How Can One Vote Change The Course of History – Here’s A Recent Example Few Comprehend…

The current U.S. Presidential Race, combined with House Speaker Paul Ryan at the helm of the DC legislature, provides an opportunity to highlight just how close passage of Amnesty law was in 2014.

A passage that would have fundamentally, and irreversibly, changed the landscape of the U.S.A forever.

cruz rubio Lee immigration

The senate “Gang of Eight” comprehensive immigration reform bill, which included amnesty legislation was not blocked by Senator Ted Cruz or Senator Marco Rubio – it specifically passed the senate because of them, not despite them.

A very insightful PBS documentary “The Immigration Battle” lays out exactly what took place during the 2013/2014 legislative time frame. If you have not watched the documentary I would strongly recommend you do so, it is profoundly enlightening.

The documentary walks you through a timeline explaining exactly who was doing what at the times discussed.

Here’s the trailer:

Watch Full Documentary – HERE

After the Senate passed the comprehensive immigration reform bill known as the “gang-of-eight bill”, the legislative activity shifted to the House of Representatives. Paul Ryan was an early member of the House team supporting passage.

Eventually, against ever increasing pressure from President Obama’s bully pulpit, it came to a moment in the House (June 2014) where Speaker John Boehner was going to take up a vote on the Senate Bill.

Speaker Boehner, Paul Ryan and a few other close insiders had been holding secret meetings discussing support for the bill. On Friday June 6th 2014 Boehner recognized there was now enough support for passage – he also knew it was going to be controversial.

Boehner - Cantor- McCarthy - House-GOP-leaders-

Boehner asked Kevin McCarthy (House Majority Whip) to whip the vote and get a confirmed vote count on Monday June 9th 2014.  A “whip vote” is a commitment from each representative expressing their intent to vote a specific way on a specific bill.

Unbeknownst to both GOP and DEM rank-and-file membership Boehner, Ryan and Eric Cantor already knew they had the votes for passage – the request to McCarthy was merely to confirm and lock them in place.

Speaker John Boehner was planning to schedule the vote for Thursday June 12th or Friday June 13th 2014.  The determining factor on which date to hold the vote centered around political benefit, or lack thereof, through the media.   Was it better for the GOP to  celebrate, if so Thursday; -or- was it better to pass and get out of dodge, if so Friday.

The entire House of Representatives were officially whipped on Monday June 9th, 2014. The results confirmed what John Boehner and Paul Ryan already knew – They had enough votes to pass the gang-of-eight bill.

The following day, Tuesday June 10th, Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor (Majority Leader) and Kevin McCarthy (Majority Whip) had lunch together discussing timing the vote Thursday night or Friday Morning.

However, later that same night the results from the 2014 Virginia primary showed an unknown conservative outsider, Dave Brat, had defeated (primaried) Eric Cantor.

At 7:00pm Tuesday night the first word went out that Cantor had lost.

cantor vs bratBoehner, McCarthy and Cantor were STUNNED beyond belief.

The next day, Wednesday June 11th, the House of Representatives was also in a state of shock – Almost the entire reason for the defeat was the controversial immigration position of Cantor who openly favored the immigration bill.

Immediately panicked GOP congresscritters were calling Kevin McCarthy and revoking their previous (2 days earlier) positions of support for the bill. By lunchtime Wednesday June 11th it was obvious the Immigration Bill was NOW DEAD in the House.

That’s how close it was. Literally within hours of a vote for passage.

Amnesty didn’t die because of Senator Ted Cruz or anything he did or didn’t do. The gang of eight bill had already passed the senate.

Amnesty died exclusively because candidate Dave Brat beat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Period.

Dave Brat

If Eric Cantor had won his re-election, the House would have voted on the Gang-Of-Eight Bill two days later, and all of the controversial issues circling around comprehensive immigration reform would have been solidified into law.

Unbeknownst to the majority of Americans we were less than 36 hours away from the most fundamental change in the history of our nation.

Yes, it was THAT close.

And you can be absolutely certain the professional republican party apparatus don’t want us to remind ourselves how close they came to usurping the will of the majority once again.

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198 Responses to How Can One Vote Change The Course of History – Here’s A Recent Example Few Comprehend…

  1. BigDaddy63 says:

    Don’t forget these sleezebags who jumped on this phony badwagon.. Where are the letters for their resignations?

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    • snixy says:

      Heidi Cruz is a member of the Trilateral Commission……and the Council on Foreign Relations

      good God it is there in the Council on Foreign Relations own book that lists her as a memmber and quotes her in the book and was listed for five years prior to Ted getting in politics

      I know I know – JBS – but if she is listed for 5 years in their annual report as a member before – just listen to the video with no prejudice – surely we can verify this in their past reports – Ted admits and said she quit.

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      • joebal says:

        like barak obama, hiedi cruz is literally a “community organizer” only on a larger, more international scale..

        the same rightwing, red-state media types who support cruz, are the ones who whine incessantly that “Obama was never properly vetted”

        amazingly now they don’t want “their guy or his wife” vetted..

        beware! some of these frauds like Limbo and Hannity will tell you they aren’t “in the tank” for a candidate, yet YOU WILL NEVER HEAR ANY OF THEM broach this subject..

        the soft bigotry of willful ignorance is alive and well in the GOpe establishment media.

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      • chesam1 says:

        S.O.S. save our sovereignty, vote for Trump!


    • Life5678 says:

      Good news folks!! WI Businessman Paul Nehlen has stepped into the race to take on Paul Ryan in the primary! While I don’t live it WI, I will be supporting Mr Nehlen with financial donations. Please spread the word and do what you can to help. We need to send a clear message to DC!!


  2. Just a heads up “literally”. I was looking information to do some editing like jib jab, and others with a cartoon or cutout head replacement and see if My FCP 7 will do it. and it will.

    However I found THIS:

    Wow this is downright scary.

    This is a demo, and if its not fake, then this changes the game in not a good way imo.

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  3. Sanj says:

    I’m going to say something, and I can’t believe I’m typing this right now given how pissed I am at the GOPe and Cruz, but if choice were Bush/Ryan/Romney or a Trump/Cruz ticket as the only way to get the nomination, how would you guys feel?

    As a businessman, sometimes, I have to eat a lot of crow to get deals done and ultimately it will be Trumps’ call, but it may end up being the only viable option in 2 months.

    Anyway, I’m going to burn the tips of my fingers off with acid now 🙂

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    • Trumpire says:

      Cruz brings nothing to the ticket. NOTHING. He’s a liar, a cheater, an ineligible, junior senator from a solid red state. He represents the opposite of what Trump wants to achieve.

      Whatever poll numbers Cruz has is the consolidation of last of anti-Trump vote. For months and months he had a base of 5-7%. That’s it.

      Cruz is just the a###### that won’t gracefully leave after he is all but eliminated from running.

      I will never vote for Cruz, Bush, Ryan or anyone they try to shove down our throats.

      I doubt Trump is dumb enough to put Cruz on the ticket. He adds nothing. Cruz’s weirdo, snake-handler, anti-constitutional voters are the same freak shows that always stay home when they don’t get their way.

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      • joebal says:

        “Cruz brings nothing to the ticket. NOTHING. He’s a liar, a cheater, an ineligible, junior senator from a solid red state. He represents the opposite of what Trump wants to achieve.”

        well sure, but at least we would have a canadian on the ticket!

        why would you tap someone who isn’t even eligible to be president as your running mate?

        cruz CANNOT win now, he CAN ONLY be spoiler for Trump and as such is only working for the establishment, against Trump, there will be no Trump/cruz ticket, so there is no point in entertaining the thought of one. The establishment will use cruz and promise him the AG post he wanted as a reward as they inform him (thanks for the help in stopping Trump!.. sorry but after all YOU ARE a canadian).


        • joebal says:

          To further this point…


          this is what cruzers need to understand, along with the fact that imporTED will NOT be the selected candidate.

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          • Trumpire says:

            “this is what cruzers need to understand”

            Oh, they understand it. They are that big of jerks that they know they can’t win straight up, fair and square but they are such losers that if they can’t have it then they want to destroy Trump.

            They are despicable people.

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        • JohnPaulJohnes says:

          Cruz may have 5 whores but all of Cruz voters are Paul Ryan’s whores.


    • thehourofdecision says:

      No way on Cruz. Even though I can’t stand the guy I wouldn’t have a problem with a cabinet position, though.


    • tz says:

      Cruz would be acceptable as VP (they don’t do much), and the whole point is “The Art of the Deal”. If an alliance with Cruz would insure Trump got the nomination (he could release his delegates), then it is in everyone’s interest.

      One thing the Civil Rights movement forgot was its own phrase “Keep your eyes on the prize”.

      Our goal is to Make America Great Again. Trump is our instrument, our weapon, our diplomat. Cruz might accept being part of that when he mathematically can’t get 1237 and his choice is alliance or irrelevancy. Cruz has some good points, and Trump and he can work on accomplishing them.

      I don’t think it will be necessary, but it might be wise. And I’d love to see Glenn Beck’s reaction.


  4. Greg says:

    I hope this ad is running in Wisconsin

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    • tz says:

      Holding the fragile flower faintingcouch feminists to the same standards as men is sexist according the the current definition. Trump treats women as equals.

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  5. tz says:

    My response to a cruzbot at Forward Observer

    Argument Contra Cruz:
    Originally on TheLastRefuge, I got tired of Cruz supporters simply ignoring the problems and the lack of forcefulness on the part of Cruz.
    On a few things I prefer Cruz, but he won’t be able to break the Ryan-McConnell establishment machine. McConnell won’t break filibusters for his judicial nominees, Ryan will just keep passing Omnibuses and overriding President Cruz’ veto.
    All that while Heidi insures the CFR and Goldman Sachs – her employer! – gets everything they want including a TARP2 on steroids.
    The Hammonds and Bundys will remain in jail and/or prison, the BLM and FWS will continue to destroy ranchers, jobs will continue to go overseas, Islamic refugees will continue to come in, as well as the traditional Mexican and Central American illegal immigrants.
    Cruz might be against all that. Will he change things? In the open letter I’ve listed several things he needs to say and I would be forced to switch my allegiance if he promised to do such radical things from day 1. But he won’t, so I have to guess when, if ever, he might accomplish anything.

    Trump? He’ll blow things up. That suffices. CS Lewis has two examples – the first is from Perelandra where the hero Ransom tries reasoning and although smart, he keeps failing and losing and ultimately understands he basically has to use fisticuffs to beat Weston – who is possessed by the devil. The second is from The Silver Chair. The green witch puts something which makes a fire hypnotic and strums on a lute putting them to sleep. Puddleglum eventually stamps out the fire at which point the hypnosis stops.

    Will Cruz be the Ransom to beat Weston to death? Will Cruz be the Puddleglum who stamps out the bewitching fire? I don’t know. I know Trump would be capable of both.

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    • Trumpire says:

      “On a few things I prefer Cruz, but he won’t be able to break the Ryan-McConnell establishment machine.”

      Wake up. Cruz IS part of the establishment machine.

      He’s just the guy that had the most money (thanks to all the dumb small donors who were too stupid to see that being born a Canadian made him ineligible to begin with) to hang around the longest to try to take advantage of the consolidated anti-Trump vote. That’s it.

      Cruz is a globalist, lyin’, cheatin’, anti-constitutionalist.

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  6. Mr. Lucky says:

    It doesn’t matter. The Cartel and the MIC will get what it wants one way or another. Anyone who stands in their way becomes an enemy of the State and is scheduled for liquidation. The most famous names you know are: JFK, MLK, Robert Kennedy, JFK junior, many people associated with the Clintons in Arkansas, And…. the countless scores of others who you do not know, but their names would fill volumes.

    The current enemy of the Cartel/MIC is Donald John Trump. Since he had been the darling of the power structure for many years (they always came to him for $$$, and endorsements), I don’t think he realized how they would turn on him once he stumbled on the defining issues of him campaign: Immigration, shipping jobs overseas, and muslims. They loved him and now they hate him.

    This is really America’s last change, and it is probably too late. I pray for Trump, the modern day Cyrus, and may God protect him and his family.

    Tip of the hat to Lame Cherry for providing some content.


  7. flounder, rebel, vulgarian says:

    I have been trying to wake the Cruz people up on his I stopped Gang of Eight lies for months. I was told I was “connecting imaginary dots.” Thanks for the concise explanation, and I have shared the PBS documentary, based on Sundance’s urging.

    Also, this is kind of funny.


  8. wtd says:

    Thank you for posting the link to that documentary, “Immigration Battle”. I’ve only watched the first half hour and am struck by what should be ‘illegal’ rationalizations. At the 24 minute mark, the narrator introduces another member of the “Gang of 8”, a “Conservative” Cuban national from Florida, “Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart” who states the following to a small audience of individuals interested in “immigration reform”:

    “This isn’t just lip service here, because you’ve heard empty talk for years, many broken promises, promises to stop deportations, ‘We’ll have it done in 12 months,’ many broken promises, right? Many disappointments. Many disappointments. And meanwhile…the separation of families. So…what we have to find is this magic formula…that can win the majority of the majority so we can bring it to the House floor but…with a substantial group of Democrats so it can pass in the House, it can be negotiated, and pass into law.”

    Are we a nation of laws? /s Since when do elected ‘conservative’ politicians paid by American taxpayers expected to represent the ‘demands’ or ‘interests’ of law breakers, non-citizens/illegal or undocumented residents efforts to rewrite American laws? Why are we as a nation permitting our hard earned tax dollars to pay for this political effort to undermine the value of US citizenship? Ironic to witness illegals seeking, hell, they are demanding American legal justice at American taxpayer expense, yet they are legally unaccountable for breaking US immigration law.
    The only legal justice is to uphold existing immigration law and deporting the lot of them and RICO every establishment attempting to undermine existing law! There is nothing “conservative” about politicians parading children (whose parents broke American immigration law) to the podium with sob stories about broken families. The blame for broken families of illegal immigrants belongs on the shoulder of the law breaking immigrant parent and NO ONE ELSE. If these folks want to immigrate to the USA, then do it legally – without changing our laws to decriminalize illegal immigration. PBS is typically a sewer of progressive agitprop but this FrontLine episode got deeply under my skin leaving me furious.
    Full disclosure: My own parents were legal immigrants/refugees, and I am a first generation taxpaying American, born on US soil, who recognizes the value of real LEGAL US citizenship – in the true traditional LEGAL sense.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Nick says:


    Sundance can you have an article and something thats highlighted that talks about this and all the losses that Mr.Trump is talking about.




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