President Trump Interview with Maria Bartiromo…

Earlier today, while attending Davos, President Trump sat down for a lengthy interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo.  The primary topic was trade and economics with additional insight around the impeachment fiasco and some current events.

Unfortunately Ms. Bartiromo did not ask if President Trump remembered there were documents he was going to declassify.

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30 Responses to President Trump Interview with Maria Bartiromo…

  1. “Mini-Mike”. heh.

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    • swampfox999 says:

      mini-mike, munchkin mike, tiny mike, nappy (Napolean) mike, little mike, nanny mayor mike- they all describe what mini-mike is, a little guy with a napolean complex who thinks he knows better. Imagine him in Napoleon’s hat with epaulettes on his uniform shoulders, and you get the picture of mini-mike.

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  2. Kimmy K says:

    Thanks for posting Sundance!
    We don’t have cable or Fox.

    Great interview. Wish we had more like Maria. Like PDJT says, “the fake news is the ENEMY of the people.”

    Can’t watch Shifty Schiff…
    He makes my stomach turn and my BP go up.

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    • alonzo1956 says:

      Schiff and a whole host of others make my blood boil. I cannot watch them without becoming so angry I am almost beside myself. It is unhealthy and brought to us by a TREASONOUS cabal.

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  3. deepdivemaga says:

    The energy of this man is unbelievable. I don’t understand from a physical and stamina standpoint how he does it. I’m going to go read his books and see if he drops any hints or tips…

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  4. Tom Hansen says:

    Excellent interview. Maria, imo is the best journalist of the Fox network. No disrespect to Lou Dobbs or Stuart Varney. She asks the tough questions but is still gracious in her interviews.

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  5. Shyster says:

    Tariffs on the EU plus WTO judgment, time to sink their economy and watch them come begging.

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  6. john edward lorenz says:

    Doesn’t Barr have the documents? Whoever has them they should be given back to the POTUS immediately for release.

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    • huecowacko says:

      IMO, he should release them pronto in order that the release get completed; otherwise, if he waits for a super-critical moment to order the release, the release will run into last minute delays/obstacles imposed by the Swamp/DeepState and it could be a big, big problem for him.

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  7. dufrst says:

    Where is Durham? What is Barr doing? I am growing frustrated!

    The president is simply indefatigable. He will win in a landslide in 2020! He just keeps working. Got EU and WTO on the ropes. Will make new deals with UK and Switzerland. Will keep Iran and NK in check. BTW, they just kinda skipped over the ransom question in this interview. All and all, the US is in strong shape for the rest of the Trump era. The Dems will be utterly defeated come Nov 2020. MAGA!

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  8. Where is the suspicious cat pic?

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  9. citizen817 says:

    Do what’s the plan, pray tell? Tell us the specifics. I don’t think you can.


  10. DJ Snyder says:

    Not the right forum to ask about the declassification, it’s all about economics right now.

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  11. Robert Smith says:

    What makes it transparently obviously?


  12. rashomon says:

    Maria! The heels! A smart person such as you should know better.


    • ganesh says:

      Yeah, well, mostly the shots are waist up. I am so impressed she covered her arms and chest I will forgive the stillettos. The sartorial standards for professional men vs. women remains an issue. Most female reporters in particular dress like whores. Most of the younger men even are looking more and more like pubescent gigilos. Or preening roosters for the older ones. Pretty gross over all.

      Imagine if Adam Schiff showed up for an interview in a backless sleaveless low cut blouse with slicked back hair and sparkle gel, rouge, thinned eyebrows and eyeliner, and a clear lip gloss.

      That is what I thought……………………


    • Linda K. says:

      What’s wrong with heels?


      • Linda K. says:

        On the other hand, I was thinking Liz Warren should dress a little better. It is one thing to be casual but she looks like she’s on her way to go grocery shopping.The men wear suit and tie mostly or at least a dress shirt, but she has a mono outfit and these little sweaters that really aren’t that professional.


  13. hokkoda says:

    re: declassification

    At the risk of sounding contrarian – I’m not, I’d like them released too – is it plausible that these materials have not been declassified because they are evidence in a criminal proceeding?

    Why do we want them released? Because those documents fill in holes in our knowledge and understanding of how the coup was carried out. We have made assumptions, reasonable ones but still assumptions, about what those documents contain. Therefore, their contents suggest they are valuable not just to us, but also to prosecutors assembling the same puzzle.

    Not everyone has those documents. Those with knowledge of their contents cannot talk about them publicly for various reasons (like security classifications). Those with knowledge of some of the materials do not have knowledge of all of the materials. If I wanted to find out if a witness is telling the truth, I wouldn’t release ALL of their text messages, because they could then review what they said and come up with a cover story. If I wanted to get to the bottom of how Mueller was actually appointed, and what his real job was, I’d withhold the scope memos too because those are “tells”. Then I’d compare what people like Mueller, Comey and Rosenstein tell me against what those scope memos actually say. Comey wouldn’t have seen them. Rosenstein and Mueller may or may not have got their stories straight about what those scope memos meant.

    Think about it. Did you text your wife that recipe 36 months ago, or did you forward it from your work email? What was the recipe for, and what else did you include along with it? The only way you remember that is if I send you all your emails and all your texts so you can “refresh” your memory. Much of the coup conspirators’ public statements are based on the belief that the contents of these materials will never be made public. I wanted arrogant and conceited a-holes to keep talking, I’d give the impression that I don’t plan to release more, or I don’t have it, or maybe I’d say, “It’s all a bunch of personal stuff that isn’t relevant to the issue at hand.”

    The INSTANT you release those documents, full contents, the narrative engineers start crafting their clever talk-arounds and excuses and bureau-‘splaining to try and spin themselves out of trouble. Remember the “insurance policy”? Strzok and Page have sort of settled on the lie that they were talking generally about “we the people” not “we in the FBI” will stop Trump. They’ve both claimed there was no insurance policy, even. Lots of people have speculated about this. Since we don’t have all the texts, and their memories are almost certainly imperfect about what they talked about vs. what they emailed vs. what they texted, and if they actually even discussed something at all, then releasing that information helps them and hurts the investigation. Everyone’s stories would change to reflect the new data.

    Look at what happened once Clinesmith’s name leaked out ahead of the IG Report. The spin masters IMMEDIATELY characterized him as a low-level lawyer (a lie), and Comey changed his tune to start claiming that the whole investigation happened 7 layers below him which is also a 100% lie.

    BUT, if you hold onto that material, you can box people in because they’re going to forget what you have, what they said, when they said it, to whom and why.

    Think about any investigation you ever heard of. Think about the college cheating scandal. How much of that investigative information did you know about BEFORE the DOJ went on camera to announce their case, indictments, map out the crimes, etc. You did didn’t know a thing. Because it would be crazy for the FBI and DOJ to announce and release materials relevant to their investigation while they were investigating it.

    My 2 cents.

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    • steph_gray says:

      That’s worth more than 2 cents. Thanks.

      I am fine with Barr and Durham’s keeping their cards close to the vest for as long as they need to do it. Too big and important to mess up potential convictions just because I would like to know more.

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    • Thinblueline says:

      You’re exactly correct. In my 30 years of law enforcement experience and many, many investigations, there is zero reason to release the documents prior to the investigation being completed. ZERO. Anyone telling you different has never conducted a real world investigation. Period.

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  14. toocoolus says:

    Maria is the best!

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  15. Deplorable Incisor says:

    Maria: How are you going to deal with this, where they are constantly trying to take you down?
    POTUS won’t say this but he should. We have to take back the house and keep the Senate.
    Control congress and it STOPS!


  16. wodiej says:

    I admire MB. Very classy and professional. The europeans are long overdue to be taken down a notch or two.


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