UPDATE: Susan Rice Confirms Her “Unmasking Requests” Were for President Obama’s Daily Briefing (PDB)…

With a general set of narrative ‘talking points’ in hand President Obama’s Former National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, appeared this morning on MSNBC for an interview with Andrea Mitchell.  This is the ‘We-Have-To-Respond-phase‘,  which necessitates the optic.

Andrea Mitchell is considered a trustworthy ally of the Clinton/Obama political networks; as such, it is not a surprise to see Mitchell selected as the interviewer.  Mitchell’s use of wording carefully guides Susan Rice through the narrow path of self-incrimination by providing plausible deniability for verbal missteps.

You already know the routine.  MSNBC is the favorable proprietary venue. Mitchell plays the role of media-legal-adviser, her client is Susan Rice.  Live interviews are always the greatest risk (see: Evelyn Farkas)  The full interview is below:

However, that said, there are some interesting aspects to the interview:

Susan Rice @00:51 – …”Let me explain how this works.  I was a National Security Adviser, my job is to protect the American people and the security of our country.  That’s the same as the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and CIA Director.; and every morning, to enable us to do that, we receive – from the intelligence community – a compilation of intelligence reports that the IC, the intelligence community, has selected for us –on a daily basis– to give us the best information as to what’s going on around the world.”

[Note, Susan Rice is describing the PDB]

“I received those reports, as did other officials, and there were occasions when I would receive a report in which, uh, a ‘U.S Person’ was referred to.  Name, uh, not provided, just ‘U.S. Person’.

And sometimes in that context, in order to understand the importance in the report – and assess it’s significance, it was necessary to find out or request, who that U.S. official was.”

OK, so right there, in the very beginning of the forward narrative, Susan Rice is confirming the “unmasking” request(s) which can be pinned upon her, are directly related to her need to understand -on behalf of President Obama- intelligence for the President’s Daily Briefing (the PDB).  This was a previous question now answered.

This is EXPLOSIVE, and here’s why.

Remember, the President’s Daily Brief under President Obama went to almost everyone at top levels in his administration.  Regarding the Obama PDB:

[…]  But while through most of its history the document has been marked “For the President’s Eyes Only,” the PDB has never gone to the president alone. The most restricted dissemination was in the early 1970s, when the book went only to President Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, who was dual-hatted as national security adviser and secretary of state.

In other administrations, the circle of readers has also included the vice president, the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, along with additional White House staffers.

By 2013, Obama’s PDB was making its way to more than 30 recipients, including the president’s top strategic communications aide and speechwriter, and deputy secretaries of national security departments. (link)

Pay attention to that last part.  According to the Washington Post outline Obama’s PDB’s were going to: “Deputy Secretaries of national security departments”.

Today, Susan Rice defined the Obama national security departments to include: “State” – “Defense” (Pentagon includes NSA) and “CIA”….

So under Obama’s watch Deputy Asst. Secretaries of Defense had daily access to the PDB.  And who was an Obama Deputy Secretary of Defense?


See how that works?


Susan Rice is admitting to “unmasking” names within intelligence reports to give her context for how they pertain to the overall briefing material.   That briefing material is the PDB. That PDB goes to dozens of political people and political entities, including former Asst. Deputy of Defense, Evelyn Farkas.

Susan Rice unmasked names for the PDB which was also shared with Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense, Evelyn Farkas.

Now, go back to Farkas’s March 2nd MSNBC statement for additional context:

“I was urging my former colleagues, and, and frankly speaking the people on the Hill [Democrat politicians], it was more actually aimed at telling the Hill people, get as much information as you can – get as much intelligence as you can – before President Obama leaves the administration.”

Because I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior [Obama] people who left; so it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy, um, that the Trump folks – if they found out HOW we knew what we knew about their, the Trump staff, dealing with Russians – that they would try to compromise those sources and methods; meaning we no longer have access to that intelligence.

So I became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open and I knew that there was more.  We have very good intelligence on Russia; so then I had talked to some of my former colleagues and I knew that they were also trying to help get information to the Hill.  … That’s why you had the leaking”.

[Link to Farkas MSNBC Interview and Transcript]


That right there is the story.  With dozens of people with access to President Obama’s PDB, Rice’s unmasking of the intelligence report names gave dozens of people direct access to unmasked intelligence – including Obama officials who could, perhaps did, use the PDB for specific and intentional political purposes, as outlined by Evelyn Farkas who was one of the recipients of the unmasked intelligence.


If you know how concentric circle political safety is constructed, you will notice that Susan Rice is now hugging the security of the Presidency.   No space.  To take Rice down, means to take down President Obama – safe play on her part.

Reverse the safety.   No-one in media or congress is going to allow President Obama to be taken down; ergo, everyone will protect Susan Rice.  They have no choice.

[Also note how when shifting from rehearsed talking point (script) to cognitive explanation of Rices’ point , the noun shifts from “U.S. Person” to “U.S. Official”.]

“I received those reports, as did other officials, and there were occasions when I would receive a report in which, uh, a ‘U.S Person’ was referred to.  Name, uh, not provided, just ‘U.S. Person’.

And sometimes in that context, in order to understand the importance in the report – and assess its significance, it was necessary to find out or request, who that U.S. official was.”

It’s subtle (like a Freudian slip), but Rice accidentally outlines her filter, her psychological trigger, for when to request the unmasking.  She’s looking for the politics behind the intelligence.  She’s looking for “U.S. Officials” in masked intelligence reports.

Mrs. Rice then follows up with a “hypothetical example” that is ridiculous as she describes.  The example provided (a sketchy dude in mom’s basement) would NEVER reach the level of PDB; it would be pre-filtered, researched and reviewed for value.  The PDB NEVER contains such banal information as Rice describes.

The interview goes much further.  There is a lot of news in this interview.  There is also a tremendous amount of double-speak and self-contradiction; in some cases between sentences that follow each other.

Notice how Susan Rice contradicts herself about what the intelligence community puts into the PDB.  Remember, Rice considers the PDB intel community to be very specific:  James Clapper (DNI), John Brennan (CIA) and Defense Department (which would be the Pentagon and NSA Mike Rogers).  And she states they would never send the President innocuous things unworthy of review….



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674 Responses to UPDATE: Susan Rice Confirms Her “Unmasking Requests” Were for President Obama’s Daily Briefing (PDB)…

  1. Watcher says:

    Susan’s history is questionable. Note the coworkers comments.
    And she was a slick Willie appointee.

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Linus_in_W.PA. says:

    I wonder if Farkas is married to Gruber??

    Two truly stupid people.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Paul Killinger says:

    In perhaps the most COLOSSAL IRONY in this whole sorry mess, remember this…

    The NSA has recorded EVERYTHING EVERYONE involved in the spying on our President said on their phones and wrote that was transmitted electronically!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Joshua2415 says:

      Remember the good ol’ days when they tried to tell all of us to relax because all they had was “meta data” about phone calls but not the conversations themselves. So quaint.

      Liked by 9 people

  4. Ge says:

    If Susan Rice was playing by the rules then shouldn’t it be OK to monitor the WaPo, and associates, to find the source of the leak of classified Flynn documents under National Security? It could have come from ‘Russia’. Just sayin..Unless they want to name the source.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. triper57 says:

    Rice was a willing participant in the dissemination of Classified information to those political functionaries in the O Administration. The whole idea of relaxing the normal procedures was meant to facilitate this dissemination.

    The problem is that the underlying information like Benghazi is Classified and prying it out of the NSA or even discussing it will be impossible in open court or the open House or Senate.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. platypus says:

    The Enemy has never encountered someone with the tight emotional and psychological control that DJT possesses.

    He makes G. Gordon Liddy in his tough guy heyday look like a sniveling snowflake. So my message to the Enemy is to make that phone call to your criminal defense lawyer now because there is no doubt y’all gonna need attorneys.

    Liked by 7 people

  7. UKExpat says:

    OBOZO and the rest of his corrupt undemocratic DemoncRAT REGIME are up to their necks in this outrage.


    • Maquis says:

      What, surely you jest. Obama would settle for no less than up to his jug-ears…as if he could avoid them anyway.

      Dude’s gonna look like a Bassett Hound by the time his first parole hearing comes up.


  8. Mickturn says:

    Seems Ms. Rice can’t even remember what she said 15 seconds ago. That is a classic case of LYING. Nothing is true so she makes up crap as she speaks and that ends up being the disconnected sentences one after another.

    This woman is going down! Obama should follow her into PRISON!


  9. Pete Bernardin says:

    Although unmasking is not new, Obama was just FAR more diabolical than anyone else in how he used it. The true targets of his spying were in FACT the Americans NOT the Russians. He used this Classified intelligence to create his now famous Fake Russian narrative, and to make Flynn resign and to make Sessions recuse himself. It was one of Obama’s most effective Political weapons during his career. I predict he and his administration will have a lot of explaining to do in the upcoming months.


  10. sammyhains says:

    Now read this new piece from today. And see how it fits into the story above.


    Liked by 1 person

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