released thousands of pages to Goodlatte’s committee. It was what started the ball rolling with the text massages and and awareness of the deliberate “Insurance policy” concept.

      Since then 7-8 high level FBI and DOJ have been moved, resigned and replaced——and talk of widespread corruption in upper levels of FBI, DOJ became part of the news. Then came the Nunes memo—and public awareness that—-just maybe—the President had been set up by political use of the FISA court.

      Please don’t say nothing is being done. Your lack of strategic patience is underwhelming !

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  15. Bill R says:

    Forgive my cynicism but:
    1) Information that a Michael Cohen traveled to Prague could have come from a number of places other than the FISA database
    2) Isn’t IG Horowitz a holdover from the Obama administration? If so, expect his report to be a whitewash.
    3) Sessions always struck me as being quite slow and in over his head as AG. Also I don’t ever recall Sessions ever doing anything extraordinary to uncover Obama crimes during Sessions terms as a Senator. Is he suddenly going to turn into something he has never been before?
    In summary, don’t count on anything serious getting done by Horowitz or Sessions. I don’t trust Gowdy either. It’s all on Nunes’ and Grassley’s shoulders.
    I so hope that I’m wrong.


    • snarkybeach says:

      IG Horowitz is an Obama holdover that Obama/Holder deliberately neutered during the past eight years. It’s been said during that during that time, he has been diligently & quietly unearthing where the bodies/scandals were buried.


    • Bobby Barnes says:

      1. Steele used Cohen’s name because it would match an independent query of the FISA database, because thats where it came from, thus lending false credibility to the FISA courts in order to obtain surveillance warrants.
      2. True, but Obama also curtailed the OIG with restrictive new policies that took away the IG’s ability to oversee, everything. Obama changed policy so the OIG had to request specific documents. But you can’t request what you don’t know about. Those policies have been reversed, but Horowitz may have a motive to expose Oboma’s administration.
      3. Good point on Sessions, however investigators may want to make indictments all at once, doing it piecemeal will tip off all conspirators of the evidence against them. For that reason Congress has to be careful with the specifics of the case it reveals. Congress does not have the authority to indict, only to recommend indictment, the OIG does.


  16. mg says:

    Just a week or two ago there was certainty that Priestap and others were cooperating, that the Horowitz report would show criminal actions and that some high DOJ/FBI officials were headed for indictments. In short, there was great optimism that the white hats would win. The tone and topic of this Sundance post and many responses have more than a hint of pessimism in it. The underlying dynamic to such an abrupt change is not clear at all.

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    • Amos The Prophet says:

      It seems a concerted effort is being made by the Obama holdovers in the DOJ and the FBI to submarine all attempts to get indictments against those who resorted to criminal acts of treason to subvert the Presidency of Donald Trump. If the criminals in these two Federal entities are standing in the way, where do the American People go for justice?


      • Leapin says:

        Preistap is singing after Comey threw him under the bus. There are others. Ken Starr says nothing that Mueller is doing leads to Trump.


  17. Pelicansview says:

    We all know what happened. We all know what should be done. But, being a consummate skeptic, here’s what I think.

    There is no cavalry coming. I do not think that a DOJ prosecutor working in conjunction with the OIG is suddenly going to appear and hand out indictments at high levels. I do not expect to suddenly awake to find that Sessions has had a grand jury in play all the time. If you think Rosenstein is a white hat, then I have some land west of Miami I’d love to sell you, and you should long ago have been able to gain a measure of Jeff Sessions’ spine. These are the ONLY two people who can trigger the necessary DOJ/FBI/State prosecutions.

    Mueller is a made-man in DC and no one will touch him right now. He is the only hope of the Democrat Party, the massive lobbyist establishment, and the pay-to-play RINOs they support. He has a mission and is protected by the full force of the swamp. He is steadily building a conspiracy case against PDJT that will most likely exploit Jared Kushner’s ignorant naivety as one element of the fetid deal, along with the losers he has already collected in his slippery net. And while we laugh at the ridiculousness of the 13-Russians he indicted, think of them rather, as an open invitation for Putin to direct a few of them to be patriots and “testify” in the manner he instructs. If you were Putin, wouldn’t you?

    Conspiracy charges are virtually impossible to defend against. Once Mueller has leveled one against PDJT, there is no window for recovery. It will dominate the news cycle well into the midterms, and cripple any chance of the GOP holding both chambers. We all know what happens after that; auntie Maxine has been screaming it every day.

    There is nothing complex about Mueller’s strategy. There is certainly plenty of evidence to expose it and disrupt it before it is fully executed. But, barring a complete reversal of Sessions’ or Rosenstein’s behavior, I am not at present very hopeful.

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    • Old Sage says:

      Thank you Sundance, for another brilliant post to simplify and clarify this complex history of corruption. I’m a long time reader (one time poster) who felt nudged this morning to post a reminder that we are in a major spiritual battle here. The enemy has been working in the dark for ages so it will take some time (and patience) for it all to be revealed. In November of 2016, God heard the prayers of millions of concerned Americans and answered them with the election of Donald J. Trump. He intervened and we had a major miracle.
      Historically, we know that once God is involved in His people’s affairs, He doesn’t change His mind. I would encourage all who are fearful and doubting to remember that. Keep praying, have Faith, and try to keep the “eagle” view instead of getting caught up on the ground with the “turkeys'”

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    • davidb says:

      @ Harleyd, Bill, BillR, and Pelicansview. I must fully agree with all your remarks. SD has done a outstanding job of bring forth information that would have never been in print anywhere. SD can only expose the corruption. It is up to our Justice system to prosecute them. I believe that will never happen. There will be investigations on it for years, until the masses forget, and the next season of “dances with stars” comes on. There are examples of proof in my statements such as the IRS/Lerner felonies, Bengazi, etc. The AG said he wasn’t going to pursue a criminal investigation. Everything will blow over soon as the Repukes have decided (or their masters have) to intensionally loose their majority in CONgress, and elect some more Uniparty, Collins/Juan Mcain, type politicians to undermine Trump.


      • Your Tour Guide says:

        David B/ others:

        Wading through this brought a common thread
        together for many of these perps. Go to the
        open comments, and see my posting about
        persons being rewarded for their cover stories.

        The patterns I’ve noticed might help us cut to
        the chase in helping out on future investigations.
        Boils down to was person A wealthy when they
        allowed bad things to occur? Is same person
        unexpectably wealthy after the fact?


    • The cavalry is coming.


      • Leapin says:

        So true. Preistap is singing. Manafort and Papa lead to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. So much more. You drop the hammer when the most people are caught under it.


  18. mariadelmaria says:

    Another angle might be: who is Carter Page?

    Liked by 1 person

  19. inquisitorLost says:

    Not sure if already posted..

    Interesting read on the Schiff memo related to possible Carter Page FISA targeting by FBI.



  20. Concerned Virginian says:

    Sundance, thank you so much!
    Well now, we can enter LISA MONACO, SAMANTHA SUMMERS, and MIKE KORTAN, among the many other names that are on the CLINTONMACHINE/DEEPSTATE Hit Unit list.
    Hillary’s been relatively “quiet” lately. Couple instances of resurfacing as in that awful restaurant cellphone “interview”. Some activity on Twitter. Feel about this “quietness” just like I used to when our children were small—if it’s too quiet, there’s something wrong.
    Betcha Hillary is behind the scenes working on how to “remove” or “render inoperable” all those on the Hit Unit list.
    If they have any sense left to them, Monaco, Summers, Kartan, et al, understand that they’re on the Hit Unit list and will update their life insurance asap.
    And what about the “biggest fish”—ValJar, Hillary, Obama himself? Which one of them will go for the BRUTUS TECHNIQUE first? At some point they will realize if not already, that each of them can take out the others.


    • Leapin says:

      I read today that Cody Shearer and Chris Steele have an office set up in Vienna and are being paid by the Clintons to still try to find dirt on Trump.


  21. MaineCoon says:

    Chris Farrell MISSPOKE at 2:16 stating Lisa Monaco was the Trump Administration Homeland Security Director. Monaco did not in Trump’s Administration.. She served as Obama’s Homeland Security Advisor under Obama, March 2013 – 1/20/2017.



  22. EggsX1 says:

    The Obama spying is politically terrible but when I consider what is laid out I am not seeing very many crimes that would put people in prison.

    Having contractors use FISA 702 search queries – not a crime?
    The president disseminating his PDB – not a crime
    Unmasking people – not a crime

    Submitting fraudulent info to a FISA court – probably a crime (10 yrs?), but tough to prove because submitters can just say they believed the dossier
    Using someone else’s name to unmask – probably a crime (but good luck finding out who did it
    Leaking FISA 702s to a british spy – probably a crime)
    Leaking the unmasked intel from president’s PDBs – a crime (but leak crimes are tough to catch and won’t end up punished that severely.)
    Consipracy/Racketeering – a crime, but a tough case to prove and even put together. That is why tax fraud is the litigator’s preferred indictment, there are just so many moving parts with a conspiracy.

    This is most likely why this is taking such a long time – and I worry that most if not all conspirators will skate. They will probably be fired and collect their retirement pensions but that may be the end of it. Though with the next democrat president, they will make sure that all those lose ends that got them caught this time will be perfectly legal. We have only witnessed the beginning of our own homegrown Stazi


    • phoenixRising says:

      You seem to be attempting to lay out a case for the defense… a fraudulently constructed one at that…

      I suggest you take your “probably not a crime” mantras where less intelligent people congregate…


      Liked by 2 people

      • EggsX1 says:

        We have already seen some of their defense through the dem memo. I am outraged at the spying scheme, but you have to recognize that all these people involved are lawyers. They will have made sure to have possible exits when the shtf. There are still plenty of black hats in all our gov bureaus and there will be a constant tit for tat throughout the process. The facts are there but I see this as an incredibly difficult case to prosecute.


        • phoenixRising says:

          then try reading the above article and previous ones… and there are many cases… not simply one… again, do your homework.

          Liked by 2 people

          • EggsX1 says:

            Sundance has summarized the scheme quite nicely. Even so, blog posts are very different than an actual indictment. I suppose there must be more substantial crimes if they have been able to get people to flip – crimes we have not been told (I hope).

            You say there are many other cases but fail to name any other crimes that have come to light. You could have enlightened me rather than just make accusations against me and told me to ‘do my homework’.

            I am simply saying they have created a scheme where it is nebulously legal. They could have just leaked the 702 queries but they laundered it through the PDB. This is all done to make it technically legal.

            So far I am only seeing leaking, FISA fraud, and conspiracy/racketeering (which is next to impossible to prove). If there are only indictments along leaking, that would easily be seen as political prosecution (dems live under a different rule book than Trump/GoP being hounded by corrupt prosecutors ala Mueller). The Dem memo is trying to politicize the FISA fraud because they recognize that that is the next closest to an open and shut case.


            • David A says:

              You are forgetting 50 percent of the evidence; not the again Trump evidence, but the for HRC whitewash, or ” obstruction of justice”.


              • EggsX1 says:

                You are right. I am missing obstruction of justice from the HRC side.

                That one will also be a tough one to prosecute because Comey and his merry band created a get out jail card through committee. How badly can you botch an investigation before it becomes obstruction of justice. Comey will ride that line.

                HRC’s case is open and shut with her handling of classified intel. Does the botched investigation make it so they can’t prosecute Hillary now?


            • Leapin says:

              There’s also the possibility the PDB’s made it unto HRC’s private unsecured server and made it into the hands of adversaries.


    • WVNed says:

      Sedition and espionage are serious crimes.


      • EggsX1 says:

        Sedition will be a tough case. Defense could easily make the case: “They thought Trump was an existential threat to the country so they pursued all ‘legal’ means to stop him”. A jury is not going to indict democrats for sedition.

        Espionage would possibly be Steele’s indictment. But nobody was ‘formally’ spying for another country. He was simply fed leaked info and he put it into a document and sent it back. Is that a crime?


    • Amos The Prophet says:

      Nice try, no cigar!


    • Johnny Bravo says:

      You just reminded me of why I left my ex wife. She too was a lazy ass, always seeking others to infect with her baseless ‘doubting Thomas’ mantra.

      This site in your mind might be basing hope I’ve expexfation. Most of us here will take that over the MSM, who don’t even report on anything other than vacuous bull hunk!!!!


      • Johnny Bravo says:

        Hope over expectation


      • EggsX1 says:

        We just saw the policies in Broward county get 17 killed. Sundance brought these issues to light years ago – nothing changed then. Do you expect Broward to reform itself now? Like with Broward, once the light is taken off things go back to crap. This is a trust but verify exercise regarding the Obama spying. I want real crimes that should be prosecuted so there are no excuses.

        Hillary can easily be indicted for the classified email handling. If that isn’t done, I myself will be outraged.

        From his summary of the Obama spying operation, I listed the crimes I see (Leaking, FISA fraud, conspiracy). I think it is too much to expect that a conspiracy/racketeering charge could be successfully prosecuted. I am simply asking what other crimes we have so I can set my expectations.


        • Deb says:

          They need to be destroyed politically. They care more about losing power than spending time in prison.

          Getting the truth out is how we accomplish this. Making sure everyone knows about the corruption and the evil is even more important than convictions.


          • Leapin says:

            I will be happy to see Obama’s “legacy” destroyed. He’s not going to be imprisoned unless we have a stomach to endure leftist riots in the streets.


    • Joe says:

      Presidential aides Erlichman and Haldman, and DOJ officers AG Mitchel, and ASST. AG Mardian were all convicted for criminal conspiracy and obstruction of justice in 1975 in the Watergate case. It takes only two people and one crime to make a conspiracy.


  23. Paco Loco says:

    If Muellers witch hunt is still ongoing in June, the impact on the mid-year elections will be sever. Mueller’s plan is to keep this going as long as possible leaving the “Sword of Damocles” hanging over President Trump and his administration. So far the Manafort indictments for acts years before the election are all about “guilt by association” of the Trump team. Muellers endless investigation is clearly theater of the absurd. Russian collusion is only manifested in the Manafort indictments for things that had nothing to do with Trump or the election. The anti-Trump forces will play this tune for as long as Trump lets them.


  24. phoenixRising says:

    Liked by 2 people

  25. phoenixRising says:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Craig D says:

      Reply to John A. Maher – Good catch (and obvious / the best way to hide something is in the open). The Democratic memo admits “they spied on Trump”, (and they were right to spy on his [the Trump] campaign). And now we see the reaction to all this build up – NO ONE CARES. Now it is just a debate whether is was done properly (not illegally, but properly) and that can be argued for years.


  26. Margaret Berger says:

    Valerie was not the puppeteer. Obummer wore the tiara and waved, had the wife, children and dog assessoiries Val was the gett’er done person who took the phone calls from the real boss. She organized and carried out the plans but I don’t think she came up with them all on her own. She took orders. The same someone or small group is still issuing orders and trying to keep everyone in line.

    They won’t give up as they have more to lose by doing so than to gain.


  27. asdf says:

    The Schiff memo continues to insist Steele wasn’t the source for the Yahoo news article, when Isikoff admits he was!

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Iamacokecan says:

    It’s really depressing watching Mueller continue to do what he wants too. Mueller is the deep state. When all is said and done, Mueller will probably have a few more indictments associated with Manafort and Gates and will come out and say the fbi and doj had every right to do what they did because Trump did have Manafort in his campaign and Manafort is a really bad guy. Mueller was appointed for the special council to cover up everything and to protect the fbi. He will not get Trump, but he will save himself and all the black hats from indictments.


  29. Isman says:

    That explanation helped a ton, especially with how the State Deparment was involved. Thanks Sundance.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. J. W. Lee says:

    It is time for FISA warrants (unmasking) of “deep state” in addition to BHO and traitorous co-conspirators. All have conspired directly or indirectly with foreign enemies of the U.S..

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Harleyd says:

    Nothing is going to happen until a senior Swamper is indicted.

    Remember, you can indict a ham sandwich. There is (if reports are accurate) more than enough to indict several snacks. Start with lying to investigators and/or Congress.

    There is a reason nothing has happened yet (except rearranging the deck chairs in the DOJ and FBI). All pensions are secure.

    Net: a lot of click bait and every major prediction keeps getting pushed out until a later date.

    Have you caught on yet?


  32. Louie says:

    What is the likelihood that Carter Page, Gates and Manafort were planted in the Trump campaign to set the team up for another Russian angle. Page went from being an undercover employee of the FBI to a Russian spy and thus provide the impetus to then get a Title 1 surveillance warrant issued on him to then legally use all of the raw data that the FBI / DOJ had amassed prior to the initial FISA order in October 2016? Why Gates and Manafort except that thanks to Tony Podesta, and Hillary Clinton, it was known that the shenanigans going on in the Ukraine involved Manafort, Podesta, and Gates (to a much smaller extent). Throw Papadopoulos in here as well. Another possible plant. And, where is Tony Podesta? If you indict Manafort, then you have to indict Podesta. So, if not, then Mueller is a bad actor indeed.


  33. jeans2nd says:

    Anyone up for a story? It is going on bedtime somewhere, so why not?
    Full disclosure – have not read all the comments (Incorrigibly Deplorable mind elsewhere).

    Shall we check on Lisa Monaco? Chris Farrell says Lisa Monaco was the Trump Administraton’s Homeland Security Director in the vid above (2:17).

    No. Gen John Kelly was Trump Administration Sec of Homeland Security 20 Jan 2017 to 31 Jul 2017 (Wikipedia). Farrell obviously meant Obama Administration.

    Monaco’s title was Homeland Security Advisor 8 Mar 2013 – 20 Jan 2017, not Secretary of Homeland Security (Wikipedia).
    Lisa Monaco was DOJ NSD AAG before John Carlin took over, 1 Jul 2011 – 8 Mar 2013. Monaco was Counsel to Attorney General Janet Reno.
    Monaco obviously had DOJ-NSD ties. Monaco’s JD is from Univ of Chicago. Where did Obama teach Constitutional Law? Univ of Chicago, iirc. There is much more at Wikipedia.

    Working from the PBS youtube uploads of the PBS series “The Putin Files” (25 Oct 2017), as well as Joe Biden at the CFR, the Intel Community’s presentation for the Gang of 8 7 Aug 2016 on “Russian hacking” was a Really Big Deal (have listened to hours and hours of these PBS-Putin vids – these people are nutz). The idea was to get the Gang of 8 to sign on to a bi-partisan statement declaring Russia was behind the hacking of the DNC, the DCCC, Podesta, Clinton, etc. The GOPe was reticent, and rightly so. (More on that in a sec.) This was a week before the RNC 2016 Convention.
    (a search for these files is easily done, rather than embedding a ton of links – search for “youtube PBS The Putin Files”)

    Back to our story. Lisa Monaco.
    Let us ask Obama Deputy Secretary of State and former Deputy National Security Advisor Anthony Blinken, shall we?
    42:58 “And so in August (7 Aug 2016), Brennan, and other leaders in the Intelligence community, as well as our top Counterterrorism and Homeland Security at the White House, Lisa Monaco, went to Capitol Hill to talk to the leadership, about what we had learned and what we were seeing.”

    Lisa Monaco was “our top Counterterrorism and Homeland Security at the White House,” not Homeland Security, during the 2016 campaign. Our top, mind you.

    Jeh Johnson was Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security. Shall we ask Jeh Johnson?
    33:00 “There was a session on Capitol Hill, in their SKIF, in their classified briefing room. It was me, Lisa Monaco, and Jim Comey. And, they were all there, the Speaker, Leader Pelosi, Leader McConnell, Leader Reed, the Chair and Ranking of the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Intel Committees, and all the Homeland Security Committees, they were all there. And, we briefed them again on what we knew.”

    Lisa Monaco was in the White House, Counterterrorism and Homeland Security, “our top,” even. Lisa Monaco was in on this from the start, before 7 Aug 2016.

    The GOPe leaders were reticent to sign on to that bi-partisan agreement, and did not do so until mid-Sept 2016. Why?

    The PBS interviewer speaking with Jeh Johnson obviously was a Russian plant.
    34:15 “The way the story has been reported is that the Republicans, and McConnell specifically, (garbled, may be the word “eventually”) said, I don’t see the evidence.”
    Huh. Imagine that. And there was still was no evidence in the ICA Report. Blast those Deplorables.
    Jeh Johnson did not see that, either. The GOPe intentions, and all that.

    Apologies. The Incorrigibly Deplorable mind goes to Deplorable places.
    Back to our story. Our top whatsit, Lisa Monaco. Unmaskings.

    Staying with Jeh Johnson –
    39:25 “My preference was that, however we responded, we respond with some things that were cyber-security related, so that part of our steps should be effectively unmasking the bad actors so that they couldn’t do it again, outing them, effectively, and that was part of what we did…the actions we did, we took within the last month of our Administration…”

    Unmaskings, huh? Who was doing the unmaskings?

    Samantha Power said she was not doing all the bazillon unmaskings that were done in her name.
    Oh yes. Anthony Blinken, former Deputy National Security Advisor, was Deputy Secretary of State at that time.

    How many unmaskings were done by Lisa Monaco, who worked with Jeh Johnson who wanted to unmask the bad actors?

    Lisa Monaco was White House Counterterrorism and Homeland Security. Lisa Monaco was also very experieced in cyber-security (Wikipedia).

    The FBI was running a counterintelligence operation. But Lisa Monaco was also Homeland Security Advisor. Lisa Monaco would have every reason to be read into FBI counterintelligence investigations, if one includes the emphasis the Obama White House was presenting at the time, which was cyber-security and Russia’s hacking.

    Odds are Lisa Monaco was in on the John Brennan-Obama meeting in July 2016, as well as the PDB and all the National Security meetings.

    The FBI counterintelligence unit had that FISA Title I thingy going on with DOJ National Security Division. Just like John Brennan had outlined to Obama (PBS vids, detailed in comment couple three days ago). And we know National Security Advisor Susan Rice was unmasking Trump people.
    Lisa Monaco did not need to unmask. Others were doing the unmaskings. Laundering unmaskings. Pretty clever, yes?

    Go back to the Chris Farrell vid, 02:23 to 03:24 – “She (Lisa Monaco) appears in the notes and calender of Andy McCabe in May of 2016, and if you note back a couple weeks, you remember that there’s a text from Page saying that Andy McCabe and Strzok, her friend or boyfriend, that the White House wanted to know everything that they were doing. And so you see that there’s contact in May, and then in August you see that the counterintelligence investigation that’s opened on the Trump Campaign gets a nickname, they call it Latitude, and it’s tied back apparently to Lisa Monaco…And who in the White House was managing that? And it appears, it’s likely, that it is Lisa Monaco.”

    Monaco was counterterrorism, not counterintelligence, should one care to get really down in the weeds. Does that matter? Doubtful. The Obama emphasis was originally cyber-security, and Monaco was the Obama cyber-security expert put forward at the time.

    Back to our story.
    Jake Sullivan was in the Clinton Campaign. What did Jake Sullivan know about FBI investigations? Shall we ask PajamaJake?
    47:50 “We heard very late in the day, very late in the process, with just days to go before the election, that there might be some kind of investigation Into the Trump campaign involving the FBI, and we flagged what we were hearing for a variety of reporters who were all told, no that’s not true that’s not happening. We know now in fact it was true and it was happening, but nobody was able to establish it in the closing days of the campaign.”

    The Clinton campaign knew about the FBI investigation into the Trump Campaign before the 8 Nov 2016 election. How did Clinton know? McCabe. Wifey. McAuliff.

    One last question. Staying with the little weaselly PajamaBoi Jake Sullivan (what a wuss) –
    51:57 “The (Trump) White House directed the State Department to essentially draw up a game plan for the lifting of (Russian) sanctions. State Department pushed back hard…”

    Oh really? Who is leaking from the State Department, one wonders.

    Oh yes, Antony Blinken was Deputy Secretary of State. When, exactly, did Anthony Blinken leave the State Department?
    Wikipedia says Blinken left the State Department 20 Jan 2017 and was succeeded by John Sullivan. Blinken is now a Global Affairs Analyst for CN&N .
    John Sullivan has been working very well with Sec Tillerson by all accounts, and has announced his future retirement.

    This Deplorable did not care enough to look up the whereabouts of any of the others. No doubt they are all fomenting our Grande Revolutione somewhere.

    Hopefully this is not too convoluted. One’s mind has been designated one of the crazies’ disaster areas and condemned. There is so much more, but no one would read it anyway.

    The Brennan and Podesta stories from those PBS-Putin vids are much too repulsive and frightening for a bedtime story, so we shall save those for summer-round-the-campfire ghost stories.

    Liked by 1 person

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