The FBI Knew in December 2016 Steele’s Primary Sub-Source Was a Suspected Russian Spy – Did James Comey Know?…

On September 24th Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham released a letter from Attorney General William Barr and a declassified summary from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) indicating Christopher Steele’s Primary Sub-source was a likely Russian agent and had previously been the subject of an FBI counterintelligence investigation.  In advance of former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony today, the question is: did Comey, Andrew McCabe or Bill Priestap know?

John Spiropoulos outlines the issue.  WATCH:

(Document Source)

Key takeaways from the FBI’s declassified summary:

  • The Crossfire Hurricane team knew in December 2016 that Christopher Steele’s Primary Sub-source was an individual who the FBI had indicated in 2009 “could be a threat to national security.”
  • In May 2009, Steele’s source reportedly attempted to recruit two individuals connected to an influential foreign policy advisor connected to President Obama, offering that if the two individuals “‘did get a job in the government and had access to classified information’ and wanted ‘to make a little extra money,’ [Steele’s source] knew some people to whom they could speak.”
  • FBI databases revealed Steele’s source “had contact in 2006 with the Russian Embassy and known Russian intelligence officers, [including contacting a known Russian intelligence officer] ‘so the documents can be placed in tomorrow’s diplomatic pouch.’”
  • One individual interviewed by the FBI noted that “the Primary Sub-source persistently asked about the interviewee’s knowledge of a particular military vessel.”
  • Significantly, the “record documenting the closing of the investigation [of the Primary Sub-source] stated that consideration would be given to re-opening the investigation in the event that the Primary Sub-source returned to the United States.”  (source)

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143 Responses to The FBI Knew in December 2016 Steele’s Primary Sub-Source Was a Suspected Russian Spy – Did James Comey Know?…

  1. TMonroe says:

    Follow up questions to pat answers are the key today.


    • richard verney says:

      We now know that 3 of the 4 FISA warrants are defective, and should never have been obtained. Any evidence collected under those warrants, and the consequential prosecution of individuals as a result of such evidence collected, is fruits of the poison tree.
      The DOJ has acknowledged that the last 2 FISA warrants were illegitimate. It should immediately acknowledge that the January renewal was also illegitimate.

      It is likely that at the end of the day, all 4 FISA warrants were illegitimate.

      One of the questions not asked is what did Mueller and his Team know about this? If they had knowledge of this at the beginning is the entire SC investigation corrupted? Mueller and Weismann need to be brought in, and Durham should be questioning them.

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      • DefenderOfTroyDonahue says:

        But Mueller is a best pal of Bagpipe Bill. Let’s not come between two good friends.


        • Janus says:

          ….and their wives.

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        • bessie2003 says:

          I wonder, given their long friendship, could Bill Barr accepted the nomination to be the AG because he sensed the lawyers that were the special council operation were taking advantage of his long time friend Mueller who, if they were such good friends Barr would have known if Mueller was fast becoming Alzheimerish, dementia’d or whatever? A means for Barr to fix the damage done by his friend, while finding a way to protect his friend’s reputation, a two birds with one stone decision by Barr?


          • Dutchman says:

            I am not convinced that Mueller has Alzheimer’s, at all. I think it was an ACT, he was coached to perform, and it “worked so well”, they brought the same coaches in to coach Biden, all to lower expectations for the first debate.

            More broadly, yes. Did they use the “two-hop rule” to get info on Manafort, that they NEVER could have gotten otherwise, in order to prosecute him?

            With Cohen, LE/Prosecutors can ONLY pierce attorney/client privilege, when they HAVE evidence the lawyer is actually ENGAGED IN A CRIME WITH his client, as opposed to counseling him.

            The alleged crime, that Cohen supposedly engaged in with his client, was a “Campaign finance violation” which IS NOT A CRIME.

            Ergo, Cohen’s Prosecution, all the evidence they gathered, it’s ALL fruit from poisonous orchard or forest of Mueller/Weismann.

            And no one is addressing any of this, other than the order from Boardman, to begin identifying and sequestering the poisonous fruit, which seems to be stalled, or in limbo.

            Like they are TRYING to do with the election, they have already BROKEN the Justice system, to the point it’s like humpty dumpty. “All the king’s horses, and all the King’s men, can’t put it back together again!”


            • DefenderOfTroyDonahue says:

              “I am not convinced that Mueller has Alzheimer’s, at all. I think it was an ACT”

              Ding! Ding! Ding!

              Check your Funk & Wagnalls for “Vincent ‘The Chin’ Gigante”


              • Dutchman says:

                Don’t need to check funky wagtails, but for those so inclined, check out season 7 of West Wing; Leo McGarry as a VP Candidate, LOWERS expectations, by acting befuddled during debate prep, IN ORDER TO LOWER EXPECTATIONS, and get his opponent overconfident.

                Personally, I believe this is EXACTLY what old Joe did. That, and having a moderator on his side, rattled PDJT, who had practiced interrupting, which WOULD be effective against a dementia opponent.

                In short, I think it worked,….still two debates to go, and more “revelations” to come out, so let’s see what happens,..


      • Zephyrbreeze says:

        Yet the fact that Carter Page had been an asset for the CIA for 20 years, and for the FBI for 7 years – and KNEW STRZOK & PAGE…should have been in the FISA application – ALL of them…and wasn’t…tells you something…

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        • swamph8er says:

          Do not believe or trust Carter Page. He was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations along with Soros and the Clintons.
          He was a witness in a case against a Russian in 2013-2016 which was run by Preet Bharara and John Carlin. In 2014 the FBI got a FISA on him to electronically monitor everyone around him.
          He was still a witness when he joined the Trump Campaign. Then FBI, Bharara, and Carlin all forget Page was a CIA spy and get another FISA on him to run the exact same FISA abuse operation they used against Russians.

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          • Spooky says:

            There IS something about Carter Page that doesn’t smell right. In many interviews with Hannity and Dan Bongino Page has always been very circumspect and gives as little specific info as possible. He also doesn’t seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer which is odd for a Naval Academy grad. + he seems very light in the heels, which may mean nothing but…

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            • Kroesus says:

              He was not just an Annapolis grad, he was highly ranked in his class at graduation.

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              • nimrodman says:

                All well and good
                But idiot savants are brilliant in their own way

                I’ve long suspected Page is “wired funny”
                In the brain, I’m talking

                You can probably think of an example or two from your own experience where a certain character just doesn’t behave or react in the expected way. Psychologists call it something like inappropriate “affect”

                Most interviews I’ve seen, he’s got this grin on his face the entire time
                Wholly inappropriate to the subject matter being discussed

                So, yeah – he’s a spy

                But if you’re a spy you don’t sit there the whole time with a Cheshire Cat grin while evading most of the questions with brevity or silence, just the grin

                That’s too transparent, you wouldn’t do that if you’re trying to keep concealment, you’d be giving away the ruse

                So my call is that Page is wired funny

                Yeah, a spook and brilliant Naval Academy graduate

                But wired funny none the less
                Bit o’ Rain Man in there somewhere


          • botchedcasuality says:

            Something is fishey, I’ve been saying he was a plant. Who pushed for him & Papa D to join the campaign?


      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        Any evidence collected under those warrants, and the consequential prosecution of individuals as a result of such evidence collected, is fruits of the poison tree.

        We know all of Mueller’s prosecutions.
        Which of them used evidence collected as a result of the Carter Page FISA surveillance to obtain a conviction?
        What was the evidence?
        What “crime” was that evidence used to “prove”?

        Honestly, I’m not seeing a “fruit of the poisonous tree” issue.

        IMO: These warrants were used to spy on Trump campaign, Trump transition, Trump Administration pure and simple.

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      • islandpalmtrees says:

        If they had knowledge of this at the beginning is the entire SC investigation corrupted?. Fact, Carter Page said he worked for both the FBI and CIA for decades!

        When the first Carter Page FISA warrant was signed! No-one at the FBI or CIA bothered to query their own employee database for Carter Page’s name, yet both Comey and Brennan signed the first warrant.

        This is what we are expected to believe. On October 21st of 2016 both government organizations failed to do the simplest of validation checks. Both organizations are said to be one of the best at investigative work in the world.

        I submit that this is solid proof, all that followed was and is a lie!


      • devilman96 says:

        We know as of about a week ago all 4 were considered illegitimate sometime around July of this year.


    • John OB says:

      Danchenko “was a likely Russian agent” and “could be a threat to national security”….
      The FBI said they would investigate, if he ever returned to the US. They never did investigate when he returned in 2010…Why not??…This is Incomplete BS to me.

      It sounds too much like the Carter Page story–(Spy Catcher) turned Russian asset by the false narrative presented in the FISA application. No investigation to ‘confirm’ Danchenko as a Russian asset leaves open the possibility that Danchenko was an American Dangle, just like Page was in the Buryakov Case.

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      • David M Kitting says:

        Now John,
        You’ve got what is called ‘horse sense’. Everything left to speculation and subject to ‘prosecution’ based on manufactured not actual evidence, but at the political(PC) discretion of the ‘seriousness of the charge’. What’s that line, ‘Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime’?
        Fear not. Everybody knows.


      • William the Comptroller says:

        Maybe the lost track of him when he came back to the US to work for the Brookings Inst. with Baroness Fiona Hill because they used the same FBI data-entry clerk that misspelled Tamerlane Tsarnaev’s name on the fly watchout list? I mean, lotsa syllables in that name of his!


  2. RJ says:

    So now the loop is being closed where the picture comes into focus, so what? You are looking at a picture filled with facts, then you do what? Hillary is still skating, still smiling, and still spouting her commands for her followers to obey. Comey continues to prance around his arena, smiling for all to see as he looks down on everyone. Lynch is getting measured for some new slacks, big girl pants so to speak. Holder shows up once in a while to collect his check from the firm that has been able to keep General Flynn on the ropes for years.

    And Obama sits by the pool watching Netflix movies with young girls twerking. Brennan has a coach teaching him how to smile, while McCabe joins his wife on her adventures. Lisa dreams about those moments with her Peter.

    Barr plays his bagpipes while Durham is where? We all saw Biden slam President Trump and show us how to present one’s self after 45 plus years in Washington, DC raking in millions as a standard process when making his type of political deals.

    Meanwhile, the American taxpayer has been directed, fooled into not looking at our national debt. How and when are these “loans” going to be repaid and on who’s back is the labor going to be demanded?

    As BLM and Antifa go about bringing us closer and closer to a totalitarian state, one must ask who are the real slaves in this game?

    Seems to me it’s the American taxpayer every step of the way! Maybe when we realize just how much of our labor is for the government and not for us to enjoy a real “wake up call’ will occur. Till then we watch this two tier justice system roll along.

    General Flynn is our point man to the future. Just look at how he is being treated! Volunteer military service is in the balance here too.

    And what does President Trump want to do? Make America Great Again! Just how many citizens don’t realize the truth when they hear it? We will find out in a matter of weeks.

    This first debate was so ugly and unfair to us voting citizens I left it after 20 minutes! Bet me my choice was made by many more citizens!

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    • Right you are, but beware of stepping on toes; I’ve made the same points here and been sharply criticized for “not trusting the plan” etc. Plan? There is no damned plan aside from what PDJT creates as he bulls through the mess that is our federal guv-err-munt. None of the posturing and strongly worded letters mean a thing without action. The elitists know that and they know most of the opposition (us) will do nothing to stop them.

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    • A Fortified City says:

      Very well put thank goodness,
      triple amen


    • Sol Benedict says:

      that just about sums it up, the nation hangs in the balance….

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    • Contrarymary says:

      And Lindsey Graham gets Sally Yates in front of the senate and gave her such softball questions, it was disgusting to watch. “You didn’t know you were being a bad little girl, did you? If you knew, you wouldn’t do it again would you? Those bad meanies lied to daddies little girl, didn’t they, and almost got you in trouble” (my paraphrase).

      I’m sure Comeys testimony will be more of the same.

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    • allin4freedom says:

      Just to lighten the mood a bit, your comment about Brennan having a coach teaching him how to smile immediately reminded me of Wednesday Adams trying to force a smile, and the reaction to it, while at summer camp in Adams Family Values. Wish I knew how to post movie clips!


  3. Seneca the Elder says:

    Brilliant report and video from JS that nicely puts together Sundance’s own painstaking work. This has all gotten extremely complex so it’s really great to have a summary like this of the recent revelations.

    By this time I don’t think many of us who have been following the story these past few years have much hope that the real criminals like McCabe, Comey, etc. are going to be punished, despite the seriousness of their crimes.

    It’s too bad that Spygate isn’t a primary topic in the campaign, not that the odious Wallace would have allowed any meaningful discussion of the Coup and Government Corruption at the debate.

    When President Trump is re-elected one of his first orders of business should be to completely dismantle the FBI and punish the felons who are currently running it. I don’t know what can be done to their support staff, the thousands of employees who aided and abetted them as they created the Coup, chaos and civil war that we have today. But there should be severe consequences for them as well.
    President Trump is known for his speed and efficiency when it comes to getting a job done. I think that before the end of 2021 we will finally see some real justice meted out by our President.

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    • Dan Patterson says:

      Well we can hope can’t we? After all it does “spring eternal” and without hope there is no imagination, no innovation, and no improvement. And hope is vital to the human spirit in a variety of ways. But hope is not a plan and to dis-assemble the complex machine that is working against liberty and freedom, to drain the swamp so to speak, requires more than righteous indignation and outrage; the actions needed to accomplish those goals are similarly complicated and will have a cascading effect on the entrenched interests in DC and there will be wailing and gnashing etc but we all know it must be done.

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    • Bubby says:

      Seneca ” I don’t know what can be done to their support staff, the thousands of employees who aided and abetted them as they created the Coup, chaos and civil war that we have today. But there should be severe consequences for them as well.”
      Here’s a suggestion. The FBI is corrupt and needs to be radically overhauled. The first step is to remove it from intelligence gathering. The FBI has had little success in this area to my understanding regarding domestic/foreign terrorists in the country. Further when the top FBI officials are corrupt there is great probability that field agents are also corrupt or corruptible or they will quit when asked to compromise. The FBI was originally established to fight organized crime but has morphed into an organized crime unit itself to fight Republicans. My suggestion is to keep and enhance the centralized fingerprint file database and the crime laboratory. Keep only the agents needed for those functions. The remaining agents can apply for State and local law enforcement positions. The Federal funding no longer necessary for the FBI will be set aside for the States to use only for LE and specifically the hiring of former FBI agents. This country was founded without a Federal police force for good reason. Our Founders in their wisdom knew that a Federal police force would eventually become corrupted by politicians. We are witnessing the corruption of the FBI on a scale never thought possible. The Democrats have corrupted the FBI starting with Mark Felt’s hatred of Nixon, the 500 FBI files found in Hillary’s White House office to today’s surveillance of candidate and now President Trump. Something more than a few early retirements or demotions needs to be done! IMHO

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      • Bubby- EXCELLENT suggestions and very do-able. As far as I’m concerned, that should be Priority One for the next term.

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      • Let the US Marshals Service absorb and cleanse the FBI – “with prejudice”

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      • Alligator Gar says:

        Do we keep FLETC? Asking for law enforcement friends.

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        • The Boss says:

          FLETC is primarily Treasury and State special agent training. Quantico is the DoJ equivalent for the FBI. (I don’t know if Secret Service was moved wholly to Quantico after Holder had SS moved from Treasury to DoJ). So I’d say FLETC is fine as long as it’s not tainted by the FBI in any way.

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          • Craig Branham says:

            Move Quantico to flyover country and away from the DC cesspool. Strip the agency down to forensics and fingerprint database. The new FBI can then become the basic training academy for LE, where trained officers can then move to US Marshall’s or state level LE.

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      • ssbishop says:

        “Come on Man.” The FBI got right to the bottom of the garage door pull at NASCAR…made all the drivers do the ‘perp walk’ in their cars.

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        • Bubby says:

          Yeah and those 15 involved were their very best crackerjack agents!


          • Joemama says:

            The 15 agents are putting the polishing touches on their 302’s and will likely have them done well before Christmas and shortly after Thanksgiving.

            They’ll get to the bottom of this heinous hate crime, come hades or high water.

            The FIB. They always get their knot tying enthusiast, regardless of the physical danger to themselves!

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            • zorrorides says:

              The FIB noose agents gotta bow down to the SDNY in combo with the Post Office cops, arresting only one injured vet, but refusing to arrest his three prosthetic limbs or his wheelchair with him – taking the poor guy to New York from Florida.

              I want these people punished!


    • PS says:

      I am trying to find that one concisely worded fact that will break through to my Dem work buddies and Facebook acquaintances. But this situation is such a mess, so big and ugly, nothing short will work. Any one liner will come across as partisan.

      I can’t just say Russia Collusion was fake. I still see FB posts calling Trump “Putin’s lapdog” this very morning. They think Biden is still the better choice after that debate.

      Can you all help me?

      July 26 2016, FBI docs show the Clinton campaign began the Russian Collusion disinformation campaign, targeting Trump with media accusations. HRC hired Fusion GPS, who hired Steele who employed Russian sources, creating the famous pee Dossier. Instead of stopping it, FBI leadership assisted, with texts showing strategic leaks to the NYT to trick voters into thinking Trump was aligned with Putin, enemy of Biden’s Ukraine. When the Weiner laptop surfaced, containing a HRC’s sync’d Blackberry account with 600k classified emails, FBI knew they would be exposed, so they hid the data. When Trump won, the FBI tripled down, and began false FISA investigations on Trump advisors, tagging Gen Flynn’s transitional phone conversations as Collusion, tying him up in a 4-year court battle to prevent him from taking over the Nat Sec role and exposing the FBI. With Comey’s firing, the FBI quadrupled down by starting the Mueller Special Council to halt all investigations into 2016 for almost 2 years, long enough to allow Dems to retake the house and waste another year with Impeachment Innuendo. Now it is 4 years later, with constant media reinforcement of Russian propaganda against Trump, the voting public is completely twisted into hate, and we are in the final election stretch to get to the Truth.

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      • OpenMInd says:

        Tell them the case agents were do worried about the improprieties and lack of prediction (ie fabrication) that they all bought insurance policies and discussed the same. Print the excerpts and read verbatim. If that’s not enough to make them ask fair minded questions, then you aren’t going to get anywhere with them.
        Oh, and the DNI letter from yesterday is quite helpful. Remember, the “all he does is lie” narrative started with the Obama pearl clutching about nobody having wire tapped anyone….


      • Contrarymary says:

        Yesterday, between customers, I was listening to the Flynn hearing. A coworker, who is a Facebook conservative, asked me what I was listening to. I told her the Flynn hearing. She said “who’s that and what’s it about”. I was stunned. Still shocked at the blindness out there. I’m afraid it has all become just background noise.


        • cplogics says:

          This is precisely the American problem. We have for the most part a very ignorant population lacking in any curiosity that removes them from their comfy chairs by their flat screens. Washington, DC understands this and have banked on our ignorance for years – both parties.


          • linderella says:

            There are low-info voters out there, but what’s worse is that the leftists in our government and the media are in cahoots at the highest levels. So that many intelligent people who pride themselves on being informed because they read the NY Times or WPost, or watch CNN or PBS or even the BBC, don’t realize how non-objective, biased, and left-leaning those sources have become. Even the Associated Press, which used to be considered a vanilla, just-the-facts outlet, puts all kinds of anti-Trump and liberal bias into their reports.

            And just as many Millennials don’t realize how brainwashed they have been by public schools and colleges, many adults do not realize how brainwashed they have become by once-trusted news sources. It’s like the saying, You don’t know what you don’t know. It takes finding conservative news sources like CTH, Breitbart, Rush, Tucker and Hannity on Fox — sources that have become like Radio Free Europe for us — for many to realize how they have been hoodwinked for years by the left. That’s why the testimonies from the Walkaway movement are often so powerful — almost like a conversion experience — where people relate how the blinders suddenly came off their eyes, and they saw the world as it really is.


      • Dee Paul Deje says:

        If Trump is Putin’s lapdog, Putin is doing a great job of MAGA.


      • ssbishop says:

        Not to appear too cavalier, but kind of what we/I signed up for was never having to deal with the Federal government other than to pay my taxes in exchange for peace and quiet without interference in my life allowing me the pursuit of happiness.

        It is a challenge for a number of us simply living our lives in peace to find out the Federal government has gone far out of bounds with its influence and power over our daily lives. Twenty years ago I wrote off far too much of this and laughed at the Left’s constant bumping into my life as something I could handle – that is until the government and media got completely on their side and accelerated the imposition of their crap.


    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      I concluded about 2 months ago that Barr and Durham would nothing before the election. Informed voters need to see indictments for crimes. 1 lousy indictment of a shyster attorney who changed info in an email.
      Most of the public is voting not knowing anything substantive about a coup against a duly elected president.
      This is absurd in a republic.

      Long time Treepers know I have been following and commenting since the initial March 4, 17 revelation about wire tapping.

      That Barr could deliver 1 indictment only, prior to the election is pathetic. Multiple players violated the US criminal code provisions outlined in 18 USC et seq.

      The situation is Kafkaesque.

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  4. Derangement Syndrome says:

    Here’s how Comey will answer that question:

    “I don’t recall”

    That’s literally all he will say, and it will be enough for Republican Senators who tacitly approved of the Deep State soft coup from the beginning. This is just a bad theater play with awful and ugly “actors”.

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    • richard verney says:

      He either knows, or he is grossly negligent, if he does not know. This is the most sensitive FBI investigation ever, spying on President elect, so he damn well ought to be on top of every relevant matter, however small (and this is not a small matter), and if he is not on top of everything, then that is dereliction of duty.

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    • hazelnut22 says:

      Exactly, and especially since the Left thinks Biden is going to win, I bet Comey believes that when that happens, he is going to get his old job back again.


    • Dutchman says:

      Graham is doing EXACTLY what he was moved to Judiciary Chairman to do, following Goudy playbook;
      “Investigate to Exonerate”;

      Give the APPEARANCE of an investigation, when there is a predetermined narrative as the outcome.

      Present an explanation that exonerated any of the principle actors of wrongdoing, and in the process CONCEAL Republican complicity.

      We SAW it play out, in Fast/Furious, IRS/TEA PARTY, and Benghazi.

      By dropping this “source was a SUSPECTED Russian agent, they are laying the foundation for the exhoneration defence.

      And WHO, exactly is it, we are depending on for this SHAKY “evidence” that the source was a SUSPECTED “Russian agent”?

      Why, none other than the FBI!

      Then, Comey, Stroxz and McCabe can say they were “duped” by Russian disinfo, and no they weren’t informed by their subordinates of this info.

      Therefore, the REALLY BELIEVED PDJT MIGHT be a “Russian asset”, and therefore EVERYTHING they did is JUSTIFIED, cause “WHAT would you have us DO?”

      It’s all very predictable,..and unfortunately will probably work.

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  5. Puzzled says:

    We have learned that if the Left owns law enforcement, the courts, the education system and the media, facts don’t matter. It is crystal clear that a free republic is not assured, and it is an extremely easy next step to socialism, authoritarianism. Many people would laugh a year ago that we could become a China or Russia and now realize we have been headed that way full speed. Even with all the facts exposed of the coup members and their illegal actions, there is no reaction. No legal action is taken and the media manipulates the public so the information either doesn’t make it to many people or is labeled discredited. We will be scrawling our laments on prison walls in future instead of this website.

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  6. TradeBait says:

    The foolishness of people voting for anything Democrat or RINO has been on full display for years now. I blame us, deplorables and village idiots alike, with our rationalizations and acceptance of what the media and elites tell us is reality.

    Stop listening to the wrong voices and start thinking. The power of the vote is an awesome privilege and responsibility. We can point to faceless bureaucrats and call them the swamp. But they are not. They ae people who have been deceived by evil doers who become willing participants. If they are past recovery, they must be isolated and not left to spoil the fruits of our labors. That means punishment for violations of law and termination from employment as applicable.

    11-8-16 was just the first shot, the beginning. We determine if it was the start of winning a war or just skirmish by our collective choices and actions. We have deep cleaning, generational development and retraining assignments ahead of us that will last for decades to have any real hope of turning America into what it was blessed by God to become.

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  7. Judith says:

    So if I’m understanding this correctly, when this “subsource” or spy originally “approached” someone on Obama’s team, the FBI and others were fully aware, but there were absolutely NO repercussions to Obama or his gilded-cage presidency. There was nothing to see there..

    However, when the very same (CIA asset?) was employed a few years later by Hellary’s campaign to produce the FAKE Steele dossier, THEN it was incumbent upon Obama to “investigate” candidate Trump AND to initiate their (ongoing) TREASONOUS COUP after his election? Is that right?

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    • bessie2003 says:

      Yes, because, that’s how they roll. Plus, they it never crossed their mind that Trump would win.


      • Joemama says:

        In a sense, PDJT did not win.

        Here we are a month from the election for his 2nd term and he still can’t make appointments, nobody gets prosecuted for coup attempts and marxists are rioting in the streets and being released without bail when they get arrested.

        There was no peaceful transition of power and there will be no peaceful transition of power, when PDJT wins a 2nd term either.

        What did Shakespeare write about the lawyers?


  8. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “In advance of former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony today, the question is: did Comey, Andrew McCabe or Bill Priestap know?”

    How many lawyers will Mr. Comey have with him? Besides hearing a lot of “I don’t recall”, I think we might even hear some “pleading the 5th” to avoid self-incrimination.

    However, he has already did plenty if self-incrimination with his past public statements, book, etc.

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  9. SanJac says:

    “I’ll have more flexibility after my last election”
    Heck yes they ALL new

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  10. Bogeyfree says:

    I’m still curious to find out exactly what and where did the information / evidence that Radcliffe released yesterday come from?

    His follow up note clearly states it IS NOT Russian Disinformation.

    IMO this is critical and will tell all if many people might very well be indicted or not.


    Well, what if the source and method of this information comes from an actual HRC found email vs just a Russian IC report? Don’t you think that might make a difference?

    Many speculated that other countries could have hacked the unsecure server for years and been monitoring communications all along so maybe some of the 33k missing emails or some of those 600k emails from the Wiener Laptop have been shared and in Radcliffe’s possession?

    Again, IMO Barr is reviewing and approving ALL declassified releases regarding Russia Collusion so there is no way he allows this release IMO without the sources and methods from where this information came from being 100% spot on and indisputable.

    What say you Sundance?

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      I love the fact that Radcliffe has held back the sources and methods of this intel information for a few days and curious if the purpose was to ensure the sources and methods don’t leak out BEFORE Comey’s testimony today.

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      • Waymore says:

        The “Investigative Referral” Comey received must have cited or referred to the exact evidence supporting the claim that the Russian Hoax was cooked up by Hillary. Key question: Mr. Comey, what was that evidence? Comey likely won’t answer the question, citing the “ongoing investigation” by Durham.

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  11. Bogeyfree says:


    Based on this declass and assuming the sources and methods of this information are indisputable, is it your opinion that Durham now has enough evidence and dot connections to pursue conspiracy charges?

    And if not what key next piece in your opinion needs to come out for a bow to be finally tied around the perpetrators?

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    • Bogey- with all due respect, I think that you can answer your own question.


      • Bogeyfree says:

        I know my answer but was hoping for Sundance to connect a few more dots as only he can. I’m an amateur, he’s the professional.

        But regardless, I can now see why PT said I caught the swamp, I caught THEM ALL.

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        • betseyross says:

          I CAUGHT THEM ALL! This is the hope I keep clinging to. I’m a Big Picture kind of gal. It seems we have to reverse engineer this and I am patiently waiting for the dots to show up and be connected. Who knew? They all did eventually. How do we know? Because our spidey senses tell us so and so it is with Durham and Barr and anyone else investigating this. But they need proof and smoking guns etc etc. That’s what’s taking so long. It’s much worse than we thought and Sundance showed them it was much worse than they thought.

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          • Dutchman says:

            Admittedly, PDJT was understandable very agitated, but he DID add something last night at the debate, that is VERY intriguing.
            “We have the TAPES” he said, which has GOT to be very worrying to a lot of people.

            WHAT tapes, of WHO, and saying WHAT?
            Said in conjunction with “I caught them all”, there is only one possible meaning, it seems to me.

            Can YOU, accurately remember EXACTLY what you said in a conversation, FOUR YEARS AGO? Especially a conversation you had, back when you were confident SHE would win, and your conversation would NEVER come to light?

            THAT may have been the biggest bombshell of the debate….

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            • William the Comptroller says:

              Then again, he said the same thing about having potentially secretly recorded Comey on his Oval Office visits before he was fired and Comey had that special laptop in his towncar so he could jot down from memory what “his” version was… and it turned out there were no tapes. But hopefully there were some with the other aspects of the other Coup Critters


              • Dutchman says:

                That was one of PDJT’s best “head games”, as it forced Comey to testify truthfully, NOT KNOWING if PDJT had tapes.
                I thought everybody knew that,…alas.


              • Dutchman says:

                I would also point out, PDJT didn’t SAY “I have tapes of the convos, to prove Comey is lieing” he just said to Comey “You better HOPE there are no tapes”.

                Last night, I believe he said “We have the tapes”, in the same sentence as “We CAUGHT them, we caught them ALL!”

                Context is vitally important.


  12. Bogeyfree says:

    Another thought….

    This public release yesterday coupled with the Ratcliffe follow up clarification about this NOT being Russia Disinformation should have a few people peeing in their pants IMO to the point they flip.

    Makes you wonder if Gen Flynn had this info all along and maybe why they needed to keep him tied up and Jensen found it from all his digging recently to prove what an ass Sullivan has been in his treatment of Gen. Flynn.

    Imagine if because of Sullivan antics, we find the missing link to the coup on PT whereby it entraps the entire group including the top dogs.

    We actually might be thanking Sullivan soon?

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    • A Fortified City says:

      That’s laughable you still think they care about these document drops, really. There is no one peeing in their pants or about too, who’s gonna indict.


    • Gen. Flynn didnt “see” anything. He suspected and started moving towards finding under Obama and got fired for it.
      When Trump brought him onboard, that was an existential crisis as he knows where to go looking for the proof and that is why Hillary and Obama and the Deep State all aligned on the goal to “get Trump”

      Sure, he can tell Trump where to look, and already has most likely, because Gen Flynn knew about off the book black ops. Notice how the middle east has quieted down since Trump got in office? I think that is related.


  13. MitchSteel says:

    I feel like this HELPS the FIB in answering why they did what they did. The easy answer on this is: “that we knew this guy was trouble for several years and when his name popped up as being linked to Trump. Well we HAD to start an investigation.”

    Not one of the CTH better takes on things. I mostly agree with things wrote here in the depths of the Treetops, but this one seems to be a reach…help me see another way.


    • Bogeyfree says:

      Yes but by Jan 2017 they knew the Dossier was a fraud and yet continued using for 3 more FISA extensions when they at least should have notified the court and frankly shut everything down if this was an honest investigation.

      Also I think Ratcliffe has indisputable source and method for this recent information, possibly being an actual email from the many missing or possibly found on the Wiener Laptop?


    • FlapJack says:

      How bout Comey flipped cuz they got his eggs in a vice grip basket…


    • WRB says:

      “Well we HAD to start an investigation.”

      Perhaps, if you look through a narrow tube. But consider their argument:
      “We had to investigate because we saw the Trump campaign had ties with Russian assets.”

      But they knew that DNC/Clinton was paying a known Russian asset. The FBI also had a referral from the Intelligence Community that asserted that Clinton was purposefully fabricating the Russia collusion story.

      Would a jury understand how “we MUST investigate” the one, but ignore the other? It sounds like a hard sell to me, especially after we put meat on the bones. A full-on conspiracy becomes the single, most believable explanation.


  14. Publius2016 says:

    Cant wait to see 45 Election victory as Director Wray exits stage left…

    Just so everyone understands…The Senate is Deep State Central


  15. mark says:

    It really has to start with President Trump. Now that these new documents are being dumped in the Public Square, President Trump needs to take control of the justice department. He needs to make this the new first part of Maga.

    If President Trump takes control of the justice department the fake news will have to follow. They will have no other choice. He could bring in someone like our own Sundance in the daily briefings, to begin to educate the public on just what the hell went on with this coup.

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    • richard verney says:

      Tom Fitton considers that President Trump should appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the DOJ.

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      • William the Comptroller says:

        Trump needs to make sure, yet again, that his legal order for Barr to declassify has been SENT to the DOJ. Remember last October, the DOJ said they DID NOT get any written order yet from the White House WEEKS after Trump’s declaration that he would do that. Perhaps it was, but then again, SUPER ATTORNEY SUPER HUBER lost the 2 separate mailings by certified super special delivery from the Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers. “Don’t Trust: VERIFY like an OCD patient who keeps checking to see if the stove was left on!!”


  16. PCS says:

    So, Danchenko is a Russian spy turned DNC asset. And the FBI used him as part of the coverup scheme to destroy the Trump candidacy but it backfired. Oops.
    The coverup is the big deal. Coverup what?

    The subcontractor access to the NSA/IC signals collection feed is a massive operation with possibly dozens of companies and thousands of employees involved I have come to believe. This is Brennan. At the least.

    Also, I found out that it takes 15 pages of Google searching on Proud Boys before their website comes up. Some of the video footage of the Proud Boys shows mixed race groups laughing about punking the media. So was the debate moment a Chris Wray, Team Biden setup? Trump should have knocked that out of the park.


  17. A Fortified City says:

    Oh yes, the Comey testimony today.
    Excuse me if I don’t do cartwheels today, after the s**t show with Sullivan yesterday and Cris Wallace last night I’m all worn out


    • Puzzled says:

      You are not alone, it is exasperating. I knew (not a prediction) both of those situations would be horrible. No matter how bad I anticipate it to be, it always turns out worse. I follow this website and turn on Investigation Discovery for distraction. I prefer murder reality stories to what’s in the news. At least there most of the criminals go to jail.

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    • William the Comptroller says:

      I was able to catch at least The Ted Cruz asking some hard questions and telling him that Comey was crooked and not incompetent. Coryn asked some mild questions.

      I was hoping they would ask if the FBI was hiding the wire transcripts of Papa George’s conversations with the plants like Mifsud and the guy in Cyprus and Israel. Was Mifsud FBI or CIA or Russian? Why was he hobnobbing at our Rome Embassy’s July 4th garden party with the unmaskers?

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  18. Leon Brozyna says:

    Sometimes you should never ascribe to malicious intent that which is adequately explained by incompetence.

    Russia, Russia, Russia … while the Chinese are walking off with everything, including the kitchen sink, which we’re helping them load onto their vessels. (Psst … don’t trust anybody; okay, maybe the Canadians, but only then on a weekend, when everyone’s off work).

    Or white supremacists … a bunch of losers from the fringes of society, who might sometimes make a little noise (given the opportunity), while an organized nationwide network of Marxists (Antifa & BLM) are publicly tearing down society, all in preparation for one day seizing power. And how will they do that; well, for starters, it’s being handed to them on a platter.

    Project Veritas got their latest hit in Minnesota thanks to FBI indifference.

    The boobs at the top actually believe their talking points; they see a smidgen of intel and go, “Ah Ha … it’s those white supremacists hitting again,” because that’s all they can think about and they never see all the chaos that surrounds us … it’s just not in their DNA.

    Fire Comey and he’s replaced by Wray … talk about dumb and dumber. You don’t fix institutional rot by replacing one suit with another; you fix it by going outside the normal institutional framework.

    But sometimes, they really are out to get you. And you keep an eye out for the evil that is the Clinton machine … they can manipulate the incompetents to fill their needs.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Sometimes you should never ascribe to malicious intent that which is adequately explained by incompetence.>”


      • GB Bari says:

        Darn WP. I wasn’t finished.

        If it was incompetence, they’d at least sometimes make “errors” in President Trumps favor. But they never do.
        The scandal as planned and executed has nothing to do with incompetence.

        However, the fact that the criminals didn’t use untraceable communications is only incompetence if you think they should have at least planned for the possibility that Hillary would lose.


  19. henry says:

    With all this sunlight, I firmly believe all of Adam Schiff’s convitctions, judgements, etc., while a US Attorney need total, comprehensive review for favoritism.

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  20. evergreen says:

    Didn’t Brennan or Clapper admit at the time of the briefing that the dossier was crap but that they briefed Trump on it anyway to give him awareness of its existence…under the guise that “the media has had it and will eventually publish it”–or words to that effect?

    It grabbed my attention because Trump is being told by the top intel chief that charges of deviant behavior and Putin brown-nosing were not found to be credible. Imagine Trump hearing that from US intelligence. “Gee, you think? You’re briefing me about an alleged ME! You think I don’t know the truth about ME? You guys are so full of it!”

    Who would deign to pull that s*** on a president?

    Someone who plans nefarious, bold deeds, that’s who. Comey knew the whole game up and down.

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  21. The Boss says:

    Just scanned replies here and to the Ratcliffe declass article yesterday. I did not see anyone make this point.

    Both Spiropoulos and Ratcliffe make the point that the declassified information released on 9/24 and 9/29 will not interfere with any “on-going Department of Justice investigations”. We can easily conclude that there are no longer any on-going investigations of Crooked Hillary’s illegal email server or her approval of a plan to vilify candidate Trump (Russia hoax, Crossfire Hurricane and Razor). We know these topics were investigated in the past, as described below.

    So if there are no longer on-going investigations into Crooked Hillary insofar as these areas are concerned, there are only two real outcomes. Case closed with no prosecution recommended. Or indictment obtained and sealed with the corresponding arrest warrant.

    Overlay the fact that the media is in the tank with the socialist scum of the country, and consider the pros and cons of disclosures before the election.

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    • Waymore says:

      I vote for “indictment obtained and sealed with arrest warrant.” Maybe Clinton’s “foreign policy adviser” who concocted the scheme and advised her to go with it.


  22. DefenderOfTroyDonahue says:

    Or . . . as Joe Biden would say . . . “It’s all been disproven, it’s all lies!”


  23. TexSwede says:

    Since this is a voluntary appearance, will Comey be under oath? I wouldn’t bet on it. Earlier in the thread, someone commented that the Senate was Deep State HQ and that the President should appoint a special counsel. I am starting to agree that he does need to appoint a SC and make sure the appointee and their team are not deep state. My first thought is Sidney. SC don’t have to go before Senate confirmation. Would love to see on the morning of November 5th his first comment is to appoint her and have the scope memo so broad they can go after Schiff for his coup attempt a year ago.


    • WRB says:

      Comey swore in at the start of the hearing.


    • Kroesus says:

      It is not like the slime In the Senate would actually make a DoJ referral but lying before Congress is not predicated on taking an oath beforehand, just perjury. You are demanded to tell the truth to THEM just they not to you. Same with law enforcement.


  24. DefenderOfTroyDonahue says:

    I think it’s a big mistake to keep putting the focus on the FBI. “The FBI did this horrible thing . . . the FBI did that treasonous thing.” The FBI can do nothing serious without approval from the DOJ . . . and the DOJ can’t conduct a major spying operation without approval from the president.

    So . . . I’ve been recommending . . . and continue to do so . . . that we all refer to this corrupt mess as the Obama Spying Scandal. Calling it the Trump-Russia Hoax . . . or the Russia Hoax, or Spygate . . . only misdirects the emphasis. Let’s agree to call it the Obama Spying Scandal . . . or some other equally descriptive name. This is much too important for us to be sloppy with our language.


  25. dasantacroce says:

    Perhaps I’ve read too much Tom Clancy and WEB Griffin but I do believe we are watching a long game starting on 9/11 with DJT. I think he moved in a circle of committed patriots not unlike the Committees of Correspondence in our pre-revolutionary past. His “skirts” are the cleanest in the room. I think his TV show was a riposte to the MK Ultra entertainment programming that continues today. His ruthless discharges of “failed candidates” habituated a fairly large and loyal audience, over a decade, to a realistic level of executive management that is in reality leadership. And it was his message in 2015 already baked in the cake. This man thinks in terms of decades and of centuries. Like the Chinese. Now comes Comey. He’s not testifying to anybody except to DJT; who will take his “testimony” on the campaign trail and refute, rebuff, and give the lie to everything Comey says. When Trump makes his public pronouncements, in any medium the’re not for us. They’re for the bad guys. As Comey speaks today-he knows this-and he knows further declassification is coming. Trump with ruin him in rallies and leave the word “liar” in the air. Comey will bear the moniker “disgraced” historically, at least. Hillary Clinton conspired with a known Russian agent to manipulate an election and Obama’s Cabinet conspired to abet the manipulation. Notice how Obama doesn’t answer the treason charge? Silence! As in Miranda? Trump won’t fire until he sees the “whites of their eyes” and he’ll lay a devastating counter-fire. All in the public eye in the hands of the master messenger. So to everybody who says “nothing has happened yet” consider all the things you know now that are compelling you to do your duty. To paraphrase poorly there will come a time when our shields fail us but it is not this day. Hold the line. Be ready.

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  26. biff0101 says:

    Comey will act dumb today and the RINOs will give him a pass as usual. They will also commend his service to his country. Predictable BS!

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  27. majorriddle says:

    Years ago I did a sixth-month TDY at a Federal swamp agency in Washington DC. When I (gratefully) returned to my duty station, coworkers would ask “Well, was there a lot of backstabbing?”. “No” I would reply. “It was more like a dual-wield
    flailing machete attack”.


  28. Kimi says:

    Apparently, the DIRECTOR didn’t know anything about anything until Horowitz’s report. It was only an investigation into a political candidate/President so why should he? 🙄 I’m having a rough time not throwing things at my TV! 🤬

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  29. tommyd22 says:

    Nothing comes out of the mouths of the left but pure propaganda.. 24/7


  30. tommyd22 says:

    Are they questioning Comey or is Whitehouse just ranting for the entire time.. I turned it on like 10 minutes ago haven’t seen COmey once


  31. devilman96 says:

    Great info… If you could just exclude lying Lyndsey. It makes no sense to bring fourth good data presented by known accomplices to the coup. It discredits everything bring said.


  32. tommyd22 says:

    You can’t discredit anything Cruz just said..

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  33. tommyd22 says:

    News flash to Kolbusher (sp).. Countries, including the U.S., interfere in other countries every day..
    And she didn’t seen to concerned about covid when the dems were trying to impeach PDJT..


  34. minnesotamike55 says:

    Comey can’t recall! Nobody knew. Do you think the FBI has a software that when you type in a name, up pops a file and offers other searches that may yield connections to other things? Do you think the FBI has a procedure that requires anyone working on anything to at least type in some names just for double checking their so called “objectivity”? Do you think they have a rule that requires outlines, and logic connection structures before any warrant is asked for, just to avoid mistakes which could be political?

    So whether you say yes or no, it’s all bad. either they are all incompetent, or they are all breaking the rules, or there are no rules or quality checks. Any way you look at this it reflects poorly on the FBI. thoroughly making the case for major reform.

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  35. Doppler says:

    While it is a good question, “did Comey know?” the fact is that this corrupt use of Steele’s sub-source was known within the FBI since the beginning of Spygate, and has been hidden ever since. The broader question should be, “who knew, and who covered it up, ever since then? Where has it been all these years???”
    The implication is that Deep State operatives spanning HRC’s campaign, Obama’s CIA, FBI, DOJ and other offices in DC in Congress and the Executive Branch were usurping the Executive Power of the United States to engage in illegal spying on Americans, for at least political purposes, and possibly many other corrupt purposes. The Page FISA was merely Chapter whatever in an ongoing corrupt and illegal operation.
    The implication is also that the IC’s usual, appropriate surveillance on the Russians turned up Russia’s knowledge and insights into this HRC campaign and Deep State operation. Way back in the Summer of 2016.
    So there’s two leads that should have blown this illegal operation out of the water four years ago but did not, and, instead, were buried, covered up, as part of Operation Spygate and Operation Insurance Policy. Weiner’s laptop was surely a third lead that should have blown up the Deep State and the Clinton Project had it not too been disappeared. “Should have,” if our federal Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement agencies obeyed their oaths to uphold and defend the constitution, instead of working to protect their own unsupervised powerful positions or cozy sinecures.
    It’s a disgrace that neither AG Barr, nor CIA Directors Pompeo nor Gina Haspel, nor any Inspector General, nor whistleblower known to the public have done anything to dig this out and rectify it throughout President Trump’s first administration. Instead, the “public knowledge” initiative was seized and has been tightly controlled by this Deep State operation, from the beginning. Using our IC’s full portfolio of spycraft and surveillance tools developed to spy on foreign threats and intervene in foreign “transitions of power” against the sole lawful occupant of the Office of the Presidency. From Flynn’s resignation, to Comey’s firing, Mueller’s appointment and years-long investigation, unjustly targeting Popodopolous, Flynn and son, Manafort-Gates, Stone and Cohen, through earnest but dishonest IG Reports, to Ukraine-Gate, to Impeachment, through a CCP-introduced pandemic and media message controlled by the same traitorous crew, the public message has been unrelenting in castigating our President, dismissing all evidence of the Deep State operation “conspiracy theories,” the bread-and-butter tool of the CIA’s Mockingbird project.

    A special counsel or independent counsel was sorely needed in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and today. But AGs Session and Barr and the Senate that confirmed them are more concerned about maintaining cover for as much of the illegal operations as they can.

    The public gets “crumbs” like this one, dropped anonymously from time to time by someone with knowledge within the IC, to feed the alternative narrative, though it is immediately dismissed as conspiracy theory, old news, fake news, misunderstood news, by the Big Lie Media of our Mockingbird Operation.

    Completely missing from the debate yesterday was any of the soaring rhetoric from President Trump’s Inauguration speech about the difference he was going to make. It was a two on one WWF match. “We’ll see what happens” appears to be a public initiative still dominated by the Deep State and its new “annointees,” the Biden-Harris ticket. Barr is doing for Obama what he did for Bush Sr in Iran Contra, Mueller did for W Bush after 9-11 and the Anthrax attacks, what Mueller and Comey did for Operation Hammer, what Rod Rosenstein did for Judge Sullivan and son, what the Warren Commission did for the JFK assassination: use our government to hide its abuses of power, for those with the right “elite” connections. With perpetual impunity.

    My text today from Phillipians: “6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Only Divine intervention (or possibly effective prevention of voter harvesting in enough key states) appears capable of saving our Republic.

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  36. waterthelibertytree01 says:

    President Trump imploring the criminals to be arrested, Comey first.

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  37. waterthelibertytree01 says:

    Special Operators are Standing By……………..


  38. Jeffrey Coley says:

    The most disturbing thing about the entire Spygate scandal is how brazenly the conspirators accuse Trump of what they in fact did, and continue to do. Colluding with the Russians to influence the 2016 election; undermining the Constitution; personal loyalty to Barack Obama over patriotism and serving our Republic.

    Not one person involved truly believed any of this nonsense: It was a lie, they’ve all known it was a pack of lies from the very beginning, but they didn’t care. They hated Trump, because “Orange Man Bad,” and were convinced that even if they were framing him for something it was OK because he surely did something else they COULDN’T catch him at, so he has it coming.

    Knowing what we now know about how the foreign aid racket works, Obama had set up a lot of people to get very, very rich off his Iran deal. And they’re all very put out about not getting paid.


    • republicanvet91 says:

      Remember how often the media bleated about POTUS supposedly asking for loyalty from Comey or others? Seems there was good reason.

      Yet the same media say nothing about all these minions having absolute loyalty to Obama or Hillary.

      How many Resistance (insert federal agency here) social media accounts are there now?

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  39. islandpalmtrees says:

    For me, this could be the best question Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham could ask Comey and Brennan.

    Do you have an employee database at the FBI and CIA? If so, did you check for Carter Page’s name before signing the first FISA warrant on Carter Page?

    Remember, Carter Page worked for both organizations for decades.

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  40. DefenderOfTroyDonahue says:

    Once again I make my suggestion . . . . . .

    We should all refer to this as the Obama Spying Scandal. Terms like Spygate, Russia Hoax, Trump-Russia Hoax, etc., simply do not convey the origins or the gravity of this matter.

    I’m open to other suggestions . . . but to me Obama Spying Scandal is the clearest term. Please memorize it . . . and stick with it.


  41. islandpalmtrees says:

    Page Tells Bartiromo He Was A Source For CIA But Later Used To Spin False Narrative Against Trump
    Sara Carter Jun 9, 2019

    Page Was A Source For the CIA And FBI For Decades
    Page said he had a “long standing relationship with the CIA going back decades.”

    The FBI, DOJ had spun Page’s previous contacts with the Russians to create the illusion that he was working on behalf of the Russians, while he was with the campaign, he said. Those contacts were fully disclosed to the CIA, FBI and DOJ in an effort to help the country. However, later those same agencies used his work to target Trump.

    “I think there is just completely false stories to what you’re alluding too,” he said. “I was always very transparent, open. It was completely spun.”


  42. islandpalmtrees says:

    Carter Page was effectively employed by both organizations. Therefore, it seems less than logical for him to leave such employment and these relationships of decades to seek an advisory role in the Trump campaign.

    Carter Page Explains He Was “Decades Long” Source for FBI and CIA…
    Posted on June 9, 2019 by sundance


    • Joemama says:

      Is Carter Page the confidential human source (CHS) AKA “spy” that Strzok & Page texted about having to “burn”?

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      • islandpalmtrees says:

        I do not have a conclusive answer to your question, but Carter Page does seem to fit.

        Peter Strzok and Lisa Page told Congress that a text they exchanged referring to an “insurance policy” against a Trump presidency was a reference to a discussion about potentially “burning” a longtime FBI source in the event of an aggressive investigation of the Trump campaign.


        • Joemama says:

          FTA: “Neither Strzok nor Page identified the source, but only three individuals, former British spy Christopher Steele, former Australian diplomat Alexander Downer and former Cambridge professor Stefan Halper, have been publicly identified as sources for the FBI in the Russia probe.”

          Well since that 2/22/2019 article, another FBI source has been outed and that would be Carter Page. So it is either Carter Page or another FBI spy associated somehow with people on the Trump campaign in 2015/2016.

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          • islandpalmtrees says:

            Christopher Steele and former Australian diplomat Alexander Downer to the best of my knowledge did not have a direct relationship with Strzok nor Page. But this is still not conclusive.


  43. islandpalmtrees says:

    I accept the following as true “FBI databases revealed Steele’s source “had contact in 2006 with the Russian Embassy and known Russian intelligence officers, [including contacting a known Russian intelligence officer] ‘so the documents can be placed in tomorrow’s diplomatic pouch.’”
    One individual interviewed by the FBI noted that “the Primary Sub-source persistently asked about the interviewee’s knowledge of a particular military vessel.”

    And I ask another question, why would the FBI not have the decades of work history of Carter Page in that same Database? The point is, how can you accept the existence of Steele and the Primary Sub-source information without expecting to see the Carter Page information?


  44. TwoLaine says:

    Put the right people on this.

    This is my new mantra. It is the answer to everything.


  45. mtk says:

    The technology Overlords just played a dirty trick on me.

    I had been hammering out a blog post to the CTH, and I opened up a new tab to research a point of introjection to my post, yet when I returned to my efforts in the earlier tab… All was lost!!!
    I got to start from stratch…

    As if my social media bonafides are incapable of recreating my lost post. Hah… BS on them. Give me a moment. I will recreate it.


    • mtk says:

      As implied and as stated here is what I was trying to post to the CTH forum.

      It is no longer orginal to my lost efforts but it encompasses my main points. Maybe even better…
      So here are my arguing points.

      So the CIA knew, as in the Director’s own handwriting.

      Then certainly the FBI knew that the ‘muh Russia’ hatchet job was all cooked up politically.

      So here is something else, “The FBI knew from the GET GO!!!,”

      It must be construed absent of actually investigative charges.
      Mr Durham are you playing attention!!!
      This what we know!!!!!

      That HRC is as vindictive as they come!!! Full Stop!
      There was no way she could lose. Stop!
      So we(the FBI/DOJ) better fall in line, or our carees are toast. Full stop!

      Just the kind of environment that ushers in opportunists seeking to advance their careers in the Federal Government. Full Stop!

      Make no mistake, once HRC lost. Very quickly the mindset of these opportunists quickly deluded themselves to a central PREDICATE that has since played out.

      And now being shown to be an absolute political construction with ZERO action of accountability.

      That is, “If the Trump administration could be forced to circle the wagons and commit obstruction OUTRAGES in line with how Washington power structures behave.

      Then the allied MSM would have been more than willing to carry that water.

      In a nut shell, the doubling down on demonstrate false narratives was a 2017 ploy that would have ushered in a 2017 narrative that the election was stolen.

      Thus by now, it is very clear, a publically tried and found guilty Trump administration of Russia collusion.
      Would have…
      Found… Just what would have been the MSM call of action, that the 2016 election Constitutional impasses would be best solved by replacing the Trump adminstration with the clear alternative. Namely, the Loser in Chief.

      That is where the previous 2016 ‘small group’ double down on, “What we now know to be a domestically constructed narrative.”, They would have sought to push forward the notion the Constitutional Impass would be best solved by reversing the outcome of 2016.

      Once you accept that understanding everything else falls in place.
      The fact it has not played out this way not only highlights the seemly weaknesses of the political left.

      It also highlights an even greater obversational.

      An obversational that goes to the very heart of our current state of domestic political affairs!!!

      That is, How to move, the Federal government along a trajectory, that would be certainly Constitutional challenged!!!

      If that is the goal, just how would YOU go about it to achieve affect.

      Meaning, those in power are striving towards an outcome that is seeking to put a one party system in place.

      So just how would you go it. It is a VERY VALID question!!!

      First off, the immediate observation, would be to carry out exactly, “What has been unfoldimg in our National discourse!!!
      This is not the wizard having the curtian pulled back.
      This is the wizard acknowledging the curtain has to be pulled back at some point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Just look at this picture and tell me…..

      Meaning HRC is so committed to ushing a leftest(Marxist) directiom on American society, I would not put it past her, to have the mindset that if I can not be in the WH, than behind the scenes she would ushering a Marxist great leap forward.

      Hence the above picture….
      A picture that screams admiration!!!!!

      A Never Trumper is NOT my position. However the lack of clear action, has this true PATRIOT questioning and starting suggest that in these lean hours, that Counter Intelligence mechanisms are coming home to roost!!!!

      Make no mistake the foundational goal of counter intelligence is to get the target(us) to act in ways that are contrary to our interests.

      Funny that!!! That is exactly what has been playing out over the past four years!!!

      The real 64 thousand question then becomes…
      Something I am currently holding back.
      But make no mistake the posted picture leads towards my observational crayons.

      We are being massively Lied to by the Federal Government!!! Stop the presses with a full stop!!!

      Massively lied to, on a scale that the only entertaining possibility is such as to question WHY???

      In a full PRESS STOP. Only here, in the CTH would you SEE such awareness.

      So buckle your seat belts, the only point of the hypocrisy is “Is to drop the PRETENSES that we are a Constitutional Republic exercised by the Wiil of the People.
      And everything of the last four years seems to have been designed from the get go to undermine this fact.

      However under my observational view point that would requires a massive fraud intiated from within(the swamp) to replace Constitutional Order.

      Namely, if that is the game being played we are screwed six ways to Sunday. Just look at the open social question to defund the police.
      Better stated as to defund Civial Society and rule of law on the streets.
      Meaning, to REMOVE civil rule from the streets and allow and create the conditions that the 2nd can be weaponized against us.
      That is the very definitiin of counter intelligence.
      The powers to be are then most definitely gravitating towards a contested outcome.

      2020 results are meaningless in light of the lies being told to us about our political leadership.
      A direction that by all indications is leading towards a massive fraud on the American people.
      A massive fraud that seves so many challeges to Liberty. Such that Liberty must be crucified.

      If the political swamp can subvert Constitutional Justice, they can and ARE MOST certaintly able to steal the WILL of the people.

      I am outrage by, ‘In Benning own hand the admission is the ‘muh russia’ narrative was politically cooked up from the get go.”

      Yet crickets… Why??? Because it serves deeper goals!!!!

      Just look to were have been placed. Afraid of our socially distanced shadows.

      What type of observational can be extruded from asking the question, ‘What is the multi-Nationalist, globalist agenda IS being served…”
      If the whole point of the Trump administration from a counter intelligence perceptive is being designed for these multi national interest desiring to bail on the middle class and push us the State.

      Just how would one go about it.

      My point is, “Exacly how things are playing out!!!”


      • mtk says:

        What kind of society arises if societal lies go unchallenged.

        Just how many parents seek to raise children unaware of the danagers of lies????
        Not many!!! but socially that seems be the usurping agenda of OUR CULTURE

        It is just such paramount factoids being challenged openingly amongst us. That has me questioning many things about our Constitutional Order.

        Make no mistake, if this is as far fetched as an conspiracy can go, Then nothing would be easily asserted then proving our current political dicourse has NO BIAS AGENDA.
        It would simply take the observationsl fact of going full circlecle, and all out. Yet at turn of events ..
        The fact that at every turn in the course of events has been to reinforce the central narritive of those lying to us.

        I am seriously calling in to question many aspects of our Democratic values.
        And by values, those that proclaim to be up holding them in light of vast corruption.

        They have been proven to be outside the norm.
        Yet are still part and parcel to the lie a d temain u touchable.



  46. Bob, Esq. says:

    Once you accept the premise of “Russian disinformation” you legitimize the Steele construct.

    This is a backstop/firewall to prevent any further investigation into charges of treason.


  47. T2020 says:

    Of course he knew. And so did every coup plotter.


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