21 State Attorneys General Submit Legal Brief – Urging Senate to Reject Articles of Impeachment…

It is not a process argument, but rather a matter of constitutional preservation.

Twenty-one State Attorneys’ General submit a brief to the Senate (full pdf below) in support of complete rejection for the House articles of impeachment.

…”If not expressly repudiated by the Senate, the theories animating both Articles will set a precedent that is entirely contrary to the Framers’ design and ruinous to the most important governmental structure protections contained in our Constitution: the separation of powers”…

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson along with twenty additional State AG’s, submit a 14-page briefing (download here) to the United States Senate warning of the danger of not rejecting a purely partisan political impeachment effort. The Attorneys’ General note the current impeachment proceedings are “fundamentally flawed as a matter of constitutional law.” Their concerns are echo points starting to be realized by Senators.

During a press conference in front of the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, South Carolina AG Alan Wilson said the group was urging the Senate to “reject these articles” as a matter of constitutional law. WATCH:

Here’s the Brief:


“Because the legal theories underlying both Articles I and II are legally flawed and factually insufficient, as well as inherently destructive of separation of powers, the Senate should explicitly reject them to protect both the institution of the Presidency and the Constitution.

A close examination of the legal theories and stipulations of fact accompanying Articles I and II reveal their fatal flaws.2 It is important to note that the focus of this legal analysis will be on the stipulations of fact relied upon by the House at the time of the impeachment vote because this is the precedent upon which all future impeachment proceedings will rely.”

It is a well written brief and exactly on point.

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103 Responses to 21 State Attorneys General Submit Legal Brief – Urging Senate to Reject Articles of Impeachment…

  1. I’m going to go out on a limb (w/o any research) and just say that none of these Attorneys General are Dems…

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    • dallasdan says:

      I am readily inclined to join you on the limb. It’s very likely nothing more than an expected show of support for the President, which is certainly helpful.

      According to:

      There are presently 26 state Attorneys General who are Republicans. Of the 26, Arizona, Idaho, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Wyoming do not appear on the list of signatories.

      IMO, it is reasonable to assume those who did not sign were asked but refused.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Missing both Idaho and Wyoming raises a bit of a question. Those are traditionally very red states. Maybe their AG’s are RINOs suffering from TDS

        Lawrence Wasden is the Idaho AG and has been since 2002. I would have thought he is a solid conservative but maybe I am wrong.

        Wyoming’s AG is Bridget Hill, about whom there is little information other than she was appointed by the solidly Republican Governor.

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        • Somebody's Gramma says:

          I WROTE MY AG TODAY! I asked why he’s not on the list and that I would appreciate knowing his thoughts and plans regarding supporting our REPUBLICAN President. Very irritating. I’ve been writing my Senators and Reps every time there’s an “issue”. I “share” their responses with my circle of friends, and word does travel fast. I will definitely do my part to keep my state RED and keep the lunatic #resistance out.

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        • dallasdan says:

          Your points are valid. It would seem irrational to me for a RINO to so willingly and publicly blow his/her “cover” by skipping the ride on this Presidential bandwagon.

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    • jnr2d2 says:

      But Republican Ag’s of Kansas, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, NH, and N Dakota did not sign!!!! With those 6 it’s 27 states, and more than half the states!!! SAD

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    • vikingmom says:

      Nah, the Dem AGs are too busy filing lawsuits against the President – I think my AG here in Washington State, Bob Ferguson, has filed 55 lawsuits so far…while the state falls down around them, he and the Governor, Jay Inslee, continue to obsess over “Orange Man Bad”!

      Praying my fellow citizens wake up enough to remove both of them in November but that will all depend on if ballot security is cleaned up in King County, since that’s where every election in the last 20+ years has been stolen by the Democrats!

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      • 55praises says:

        Add in gerrymandering, and the Olympian madness gets more mad. Our district was reconfigured to include enough of the west side to essentially deny us from having authentic representation. Our voice was taken away. However, as you say, King County’s vote negates the rest of the state. I still vote, but know most everything will go the other way.

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      • James Carpenter says:

        Call them “Squareheads” if you like, but the people who laid the foundations of King County would never succumb to and support the madness we see in Washington State now.
        The threat of voter fraud is real.
        It has tilted outcomes in multiple elections already.
        Hillary’s “popular vote” victory was very possibly (I believe probably) a fraud.
        Perhaps I’ll spend a day in November as a poll monitor.
        Perhaps I”l assist and buy lunch for a fellow patriot combing through the County voting registrations (and using my WiFi to do cross-checks) (Did this once in my 20s – tedious- not doubt)
        I’ll certainly vote. And the Primaries WON’T be left to their own devices.

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      • Remember when “Tort Reform” was a campaign issue? We need some way to limit these frivolous, partisan “Lawfare” attacks

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    • Spooky says:

      I will go out on an even less risky limb and bet not one single Demonrat Senator will read the brief. Same goes for the stooge “journalists” of the MSM.

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    • Republicanvet91 says:

      While we are out there enjoying the view on the limb, I can’t fathom why WY, ND and ID at the least didn’t sign on. I can only guess their states require some kind of authorization to sign on to something like this.
      I DO find it interesting that SC (Graham), AK (Murkowski), and UT (Mittens and Lee) have signed on.

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    • Chip Doctor says:

      Then using Obama math, 34 could band together to push for immediate conviction. 🤔

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    • nancy luzny says:

      does that nullify what they are saying? LISTEN TO WHAT THEY ARE SAYING ABOUT THE WELFARE OF OUR COUNTRY.

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  2. TreeClimber says:

    Yayyyy!! That’s my attorney general!!

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    • upstate909 says:

      mine too!!

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    • Paula S Daly says:

      Alan Wilson is our AG as well. Good for him, for doing his job!


    • Pale rider says:

      True patriots.
      The demons know exactly what they are doing and so does Mitch. This will shred our constitution for any future use. If anyone here had a doubt about what is happening to our government and country this should wake you up. This is still a coup to the highest level, by destroying our constitution.
      Outcome is irrelevant it’s the process, as everything the demons are doing. Outcome is attained just by listening. Keep that in mind when you listen to anything the left or liberals speak.

      I’m going all ‘Bible thumper’ now! Eve listened, then fell. Adam listened, then fell. Every issue from these demons and devils, be it MSM, congress or the shlep on the street. The issue is allowing any place for their words. The bedrock, fire and brimstone basic, is speak Gods word or perish. Has to be just this way. Jesus countered every word from Satan with Gods word.
      These guys and gals see it and are witnessing for the cause. Mitch is pushing this through, he alone has the power to fix this.


  3. delighteddeplorable says:

    Living on the edge there, justice 😉

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  4. cdquarles says:

    Pretty sure the Alabama one is a Republican, and beat a Siegelman (may be a relative of a previous D AG and D governor): https://ballotpedia.org/Attorney_General_of_Alabama .


  5. littleanniefannie says:

    Those 21 are the intelligent AGs who actually know the Constitution.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      Americanism is a concept. Get it or don’t. Republicanism is a huge part of it. Rule of law or rule of men. Most people find this a huge obstacle. The quest for the god-king remains a huge problem in human comprehension. Feudalism is the siren call we must eternally avoid.

      Trump is not perfect. So what? Obama was near-perfect because the media worshipped him.

      Only the law is perfectable. Human nature is not. That is the huge flaw in leftist logic.
      From there, we proceed.

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      • George Connolly says:

        Agree, Raptors! I like to say in these modern times that I self identify as an American. Gets lots of flustered responses. Americans get it. Ours is to form a more perfect union, it is never perfect, never was. A more perfect union is what we have had, never perfect. Liberals use our ideals against us, but we never said we were perfect, only striving to form a more perfect union. Aliens immigrate to America because we are a just fair people, not perfect but working, always working to be more perfect more united.

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  6. Tiffthis says:

    Only 21!?!? Should have been like 40 at least

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    • hoghead says:

      40? Hell, should have been all 50. They should have stood as one and told these creatures, “This will not stand!”

      (…and no, no sign of the AG of Merlin. I’m not surprised. Let’s all goosestep off the cliff together…)

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  7. Newt Love says:

    Buy more beverages and popcorn!

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  8. Jim in TN says:

    Well, have Democrat AGs made their own brief?

    If not, expect a rush to counter.

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  9. This is excellent! People in government who are actually standing up and speaking out for the rule of law!

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    • Randolph Scott says:

      Maybe they will row a pair and demand the prosecution of Comey and McCabe. These two rat bastards would roll over quickly and the higher ups would bed next. Maybe some arkancide justice for the rats.


  10. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “It is a well written brief and exactly on point.”

    The average person without any legal background that resides in flyover USA knows the “impeachment” is bogus, providing of course, that they have a few functioning brain cells capable of basic critical thinking skills and are not indoctrinated by the dung spewed forth daily since PDJT descended the escalator.

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  11. sundance says:

    Senator Graham is in agreement.

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  12. fanbeav says:

    So Soros money has infiltrated the other 29 AG’s and they are now shredding what the constitution says?

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  13. coldanger says:

    Nice to see my state’s AG signature on there…

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  14. Jim in TN says:

    I am grateful that people are seriously arguing the need to flat out reject this bs.

    There is nothing in the Constitution that says the Senate must hold a trial if the House impeaches somebody.

    They split the roles so that the Senate can be a check against abuses by the House.

    The House has violated all norms and precedents. They have violated minority rights and threatened the minority with disciplinary action to shut the minority up. And they have violated the Constitutional norms and protections that have been provided to the Presidents in past proceedings.

    To make it worse, the House has violated, and is continuing to violate, the Senate. They are also abusing the courts concurrently.

    Just accepting all this abuse by conducting a trial will legitimate it for the future, and they have already threatened a continuing impeachment. But even if the stop impeaching the President, they will use these actions to remove Trump judges.

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  15. In the Land of Poz says:

    This is why having non-Soros AG’s is important.

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  16. Dee Paul Deje says:

    What, no CA, NY, or IL?

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    • grumpyqs says:

      Really shocking I know, that the home state of Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham, CPUSA, Bill Ayers, Senators Durbin & Duckworth, former Governor Rod Blagojevich and Illinois AG Kwame Raoul and other luminaries of our time, didn’t find time to sign this legal brief. But they did find time to forward 400+ voting registrations of illegal aliens from the driver license facilities into County Clerks so they could vote.

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  17. zekness says:

    so very proud of my Louisiana AG. He isn’t ate up with rancor and stupid. He knows this issue and he understands the significance and honor and respect for the constitution.

    This gives me positive feelings.

    Today was a good day…this is winning.

    and I am not tired of it.

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  18. airl88 says:

    Totally OT but just saw that GEOTUS will appear at the March for Life this Friday.

    First President to ever do that.

    Sorry for the interruption, carry on.

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  19. Sammy Hains says:

    The letter was good.
    The press event was a shambles, starting with appearing in a parking lot in front of a dirt patch.

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  20. Elric VIII says:

    “the current impeachment proceedings are “fundamentally flawed as a matter of constitutional law.””

    Not to mention they are flawed as a matter of common sense.

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  21. BigTalkers says:

    It is curious that states like Idaho, N Dakota, Wyoming and other states the President carried are missing here.

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  22. rebelchick says:

    Finally the good men are standing up.
    Thank you
    Bam take that commies.

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  23. trumpetter says:

    Looking for AZ ID ND and MI

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  24. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “To make it worse, the House has violated, and is continuing to violate, the Senate. They are also abusing the courts concurrently.”

    I have not followed all the minutia of these proceedings (my time is better spent praying *), so as far as I know there have been no official objections to the House Managers introducing new “evidence” that was not available during the proceedings in the House.

    My guess is that the President’s defense team is amassing a list of violations to be presented all at once as a motion to dismiss with prejudice.

    (*) 1 Timothy 2:1-5 KJV
    I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; [2] For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. [3] For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; [4] Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. [5] For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

    “But even if the stop impeaching the President, they will use these actions to remove Trump judges.”

    I do believe this is their ultimate goal, to be utilized after our MAGA President leaves office.
    Without a liberal activist judiciary that is willing to ignore norms and precedent, their agenda has no chance to be foisted upon the majority of citizens.

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  25. frank field says:

    Poopy presentation retards the perfect merits. They are on the side of truth. Poor presentation.

    Dang it. We America lovers can do better in our presentation of vital facts.

    Oh well.

    Trump for Rushmore 👓

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  26. frances says:

    These very valid and sound points of constitutional law should have been the first words out of the President’s attorneys,but no, instead we have this circus.

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  27. Boots says:

    IMO every question asked by the audience showed none of them listened to what the AG’s said. Their brainwashing by the Enemedia was on full color display. How pathetic. Absolutely stupid and pathetic.

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  28. If the Senate rejects the articles, won’t that give the dims the election cycle narrative they’ve been hoping for?

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    • PatriotKate says:

      The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what the Republicans say or do. The Democrats are so unhinged that they are going to continue to lie and spin the narrative however they want no matter the facts.

      It’s clear this is headed for a Motion to Dismiss and will probably be at least a 53/47 vote or maybe even a few Dems.

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  29. Cetera says:

    Damn lack of a preview…

    It is nice to see some AGs taking note and making their case. It isn’t the case they think they are making, but it is nice to have it out in the open.

    There is no possible law or constitution that can document, delineate, and encapsulate all permutations and possibilities for justice. Only an impartial, just, merciful, and omniscient and omnipresent deity can account for that. Instead, we have something nearly as good in our Constitution that defines impeachable offenses as high crimes and misdemeanors.

    What are high crimes and misdemeanors? Anything, or nothing, at the whims and execution of the House and Senate. That is because they cannot be narrowed down more precisely or encompass all possible breaches without making the document literally unreadable. We got the back-of-the-envelope version instead.

    What good is the back-of-the-envelope version? Plenty good, beyond good enough, if you have a moral people in a high-trust society where everyone knows and plays by the rules.

    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

    –John Adams

    Now we know that we no longer have a moral and religious people. We do not have a high-trust society. Our culture has fragmented and broken, generally along lines created by massive immigration, but also compounded by the secular, modernist heresies and the worship of false gods of abortion, “equal rights”, “if it feels good–do it,” the exercise of wishes over reality, and the worship and chasing of mammon over duty and responsibility to people and society.

    These 21 AGs are acknowledging that the U.S. Constitution no longer does reign, and cannot reign, over a broken, fractured, “diverse” society such as ours.

    Historically, people who know the rules and play by the rules are countrymen. People who don’t know the rules, but just do their own thing are undesirable but mostly harmless. People who know the rules, but choose not to play by them… Those people are either imprisoned or executed. They cannot be allowed to roam free and inflict chaos and injury everywhere they go.

    We have half a country that choose to play by other rules. Most of them know what the rules are, and don’t care, and choose their own pursuit of selfish interests over the rules and over the well-being of anyone else. Some are so far gone that they can’t understand the rules, but actively choose their own rules in opposition to the stated, believed in, and written rules the rest of us play by.

    Twenty-one AGs now acknowledge the truth on the ground. We are no longer a nation. We are split. A country cannot survive with the split that we currently have. Either the split must be forced back together no matter the cost, or the split must become permanently separated. A country cannot have two differing sets of rules. All must adhere and play by the rules, and those refusing to do so must be either imprisoned or executed. There is no viable middle ground.

    The Boogaloo comes.

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    • Rebierocket says:


      Relative to your fine post, the following occurs to me:

      1. You said: “Those people are either imprisoned or executed. They cannot be allowed to roam free and inflict chaos…”

      I heard an old man say the other day that “these types won’t start paying attention until it gets so expensive one could call it the ultimate price.” That was a country gentleman’s public and fairly gentle way of talking about your latter choice of “roaming-free” prevention. He talked about how rabid dogs and racoons have historically been handled. Everyone listening at the country store understood the truth he was speaking.

      2. You said: “Twenty-one AGs now acknowledge the truth on the ground. We are no longer a nation. We are split.”

      Maybe what they can do next, since they’ve developed a rapport, is to work out the intricacies of how we accomplish the splitting in a peaceable fashion.

      We hate the thought of national divorce but when a man’s wife is trying to slit his throat while he’s asleep maybe he’s better off away from her.

      Thanks for a good post.



      • Somebody's Gramma says:

        “…but when a man’s wife is trying to slit his throat while he’s asleep maybe he’s better off away from her.” And vice versa. I would be very happy to see the #resistance create their own little country, with their own little laws and government. We the People in the rest of the country shall build a BORDER WALL and will not allow unfettered immigration of the #resistance/gulag/communists/socialists within our Republic, nor in the air above our land. No traveling through our country without a strict and limited passport. They can figure out how to grow their own food and feed themselves while they’re at it. And, by the way, the little Bernie Sanders wannabe Communists would absolutely wet their pants if confronted by real armed men and women. They talk a vile talk, but they’re sorely unprepared to meet flyover Country. #2A

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      • Cetera says:

        Peaceful separation and divorce would be something I would take in a heartbeat. I don’t think the opponents will allow it to happen. It isn’t that they want to have their way. It is that they want to have their way, and not to have there be any other way.

        They are mired in the delusion that if they can dictate reality, they won’t be morally bankrupt/degenerate/insane/etc. They aren’t looking for freedom. They are looking for license. They demand no accountability, no guilt, no one to tell them they are wrong or that they have sinned. They cannot bear to have anyone who is free to disagree with them or believe that they are wrong, even if those people are in a different country.

        The devil cannot abide being mocked. They cannot ever allow anyone to speak the Truth, and point out their failures simply by existing and living a lifestyle that is different from them.

        But a peaceful separation, if we can pull that off, would be great. One way or another, half of our current country will be exorcised from the other half. It doesn’t have to end in violence and bloodshed, but historical trends are not on the side of peace.

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  30. chojun says:

    I’m proud of my AG Sean Reyes of Utah. He’s a good man.

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  31. franuche says:

    I moved from Minnesota to Indian Land, South Carolina about 1.5 years ago. This is why.


    • PatriotKate says:

      You mean it wasn’t because you don’t want to live in 7 months+ in a frozen tundra?


      • Somebody's Gramma says:

        That made me laugh. I moved further north and am loving the frozen tundra because there are some little known facts about sub zero weather – there’s not a homeless problem, nor are there gangs hanging out next to the local mini mart, really cuts down on the street prostitution, all the nasty sidewalk germs die when frozen, life’s a bit harder here so there’s not quite as many lazy people, etc.
        Former Beach Friend

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  32. MD says:

    Shiff needs to be put under oath during this whole sham. Then when he lies remove him from office and prosecute him.

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  33. jx says:

    Additional ammo, very good! I like that they attack the basis, the theories underlying the Articles.

    Although the reference to the House as the “lower chamber” is bunk. The House and Senate are equal, one is not superior to the other.

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  34. T2020 says:

    Is there something in the water that is making these AGs grow ⚾️⚾️?


  35. Pennyjh says:



  36. Alaska and Utah are represented here; maybe that is why Murkowsky and Romney have gone quiet.

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  37. Texian says:

    History may not repeat.. but it sure does rhyme..

    South Carolina Governor Gist sends a message to the Legislature that “..our institutions are in danger from the fixed majorities of the North..” ..November, 1860

    South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson sends a message to the Senate that “..the Senate should explicitly reject them to protect both the institution of the Presidency and the Constitution..” January, 2020

    21 States have signed on..

    Alabama Alaska Arkansas Florida Georgia Indiana Kansas Kentucky Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Ohio Oklahoma South Dakota Tennessee Texas West Virginia

    29 States have refused..

    Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Hawaii Idaho Illinois Iowa Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Vermont Virginia Washington Wisconsin Wyoming

    Just wait until November..

    Welcome to 1860..

    Pick a side..

    Fourth Turning


  38. Bluegrass Nana says:

    Many thanks to our brand new Kentucky AG, Daniel Cameron!


  39. The American Patriot says:


    This is how you bore a jury

    You keep on saying the same things over and over again.


  40. MaineCoon says:

    By the AGs taking this strong stand, possibly, it will be a strong deterrent for another sham impeachment put forth by Piglosi.

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  41. Donna Bryson says:


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  42. pigletrios says:

    My state stepped up..this is one expensive circus.


  43. Bigtex52 says:

    When looking at that list, what’s even more telling is who is NOT on that list.


    • IdahoDeplorabe says:

      It is indeed very telling. I wrote and will now call the Idaho Attorney General to see what they have to say but if he’s anything like the governor of Idaho he is a RINO/NEVERTRUMPER. This is not really a red state anymore if you look at the state house here. Governor Little did away with Columbus Day and now he’s passing paid 8 week leave for state employees. The people of the state are conservative and proPOTUS but not the elected officials.


  44. John Spitale says:

    Thank you to Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge for her support of our President and also our Senator Tom Cotton.


  45. Bob Parker says:

    Quite frankly, I don’t give a rat’s rear who issued this brief. Rather, I believe that its content is so incredibly important to get out there & be REPEATED as often as possible.

    Mark Levin did a splendid similar detailed presentation in his radio show’s opening monologue last night.

    Pelosi, Shiff, Nadler et al are literally shredding the impeachment portions of our Constitution right before our very eyes. As the Left’s presentations expose, the Left will use the Constitution when it is of benefit to THEM & to literally ignore the Constitution when it gets in the way of their objective(s).

    And as Schiff drones on & on & on Steve Bannon in his War Room podcast is pointing out that the Dems KNOW that President Trump will be acquitted. What the Dems are in fact doing is putting together HOURS & HOURS of presentations from which SOUND BITE will be extracted & used against President Trump in the upcoming election!!

    Think about this long & hard, gang. The Left in its boring, tedious Senate presentations is actually laying the FOUNDATION for their CAMPAIGN ads boiled down into precious sound bites for the absorption by many of us who COULD be swayed by such tactics.

    Oh these Leftist/Marxist/Socialist bastards are BEYOND evil!! The damage that they are doing to OUR COUNTRY is SUBSTANTIAL & likely to adversely affect us for decades.

    I truly hope & pray that there is some legal means by which Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler et al can be legally prosecuted for EXCEEDING their authority in bringing about this sham impeachment.


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