Stunning Rebuke – Federal Judge Throws Out Guilty Verdict for Flynn Partner and Acquits…

In a stunning and very rare move today Federal Judge Anthony J Trenga has thrown out the conviction of a Mike Flynn’s partner Bijan Rafiekian (Flynn Intel Group) and granted the defendants’ motion to acquit.  [Hat Tip to Techno-Fog for the ruling]

This is a huge blow to the DOJ-NSD who framed their special counsel case on sketchy FARA violations and bamboozled the jury with dubious legal theories.  This type of intervention by a federal judge is very rare.  Here’s the ruling:


Highlights below:

“The evidence was insufficient as a matter of law for the jury to convict Rafiekian on either count”

The Government “failed to offer substantial evidence” that Rafiekian acted as an agent of a foreign government”

“There is no substantial evidence” that he agreed to cooperate subject to the direction/control of Turkey; no evidence of any implied agreement w/ Turkey.

“There is no evidence of discussions or suggestions, let alone an agreement, express or implied, to either avoid filing under FARA or to cause the filing of a false FARA registration statement.”

On General Flynn and the alleged FARA conspiracy: The government told the Court that “Flynn was not a member of the alleged conspiracy.”

“The evidence was insufficient as a matter of law to sustain either of Rafiekian’s convictions, and the Motion for Acquittal is therefore GRANTED. Should the Court’s judgment of acquittal be later vacated/reversed… the motion for New Trial is conditionally granted”

The DOJ/NSD has been using sketchy FARA (Sec. 951) designations to construct legal arguments within their FISA applications.

The DOJ National Security Division have been using FARA, accusing people of being “agents of a foreign power”,  in order to conduct political surveillance.

Sound familiar?

It should:

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199 Responses to Stunning Rebuke – Federal Judge Throws Out Guilty Verdict for Flynn Partner and Acquits…

  1. mopar2016 says:

    Sometimes you have to turn it off to keep your sanity.
    Good night Treepers, we’ll fight again tomorrow, and every day.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. BitterC says:

    I hope that when this is all over, Sydney goes after Flynn’s original legal team. They were the ones that advised him he need not file a FARA and then allowed him to be bamboozled into accepting a plea to a crime he didn’t commit to avoid another crime he & his son didn’t commit.

    Seems an honest law firm would have told him the FARA charges were flimsy, but they had a conflict of interest

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  3. OldParatrooper says:

    How many other FISA warrants were approved for members of Trump’s campaign staff, transition staff or administration members based on such flimsy evidence? If DOJ designated you as an agent of a foreign power simply because you worked with a foreigner or wrote an editorial favorable to a foreign nation, and then submitted a FISA request based on such flimsy evidence, the FISA two-hop rule means they likely surveilled every member of the campaign, transition and early Trump Administration. And may still be doing so.


    • appraisher says:

      They ARE still doing so Sir (See Ukraine “Whistleblower”…nee Deep State Leaker) and will continue to do so until these seditious traitors are punished.


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