Fearless Truth Teller Sarah Palin Tells Gobsmacked Wisconsin GOP Audience About Ted Cruz Giving “Gift Baskets” To Illegal Aliens…

Speaking on behalf of Donald Trump, Sarah Palin gave a speech last night to a Wisconsin Republican audience.   Standing firmly on a platform of truth, Palin warned the mostly party (establishment) audience their decision to stand with deception in order to win an election also means placing themselves in a very precarious position.

The response from the audience to Sarah’s brutal honesty was what’s customarily known as “the collective nervousness of deceivers“.

Sarah Palin wisconsin

Whenever anyone dares to tell the collective: ‘the emperor stands naked’; there’s a particular kind of autonomic group nervousness immediately evident.  A group discomfort.

Such was the discomfort when Sarah Palin mentioned Senator Ted Cruz’s weak and opportunistic immigration position, and then contrast a real-life example of Cruz going to McAllen Texas (Saturday, July 19th 2014) to hand out “gift baskets” and welcome illegal alien families.

You could hear a pin-drop as an entire audience sat jaw-agape in disbelief.

When a fearless truth-teller stares down a room – the collective immediately need each other to retain their guise.  Here’s an example of their initial response:

Perhaps the reason the entire Professional Republican audience reacted that way was because they preferred NOT to know.  Or, then again, it could be because the example Sarah Palin was giving was widely hidden by the media.

Regardless of the reasoning for their disbelief, Sarah was simply telling the truth.  Here’s some photographic evidence of the freebies as they were being passed out by Ted Cruz in 2014:

ted cruz soccer ballsbeck 5

On the left that’s Senator Ted Cruz unloading the boxes of goodies.  On the right is the illegal alien families who received the goodies (toys, stuffed animals, soccer balls etc).

Here’s more pictures of the same event:

beck 4beck 2beck 1beck 3beck 6

Here’s the Write-Up From Glenn Beck.

“Humanitarian Crisis”? The entire event was essentially based on fraud.  The fraud was the Obama administration claiming that hundreds of thousands of “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UAC) were arriving on the southern border en masse, and needed to be cared for.

The entire administration talking point was complete nonsense, but the media helped sell the ridiculous story as if it were real; and Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck helped perpetrate the fraud by claiming there was an urgent “humanitarian crisis”.  There was neither.

The reality was the influx of illegal border crossers were factually entire families, mostly from Mexico but also from Honduras, Guatemala and Panama.  – FULL BACKSTORY

The Obama administration had specifically kick-started the South American migration approximately a year earlier, and the families were showing up as an outcome of the State Department coordinating the exodus.

Almost everything about the crisis was a sham, including DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson going before an emergency congressional committee and demanding $4 billion (that’s billion) to deal with the “humanitarian crisis”.  These were not “children”, they were entire families – and, as you can see from the pictures, these were entire family units.

We have tens of thousands of American kids in inner-city areas in as much of a crisis as the illegals we allowed to pour across the border; but we don’t see Jeh Johnson demanding $4 billion for the American children.  Charity begins at home; at least it should.

So Sarah Palin brings some BIG TRUTH to those GOP insiders who gathered in Wisconsin; and, if we are to give benefit-of-the-doubt to those who heard it, apparently it’s the first time they became aware of Senator Cruz’s forked tongue on an issue.  Hence, a gob smacked response.

Palin also pointed out another lie, when she reminded everyone that Senator Cruz never stopped the senate Gang-of-Eight amnesty bill.  Despite Lyin’ Ted claiming on the campaign trail that he killed the bill, the reality is that bill passed the Senate in 2013, and it would have passed the House were it not for Dave Brat’s primary defeat of Eric Cantor in June of 2014 shortly before Sentor Cruz took off to the border with his gift baskets.

But Sarah didn’t stop there.  She also fearlessly told the audience that Senator Ted Cruz was also lying about another policy aspect, his advocacy for the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal.  And, more specifically, to the Trade Promotion Authority bill Senator Ted Cruz co-authored, co-planned and co-constructed, along with Paul Ryan in the House of Representatives.  Again, Sarah was loaded with the truth.

The Republican disbelievers didn’t want to hear about that inconvenient reality either.  Then again, when you stand boldly in sunlight the cockroaches never approach; they can only comfortably co-exist when they remain cloistered in the dark shadows of deception.

The media’s response to Palin’s speech?  Well, initially (and immediately) they began accusing her of lying about the “gift baskets”.  Then, after they realized everything she was saying was factual, they started spinning.  Eventually, they dropped the subject – and that’s probably how it will remain today.

It’s easier to hide those uncomfortable truths that way.  Well, at least until after the Tuesday election I guess.

Here’s Sarah’s bold and truthful speech:

Palin at RGA 2

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604 Responses to Fearless Truth Teller Sarah Palin Tells Gobsmacked Wisconsin GOP Audience About Ted Cruz Giving “Gift Baskets” To Illegal Aliens…

  1. waltherppk says:

    Sarah Palin and Wild Texas Hog “end of mission”. The lady can shoot straight.


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    • Beenthere says:

      I like the lines of that rifle & its scope.

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    • Southern Son says:

      I skipped half of Sundance post to say…”Go MAMA GRIZZLY!! Go KNARRLY!!
      This IS our moment. This IS our Generational Moral Imperitive!
      We Cannot Fail, though it is a possibility.
      We have to Focus on the Goal.
      We Have to Win.
      We Will WIn!!
      Thank God everyday, that we are privileged
      to live in the United States of America!
      No where else on Earth, has the One thing that keeps Us free, and ensures some freedom to the Rest.
      The Second Amendment.
      The Second protects the First.
      The “LION” and the “Mama Grizzly”!!
      I like our chances.
      Thank You Sundance.

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  2. paulraven1 says:

    Hardcore RINOs are among the most politically retarded, fearful, status-quo-defending losers on the face of the earth. Rather than shake things up and boldly take on the Left, they would prefer to become like the Left to defeat a true reformist patriot like Trump.

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    • Sentient says:

      Hugh Hewitt, James Lileks, and all of the rest of the Hewiit sycophants.

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      The GOP has become the party that hides in the dark shaking in fear and when they think no one is looking they eat their own………..TRUMP is the only brave one that will switch the light on them like the cockroaches they are…….

      I read an article right after TRUMP announced he was running that said, We would be surprised who were in bed with the DemoRats And the longer TRUMP stayed in, The more of them would come out…….Even I am surprised at some that had me fooled like Limbaugh, Levin, Fox no News, even Paulie……. TRUMP has helped me see the light….

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    • Maga! says:

      Palin should’ve brought enlarged copies of the above photos to accompany her speech. What’s wrong with the people of Wisconsin? Even in Kalifornia, people know the establishment are psychopaths and America needs Trump stat. Is there no illegal population in Wisconsin? Doesn’t every sight of Cruz make you grit your teeth and want to punch him?

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      • Kay Elle says:

        “Doesn’t every sight of Cruz make you grit your teeth and want to punch him?” LOL. My husband just said, “I’d like to smack that sanctimonious look off his lying face”. My husband, the usually soft-spoken British born (but 30-years an American citizen) gentleman added, “What a smarmy wanker!!”


  3. Young says:

    Cruz is pro-H1B in 2015. He wanted 500% increase. See this article from Computer World.


    He conveniently steals Trump’s position once he sees Trump is getting a lot of support. The same with illegal immigration. Cruz is the one that puts in the language for legalization of illegal aliens in the gang-of-eight bill, which effectively would give amnesty to all illegal aliens. Rubio went one step further with providing the path for US citizenship. That’s why Rubio went down in flame.


    The lying snake Cruz again just conviently stole Trump’s position in order to stay in the race. He also voted for TPA which allows a path for TPP. Then when Trump blasted all these trade deals that kill jobs, guess what? The snake Cruz is again morphed into Trump by stealing his trade position. Cruz should be called Thieving Cruz.

    Cruz lies about his Christian values because no real Christian would go out and boast they are holier than thou to get votes. A real Christian WILL NOT steal from others and lie like Cruz who steals from Trump. The Bible teaches Thou Shalt Not Steal. While the NE story may be quiet for now, but don’t believe that it won’t be resurrected if there is any truth to this. The truth will always come out. If he is found guilty, then it would be a cardinal sin against the phony Christian conservative Cruz.

    His birth does raise an issue. There has never been a US president who was born in a foreign country. If he claims that he is natural born, why does he seal his birth records? What does he have to hide? Or is there something that could expose him as perhaps a non-natural born US citizen?

    What about his sole allegiance to the US when he carries his dual Canadian citizenship until May 2014? A patriot and true American would have dropped it as soon as they reach the age of reason, but he did it only a few months before announcing running for the presidency. A reasonable person would believe that this is only for convenience. Otherwise, he would probably love to keep his Canadan citizenship. Therefore, he has split allegiance, not sole and full allegiance, to the US as required for the office of the US president.

    I sincerely hope Trump exposes Cruz’s phoniness on all these issues including his birth. It’s a fair game.

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    • Peaches57 says:

      My brother had dual citizenship. When he was 17, he received the paperwork to choose which country he wanted to be a citizen of. He had to submit it before his 18th birthday. He did, and joined the US Army.Lyin’ Ted just keeps on lying…

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      • paulyho39 says:

        This confuses me..I have two Canadian born children and they have never been given paperwork to choose which country they want to be a citizen of! We were back in the States for 8/9 years then returned to Canada..At that time the (Canadian Consulate) told us the two children did not need papers for immigration, as they were considered Canadians. We got US papers and passports for them a short time after then, but in all these years they have never “had” to choose! They/we were told the choice would only have to come it they made some particular choice that required specific citizenship for one country or another. Since they haven’t had to do that, they still hold dual citizenship as far as we know. But all this talk of the problems of dual citizenship confuses me!

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        • As they State…ignorance of the law is no excuse..I would strongly advise you to register their births with the American Embassy in Canada, and make them choose BEFORE the age of 16!


        • corinnevit says:

          from what I understand it doesn’t matter, But if they were to run for president it would matter. I read that some place, not sure if it’s true. you could probably look into it if you want to know for sure.


      • Exactly, if you are born of an American parent, the Parent must register you with the American Embassy of the Country you are born in. When ypou are born (within the 1st year) You do have until your 16th birthday to choose if you have foreign other parent, If both parents then you are an “American citizen” but you must also reside in the USA for no less than 15 years before the age of 35 (because of the age of inscription to the military) if you do not, than your citizenship could be forfeit, and then you are a citizen of the Country you are born in. What many people do not discuss are those 2 factors, also, if an American citizen is a citizen FIRST they cannot have a dual nationale. Many American woman that married Middle Eastern Men are now stuck overseas because they took their husbands passports (same citizenship as their husbands thinking they could be dual) America does not allow that. If you remember the case of The Woolworth Heiress, she married an Englishman and took his passport (in other words English citizenship along with her American) America took away her citizenship and banned her from coming to the USA for 10 years! Well with that said…Ted’s mother lived in Canada and became a registered voter in Canada, now with that registration it is tantamount to taking an oath of fealty to Canada, which would make her then a NON-American! Therefore she could NOT register Ted at birth as a USA citizen, and that is why he ,,,haha..mistakenly (yeah right smart Harvard Lawyer) gave up his Canadian Citizenship 2 years ago…because he reside enough years in the USA by that time to have a green card then citizenship….his records you notice are sealed. I know this because I was in the Middle East and was trying to help woman escape from their abusive Arab husbands, and the American Embassy could not help them-since they had the same passports as their husbands, now those nations had jurisdictions over the wife. Go to any Ambassador of the USA and they will tell you, as well as have a plaque on the wall that states “Ignorance of the law is no excuse (except of course for a Harvard Lawyer!)

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    • Old says:

      Not only that, but Cruz wrote an article last year in conjunction with Paul Ryan sort of giving an endorsement to the TPP. Something that will destroy this country with trade and open borders. But, ah, the leopard doesn’t change it’s spots.

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    • suzee says:

      I think you mean “age of majority,” not age of reason.

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    • He needs to have a Consular Report of Birth Abroad to prove his birth was registered with the US Consulate Office. I believe he does not have such a document which is why his records are sealed. Otherwise it would have been disclosed. He is a fraud. And Levin and the rest are aiding in the fraud.

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      • I really would like to know Mark Levin’;s deal, I know that someone bout up like $400,000. worth of his books, and his son-in-law to be is on the Cruz campaign, but seriously, does he really expect us to believe that he does either not know who T%ed really is, or is he bought out or blinded by love, It is amazing to me how he touts his credentials all the time of being that ole constitutional regeanesque scholar, but man…If someone reads how duplicitous Ted really is, it is quite freaken scary between the TPA, the Corker bill the co-authoring of audit the fed-then does not show up for a vote, so he can constantly wave his well I was for it before I was against it-to all appearances- (but you really do not have to dig that far to know how mush he is FOR the establishment and NWO even with his wife’s “North American Alliance” and all his Bush connections..I mean I am a pretty simple gal and saw all of that, where at first I was impressed..”Gee, he actually stood up and filerbusted, or his calling McConnell a liar on the Senate floor, and now McConnell has fed his campaign with like $5 million bucks…tell me, Mr “Great one” does not see this, or Mr. Prophet Glen Beck, and then Rush??? what the heck is happening here… By the way thank you Sundance for being here, you are ever so appreciated!!!

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    • Jessie says:

      Ted Cruz talked about building a wall before Donald Trump even announced his candidacy.

      On March 27, 2015, Shikha Dalmia from Reason.com wrote in The Week that Ted Cruz wanted to build a wall on the border:

      Cruz wants to establish “100 percent operational control” of America’s southern border by completing a double-layer fence on the entire 2,000 miles, tripling the size of the border patrol, and quadrupling the number of helicopters and cameras.


    • Trumpin'along says:

      One cannot have dual citizenship and ever be president.
      Also, there is NO evidence Cruz has ever held US citizenship. He was Canadian two years ago…that disqualifies him.
      We look to “Vattels Law of Nations” for the natural born requirement. Section 212 says “being born in country to parents who are citizens”. Cruz does not meet that requirement. He is also illegally holding his senate seat as he does NOT meet the 9 year citizenship requirement.

      This article in the link below is an interview of Cruz in 2012 when he was asked what is natural born, he replied, “Born on the soil to a mother and father who are citizens.”
      Sundance should have a post on this.


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  4. coeurdaleneman says:

    A Treeper on the previous page asked for help in posting photos. There was no response.

    I couldn’t give any to her because my links no longer result in images being displayed anymore, only links. It used to be that putting a link on its own line worked. I’ve given up trying.

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  5. thehourofdecision says:

    She came. She saw. She kicked @ss!

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  6. Obomination says:

    The sooner the ‘rat enabling globalist GOP dies the better.

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  7. paulraven1 says:

    I receive an email a day from Ted Cruz’s campaign despite having never made contact with him and blocking all his email. Each comes under a new address or heading. However I have never received an email from the Trump campaign despite having contacted them several times. Something to work on maybe.

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    • kathyca says:

      You get incessant e-mails from Cruz because, and ONLY because, he wants your money. Trump does not need to work on that! I signed up to volunteer for Trump and I get e-mails as appropriate to my State or where my efforts may be useful. Not even close to every day. More like once every two weeks. I also signed up for text alerts and those usually come on voting days.

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      • lou Ann Watson says:

        oh, yeah…i gave a $20 to the romney campaign four years ago, and every republican under the sun solicits me now especially cruz and, until recently, rubio. i thought ted cruz had our interest in mind until read his back story about his wife and the political climbing marriage that they have. no bill and hill light for me…

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    • prognomore says:

      Did you officially sign up as a supporter, or just send them an email about something? Try signing up again officially, and check your spam folder. I don’t hear from him a lot, but he does send out messages from time to time.

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      • paulyho39 says:

        I’m wondering if he doesn’t send out frequent e-mails because he uses Twitter so much??? I am not on Twitter, so all I get are reports via FB or places like this.


    • Southern Son says:

      Try blocking the domain. Worked for me.


    • KBR says:

      Paulraven: volunteer and then actually DO what you promise to do.
      You will get email.


    • marierogers says:

      paul..i sent a small contribution twice to TRUMP campaign..several weeks later i received a thank you letter from TRUMP..he doesnt ask for money, but i understand many people do contribute.
      .btw, its a great memento!


    • margarite1 says:

      I gave Cruz some money before I figured out what he is. Not easy to get rid of him…took several tries and they still sent me stuff in the USPS mail. “Heidi is upset..please send $5″….how ridiculous can you get!

      However, I get email notices from Trump since I signd up.


    • philbertfarkle says:

      Groups like that all sell their lists to each other. Years ago I donated to the RNC. Now I get letters from them, candidates, even candidates from other states.


  8. Citizen Kane says:

    It would be great if Sen. Jeff Sessions hit the Wisconsin campaign trail with Trump !

    There is a reason(s) why Sessions endorsed Trump over Cruz.

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  9. William says:

    Trying to change the minds of RINOs from believing in Cruz, a fraud and a phony, is like trying to change Stratfordians from believing that William Shaksper, an uneducated illiterate from Stratford-Upon-Avon, wrote the greatest body of literary works in the English language.

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  10. kallibella says:

    From now on some enterprising individual could put this speech into a book/seminar with this header: “Demo: Sarah Palin’s speech, a tutorial on how to crash a RINO/GOP establishment fund raiser.”

    Points to notice: the donors to the GOP establishment PAID to hear a Donald J Trump campaign speech event! hehehehe 😀


    She went to an audience of establishment candidates supporter, probably mostly Lying Ted’s supporters, and ripped Lying Ted to shreds and contrasted the BusTED candidates record with that of Donald J Trump’s.

    The audience was stunned! They had no idea about their self-anoinTED’s shameful participation in the scheming the establishment had been doing against Us for such a long time which has resulted in the erosion of the middle class.

    It was the best speech she has probably ever delivered.
    Don’t miss the fact that these people most likely KNOW that she had endorsed Lying Ted’s senatorial campaign!!!! And now she comes out in support for Donald J Trump. Very important detail.

    Hehehehehe Masterfully done by the one and only Sarah Palin!

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    • Trumpin'along says:

      Amazing that these folks didn’t know about Canadian Cruz going to the border. It was all over the news.
      I have found many folks active in the Republican party are just as clueless as most dems.

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  11. Ron A says:

    Have any photos of Ted Cruz handing out gift baskets to our vets surfaced?

    ‘Nuff said

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  12. Lu Calico says:

    Why are so many of those immigrants in the picture obese?

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    • Trumpin'along says:

      LOL…that was the first thing i noticed too.
      I have traveled the entire length of Mexico and there were crops everywhere. They have tons of food and actually have more natural resources than we do.

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  13. Omar says:

    Forgive me if this has been posted, but Sara Palin ❤ linked to the treehouse on FB!

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  14. BobbiD says:

    I am surprised that some of the Wisconsin people were unaware of the ‘Teddy Bear and Soccer Ball’ hand outs to the illegal immigration at the border with Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck….

    Thinking about the Women Homeless shelters across America with children, wouldn’t it have been nice for them to have handed out these items to our American Children rather than some illegal immigrants? But there again, typical politicians only think of how to get the ‘vote’ and to line their own pockets, never mind the American people…

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    • Riddick says:

      Ironic, isn’t it that its the true low info morons that Felito depends upon while accusing us, the informed, of this crap. Just how anyone, at this point, can be so clueless on what Becky and Felita did at the border last year is mind boggling.

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    • kallibella says:

      It is unconscionable and immoral for our citizens, our children, our veterans be cut off from benefits that would redound to them as our Federal Government diverts funds to illegals. That is unfairness.
      I wonder how many American citizens get any Federal benefits from the Mexican government.
      It is utterly immoral in so many levels including in our current state of indebtedness.

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  15. labman57 says:

    Sarah continues to be the quintessential April fool.
    Of course, Palin’s snide, juvenile, incompressible schtick is the perfect warm-up act to Trump’s snide, juvenile, sophistic shtick.

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  16. carolmcd says:

    Awesome speech by Sarah Palin! Bold is right!

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  17. I like and agree and know everything she had to say, but, if she is going around speaking maybe she should do a power point type of thing to prove what she is saying., or just bring pictures, By looking at those tweets it is surprising to me that they did not know what Ted & Glen did, they do not know he actually co-authored the TPA bill. We had picture follow-ups here for this thread and it is effective. Sometimes a picture IS worth a thousand words. Also, one of the things that Ted does ad nauseum is…the pause…She could use a touch of that after a very important point. What Trump does, is he repeats himself, some people get irritated by it, some say it shows his lack of intelligence-No the repeat I learned long ago is very important, as is the pause (when used correctly) the problem Trump has is his brain works so fast, so to keep on track and make his point he repeats, it is also his personality of positive re-enforcement, all very useful. BUT, as people complain about Palin’s “voice” if she paused a little, repeated and/or as she shows pictures just think how powerful and effective she could be!

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  18. Toronto Tonto says:

    If this audience is representative of Wisconsin Republicans, they are everything that is wrong with the party. How do they benefit from lax immigration policy and bad trade deals? Shame on them for being so disrespectful to a former VP candidate.

    Look on Palin for a glimpse of Ryan’s future. You think Ryan will be the nominee? You think Priebus will weild influence after he destroys the GOP? Priebus will be seen in the rear view mirror of historical annals as the jackwagons who turned Republicans into the Whigs. Ryan will be primaried, and he will lose like Cantor. And all you snickering and whispering idiots will not get your special favors. You useful idiots of divide and conquer scorched earth politics will have to fend for yourselves in a wasteland of your own creation. The kids you thought would go to I y League schools will be slaves.

    So yuck it up, you Swiss cheese for brain losers. Laugh at a woman who has done more for this country than you and whatever joker you support has or ever will. Her husband is in a hospital fighting for his life, and she came to speak to you, because she thought it was that important. She has withstood greater slings and arrows than fake outsider Cruz, who is fully in bed with the Bush family. Look at that legacy for this party and the country. Realize why the Bushes are so hated that they won’t run on their name, and know that you are conceding the White House to Hillary Clinton. TRAITORS!


  19. roberto says:

    I gotta believe that a decent percentage of the audience went home and researched Sarah’s statements. It would unforgivably negligent not to.

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    • That is why I left the comment about “bringing proof” such as pictures. Because too many will say…awww she is just saying that and you cannot believe any politician-yadda, yadda” and will not do their due diligence..Not to equate the good people of Wisconsin as lazy, they could be busy, or with the history of politicians, well…that sentence speaks for itself. Hence the reasoning for pictures and the pause and then the repeat,,Our speakers defenders need to drive it, the message, the teaching home. What she said is so important, and she gave a butt load (whoops excuse my language) of information, in a rather quick, short speech. I have the greatest respect for Sarah Palin, have since the 1st I have known her, she reminds me of the true pioneer woman that helped build this nation, the woman has grit. When she was slammed by Katy Curick (sorry spelling), she went home and did some reading, she boned up and learned as to where she went wrong, and has worked every so hard for the Conservatives, for the Tea Party, even getting stabbed in the back by the GOPe and still is going, even after her family is violated in the media as well as her privacy. With that said…”her reputation in many ways precedes her” so she gets discounted, and then her voice bothers many…and in this petty anty world of slam, she needs some tools in her tool box. I also agree with you pertaining to the lack of respect! It is beyond me why such a man as Trump, where he is sacrificing his employees, his company, his plane, his money to try and help us and he gets so lambasted on so many sides with hate and threats of assassination,,,This my friends, this is NOT what America is, but Sarah Palin and Trump IS what America is, this blog and the friends that post here (great respect to you!) ARE what America is-to steal a phrase from a very much NON-American!

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  20. kimber says:

    Best speech by Sarah in a long time. I would love to see this pensive side of her more. (still love when she throws us the red meat too).

    I read some of the Cruzbot reviews–they are delusional. She exceeded expectations with this.


    • Trumpin'along says:

      Amazing isn’t it? The Cruzbots have the info right in front of them and they just make up excuses. Whenever I show them the video of Cruz saying he wanted the Gang of 8 bill to pass the House (he knew at that point they had the votes to pass the Senate), they just make up bs and say it was a “poison pill”.
      To that I say, “Huh?”


      • kimber says:

        My theory is “losing is their comfort zone”. They have been losing for as long as they’ve been conservative.

        They wouldn’t know what to do with power. No, not true, they’d apologize for having it and be meek with it.

        I don’t say that with glee. I considered myself conservative for many years. But I am tried of losing. I am ready for leadership that knows what to do with power and does the things in my interest.


  21. SouthernCatLiker says:

    Please share this on social media and on Wisconsin websites.


  22. Janet Grifin says:

    I am beginning to think the masses truly are useful idiots. There is evidence to back up everything that Sarah said but Cruz bots still defend their Canadian NWO constitutional scholar… These same people will vote for a false prophet religious zealot who will outsource every job in this country that an H1B visa holder isn’t coming in to do… The illegals will continue to parade across the border, with nothing to stop them. The Muslims will pour in by the 100’s of thousands and our country will be totally destroyed…But Ted believes in the Constitution… Is that the new Constitution that includes Mexico and Canada with the North American Union? Our children and grandchildren have no future with these idiots. Trump a President for the people or all is lost!

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    • He/Ted likes the constitution like a typical lawyer does. An interesting fact I learned about him was that he has hired a “Statistical group” what they do is canvas for “likes”, ,, they view profiles and do profiling, so when he sends out his people to canvass he knows their “Likes and dislikes” and like a lawyer builds a pro and a against argument geared towards their likes/dislikes to sell himself and to talk trash about Trump, he literally wraps the audience around his slimy fingers with the argument. They literally can go to a home and tell “that” family exactly what they want to hear. When they talk about Ted’s ground game-that is what it is, and he set it up when he was just a new Senator, so it has been in place for quite awhile. (he planned for his Presidential run even before he was a Senator)Then he rode Trump’s tailcoat until his numbers went up, and then stabbed Trump in the back (using the birther argument that Trump had warned him about when Trump thought they were friends). Thing is, Ted KNEW people did not want to hear about the birther thing especially after all the fuss with Obama-so he used it as a weapon against Trump! That is why he is actually stealing some of Trump’s talking points. It is mind manipulation, scarey stuff there! I also saw a video of Ted where he told out and out lies of Trump, telling the audience that Trump is PRO-Obama care, that he will steal from their Social Security, that he wants immigration, that Trump will COST jobs,, I mean the whole speech was an absolute lie!!! and thhe worst part, is that his audience believed him, and then he sold himself with Trump’s ACTUAL talking points, it was darn amazing!


  23. Crassus says:

    The question that hasn’t been asked is why did Suitcase Sarah endorse Ted Cruz for the Senate to begin with?


    • TexasDude says:

      I voted for Lying’ Ted for Senate. Smooth snake charmer. Like most folks that ran on the Tea Party movement, he dropped it not long afterward. Give him props for shutting down the gov’t on Obamacare, but after that nada, nothing, he towed the GOP line giving himself outs and cover.

      Trump has never stated he will not deal with the Deems, he will. However, he will do it from a position of strength asking for the all, but expecting just some. The GOP starts at a position of weakness and expect nothing and that is what the Deems give.

      Art of the Deal.

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  24. Pingback: Anonymous

  25. TexasDude says:

    Even if the audience was gobsmacked, they woke up and gave her a standing ovation at the end. Couple this with the cheering, yelling, and exuberance at Trump’s rallies today and I would assert Trump has a good chance in Wisconsin.


  26. Young says:

    I saw this post about Cruz’s numbers supposedly on the DC madam’s list.


    I am not sure if this is supposed to be an April Fool’s job, but it would be great if it were true.


    • CM-TX says:

      I’ve found 3 separate site links that contain the list of numbers. 2 of which have files to download. One shows multi carriers over several years. I was too chicken to download or open. The other one already lists a portion of the most frequent appearing numbers.

      I did match a couple visible numbers. One went to a DC motel 8, another to a llc lobbying/poll firm- which I then tied to a name of the president. A third to some Barclay exec.

      I’m just not sure on the reliability. The dates are also of question. And many being cell numbers prove difficult to trace for a few reasons. Someone out there with a collection of Congressmans’ personal business cards, Rolodex/contact list starting in 2007– could have a field day going through these.

      There was also a Screenshot of TX numbers on a phone bill, supposedly these tied to Cruz, Circulating on Twitter yesterday. But idk if the dates would coincide. I wouldn’t doubt he ventured to DC though, or would’ve had the # given his history!

      The lawyer for the woman is threatening to release them on the USSC steps. He claims they are relevant to the current election. Said once with 15 candidates, and just recently with 5. But he won’t confirm or deny which one/s.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Sandra says:

      D.C. Madam’s Attorney Says Election Bombshell Already Online
      Montgomery Blair Sibley says a timer controls release of a link to client records ‘relevant’ to presidential race.
      […] Montgomery Blair Sibley says the records will become public if he fails to reset a 72-hour countdown clock, which could cut short his soft two-week ultimatum for federal courts to consider lifting a 2007 gag order that covers the records, lest he deem that order void. The countdown clock is a safeguard, Sibley says, that ensures that if he disappears the records will be published. Inevitable release, he says, may also disincentivize violent acts against him to prevent their disclosure.


      He must be worried about his safety. Can’t blame him. Big money at stake here.


  27. CM-TX says:

    On the Ted eligibility…

    | According to the Canadian Citizenship Act of 1946, also referred to as the “Act of 1947” because of its effective date, Canada did not allow dual citizenship.

    It was not until the passage of the “Citizenship Act” effective on February 15, 1977 that the ability to hold dual citizenship was changed. |


    Ted was born in 1970. Prior to this, his mother- by marriage to his dad (possibly even by a 1st marriage??) became a Canadian citizen after one year. By law she had to choose one, & she chose Canada, denouncing her US citizenship. And in doing so, she subsequently chose for Ted by default. Both a former neighbor who claims to have accompanied her, & voter rolls support this.

    Ted having been born in that country, automatically became a Canadian citizen at birth. His mother could not have successfully filed CRBA paperwork in the US. But pretending she had, this would still only make Ted a naturalized citizen (by legal process/adopted), & not natural (born on US soil to US citizen parentS.)

    Ted has already admitted there was no filing of CRBA paperwork. And said he never went through any naturalization process. He has nothing beyond the falsehood he was automatically so by birth. His proof, only his mother’s birth certificate. And he calls himself a lawyer!?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Young says:

      His natural born issue will clearly make him a weak candidate because either Hillary or Bernie would kill him on this issue. Adding to this is the affair story which will be resurrected. Why would the GOPe risk everything on this UNELECTABLE Cruz given these issues? The obvious answer is that they just want to use him to stop Trump from getting enough delegates so they can nominate an insider at the convention who won’t be Cruz.

      This is the GOPe’s game plan. Trump needs to mobilize supporters on the ground to help him win all the critical states to get enough delegates. He needs people who work the phone bank and go door-to-door. He has to step up his game plan because the GOPe is certainly stepping up theirs using Cruz and Kasich.

      Liked by 1 person

  28. justfactsplz says:

    You could have heard a pin drop in the room when Palin covered all of the bases exposing LyingTed for what he is. It was very evident the audience was uncomfortable. They were a bit nervous and messed with their hair, looked at their feet, and squirmed in their chairs. Ah, beautiful sunlight.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Sandra says:

    It bothers me when I see people who are allegedly “in need” looking so well-fed. In the pictures at the top of the thread, just about every adult getting free stuff is noticeably overweight if not obese.


  30. Cheryl says:

    And u expected an HONEST reaction? From P Ryan ($5k suits) constituents?! They r as brain dead as Wyoming GOPe! Cruz is a swine, but u can put lipstick n a pig n some find it attractive!

    Liked by 1 person

  31. GaryM says:

    Toys for children whose parents dragged them hundreds of miles through the desert?

    The BASTARD!


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