‘The Origin of The Feces’ – White House Lawyer Patrick Philbin Explains House Circumvention of Constitution During Impeachment…

As 21 different state attorneys general noted earlier today, there are several reasons why the impeachment effort is unconstitutional.  These are not process arguments; they are factual arguments central to the constitutional framework of our government.

The failure of a full House vote to authorize the House Judiciary Committee to pursue evidence -via enforceable subpoenas- was a defect by design of Nancy Pelosi’s decision to initiate an impeachment inquiry by her decree, not an authorizing vote.  White House lawyer Patrick Philbin explains the legal issue; this could be the lead argument in the defense case when it starts.  [Video prompted to 03:20]


CTH noted this structural issue last August, and the issue remained throughout the heavily manipulated proceedings. None of the House requests for testimony or documents held any enforcement authority because the House did not follow the constitutional process.

The House was not issuing subpoenas, it was issuing letters requesting voluntary witness participation and document production. Recently the DOJ Office of Legal Counsel explained this issue in a lengthy legal finding that leads to the same conclusion.


BACKSTORY – Last year House Democrat leadership took a climate assessment of democrat House members and Speaker Pelosi announced they would not hold a House impeachment authorization vote. As a direct and specific consequence all committee subpoenas did not carry a penalty for non-compliance.


“Lawful subpoenas”, literally require an enforcement mechanism; that’s the “poena” part of the word. The enforcement mechanism is a judicial penalty, and that penalty can only be created if the full House voted to authorize an impeachment inquiry, and charged the House Judiciary Committee with the authority therein.

Absent the vote to authorize, the Legislative Branch never established compulsion authority (aka judicial enforcement authority), as they attempted to work through their quasi-constitutional “impeachment inquiry” process.

Instead of subpoenas, Adam Schiff (House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence); and Chairman Eliot L. Engel (House Committee on Foreign Affairs) were only sending out request letters. The compliance was discretionary based on the outlook of the recipient.

Nancy Pelosi did not have the vote or political capital to start by initiating a full House impeachment authorization. Pelosi, Schiff, Engel and Cummings had to rely on the duplicity of the media to help them hide their scheme; and the media complied.

Speaker Pelosi & Lawfare’s impeachment scheme could only succeed with a compliant media protecting it. The media was entirely compliant in not explaining the fraudulent basis for the construct.

If the media would have ever asked questions the fraud would have collapsed.

Adam Schiff had to hide his hearings because the foundation of the impeachment fraud was to create a public impression. There was no structural impeachment process or guideline being followed. The committee leadership used the closed door hearings to leak information to the media to create a needed narrative.

A legislative “letter” or demand request needed to carry judicial enforcement authority –A PENALTY– in order to be a “subpoena”.

There was no penalty that can be associated with the House demands because the Legislative Branch did not established compulsion authority (aka judicial enforcement authority), as they worked through their non-constitutional “impeachment inquiry” process.

It has long been established by SCOTUS that Congress has lawful (judicial authority) subpoena powers pursuant to its implied responsibility of legislative oversight. However, that only applies to the powers enumerated in A1§8. Neither foreign policy (Ukraine) nor impeachment have any nexus to A1§8. The customary Legislative Branch subpoena power is limited to their legislative purpose.

There is an elevated level of subpoena, a power made possible by SCOTUS precedent, that carries inherent penalties for non-compliance, and is specifically allowed for impeachment investigations. However, that level of elevated House authority required a full House authorization vote, and only applies to the House Judiciary Committee as empowered.

In 2019 the Legislative Branch was NOT expressing their “impeachment authority” as part of the Legislative Branch purpose. So that raised the issue of an entirely different type of subpoena:… A demand from congress that penetrates the constitutional separation of powers; and further penetrates the legal authority of Executive Branch executive privilege.

It was separately established by SCOTUS during the Nixon impeachment investigation that *IF* the full House votes to have the Judiciary Committee commence an impeachment investigation, then the Judiciary Committee has subpoena power that can overcome executive privilege claims.

There was NO VOTE to create that level of subpoena power.

As a consequence, the House did not create a process to penetrate the constitutionally inherent separation of powers, and/or, the legally recognized firewall known as ‘executive privilege’.

The House needed to vote to authorize the committee impeachment investigation, and through that process the committee would have gained judicial enforcement authority. That would have created a penalty for non-compliance with an impeachment subpoena.

Absent a penalty for non-compliance, which factually makes a subpoena a ‘subpoena’, the Executive Branch had no process to engage an appellate review by federal courts. This was the purposeful trick within the Pelosi/Lawfare road-map.

Pelosi and Lawfare’s plan was designed for public consumption; she/they were creating the illusion of something that did not exist. The purpose of all their fraudulent impeachment activity was to create support for an actual impeachment process.

Because the Lawfare/Pelosi roadmap intended to work around judicial enforcement authority, the impeachment process was destined by design to end up running head-first into a constitutional problem; specifically separation of power and executive privilege.

The Lawfare impeachment road-map was designed to conflict with the constitution. It was a necessary -and unavoidable- feature of their sketchy impeachment plan, not a flaw.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Lawfare allies changed House rules (SEE HERE). Pelosi and Lawfare changed House impeachment rules (SEE HERE). Pelosi/Lawfare changed committee rules (SEE HERE); and in doing so they removed House republicans from the entire process… Which They Did. However, what Lawfare and Pelosi could not change was The U.S. Constitution, which they were destined to collide with.

Speaker Pelosi’s ‘Lawfare House rules‘ and/or ‘Lawfare impeachment rules‘ could not supersede the constitutional separation of powers. She was well aware of this. Nancy Pelosi could not decree an “official impeachment inquiry”, and as a consequence nullify a constitutional firewall between the Legislative Branch and Executive Branch.

Pelosi’s impeachment scheme required a compliant media to support her construct…

They did exactly that.

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220 Responses to ‘The Origin of The Feces’ – White House Lawyer Patrick Philbin Explains House Circumvention of Constitution During Impeachment…

  1. freepetta says:

    Since when do the RATS 🐀 do anything Constitutional? They are the party (cult) of ignorance.

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    • old deplorable owl says:

      I believe that’s called willful ignorance. Those Lawfare slugs we’re paying for certainly aren’t ignorant, and this was all done under their guidance and direction. Dimocrats are never responsible for their actions!
      I’ll bet ya a cookie to a Cadillac that when this blows up, those sterling defenders of the American way (I nearly gagged typing that!) will all point to Lawfare in unison.

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    • mostlyogauge says:

      They are not being ignorant. They know the law, and they know EXACTLY what they are doing. This post by Sundance is very insightful; the best I’ve seen so far that describes how we got to where we are today with this “impeachment”, and the hows and the whys of what the dems are doing. This is such a scam, a shameful scam!

      The dems are not ignorant. The ends justifies the means. Shameful. Those involved should all be thrown in jail, if a way can be found to do that.

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    • Y’all Know What Time It is says:

      They deliberately avoided the process that would give legal authority to the “subpoenas” knowing the President would not comply; then made that the basis of their ‘obstruction of Congress ‘ charge.
      They didn’t seek a decision from the Court because they knew the ruling would not support their tactic.

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      • littleanniefannie says:

        Not to mention that if their only article was abuse of power, they would be dead in the water in the middle of the Antarctic Ocean with only a boogie board to escape. In other words, they knew it would be a cold day in Hell getting anything to stick!
        I would like the GAO to inform the taxpayers about what we’re getting for our money by paying Lawunfair. I would also like to know what they have been paid using government money, including any and all expenses.

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        • As a man thinkth says:

          …Anne…that is the key aspect of the Lawfare group, they always operate on the government payroll…unlimited resources, access to ALL documents legally or otherwise…The dems always let them in the back door or hire them directly…when the dems are thru with them they go back to academia and pretend to be professors

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      • freepetta says:

        They had nothing Y’all. They are weaving a case out of nothing. They are hoping to dirty up PDJT and Republican Senators. But it seems they have only dirtied up themselves.

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    • jiminCO says:

      I must say as a person who argues cases to juries that Mr. Philbin is a consummate expert in delivery. Not overly animated and shrill like Schiff or Nadler. Matter-of-fact, regulated tone, confident and very convincing. Very good choice by DJT defense team.

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    • jakee308 says:

      It’s becoming clearer and clearer that something has to be done about the corporate media. I have no clue what as they could easily shelter behind the 3rd rail of the 1st Amendment.

      There must be something that the people or the law can do to shut down false reporting for the purposes of distortion of the government and the disenfranchisement of the voting public.

      Sure we can boycott their sites but they don’t care as they are funded privately I would think that someone should be able to make a case for in kind contributions but even if that succeeded, it wouldn’t cover everything and wouldn’t be enough.

      This really needs some patriots with money and brains to solve this problem or they will destroy this country.

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      • 55praises says:

        We are being subjected to methods and practices used in Communist China. Articles in The Epoch Times regarding the recent election in Taiwan provide documentation of how the lies are couched. When so few people own the media, including the ones that are heavily relied upon (Reuters, AP), you would think Americans would wake up to the truth…which is that there is very LITTLE truth in the MSM. Project Veritas (James O’Keefe) points this out in his expose on Pravda.

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      • RAC says:

        Make it law that any article containing anything from an unnamed & unverified source must permanently carry a red banner filling 30% of the screen stating THIS IS UNVERIFIED OPINION AND MAY BE FALSE.

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      • As a man thinkth says:

        A major electrical sub station failure would be a terrible set back …

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        • As a man thinkth says:

          But that is something that is unlawful and disastrous to many loyal honest citizens…the subject is kinda like the gun debate…something needs to be done that satisfies protecting the rights of the public..


      • Jorizabeth says:

        Applying anti-trust laws would help. Considering the same message from these companies forcing their way via cable into the public purvue, they need breaking up. If they were broken up, their funding couldn’t spread over all the entities. Think how many telecommunication companies there are….many more than cable news channels. It might cause them to have to pay their people less. Sort of like TMobile v. Sprint, thereby making individual enrichment much less. These media people on TV don’t believe what they’re saying anyway. Anyway, they will never pipe down voluntarily. It doesn’t infringe on the 4th amendment for citizens to have to search harder for the news.j


    • jakee308 says:

      Just testing

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    • cofvevern says:

      I’d like to know why the Senate has complied. Why would they even show up to an Impeachment Trial, when it is not even authentic, i.e., there was no hearing in the Judiciary and no House vote.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Doesn’t want to Dismiss, he wants the trial and Senate vote to Acquit.

      I guess…an acquittal would certainly be permanently on the history books, counter to Pelousy’s snide assertion about “impeachment”.

      But….despite Mitch’s confident rhetoric, it still feels risky in THIS particular Senate.

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      • rjones99 says:

        I agree with this comment. The senate is NOT to be trusted.

        At the same time, one struggles to conceive the right response to this farce. It needs to be so forcefully refuted that future House democrats will be inhibited from repeating it. To me, that means democrats and media MUST be humiliated. We seem beyond the time where simple facts and logic now suffice to make a compelling case.

        Not to stoop to the Clinton’s level of politics, but Trump would do the country far more good by sending a drone missle up the asz of Benjamin Whittes rather than Qassam Soleimoni. Wittes is the real enemy. The media are mostly feckless political groupies who are more like Jim Jones followers than professionals.

        Our real problem, and it cant be papered over by simple prevailing in this instance, is to put a permanent end to the reckless over-reach of the political opposition. To me, right now, it appears the only answer is turn about. To not respond, forcefully, surely, firmly, after all that has happened the last 3 years is to leave half of American citizens at their mercy the next time they gain power.

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        • John Obidienzo says:

          Very well said!

          Metaphorically, stooping to the Clinton’s level of politics:
          Sending one of those missiles directly up the asz of Adam Schiff would be a good start–a Jim Jordan /John Ratcliffe Hellfire–leaving him, his network of White House/NSC/CIA [whistleblowers/staff], and the nest of former DOJ lawyers who manufactured his impeachment narrative, splattered all over the Senate Chamber.

          The Drone whispered above him just before the strike….’we’re going to re-elect the mother-f’er…’

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        • Doug Amos says:

          That is the reason for the need to firmly acquit. Until we expose the opposition, on both sides, we are just hoping for desired outcomes and even that is not guaranteed because they can still wear many cloaks. Getting their votes and stances into the public eye is only a beginning. To win a war, the enemy must be identified and exterminated. President Trump is finding the scumbags who hate America; it is up to we, the people, the voters, to hang these traitors by the neck until they are dead!

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      • Pale rider says:

        There is a reason the attorneys general are saying throw it out. It shreds the constitution as it passes along. Picture a freight train parking in your two car garage, what’s left?
        Even the slightest argument is giving this relevance in the senate.
        Just like the lies that started this whole mess, run through the lying media for validation. Just like Obama who was never legitimate as a presidential candidate was run through this same laundering process.
        It should have been made clear from the moment they started this shame, either do it by the law or we will not hear it in the senate.

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        • Pale rider says:

          Sundance could probably verify this. IMO the delay was to see if Mitch was going to kick it out and a deal was made. If so, this is the biggest of the coup process when Mitch signs off on a constitutional deficient trail of the highest office in our government. What’s left after this? They now own even the presidency.
          See that? They lost control with President Trump now not another president will be given a legitimate chance only puppets they choose or they will kick them out.


    • I prefer dismissal..(third time to try to post something this morning).


      • I agree.

        Letting this “case” go to trial is like a judge letting a criminal matter go to a jury trial in which he AND THE JURY know before starting that the prosecutor has fabricated evidence in order to even charge the case.

        It is wrong. It is illegal. It is unConstitutional. It is the obvious result of a crooked conspiracy.

        It should be dismissed outright; if we still lived in a sane world, if we still lived under the Constitution, it would be.

        It is an outrage that 7-8 gop Senators can’t see their way clear to doing the right thing.


  2. TarsTarkas says:

    Let’s make this endangered feces extinct pronto.

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  3. Zy says:

    If they don’t lead with this knowledge something is seriously wrong with the defense team.

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    • Zy says:

      Ps- Sundance was months ahead on this aspect and, unfortunately, none of the media have caught up.

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      • H.R. says:

        Zy: “unfortunately, none of the media have caught up.”

        Mamet Principle for some. Just plain stupid for the rest.

        That’s our YSM for ya.

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      • Pale rider says:

        It’s the process, that’s why the media doesn’t ‘catch on’. They don’t care. It’s The process that is destroying our constitution. It is an illegal attempted coup and ALL MSM is covering this up., Mitch is marching this through And it being plastered all over the news just makes it that much worse.
        Many references about Cesar and being stabbed by the closest, this is it.

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    • old deplorable owl says:

      I spent nearly a full day reading their introductory brief. Yeah, they led off with it big-time! One hundred and seventy-some pages complete with citations and precedents, as well as letters from DoJ legal counsel backing up the fact that it was done illegally from the git-go.
      I hope Schifferbrains gets smacked in the back of the head hard enough to bounce those ping-pong balls in his eye sockets off the far wall!

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      • Owl-Agree with your comments. I have read as many of the briefs and legal documents as I could and have them bookmarked so that I can refer back to them. Mr. Philbin did an excellent presentation of the issues as do all the attorneys for our President Trump.

        That being said, Sundance has been way ahead of the game when it comes to his own legal research, analysis and writing. For the last few years that I have even around, he has done a better job than 99% of the lawyers who are involved in the various cases.
        All of us who come here are well prepared in advance for any and all Demonic arguments, lame as they may be.

        The problem is that we are in the midst of a coup and a civil war. Our enemies don’t seem to care about the rules or the law. They are forging ahead with the brute force of a tiny house majority. Even if they lose the legal battle in the Senate, do you think they’re gonna lay down their weapons and surrender? I don’t.

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        • old deplorable owl says:

          They’ve said for some time that if they lose, they will come right back and keep trying. Hanging is too quick – I wanna see slow roasting!!!

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        • James Carpenter says:

          “Sundance has been way ahead of the game …” …”he has done a better job than 99% of the lawyers…”
          Literary scholars still argue over the true, personal identity of “Shakespeare”.
          .Perhaps more than a few lawyers wonder about the identity of “Sundance”.

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  4. Absped7 says:

    Having read the above article I could not agree more. The summary judgment of what is taking place in the Senate is that the democrats actions are totally wasting the American people’s time. Only people with an IQ of 5 could possibly believe their presentation and that their charges are credible.This impeachment show needs to be put to bed as soon as possible.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      They aren’t just wasting our time, they’re wasting our hard-earned dollars – and they’ve been doing that for decades.

      Anyone who votes Democrat is an abject idiot.

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      • The Devilbat says:

        Abject idiots are everywhere and they vote. I remember back when Bill Clinton was running for the presidency. My late mother in law told me that she asked a woman who was a fellow church member who she was going to vote for. The lady answered, “I’m voting for Bill Clinton.” When asked why, the lady answered, “Because I just love Hillary’s haircut.”

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        • Peoria Jones says:

          I totally believe that – never mind that Bill’s wife smelled of cabbage boiled in urine and armpit sweat.

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        • littleanniefannie says:

          This is just one more example of why there needs to be serious frivilous lawsuit legislation. For years, lawyers have used the “you don’t pay unless you win” advertisement. Why? Because they take at least one-third of any judgment. Usually more. As the saying goes, a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich. Well, a lawyer that thinks he can intimidate a defendant will sue over anything. Until and unless there are penalties for frivilous lawsuits (both to the party suing and to the lawyers), this type of mess will continue. Since the majority of those who serve in Congress are lawyers, there is no wonder that this is the kind of 💩 we’re getting. Resolutions are written in legal gobble-de-gook so the average citizen gets bogged down and surrenders. What happened to adding a LAW that says all resolutions must be 2 pages or less, 1 inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font and should be written on at most a 9th grade level. Time for that to happen so those in Congress can’t overburden resolutions with Frilly language and tattered substance!

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      • John says:

        And idiot yes,but also a traitor and criminal.

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  5. Magabear says:

    The demonrats do not follow the constitution…….period.

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    • California Joe says:

      Well, they do when it comes to defending criminals, illegal immigrants and welfare recipients but when it comes to defending us the Constitution doesn’t apply!

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  6. JohnCasper says:

    What the House has done with regards to the Senate is the equivalent of a fast food place delivering to a customer a hamburger with the meat uncorked and demanding that the customer either cook it himself of eat it uncooked..

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  7. Stan says:

    Where were Roberts and the Supreme Court, and why didn’t they shut down the un-Constitutional House Impeachment inquiry; with NO DUE PROCESS for President Trump?

    There will be NO DUE PROCESS for anyone in DC once the flash point is reached – if/when millions swarm DC to hold ALL accountable for skimming and funneling our looted tax dollars into their pockets.

    For decades, Barry and his mentor Bill Ayers believe the Chinese, Soviets and Cubans; and now Iranian sleeper cells will save their “hides”. But – they’ll be outgunned and out numbered.

    Richmond was just a glimpse of what may yet to come – when law enforce and the military will be forced to decide which side they’re on: “We the Law Abiding” or the criminal looters who claim they’re the enemy.

    Larry Grathwohl interview about William Ayers,Obama’s Mentor

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    • WSB says:

      This is the one part I did not hear from Philbin.

      The entire origination of this non-constitutional event was due both to the entire body not voting for authorization but then to it starting in the Intelligence Committee, not even the Judiciary Committee, no?

      So, more than just the non-subpoenas, the entire origination trick should dismiss this charade.

      What am I missing?

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    • Dee Paul Deje says:

      Same stuff we’re hearing on James O’Keefe’s last 2 undercover videos of Bernie’s henchmen.

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    • Dee Paul Deje says:

      Obama’s mentor? “He was just a guy from my neighborhood,” said the traitor-in-chief.

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    • littleanniefannie says:

      Stan, I don’t think I want the Supreme Court just jumping in anywhere. We’ve had enough problem with activist district court judges making rulings that affect the entire country when I don’t think they were appointed national judges. We have complained about the 9th Circus and President Trump has gone above and beyond in the appointment of judges and Mitch has done well getting them through. Still, a district can have 99 Conservative judges and 1 leftest judge and somehow the leftest shuts things down for the entire country. Why can’t we get some of those who at least have gonads enough to object? It seems Conservative judges are mostly wooses where leftist judges are attack dogs. Come on!

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  8. DebbieSemms says:

    The attorney is correct but he has a uncompelling demeanor. Trump could do better.

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    • Dixie says:

      He explained it so that a primary student could understand it….sufficiently but without fire and brimstone.

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    • Despicable Me says:

      Philbin makes dispassion in the face of outrageous provocation look easy. It isn’t. Methinks you might be misreading him. Lack of display of emotion doesn’t necessarily equate to lack of feeling. Logical coolness under pressure seems to take up more than a small corner of Philbin’s wheelhouse and is precisely what is called for here. Sekulow’s overt display of passion will nicely counterbalance Philbin’s lack of display of it. They are two very different personalities but both very good attorneys. The synergy between them will be interesting as well as entertaining to watch as this dynamic duo set about to demolish the House “investigation.”

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      • zekness says:

        a return to solemn deliberate steady unemotional serious with completeness is of great value here..and I personally felt Philbin did a yeomans performance of laying out the case (AND the lack thereof) and destroying Schiff’s inaccuracy to boot..in one fell short swing.

        there was not one single inaccuracy or opinion or off course remark within his appeal to a honest respect to the record of facts.

        I find that extraordinarily refreshing in the current saga that has been almost totally consumed with innuendo, mischaracterizations, spin, out right lies, and omissions of facts.

        If I ever had a need for a good attorney whom I could trust to defend against false allegations..Philbin would be a solid choice.

        It’s important to recognize that the corrupt dems have a certain strategy that presumes the opposition will venture out into the wilderness with their reckless adventures …it’s what they desire. It’s the taunting aspect of every single dem manager who has raped the microphone so far. It’s a type of “bracing” to the opposition hoping they can be teased into dropping their guard and making unforced errors.

        Philbin is having none of it. He is a master of his own ship…in full control of self and audience.

        Frankly, I find his style much more to my liking as I have grown very weary of the fire and fury types as they usually do not produce much results. I don’t want to be entertained.

        I want to know someone is bringing the legal fight on matters of such serious magnitude.

        I don’t want to listen to politicians insult each other. I want a speaker, who can key on the what is at stake..what the consequences are..and who is creating a danger to our system at its most fundamental elements.

        Philbin did this.

        In fact, I watched this and then flipped over to the video of the 21 AG presser.

        I was impressed equally by both him and those 21.

        Today felt like winning.

        I am not tired of winning.

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        • Zek- OUTSTANDING commentary. You nailed it.

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        • Despicable Me says:

          Zekness – I started watching the hearings on Tuesday shortly before Philbin spoke and was disgusted by the democrats cavalier and condescending statements of “facts.” Sekulow’s anger was palpable and mirrored my own but I breathed a sigh of relief when Philbin spoke and logically laid out, step by step and point by point, a devastating refutation of the Democrats presentation.

          When this thread was posted I re-listened to Philbin’s opening statement and came away even more convinced that POTUS has this. In continuing defiance of the odds, POTUS has once again chosen wisely and will be well represented by these two. Fire and ice.

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        • Dee Paul Deje says:

          “I have grown very weary of the fire and fury types as they usually do not produce much results.” Hello Roosterhead.

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        • littleanniefannie says:

          “ Frankly, I find his style much more to my liking as I have grown very weary of the fire and fury types as they usually do not produce much results. I don’t want to be entertained.”

          I agree. Philbin wasn’t the adult in the room. He didn’t make outrageous, unsubstantiated statements. He wasn’t rude or abusive. He simply stated the facts and quietly disarmed Schiff completely.

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          • littleanniefannie says:

            I don’t know where the wasn’t came from. My computer did a funny “roll” after I hit post and I went back and where I had started another way but erased the n’t, for some reason the roll replaced it.


            • zekness says:

              I understood exactly what you meant. I have frequent “outages” with my own computer…at least I like to blame it for the common mistakes I make myself…particularly with this website which does not allow an edit feature..

              perhaps I should endeavor to proof my work before going to press….

              Lately I’ve found the value in creating first in google docs where I have a quite nice app called grammerly that suggests corrections…

              It takes a little longer…

              I’m kind of on the fence about this though..there is a certain kind of human element (even in mistakes) that a “perfectly” furnishing doesn’t quite establish.

              I write how I feel. Always have. Warts and all.

              and I admire those that have the courage to let it fly, just as it erupts from the soul.

              I think one of the most interesting features of reading and writing in the digital age is noticing the human condition can still be present and that is what makes it genuinely human.

              I shall not dare to correct any of that.

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        • I agree with you….I loved it when he called it “a lawyers trick”

          I found him easy to understand and disagree withos e that say he was boring and droll

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        • RAC says:

          Agree, I thought Mr. Philbin was very easy to listen to, calm, to the point, good pace and none of the pathetic&annoying histrionics displayed by the other side.

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      • bentley1blog says:

        First of all there should be no investigation!! Entertaining is hardly the correct word as we are watching our President and our Country being torn apart by a crazed man.

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        • Despicable Me says:

          It is going to be a rout and I will thoroughly enjoy watching the miscreants who foisted and have continued to perpetuate this travesty on our country being bested by the Presidents team. So yes. I will be entertained


        • Despicable Me says:

          BTW meant to say I agree that there should have not been an investigation but that is simply not where we find ourselves.

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          • cantcforest says:

            DMe, I agree with this sequence until I recall that this presumes logical presentation of the defense to a ‘dispassionate jury’. My focus flips to ‘corrupt, greedy, self-serving weasels’.
            I have little faith in the Senate. More in the Freedom Caucus.


  9. Dr-P says:

    Nancy et al
    – complain about Trump abusing the separation of powers.
    – but that is another case of PROJECTION

    they only care about GAMP (getting and maintaining power)
    – Trump stops them
    – worse he is rebuilding the judicial branch
    – to follow the limited enumerated powers of the constitution

    so in their minds,
    – he is an impediment that must be removed
    – at all costs

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  10. If I understand it correctly, they did not take the vote (which they could have easily won) because that would trigger courts getting involved via judicial review which they did not want and would also give Republicans and the President Due Process Rights and other considerations based on existing impeachment precedent which they also did not want. Have I got that right?

    That’s why the demand letters said “This letter conveys a subpoena”, not “This IS a subpoena”.

    Now with 100% less Impeachment flavor!

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    • Mike says:

      What he didn’t explain is why the Subpoenas issued were invalid and the reason why the House didn’t want to vote.

      Sundance did a better job.


    • John Jones says:

      It is not a sure thing that Nancy had the votes to get a full house vote to begin a valid constitutional impeachment inquiry late last summer. There were 31 freshmen representatives from districts that Trump won who had given the Dems and Nancy the majority and the gavel again by defeating incumbent Republicans in 2018. Most of these new democrat reps won by very narrow, even razor thin, margins. They had also universally campaigned that they would not support impeachment but would work across the aisle on such issues as reducing prescription drug pricing and improving Obamacare. Would they really have voted for impeachment back last summer? We will never know. We do know that three of the 31 opted not to support impeachment in the final vote, and one even left the dem party over the vote. All 28 of the “yes” voters are now facing VERY tough re-election contests in 2020 over their vote with Trump again on the ballet.

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      • WSB says:

        Now, we know from Van Drew why he and others were threatened that their re-election campaign money and positions on the ballott line would be cut off.

        Van Drew decided he needed to counter-punch that threat.

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      • Dixie says:

        This was like Nancy Piglosi propping her hands on her hips and saying “Do it because I said so.” SMH. She certainly is taking liberties with her pseudo presidential behavior. Think she counted her chickens before they hatched.

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      • Yes-I remember now. there was a real question if she had the votes then. Verdict first–then trial!

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      • SeanNY2 says:

        HI John James, I agree that she didn’t have the votes for the inception of the inquiry. But then she did an actual vote ratifying the inception of the inquiry, which they pretended was a real vote to commence actual impeachment proceedings in September:


        But as Sundance points out this was still not a real impeachment commencement resolution and hence did not solve their legal conundrum.

        Question is: why did they do that? They obviously had the votes for a real resolution, because all of their constituents (via their PR agents in the media) thought that’s what they voted on.

        SO they were deliberately not commencing a formal process for some other reason than not having the votes.


        • littleanniefannie says:

          Well, spying on the Trump campaign and administration and then getting the FISA warrant after the fact worked for them before. They saw no reason not to expect the same this time, did they?


      • littleanniefannie says:

        One thing we do know—they didn’t vote for reducing prescription drug pricing or improving Obamacare because they weren’t part of impeachment. NaN can say what she wants but impeachment (not only President Trump but Vice President Pence as well) was always the goal. Notice how many times Schifft has mentioned Pence. That is absolutely no accident!


    • joebkonobi says:

      I read into Sundance’s statement that based on Pelosi’s House members “climate assessment” Pelosi did not have the votes, decided to decree impeachment w/o House vote and then use the unconstitutional inquiry to secure the impeachment votes following the subpeona-less inquiry. I could be wrong.

      If that’s the case one has to wonder if those 31 House dems that won in Districts Trump carried knew the full plan.. .I would think not, otherwise they would have voted yes for the impeachment inquiry and subpoena power would not have been an issue. It would be epic if it ends up costing those members their seats and Nancy the House. Maybe a mutiny.

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      • zekness says:

        at the current rate of failures to make a case, I would imagine the blowback is going to be much more costly to pelosi and camp….

        I am talking about big donors and supporters here.

        I know some people on the left coast in the tech farms.

        Many of them are delighted by the economy and provisions made possible with this administration…so there is a disconnect going on that bites at the old guard supply the dems have always championed.

        Impeaching the president or even sullying his reputation is having a very serious consequential result from many of these very powerful corporations who see what the democratic party is offering….none of that seems very appealing to corporations that are right now enjoying at least 4 more years of absolutely awesome revenue prospects.

        This might help explain why the impeachment language forged in shite by the corrupt dems has been developed to agitate the low information voters. They know these people are hostile to this president, so they focus on that group and manipulate the narrative to get them motivated to vote for against this president..

        furthermore, I can predict with 100 percent certainty that the next level fraud committed by this team of jackwagons will be to point at the senators who vote to acquit or dismiss as corrupt enemies of the people. They want voters in those states to roll out in big numbers based on some existential threat they will dream up and accuse them.

        fortunately, none of these corrupt dems are believable anymore.

        and I can also predict with high confidence that major donors will take aim at them and start unwinding many of their political careers in the next election..

        to these major corporations,…the only thing that truly matters is effectiveness…and the corrupt dems are now seen as the feckless losers across the board who will soon become a very serious liability.

        there is also an IC element going on…..these people cannot perform at a level the swamp needs to be achieved. so they become a liability from that interest.

        most of this is speculation on my part…but things are changing very very fast for these actors….they have failed miserably to perform….no one can stand a loser!

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        • TarsTarkas says:

          I think a lot of the left coast tech people may be happy with the economy but have cognitive dissonance in that they think either nothing would change with a Democratic-controlled government or would even be better. The latter because it would be better because ORANGE MAN SOOO BAAAAD!

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          • Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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          • zekness says:

            it’s said there are three “persons” in each human:

            the person YOU think you are
            the persons OTHERS think you are
            and the person NO ONE knows who you really are (the ONE here is the virtual person..the unknown synthetic unknowable imagined person, who “can” see what you do when no one is looking)

            in the last of these three persons, is a certain reality…

            to give more illumination about this third “person” concept…consider the interesting instructive about the nature of self-respect.

            “self-respect is not peeing in the shower when nobody is looking.”

            I know..sorry it’s early for imagery of such grossness.

            the point I suppose is that even the reprobates on the left side have self respect…how much is arguably.

            they might project ridiculous claims about a certain politic…because everyone is watching…and it fits within the culture practice.

            but if it can’t produce rewards…of what value is clinging to the false notions…

            well, perhaps clinging to failed ideas is palpatable to the idea they can belong to a novel program….

            but in reality…most humans of any stripe will eventually succumb to the natural interests of self preservation…..

            I think we are seeing a tide change. I am not predicting all of them will turn away from the political poison cup and discontinue the ruse. But I do think many of them are reconsidering priorities for the most simple and direct evidence is growing they have been misled..and their are no rewards in continuing to practice in them.

            when a normal human cannot link strong will behavior to even one single result that is rewarding..of what value is there to remain anchored to it.?

            It’s about the third person…the nature of self-respect.

            and finding that peeing in the shower (or not) when nobody is looking locates the fact about who you have become…

            I really do believe some of these radicals are having serious second thoughts…in particular these young highly skilled intelligent voters. Most of them operate in environments that require a rational logical sequence. And the large corporations do as well.

            Trump has accomplished extraordinary economic solutions that make these persons and their companies much much more secure and valuable…the “stock” has risen because the tide is high. There is noone seriously debating this reality.

            In this generation, they have witnessed what the radical left leadership has denied them..they can see this now.

            I think we are going to see at least a very poor turnout from these former radical voters…I can sense it. Many of them are just tired of “resistance”…it doesn’t produce…it’s a fool’s errand…and the top level leadership has failed to produce. of what value is there in continuing to advance agendas and narratives that do not make any sense in terms of the third person…the only one that truly counts…when at home…when it counts…food on the table…security..safety…confidence that tomorrow brings opportunity.

            the left radical leadership offers just the opposite…grand failures to produce..and a growing suspicion they don’t actually have the wherewithal to even compete for a more profitable goal.

            humans are mostly driven to reward. Americans in particular.

            sure, it popular to condemn capitalism…it’s also ironic and paradoxial that most of these same people who never turn down the opportunity to get ahead either.

            so it really becomes more of a false feature…to celebrate in some strange resist cult like totem…..but not to actually live that live or to pay the costs to serve it.

            I think we are watching a lost generation start to come around to some realities they have taken for granted…

            I also think they might want to start blaming false leaders for the empty promises.

            This is the sense I get.


  11. Val says:

    “Mark Levin delivers an opening statement to the Senate defending President Trump and responding to Adam Schiff during the opening of the impeachment trial”

    Premiered Jan 21, 2020

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    • DebbieSemms says:

      Notice the difference in tone, demeanor, compassion, presentation, and, enthusiasm, between Levin and the weak attorney that spoke for Trump? (Not Sekulow or Cipalone)

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      • Val says:

        Yes! Levin had passion! I think the attorney that spoke for the defense was just being very careful, testing the waters, maybe? But Levin was brilliant, succinct and powerful.

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      • Betty says:

        Are you talking about Patrick Philbin? Please go back and listen to him again. He may not be shouting at the roof tops preaching, he is making reasoned arguments to reasonable people, in a well thought out, clear and concise manner.

        I especially liked when he says at 4:18
        ‘Yes, the Constitution gives the sole power of impeachment to the House, that is right, that is what Article 1, section 2 says, it assigns the sole power of impeachment to the House – not to any member of the House…

        Right there you can see that even if Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House she does not have the authority to independently exercise the power reserved to the whole House.

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        • old deplorable owl says:

          My impression was of a man accustomed to arguing before high courts. Histrionics don’t play well there as there is no jury to sway. They want facts, evidence and precedents.
          Levin was brilliant, convincing and emotional, but he was playing to we, the jury. (Not that we’d require much convincing!) 😊

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          • bentley1blog says:

            old deplorable…facts, evidence and precedents are exactly what Mark Levin was talking about. Hopefully some snowflakes will be curious and listen to Levin’s words of wisdom.

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      • Dekester says:

        Maybe, but is there a better judge of a lawyers abilities than PDJT ?

        What is PDJTs winning percentage in lawsuits.

        My money, as always on PDJT.

        God bless PDJT

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    • bentley1blog says:

      Now that’s what I’m talking about!! Magnificent. Thank you Mr. Levin.

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    • Val- THANKS for posting this! We need to spread far and wide. I wish Levin could have been on the team and done this in the Senate!!

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  12. hokkoda says:

    All is well. The House Managers have shown up at the Senate to receive their public execution at the hands of competent attorneys who have clearly stockpiled ammunition to spare in this endeavor. The Democrats are being publicly humiliated. I’m sure the media will cover up for them (I don’t watch that crap, but assume it is so). Trump’s team is setting up the Senate to ask very uncomfortable questions of the House managers regarding the House procedures followed (or not followed) which undercuts the entire, silly, obstruction of Congress charge. How can you obstruct 1/2 of 1/2 of Congress and get impeached? The Senate is Congress. Was the Senate obstructed? No, of course not. The “President was locked out” part of this thread will be entertaining as well…because the Democrats have locked away certain testimony which House Republicans say not only exonerates Trump but damns Schiff as a conspirator to defraud the Public.

    This clip is why Schiff and Nadler could not allow Trump’s lawyers to engage. The Democrats would have been eviscerated. That is becoming painfully obvious as Philbin points out that the Democrats have already started repeating themselves…because they really have nothing to say of note…so they keep repeating the charges because they have no evidence.

    Quite stunning when you think about it…

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    • mushr45m says:

      Well put.
      I’m still waiting on my one indictment though. (Can we get just one of these a$$ clowns brought up on formal charges…anyone? I’ll take McCabe, who already admitted to crimes)
      The problem is, without consequences, these fools will be back at it immediately following this farce. We are now witnessing the complete depravity of the Dims, especially the impeachment crew. The DC machine with keeps rolling along.

      I’m hoping for this in the opening remarks-
      “Now let’s talk about this Eric Ciaramella who worked at the NSC with LTC Vindman…Misko, Atkinson, McCord, Schiff, Bakaj, Zaid…”
      Then a nice coup organization chart ala Sundance.
      “Let me walk you though this chart, and how it all went down…”

      Wouldn’t it be nice

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    • snarkybeach says:

      Tucker’s entire program last night was making fun of Shifty & Nadler repeating (ad nauseum) their lies.


  13. burginthorn says:

    As an Aussie looking on …

    GeeWizz your founders where some smart dudes. But it does appear to me it all really rests on the people in the end. They are the deciding factor. Everything else begins to make sense. Complicit media, schools, entertainment, universities, immigration, jobs and economy. All of it.
    If they can get their claws into enough of society and convince, through any means necessary, the people, they can change the rules. Its diabolical. And this is essentially what they are trying to achieve.
    The ‘hold on a minute’ moment is the Constitution. Its brilliant. Like I said, your founders where some smart dudes.

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    • The Devilbat says:

      They also gave us the second amendment to the constitution that allows us to be well armed in case control of the government is taken over by tyrants. Why else do you think that the democrats here are working so hard to do away with it?

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      The bicameral legislature is also important, as we are seeing here. Plus the first and second amendments. The first to help curb some of the PC silliness, the second to protect the first. Thankfully so many of you were uncooperative about giving up your guns.

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    • hoosiertruthfan says:

      Our Founding Fathers were incredible men.
      It’s the reason there has been a concerted effort in academia and the media to demonize them. They want to distance us from them and our sense of pride in our country. Obama said there is nothing extraordinary about the United States or its citizens and others continually marginalize the Founders as slave holders and white men. The left wants us to forget the rights our Founding Fathers labored arduously to establish for us.

      In other words, they weren’t special and you aren’t either. They didn’t do anything extraordinary and neither will you.

      There is a systematic and determined push for us to lose our sense of uniqueness and to muddy the astoundingly robust rights the Founders set in place for us.
      They have to strip those away to have control over us.

      The farther we get from our founding and the amazing men and women that struck out to parts unknown, the more important it is to remember the enterprising attitude and self-reliance of people in the United States as is became a country. They didn’t rely on a government to do for them, they simply wanted the ability to do for themselves.
      There aren’t many places or times since the birth of democratic governance that a vast expanse of land was open to be settled without generations of a mindset to overcome. Europe had feudal governance to outgrow where most served as serfs. They were some of my ancestors.
      We have never been serfs and I hope we never will be though it’s where they want us.

      I’ve often thought Australians had much the same mindset for similar reasons. There are notable differences, obviously, and we chose different paths but the same can do attitude is something I’ve discussed with Australian friends.

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  14. California Joe says:

    Was I detecting a Canadian accent? LOL! Patrick did a very good job taking Schiff and Pelosi Galore apart!


  15. Betty says:

    They all knew, everyone of them that stick their faces into our living rooms and make their pompous pronouncements – knew.

    They put our hard working President, his wonderful family, loyal staff and friends through hell, and they let us suffer these years. They hoped the economy would crash, they cheered when some rinkey-dink idiot judge put an injunction on anything he tried to do. They let illegal aliens murder our loved ones, and tried to make us feel wrong for wanting them out of our country.

    They took sneaky messages from Comey, Richard Burr and Mark Warner, Diane Feinstein and a whole line up of stinking traitors and shouted them from the roof tops for days and days – until the next nasty leak gave them another gulp of oxygen.

    If we manage to get past this and election fraud and President Trump is re-elected all I can say to them is look out, or better yet GET OUT !

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  16. Accurately descriptive title…and why I haven’t watched 5 minutes of this ‘trial’ sham. Because I view it as a Republican-allowed defecation all over the Constitution, the Congress, and our governmental apparatus.

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    • (Republicans allowing the Dimms to do the defecating, of course)

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      • Abolition Man says:

        Digitaldoofus, Piglosi is acting like one of the demented homeless people from her district in SF. Instead of mental and/or drug problems she is tormented with an extreme case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. She, and many of her sycophants and henchmen, run around screeching at the top of their lungs “Orange Man Bad!” But it is all a lie; they are merely squatting and leaving a pile of their Lies and deceits on our God-given Constitution, the Republic it defines and the American people who treasure it!
        They really think they can steal the 2020 election without public support; the media will watch their backs but the public may have seen enough of these spoiled, petulant children. The DemoKKKrats have become the party of KRIME, KORRUPTION, KOVERUPS and lies; big, steaming brown piles of their LIES! Trump 2020! KAG!

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  17. GTOGUY says:

    Everyone in the Senate knows that this entire charade has been unconstitutional from the beginning. It was meant to try to take back the Senate in November, nothing more. They already know that Trump will win re-election in 2020, but they figure they can do to him what they did to GWB…Neuter him and make him a lame duck from day one of his second term. I don’t think it will work. Remember when Trump is on the ballot, the MAGA crowds will descend on the voting booths. I always vote straight Republican down the ticket.

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    • zekness says:

      the difference with Trump is quite remarkable compared to Bush.

      Trump was not involved (and probably never will be) in a very complicated extended war in the ME.

      Trump comes pre-loaded, an outsider without the nepotism connected to his era, and by his personal style is much more connected to the people and also importantly with the mastery of leverage he wields (positively) with US business interests.

      Trump is not going to be manipulated by special interests that do not deliver a greater national goal either! When he deals, there are conditions that place performance above allegiance alone (which explains why he goes through staffers like popcorn)..

      He is a business person who identifies with the fly over people. What a rare combination.

      there are millions and millions of americans that was him to succeed. Because he is a winner..and he has defects we can all relate to. Defects that are bothersome, but also real and relatable.

      Trump loves people. He enjoys the position of President. What he fails in articulation and precision in his recollections..he absords in his tireless efforts…people connect to that ethic…it’s both old school..and it’s a modern feature…wild and loose at times, but a damned hard worker who can deliver.

      the democrats have no one to compete with this.

      Someone like Trump only comes around rarely…there will be many who will try, but no one will be like him…a real character…a real person. an enigma.

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    • convert says:

      I’m just hoping to see any day now some commercials where the president looks into the camera and explains that the only reason our country is living through the impeachment nightmare is that the majority of eligible voters in this country don’t vote. In my happiest dream, he would call on men to step up and save their country, pointing out that men have an even lower voting rate than women.

      Such advertising, targeted to media geared toward a middle-age and older male audience, could perhaps spark some real movement in the electorate.

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  18. Liberty ONE says:

    Remember those “silver platters” PIGlosi impeachment pens were on? When this entire SHAMimpeacment is over the heads of the DemonRats will be served on them. Bon appeti !

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  19. TwoLaine says:

    I remember exactly when he brought this up. I said BINGO!


  20. rcogburn says:

    Absolutely brilliant and lucid reporting/analysis from CTH of this fundamentally fraudulent Lawfare strategy. Understanding it is like having the key that unlocks and explains this slow moving train wreck.

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  21. Fred Witt says:

    There is no legal, valid, impeachment that has occurred in the House (the only place it can occur under the Constitution).
    The facts of the House (inaction) cannot be changed.
    For tactical and political reasons, the House did not vote to authorize the full judicial impeachment process. Without such a vote, the House did not gain judicial enforcement authority. This is fact.
    The non-impeachment by the House is fatally defective. Legally, it does not exist.
    Neither the Senate, nor any court of law, can cure this fatal defect.
    This fatal defect lasts forever. It cannot be cured. There is no “case or controversy.”
    Neither the Senate, nor any court, can validly hear the case — because no case — no House vote/action — exists.
    This fatal defect can be raised at any time and on appeal, with only one result: case dismissed in two minutes.

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    • IGiveUp says:

      A lovely and concise explanation of how justice doesn’t work in America today, and by extension, how America no longer works. Without the rule of law we are in a state of war.

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      • 55praises says:

        What the Democrats have and are doing is simply a con – with the media as their accomplice. They need to be called out (as the president’s team is) and after this impeachment hoax is over, prosecuted.

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    • Because the whole House didn’t follow proper procedure and vote to authorize the start of the impeachment investigation, as is required in the Constitution, is there any chance that the House vote to impeach the President on 12/18/19 can be declared invalid and erased from Trump’s record – as if it never happened? Sounds like it to me.

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  22. hawkins6 says:

    During Ingraham’s show on Day 1 (or 2) of the Impeachment hearing, Laura showed 2 Dems speaking to the Senate for a few minutes each but as Patrick Philbin (in the video above) was being shown live giving this speech, she immediately cut away. I watched it later on C-Span.

    I haven’t seen Laura’s Jan 22nd, so I hope she covered this important Constitutional issue as it is one of the main shaky pillars of the Dem’s fiasco impeachment.


    • Somebody's Gramma says:

      Laura Ingraham should be careful. We can discard her just like the others who we’ve found to be not quite honest in their support of the President. I can’t watch her any more. Laura, if you’re reading (highly doubtful), I suggest a cup of humble tea, re-evaluation of your positions, and I encourage truth telling to be your foremost goal. We need brave Truth Tellers, not self promotion. My two cents.

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  23. Boots says:

    If two salesmen present the exact same product to an audience, more people will be sold by the more dynamic speaker. Because emotions are always involved in purchases.

    And selling the President’s defense is what his lawyers have to do.

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    • Somebody's Gramma says:

      That’s only true of you trust Salesmen. I have an innate mistrust. My ears turn off, as does my heart, during a hard sell. I appreciate the quiet, confident, accurate, Truth.

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  24. Conservative_302 says:

    This is a repeat of the Mueller investigation. Mueller 2.0. There is no crime. Trump released the phone call transcript as exculpatory evidence. They are accusing him of crimes for defending himself of a non crime. The democrats are desperate and ridiculous. is anyone even watching? I certainly am not. I am enjoying: watching my 401k grow, hearing the the administration talk about how they care about the american worker, watching trump win on trade deals and winning in general on so many things. Trump is spectacular.

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  25. Countrywatch says:

    Patrick Philbin was excellent. So clear and concise.

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  26. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Adam Schiff had to hide his hearings because the foundation of the impeachment fraud was to create a public impression.

    Sep 24 Pelosi announces “Impeachment Inquiry”
    Schiff begins SCIF depositions. These were actually “auditions” for future public testimony and to create the public impression that there was a “There, there”

    Example: OCT 11 Maria Yovanovitch testimony
    Danial Goldman: “This deposition will be conducted entirely at the unclassified level”
    (LEGAL ADMONISHMENT 18 USC 793 et al)
    Pg 12
    Danial Goldman; “Per the HOUSE RULES for this deposition, no members or staff may discuss the contents of this deposition outside of the… Committees

    In other words, any leaks were not criminal. The Dems were the only ones with the transcript and the procedural rules (which they made up) didn’t apply to them.

    Furthermore, Schiff was in the SCIF because he was functioning a “Special Counsel” and the committees (3) as his Grand Jury. The worst of both words
    Schiff was not only making his “ham sandwich” he was leaking the recipe as he was making it.

    OCT 31 Pelosi FINALLY holds an authorization vote.
    Schiff’s 5 weeks of leaks gave House members the smoke they needed to justify looking for a fire.

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  27. Bill Dumanch says:

    This is THE review.
    All should read.

    Thank you, Bill.

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  28. Bogeyfree says:

    At some point when do millions of Americans start looking at ALL of the piles of XXXX that these people have created and direct their questions and disgust begin at Bill Barr and John Durham for potentially allowing these frauds, cover ups and coups to go unscathed??

    Seriously, look at just how many possible frauds, frame job, cover ups and ultimately coups do we have so far?

    1) Russia Collusion Fraud

    2) Dossier Fraud

    3) Counter Intelligence Fraud

    4) FISA Abuse Fraud

    5) FIB Contractor Abuse & searching Americans Cover Up

    6) HRC Non Secure Server Fraud & Cover UP

    7) HRC 33K e-mail cover up

    8) DMC Server Hacking Fraud and Cover Up

    9) Seth Rich Murder was it also a Cover up?

    10) Uranium One Sell out and Cover Up

    11) Hammer Program Evidence Cover Up

    12) Mifsud’s phones and known status as ALYWAS being a western agent

    13) Wiener Laptop Cover Up

    14) Millions of FIB and DOJ texts, emails and phone communication cover up

    15) Are they Ignoring first hand witnesses such as Cain and Assange?

    16) Ukraine call and WB fraud that began impeachment

    17) Ukraine video of quid pro quo and no action to date

    18) Ukraine Rudy evidence to State Dept is that another Cover Up?

    19) Ukraine money laundering of US taxpayer monies back into American’s pockets is that too a Cover Up?

    20) Non stop leaking of classified info by government officials

    I mean look at this list of what appears to be massive frauds and cover ups, all for the purpose to take down a sitting President and after almost 4 years we have virtually NOTHING from our DOJ.

    We are almost at Barr’s one year anniversary and still not a single indictment and nothing has even begun according to Barr himself on Ukraine.

    IMO the second this impeachment is over the American people need to direct some of their disgust and frustration directly at AG Barr and the DOJ/FBI

    Ask yourself do you really believe it is possible with ALL of the above that there is not one crime in ANY of it???

    Where not one person can be indicted and sent to prison and that ALL of this was just an accident and poor policy??

    Seriously, is that even statistically possible when you walk down this list?

    Come Spring/Summer if we the people don’t have anything other than more BS and cover up mumbo jumbo then IMO the march that needs to happen is the million person march on the DOJ and FIB buildings IMO, demanding answers and full accountability & declassification from AG Barr.

    This list of what appears to be massive frauds and cover ups MUST be given full transparency and exposed to the American people otherwise IMO our DOJ and FIB are NO different than what we are seeing from the Dems in the House.

    IMO in the end if frauds and cover ups are allowed then that is just as bad as those who have made up these frauds and cover up schemes and the American people should raise holy hell!

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  29. Hans says:

    Just read a wiki on Cointelpro. Not much has changed except now it’s conservatives in the cross hairs. Illegal surveillance, lies etc…the FBI… corrupt … it’s that old saying.. the road to hell is paved by good intentions.

    COINTELPRO was a program of subversion carried out not by a couple of petty crooks but by the national political police, the FBI, under four administrations… by the time it got through, I won’t run through the whole story, it was aimed at the entire new left, at the women’s movement, at the whole black movement, it was extremely broad. Its actions went as far as political assassination.



  30. Pelosi, Schitt and the Lawfare bro’s, are hitting the President Trump’s Wall- the Constitution.
    Boomerang bitches!

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  31. aProvider says:

    The presentation was very persuasive and all the commenters are also.

    The problem with all of these arguments is that there is absolutely no audience that will listen and make any difference to change the ongoing crap that will harm us and the Constitution.

    Logic is never going to prevail in this freak show. The media are marxist traitors. All of the Democratic participants are marxist traitors. Truth and liberty are dead as far as their diatribes and goals are concerned.

    The naivete of the commenters astounds me. The goal is to create chaos and the marxists have succeeded. The resposnsess argue about in-the-weeds issues that will never deter the onslaught of the leftists. As soon s this crisis-du-jour is old news there will be more—much more.

    If you think law and order will somehow prevail while these folks continue to get center stage, in the Senate no less, this will never end. Nor will the next impeachmemts.

    The answer is to eliminate them. If you think that can be done through elections, then good luck. They hack and fraudulently stuff the ballot boxes.I wish it were not so but get ready for something much worse and more violent.


  32. Lion2017 says:

    This is excellent! The President’s defense team needs to keep repeating this over & over to communicate this to the American people. These treasonous Dems need to be stopped one & for all.

    Liked by 2 people

  33. Snellvillebob says:

    It was apparent that Pelosi did not have the votes to win a full House vote to start an impeachment due to the 30-40 Representatives who are Democrats in Red districts so she had to trick them. That was stage one and she got their votes to merely have an impeachment review. It then went to Nadler which she used the old “in for a dime, in for a dollar” technique to force their votes.
    Finally using the same technique she used to ram thru obamacare, Pelosi claimed she needed a vote to send the impeachment on non-existing constitutional issues to the Senate. Once again she won. She really is very good at herding cats.


  34. stenwin77 says:

    Ok. The House Managers are demanding additional witnesses.

    The Senate should take a vote to send articles of impeachment back to the House to finish their investigation.

    It should not be the Senate’s problem to determine if or if not additional witnesses should testify. Clearly, the House had not completed this investigation, they are admitting this. Let the House continue to make asses of themselves so the R’s can win it back in Nov.

    Problem solved !

    Liked by 1 person

  35. TradeBait says:

    Which is why, despite their smug hatred, all of the leaders at DAVOS are trying to make deals with the 800 lbs. gorilla. Which is why trade pacts have been completed or are in serious negotiations with S. Korea, Japan, USMCA, China, UK/Brexit, Euro, India, etc. Global reset continues at an even faster pace. All serious world political and business leaders know our Constitution, laws, regulations, etc. better than the vast majority of our citizens. They study our system and intricacies. They all know it has all been a massive scam. They know the Dims are losers in both the short and now the long game now that the “cry wolf” silliness is no longer believed by We the People. We now know we really do have the ultimate control as long as the voting process is patrolled and legal.

    The unholy alliance of Russia/China/Iran only goes so far. None of them survive without some type of world markets support of their economies. They know that we know and are now willing to pull the trigger. The 800 lbs. gorilla will only let the little monkeys mess with him for so long – when he says it is over, it is over.

    Liked by 2 people

  36. rayvandune says:

    I never underestimate the perfidious power of the media, but on the other hand, the Republicans in the White House, House and Senate seem not to have made much effort to break through the media cone of silence on the fatal flaws in the Lawfare Impeachment! Why?

    Did they chose to allow Nancy to dig herself a pit from which she could not escape? Or am I dreaming of a Republican competence that does not exist?

    Liked by 1 person

  37. EggsX1 says:

    What I don’t understand is why the house didn’t vote for an official impeachment inquiry between the time of Pelosi’s impeachment decree and the full house impeachment vote?

    The house dems control the whole process. Pelosi decrees an impeachment inquiry. The hidden primary reason was to deprive President Trump of his due process (secret basement hearings) to compile the impeachment articles. A side reason may have been the votes weren’t there at the time. The house leadership do their media blitz and all the democrats are forced into the rabbit hole to support impeachment. They now have the votes for the full house impeachment vote. Why skip voting for the official impeachment inquiry? I can see the cost being a couple month delay and providing President Trump with due process but since the inquiry would be greatly reduced after the secret basement hearings, they may been able to curtail most of the due process issues.

    Couldn’t they have had the official impeachment inquiry voted on even if it was for one day before the full house impeachment vote?


  38. pyromancer76 says:

    All of those who went about “impeachment” illegally, must be arrested, tried, and “if found guilty” removed from office, denied any govt pension or goodies of any kind, prevented from any government office anywhere at any level for the rest of their lives. (Globalist corporations, media organizations, and law firms will be so swamped by those promised a cushy ride for the rest of their lives for lying and acting illegally will be so swamped they all will have to declare bankruptcy.)

    The ring leaders of Constitutional illegalities must receive prison sentences.

    Every minute of every day that this faux hearing continues, I am enraged. I use Cold Anger and follow my President.

    Communists and other criminals must be removed from the U.S. of A.

    My hunch is that President Trump is allowing the vast majority of Americans to finally see the evidence and to seethe at what is being done and what has been done to our country so that the ability and desire to transform reaches monster proportions. He follows our laws faithfully and by doing so exposes those who act criminally.

    It’s a dangerous process, but so far the winning is phenomenal. Just think of the transformation at Davos and the WTO.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. jfhdsiu says:

    “It BEGAN in the end at the NETHER end”!

    If one follows “Bull” Schiff around one is BOUND to step in his bullschiff all the time! Being so FULL of HIMSELF, “Bull” Schiff is BOUND to spread a lot of himself around TO be stepped in. Being overfull of it means a release valve pretty much has to stay open non stop. N’est-ce Pas?


  40. Lion i disagree.trumps lawyers need to come out state all the facts debunk every dem argument and rest their case.this dem 3 day schiff show is boring people to death,even fienstein left early yesterday,she couldn’t take it anymore.now thats bad.and theres still 8 hrs left.
    one thing that has bugged me and it has to have some meaning.WHY were they in such a hurry to get him impeached before christmas.what was the purpose???there is a there there.was it to keep it out of an election year?did they somehow change the rules of impeachment to make it valid before the end of the year. there is a there there,but what.


  41. TwoLaine says:

    “this could be the lead argument in the defense case when it starts.”

    I would also like to see the President’s legal team hit really hard on the fact that we and the President were all promised, repeatedly,, and then it was just shoved down our throats ilegally, a FAIR investigation by Mueller. We paid dearly for that investigation and are still paying for that investigation. $40 MILLION+, with an M, and still counting, and we got anything but.

    Had there been any semblance of a fair investigation this Crowdstrike B.S. would have already been asked and answered. IT WAS NOT! WE WERE LIED TO, as usual, and got stiffed with the bill, as usual.

    That leaves the President only one choice. Get the facts to defend yourself on your own. How do you do that? Investigate what Mueller WOULD NOT investigate, and in comes Rudy G.

    The DIMs like to go around saying if the Presiod3en is innocent, prove it. NOT a standard in our legal system, however that is exactly what he is trying to do. That is not illegal by any means.

    They should beat Mueller, his B.S. investigation, anyone associated with it, I’m lookin’ at you Rosie, and his 12+ angry democrats to bloody h311 and back!


    • TwoLaine says:

      Replay a mash-up of the bumbling Mueller idiot repeatedly being asked questions and repeatedly telling us that wasn’t his Purr-view.

      Or, the bumbling idiot Mueller saying I’m not gonna’ speak on that. Say what? Who do you think you are? We paid 40+ $MILLION$ for that? I don’t think so.

      Put every one of those angry DIMoncrats on trial in this trial, by using Mueller’s own testimony.


    • 55praises says:

      “Fair” is in the eye of the beholder. And it all depends what the Scope Memo(s) allowed. If the scope was narrow enough, the Special Counsel would be off the hook for examining evidence that would incriminate the people we all now know/strongly suspect were part of the Coup.


  42. Rj says:

    Most of these politicians know very little about the constitution and it’s constitutional procedure, They have to have staff look up procedures or processes just like the witness who sat at both tables and had to remind nadler when to pound the gavel.


  43. islandpalmtrees says:

    Whats stops them correcting their error and repeating the impechment?

    Sundance writes:
    It was separately established by SCOTUS during the Nixon impeachment investigation that *IF* the full House votes to have the Judiciary Committee commence an impeachment investigation, then the Judiciary Committee has subpoena power that can overcome executive privilege claims.

    There was NO VOTE to create that level of subpoena power.


    • islandpalmtrees says:

      The Lawfare impeachment road-map was designed to conflict with the constitution. It was a necessary -and unavoidable- feature of their sketchy impeachment plan, not a flaw

      Liked by 1 person

      • TarsTarkas says:

        The flaww in Lawfare’s campaign to make the Constitution effectively null and void is that (1) they are assuming that they would never be out of power ever again and (2) that an armed populace would continue to endure silently watching their rights and freedoms and finally heir possessions and families taken away from them.

        Liked by 2 people

  44. Eric says:

    All of this Kabuki theatre is meaningless as it will change not ONE vote on the Commies side of the isle. They lie, cheat, steal, kill, and ruin with impunity because they know there are zero repercussions. The battle for the hearts and minds were lost decades ago by giving them the educational system. All these Commies want are one or two worthless Rs to cross the isle on the final vote so the word “bipartisan” can be bleated 24/7 on every news station, Faux included. Anyone who thinks this Republic is not already dead and can still be saved better turn off their TVs and get down to the local school and governments and start the battle there. Destroyed from within is an understatement.


  45. Dougger says:

    No full house vote = no lawful enforcement of “request letters” = White House refuses to comply = “obstruction” trap. It’s simple, Mimsy.

    Liked by 2 people

    • TwoLaine says:

      We are used to this ruse. They used it in the Mueller investigation too. It’s one long continuum of pure hatred and a pity party, all paid for by us.


    • islandpalmtrees says:

      I think this is what you mean?

      designed conflict with the constitution = No full house vote = no lawful enforcement of “request letters” = White House refuses to comply = “obstruction” trap.

      Sundance writes:
      The Lawfare impeachment road-map was designed to conflict with the constitution. It was a necessary -and unavoidable- feature of their sketchy impeachment plan, not a flaw


      • islandpalmtrees says:

        Note: I would love to be able to add custom hand drawings to the replies. I think in terms of schematic. This would help me to deal with the complexity.


  46. Paul in Seattle says:

    “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

    What this whole affair as shown us beyond a shadow of doubt is that significant portion of our government and press has no fear of the final judgement of a just God. I would extend this into the increasingly godless citizens of this nation as well for how else could such morally bankrupt cabal of representatives remain in office in the first place. So if you are looking for the Constitution or Law to save us you are placing your hope in the wrong place. It will never govern or constrain the likes of the fallen men and women we are up against.

    Rather, we must redouble our efforts to educate as many as we can, and further, as we witnessed in Virginia, get them off the coach to vote in every election. All these election cycles are just individual battles in what will be a very long war to restore the Republic via peaceful means.

    I know I’m preaching to choir here, but all this back and forth on Constitution this and Law that misses the root of the problem, a problem that no piece of paper however virtuously conceived can solve. A problem only solvable by the transformation of hearts of men. At least enough of them that the virtue in the Constitution and Bill of Rights can once again shine through causing what rats remain to scurry away.


  47. Lactantius says:

    The bedrock of ethics is truth. The DemonizingRats gave ethics a full middle finger sendoff many years ago. When you dare not be truthful, everything is a “workaround” which is Churchill’s “….. riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” with the enigma being a spiderweb of lies.

    These DemonizingRats have whored pieties to the Founding Fathers and the words of the Constitution and the one indivisible nation over which it presides while lying through every pore in their rancid skins.

    But it gets worse. One can be politically liberal and an honest lawyer as well. But there is no such thing as a liberal lawyer. The DemonizingRats have a great many lawyers among their numbers. An “ethical DemonizingRat lawyer” is an oxymoron, simply because they do not serve the law. They serve their ideology. Let us recall the legal systems of Nazi Germany, Fascist Spain and Italy, Communist China, Cuba and now South Africa.

    Yesterday, Rep. Adam Schiff proclaimed that Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz is not a “reputable constitutional law expert.” No matter what one may think of Dershowitz, being rated by Adam Schiff is akin to having the check out clerk at Dollar General clear your carotid artery with a ball point pen.

    County folks are not all smitten with the “culture” of managing the masses. We look at San Francisco and their streets paved with syringes, feces and urine and wonder why such “cultured” people are keeping hogs in their living rooms. We are told about rights with no emphasis whatsoever on concomitant responsibility. Dicken’s “Oliver Twist” is about oppressive officialdom and the petty tyrannies of the minions of the law such as Mr. Bumble. The Victorian word “Bumbledom” was the catchall for petty, self-important and obnoxious bureaucrats. The ones who poke a finger it the eye of ethical responsibility.

    This entire “impeachment” scheme is hatched full-feathered from malicious Bumbledom where the truth is not an issue of concern. In Bumbledom, the truth be damned, there are enemies of the status quo to degrade, malign and crush.

    Liked by 2 people

  48. emeraldcoaster says:

    The Kupperman lawsuit highlighted the flaw in the Dem-led House’s scheme, but the whole unconstitutional process was enabled by the complicit media. The dirtbag MSM conspirators will continue their nefarious work because the public, in general, is accustomed to lapping up what the MSM feeds them. That gives cover to Uniparty critters (a la Romney). No doubt, the Trump defense team is faced with a monumental task. Godspeed patriots.


  49. willthesuevi says:

    Where was the House Parliamentarian when all this was going was taking place?

    I understand the Parliamentarian is appointed by the Speaker. I understand the Parliamentarian is there in an advisory role. But, when the train is about to derail you better let the passengers know that rules and procedures were ignored and the train is going to wreck.

    Just curious if anyone knows the answer and if I missed any discussion on the “keeper of the rules”?


    • willthesuevi says:

      Good grief. Here is the 1st question written as intended;

      Where was the House Parliamentarian when all this was taking place?


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