House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Rules for Impeachment – 116th Congress (Full pdf)

Sometimes dates are just data-points.  However, sometimes data-points help structure information timelines showing a connection between two seemingly disparate events.  When this happens, dates start to tell a story.

The CIA operative “whistle-blower” letter to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, and Senate Intel Chair Richard Burr, was on August 12th (link).  Now here’s Speaker Pelosi’s modified House rules for impeachment [116th Congress]:


Quite a coincidence?

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164 Responses to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Rules for Impeachment – 116th Congress (Full pdf)

  1. Screaming Eagle says:

    Gimmydats looking more like the loser-clowns they really are. They are stunned by all of the fighting back. They are used to wimpy conservatives rolling over to their threats. Big Donny is rolling these fools up. Can it get any crazier?? Unfortunately, yes, Gimmydats are like the Terminator #1, they wont quit, no mater how stupid it gets.

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  2. mylabs5 says:

    This has been in the works since Nov 2018.
    They just published it when they think they were ready to checkmate.
    But the problem is that they are working off emotion not strategy. That will take them down.

    BTW- my congressman came out with a statement supporting impeachment a day after the whistleblower was mentioned – before the transcript was released.
    He has no scheduled townhalls. He thinks he’s in a safe district.
    We’ll see.

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  3. Bob Parker says:


    Saul Aliksky’s “Wules for Wadicles” (Elmer Fudd Edition) tells its crotch-licking sycophants to blame their opponents for that which the accusers are in fact guilty of. In this way the spotlight shifts to the accused & those falsely accused are forced on defense.

    Now we see that Gateway Pundit is reporting that both Peolsi AND Schiff are TIED TO a RICH Ukranian DONOR & ARMS DEALER!! And yes, there is Photographic evidence to boot!!

    Now things are starting to all tie together as to why Pelosi/Schiff are striving to force/ram impeachment down the Country’s throats!!

    By putting Team Trump on DEFENSE, Pewlosi/Schiff et al hope with the Media’s help to oust President Trump BEFORE their own corruption is exposed.

    Alas, poor Dimwitcrats, it now appears that the Pelosi/Schiff/Biden corruption has been exposed & it will likely be very short order that President Trump will be ramming this info right back up the Dem’s you-know-where.

    In hindsight, the more the Dems have tried to make something of the Ukraine, the more opportunity it has provided Team Trump to get their Ukrainian counter-offensive in order & ready for launch.

    Biden/Pelosi/Schiff guilty of TREASON!! DAMN STRAIGHT PEOPLE!!

    Stay tuned & enjoy the fireworks of Democrat/Leftist/Socialist/Marxist minds/careers getting blown to bits across this Country & around the World.

    And there ain’t a damn thing that F*ckerberg, Twitter, or any of the Lamestream Media will be able to do about it either!!

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  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    The democrat donkey is walking right off the edge of the canyon and will end as Buzzard Chow

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  5. Ma McGriz says:

    Can you just imagine what Andrew Breitbart would have to say about this spectacle of seditious crime and ill-doing?

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  6. amflyalex says:

    He would say this:

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  7. lokiscout says:

    Notice in the Summary box on the first page of the PDF: “Elizabeth Rybicki”……Where have I seen that last name before? Any relation? Nah, just happenstance I am sure!

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  8. Peppurr says:

    Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) earlier on Tuesday announced that he would invite Giuliani to testify about Ukraine, marking a stark reversal from comments he made before Congress’ two-week recess.


  9. tozerbgood8315 says:

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  10. Pingback: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi Democrats Changed House Rules on Impeachment on Day 'Whistleblower' Complaint Filed -- Pulled Authority Away from Full House!

  11. justlizzyp says:

    I’m not entirely clear on the procedure here- can the Majority party just change the rules with NO input or even prior notification to the minority party? That seems very contrary to everything the Founding Fathers seemed to think about checks and balances. I guess what I’m wondering is, did Pelosi do this on questionable procedural grounds and in secret or did House Minority members get to vote on it?

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  12. Lburg says:

    This may be a LollaPalosi wrap-up smear tactic.

    Called the House Rules Committee office this morning. In order for House Rules to change after they pass at the start of the session – in this case January 2019 – there would have to be a vote taken. In looking at the House Resolution ( all actions occurred in Jan. this year so no vote to amend has been taken. That doesn’t mean that Nan won’t use this wonk’s paper to bolster her position OR that a particular committee didn’t change their rules. But according to the person I spoke with, the standing House Rules can not be changed without a vote.

    The gentleman also said that Congressional Research Service papers are just that – interpretations/research on a particular subject that do not hold any legislative weight. They are requested anonymously so there probably isn’t a way to trace who requested this particular paper or how it ended up being authored by Rybicki (one of seven she’s written this year). Additional little tidbit is that the papers can be requested by members of Congress or their staff members.

    While trying to figure it out on my own found this chilling little factoid from the Rules Committee page re: bills considered under a “special rules” scenerio ( archived here:
    “The Committee has the authority to do virtually anything during the course of consideration of a measure, including deeming it passed. The Committee can also include a self-executed amendment which could rewrite just parts of a bill, or the entire measure. In essence, so long as a majority of the House is willing to vote for a special rule, there is little that the Rules Committee cannot do.” (emphasis mine)

    That makes the House Rules Committee more powerful that the full house voting on “special rules” bills. Well doesn’t that just sound….wrong.

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  13. lying propaganda Nancy pelosi goodby 2020,
    you are piece worthier less spokesman for liar corrupt party of Democrats,


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