The Senate and Impeachment Dynamic…

As the House impeachment of President Donald Trump becomes more of a forgone political conclusion it’s worth considering what terms and conditions Senate Leader Mitch McConnell will extract in order to preserve a Trump Presidency.

Most political pundits will not correctly outline the status of the possibilities, because most political pundits are willfully blind to the structure of the McConnell Senate.

First, McConnell doesn’t care about holding a majority position in the Senate.  Whether he is a majority leader or a minority leader doesn’t matter to McConnell. In fact McConnell’s political skill-set does better in the minority than the majority.

The preferred political position for Mitch McConnell is where he has between 45 and 49 republican Senators, and the Democrats hold the Majority with around 55.  Of course with Reid’s retirement, this would now be with Majority leader Chuck Schumer holding office.

Why does McConnell prefer the minority position?

The answer is where you have had to actually follow Mitch McConnell closely to see how he works.   When the Majority has around 52 to 55 seats, they need McConnell to give them 8 to 9 votes to overcome the three-fifths (60 vote) threshold for their legislative needs.  It is in the process of trade and payment for those 8 to 9 votes where McConnell makes more money, and holds more power, than as a sitting Majority Leader.

The 60 vote threshold, and McConnell’s incredible skillset in the minority, is where he shines.  Each of the needed votes to achieve sixty is worth buckets of indulgence to the minority leader.  This is why McConnell never changed the Senate rules for legislative passage.

Except for budget passage (reconciliation); and McConnell being forced by intransigence in the era of Trump resistance to change the judicial vote threshold to 51; McConnell would never consider changing the legislative threshold to a simple majority because it would be removing his favored position.  A simple majority vote is adverse to his interests; that’s why he retained it during his reign as majority leader; as did Harry Reid before him.

The vote selling to the 60 vote threshold in the Senate is where the UniParty operates; and where the status of maximum financial benefit for the minority exists.

Currently, as majority leader, McConnell needs to purchase eight or nine votes for each legislative priority.

Mitch McConnell doesn’t like being the purchaser, he prefers being the vote seller where his skill-set as a broker really shines.  McConnell is much better at extracting terms for his vote sales, than being the purchaser for the votes of an intransigent minority wing. This is why the current Senate doesn’t pass many bills.

If Democrats were in the majority, and McConnell was the minority leader, we would see much more legislation pass because Schumer is a more well financed buyer (K-Street) and McConnell is a much better seller.  Whenever we have this minority dynamic it always leaves people confused because few really watch what McConnell is doing.

McConnell takes his favorite twenty controlled GOP senators and brokers their votes on an ‘as needed’ basis.  The eight to ten senators he selects each time get compensated in the process.  McConnell rotates the financial beneficiaries on a bill-by-bill basis.  As a consequence each of the 20 or so McConnell senators gets quite wealthy over time, and McConnell gains additional power and influence.

If any of the republican Senators attempt to disrupt this UniParty business model McConnell excommunicates them from the legislative process; the best reference for the ‘incommunicado’ approach is former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC).

Additional references for how McConnell operates this scheme as the Minority Leader can be found in the Corker-Cardin amendment which allowed the Iran nuclear deal/payments under Obama; and/or the “fast track” Trade Promotion Authority deal for TPP passage, again for President Obama’s maximum benefit.   In these examples McConnell worked with Harry Reid to flip the vote threshold from votes to approve, to votes needed to deny.

Within TPP Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was again working on the priorities of U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue.   McConnell and Donohue have been working together on UniParty trade and domestic legislative issues for around twenty years. It is well established that Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has one major career alliance that has been unbroken and unchanged for well over two decades. That alliance is with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and specifically with CoC President Tom Donohue.

CoC President Tom Donohue represents Wall Street interests and supports: all multinational trade deals, open-border immigration policies, amnesty legislative constructs, and all of the issues that have generally irked common-sense GOP voters for the same period of time. [SEE HERE and SEE HERE].

Tom Donohue is the biggest lobbyist spender in DC every year, by a mile.

To remind ourselves how Minority and Majority Senator McConnell took down the threat of the Tea Party revisit these old articles CNN Part I and CNN Part II  both showcase how McConnell works.   Then do some research on how McConnell worked with Haley Barbour in Mississippi [SEE HERE].

So the reason for outlining this Senate dynamic is simply to remind everyone that with a Senate impeachment trial coming up, it’s not the 2020 campaign to hold a majority in the senate that matters to Mitch McConnell.  If McConnell can rid himself of Tom Donohue’s nemesis, President Trump, and simultaneously return to his preferred and more lucrative position as minority leader, he would be quite happy.

The first opportunity for leverage over the White House will come in the shape of the Senate “rules of impeachment”.  The senate will have wide latitude in how they set-up the processes and procedures for the trial – and McConnell never misses an opportunity to leverage a “get” from his senate position.

So what will the White House need to give McConnell… or what will McConnell’s ask be, in order to protect the office of the president?  Here’s where you have to remember Tom Donohue and the Wall St priorities.

McConnell (subtext Donohue) would prefer the confrontation with China be eliminated and the tariffs dropped.  Is that too big an “ask”?  Would the White House sell/trade McConnell a China deal for better impeachment terms?

All of these are questions worth pondering now, because there’s no doubt they are being discussed amid those in DC sitting on the comfy Corinthian wing-backs and gleefully rubbing their hands around a well polished mahogany table….

….There are trillions at stake !


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  1. FPCHmom says:

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  2. tonyE says:

    OTOH, Trump likely holds dirt on McConnel and he could order that a lot of that be made public.

    Furthermore, if McConnell folds, it’s quite likely it won’t matter, to him, who is the minority because he’ll be haunted out of office.

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    • All Too Much says:

      What dirt is that?


      • Dutchman says:

        Read PDJT’s latest tweets, regarding impeachment. Saying how, in a trial in the Senate, with fair rules, ALL the corruption in the swamp will be exposed.

        McConnell has been in Senate for,30+ years, in leadership position for most.
        You just KNOW he is corrupt. And normally, he would be ‘safe’ because FBI/DOJ, as we have seen protects rather than investigates Congress.

        And, the main ‘device’ to keep Congress ‘honest’ is ‘ethics investigations’BY Congress, and Leadership controls those. So, being in leadership, and so immune, its a given he is corrupt and its probably not that hard to prove.

        I agree, he and his cronies enjoy minority position, and just LOVE that fillibuster rule, requiring 60 votes.
        PDJT Could have made much more legislative progress, if not for that, and he tweeted McConnell repeated, early on to change it.

        He also like his ‘squishy’ Repubs, as it also gives him leverage, as well as an ‘out’or excuse.

        Personally, I don’t think PDJT will make any ‘Deal’ or any concessions with Mitch, ‘in exchange’ for getting a fair shake.

        Just as he DARED Nancy to impeach, I think Trumps responce to McConnell is “Go ahead, make my day! If you run a transparently unfair trial in the Senate, in the glare of the klieg lights, you and your cronies will be exposed as the corruptocrats you are, to the 95% of Republican party voters who are with ME, and they will NEVER forgive you and your buddies. ALL the corruption will be exposed, and that includes YOU and YOURS.”

        Its Trump vs. McConnell, face to face in a sudden death poker match. It was ALWAYS going to come down to this, and my money,…ALL of our money, is on PDJT. We have pooled our resources (votes and support) to “bank” him, into this Poker competition, and its coming down to the final round, and the final hand. THIS is what PDJT has been saving Declassification for. Its his ‘hole card’, and may not be his only one.

        PDJT has known from the start, it was going to come down to this, so had plenty of time to prepare.

        McConnell, I suspect has about as much chance as a one legged man, in an *ss kicking contest.

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        • Kaco says:

          Does McConnell really want to be the catalyst in bringing on Revelation? Because if Pres Trump is gone, it will come. The Dems wield enough power as it is and they’ve made it very clear what’s coming if and when they seize power. How can McConnell live with himself?

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        • 🍺Gunny66 says:

          THIS^^^^^^…..Spot on Dutch…

          Does anyone really believe PDJT is just going to let the Congress Impeach him?

          Does anyone believe he “does not” have leverage on Mitch and probably 90% of Congress…..does anyone think that Mitch does not know this?

          Mitch and others should be shaking in their boots….

          Sundance states that Mitch has his “Core Group” of Senators….20 or so to do as they desire…..If this old scheme is played again by Mitch…..They will all be gone……..

          This reminds me of the Best Poker movie ever…..Rounders…when “Mike” played “Eddie KGB” in the final game.

          Eddie KGB was all powerful and considered unbeatable……But Mike knew his weakness and beat him soundly…..Does anyone remember how?

          By “Checking”…..not giving away his hands… making KGB expose himself…

          Our President is “Asking” for a Senate trial……There he will again expose the swamp thru their own hubris……their own corruption….

          No issues

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          • cbjoasurf says:

            Not to mention if any Senator’s CORRUPTION is revealed and they’re convicted of it ALL if their ILL GOTTEN ASSETS will be FORFEIT which IMHO could very well pay off the National Debt.


            • bluebongo says:

              If you’ve read PDJT’s The Art of the Deal you know that he has already thought past the Senate trial, he’s not going to crush McConnell, just extract what he wants and leave him feeling like he won….just a little. Trump wants to be remembered as the best President ever, so he needs a future with McConnell after he beats the Dems like a drum during impeachment, extracts maximum advantage for 2020 to get a majority in the House, and a filibuster proof Senate. There is where McConnell makes more than he could imagine, because he will own CoC, and Trump will deliver him.


          • Dutchman says:

            Know when to hold em, when to fold em, and when to WALK AWAY, and when to RUN.
            The Uniparty doesn’t appreciate country music, its for us unwashed Deplorables, LOL.

            If you sit down to a poker table, cast your eyes around the table, and DON’T see who the sucker is, …..its YOU!….

            Lots of,analogies and metaphores to contests, games, sporting events…

            But it seems chess and poker come closest, and PDJT is lightyears ahead of amyone else, and Mitch is gonna meet his match, very soon.


        • icthematrix says:

          Bravo. I hope your analysis is correct, and suspect it is. President Trump should have all of the dirt, or is accumulating it as this crap has unfolded. Time to bare knuckle it. I’d love to see the slime turtle get called out, along with Graham, Romney, et all…plus the horde of corrupt dims in Congress. Blow them all into the open, followed by reams of evidence and trials. But…this system will only be changed if PDJT can keep pushing into a next term, bringing changes in Congress with him. I trust him to play it as the genius he is.

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          • RJ says:

            “Time to bare knuckle it.”

            I’d say you have seen the future of this parlor game being played out in Washington, DC. Give thanks to the Baby Boomer generation, a generation of narcissists for sure.

            The name of this forthcoming game is “hot potato” and nothing more. We are now finishing up “musical chairs” and look who is winning: The Democrats..

            Divorce you say? Ok, let’s play that game too. The girls (that would be Hillary, Nancy, Michelle, Susan. Liz et al. won’t leave till they have the scalp of Donald, even with that orange hair they detest. Think Jimmy Hoffa.

            It’s feelings versus facts…going to court is really not what the dems seek, they seek public opinion as their court–the future national election is where the real verdict will arrive for the dems. Look to how the media plays this game.

            Keep in mind Donald Trump has been through divorce and knows all about image making. And he knows thugs when he sees them! The angry girls are hoping that their “sympathetic” males will go out front and destroy Trump. They are fighting with words as weapons…it’s what lawyers are trained to do…and love to do!

            You should wrap your knuckles with very good tape, many punches are coming, more than most can withstand, I fear.


        • Roger Duroid says:

          PDJT gave his totally unqualified wife a CABINET position, too. F er better help PDJT.

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        • Ellis says:

          Agree. Trump doesn’t need DC the way these people do and I don’t think it would bother him one bit to light the match and burn it down, he has nothing to lose.

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        • jwmson says:

          Also recall his wife is Chinese and her family has benefitted immensely from US connections, very well $$$, as has McConnell. Don’t think you won’t find smoke in all those China dealings….

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        • dbobway says:

          McConnell and the President both know whats going to happen here.
          This isn’t the the final shootout at the OK Corral.
          Even Mittens has said ‘no evidence’.
          The Democrats are going to lose bad if they stay in this trajectory.
          This is just another act in a ‘very’ long play,
          These miscreants will never stop.
          Do we have to live in this messed up world forever?
          No, Useful idiots have termination dates.
          Except of course, Hillary and Nancy who both passed away years ago. IT man!
          Look for the House to vote on impeachment, Christmas Eve.


        • Rick says:

          Just recalling Secret Empires by Peter Schweitzer, we can see how corrupt the Turtle is. His wife’s family fortune tied to selling out to the Chicoms is there for all to see. And that’s just the info us mere mortals have….imagine what a little more digging can find??

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        • Father of 3 Gen Zers says:

          Agree wholeheartedly. As SD says, VSGPOTUS PDJT end game with China is where we are now, he has the leverage there. He will not give in or make a deal to go back to the previous position with China taking our money and poisoning our people with drugs and destroying manufacturing, industry, raw materials. We are on a path toward independent control of those vital organs of a nation. If he were to make a deal with China it will only be if we have a better result that what he envisions now (with the tariff money funding it all).

          It will not be a deal with Mitch to fold his hand. I fully agree we the people are “ALL IN”. PDJT knows it. He has watched his methods win over the most sophisticated Coup in the history of the world. Our government and media were used to first give him platform – unknowingly helping him – so they could get Hillary elected to control their gravy train. The public started listening and PDJT went right over the heads of the media and around the pundits, broke all rules, conventional “wisdom”, norms, and status quo to speak to and for the “forgotten” men and women of this country. He has watched for 3.5 years – his public support has grown while the attacks from gov’t, media, DOJ, CIA, FBI to oust him have all be utter failures. Those attacks are (1) transparent; (2) almost amateurish; (3) convoluted; (4) inept; (5) self-inflicted circular firing squads; and (6) completely unsustainable with the numbers of people involved, paper trails, and evidence against the coup plotters. He watched and saw attacks (duds), Mueller (duds), the “shampeachment” blow up (duds and backfiring). He controls the narrative. His enemies expected the public to be unaware, easily manipulated, and predictable – all due to group think/echo chambers. He is/was a great business intellect, builder, negotiator, reality TV start and communicator of great influence. He knew the public would listen, respond and land on his side.

          The enemies are still trying to create other narratives in hopes of destroying public opinion. They have no issue trying to manipulate the economy and world peace. They have been wrong so often, those counting on their “expertise” keep doubling and tripling down – unaware he is actually playing a different game.

          No way he gives in to Mitch and the never-Trumpers. When he gives Mitch kudos he is actually saying thank you for specific “good” work on judges or other support. However, just like Kim and Xi Jinping he compliments while making his own plans and delivering them. PDJT will get stronger as the House “of Cards” and Senate and media weaken. You can see it happening. All of them are getting less influential. The long game has weakened all of them but strengthened his resolve. Our support has grown which further strengthens him.


          • Dutchman says:

            I am seeing the support shift, daily. Talked today with 2 neighbors, know well.

            TODAY they were talking Civil War, if they impeach.
            And voting for him in 2020, EVEN if they convict.

            2-3 months ago, they weren’t saying this. They don’t read the Treehouse (despite my prosteletizing) but THEY KNOW.
            They KNOW whats been done, they know,who did it, and they know,WHY. And they are PISSED.
            They have NO use for Mitch and the decepticons, and are ready to grab the pitchforks.

            And these are NOT ‘that kind of people’. These are ‘average’ Americans, and THEY GET IT.

            We are,rapidly reaching that moment,….when a majority of the populace reach their breaking point, their “There is SOME Sh*t up with which I will NOT put” moment.
            The “Mad as HELL, and NOT gonna take it, ANY MORE!” moment.

            The sleeping giant of sheeple are Awake, pissed and realising whats been going on for a long time.
            Interesting times,…

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      • chinstrap says:

        McConnell’s wife; and their ‘shipping business’.

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        • jwmson says:

          BINGO….as I noted above. HER family has been made quite wealthy, as have the McConnell’s…..don’t think there ain’t smoke & fire….And don’t think everyone in Congress isnt’ guilty as well? They have played pay to play for yrs and yrs. Why millionaires and why none decry HRC and Foundation. Didn’t we hear from Maxine, BHO has ‘all the records’…..?? Yes, we did. She said, he has them all and don’t them he hasn’t used them and won’t.


          • Fubu says:

            Ms. Chao and McConnell were given over $20 million as a gift from her father. Money that was made from his sweetheart shipping deal with the Chinese. It’s all in his financial disclosure form that they filed.

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      • Jederman says:

        Do you think mitch is clean?


    • KMD says:

      Consider Sundance’s EXCELLENT analysis & insight into how crooked congress operates.
      Does it require any stretch of imagination to believe that our stable genius President is any less insightful? Doesn’t anyone not believe that VSGPDJT IS fully versed & competent in how McTurtle operates?

      He HAS to be.
      He would not have gotten near this far along, if he were not.
      IMHO, turtles don’t fit in the catbird seat. President has his number…

      Now, I see President just re-tweeted McTurtles book, entitled: “The Long Game”???
      LMAO, you gotta see between the lines here, folks…Master Trolling in full effect!!!

      P.S. CTH is literally, a national treasure! The knowledge, the dialogue, platform….a pillar of sanity and reason to grab in these tumultuous times…

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      • Randolph Scott says:

        I hope PDJT is trolling these serpents. All I see is enemies of our President. Is there anyone or agency that he can call upon for defense?


    • Jederman says:

      Having dirt that an ethical DoJ will correctly address is different from dirt that can only be leaked.

      IMO, the DoJ is still corrupt. Many of mueller’s crew simply reported back to their old cubes once he folded. They are still employed in Barr’s DoJ.

      There is no guarantee a corrupt DoJ will investigate even the dirtiest of the DS’rs. There’s corruption then there’s DS corruption.


  3. I feel like my future livelihood is being sold for 30 pieces of silver every time Congress is in session..

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    • zekness says:

      think about how the young people just getting into voting age feel..

      it’s so critically important that this generation isn’t totally disengaged from reality.

      it must be shown to them what honesty and integrity really looks like in the electorate in DC. It’s OUR responsibility to help clean this up. to leave it better than it was “before”.

      big task…

      big consequences if we get it wrong.

      I really believe this saga will end well..

      I think GOD will play a hand in ensuring it. But we have to be powerful and focused and relentless in our efforts.

      we have to earn it.

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    • aol925 says:

      Absolutely correct. As the great Walter Williams intoned he thought Congress should be paid to sit on Miami Beach, it would cost we the taxpayers far less.

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  4. Marygrace Powers says:

    Play the “TRUMP” card POTUS!
    No sell/trade for McConnell’s in-laws.

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  5. v4ni11ista says:

    When Donny sends Mitchell home again
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    We’ll give him a ‘special’ welcome then
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    The men will jeer and the boys will shout
    The ladies will shout to drag him out
    And he’ll rue the day when Donny sends Mitchell home

    The old church bell will peal with joy
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    As we string up that naughty boy
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    The village lads and lassies say
    We warned him not to vote that way
    And he’ll rue the day when Donny sends Mitchell home

    Get ready for the civil war
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    Please know that we won’t take much more
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    The loyal men are ready now
    To blow a hole in RINOs’ brow
    And they’ll rue the day when Donny sends Mitchell home.

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  6. 2Alpha says:

    I’ll say it again… and again, and again, and again…
    I’m sitting here with neatly wrapped torches, sharpening my pitchfork… waiting… waiting…

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    • billy willie says:

      I will defend my country from enemies both foren and domestic right now domestic is the greatest threat

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      • OathKeeper says:

        I took an oath — when I was commissioned and every time I was promoted in the USAF. We have many patriots who seriously took that oath to defend THE CONSTITUTION against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. I never thought I would see the day when I would need to give serious thought to defending the Constitution against domestic enemies. However, I meant the oath each and every time I said it. I pray God will have mercy on our nation and use His instrument to root out corruption and raise up righteousness in our government. When He calls me to do more, I will respond and keep my oath. I anticipate I am not alone.

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  7. Sau-Wing Lam says:

    All I care is (a)senate trial flushes out crooks like Schiff, Bidens, Vindman, Ciaramella, etc. (b) Trump is exonerated.


  8. noswamp says:

    As usual SD you are way ahead of me. I was going to post something about how this dynamic works.
    You are obviously well versed in this, way more than I. And no, Trump will not deal away the country to McConnell. But conversely, the country will not allow Mickey Mouse McConnell to threaten the President during these hearings. McConnell knows that we are all awake. No more back room deals. We all know the truth.

    McConnell’s folks are reading this very thread. They already know that the dynamics have changed. But they are trying to push the impeachment envelope. Support the President Mitch, and be on the right side of history! If you do not, expect dire consequences sir, I know not what they will be. But people who supported you will not be very happy. Kentucky is where Abraham Lincoln grew up and served. Trump is polling better than Lincoln. Think about that MItch.

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    • noswamp says:

      *dire political consequences.

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        No Swamp:

        Agreed. Pray that Kentucky is awakened. I’m REAL
        well acquainted to how people from Kentucky operate.
        Once they’ve realize they’ve been had, it brings on
        50 kinds of Hell. You don’t make enemies in the hollars,
        outside Lexington, or alongside the Louisville levies
        in Pleasure Ridge.

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        • Redzone says:

          Do you think Kentucky yet realizes they’ve been had? I don’t think so or Mitch M. would be polling in single digits. THE most powerful thing that could happen would be for McConnell to KNOW that if he doesn’t support PT, he’s gone.

          His Kentucky constituents are the only ones that can tell him (other than PT telling him he will have a Kentucky rally and tell everyone not to vote for MM because he’s corrupt).


  9. bessie2003 says:

    This is one of the blessings of having a business man as President in this time of deceit.

    Wonder if Mitch will be asked to write the forward to a future memoir by the end of President Trump’s second term, perhaps titled The Art of the Political Deal?

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    • Dutchman says:

      I agree with noswamp, above. There will be NO DEAL with McConnell. Some suggested PDJT made a deal, to end Mueller investigation, in exchange for Barrs confirmation.

      There was NO such deal, as that would have been the dealmaker in chief settling for a bagpipe playing pig in a poke, in exchange for giving the swamp what it needed i.e..a way to ‘wind down’Mueller as it had become counter productive.

      He COULD have sold out, a long time ago, on China and had a much ‘easier’Presidency. Thing is, he didn’t run to have it ‘easy’, and the trade reset, and CHINA was a big part of why he ran.

      He will NOT trade it, McConnell and Donohue be damned. The swamp has consistently misread and underestimated him, and us all along.

      One more time, on this and it will be their last time.

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      • zekness says:

        I agree with your confidence in this president to resist crappy self destructive deals.

        when I read the transcript:

        ” he only cares about the big deals”

        it really hit me..again…having some personal long time knowledge of trump, going back to 1980’s and 90’s when I lived in NYC…it was obvious his ambition and over the top style was only matched by his performance. It was both motivating to witness but also something dangerous about his nature. You got this opinion really quick..I would love to have his success..but then you realize how much adversity and absolute no surrender, dive without a parachute living this man was married to…

        these people don’t control this lion…his entire life, he has been consumed by literally destroying his opponents.. these people have not only underestimated him, but they really have no means to fight him..not without destroying themselves..

        this is what trump brings..he will make you fight to the death.

        it’s like a real world game of chicken..

        except trump never veers…ever.

        they think he will..

        that is their mistake

        I’ve said it before..and although it gets tossed around as some kind of cliche’ , it really rings true:

        trump is the dark knight..he isn’t the person we deserve…he is the person we need.

        he is literally changing the world.

        his second term, mark my words..the media will be eating out of his hand…

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        • Dutchman says:

          Agree. He has a fairly straightforward way of dealing. Groundwork; he KNOWS more about your strengths and weaknesses than YOU do.
          He offers you a win/win deal, acting in good faith. It really IS a good, or even great deal, from your point of view.
          Turn it down, he then gives you the alternative; “Since you don’t like ‘win/win’, lets see how you like “Heads I WIN, Tails you LOSE!”

          Try to deal with him in bad faith? He goes directly to option B.

          Sometimes you need a pen, or an artists paintbrush. Sometimes a hammer,….and sometimes a twisty corkscrew. Each tool has its unique use, and while there is SOME room to adapt, of the above choices, its only the twisty corkscrew, thats going to deliver a GLASS of wine, without glass IN it.

          Sometimes the situation calls for a twisty corkscrew.

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          • zekness says:

            well stated.

            Merry Christmas Dutch.


          • 🍺Gunny66 says:

            I have continually compare our President…… Denzil Washington in “The Equalizer”

            He always gives the person a chance to “Do the Right Thing”…..

            And if they “do not”…….He lowers the hammer on them……

            Mitch will be given a chance to do the right thing….if not he is done


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            • icehole3 says:

              Loved “The Equalizer” movies.


            • RJ says:

              Be careful, recall Brutus did get to Caesar!


            • Dutchman says:

              Yup, it alleviates one of any feelings of sympathy, or guilt or sqeamishness, when lowering the hammer.

              You can have a clear consciounce, cause “they did it to THEMSELVES. I TRIED; I gave them the chance to make a,FAIR deal, to both sides and they rejected it, so its not on me, its on them.

              Whether dealing with CCP and China, or idiots in Congress, he has the same approach.

              Shoulda took the deal, fools. Now you gonna experience the payback, and it AIN’T gonna be pretty.

              However, the schedenfrude is going to be,…GLORIOUS!


            • Dutchman says:

              Another movie, similar theme;
              “Valdez is coming”, with Burt Lancaster. Great classic western.
              Elmore Leonard screenplay.
              He TRIES, hard and patiently to get them to do the right thing, and takes LOTS of abuse for it.

              And then he lowers the hammer, and makes them PAY.


              • zekness says:

                my kind of flick….great moral conflict…determination…good vs evil..but realistic… justice served but unlike so many other movies…a price is paid to serve a greater truth.

                that’s the definition of courage and heroism..

                the latest renditions of heroism…are truly mythical.

                in the real world of me, for matter of great important…sacrifices are made..there is no free lunch.

                the great movies are always relevant to the human condition.

                it’s the writing..

                exceptional writing.


      • wightmanfarm says:

        I don’t think Trump made the deal to end the Mueller investigation, I think Barr made the deal = end the investigation, no one will be prosecuted.


      • bessie2003 says:

        Yes to this.


  10. joebkonobi says:

    Is Donahue’s money and influence more important to McConnell than his legacy? Does McConnell have the gonads to agree to a secret ballot which he would have to announce in front of God and everybody before the trial? That would be the first clue and would give the scam away and cause a great consternation of the Republican to the extent that it would not stan.

    Trump is pretty much a political force of nature at this point and owns a significant part of the Republican Party. Everyone knows McConnell hold the cards. If Trump goes down so goes the Republican party along with Mitch going down in history forever as a traitor as infamous as Benedict Arnold. I don’t think getting Nikki Haley on the ballot can even save McConnell in that scenario. There is no substitute for Trump.

    If the dems had any scintilla of an impeachment case, which they don’t, or if they happen to develop a case with direct, incontrovertible evidence, then Mitch could probably pull it off. I do not doubt that he actually hopes they come up with a legally defensible case as it makes it easier to do what he likely really wants to do.

    If they don’t, I personally don’t think China will be in play for Mitch and Tom. China is a major legacy item for Trump (been scheming on it for 30 years) and compromising on it would neuter him. However, I’m sure Mitch and Tom have been making a list and checking it twice and amongst the three of them, they will find a suitable win/win/win. The Art of the Deal baby!

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  11. In the Land of Poz says:

    The trouble for Mitch is that he (and not only he) would not be able to camouflage his orchestration of the coup. His perfidy would become visible long before the trial concluded, with strong signals already at the very beginning when the trial is allowed (by him) and the rules are set. Which means that MAGA Of Kentucky can place him under extremely prejudicial duress to not continue down that road, and respond apocalyptically should he not take the message.

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    • steph_gray says:

      Anyone ever read the Isaac Asimov short story about the company that was running time machine tours back to the prehistoric jungle?

      The tours had a careful physical path laid out upon which the tourists trod so that they would not interact in any way with the past. But after one tour, they come back to their future and discover that the government power has shifted dramatically.

      One of the tourists examines the boot he was wearing and discovers a crushed butterfly on the heel.

      Sometimes I think sundance has a subtle effect on the political landscape similar to the alternate reality brought about by that fictional butterfly’s death. In this article sundance reveals, yet again, every observable fact about McConnell’s highly likely corruption, warning us that the past is the predictor.

      But this very revelation is now part of the equation going forward. Has been for quite a while. A growing and more influential part every day.

      Let the sun shine.


      • mac says:

        Not to be pedantic, but the author was Ray Bradbury and the title of the story was, “A Sound of Thunder.” Other than that I fully agree with your assessment.


    • Redzone says:

      Agree. MAGA Kentucky could play a huge role in stopping this. Kentucky?


  12. Kaco says:

    Don’t these people have children? They want to see this country go down the tubes with socialism, serfdom, poverty, and overrun by illegals and who knows how many Muslims they’d allow to come and try to change our culture and structure. All for a buck. If that’s not the most wicked, corrupt, how can they look at themselves in the mirror? Don’t they remember or care about how America was? We can’t be a service economy and they obviously don’t care that we are enriching a communist nation, an ideology we had a cold war an actual war with.

    I sure hope Pres Trump has had all these judges properly vetted that McConnell’s confirming, we know how our President likes to delegate. It makes me wonder, how can someone so underlying “liberal” like McConnell be confirming conservative judges.

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    • GB Bari says:

      They believe they have enough money to insulate them and their families from whatever the Commiecrats do when they re-seize power.

      That may be true for awhile. But the Left will eventually want everything..EVERYTHING !!! from the wealthy so these Uniparty traitors will eventually get their just desserts.

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      • Kaco says:

        Worse than the friggin mob. You are right, McConnell should know, the people they want to be beholden to, to lord over them, will turn on them, because the Dems thirst for power and their ideology are greater than the GOP’s love of ill-gotten money.

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      • Dutchman says:

        LOOK at the makeup of the CCP in China, the Politoburo in USSR.
        Chinese government spends over 1 Trillion $’s a year, on maintenance for some 4000 (IIRC) families of the CCP.

        They call them ‘Princelings’for a reason.
        Mitch and his crew would be right in that group, along with Pelosi and Schumer; members of the Collective Directive, ‘governing’ the North American division of the Globalist Conmunist World government.

        Their offspring would be WELL taken care of, look at,Hunter Biden and Chelsea Clinton.

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        • Your Tour GUide says:


          I’ve cited it before, but one of the HGTV
          shows (House Hunters international) had
          an American couple looking for an apartment
          in a Eastern European former soviet bloc

          The only acceptable ( by American standards)
          units were former party member’s apartments.
          All of these were oppulent. Everything else was
          dreary, painted cinder block walls.

          In 30 minutes that show displayed vividly how
          Communism REALLY worked.

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    • wightmanfarm says:

      I’ve wondered about all of these judges myself.


    • Chimpy says:

      Take a look at all the current or recent leaders on the left in the EU who do NOT have children:

      France’s Emmanuel Macron has no children.

      Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has none.

      Ex-British prime minister Theresa May is childless.

      Ex-Italian prime minister Paolo Gentilon has no recognized children.

      Also, a few more: Holland’s Mark Rutte, Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon, and Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission. Sweden’s prime minister Stefan Lofven has no biological children.

      However, here in the US, we have YET to vote in a President who doesn’t have children. More than two centuries, and not a single one.

      However, take a look at the Democrat prospects:

      Pete Buttigieg. Well… there’s one obvious candidate who doesn’t have any children.

      Cory Booker. No kids.

      Kamala Harris. Lots of sex, but no offspring.

      Tulsi Gabbard. Nope.

      Bernie, Liz Warren, Yang and a couple others have 1 child each.

      And finally…

      Biden has one surviving son that he probably wishes didn’t exist.


  13. MNBV says:

    Superb analysis.
    Some light years ahead of the media useful idiots ….. of course, the UniParty elite knows not one in a thousand will ever know about this fix. They are happy.
    Welcome to the way US politics really works.

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    • steph_gray says:

      Your math is off by 63 million DJT voters who are now mad as hell and watching like hawks. They may not read here directly – but what sundance does here spreads far and wide, just as ripples do from a pebble dropped in a pond.

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  14. GP says:

    For all of you Treeper’s that are issuing threats should Trump be removed from office, keep in mind that if you wait until Trump is removed, it’ll be too late.

    As for the threats…just exactly what are you going to do? I’ll wait.

    IMO, Trump’s removal is a done deal…been posting same for a year or so. Nancy, Mitch and the RINOs couldn’t care less what you think. They have ZERO fear of “We the People”


    • Brutalus says:

      What would we do? Collapse the Republican Party…Register for whatever name Trump wants to call his party…95% of current Republican voters would go with him, plus another 10-15 million Independents who are absolutely disgusted with all of this…and vote for Donald Jr. or Eric Trump or whatever MAGA candidate is up there…and beat their ass just like we did on November 8, 2016


    • John says:

      Yes,they have zero fear of we the people,but this won’t go down very well with the rest of the world.No one wants to be ssociated with usuper,criminals.Just look at the way Obama was received overseas.


    • S&WJM625 says:

      Their unprotected family are found at illegal dump sites like 80s El Salvador ? Just a thought.


    • Red_desi69 says:

      Dude, if trump’s removal is a done deal, then why are you here. Just close shop and move on. Nothing for you to see here.


  15. James Groome says:

    I’d be willing to bet that Trump has some REAL DIRT on MM…


  16. Val says:

    I don’t understand why President Trump chose
    McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, as Secretary of Transportation…


  17. Liberty ONE says:

    Sooooo folks, let’s ALL be honest! On both sides it’s the game of LET’S MAKE A DEAL or Wheel of Fortune( theirs NOT ours). We the people merely pick the door 1,2 or 3 ( we’re always wrong) or put money into their slot machine (taxes) and ALWAYS lose. Remember “taxation WITHOUT representation”, for the majority of the time ….we get SCREWED!


  18. zekness says:

    at this point, some have a difficult time distinguishing which is the greater threat…a russian risk of influence tipping..or a bunch of rotten senators who have been skimming the system right in our midst?

    I can’t hardly blame them for not noticing much of a difference between the two threats.

    we definitely know the one is far more damaging to the republic and is active and has great success at eating away integrity in our government..looking at you mitch!

    with that aside,

    here is where I place my trust: Donald Trump.

    He platformed on some fantastic promises…and he has pursued them with nothing short of vigor…and still does…and all the while confronted with every single adversary known to exist..from the obvious and even especially from within the so called conservative party …And yet, he remains wildly successful..nothing is more important than the’s an success that just about destroys any objections…he’s dangerously successful..and that speaks volumes to his staying power…he has great people around him, supporting him and I will claim, that GOD is playing a big role here…It’s hard to ignore that reality. I trust in that.

    One of the direct effects of his success here, with his economic framework, is that it does directly, for better, or worse, guarantee that big corp and people like mcconnell and people like him on the other side…continue to be very very rich and powerful.

    this isn’t about isn’t about retaining political power.

    it’s about money. trump gets that.

    It’s nice the left press wants to ignore this, but trump has made US and international corporations very very wealthy…and some, not so much…but overall, a trump presidency is very favorable to the rich and elite. there is no question about that.

    mitch knows this..very well. Mitch is a direct benefactor with trump’s actions…

    he isn’t going to be the alter-ego of a schifff foolish enough to gamble not only his power position but also his direct access to back door dealing by making stupid and obviously stupid decisions in the senate wrt this sham allegation of “imaginary crimes”…

    What does 11 months of Pence look like to Mitch..That ain’t good. Removing trump all but guarantees a democrat president. As stated by many others, this presents a challenge to the “minority” position he enjoys too. And for other reasons, this would be foolish.

    mitch knows the long game very well…he eats tea leaves for breakfast lunch and dinner..His staff is never going to allow him to make a fatal misake of getting rid of trump…nope never going to happen.

    and while I despise Mitch on principle…I do not see trump seriously tempting fate to do anything about that NOW either, for similar reasons.

    Trump ..he will wait on that decision in his next term…he will make a deal now, placate mitch’s demands….handshakes will happen…mitch will do the RIGHT thing..perhaps the only RIGHT thing he has ever done in his miserable life….and this impeachment trial will be rejected by the senate.

    and within a few months after trump starts into his new term, his last…no longer needing any deals with mitch…

    something weird will happen to mitch..he will get caught doing something very bad..probably with young children…or taking bribes…get arrested with some hookers…the typical things these characters usually get caught on, when they don’t have “do not investigate” papers anymore.

    trump will also prior to this “event” select a new person to replace his wife also related to some breach of trust regarding some new developments about her obvious conflicts with a trust..or two. or just dump her as almost every single president does on second term…

    mitch isn’t going to be a problem for trump…he’s just too greedy and too smart to be a fool.

    sad, but true.


  19. sticknca says:

    McConnell, Barrasso, Cornyn and Thune the Repub version of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I wouldn’t buy a damn used TV from any of them.


  20. jx says:

    McConnell and senate Republicans need to understand one thing and they need to understand it thoroughly: it is not the president on trial, it is you. As he goes so too do you.


  21. Maggie Gray says:

    This is what the NeverTrump want. Kristol has said the best thing for them is for the Republican Party to be destroyed and to start again from scratch. Convicting Trump would do just that.

    I just don’t know how strong/influential Kristol and Co. are and how much of their rhetoric is merely bloviating.


  22. swamph8er says:

    McConnell is just as corrupt as Biden, McCain, Feinstein, Romney, Pelosi, Ryan, etc. They will all stand together to protect themselves.

    Trump ran on anti-corruption and I don’t want a deal. I want a reckoning. Trump can’t make a deal with congress knowing they are constantly trying to set him up.

    The declass is Trump’s counter to McConnell’s upcoming powerplay. That or we reelect Trump 6 months after he is removed by the Senate. That would be epic.

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  23. Mike in a Truck says:

    Steady troops.Steady. We all knew it would come to this.We are in a Cold War and now is not the time to “Go Wobbly”.The Orcs in Washington wont give up power easily. God put PDJT here and one dosnt go against God. Look what HE has done to those who defied HIM in the past. WE are on the side of light. THEY are on the side of darkness and will lose.

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  24. zekness says:

    predicting the weather one month out, is far more easy and statistically proven easier to predict what one person will do one month out….

    there is not farmers almanac that can predict how the entire electorate will vote on impeachment in…2-3-4 months time.

    yes, its important to recognize the threats..bring a rain jacket…make sure you have batteries…hope for the best, plan for the worst…

    but don’t let yourself get trapped into paralysis.

    one thing I have decided in my own life, is that I refuse to allow predictions to manage my priorities.

    I have goals…specific things that are realistic that can be accomplished.

    I do these things…I don’t care what “might” happen..I just do them.

    I don’t get stalled out worrying that this or that may or may not happen.

    I stare at the prospect of making a change..and I ask for GOD to help me do that.

    there is nothing more powerful than setting a goal and accomplishing it.

    so…in the situation where mitch mcconnel represents an existential threat to this president..and commits a continuation of this fraud…

    what then?

    what is the plan?


    I am not going to start thinking god can’t work simply because one single person isn’t in a position to make that happen..that isn’t something I can believe in. It suggests that GOD isn’t really interested in fulfilling a larger plan…that it all depends entirely in the motions of men…


    so, again, while I think there is some importance to being prepared…

    then lets start examining what the OUR actions will be post-trump..

    because like it or not, whether it is NOW, or in 11 months, or nearly five years….trump isn’t president.

    get it?

    we all have to contemplate the inevitable…that eventually our future and our agenda is entirely left for us to attend.

    that’s the big picture for me.

    what do we hope to learn from a trump era?

    that is something we all should probably need to start thinking about.

    because many of these issues while we can collectively affect many changes, it’s going to be the long game..the commitment after our prize fighter has his last bout in the ring is going to answer what we have learned and what we have accomplished.


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    • Elle says:

      You make a good point. Goliath laughed when David walked up to him. With God all things are possible. Pray.

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      • wightmanfarm says:

        Maybe it’s God’s will that America collapse (i.e., abortion, gay marriage, etc).


        • zekness says:

          My view and my prayers, is that GOD will never bless anyone or anything that destroys his commands…does not observe them…ignores them…sets some other priority over them.

          the moment that jesus christ was allowed to die for our sins, brought forward a “new age”…

          in my view, this meant, we are NOT punished for the evil works of others…that we are held account to the sins WE committ..

          and that the perfect grave of love of GOD permits forgiveness.

          this is re-assuring to me..I have faith in this.

          I would not be the kind of believer AT ALL, if someone had me convinced simply because of demographics that my destiny was set in concrete.

          I would mock such a religion…in fact, I would point at it and say, this is the reason why Christianity doctrine is is a failure.

          But I don’t hold those views..because the Bible says as much.

          One need to distinguish between the old and the new testaments.

          ONE MARVELOUS AND PERFECT THING HAPPENED when Jesus was crucified.

          We .each of us…have been given a holy spirit……a permanent covenant if you will… direct undiluted access to a personal supernatural relationship with god.

          I also do not believe GOD intends on destroying an entire nation…

          on the other hand, that is achieved when good men, the righteous and do nothing as society deliberately and selfishly reject god’s principles in their individual lives.

          so, the effect may be the same..but it isn’t from the source of the cause that is the same.

          get enough people to reject god and surely that small group will fail..

          god doesn’t participate in sin…

          and sin, corrupts.

          we have in washington dc a widespread corrupt electorate that nearly controls every corner of our lives in law…

          this corruptions is from sin.

          our task to to reclaim those positions of power and re-assert christian values that benefit everyone.

          and yes, that even means, and especially so, that we call out behavior and perversion that is a cancer and a sin.

          if that doesn’t happen, we have lost the love for our fellow man…we have lost the ability to be powerful christians..

          when that happens, there will be a judgement…but also a human consequence while we are living.

          it’s not a subtle matter.

          Our lives literally depend on where we seek approval…

          will it be the desire to seek god’s never ending love of obedience and faith as lambs..that we will know right from wrong and do everything there can be done …to work against this corruption in our our neighborhoos…in our cities…in our states…in our nation’s capitol.

          If I can, please if I may, I would recommend everyone reading this..if any of it “clicks”…you might be wondering how do I do all these impossible things..they seem so much, entirely too much to ask.

          go to church..become the person you know is better than the person you are now.

          and spread the word, that NOTHING is impossible when invoking the power promised by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

          God Loves All Of Us…each and every one.

          He can help…He wants to help…He is your father…the one that never cheats, never abandons you, and will always love you.


    • gvillewill says:

      Don’t get so distracted about planning for after the fight that you don’t hear the bell for round three of the one your in.


  25. Elle says:

    I’ve said it before. Trump’s greatest superpower is his Scooby-Do-like ability to get his opponent to gleefully rip off their mask while admitting the plot. That’s right! I DID IT because there is gold in the basement!!

    Mitch and Lindsey’s masks are already off. Lindsey is already done. Mitch must be smart enough to realize the level of rage that will be directed squarely at him it this sham continues.

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  26. JohninMK says:

    I think that it is unlikely that they will attack Trump politically, there is too high a risk of blowback. The attack, if it comes, will be economic. They will drop the stock markets.


  27. Leftnomore says:

    There’s nothing about McConnell or his associations that Trump hasn’t known for years. He doesn’t need to read our comments, fears or plans, he has his agenda and he knows who he’s dealing with. Don’t get too bugged over anything in this matter, we aren’t orphans in the storm. Don’t allow anything here to crowd out your own walk with Christ…”the spirit gives life, the flesh counts for nothing.”

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  28. TeaForAll says:

    This will be epic. President Trump is a street fighter and will never give up. He has the goods on the SWAMP. I think Trump has a sm group of people that are behind the scenes for the past 3 years . One person in mind is RUDY ( GREAT PROSECUTOR). I have no doubt at all that President Trump will drain the swamp but win 2020 in a landslide. Remember Ivanka speech at the Republican Convention

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  29. Jaap Titulaer says:

    To win the game, you have to play it. You have to be in the game.
    IMHO Mitch is not going to risk his re-election.

    Some words of wisdom for Mitch.
    Note: The Ferengi (allegedly) lived in much harsher times, and they would trade the moment they could breathe, so for them ‘not playing’ is almost only possible when they are dead & gone.

    The Ferengi Rules of Aquisition.
    #15: Dead men close no deals.
    #20: He who dives under the table today lives to profit tomorrow.
    #89: [It is] better to lose some profit and live than lose all profit and die.
    #125: You can’t make a deal if you’re dead.

    Wise words.

    Of course, there is always rule #29: What’s in it for me?


  30. HellInAHandbasket says:

    S W A M P


  31. gvillewill says:

    If they do send this to the Senate, we are going to have to March en Mass.


  32. Notunderwhelmed says:

    This is so disheartening. I’ve watched as republicans decide not to run, democrats run unopposed, or John McCain / Romney types are installed by rogue governors to fill a senate seat (Georgia. I call the game McConnell engages in “whack-a-mole”. The senate and house members take turns voting for – or against legislation that favor Big Business on a rotating business. The electorate are to remain ignorant to this game so that all of them do not get voted out due to their consistent selling out American —interests. It is never about the citizens and this former magnificent republic. It is always about global elite’s wealth. I adore Trump. However, it will take many more like him (pro country) in positions of power to turn this around. I don’t see it happening. I live in California and am watching this toxic mold seeping across this beloved nation.


  33. John-Y128 says:

    “First, McConnell doesn’t care about holding a majority position in the Senate.” /S
    Yeah and republicans don’t care if we ever see Justice for 2016 election. /s
    One is sarcastic and one is Stupid.
    I guess that’s why Ryan gave up the House in 2018, he didn’t care!


    • Roger Duroid says:

      Ryan already made his $$$ and moved on to the “consultant”, “board member” gig. Remember, he was one of the “eight gang” and knew about the spying on PDJT.


  34. PatrickS says:

    As usual, the Dems are playing hardball, and whistling every fastball at our best hitter’s head, with the umps (MSM) saying “hey, that’s baseball.” Lindsey Graham seems to want to play coed softball in any impeachment proceedings. I would sooooo love to see a statement from Nikki Haley along the lines of “if Senator Graham cannot or will not fight with the same vigor as the Democrats, I will primary him next year.” Maybe refer to him as “Wally Pipp II”.

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  35. Everett Miller says:

    Lissy Graham is the wild card. Somehow he is having his strings pulled by both Trump and McConnell. He is surely so compromised that he can safely be made Chairman of the Judiciary committee in lieu of the plodding fool Grassley whose limited grasp of anything other than “more money for farmers” only goes so far.
    With Graham, Trump has a wedge into the turtle. Trump surely has Graham’s wedgie in his grasp.

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    • Larry McCall says:

      Grassley knows far more about Spygate than Graham ever will know. I can’t wait for Grassley to take Judicuary chair back. Do your homework. Grassley fed requests to DOJIG to expose this scandal years ago. Ask anyone in law enforcement who has appeared before Grassley’s committee – their advice is to have your ***t together and be straight with him, or expect to have your butt handed to you on your way out.

      Yes, he does look out for his farmers, too.


  36. Bob says:

    And McConnell is up for re-election in 2020, so he’ll have to face the voters. Yeah, bring on the senate trial. Trump’s got this.


  37. Will Hunt says:

    Lots of tea leaf reading here but look at the facts: Our President has broad and increasing support across the country. The converse is true for the ENTIRE legislative branch. A “trial” in the Senate will be a field day for PDJT.


  38. Bob says:

    Lindsay Graham is also up for re-election in 2020. Winning.


  39. I Hear You Now says:

    Sundance retweet about 7 hours ago

    {also President @realDonaldTrump retweeted the Team Mitch tweet shown here}

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    • steph_gray says:

      This tweet has me wondering what fatal tidbit of information McConnell may have revealed in this book. 😆😆😆😆

      Remember how low the level of self-awareness there is in the swamp…


  40. Trump Train says:

    Trumps ultimate card. 100K Armed MAGA Patriots in DC within a week.


  41. scarlettbr says:

    Democrats can Never be in power again. The old rules are gone. And the Quid Quo Pro tactics to get the needed votes are gone, Resist at all cost is the new rules. A senate controlled by Schumer would be a complete nightmare. McConnell needs to change his tactics, we the people don’t need to vote in a Democrat controlled Senate. We were told Pelosi would be easier to deal with, bc she was for trade bc the of the unions. How did that work out?

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  42. franuche says:


    All of them.


  43. A deeply pessimistic analysis. There are a myriad of influences in play in a Senate trial beyond McConnell’s horse-trading skills on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce. Why not wait and see what Mitch actually does before painting him with such a simple brush?


  44. Troublemaker10 says:

    What Mitch McConnell fails to realize is that if the Dems hold the House, Senate, and White House again….

    They are likely to change the Senate rules to remove the filibuster so they can ram through their progressive wishlist and make Republicans insignificant…..and a permanent minority party for a generation or more .

    Of course, he’ll simply retire in that event.

    He’s fighting the wrong battle.

    Even worse….his status quo mentality doesn’t seem to even know that we are at war (culture war).

    Maybe it is a blessing that his political career is on the ballot in a state that loves POTUS right now. He can”t afford to betray Trump during his own election year.


  45. dudedont says:

    Mitch McConnell’s memoir “The Long Game” is now available in paperback with a new foreword written by President @realDonaldTrump. Get your copy today!— Team Mitch (@Team_Mitch) December 4, 2019


  46. MitchSteel says:

    Who didnt see this coming? The Senate has been the unit that has been hurt the most by Trump.
    State Department has been the Democrats cash hog, dating back the Clinton. While the rise of China has been the cash cow for the Republicans and now the Democrats, as both parties are entrenched with warfare with the middle class over jobs.
    People think Trump is going to get a cake walk in the Senate? No, the Republicans are not defending Trump because they want leverage over his foreign trade policies.
    Our government is broken and short of hanging people from lamp posts, until morale/ethics improve…we are F’d proper.

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  47. hokkoda says:

    All the more important to realize that the Democrats’ goal isn’t to get to 67 votes to remove. Their goal is 51 votes – a majority – to convict. In their minds, that means Trump is guilty, and they and the media will spend the rest of the year running on how they convicted Trump of “high crimes”, but that unfair old Constitution kept them from removing Trump. Just like that unfair old Constitution has an Electoral College that kept Hillary out of the White House.

    It would behoove us to remember this, instead of fragging our own people.

    Let’s focus our energies on keeping the GOP lock-step. We have a couple more seats than we did during Kavanaugh, but keep in mind that we have toads like Murkowski who voted “present”, and only picked up Manchin. We apply pressure on individual SENATORS not McConnell. If they want to play the get-rich-Senator scheme, they cannot do that if we roast them next fall. They spend millions, raise millions, put their families and friends through the wringer, for a career in the Senate. What will scare the hell out of them isn’t all the Democrats in their districts calling to demand impeachment. What will scare them is all the Republicans in their districts calling to say if they vote to convict, they will be removed from office. Don’t even bother running. If they vote to convict, they might as well resign the next day.

    You get on the phone and you actively threaten those Senators with a promise to not just stay home, but to actively vote and campaign for the other candidate. You don’t mince words, you tell them the name of their opponent and that you will actively campaign for that person. Let them know that you know who they are running against. No money either, don’t bother calling.

    Say what you want about McConnell, but he could have folded up the tent with Kavanaugh and gotten torched in the 2018 mid-terms. Instead, he held his ground, and the GOP gained seats. That’s hardly the politics of a man who wants to be in the minority. Remember, these guys LOVE their chairmanships. Without it, they can’t get on TV, can’t control the money, everyone ignores them (just look at the GOP House last week…totally ignored). I guarantee you that SD might be right about Mitch, but I’m much more right about the motivations of individual Senators. They don’t go to DC and put themselves through that nightmare just to get sent packing after 1-2 terms while destroying the Republican Party in the process.

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    • Chances are very good, that in addition to Manchin, Doug Jones (D-AL) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) both cross party lines and vote against impeachment. Jones and Sinema were both elected in2018, and both are anomalies in historically red states.

      Sinema is already feeling heat in Arizona, and it’s not the desert sun. Jones has never not felt the heat.

      Liked by 1 person

  48. StanH says:

    Though Mitch is a swamp rat to the bone, he also is smart enough to know there are worse things than winning or losing elections. If Mitch attempted something like this he’d welcome the rapture of this country. At that point it will be the vast red against the blue hives. There will be no Mason-Dixon line and the greatest civilization known to man will cease to exist. You may preserve your graft for a while, but you can’t spend the money with your head on a pike, metaphorically of course.

    Under normal circumstances your cynicism is well founded, in this case, does Mitch McConnell wish to be known as the man who destroyed the USA. We’ll see.

    My money is on our Great President Donald J Trump and his Deplorable Army.

    Liked by 2 people

    • gumbeau09 says:

      I live in the great state of the cloaked Liberal Senator’s, North Carolina. That slimy thief Richard Burr announced over a year ago that he would not be running for re-election. The entire state knew when he uttered those words, that he definitely would be making every Democrat deal that floated his way in that bowl of bobbing turds he so expertly and joyfully swam with. He has stabbed President Trump in the back at every opportunity. Any ideas on how exert pressure on Burr? I am holding out hope that PDJT has some really nasty dirt on Burr, But, if there is a way for the people of NC to hold his feet to the fire, we would all love to know HOW.


      • Zorro says:

        Pressure would be on him if the unlikely scenario of Warner being held accountable became true. Warner would say “wait I had a partner!” or “it was Burr’s idea!”.


      • hokkoda says:

        One think you can do, but it would require some research, is find out who he sponsors in NC politics, and then you call THEM. If he has House seats that he is allied with, you call THEM and let them go after Burr too. And you call people at the State level too. Maximum pressure. If they’re getting harassed, they’ll call Burr and tell him that he might be retiring, but they still have careers to see to, so he needs to make sure he votes to acquit.

        This is not a one-front war. We have to think three and four dimensionally. Obamacare, for example, destroyed the Democrats down to the state and even county and municipal levels in some cases. The GOP needs to grasp that this is not just about one Senator in one seat. This is about taking them out at every level of elected government. House and Senate.

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  49. mark says:

    It’s time for a new VP, just in case. Any thoughts on who? I would prefer a woman. A smart woman. A woman who is critical in her thinking. A woman who has seen the deep state in action and despises who they are and what they do. A woman who knows her way around a court room and the justice system. A woman who would work with President Trump in all he does.

    Any names come to mind?


      • Zy says:

        There’s some rumblings that Pompeo is thinking about running for the Senate. Haven’t had time yet to research the sources, probably fake news trying to stir up that he’s turning on POTUS.


        • Bob says:

          Pompeo has said that he’ll do what the President wants. Trump recently made a vague comment that he’d ask Pompeo to run for the Senate if he thought that the seat was in jeopardy, but that it looks safe for now.


    • hokkoda says:

      None. lol. We’re not Democrats trying to win a triple word score with a black female Republican who is half-Hispanic and gay.

      Pick somebody who can ride herd on Congress to get the President’s agenda enacted who is a true believer in MAGA/Drain the Swamp. I don’t mind Pence, in many ways he helps Trump electorally with different groups in the base. A lot of evangelicals voted for Pence not Trump, though they seem to be coming around to Trump due to his firm stance on Israel.


    • S&WJM625 says:

      I nominate Sidney Powell ! Any objections.


  50. I.M. says:

    A very astute analysis as usual, Sundance. I picked up many years ago that Congressional Republicans, both House and Senate, seem much happier to say conservative things and be perceived as fighting for conservative causes when they are in the minority and cannot actually DO those things. As soon as they get into power, they tuck tail and find every excuse they can muster why they CAN’T do what they said they’d do (Obamacare repeal being one of the biggest and most recent examples, along with their utter refusal to be serious about border security). But please keep sending them campaign cash because “Democrats bad”, kay?

    They’re signing their own political death warrants in the medium term; that is, I’m afraid a time will come in the not so distant future when the Democrats become the permanent majority party in DC (both due to unrelenting immigration which will continue pulling the country to the left, and Republican refusal to actually be the conservatives they claim to be, which will increasingly discourage conservatives from voting for them). Yet they don’t care,cause they’ll get rich, and to hell with what ordinary citizens think. They’re just serfs anyway.

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