USMCA Gains Bipartisan Support in House – Senate Leader Mitch Jinping Says Not-so-Fast, Impeachment First…

It’s funny to watch this transparently predictable stuff play out in real time.

After Pelosi gives the nod for USMCA ratification in the House, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell declares he will not allow Senate support until he extracts his impeachment indulgency fees.

WASHINGTON (Reuters)Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday the U.S. Senate would not take up the USMCA trade deal next week before congressional recess.

The Republican leader said that trade deal likely will come up in the Senate after the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. McConnell said the Senate does hope to tackle the defense and spending bills next week. (link)

Too funny…. and way too predictable.

Now, if you are wondering what the heck is going on, it might be worthwhile to remember the question CTH presented about this dynamic last week:

“So what will the White House need to give McConnell… or what will McConnell’s ask be, in order to protect the office of the president?  Here’s where you have to remember Tom Donohue and the Wall St priorities.

McConnell (subtext Donohue) would prefer the confrontation with China be eliminated and the tariffs dropped.  Is that too big an “ask”?  Would the White House sell/trade McConnell a China deal for better impeachment terms?

All of these are questions worth pondering now, because there’s no doubt they are being discussed amid those in DC sitting on the comfy Corinthian wing-backs and gleefully rubbing their hands around a well polished mahogany table” (read more)

Majority Leader McConnell is not about to lose the opportunity to gain his traditional indulgence fees for his legislative work.  Passing the USMCA before the Senate trail of President Trump would be giving up leverage.  It would be akin to working for free.

Both China and Wall Street have been pouring money into K-Street lobbyists.  There’s a boatload of extraction available before any Senator should be forced to take a final position. Slow down there cowboy, the check-writers are lined up at the doors.

First, delaying USMCA benefits China.  Beijing has invested heavily in Mitch McConnell and that level of alignment needs to be carefully navigated.

Second, passage of the USMCA hurts the Wall Street multinationals.  Those multinational corporations have paid the legislative brokers, K-Street lobbyists, to defend their interests. The multinationals who were ignoring President Trump’s multiple warnings, likely need more time to reposition their assets.

Third, the Wall Street hedgefunds have also paid K-Street.  If USMCA assists the decoupling from China (it does), those hedgefunds need time to extract their financial position from the Stock Market.   **nudge/nudge, wink/wink** We’re talking “folding money” here. Trillions at stake.  If you’re in the market… position yourself accordingly.

All of these trade opportunities are tied together.  The impeachment effort is the Alamo for a global financial network.   Imagine how much money McConnell can make from each of these issues?  (1) Impeachment is worth billions. (2) USMCA is worth billions.  (3)U.S-China is worth billions.  McConnell cannot move quickly without giving up some major financial opportunities. Slowing it all down makes it easier to indulge.

Each of the three issues above is worth some major cash; each must be taken individually.

….You give me the impeachment rules, and you can take the budget and trade checks, deal?….

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239 Responses to USMCA Gains Bipartisan Support in House – Senate Leader Mitch Jinping Says Not-so-Fast, Impeachment First…

  1. snailmailtrucker says:

    One or 2 Real Patriots could get their Attention real fast !

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    • McConnell is bluffing. PDJT should call his bluff by calling him out publicly if he doesn’t fastrack the Senate vote on USMCA. Smackdown the GOPe old guard like Kurt Russell did in Tombstone.

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      • Newt Love says:

        You posted “like Kurt Russell did in Tombstone.”
        1. 20 and 21 Century actor Kurt Russell was born a century after the events portrayed at the O.K. Corrall in Tombstone Arizona
        2. The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral took place on October 26, 1881 when US Deputy Marshal Wyatt Earp and his brothers.

        Perhaps it should have read “like Wyatt Earp did in The Shootout At the O.K. Corrall, and as Kurt Russell, playing Deputy US Marshall Earp in the film “Tombstone.”

        Full disclosure, I’m related to Wyatt Earp. We protect his history.

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        • Jack is Back says:

          @waynesteapartyworld, @Newt Love

          … it read have read, “like Wyatt Earp did…” ; “I’m related to Wyatt Earp. We protect his history.”
          — Newt Love

          “Ranking Member, that’s Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, Please”
          — Alexander “please frag me” Vindman

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    • sDee says:

      “One or 2 Real Patriots could get their Attention real fast !”

      Because of Sundance’s ability to distill down this system of corruption amid a morass of media diversion and distraction, we can see McConnell’s actions clearly and in context. These people are beyond graft and corruption. McConnell is a man of greed, without conscience, who steals the fruits of our labor by selling out his own nation and our essential liberties – one sliver at a time.

      We have no representative government. No laws except what men like McConnell feel they should be. I just wonder how many Americans see though the donkey and elephants treachery.

      In the end it may only be that we have to take our country back.

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  2. snailmailtrucker says:

    ” America does not need to see the tax return
    of a billionaire who became a public servant.

    America needs to see the tax returns of public servants
    who became millionaires while being public servants”

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  3. Mr e-man says:

    So financial disclosure forms don’t disclose these “earnings”?

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  4. Spooky says:

    Of course China Mitch can`t deal with USMCA right now. He first has to shovel as much of our tax money as possible into the insatiable maw of the military industrial complex and fund all of the K Street lobbyists that own his worthless, mealy mouthed ass.

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  5. MNBV says:

    In the distant future the internet will break them.
    Inevitably Information seeps even to sheep who will eventually react.
    How on god’s green earth can any Senator or Congressman actually be allowed to accept money or favours from any lobbyist, ever?

    Our politicians are legally bought.

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    • oodeluph says:

      Many are, unsurprisingly, not-so-legally bought. After promising a “weeks and weeks” long trial of President Trump, tying up the Jackass Party, Cowan show hopefuls as well as Biden, suddenly McTurtle wants a one-and-done dismissal by the Senate so that it can be shoved under the carpet??? The President wants a full trial, with witnesses galore, so that he can finally have his say in the public eye. But Gramnesty and The Turtle don’t. Why? Possibly because they, too, are complicit in Ukraine corruption and they don’t want to be outed, either? In Graham’s case, he and his ol’ buddy, McCain, are well-documented as hero’s of the former corrupt Ukraine government. The Ukraine was a bottomless piggy bank for all of these hypocrites, Dem and RINO alike.

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      • FrankieZee says:

        Trump knows both Turkey Neck and Panty wearing Lindsey are both dirty. He will expose them when the time is right.

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        • aarmad says:

          That is why the President is pushing for a long drawn out trial. He knows McConnel and Lindsey want to quickly get it over with(hide the truth about their corruption). Either way he is exonerated temporarily, until the next impeachment. The dems are already writing articles of impeachment for the sequel impeachment. The only problem is they will lose the House in 2020!!!

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      • Truth seeker says:

        Absolutely! Glad to see people getting it, but if one group of people would understand what’s going on it would be Treepers.

        We need to start educating our friends and families to what the truth is, because there are very few outlets like CTH where one can actually see through the fog.

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    • Toenail says:

      It is pretty amazing that the people of America will accept open bribery of public officials.

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  6. Onekama Man says:

    For exposing the corruption in the Republican, Uni-party and Democrat parties, I will never abandon PDJT or his family. I pray endlessly for their safety and strength. CRUDE – Corrupt Republicans, Uni-partiers & Democrats Exposed.

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  7. k4jjj says:

    The President deserves and must demand a full Senate trial.

    The U.S. Constitution gives him that right.

    He has been defamed for more than three years, had vicious lies repeatedly told about him and his family, has had the wickedness of ALL of Washington DC thrown at him, and has the lying media throughout the world against him. He has been betrayed by the FBI, CIA and Pentagon brass.

    He should not permit a shortening of HIS DEFENSE. He needs to throw everything he has at the crooked politicians in Washington DC in a public trial. Anything less will just embolden the scoundrels. He has a chance to expose every one of the bribed Senators and Congress crooks in BOTH PARTIES.

    If President Trump truly wants to “Drain the Swamp,” bringing overwhelming evidence and witnesses to expose their criminal conduct into his lengthy trial can do the job.

    Anything less just allows his enemies to rise and launch more attacks and more impeachments.

    Without a full trial, he suffers from unanswered slanders reverberating forever, across history.

    As the great African war leader Shaka Zulu said, “You never leave your enemy alive in the field.”

    The President’s trial may be the final battle for America. Let it be epic, without mercy and completely destructive of his enemies even if it brings the entire federal government crashing down into a pile of rubble.

    Otherwise, there is nothing of a completely corrupt America left worth saving.

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    • Rhi says:

      Agreed k4jjj! Can’t believe no one upvoted your post. Probably because everyone knows the senate will not allow the President to defend himself and thereby exposing the UniParty swamp collusion.

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    • Garavaglia says:

      Agreed. Unfortunately, the President does not get to dictate senate procedure. Of course, he can apply “leverage”, as he does so well, but the crooks ultimately set the rules. I doubt they would favor Trump in a manner where he could unleash the hounds. They will do all they can to muzzle his defense. Note the overall lack of public outrage of sitting US Senators concerning the sham the Democrats are displaying in the house. I’m afraid many of their techniques will carry over into the senate. Is it right? No, Is it fair? No. Is it a slap in the face to those of us who elected him? Yes. Do they care? Hell No!

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    • CM-TX says:



    • aarmad says:

      I agree a full trial would be appropriate if the rules are ‘due process’ rules. I doubt this will happen. The uni-party will not allow it. McConnel is already balking. He wants the trial too be quick and dirty. Dirty as in hiding corruption and true justice!

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    • cbjoasurf says:

      I agree K4jjj 100% that the Senate trial SHOULD allow President Trump & his legal team to get it ALL out in the open, without reservation. Our POTUS has to believe that “We the People” have his back even if it comes to a 2A reset. We got through it once back in the mid 1800’s and we surely can get through it again. Our Constitutional Republic simply cannot continue on AS IS or fall to the sirens son of GLOBALISM, Socialism, Communism,…,etc.


  8. freepetta says:

    Senile nutty Nancy.


  9. Patrick Healy says:

    Looking at this from across the pond – President Trump does not really stand a chance.
    If it not possible to identify more than a handful of honest elected politicians, no financiers, none of the spying agencies, not too many honest lawyers (i know – an oxymoron) or none of the main stream media who are on his side, I am wondering how can he possibly survive?
    I can only hope and pray for a miracle.
    I realise the Tree house and all the wonderful dwellers are working hard but the odds are stacked against us.
    We have a general election over here tomorrow.
    The two main parties are A Rock and A Hard Place
    Either way we are shafted until the next time.
    So it is not too dramatic to say the world is waiting for the USA (again)

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    • Patrick your assessment of the odds against Trump are solid, but PDJT has a couple things that even the odds: He loves a good fight, and he has at least 63 million Deplorables in his corner!

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    • Alison Wilson says:

      Ah, but this world runs on money. And for the media money comes from ad revenues that come from agencies that count the noses of viewers. The number of viewers drives the price of placing ads. So the MSM is now realizing that they need to be a little less one sided and bit more honest. Not completely honest mind you, that is a bridge too far for them. But we have seen the start of a few well asked questions of left-veering guest.
      But until their viewers come back, their steady consumers will have to endure a little reality.

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    • cantcforest says:

      Your comment about honest politicians is the telling one.
      Sundance has repeatedly reminded us that trillions of dollars are at stake with the trade deals. If a paltry billion dollars were directed to the congresscritters, each of them would be looking at a million dollars or more.
      I’m not eager to see a trial in the Senate, because I see a bunch of greedy people aided by the MSM that would spin like a dervish to get PDJT trucked away, which should provoke a civil war.

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    • Aeyrie says:

      Good luck, Patrick. We are praying for a miracle for you over there, too!


    • aarmad says:

      Not certain what you mean by doesn’t stand a chance. There is no doubt the Senate will not impeach him. It is a matter of what the trial is allowed to expose as far as corruption. In other words it will more than likely be short. Not allowing the true criminals to be exposed. This is unfortunate!


  10. omyword says:

    Ok Turdle time for you to go bye bye. Someone please pull the flush handle.

    Note if youve been in congress….either house, for more than two terms you need to get a dadgum job like the rest of us. And pay your dagnab taxes!

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  11. McConnell is simply warning Nancy that she can’t have her USMCA accomplishment to tout to her constituents while, at the same time, make political hay out of the impeachment mess that she is likely to drag out, schedule further hearings, call new witnesses, send the President additional subpoenas, possibly win court decisions on tax returns etc. etc. throughout the Spring and Summer.
    I rather like this ploy!!

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    • A2 says:

      I tend to agree with you. Mr McConnell is an old hand at the horse trading that takes place in Congress. so far he has accomplished much with the judicial appointments, a legacy that will last. He is also on the PRC’s hit list, so calling him ‘Jinping’ is just snark, something I indulge in from time to time.🤣

      He is not a PRC stooge, nor a COC stooge. You don’t have to like him, I don’t ‘like’ any politicians, but I see no evidence he is working to undermine the President. Of course, there is always a disclaimer, ‘we shall see’. So far, the evidence contradicts the wild vitriol levied at him.

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      • 13wasylyna says:

        All of his actions are anti Trump. He is why we have Kemp naming pro abort gajillionaire to the vacant Senate seat in GA. McConnell is and has always been UniParty.

        His dependence on China for his personal fortune should require he recuse himself from leadership on anything that affects China.

        He kept a corpse as a senator from Mississippi. Cochran was a reliable vote and totally corrupt vote that aligned at all times with his overlord McConnell

        Right now McConnell will destroy all of the work of Trumps trade team because it does not benefit COC or his Chao family fortunes.

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      • I blame McConnell (and McCain & Schumer) for killing Healthcare reform, immigration reform, the Wall, and he refuses to go into recess & allow Trump to make recess appointments w/o McConnell’s approval. Plus the coup had early boosts from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence where McConnell could have exposed the plot by allowing James Wolfe to be charged for leaking the Page FISA.

        McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi & McCarthy are the best at what they do, and that’s why they occupy the leadership positions. From the top of the dung heap, they control the flow of $, which comes from CoC and other global interests. Their work is like the board of a major public corporation, protecting steady stable growth for shareholders (donors) with no unexpected surprises or shocks (like Trump) to their system. PDJT is a wrench in their finely tuned $ siphoning machine.

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      • old deplorable owl says:

        Might maybe wanna check out his wife’s status in the PRC? Don’t think he’s on any hit list there! And Tom Donohue has his shriveled knuttsack on his keychain.
        McTurtle only cares about keeping the mattress filling flowing his way.

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      • emeraldcoaster says:

        “… but I see no evidence he is working to undermine the President.” McConnell was very quick to shoot down Ratcliffe for DNI. Mo Brooks (a better fit for POTUS) was targeted by McConnell and knocked out in the first round of AL’s senate primary to clear the way for Luther Strange. Judge Moore spoiled things…led to Dem Jones’ upset win. McConnell has done plenty behind the scenes to impede the Trump train.


      • Linda K. says:

        A2, Mitch has not once let the Senate go into recess, so Trump could make recess appointments. Not once in three years and it only takes one Senator to make that happen.

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    • The Boss says:

      You do a good job pointing out how to make lemonade from lemons. Though I do wish whore house madam McConnell would let USMCA through now so people can begin to see lower food prices, for one thing.

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    • Garavaglia says:

      She has done her part. She can now blame any slow walking on the senate. She has passed the buck. Crafty move IMHO.


    • icehole3 says:



  12. MD says:

    The house still hasn’t voted on either impeachment or USMCA. That may happen by the end of the week. All we have now is them saying they’re going to vote. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Dems don’t get enough votes to impeach as those that won in Trump territory rethink their positions. It is still a good possibility that they just “centure” PJDT which may create issues the house has little time to deal with. If that’s the case USMCA may or may not be voted on in the house. Don’t count your chickens.

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    • fernpel says:

      House Dems will vote however Queen Resting B’face tells them to vote – even if it means sacrificing their seats. She and Mitch are a united front – losing a few seats while also removing our POTUS is collateral damage she’s more than willing to absorb.


  13. ATheoK says:

    “McConnell (subtext Donohue) would prefer the confrontation with China be eliminated and the tariffs dropped. Is that too big an “ask”? Would the White House sell/trade McConnell a China deal for better impeachment terms?”

    Mitchy jinping is overvaluing his position.
    Typical of the DC swampians, Mitchy expects President Trump to crumple.
    A) The value of rescuing America from China and the globalists is far larger than an impeachment trial.

    B) Mitchy’s impeachment trade does not really offer President Trump anything of value.

    C) President Trump can 1) seek SCOTUS determination about the legality of the democrat sham impeachment; 2) wait till Chief Justice John Roberts serves as judge at the impeachment trial. Either choice places Mitchy’s corruption on notice of getting outed.
    The longer the public observes Mitchy pushing Donohue’s desires while self serving Mitchy’s desires, the uglier the public will get.

    D) Every action taken by Congressional Democrats and Senators to harm the Constitution can be taken as wilful negation of their oaths. They should be tried and impeached themselves for their perfidy.

    E) This Administration, Congress and Senate will be demonized for centuries. Mitchy, Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff will all become examples of incompetence, greed, arrogance and sheer corruptness.

    F) Basically, Mitchy and scheming Schumer are welcome to join Pelosi, Nadler and Schiffy in their plummets to their public nadir in deep pit of corruption.

    G) President trump should have video and audio of all communications from Mitchy. Showing the public those efforts of extortion would cleanse much.

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    • Ospreyzone says:

      Agreed. China Mitch is way out over his skis if he thinks this ultra-weak impeachment attempt is worth ceding anything to China. He must know that PDJT would call that bluff all day long.

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      • De Oppresso Liber says:

        Excellent post — direct, to-the-point, and accurate.

        President Trump should dare McConnell & Co. to publicly try the crap the America haters in the house tried. Expose them all.

        Of course, it would help the president tremendously, in my opinion, if we could get a few hundred thousand deplorables to stink up the capitol steps with our presence….

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  14. trialbytruth says:

    Sundance your economic analysis is.par none.

    So my question is haven’t the multi Nationals hedged their bets

    I would have thought that all the uncertanty would have been cooked out in the last three years,

    Is wall streets really that full of themselves
    My guess is trump response is

    Go ahead Mitch make my day,

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  15. Paul Apostle says:

    Wouldn’t be complete without a doomsday article!


  16. mg says:

    Republicans suck


  17. mg says:

    Miss. Lindsey is well on his way to protecting the deep state. Republicans suck

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  18. Mike in a Truck says:

    Mitch is not loved in Kentucky. He will need PDJT in order to get reelected. That’s the “Deal”.

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    • emeraldcoaster says:

      Count on it just like Tillis (NC) got an early POTUS endorsement. Hate me some Tillis, but I’ll vote for Op-ed Thom because our POTUS asked.


  19. Alfred Barnes says:

    Most likely, the ask will be to avoid exposing Ukraine corruption, which is exactly what Trump was doing when he pulled the pin on the grenade and tossed it during the phone call with Volodymyr, and blew it sky high. Graham has already indicated he will block any Ukraine corruption testimony.

    The Senate has an opportunity to do the right thing, but I don’t think anyone here is waiting with baited breath for that, nor for AG Barr to do his job. Trump’s toughest sell on draining the swamp, is finding allies who aren’t corrupt themselves. Are we seriously trading one corrupt dictator for another? This all started with the surveillance state. When do we see the principles of this constitutional republic upheld?

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  20. TwoLaine says:

    Mike Lee had also been trying to get hus Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act, and I have tho’t all along they are going to try to trade that dead dog for no impeachment.

    Mike Lee wants to replace out workers with workers from other countries.

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  21. JAS says:

    POTUS’ strategy has so far been consistent. Let people expose themselves. Then pounce on them
    relentlessly. Nancy accused POTUS of being a king and she’s right. He is the King of Whoopass.

    I stopped being worried a while back. Our President is way above my pay grade, and I am no slouch negotiating.

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  22. Alison Wilson says:

    Trump should tell McConnell that he will not only withhold endorsement, but allow Bill Barr and John Durham to investigate the China connections within the House and Senate. Even a whiff of scandal before an election should bring some of these people to heel.
    And while I am anxious to see the reports that are now NOT coming until early to mid summer next year, the timing has to be done carefully. The Dems want the impeachment done quickly so that it will fade from memory by next Nov. But the reports need to still slow roast a little longer “Nothing says lovin’ like something in the oven.”


  23. Bastiat says:

    Nancy Pelosi passed USMCA not to save face. She doesn’t care. A united front from Democrats in impeachment doesn’t really explain it either. Moderate Democrats aren’t going to be saved by it.

    There is something more insidious here between her and McConnell. Sure, he wants to extract as much money as he can, but really, the best way to do that is to remove Trump. What does USMCA leverage get him in that endeavor?

    I still do not trust the Senate. I’m not sure why everyone else seems to.

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    • sDee says:

      “”What does USMCA leverage get him in that endeavor?””

      It may be worth looking at USMAC in light of the existential battle Trump has taken on… global governance. The globalists have been at this 100+ years, They knew global governance would have to unravel sovereignty and nationalism (e.g. EU). Most importantly they had to take down American nationalism while extracting the wealth of her citizens, and the distribution of our intellectual property to the nations whose peoples are under control (e.g. China).

      USMCA is one battle to reverse the flow.

      Donald Trump is leading an historic and complex battle on many fronts, while we keep electing and reelecting hundreds like McConnell and Pelosi. Our politicians get rich doing the globalists’ dirty work, but they also control the the legislative agenda which Donald Trump needs to rebuild America and to unravel the globalist minions deeply embedded throughout our government.

      We could do our part by removing them.

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  24. Bogeyfree says:

    For those who think PT is going to get a wide open, kick ass, expose everything in his Senate trial think again.

    This post and Sundance’s reply might help explain why the Articles of Impeachment were written as they were.

    Nothing about Ukraine corruption, money laundering and Biden and the WB will be allowed in the trial.

    I still would not be surprised to see a secret ballot voting provision come out of the McConnell / Schumer Rules.

    Too many RINOS hate PT and are owned so this is there last opportunity even if the Articles are flimsy at best. 20 RINO Brutuses will vote to impeach before anyone can dig deeper into their money laundering and kickback schemes. Too many hands IMO are dirty.

    With PT gone, Durham and Barr’s investigations just fizzle away almost as if they never happened IMO.


    • dawg says:

      It is for this reason that I have continuously asked people that think we should want a long trial in the Senate, “What makes you think the corrupt Senate would allow that in the first place?”

      But your logic is flawed, the Senate is signalling that they will not allow a long trial and it will get thrown out promptly resulting in NO CONVICTION.

      So my question to you is, if you really think the Senate is going to remove our President, what are you prepared to do about it?


    • thedoc00 says:

      You are wrong about the wording. The Ukraine and Russia-Russia are listed as part of the evidence. It is far more than the wording one has to consider, the evidence is also part of the Articles of Impeachment. So, it is all still in play.

      You make the same mistake as some of the conservative pundits, who think because a topic is not part of the charges or if the presenter of evidence is excludes that the topics are excluded. Wrong … they are/were included, again as evidence. The dirty senators taking money are not in the clear as you suggest.


  25. john says:

    Grahams interests dont seem to align with McConnells.

    Graham wants impeachment to be DOA. Any light shed by a trial is liable to implicate his role in the rape of the Ukraine and the theft of US foreign aid dollars..

    McConnell wants to hold impeachment over PDJT’s head so he is able to extort what he, the multinationals, Wall Street and Tom Donohue want. He thinks the mere threat of a trial will bend PDJT to his will.

    I hope we witness the Mother of all Political Battles between these two GOPe factions that sheds light on the truth of them leading to their ultimate destruction.

    Im sure that PDJT is looking forward to this as well and has it game planned. These fools may be big fish in their ponds but PDJT is a shark in complete control of all he surveys.


  26. beach lover says:

    There’s still a part of me that thinks this won’t go to the Senate. The Dims have made their point.. lousy as it was, but their base probably already thinks Trump has been impeached.

    I don’t think they want to have the trial in the Senate and all that will be exposed. Think not only Biden, their frontrunner, but the wiretapping, that they used as examples of ‘Trump lied” for what? 3 years?? Then there is Schiff.. the WB, and all that they did. This will tie in with the wrongs of the Obama administration as well. That news is seeping out from the IG report. A few more comments from Barr should do it. (Bet you won’t see him interviewed on the MSM anymore, LOL)

    So.. look for something to happen to keep it from the Senate. And Trump should have a little pull-aside with Lindsay, and say.. “I demand exoneration from facts, not from politics. Do it my way. “

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  27. thedoc00 says:

    Just an interesting parallel observation, with respect to McConnell’s positioning on behalf of China and US Multi-Nationals. I like to watch foreign markets, to correlate finance with political posturing such as this one. For the last few days the Chinese markets have been on a rather interesting up-tick, which I found interesting since there has been little in the way of positive WTO, IMF, Trade Rumors and Chinese Government QE discussion.


  28. BigTex52 says:

    Time for Beijing Mitch and his Chinese wife and in-laws to head for the exit

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  29. 6x47 says:

    Key point to remember: Mitch McConnell is up for reelection in 2020, so the timing is fortuitous in that he’s about to face the voters and is transitioning into “campaign Mitch” the rock-ribbed conservative loyal supporter of Our Beloved President Trump – who carried Kentucky by 30 points in 2016, and has been very popular in this coal state.

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  30. Mo says:

    I think the President will choose a quick tossing of this sham impeachment because that’s the best option right now.

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    • 6x47 says:

      Not only that – the Senate GOP also wants a quick trial (assuming the articles of impeachment pass the House): It could very well be a summary dismissal with prejudice on day 1. The charges are so poorly defined (for example not specifying what benefit the president allegedly received, from the not precisely defined acts) the President’s attorneys can successfully argue IMO no crime is even alleged, and even if the prosecution proved everything it still wouldn’t constitute “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

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      • Harvey Lipschitz says:

        Abuse of power is vague. He is President and Congress can’t make laws without signatures.


        If Biden is NOT investigated, there is major obstruction.


  31. DiogenesVindicated says:

    All of Mitchs’ power lies in the covert deception he holds close to his vest. Expose that simple fact and He is toast. The burning question is will Mitch blow up the republic when his ship sinks?


  32. corimari2013 says:

    This sentence in sundance’s article caused me to think about McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao and her heritage.:
    “McConnell (subtext Donohue) would prefer the confrontation with China be eliminated and the tariffs dropped.”
    McConnell not taking up the USMCA trade deal indicates to me that we have a new version of a 1971 movie here folks. This one is called “The Chinese Connection”.
    Elaine Chao’s heritage:

    Elaine Lan Chao was born in Taipei, Taiwan, on March 26, 1953. She was the oldest of six girls. Her family had come to Taiwan in 1949, fleeing the Communist takeover of the Chinese mainland, and they had connections to two Chinese families who owned shipping companies. In 1958 Chao’s father, James, came to the United States, taking a job with one of those companies.

    “shipping companies”…hmmm

    Now read this VERY interesting article about Elaine Chao’s father’s shipping company, the monies that have poured into the McConnell household, and McConnell’s connections to China:

    It’s all about the money.
    Just like Alfred said in the1947 movie “Miracle on 34th Street”: “Make a buck, make a buck”:


  33. sundance says:

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Trump Train says:

    Here is the deal. Mitch got 214k votes in the last primary 87k more than no2. KY needs to draft a letter to Mcconnel and say here is what you are doing. Get it signed by 200k voter and give him an or else we will primary your ass.


  35. Martin says:

    McConnell and his ilk inspire nausea.


  36. mikeyboo says:

    It seems to me, McConnell is punishing the Democrats for the impeachment crap. I believe he is saying, “you better deep six this impeachment nonsense QUICK or your desire to win back the American people with the trade agreement is going to be stalled. And you will face their anger at the ballot box.


  37. Road Runner says:

    My position is PDJT needs to get this Impeachment BS behind asap… What ever it takes… Censure or immediate dismissal but do not draw it out…

    There is now way I would trust a Jury compiled of the US Senate to decide my fate… Caesar trusted his Senate and we all know how that worked out for him…

    We don’t need another Et Tu? Brute, moment…

    PT does not need a long trial to exonerate himself… I believe he indeed does have the goods on many Senators and should let each and everyone of them know in no uncertain terms that if they don’t fall in line and behave there will be hell to pay… Hold on the the “Chits” as a heavily leveraged Senator makes for for a compliant & polite Senator… If an impeachment does arrive have them kick it to the curb immediate…

    Nothing that would come out of a long, drawn out Senate Trial, will move the needle of public opinion one tiny bit at all…. The 40% of the morons that support the dems will not ever change… And the remaining 60% already know what a sham the last 3 years have been… If anything exposing any Republican Senators as dirty will only enable the dems to potentially damage the slim margin we currently hold in the Senate…

    We don’t need to call Hunter Biden to ask him about his dirty dealings, his baby mamma is already doing that for us and it will come out… Sleepy Joe at best only has a shelf life with an expiration date until November and most likely less…

    In the meantime Barr, Durham and Rudy will carry the water for us, this spring and summer heading into November… Not sure how much pain they will bring to bear on the bastards but it will be more than we would get out of the Senate. Can you imagine the Trump rallies with new info dropping every couple days… They will be epic…

    PDJT should file all the proof away until after November 3… And then use it at his discretion going forward to finish implementing his MAGA/KAG agenda… Keep all the corrupt bastards on a short leash like the bunch of neutered poodles they are…

    AS Sun Tzu would say, he can always slay the bastards at at time and place of his choosing and not let the turtle or piglosi dictate the terms….


    • Road Runner says:

      Another added bonus is the dem Senators running for President will be free to stay on the campaign trail in plain view of the public… The more they open their mouths and spew their insanity the better…. I would not interrupt their self destruction…

      Let the fools be fools….


  38. Doug Amos says:

    Ask yourself, how much would we have known about any of this just 3 years ago? Every dance, all the lies seal their doom; The Deplorables know and we are not for sale. Insult our intelligence at your own peril; we are coming for you and there is no place to hide. There is a reason rats hate light.


  39. Bendix says:

    The only bright side in all this is that Mitch does something predictable, but now instead of the media getting to spin it, Sundance calls him out almost in real time, and Rush broadcasts it all over the country.
    How they must hate that.


  40. Doug Amos says:

    No worries; everybody knows Sundance has got Mitchy Mouse in the crosshairs.


  41. pteronarcyid says:

    Heaven forbid the GOPe act in the best interests of our country. This just reminds us that Trump could have done and will do so much more without being saddled by RINOs and NTs.


  42. Bendix says:

    I’ve been praying for a sign.
    Yesterday I was shopping in the Aldi. I noticed two women dressed in full nun’s habit. I almost thought they were costumes. When was the last time anyone saw nuns in the supermarket, in habits?
    For me I’m sure it’s been 50 years, at least. What’s more, they were young women.

    I’m taking it as a sign, I just don’t know what of.


  43. honeybee12345 says:

    USMCA “Trade Agreement”, the North American Union, an Article V convention, and Red Flag Laws: Connecting the Dots

    Every word, clause, sentence, paragraph, page, chapter, and appendix of the USMCA “Trade Agreement” is in blatant violation of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. This is formation of the North American Union which gives away American sovereignty.


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