In March 2016 Carter Page Was an FBI Employee – In October 2016 FBI Told FISA Court He’s a Spy…

In 2013 Carter Page was working as an “under-cover employee” (UCE) of the FBI, helping them to build a case against “Evgeny Buryakov”.  In March 2016 Carter Page remained their informant pre-trial leading to a pleading of guilty from Buryakov.

[Note – Pay close attention to dates, names in descriptions amid all citations]

Sources:  ♦ In 2013 the U.S. Department of Justice, Southern District of New York, announced an indictment against a Russian Operative Evgeny Buryakov.  LINK HERE In March of 2016 Buryakov pleaded GUILTY:

Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and John P. Carlin, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, announced that EVGENY BURYAKOV, a/k/a “Zhenya,” pled guilty today to conspiring to act in the United States as an agent of the Russian Federation, without providing prior notice to the Attorney General.

[…]  The FBI obtained the recordings after Sporyshev attempted to recruit an FBI undercover employee (“UCE-1”), who was posing as an analyst from a New York-based energy company. In response to requests from Sporyshev, UCE-1 provided Sporyshev with binders containing purported industry analysis written by UCE-1 and supporting documentation relating to UCE-1’s reports, as well as covertly placed recording devices.(more)

♦ In 2016 Reuters published an article, based on the ongoing court case, going into detail about court records and how the FBI built their case.  Reuters also describes the FBI UCE-1 (Under-Cover Employee) with strong detail.  LINK HERE

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The FBI eavesdropped on meetings involving Russian intelligence personnel in New York City, including a suspected spy posing as a trade representative, by hiding recorders in binders containing supposedly confidential information about the energy sector, U.S. prosecutors said.

The hours of covert recordings from 2013 were disclosed in papers filed in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday in the case of Evgeny Buryakov, a Russian citizen who U.S. prosecutors say posed as a banker while participating in a Cold War-style spy ring.

[…] According to prosecutors, in April 2012, Sporyshev met an undercover FBI employee posing as an analyst at a New York energy firm at an oil and gas industry conference.

Over the next two years, they met to discuss the industry and other economic and political issues, prosecutors said, with Sporyshev providing gifts and cash for information.

In 2013, the FBI employee began providing Sporyshev with the binders containing purported industry analysis he wrote, supporting documents, and “covertly placed recording devices,” prosecutors wrote.  (more)

♦ In April 2017, writing a story about Carter Page (trying to enhance/affirm the Russian narrative), the New York Times outlined Page’s connections to the Trump campaign.  However, New York Times also references Page’s prior connection to the Buryakov case. If you ignore the narrative, you discover the UCE1 description is Carter Page.  READ [Notice how the story is shaped] LINK HERE:

Russian intelligence operatives tried in 2013 to recruit an American businessman and eventual foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign who is now part of the F.B.I. investigation into Russia’s interference into the American election, according to federal court documents and a statement issued by the businessman.

The businessman, Carter Page, met with one of three Russians who were eventually charged with being undeclared officers with Russia’s foreign intelligence service, known as the S.V.R.

The F.B.I. interviewed Mr. Page in 2013 as part of an investigation into the spy ring, but decided that he had not known the man was a spy, and the bureau never accused Mr. Page of wrongdoing.

The court documents say that Mr. Page, who founded an investment company in New York called Global Energy Capital, provided documents about the energy business to one of the Russians. […] To record their conversations, the F.B.I. inserted a listening device into binders that were passed to the Russian intelligence operatives during an energy conference, according to a former United States intelligence official.  (more)

When you read The Times article (2017), against the backdrop of the Reuters article (2016), and the DOJ release (2016) it is transparently clear that Carter Page was the Under-Cover Employee (UCE1) of the FBI in the 2013 case.

Carter Page was working for the FBI.  Page was the “analyst from a New York-based energy company” who “began providing Sporyshev with the binders“.

However, in 2017 the New York Times, using information from “a former intelligence official“, conflates the FBI/Page Relationship.  Heck, the NY Times tries to entirely change the relationship between Carter Page and the FBI.


Likely because on October 21st 2016 the FBI claimed to a FISA Court; to gain a “Title I” surveillance warrant; that Carter Page was working on behalf of a foreign government.

(Full Memo pdf)

Carter Page was an FBI Under-Cover Employee in 2013, and remained the primary FBI witness through May of 2016 throughout the case.

If Carter Page was working as a UCE (FBI undercover employee), responsible for the bust of a high level Russian agent in 2013 -and remained a UCE- throughout the court case UP TO May of 2016, how is it possible that on October 21st 2016 Carter Page is put under a FISA Title 1 surveillance warrant as an alleged Russian agent?

Conclusion:  He wasn’t.  The DOJ National Security Division and the FBI Counterintelligence Division, knew he wasn’t.  The DOJ-NSD and FBI  flat-out LIED.

Now, go back to the March 2016 DOJ Press Release of the guilty pleading for Evgeny Buryakov, announced from the New York office:

…”Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and John P. Carlin, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, announced”…

Because “FISA Title I” surveillance authority against a U.S. citizen is so serious (the U.S. government is essentially calling the target a spy), only a few people are authorized to even apply for such surveillance warrants.  One of the four people authorized to make such a filing is the Asst. Attorney General who is head of the National Security Division of the DOJ.  That person is John P Carlin.

The same John P Carlin who, together with the FBI counterintelligence unit, conscripted  Carter Page as an FBI Under-Cover Employee, gains a guilty plea, then turns around and six months later accuses Page of being a Russian Spy.

Why?  Likely because the DOJ-NSD and FBI CoIntel needed to find a legal way to spy on the Trump campaign. The 2016 FISA Title 1 surveillance of former FBI employee Carter Page became that legal way. [“The Insurance Policy”]

In October of 2016, at approximately the same time the DOJ was making the FISA Court filing against Page, and successfully gaining the surveillance warrant, Asst. Attorney General  John P Carlin resigns as head of the DOJ-NSD.    –SEE HERE–  Did Carlin resign in protest? or, did Carlin resign knowing he too had served a larger purpose?

The entire FISA Title I surveillance authority over Carter Page was cover, most likely retroactive cover, for the DOJ and FBI conducting surveillance on the Trump campaign.

The DOJ-National Security Division and FBI Counterintelligence Unit didn’t care about Page because to them he was a useful tool.  It wasn’t Page they needed, per se’, they just needed someone, anyone, who had contact with the Trump campaign that they could apply the label “foreign agent” upon.  The DOJ/FBI just needed someone they could position to gain the FISA “Title I” surveillance approval that would retroactively make all prior campaign surveillance legal.  Who Carter Page was simply checked the right boxes.

Page wasn’t a “plant”, or a “participant”, he was a useful body upon which they could attach a label to justify their surveillance and monitoring.  Nothing more.

Clear enough?

Carter Page testified to the House Intelligence Committee that DOJ-FBI officials leaked his identity, his role in the Buryakov case, to the media.  This is secondary and direct confirmation from Page himself that he was indeed the FBI UCE-1

(Source Link – Page. #19 House Intelligence Testimony pdf)

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1,476 Responses to In March 2016 Carter Page Was an FBI Employee – In October 2016 FBI Told FISA Court He’s a Spy…

  1. Lurker2 says:

    Do you know when it would be good to peak this story? To wrap it up and summarize and supply all of the sorded details? In 2020. This thing can slow-drip and keep the traitors scrambling for 2 more years. 🙂


  2. onepercnt says:

    Here is more proof that Carter Page was posing as the “NY based energy consultant” for the FBI

    It’s Carter’s 2008 NY Secretary of State filing for Global Energy Capital. Smoking gun


  3. It’s possible both are true and they flipped him, which is how he became an UCE, i.e., a paid informant.


  4. hidden says:

    Nothing happening from DOJ/FBI side even after all these revelations. We are not seeing even any more texts from those 2 lovers. They covered up most of the stuff.


  5. What I don’t understand, is why the dems went to such lengths to spy on the Trump campaign. Such lengths as to jeopardise not only their own jobs, but the offices they were sworn to protect. Question: was Trump trying to curry favor with Russia pre-election only to broaden the scope of his base. Knowing that if elected, he would use the deep state narrative being spun by fake news to turn his back on Russia, and free himself from having to ‘talk’ to Russia. Sure Russia has spies, but the US does too. It’s how the world works. That being said, is it possible the whole embrogolio was a set up to villify Russia.


    • thedoc00 says:

      It was not the “Trump” campaign. It was the “republican” presidential campaign the democrats were spying upon. Remove Trump’s name and add any of the other 17 potential Republican candidates. It was opposition research and dirty tricks.

      Also, based on all the “resist Trump”, Hillary’s excuse machine, and threats as well as acts of violence perpetrated by the Democrats it should be clear to anybody (including yourself) the democrats did not expect to loose. In addition, the actions of the FBI/DoJ/INTEL arms of Obama’s Executive were in keeping with the actions of the IRS, EPA and other Executive Branch agencies to suppress and attack opposition. Your point makes no sense vs Obama administration actions and Clinton Family Hisotry.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Robin says:

        Not true. They bugged ztrump tower and and listened in on all of his conversations when he was trying and listened to all of his conversations. until Admiral Rogers walked into Trump Tower and told president-elect Trump his offices were bugged and he needed to be moved immediately periods thank God for Patriots and our government there are so many people who are not corrupt I’ll be so happy when they take this corrupt Mafia

        Liked by 1 person

    • LCSmom says:

      Because they could. They were abusing their surveillance powers for years – this was no different.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Jane says:

      TO WIN…
      She was supposed to WIN.
      everything was planned, fixed, rigged from voting to vote tabulation.
      If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the “truth” in people’s mind.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. thedoc00 says:

    Carter Pages employment by the agency and the full story of his trips to Russia are still being fully ignored by the Media. This alone, with all the comments above, blows a major hole in the bottom of the Democrat counter-memo.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Kernighan says:

    Interesting. Notice that the Russians claim Carter Page is “stupid”, “an idiot”. If he was only a businessman that would be bad, but if he was a SPY, or a COUNTER INTEL AGENT, that would be very, very good. Agents have to either appear mundane, boring, stupid, or at a minimum convincingly unimportant. They do this, all while being exposed in varying ways to information. Apparent stupidity is a GREAT ASSET to a covert operator, provided the agent can get exposure and access needed to obtain information or evidence. Perhaps Page’s success with his 2013 work, continued over time? It certainly appears like he was then ratted out and used as a tool to work up a case against Trump.


  8. suejeanne1 says:

    One more thing about Dick Wolf and his tv program re the FBI that James Comey approved (regarding giving access to the NY FBI office where the show was filmed from September 2015 to September 2016) – I looked it up on IMDB – it is still in “pre-production” as of 2018.


    Liked by 1 person

  9. David Vicknair says:

    Page may be a mole… Perhaps Papadopoulos also? Wow, that’s something I hadn’t considered, yet something was definitely funny about Page last night on the Angle. The person who lays this to rest is golden. And, yes, Laura is definitely full of herself.


  10. gda says:

    Am i right and saying that Steele left MI6 in 2009 at age 45? If so, why would a “highly reputable” MI6 big-up leave his post in the middle of his promising (?) career?

    Just what were the true circumstances of his parting company with MI6? Has anyone reported on this?


  11. Rob Byrde says:

    well well….what the flip!


  12. NC Nana says:

    Robert Charles, Former Asst. Sec of State and Former Naval Intel Officer was on Fox and Friends this morning.

    He questioned whether the 10/16 Carter Page FISA warrant was approved through the FISA Review Court after it was turned down in 6/16 by the FISA Court. The FISA Review Court is staffed by all Clinton appointees.

    Mr. Charles also explained what probable cause is required before the FISA Court. Three things are required in get a FISA Court Warrant:

    – You must be targeting a foreign intelligence agent.
    – The FBI must be looking for espionage or terrorism.
    – You have to think a crime was committed.

    If any of the 3 is missing you cannot get a warrant.

    Mr. Charles goes on to explain the Poisonous Tree rules. Well worth the 4:55 minutes to listen.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. jeans2nd says:

    Carter Page is UCE-1.
    Carter Page claims to be an informant.
    Arguing semantics here. However –

    “There are two classes of FBI “informants.” One is serving as a “criminal informant” and the other is as an “intelligence asset.” Information from “criminal informants” can be used in a U.S. judicial proceeding and the informant called as a witness. Getting money under that circumstance can be problematic because the source’s credibility can be impeached by defense counsel, who can argue that the testimony is purloined.”

    “You do not have to worry about that with an “intelligence asset.” In that case the priority is protecting the identity of the source.”

    Was Carter Page an intelligence asset or a criminal informant? Seems to me this is a really big distinction.
    Were Carter Page a criminal informant, would Carter Page not have been charged w/something, or have a prior record?

    No Carter Page charges. No Carter Page record. Carter Page was an intelligence asset.
    Evil people.
    Think NY FBI, who used Carter Page as their protected intelligence asset, is happy w/this?
    Would that distinction be in actual court docs? idk Cld not find any court docs online, but wld not know how to read them anyway. So many more questions, but not relevant at this time.

    —>>>Protecting the identity of the source.
    Wld seem Carter Page is the only one who lived up to his end of the bargain, even to this day. Wonder if Carter Page still trusts NY FBI? Wld wager Carter Page still does trust the NY FBI. That is just the way we roll. 😉


  14. realcourage says:

    One thing I don’t understand, if Carter Page knew his back story, why did he approach or allow himself to be publicly approached by the Trump campaign? Most people would say no, don’t get me involved. That is the really strange part.


    • Joshua R Barker says:

      Um… sure he is… he’s already been outed with MULTIPLE sets of evidence showing that he was (and possibly still is)… of course he’s not going to admit to it… that could potentially be illegal (and maybe life-threatening)…


      • Radical_Truth says:

        I’d be interested in seeing these multiple sets of evidence. Unless you’re referring to the links in this article. In which case they are NOT evidence.


  15. Joshua R Barker says:

    I believe that Carter Page was still working for the FBI when he joined the Trump campaign, and he did so AT THE BEHEST of the FBI. This is evidenced by three things:

    1. Glen Simpson’s (FUSION GPS) claim that the FBI had someone inside Trump’s campaign.
    2. Page’s repeated efforts to try and get someone from the Trump campaign to meet with the Russians.
    3. The FBI’s desperate need to have a connection between the Trump campaign and some sort of Russian spy in order to get their FISA warrant.

    Some people think that the FBI retro-actively turned on Page, but I think this is missing the possibility that not only was the FBI trying to get a FISA warrant, but they were also simultaneously trying to ENTRAP Trump by having one of their operatives infiltrate the campaign to create a Russia connection where one did not previously exist. Very similar to what they tried to do to DT Jr when he was ambushed in the Natalia Veselnitskaya meeting (ties to both Loretta Lynch and Glenn Simpson).

    This was a sophisticated, coordinated and multi-pronged op that involved multiple players in the FBI, the DOJ, the State Department, the FISA court and the White House, including (but not limited to) Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey, plus a plethora of underlings…

    Fiat justitia ruat caelum

    Liked by 1 person

    • MJ Brady says:

      BINGO!! Mr Barker. I think you are exactly right. Just listen to all his interviews. He gives lengthy answers to questions yet says absolutely nothing meaningful that makes sense.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Joshua R Barker says:

        Wow.. so more details emerging…

        “Carter Page previously worked with the Clinton Administration transition team in 1992-1993 while serving as a Research Fellow on the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) on Capitol Hill. During his Fellowship, HASC Chairman Les Aspin was selected by President Clinton as the Secretary of Defense in December 1992. From May 1993 – December 1994, Carter went on to serve as the Arms Control Action Officer for Counterproliferation Policy in the Nuclear Affairs and International Negotiations Branch of the Navy Staff in the Pentagon.”

        This guy is a SPOOK through and through… His whole mild-mannered “Investment Banker” persona is a f-ing cover… They need to pick this guy up PRONTO before he disappears like Steele did…

        Edited by Admin…

        Liked by 1 person

    • Radical_Truth says:

      You’re mistaking Carter Page with George Papadopoulos. P-dop was incredibly reckless in his communications and in trying to get Russians to meet with the Trump Campaign and vice versa. P-dop told an Australian diplomat that Russia had tons of Clinton emails. He’s been quoted in an email saying, “We will continue to liaise through you with the Russian counterparts in terms of what is needed for a high level meeting of Mr. Trump with the Russian Federation.”

      Your points can all be explained by P-dop’s behavior. And I’m not sure what your source is but Page didn’t repeatedly try to “get someone from the Trump campaign to meet with the Russians.” That was all P-dop.


      • Joshua R Barker says:

        No, I’m not… Both of them are plants… This was a multi-pronged effort… They were throwing everything they had hoping somehow they could “create” the collusion they were accusing Trump of. I think the evidence is pretty clear. If you don’t agree, say why…

        Liked by 1 person

    • Dee S says:

      Wow, very plausible theory. I thought of this myself, briefly! With the clusterf*ck that the deep state was in after Trump captured the GOP nomination, this is believable!


  16. alexandrabader says:

    and now mix it up with the russian comedians’ joke with adam schiff offering him information on “putin blackmailing trump with naked pictures with a model”…:-)


  17. SheilaRy says:

    I read through quite a bit of the Carter Page testimony. Mueller wants to talk to him again because after 4 years, his “company” isn’t making and Money – Carter declared that it takes time for his type of company to make money… He stated that he had “been living off of his life savings” – OR maybe he is living off of income from being a well paid UCE (Undercover Confidential Employee), which is what I now believe, remember that “Insurance Policy” ie, Carter Page!


  18. Vin says:

    The above meme has Hillary twice , I’d replace the bottom one with Susan Rice


  19. CY BROWN says:

    This post is suddenly relevant again…

    Liked by 1 person

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  21. dawg says:

    And, this post is suddenly relevant AGAIN!

    If the IG report on FISA abuse doesnt reveal this, its bogus.


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