Ted Cruz Flip-Flops Now Says He Supports “Fair Trade”…

According to an article today in candidate Cruz’s official Super-PAC funded (Via Robert Mercer) media outlet, Breitbart.Com, Senator Ted Cruz now says he doesn’t support the current U.S. Trade Policy and has fully adopted the position of candidate Donald Trump in calling for “Fair Trade’.

Except he’s lying.


cruz McConnellSenator Cruz previously said the reason he gave up support for Trans-Pacific Trade deal TPP, and voted against his own legislative vehicle (TPA),  was because Mitch McConnell lied to him.

However, no-one seems to know enough about the legislative construct to actually challenge Cruz on his absurd claim.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell promised several democrats in the senate he would include re-authorization of the Import/Export bank (December 2015 Omnibus) in exchange for support on the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal (TPA)  (June ’15).

This is the McConnell LIE Senator Cruz speaks of when he justifies changing his TPA vote at the last minute from Yea, to Nay.

Candidate Cruz is never challenged on that ridiculous reasoning. The Import/Export Bank re-authorization had absolutely nothing to do with TPP or TPA. It was purely a cover excuse.

You have an in-law in financial distress who urgently needs to sell a boat. You tell the guys at the local bar you want to buy a boat. However, you explain that you need six friends to each put $1,000 toward the purchase of the boat and each gain a 1/7th share in the use.

You ask 10 people – four say no, six others agree.

On the day you are going to make the purchase together, one of those who originally said “no” reverses position and says “yes”.

You now have eight yes.

You back out, and send the other seven to buy the boat. You claim the reason you’re out is because your wife is buying new drapes.

Your brother-in-law has sold his $7000 boat and has the money – Goal Achieved. You didn’t want the boat, your wife doesn’t want new drapes, and no-one from the bar knows the seller was your brother-in-law.

Senator Ted Cruz reversed his position on TPP because he could. He realized its passage no longer needed his vote. Cruz knew the TPP was controversial, politically.

Remember, this was HIS BILL along with Paul Ryan.

Cruz supported TPP, Cruz constructed Fast-Track Trade Promotion Authority (via unanimous consent) to facilitate TPP. Senator Cruz still supports TPP. However, as soon as his vote was no longer needed to insure it, he threw his vote in the opposite, more politically favorable, direction.

It was, yet again, an example of how Cruz sneaks his way through congress by hiding his motives and intents. It fools many people, including his supporters. However, it does not fool us.

Ted Cruz saying he did not support TPP because McConnell lied to him about a completely different piece of legislation is a complete ruse.

Senator Ted Cruz relies on two essential political elements to keep his “conservative” ruse afloat. The first is that people don’t follow “unanimous consent” passages in the Senate; the second is that people don’t follow “cloture votes” – Both of which are never recorded “roll call votes”, and allow candidates to obscure their intent and later claim a counter position.

It’s a good trick, and indeed fools almost everyone. Unless, that is, you’re tracking them while they occur…

Red Circled Candidates All Support Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement (TPP)

GOP candidates TPP

CASE IN POINT – HR2146 (TPA “Trade Promotion Authority” or “Fast Track”): This House Bill #2146 originating April 30th ’15, became the vehicle for passage of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.

HR2146 was originally introduced in the House of Representatives as a bill to address issues with retirement funds of federal law enforcement officers and firefighters.

BACKSTORY – In the beginning of the congressional session, with Republicans now in control of both the House and Senate, in Feb-March-April of 2015, Senator Ted Cruz and House Ways and Means Chairman, Representative Paul Ryan, supported Trade Promotion Authority being added to HR2146.

Their support was most notable when they posted the following Op-Ed which appeared in the Wall Street Journal on April 22nd:


ted cruz 1paul ryan 1

On May 12th HR2146 passed/agreed to in House: On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill, as amended. Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: (2/3 required): 407 – 5 (Roll no. 220). (text: CR H2848)

The bill passed the house 407-5 because it was not controversial. It was simply a bill for benefits toward LEO and Firefighters retirement funds.

However, as planned, on June 4th 2015, the senate passed the house bill “with changes”. The Trade-Deal was added and notably included an amendment “adding TPA” (thanks to Ted Cruz) and TAA (needed for Elizabeth Warren coalition) By unanimous consent thereby avoiding a roll vote on record.


On June 18, 2015 the House accepted the TPA change (Paul Ryan spearhead) and removed TAA (the financial assistance package for training of union workers – this angered the Pelosi Dems). The Senate Democrats, who generally oppose TPP were hoodwinked – TAA was never originally going to be allowed – Senator Elizabeth Warren was furious.

The Democrats in the Senate were furious. They turned to Nancy Pelosi for help in getting the entire fiasco eliminated. However, the White House (Obama) supported the entire construct of the TPP. Pelosi had to be arm twisted by the White House to go along with HR2146 with TAA spending removed – she acquiesced to President Obama.

Without the training amendment (TAA), HR2146 passed again in the House – only this time with a much closer vote of 218-208, and went back to the Senate to resolve differences. (Remember because of the way it was constructed, the only difference now was the removal of TAA – the training spending)


On June 24th HR2146 (TPA without TAA) Then passed the Senate (Ted Cruz did not attempt to block or filibuster because this was the original plan all along). The bill passed in the Senate 60-38 (3/5ths passage rule).


President Obama now had “fast track trade authorization” to complete the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal and thanks to Ted Cruz Obama only needed 51 votes to pass it.

On June 29th 2015 Obama signed Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and HR2146 became law.

President Obama now has the legislative vehicle (TPA) he needs to see TPP (the actual deal itself) get through the Senate.  It would now take more votes to block the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal than to approve it.  Thanks to Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan the threshold for legislative approval was lowered.

TPP trade 2

Senator Ted Cruz voted for Cloture on TPA Fast track trade authority removing the hurdle and concern of further amendments and clearing the way for passage.

Again, just like “unanimous consent” cloture votes are not recorded roll call votes. Thereby Ted Cruz could obfuscate his support. He figured to hide, see how that works?

However, Cruz advocacy could not be hidden entirely. On another bill HR 1314 Cruz voted against an amendment to the Trade Deal that would require congress to be consulted if China (or other nations) were to join after the fact:

Senate Amendment 1251 “To require the approval of Congress before additional countries may join the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement”…


Cruz voted NAY. Directly saying he did not want congress to be consulted before other countries, namely CHINA, could join TPP.

♦ Notice during November 2015’s GOP debate Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were saying China is not part of TPP; contrast their voices against Donald Trump who was honestly saying TPP carries a backdoor for China (and Russia) to join.

NOVEMBER 4th – In an interview with Russian interstate channel Mir TV, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry invited China and Russia to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

“We invite people to come join other initiatives, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the TPP. We welcome China, we welcome Russia, we welcome other countries who would like to join, as long as they want to raise the standards and live up to the highest standards of protecting people and doing business openly and transparently and accountably,” said Secretary Kerry. (read more) State Dept Link HERE

Donald Trump was entirely correct. Senator Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were factually incorrect. They were not incorrect by accident, but rather by complicit ideology.

BOTTOM LINE – It might hurt Cruz supporters to admit what took place, and worse – to accept the transparency of motive behind what drove his decision making; but it makes no sense at all to ignore the truth of what took place.

Unfortunately, Ted Cruz is part of the Wall Street purchased construct that is currently infecting our entire body politic. The connections to the U.S. CoC legislative agenda, and Goldman Sachs are evident within action not words, along with KtP and obviously his wife Heidi Cruz [ employed by Goldman Sachs, and adviser to Council on Foreign Relations].

For those who still find it challenging to accept the truth in the video below Ted Cruz Explains why he supports (TPA) Trade Promotion Authority:

@01:56 “I support TPA” ~ Ted Cruz

Don’t pay attention to what Cruz says, pay closer attention to what Cruz does !!


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226 Responses to Ted Cruz Flip-Flops Now Says He Supports “Fair Trade”…

  1. Friends, I am struggling to take anymore of this. Since this site has been infected by CruzBots and Uniparty disinformation trolls it’s been a real struggle.

    After total war was declared on My Trump over the last week it’s hard to see a good ending to all this a beacon of hope, so faint, is fading.

    I came here a few months ago and it was a voice of sanity in the dark web of lies, deceit and deception.

    I feel a deep state of anger. If anyone finds this lost post, a small inconsequential voice of support from so far away (NZ actually), keep the faith true American’s. I’m not religious but am praying in my pathetic way.

    Liked by 8 people

    • chrystalia99 says:

      Don’t let it get to you–heck, it’s barely started, it’s going to get much worse LOL. Just read the articles, keep the faith, and stop worrying. We are in a good place mathematically speaking, and if we can get voters to become delegates and get into the party itself, as I and others are doing, then we’ll be golden. Read the posts on my blog, and spread the Cruz dirt around to Americans you know on social media, and don’t let them get to you :-).


      I will be posting more Cruz Crud tomorrow.

      Liked by 9 people

    • Jett Black says:

      Thank you Rogue! There’s great power in prayer. Your humility will ensure God hears and takes them to heart.

      Do not lose hope; rather, keep faith in that which is far greater than the evil we face. Though powers of this world may be stronger in some respects than we are, they lack our faith, our strength of character, the practical power of good and truth, and most importantly, the support of our omnipotent God.


    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      For Rogue:

      Colossians 2:15
      “According to Your word, Lord, my enemy has been disarmed and embarrassed. He has been overruled (Eph 1:20-22), mastered (Phil 2:9-11), rendered powerless (Heb 2:14) and his works have been destroyed (I John 3:8). I speak these truths into this stronghold in my life/family/loved one, Lord. I speak TRUTH where lies have prevailed.”



    • rogue112 says:

      it’s time for Cruz to drop out


  2. Well – I just don’t know what Cruz will tell his donors then – they will be very angry with the Senator – he wrote specific Bill (introduced, but never assigned to committee – they wouldn’t even pass) he would need to Executive Order in – beginning June 2015 and ongoing – each directly correlating with donors to pay them back for their support of his candidacy; some he co-sponsored – all of which give billions of taxpayer dollars to his donors over the course of [years] for their globalist TPP trade – using American Taxpayers to fund their profits. Within these “bills” it is specified that those to be governed by are “American Residents” – not citizens nor differentiation to migrants – legal or illegal, just “residents” and the agency responsible for and with jurisdiction over any laws broken within these bills is not our US city police, county sheriff, nor even US military – instead he designates “Interpol” to enforce these new laws/taxpayer giveaways to his globalist supporters.

    He’s either lying to them or us – and I believe that would be, “us,” because the man is a pig without conscience except to political power and money.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Betty says:

      I am having a struggle understanding fully what you have written. But the section where you talk about “Interpol” resonated with me. I just listened to a video on Pal Nehlen web page ( http://www.paulnehlen.com/ ) in which Senator Jeff Sessions discussed TPP. And among the all the issued he discusses one I never thought of popped up.

      Senator Sessions tells us that the TPP agreement says it will have power over trade and “Other Things”, He asks “what other things?” and lists a few he wonders about and I thought – will have the power to deal with nations of people who WANT OUT of their lousy agreement?


      • MA in MO says:

        Good catch on ‘the other things.’ They know they cannot take over America by being upfront and honest. Unlike some of the European countries that have fallen for the EU lies. “the other things” means a gradual take over of our gov’t and society in general by instituting more and more trade agreements. So far my local community has not been involved with Economic Development that much. Well guess what, there is now an ordinance on the ballot in our local town to put forth a city tax to establish and Economic Development organization. Economic Development’s are nothing more than a shadow regional government run by non-elected officials. The elites will succeed by hook or crook. May the Lord have mercy!


        • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

          Sounds like Obummer-CAIR……….


          • Charlie says:

            Comparing obamacare to the TPP, is the equivalent to comparing a paper cut with a gunshot wound. Yes TPP is that bad folks read the wikileaks docs – there’s a reason the entire thing was completely classified.


      • Jett Black says:

        As a simple example of what is likely under TPP, imagine that the USA has and enforces laws to restrict immigration and employment of immigrants in the USA (novel concept, eh? /sarc). Mexico, a TPP signatory, doesn’t like that. Mexico takes a case to an international “tribunal” or “court” under TPP to demand that USA immigration law be overridden. The decision is made by an international tribunal staffed with majority non-USA personnel, many who might be considered enemies or at least competitors of the USA.

        If the USA declines to accept the international tribunal’s virtually guaranteed ruling against us, all other TPP signatory nations would be required to enforce penalties, probably similar to the crushing embargoes and sanctions levied against Cuba, Iran, and Iraq over the last 30 years or so. That’s just one example, but I’m sure more knowledgeable folks can come up with more and even scarier ones that would make perfect sense in light of the unbridled treason of the agreement.


        • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

          That could actually totally backfire on the TPpers.

          Imagine the United States totally “self- sufficient” again………..


        • MA in MO says:

          Your explanation was spot on. We will no longer answer to US law, but International and UN laws. We are the only country in the UN that puts human rights front and center. Most UN leaders come from countries that execute their citizens for very minor offenses. Just think Saudi Arabia.


      • Other things (is): when “non-citizen workers used by non-American companies” contracted for projects like oil (in Ohio) and the CanPac, when a legal issue arises it is a “global” responsibility – not a US legal authority problem. Cruz also co-sponsored the Cuban Military Commerce Bill – where specifically it is written in that only relatives (of Cuban decent) can contract and exchange monies under this military agreement – any other “American” will be in violation of law – and Interpol – he/Rubio wrote that into the Bill – not US legal authority: has jurisdiction over patrol/prosecution.

        Basically,the first major part of that Bill looks honorable – until at the end: one “exception” is written in – allowing for personal profit for those only with direct Cuban connections/family to make deals and run weapons/ammo out of Cuba. There is another issue ongoing separate but connected(?) That Columbia is entering same type arms agreements with Cuba – once the arms/ammo is in Cuba – they can sell to Columbia (not the government, but others.)

        It was only read into the record – not even sent to committee. Basically, my thought while reading through the Bill in its entirety was: Cruz or Rubio would need to become Prez – to executive order it into law. No Congress would pass that Bill as written (hopefully) or we’re screwed.

        Big Red Flag when you read the fine print. So looked up many of their supporters – and the same financial projects they were receiving funding from for their campaigns were also advocating some other pretty scary stuff.

        Cruz’ father would have been one of the financial recipients to the “exception” of that Bill – had set up an “org” for doing “good things for Cubans” simultaneous with Ted’s prez. run.

        He’s out now. I think “they” talked him out of continuing – as this and some other pretty nasty deals he personally was attempting to legislate (as pre-pay off to his financial supporters), like his Federal Home School Bills (2 of them – when he wrote his first he forgot to include District of Columbia, so had to write an addendum to include – for his funders’ profit their too at the taxpayers expense – within those “two Bills” local politicians, not parents are the recipients of taxpayer monies to pay “org educators” for homeschooling costs… of which, again, Rafael Cruz Sr. was to be one of those recipients to administer the program too.)

        Only in a fictional story could these issues get any more corrupt. Glad he dropped out. The Bills will never see the light of day.


  3. CoolEdge says:

    The TPP takes power outside of congressional authority, harming our sovereignty.

    “LyinTed” tried to beef up his image by claiming he fought Bush in front of SCOTUS and won, in favor of our sovereignty. A Cruz super PAC ad brags that “Ted Cruz argued nine cases in front of the Supreme Court, and won.” But he lost (4) more than he won (2), and others were mixed. And all but one were Ted working as solicitor general under AG Abbott (now TX governor).

    As I read that alleged sovereignty case (ianal), it only showed that a treaty doesn’t have authority over us UNLESS it is approved by Congress (as Obama’s Iran deal has not been).

    President George W. Bush issued a memo directing states to comply with the International Court of Justice and state courts to review the cases of Mexicans facing the death penalty.

    In 2005, the court ruled 5-4 that Medellin had not exhausted his state court appeals, and it sent the case back to a Texas state court. The case came back to the Supreme Court, and in 2007 Cruz again argued on behalf of the state. In a 6-3 decision in 2008, the court sided with Cruz and concluded that the treaty was not binding upon state courts until the treaty is enacted into law by Congress.

    Cruz called it, “By any measure the biggest case of my tenure as solicitor general.”

    Ted was acting under direction from his boss, Attorney General Abbott, but did get the win. It hardly seems as amazing as Cruz has made it out to be.

    But LyinTed’s TPP work would be just such approval on the “trade wars” … a surrender of sovereignty to outside globalist courts, which he claimed he fought against. Ted the snake.

    Liked by 5 people

    • cjzak says:

      Trump should be running major ads highlighting Cruz’s role in TPP and his ties to the pstb who want it. Cruz suddenly changing his tune on trade does not pass the smell test and should be aired out in public for the lie it really is. C’mon, Donald. Hit him hard on this lie ASAP.


      • jello333 says:

        I keep thinking about that too… all the stuff that Trump and his people could be slamming Cruz (and even Kasich) for, and yet they’re holding back. Makes me believe that there’s a REASON for that. We KNOW it’s not due to laziness, incompetence, timidity, etc. So there must be another reason… maybe involving timing, or feeling it just isn’t needed, or whatever. Regardless, I think we can pretty well assume these guys know exactly what they’re doing. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. lou says:

    Fair trade doesn’t benefit the American people at all. We need to move towards the American School of Economics.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. thehourofdecision says:

    Saw this yesterday; He is also running ads proclaiming that he if for fair trade all over Wisconsin. Once again, Lyin’ Ted is a fraud simply aping Trump’s positions and mimicking his stands almost word for world in some instances. That Cruz does this and that people buy this without knowing Cruz’s true positions really gets the blood boiling.

    Liked by 5 people

    • JohnPaulJohnes says:

      Trump needs to call him out on this. His parroting Trumps policy and lying about his stance is getting annoying.
      It has been going on a few months now.

      Liked by 1 person

      • thehourofdecision says:

        I know. It’s actually been going on since Donald put out his paper on immigration. Donald was the only one talking about anchor babies and DEPORTING the illegal aliens. Cruz suddenly reversed his position and copied Donald. Then it was foreign policy (i.e. being better of with Saddam and Gaddhafi and no more nation building). Now its trade. So frustrating! Donald did mention it once at a recent rally, but he should start really banging this home. Why should Cruz get the credit for taking these positions when Donald has been talking about them since the beginning?


  6. Tommy Frisco says:

    Thank you for showing us Cruz’s support for TPP. Now, can you explain what TPP in layman’s terms without the (intentional) confusion we hear from DC?

    From what I’ve heard TPP will allow the movement of capital, good, and PEOPLE (employees) across the borders of the member countries. TPP will reduce Congress into becomimg like the British Parliament which is reduced to rubber-stamping laws presented to it by the European Union.

    If that’s the case, and if TPP is passed in a lame duck Congress at the end of this year, there won’t be any need in having further discussions regarding illegal immigration and H1B Visas.

    Please do what you do so well. If more people understood what TPP represents, the more people will know what all the other candidates (but Donald Trump) represent.


  7. flawesttexas says:

    Ted Cruz is the Canadian Bill Clinton….and not just because of his cheating

    Cruz Supporters make Feel The Bern folks look rational


    • jello333 says:

      But Clinton at least had some charisma. If you didn’t know better, he could come across as a real likable guy at times. But Cruz? Oh my God! I don’t see how ANYONE could see anything remotely appealing in him. I just don’t get it.


  8. Reblogged this on Constitutional Conservatives and commented:

    This is unreal. I have seen SEVERAL stories about Ted Cruz’s manipulation and lies, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen an example of it. It’s no wonder this man is so unliked. We all know people like him, none of like them, or will work with them either. Tactics like this could hurt America severely. Our reputation has suffered greatly under Obama, but Ted Cruz’s type of lying and out right manipulation could get us into a war. People don’t like to be lied to and manipulated.


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