The FBI Corruption is Far Worse Than We Currently Imagine – President Trump Authorized His Own Surveillance…

NOTE: Article updated 4:00pm to resolve conflict between Exec. Order 13787 / Exec. Order 13775 on DOJ succession and FISA authorities.

Last month the DOJ admitted to the FISA court that two of the four FISA warrants used against Carter Page were fraudulently obtained.

The “DOJ assesses that with respect to the applications in [April and June 2017] “if not earlier, there was insufficient predication to establish probable cause to believe that [Carter]Page was acting as an agent of a foreign power.”” (link)

However, what the DOJ did not admit publicly was how the current FBI Chief Legal Counsel, Dana Boente, participated in obtaining the April 2017 warrant.  In hindsight this story explains the ongoing issues within the FBI.

The original FISA application was October 21st, 2016. The first FISA renewal was January 12, 2017 (84 days from origination) and prior to the inauguration of President Trump. The second renewal was April 7, 2017 (85 days from prior renewal). The third renewal was on June 29th, 2017 (83 days from prior renewal).

The originating FISA and first renewal were authorized by the Obama administration officials.  However, it was the second renewal -now identified as fraudulent- on April 7th 2017, under the Trump administration, when the conniving FBI ran into a problem.

Here’s what happened.

On January 30th, 2017, Sally Yates was fired for refusing to defend the Trump travel ban from extremist countries.  Yates was replaced on January 31st by the U.S. Attorney from the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA), Dana Boente.  There wasn’t an existing AG because Loretta Lynch had left.

As a result of Yates exit and Dana Boente’s entry, Boente was Acting Deputy Attorney General, and in charge until Jeff Sessions was confirmed on February 8th, 2017.

On February 9th, 2017, President Trump issued executive order 13775 changing the line of DOJ succession, moving the EDVA up, and granting Boente the full legal authority to carry out the duties of the Deputy AG until a permanent replacement was confirmed.

When Jeff Sessions became Attorney General, Dana Boente became Acting Deputy AG, a role Boente would retain until Rod Rosenstein was confirmed on April 25th, 2017. (Note: Boente also remained EDVA U.S. Attorney)

On March 2nd, 2017, Dana Boente was one of a small group who participated in a conversation that led to the recusal of Jeff Sessions from anything related to the 2016 election.  This recusal included the ongoing FBI counterintelligence investigation known as Crossfire Hurricane, which was later picked up by Robert Mueller.

The other attendees for the recusal decision-making meeting (see above schedule) included Sessions’ chief of staff Jody Hunt; Criminal Chief in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland, Jim Crowell; Deputy Assistant Attorney General (DAAG) in the Department of Justice National Security Division Tash Gauhar (FISA lawyer); and Associate Deputy Attorney General Scott Schools.  [Note: Tash Gauhar was lawyer for FBI Clinton case; and Scott Schools was part of drafting Clinton exoneration letter.]

Boente, Crowell, Gauhar and Schools convinced AG Jeff Sessions he must recuse himself.  In hindsight each of the people giving Sessions advice was connected to previously corrupt activity within Main Justice that included the Clinton and Spygate operations.  Not knowing the conflict each advisor was carrying Sessions took their advice and recused himself; a big mistake.

With AG Jeff Sessions recused from anything involving the 2016 election; which included the Russia investigation; effective the evening of March 2, 2017, FBI Director James Comey now reported to Acting Deputy AG Dana Boente.

Technically, as this point in March 2017 Boente is still U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA) and is only ‘acting’ as Deputy AG.  With Sessions recused Boente would be needed when the Carter Page FISA would be up for renewal (April, 2017).

With Sessions recused from the Russia investigation, and without a confirmed Deputy AG able to authorize, all of the material the FBI investigators needed from Main Justice would have to flow through Dana Boente.  [Note: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein was not confirmed until April 25th.]

The January 12th FISA renewal was going to expire on April 12th, 2017 (90-days).  FBI Director James Comey had to work with and brief Dana Boente on the sensitive issues around the Russia investigation; including discussions with Boente about President Trump as a target of that investigation, and surveillance issues; if he was going to extend the FISA warrant with DOJ approval.

Toward the end of March 2017 FBI Director Comey was in discussions with Dana Boente about the issue.

We discover the hand-written notes later on as they were leaked to MSNBC, almost certainly leaked by the people within the Mueller investigation in April 2018. [You’ll see how we know in a minute]  However, at the time of the 2018 leak there was no context for the notes that Boente was taking.

It was only after the FISA application was declassified in July 2018 that Boente’s hand-written notes and the topic therein made sense.   To date no-one has connected this issue… until now.  (Pay attention to the date, Comey March 30th, 2017):

“Cloud as a result of Russia bus. – This makes running the country difficult.”

Note Boente puts the next note in quotations, implying a direct quote from Comey:

“”what can I do to relieve the cloud!””


“Kept coming back to it. makes it hard to difficult do best. For the country”

“-We will do the work well.”

“-Reminded him we are not invest. agency”

“”-Moft would be great to get out””

-Told AG, before recusal, I [cannot] be speaking [with] the Pres. Alone..

Obviously these notes are from a conversation between then Acting AG Dana Boente and FBI Director James Comey on March 30th, 2017.  It appears to be a phone call.

In hindsight the subject matter almost certainly relates to the issue of the Russia investigation, the sensitivity of administration being under that investigation, and James Comey sharing his interactions with President Trump with Dana Boente.

With Jeff Sessions recused, it is now Acting AG Dana Boente approving whatever James Comey needs from Main Justice.  James Comey wants the Carter Page FISA extended.

AG Jeff Sessions is recused (incapable); there is no Deputy AG in position; therefore the U.S. Attorney for the EDVA holds authority to perform the duties of the office.  Dana Boente is the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

After the February 9th executive order initiating the change of DOJ succession was signed Dana Boente can now officially sign the Carter Page FISA application renewal.  Which is exactly what happens a week after their March 30th call when James Comey and Dana Boente sign the admittedly fraudulent FISA renewal – April 7th, 2017:

(Page #271 – Carter Page FISA Application)

Do you see what just happened here? President Trump signed an executive order that facilitated the FBI continuing to spying on his administration.

But wait, it gets worse…. Much worse…. This dynamic would later become even more important as the notes Boente took from conversations with James Comey became evidence for Mueller’s expanded obstruction investigation. ALSO Look at the DATES:

[Washington Post Link]

Now look at the date of Rachel Maddow’s leak exclusive: April 10th, 2018:


The special counsel team leaked the Dana Boente notes to Rachel Maddow.

RECAP: Acting Deputy AG Dana Boente advised AG Jeff Sessions to recuse himself (March 2nd, 2017).  Then Acting DAG Boente and FBI Director Comey signed a renewal of the fraudulent Carter Page FISA application (April 7th, 2017) permitting the FBI to continue surveillance on the Trump administration.

Keep in mind the Inspector General outlined that in January 2017, “shortly after” the application was first renewed the FBI knew the Steele Dossier; which was the only evidence underpinning the FISA application; was false.

There is absolutely no doubt that the FBI knew in January 2017 the Dossier was not valid evidence that should have been included in any FISA application.  The FBI was told again, with even more emphasis in March 2017:

So when FBI Director James Comey is making contact with Acting DAG Dana Boente on March 30th, 2017, for issues relating to the need for a FISA renewal in April 2017, the FBI was absolutely certain there was no validity to the underlying evidence within the FISA application.

Yet the FBI team was so determined to get the fraudulent FISA reauthorized, they ignored all of the evidence that undermined their objective.

Think about the scale of deceit and corruption involved.

But it doesn’t end…. it gets worse.

On April 25th, 2017, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is confirmed.   Rosenstein now takes over the responsibilities held by Acting DAG Dana Boente; this includes the FBI counterintelligence probe.

On May 9th, 2017, FBI Director James Comey is fired.

On May 10th, 2017, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe opens a criminal ‘obstruction of justice investigation’ of President Trump to parallel the ongoing counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign and administration.

Dana Boente now becomes the Asst. Attorney General and head of the DOJ National Security Division (DOJ-NSD).  Simultaneously retaining role as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of VA.  At that moment, guess who is Dana Boente’s legal counsel – Michael Atkinson.

Yes, that’s the same Michael Atkinson who is the current ICIG who facilitated the Whistle-blower complaint; was senior legal counsel to Dana Boente while he headed the DOJ-NSD.

On May 16th, 2017, Rosenstein takes Robert Mueller to the White House to meet President Trump. On May 17th, 2017, Rosenstein appoints the Robert Mueller special counsel probe. And we’re off to the Trump-Russia-Collusion-Obstruction races…

On June 29th, 2017, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe reauthorize that same fraudulent FISA application for Robert Mueller and his corrupt team of 19 special prosecutors and now 40 FBI agents to continue to exploit.

Dana Boente is still head of DOJ-NSD from May 11th, 2017 through end of October 2017 when he officially announced his intent to retire.  But wait,… On January 23rd, 2018, FBI Director Christopher Wray announces Dana Boente has shifted over to the FBI to be Chief Legal Counsel (replacing James Baker).

Yes, that is correct.  As Mueller is using 19 lawyers, and 40 FBI investigators, Boente now becomes a legal adviser to Christopher Wray, inside the FBI, while the Mueller probe is ongoing….. Oh, and as you can see from his participation with Mueller, Dana Boente is also now a fact witness within the Mueller investigation.

It gets better, who do you think is in charge of the 40 FBI agents now conducting the third year of that fraudulent Mueller investigation?…

…Yup, the very same Dana Boente!

This is staggeringly unreal.  It’s no wonder FBI Director Christopher Wray appears detached, disconnected and completely unfazed by the scale and scope of the corrupt enterprise he is in charge of.  His own chief legal counsel was a key player in the operation to remove the president.

It always seemed odd that White House Counsel Don McGahn left in 2018; until you look at the bigger picture.  The Carter Page FISA Application was officially declassified and made public in late July 2018.  No doubt as McGahn looked at the FISA issues from his unique perspective, he likely realized in hindsight how the FISA issues crossed-over two administrations and what the executive orders on DOJ succession was really all about.

In his position as White House Counsel, Don McGahn would now be a fact witness if anyone started investigating.   Approximately two weeks after the FISA applications were declassified and made public, in August 2018, Don McGahn submitted his resignation.

PS. The deadline for the FBI and DOJ to inform the FISA Court about their sequestration and recovery effort [ie. a proverbial search for the fruit of a poisonous tree. Where is it?] was February 5th.


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746 Responses to The FBI Corruption is Far Worse Than We Currently Imagine – President Trump Authorized His Own Surveillance…

  1. Perot Conservative says:

    Sundance asked yesterday what 40 FBI Agents were doing for 3 years, when they knew on Day 2 that the Russia Hoax was a Hoax.

    Can’t we have a sharp team lead by someone like a Cash Patel dig into it? (Patel worked with Nunes.)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Beau Geste says:

      Preparation for and storming Roger Stone’s home in the night to intimidate him?
      Coordinating with CNN to televise it?

      Leaking to news media friends, without getting caught?

      Liked by 4 people

      • YeahYouRight says:

        Wray was reportedly on scene for Stone’s and Manafort’s raid. Hmm.

        More training for the underlings!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Beau Geste says:

          Wow, with a bulletproof vest and machine gun in hand to protect himself from old Roger and his deaf wife, no doubt !!! Wray, you da man !!!

          If true, maybe it was Wray who called CNN !!! ” Hey CNN. Be at Roger Stone’s house at 5:00am sharp!!! Bring your cameras for a great show to boost your ratings.”

          Liked by 2 people

        • mike says:

          Hope Roger Stone gets to sue Wray and every agent in on the bust some day for rights violations.

          Liked by 3 people

    • Debra says:

      They were desperately attempting to ‘find’ some link, any link, of anyone associated with PDJT and the Russians in those three years . . .

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Anti'Progressive says:

    The big problem is not that they “get exposed” and their names splashed for half a news cycle in the press or that they may risk being fired or even being investigated.
    With these actions, they will be embarrassing and a little stressful. What matters is going to trial and getting good convicted
    It happened with folk like Stone and Flynn with comparatively little lead time and much weaker charges.
    McCabe never had 2 swat teams raid him. Why?
    Whilst one side is prepared to play hard and fast and the other plays patty cake it does nothat give the appearance that Republicans are effective or backing themselves.
    Everyone tells me to wait for Durham. Wait 3 and a half years into Trump’s term before taking any real action whilst his biggest are slammed without any real defence?
    How does ANY of this sound reasonable. They will keep coming at Trump and the Republicans until they have serious pushback and I am sick of seeing how well Trump and the Admin and Republicans in general can take it and soldier on
    Offense. We need offense now not some time after Summer

    Liked by 3 people

    • Phil Wilson says:

      I don’t know if there will be prosecutions, but one thing to consider. The Mueller team leaked. The Durham team seems more straight. That could mean that, when it finally comes down, it will come down hard and fully developed.

      Or not. We’ll see.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Phil Wilson says:

        Kind of suggests that they have been used to getting away with crap like this for a long time, doesn’t it?

        Liked by 3 people

        • WES says:

          Phil: More likely if Durham is just doing a report per Barr then Durham is doing a Huber, so there is nothing to leak!

          Liked by 1 person

          • John Good says:

            Rush Limbaugh offered his explanation for why it was taking so long for Trump, Barr & Durham to release the incriminating evidence & start the process of charging those names responsible! If you want to look it up on Rush’s Website, it was about a month or so ago.

            Rush said that Trump, Barr & Durham have to be “really careful” about who they accuse of what, as they do not know ALL the criminals behind Obama, Clinton, the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ & more importantly which Countries were behind the attempted coup to take down Donald J. Trump’s Presidency, family & friends!

            In fact Rush said that they could be killed, if something got out as to what exactly was happening.

            Do you really think that Hillary Clinton as an example, wouldn’t hesitate to “Arkancide” ANYONE who threatened to expose the corruption within the Clinton Foundation?

            Liked by 2 people

            • They get one shot to get them all. Where will they be kept? Guantanimo?
              It has to be overtly legal and justified to the public, which will make it hard to prosecute in a normal court, tribunal?

              it will be interesting, after the 2020 election for sure.

              Liked by 1 person

    • M W says:

      Either McCabe made a plea deal to get Brennan and his co-conspirators, or The coup succeeded and Bill Barr just informed the World that Trump is out of power. Personally, I think the Shampeachement, which Pelosi KNEW would fail was a ruse to make people think Trump is still in charge, while the Brennan led Deep State coup succeeded in bringing Trump down. The President, the CIC of the Military, wants the Military to investigate a Lt.Colonel Vindman for telling the Ukranians to ignore Trumps Foreign Policy. This from an active duty Army Officer detailed to the NSC. Testimony from Ukranians confirm Vindmans actions. There was never a clearer case of Insubordination and Sedition…. The Military brass told the President to go to hell because they don’t fear his authority anymore. They simply refused to investigate this obvious breach of Military Code and crime. There are other indications lately as well. Brennans coup succeeded and the President has been decapitated and the important people know it. Far fetched? There will be no Indictments, there will be a ‘miraculous’ election win by Bloomberg and the Dictatorship will be on…. Think about it, there can be no other explanation for this development. It’s either/or.


  3. eguthr3 says:

    I’m just extremely grateful they were ALL SO INCOMPETENT, inept and got caught for their crimes like sedition and treason, all of their neck should be hanging in DuPont Circle.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Realist says:

      I want to know why the FISA court Judges are not spitting feathers and demanding explanations from the FBI now they know they have been lied too. Their continued silence makes me think they were COMPLICIT in the SCAM.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. rcogburn says:

    Brilliant! This made me take another look at the timing and purpose of the James Wolfe FISA leak.

    At the same time they were teeing up Boente, they were teeing up Ali Watkins at Buzzfeed. The Wolfe March 17 FISA leak to Ali Watkins, and her April 3 Buzzfeed “bombshell” on Carter Page, happened almost simultaneously to the EO and Boente signing off. So, at the moment when Boente submitted the renewal, and FISC needed to approve it, Buzzfeed’s Carter Page “bombshell” report generated 100% blanket of MSM Carter Page coverage.

    That would mean James Wolfe leaked the bogus FISA warrant to Ali Watkins on March 17. Instead of publishing her scoop, Watkins sat on it for two weeks. Then on April 3, she used the bogus FISA as sourcing to report the “bombshell” Carter Page story as fact in Buzzfeed. Rachel Maddow put Watkins on her show that night for max exposure, and on April 4 every MSM outlet was carrying her story.

    Just a wild and crazy coincidence, two #resistance ships passing in the night? Two completely separate events, involving people who had no idea what each other was up to? Or were they coordinated as part of the larger effort to renew the FISA? Did someone (James Wolfe?) specifically leak, then instruct Ali Watkins to hold the story for two weeks? If it was James Wolfe, who was instructing him? Is this part of the reason Wolfe was given a slap on the wrist after he threatened to subpoena the committee?

    March 2: Sessions recused.
    March 17: Wolfe texts the (bogus) FISA to Ali Watkins at Buzzfeed. She holds it back.;
    March ??: Comey meets with ____? about “Russia cloud.” EO is approved.
    March 31: Trump signs EO. Boente now has sign off authority.
    April 3: Buzzfeed Carter page story goes live. Ali Watkins on Rachel Maddow that night.
    April 4: Entire MSM reporting: Carter Page met with the Russians, etc.
    April 7: After three days of MSM headlines about Carter page, renewal goes to FISC for approval.

    Liked by 7 people

    • nimrodman says:

      nice analysis Mr. Cogburn

      Liked by 1 person

    • Nice find. And no way was this coincidence. Maddow has been the go-to for Page smearing and FISA warrant cheerleading. She also had on the WaPo reporters who broke the story of the warrant being out on him.

      Liked by 1 person

    • YeahYouRight says:

      Watkins got the real, full, unredacted FISA warrant from Wolfe.

      This would not suggest to the WH that an EO must be signed to continue to spy on Page. McGahn either did not connect the request to the Page fiasco/thought it had ended, or the FIB said it was to spy on actual terrorists, or he was in on it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • rcogburn says:

        YeahYouRight, unless McGahn was in on it, he would not have known about the Page FISA in March, 2017, or that the renewal date was April 7. The interesting question is how the succession change EO was packaged and sold to PDJT, and who did the selling.

        Liked by 1 person

    • dwpender says:

      You’ll find a similar type of “news flow” appearing in the days prior to the January 12 first renewal. Think December 29, 2016 diplomat expulsion, followed by January 7 public release of ICA, followed by January 10 reporting by Buzzfeed (then all MSM) on the dossier (using as the “news” hook that Comey had “briefed” Trump on January 6). January 12 Judge Mosman approves a 90 day extension!

      Each FISA renewal had a different Judge. Prior to renewal Scheme Team always got VERY nervous that the latest “new” Judge might wake up and deny their application. Then where would they be? The timing and steady stream of Russia Hoax leaks and public actions were designed not only for the public at large, but most specifically for the next FISA Judge, on whom Coup Crew was depending.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Bingo! You can take it to the bank! Nice work, rcogburn!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Pew-Anon says:

    Thanks to SD for doing the primary research on this article, and thanks to the community for constructively pointing out a discrepancy in that research material, and yet further thanks to SD for acknowledging the constructive criticism and adjusting the article content accordingly. The result is we all get higher quality information and are better off for it.

    So basically, if I am (re)reading this correctly, the initial point about EO 13787 is merely transposed to EO 13775 and the rest of SD’s point stands, minus the interesting but unnecessary coincidence of EO 13787 with the second Page FISA renewal. This is an example of the power of public forum at its finest. Again, thanks to all involved. Great, and crucial stuff.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Sharleta Bassett says:

    Dismantle the Entire FBI! Fire all names in this that are still active in the department and start over!!! I am sick at the abuse of power!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. gingergal says:

    Barr just gave the Dems more ammunition by publicly stating that Trump needs to stop tweeting. What’s going on with our AG?


    • Publius2016 says:

      AG Barr doesn’t like tweets?

      How about rogue prosecutors?? Fake Fisas???

      Liked by 3 people

    • Parrot says:

      Actually, Barr is correct when the Don starts tweeting about active legal cases.
      Anywhere else in the English speaking world the Don’s tweets ( ie. same as a Prime Minister’s interference) would be open and shut mistrial.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Pew-Anon says:

      Let’s hope he is trying to protect actual forthcoming indictments from the Durham probe. Hope, but don’t hold your breath.

      Liked by 3 people

    • jx says:

      I understand Barr’s point. On the other hand he needs to get the show on the road. He never acts until his inaction is spotlighted.

      Liked by 1 person

    • K P says:

      I don’t have a problem with AG Barr publicly criticizing the Tweets. He was not just addressing Trump either. I believe AG Barr is at a very critical point & the left know it. This is why there is a big political spin to have Barr removed or impeached. I’m hoping that by March 31 we will have answers & indictments that will blow the whole hoax crap wide open! I’m also hoping that because Sessions recused himself that he will be able to be used as witness

      Liked by 1 person

  8. How long before one of these characters answers for their seditious shenanigans? Maddow had on of all people last night, Mary McCord. She lectured piously about Barr and the “intervention” into Roger Stone’s sentencing. It was sickening.

    Any thoughts on the purpose of leaking the hand-written notes to Maddow? Help with getting another warrant renewed? As I posted above she’s been the go-to media mouthpiece for all things FBI and FISA.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Smitty says:

    Trump needs to takr lessons from Obama on how to take control of the USDOJ, SERIOUSLY

    Clean house and STOP TAKING DOJ APPOINTMENT ADVICE FROM JARED and IVANKA, their personal lawyer is Jamie Gorelick, closet Communist and CONFIRMED Iran agent since 2004.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Beau Geste says:

    Sundance exposes the concentration of corruptocrats and non-elected, power-hungry collaborators available for sedition conspiracy in DC. Deepstate DC now has the majority of the richest zip codes in the US.

    One strength of the US, as compared to say, Russia-Moscow, is the historical geographic distribution of power and authority. Power is maintained by the separate States. Economic and population growth were allowed to happen throughout the US, and multiple cities were permitted to develop.

    This power dispersion is under attack by the growth and centralization of federal control. The concentration of government Agencies in DC has other long-term consequences. The DC Federal Courts including the FISC (home of congress, the Agencies HQ and the residency of corruptocrats), become co-opted to protect central corruption. The corrupt power-hungry SES “headquarters” employees send their children to the same private schools. They become childhood friends, form associations, get appointed to “foundations”, marry, get hired and promoted in “headquarters” by their deep-state parents. They get funneled to the same universities and law schools. The married (even if just for power and convenience/legal spousal immunity) “power couples” coordinate promotion and authority consolidation.

    By distributing the Federal Agency Headquarters to different states, dispersed centers of power can be created to compete for power, rather than consolidate their own centralized inter-generational power. Competition for power is better than consolidation of power. It gives voters a better chance.

    Gary Indiana (needs the tax base) would be a great place for FBI Headquarters. The DOJ Headquarters could be moved to Chicago, to be near FBI headquarters, and in the political crime center of the US. All other Agency HQs would be spread around to better serve their functions. Those SES power-couples who do not want to move, could be replaced with local talent who went to public schools and State Universities to bring in non-entitled, non-royalty government.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Flight93Gal says:


    Jamie Gorelick???

    WTH…extremely troubling!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. jbowen82 says:

    IIRC at the time it was thought by some (possibly right here on these pages) that the EO naming Boente the acting deputy was a good thing because the Obama Administration had issued a midnight EO during the transition changing the order of succession to make somebody far worse the acting deputy. Don’t remember the names or all the details, but I do remember at the time people thinking we had really dodged a bullet there.

    Liked by 2 people

    • jbowen82 says:

      And as I recall, before the Obama Administration changed it, the 3rd in line had always been the EDVA US attorney, and the Obama Administration wanted someone else as Sally Yates’s backup (maybe Maryland US Attorney?), but the Trump Administration changed it back to the EDVA, which it had historically been.

      Liked by 2 people

  13. Genie says:

    Lou Dobbs is absolutely on fire about this tonight.

    Liked by 3 people

  14. Joshuatree says:

    Lou Dobbs is reporting off your material 3 nights in a row! He led off w Boente tonight!!! He led off last night w the 40 FBI agents!

    Liked by 2 people

  15. MBB says:

    There is a never ending stream of this kind of news. It only shows up right wing websites, never CNN or the rest of The Left. So disheartening!!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. For some time now, DOJ has been layered over with self-serving regulations aimed at their own self-preservation that effectively serve to insulate them from scrutiny, even, and including from, the President whose constitutional power is the source of their very investigative authority. You see, DOJ rightly understands that the only existential threat to their fiefdom is the President himself. All others would lack authority, ironically!
    So, whereas it is true that these departmental rules governing behavior may be binding on DOJ employees, or other individuals either in or out of government, THEY CANNOT BE binding on the President who is directly responsible for the work DOJ carries out IN HIS NAME, and he can ill-afford to allow them free rein to operate without his oversight as the Constitution demands. To make a long story short, DOJ can not tell the President to sit down and shut up! And Congress can not tell the President to stay out of the business of one of his departments.
    However, as things currently stand, the consensus, beltway belief is that the President cannot be involved in DOJ’s investigative processes, or make suggestions to, or requests of the AG for fear that it will taint investigations and make them political. Oh, great! If that be the case, can someone please indicate who has the constitutional authority to make suggestions to, or present requests of, DOJ if the President is, somehow, forbidden? Please don’t say that Congress has oversight authority that the President himself doesn’t have, because that would clearly render the entire Constitution an incoherent mess!

    Liked by 2 people

  17. sotr says:

    “”-Moft would be great to get out””
    Moft or Matt?


  18. jeff montanye says:

    while the trump administration seemingly made many missteps early in the crossfire hurricane/special counsel saga, since the administration was so innocent of russian “collusion” it actually works out that the original bumbling turns to advantage since it lets the perps have free rein and the actual trump loyalists (sessions?) kept on very short tethers, creating a damning paper trail.


  19. shipley130 says:

    The same high up in the food chain FBI officials that were texting about “getting rid of Donald Trump” were allowed to open an obstruction of justice investigation into President Trump. Talk about skunk roadkill.


  20. islandpalmtrees says:

    Source #1 appears to be Steele here

    6 As described in this report, information from Christopher Steele’s reports-sometimes
    collectively referred to as the “Steele dossier”-that pertained to Carter Page was relied upon in the
    Carter Page FISA applications. In those applications, Steele was referred to as “Source # 1.” We refer to Steele by name in this report because the Department and the FBI have publicly revealed Steele’s identity as Source #1 in connection with FOIA litigation.

    In this chapter, we describe the FBI’s relationship with Christopher Steele, who furnished information that was used in the Carter Page FISA applications (Steele is referred to in those a lications as “Source #1” . Steele is a former intelligence officer who, following his retirement, opened a consulting firm and furnished information to the FBI beginning in 2010, primarily on matters concerning organized crime and corruption in Russia and Eastern Europe.

    Click to access 120919-examination.pdf


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