Brexit is a Gordian Knot – Who Is The World’s Premier Gordian Knot Cutter?….

The Gordian Knot of Brexit is based on a Parliamentary ruling class within the U.K. government who will not accept Great Britain leaving the European Union.

The elitist Members of Parliament (MP) have passed a law requiring Prime Minister Boris Johnson to forever stay in the EU until an agreement for terms of exit are reached.  However, the EU doesn’t want the U.K. to exit; so the consequence of the MP law is to ‘remain’ in the EU forever.  This elitist scheme has created the knot; and the majority of the British people -those who voted to ‘leave’- are insufferably bound within it.

In one approach to cutting the knot Prime Minister Boris Johnson has requested a national vote for government leadership on October 15th.  With a scheduled round of talks with the EU set for October 17th, a Boris Johnson election victory would create the needed momentum toward a hard-brexit (no deal) on October 31st.  Britain would, finally, be free.

However, the MP ruling class, those who say they know better than the people they are supposed to serve, know such a popular vote would upend their schemes – and likely lead to many of their alliance being removed from office.  So the elites will not support a national election that would lead to their own defeat. [More knot building].

A second knot-cutting tactic implied by the Prime Minister, is to ignore the insufferable law –recently passed and pending signature– and proceed toward a ‘no-deal’ Brexit on October 31st.

This approach could lead to the British Parliament being forced to vote against the Prime Minister (no confidence); and would set up a replacement election, which Boris Johnson wants anyway.  Actually, no-one is quite sure what will happen on this second knot-cutting avenue… no map available.

Many Americans are watching the part where we see just how ideologically corrupt politicians are within British government; and how much they have lied and conned the British people.

Similar to the republican elitist class (Never Trump) who came out of the shadows against President Donald Trump, the never-Brexit British masks are dropping at an alarming rate.  Trump supporters have a great deal in common with Brexiteers.

However, beyond the domestic politics…. there’s an economic geopolitical aspect only a few smart people (YOU) in the U.S. have been paying attention to.  If you stand back and overlay what you know about the Trumpian global trade reset, there’s a familiar picture.

When it comes to the Trump global trade realignment, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently positioned to the EU as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was to China.

In early 2017, culminating in November 2017 tour of Asia, President Trump worked with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to start the process for southeast Asia countries to think about what could/would happen when the Trump administration triggered the trade reset with China.

In the two years that followed Trump’s visit, the ASEAN nations recognized what those 2017 discussions were all about.  Japan (Abe), South Korea (Moon Jae-in), Malaysia (Mahathir Mohammed), Vietnam (Tran Dai Quang), Philippines (Rodrigo Duterte), and India via Narendra Modi, all realized the China strategy of President Trump was going to provide a significant economic opportunity to replace Chinese manufacturing in Asia.

In the background of the 2019 Brexit mess, Boris Johnson is similarly positioned to where Shinzo Abe was in 2017.  If you take the trade reset strategy and replace China with the EU you can see a possibility for the future.

Economically both China and the EU have been receiving one-side benefits through the manipulation of the U.S. economy at the hands of the multinationals.  Both have exfiltrated massive amounts of U.S. wealth; and both sets of Wall Street lobbying assemblies have paid corrupt U.S. politicians handsomely to continue this indulgence.

President Trump has already hinted at his goal regarding the EU and the trade reset.  The administration objective is free, fair and reciprocal trade; meaning: no tariffs, no non-tariff barriers, no subsidies and no protectionism.  However, the EU group is the most hypocritical and protectionist trade bloc in the world. [Yes, in many ways similar to China sans the overt theft and communist aspect.]

The EU has balked at any request to drop their protectionist policies, and the generational  benefits of the post-WWII Marshal Plan will have to be pried from their cold dead fingers. The EU, with particular emphasis on France and Germany, are not about to allow the U.S. to take away the one-way tariffs they use to indulge their social welfare programs.

All of the indicators are there.  Once the USMCA is booked (North America terms settled), we can see Trump taking a similar approach with the EU as he did with China.

With that in mind, Brexit becomes the leverage Trump needs to force the EU to accept terms.  President Trump has been working with Boris Johnson on the framework of an agreement in principle for a U.S-U.K. trade agreement.

Here’s where it all comes together:

If Johnson delivers Brexit, soon thereafter President Trump announces matching tariffs against the EU equal to the tariffs they currently have on U.S. products.  The EU will again balk at the idea of negotiating new trade terms.  That’s where the U.K. (no longer in the EU) comes in.

North America and the U.K. would have a cross-Atlantic trade super-highway.  EU countries who wish to avoid Trump’s tariffs would have the U.K as a gateway.  EU nations can/will use the UK as an assembly and distribution hub for EU goods.  This would mean massive benefit to the British economy.

The issue that impedes this plan is the current Gordian knot with Brexit.

Don’t be surprised to see the world’s premier Gordian Knot cutter, Donald J Trump, reverse the order of his plan in order to create leverage favorable to Boris Johnson.

Meaning, don’t be surprised to see significant U.S. announcements about tariffs against EU goods, which will have specific focus on French and German products, as President Trump starts applying leverage to support Brexit….

Keep watching.



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258 Responses to Brexit is a Gordian Knot – Who Is The World’s Premier Gordian Knot Cutter?….

  1. Deplorable Canuck says:

    I truly do believe that a no deal Brexit would be the straw that breaks the Globalists back. Go Boris Go!

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    • Realist says:

      The UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS of the FOURTH REICH must be laughing their socks of now they can do whatever they want knowing full well that the MORONIC REMAINIACS aided and abetted by the UELECTED PARASITES in the House of Lords and cheered on by the LYING LEFTIST MEDIA are NEVER going to allow BREXIT to happen. Oh and they call what they are doing DEFENDING DEMOCRACY you could not make a story like this up nobody would believe you.

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      • pawatcher says:

        The queen ordered the house of lords to stop Brexit: the only real chance of democracy is to get rid of the king in kingdom. UK is a kingdom: the name tell it all, the individual countries mean nothing in the terms of democracy. The parliament is considered a democracy: the house of lords is unelected- go figure.
        United Kingdom says it all: the royals have all the power.

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        • Major Rage says:

          “…..the royals have all the power.” Tell that to Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair. The Brits invariably fall it behind their most popular political leader. When there is no leader of consequence – they fall back on the Royal Family only by default. We’ve yet to see a clear indication of Boris Johnson’s standing with the electorate. I am betting the British people go with Boris – and the Queen is not strong enough nor fool enough, yet, to ignore her subjects’ inclination. Hello, Brexit!


        • albertus magnus says:

          Democracy is not some be-all and end-all form of government.

          Heaven is a monarchy, not a democracy or a republic. What determines whether or not a form of government provides for freedom and liberty is the quality and values of those in charge.

          The most powerful and evil government is what we see now in those countries, including capitalist, socialist and communist countries who claim their power comes from the consent of the governed.

          Money controls EVERY form of government, ESPECIALLY those that require public campaigns and support.

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    • upper379 says:

      The Gordian knot was not gingerly untied with patience and time. It was cleanly cut by Alexander with his sword. The Brexit Gordian knot must also be slashed and cut with the Nationalistic sword.

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  2. Allard Otten says:

    Politicians in Italy and, now, UK are making deals with the devil to avoid a general election. To that end, established politicians have thrown away the masks off their flowery rhetoric and revealed the duplicity those masks have been hiding. Actions speak louder than word. M5S and the Tory renegades have joined forces with those they campaigned on to oppose, promoted via machinations by foreign EU leaders, thereby disenfranchising their constituents. I doubt that reality will be lost on pensive voters in a general election.

    I haven’t seen any indication that even UK political geeks know what’s really going on. If I look at the situation as a GE being the worst case scenario for EU-philes, however, I have to bake that in to BoJo’s strategy. That said, BoJo could either ignores the law or there’s something in the deal-only Brexit bill that gives him the power to approve it or not (a theory I’ve seen thrown out there). If it leads to a GE or a cobbled together interim government he will prevail long term.

    Bottom line is, the duplicity of the vocal remainers as well as the breadth of the hidden remainers has been exposed. Fence-sitters will shift and moderate remainers will walkaway, just to clean up the mess. Any cat and dog compromise to avoid a GE will be punished.


    • Esperanza says:

      I think the Brit Remoaners in parliament are behaving like headless chickens. The EU want us out at this point. The “forever in, but no say and you give us lots of divorce money” is a dream outcome for them. I don’t think they understand this. There’s still a lot of romanticism floating around. The EU hasn’t broken the UK like it has Old Europe (you should see the state of France) .

      I disagree with some of Sundance’s analysis above. France is now a bit player. We have no exports anymore, our manufacturing has been giant sucking sounded to Germany. It’s Germany who’s calling the shots. I hope T doesn’t slap tariffs on French agriculture, our farmers are dying already. Literally one suicide à week I think it is. My region, invented Charolais (it’s a village near here) lost half its beef producers.

      Could Trump start talking to Europeans? The media lying is so pervasive they NEVER get any news of what he’s actually doing. And most can’t read his tweets.

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      • Realist says:

        A pre war Nazi conference decided that a post war Europe should be a ‘Union of SOCIALIST Nation States CONTROLLED both POLITICALLY and FINANCIALLY by GERMANY’ and THAT is the EU in a nutshell nothing more or less than the FOURTH REICH

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        • John Bosley says:

          Or perhaps a new Holy Roman Empire as envisioned by Charlemagne.
          One to rival the last one from over 2000 years ago ?
          And all the evil that went into that one Empire.


          • warrprin1 says:

            “Or perhaps a new Holy Roman Empire” as envisioned by Charlemagne. One to rival the last one from over 2000 years ago ?”

            Charlemagne was crowned on Christmas Day in the year 800 Anno Domine. The Roman Empire, in the era of ancient history, preceding the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, was not Christianized until the conversion of the Roman Emperor Constantine, several hundred years following the human life experience of Jesus Christ, Son of God.

            The Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire were not the same thing. Now, in our times, there is nothing holy about what the Globalists are fighting to preserve, entrench, and expand. If they succeed, we will all be forced to worship at the altar of “their” choice, or perish by the means of “their” choice.

            Hold on, BoJo. Do not give in. Do not compromise. Give the Brits their clean Brexit, and the Globalists the defeat they so richly deserve.

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            • Pale rider says:

              What I find so obvious in the ‘brexit’ fight is it’s not about business or financial. When you dig as deep as Farage has you see it’s all about keeping the power and money in one direction only. It’s about Freedom. Then you see it in china, N Korea, Germany, and especially here in America. Like Sundance points out, we are watching them just as they are watching us. Each move forward will be parallel.

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      • Helen M.Viens says:

        Bonjour from New England, USA. Yes I am aware of the cattle/ steers/cows/beef that come from your area; they are a very distinctive animal. So very sorry to hear of the farmers plight. I worry about the livelihood of my Northern Irish farmer relatives, beef cows not milkers. I will look up your area on the map of France.
        I have given up traveling to Paris, have been several times, so much to see. If they ever destroy Sainte Chappelle, I will give up! Nearly succeeded avec St. Dinis and Nortre Dame. I followed Yellow Vests on RT for months but stopped watching all day on Saturday’s this past primtemps; they weren’t violent enough!

        Kindest Regards,

        Mary V


  3. dallasdan says:

    The American analogy for Brexit that keeps coming to my mind is sports-centered.

    Specifically, During a football kickoff the ball carrier fumbles and the ball bounds erratically across the field and the players compete wildly for possession of it. When the motion stops, there is a huge pile of players and the referees begin pulling them apart. During that unpiling, chaos continues at the bottom, with all manner of tactics used to secure possession of the ball.

    I think we are presently at the point of the beginning of the unpiling, and much unseen activity remains before possession (outcome of Brexit) is determined.

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    • Jay Currie says:

      The PM spent Friday and some of Saturday with Her Majesty. A transcript has just been released.

      The Queen: Prime Minister.

      Boris: Your Majesty.

      The Queen: Bit of a pickle Prime Minister.

      Boris: Well yes, Your Majesty. Dominic thought it might turn out this way.

      The Queen: Boris, you may think you are Pooh but I assure you, Dominic is more Owl like than you realize. He sounds quite smart but isn’t.

      Boris: Perhaps your Majesty. But what can one do?

      The Queen: Are you asking seriously?

      Boris: Oh yes, your Majesty, I am up the spout without a pickle, or paddle.

      The Queen: Well, yes, Boris, you are. Not the first Prime Minster and, the way things are going, not my last. But being a bear of very little brain you might take some advice. Do you know about residual powers?

      Boris: I have heard of them but they have not been used in centuries.

      The Queen: They most certainly have. Each time a Prime Minister cocks something up and needs to make Parliament go away for a while I prorogue the thing. Or, as my royal prerogatives are being abridged by the act I, or, rather, you can withhold consent. And you might suggest to me that my assent to the bill might be withheld for, say a month or two. And you might want to do that after prorogation. Or, and I doubt your clever Mr. Cummings has thought of this, you might ask me to write a letter to the EU asking for a one day extension to November 1. I am, after all the Head of State and can write in my own name on the advice of Cabinet which would put paid to any question of violating the “law”. Or you might try a combination of some or many of these manouvers and then move a motion of non-confidence against yourself just for the sheer joy of the expression on Mr. Corbyn’s rather scruffy face.

      Boris (doing a small dance as bears do when finding an unexpected honey pot): Thank you very much, Your Majesty. You have given me much to ponder.

      The Queen: Well don’t ponder too long. My powers grow rusty in their scabbards and if you wait too long I might die and you’ll have to deal with Charles who has forgotten what a scabbard looks like.

      Boris: Thank you Kanga, I mean, Your Majesty.

      The Queen: You’re very welcome, Prime Minister. Now get on with it. Lovely gal by the way. Phillip was very impressed.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      The facts are that the Globalists have been paying politicians for decades.

      They choose them. They groom them from an early age. (Obama) They pick the most accomplished crooked ones. (Clinton’s).
      They pay for their educations, surround them with like minded people, tell them who to marry, (McConnell and his Chinese wife), and tell them exactly what to do.

      They train them to be “Actors” on the political stage… do anything it takes to accomplish the Globalists goals.

      But they also have a bottom line “rule”, or clause in their contract so to speak.

      If the Globalists Agenda comes under an immediate threat, they must do anything to protect it. Even if it means exposing their true belief in Globalization.

      This is what is happening in the UK now. Brexit is a direct threat to all their decades of planning. And actually, it may not have been early on, except now they are faced with the reality of:

      Our President and Boris.

      They were using Chinese money, in retrospect our money, to pay off the world. Now that money is gone…….

      There are trillions at stake……and they are in a panic

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    • pawatcher says:

      At the bottom of your pile analogy is the queen and house of lords (none elected by the people): she gets the ball without fail. She uses the house of lords to get the ball to victory.
      The kingdom is a a German construct/lineage you know: the queen will keep the EU, it is her kingdom- all of it.


      • Carrie says:

        Although I think that the Queen may be a staunch Brexiteer, I honestly doubt she will get involved, sadly. I think she knows if she acts in any way even remotely politically , the left of the Parliament will try to remove her entirely from the equation permanently. Few pundits in the UK think she will do anything other than silently rubber stamp and let the squabbling continue. The Royal Family has been in quite a predicament lately with all of the scandals (Meghan spending loads of cash, Andrew and Epstein, etc.) so I think she will take a bullet for her family and their position and stay quiet.


  4. JunkerGeorg says:

    Don’t know him that well as a Yank, but your MP Daniel Hannan always impresses me. He had a reassuring article in Washington Examiner:

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    • Lee Moore says:

      He’s being naive. He thinks Boris would win an election, and the polls tend to agree. That is PRECISELY why there won’t be one. The other parties are not going to vote for an election they expect to lose.

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  5. Lee Moore says:

    What might happen after Brexit is all very interesting, but there is no reason to believe Brexit is going to happen any time soon. The Brexiteers do not have the votes (in Parliament) to make it happen, and while Boris would like an election to acquire those votes, he needs Parliament to vote for an election. And they’re not going to.

    And why would they ? They are sitting pretty, able to enforce an indefinite delay. Indeed the law they have just passed allows the EU to ask for a delay of 200 years, and requires the Prime Minister to agree to that offer.

    And they also don’t want an election for the same reason that Boris wants one – Boris is leading in the polls.

    I hereby predict that Boris will resign as PM rather than ask for an extension, which will put Corbyn in as PM. To sustain him, and the Brexit delay, all the opposition parties will have to keep voting for Corbyn, which will not do their poll ratings any good. So they’ll keep delaying until an election can be put off no longer (2022.)

    But there is one way that Trump could make sure Brexit happens. He could pick up the phone to the Polish President and say “I’d be grateful if you vetoed any Brexit extension.” Since the extension has to be agreed unanimously by the other EU members, one veto would do it. But I’m afraid that’s not going to happen either.

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    • tiredofallthis says:

      And I predict that Johnson will refuse to request an extension of the October 31 deadline no matter what Parliament votes to do instead of resigning. What then genius?

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      • Lee Moore says:

        I expect a court would hold him in contempt and issue an order appointing someone else to make the request for him. The someone else would then make the request and the EU would agree, and, hey presto, there’s your extension. You might say “Hold on, the new law does not allow for the appointment of a someone else !” And the court would smile, and the EU would smile.

        In fact they might not even bother to appoint someone else, but simply rule that as there was a binding obligation to make the request, as a matter of law, the court rules that the request has been deemed to be made.

        You need to remember that the UK courts are subsidiaries of the EU courts, as a matter of law, and in any event the judges ae even more Remainer than Parliament.


    • Carrie says:

      But if Boris resigns as PM, doesn’t that create a snap election? Can’t he also create a vote of no confidence regarding himself and force a snap election that way?


      • Lee Moore says:

        No. It used to be that when a PM felt an elction was needed he, or she, would just amble round to the Palace and ask the Queen to dissolve the current Parliament for fresh elections. But a recent law now means that an election can only be called :

        (a) when the full term is up (in this case in 2022) or
        (b) if the House of Commons votes for an election by a 2/3 majority, or
        (c) if the government loses a vote of confidence in the HoC (on a motion with specifc wording) and 14 days pass without another vote expressing confidence in the government, or
        (d) Parliament passes a new law overriding the one I’ve just explained

        None of these things, except (a), can happen without the Opposition parties, who have the majority, voting for it. And they’re not gonna.

        If the HoC passes a no confidence vote in the current government, using the correct wording, then that starts the 14 day clock. But during that time the HoC could express confidence in a government led by somebody else, which would then stop the 14 day clock with no election. Or, more easily, the majority could pass an amendment to the motion so that the words were a bit wrong and that wouldn’t even start the 14 day clock.

        So the government could itself propose a motion ““That this House has no confidence in Her Majesty’s Government.” (which is the correct wording.) The Opposition could amend the motion to say ““That this House has no confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s conduct of Her Majesty’s Government.” And then the Opposition could happily pass this motion without starting the 14 day clock. For it is no longer the magic words.

        Now, if Boris has some cunning trick up his sleeve like for example not passing the Bill to the Queen for Royal Assent, so that the Bill fails (don’t think he will, but let’s just say he did) then there wouldn’t be any law requiring him to ask for an extension, so Parliament would be prorogued (ie go into inter-session recess) and come back on 14 October. If, on 14 October, the Remainers weren’t confident that they could pass a new Bill and get the courts to say that it must be presented for Royal Assent, then they would pass a vote of no confdence in Johnson, AND a vote of confidence in someone else. That wouldn’t trigger an election but it would compel Johnson to resign (and if he refused to resign, the Queen would be obliged to fire him.) And then the new guy (or gal) would ask the EU for an extension voluntarily.

        Those folk who are expecting Boris to produce some Ace from hs sleeve, need to bear in mind that that only sees him through to 14 October at best. He then needs a second, different, Ace for the period from 14 to 31 October. This is why I am sceptical that he has one Ace, never mind two. But if he has, then so much the better. Another reason why i don’t think Boris has a cunning trick is that he had his side mount a fiibuster in the House of Lords last week to try to block the Bill. But then he called it off after only a few hours. If he had a cunning trick in hand, he wouldn’t have bothered to get the fiibuster started.

        The only genuine magic bullet here is a veto on the extension by one of the other 27 EU countries. There are a couple – Poland and Hungary spring to mind – which loathe the smug bureaucrts of the EU Commission quite as much as do British Brexiteers, but Poland and Hungary don’t want the UK to leave the EU. They regard the UK as a semi-sane voice in EU policy making, and so UK membership of the EIU slightly reduces the quanity of lunacy emanating from the EU which is imposed on them.

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        • Carrie says:

          Thank you for clarifying this!!! Many of the articles don’t go to such depth about the possible twists and turns.
          However, I genuinely grieve for the UK because imagine if they take a vote of no confidence and then unilaterally place Corbyn in charge! What would be the point of having elections if the Parliament can do whatever they want anyway.


    • Carrie says:

      And what about triggering the Civil Contingencies Act as Raheem Kassam suggested? It is a crisis and it is exactly as described in the Act , it’s a Labour approved Act and it would allow Boris to push this through.


      • Pale rider says:

        If Boris doesn’t back down IMO, it will go this time. The one bit of hope is ‘Trump’ in all this, and it seems Boris is listening.
        Most of the nations see President Trump as an asset for a better way of life, regardless of the propaganda machine.


  6. Pyrthroes says:

    Following all this i(with SD’s invaluable clarifications) in context of Brexit; “decoupling” Hsi’s mendacious “exfiltration” plus ChiComs’ debt-peonage Belt-and-Road supply-chain thrusts; re-ordering U.S. trade-relations with Canada and Mexico (once obstructionist Pelosi-crats deign to ratify USMCA), is a Poli-Sci education in itself.

    For the record (via “Washington Examiner”), “Britain’s employment is at record levels, the deficit has been eliminated; polls show the governing Conservative (Tory) Party ahead a full 10 points. China aside, the free-and-open U.K. has attracted more foreign investment than any country in the world. London’s stock exchange is surging; there are more EU nationals working in the U.K. than ever, belying the NYT’s idiotic claims of a faltering economy, let alone rising xenophobia.”

    As’t stands, negotiations with Brussels are at a joint standstill, with zero prospect of resumption, meaning that Remainers’ “Ben-Burt Bill” has zero substance (not to mention endless Upper House amendments, running out the clock to prorogation). Moreover, by deferring an election, Labour plays into Johnson’s hands– once out of the EU by end-October, Ben-Burt becomes irrelevant while Corbyn’s strength will likely fall by 10%. If not in principle, the practical precedent set here may well preclude such Parliamentary shenanigans in future.

    Kudos to El Excellente! Pres. Donald Trump has long understood that autonomous economic growth is Power; that power confers National Security; and that national security is worth having only where Government advances people’s prosperous well-being– the very antithesis of Benedict Barack Gangrenous’ Deep State decedents. (See Bertrand de Jouvenal, “On Power”, 1948).

    Watching PM Boris Johnson ally with Trump to mutual advantage against lurking-menace clerisies from Brussels to Moscow, Peking, Riyadh and Teheran, curls one’s geopolitical toes.

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  7. getfitnow says:

    FTA – As of Friday, September 6, an extension of three months to prevent the U.K. leaving the E.U. without a deal passed the Houses of Commons and Lords. In order for that legislation to become law, there must be consent by the monarch — in this case, Queen Elizabeth II. Once she assents, the bill becomes law.

    While most everyone is considering her assent a formality on Monday, it should not quite yet be considered a fait accompli. The queen can lawfully refuse assent or delay her approval, which would effectively veto the bill and keep it from becoming law, thereby paving the way to a No Deal Brexit on October 31.

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  8. Politically, this has been a fantastic week for Brexit-supporters:

    1. Farage has indicated The Brexit Party will not field candidates against Tory MPs who voted against May’ Withdrawal Agreement repeatedly. The beginnings of a Tory-Brexit Party coalition are taking shape
    2. Remainers in Parliament have been completely exposed. Most of the general public will not forgive them for binding the PM’s hands; handing power to the EU and refusing an election
    3. The Tory party is purging itself of Remainers. This has been decades overdue but is finally happening now. What will be left is a parliamentary party that better reflects the conservative values of its grassroots members
    4. In polls, the public wants a general election 50% for versus 18% against if Parliament cannot deliver Brexit. In polls the combined tory party-BP vote comes to 47-51% and would deliver a significant working majority if their alliance is formally made for the next general election
    5. Sundance’s post gives me hope that the PM and POTUS are prepared and have a post-Brexit plan that will allow both countries to prosper. The PM’s adviser Dominic Cummings recognises the stupidity of the elites. I hope he recognises the genius of your POTUS too

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  9. The Best Thing happen To OUR country for President Trump,
    Trump 2020 again,


  10. Bromdale says:

    It has to be remembered that “no-deal Brexit” is a negotiating position and possibly nothing more. In an alternative scenario, Boris keeps his word and avoids asking for a further extension but instead takes to Parliament a warmed-over version of the previously-rejected “surrender agreement” which they will gladly accept. No doubt PDJT would have something to say if that were to happen.


    • railer says:

      Yes, Boris will eventually put forth May’s deal. And yes, Trump will have something to say about that, but more importantly, he’ll DO something about that. The UK will become subject to the same tariffs he puts on the EU.

      This is a zero-sum game. These globalists need to figure this out soon. They are moving into recession, and they need to get off that train. This trade restructuring will come with or without them. It’s better for them if they join. If they wait to dethrone Trump, and particularly if they put up Biden to run against him, they risk a FAR worse deal than the one Trump will give them right now.


  11. rashomon says:

    Seldom do teachers have such an opportunity to teach economics in real time. In the past, such issues have been complicated by politics — language is power, so why not make such issues too complex for the “common folk” to understand. Even the most astute professors and pundits had an impossible time untying this rat’s nest with simple explanations. We who paid the bills were simply too dumb.

    Well, a new day is here.

    Sundance superbly confronts this discussion so your 6-year-old can get the gist even if the EU and the guys at Harvard and The Fed can’t. The Trump is Trumping the politicians by using simple math and common business practices to free the taxpayers from the control of those in D.C., London, Brussels, etc, etc, etc. Shall we dance?

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  12. TradeBait says:

    Another great explanation of the intersection of world government, politics and economics we find today, sundance. Fascinating to watch play out. I hope We the People are planning and investing accordingly.


    • yy4u says:

      What is going on in the UK is the exact same thing as is going on in the USA. The people voted and the elite said “No! You don’t get to vote unless you vote the way we want.” What do you think all this resist, Russian hoax, impeachment is all about. Our Brexit. They voted to leave the EU and their Globalist Uniparty said NO; we voted to elect Trump and our Globalist Unitparty said NO. The Left wing of our uniparty would have done the same thing to ANY Republican who beat Hillary but not with the vitriole against Trump and not with the assent of the corporatist wing of the Globalist Uniparty.

      In both cases, the mask(s) are off. We now know we don’t have a vote unless we vote the way they want. What we do about it/what the Brits do about it is the question. So far POTUS has avoided being couped out of office — and has delivered prosperity to the middle class (something the Globalist Uniparty opposes) — now we’ll see what Boris can do.

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      • Donzo says:

        “We now know we don’t have a vote unless we vote the way they want.”

        PDT and his supporters might disagree. The seditious efforts to undo the will of the US electorate came dangerously close to succeeding. Will the of the UK people be done and, if not, what does that presage for parliamentary democracy?


  13. gustheairedale says:

    Mark Hanna writes in American Thinker ….

    As of Friday, September 6, an extension of three months to prevent the U.K. leaving the E.U. without a deal passed the Houses of Commons and Lords. In order for that legislation to become law, there must be consent by the monarch — in this case, Queen Elizabeth II. Once she assents, the bill becomes law.

    While most everyone is considering her assent a formality on Monday, it should not quite yet be considered a fait accompli. The queen can lawfully refuse assent or delay her approval, which would effectively veto the bill and keep it from becoming law, thereby paving the way to a No Deal Brexit on October 31.

    There are two occasions when the monarch can and should, according to most academic experts in the matter, refuse assent.

    According to Anne Twomey, professor of constitutional law at the the University of Sydney in her book The Veiled Sceptre, the first occasion is that where a “serious error is discovered in the bill.” No one is arguing that there is an error in the Remainers’ meticulously crafted bill of extension.

    But the second occasion in relation to royal assent, “the predominant academic view … is that the Sovereign … must act upon the advice of responsible ministers.”

    Professor of public law at the University of Glasgow School of Law Adam Tomkins concurs. From his book Public Law: “If the monarch were given clear and firm Prime Ministerial advice that she should withhold her royal assent to a Bill which had passed through the Houses of Parliament, it seems to be the case that the monarch should follow that advice.”

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    • Allard Otten says:

      There is talk that Benn’s bill is flawed. Center’s around the improper gauging of the necessity of Queen’s assent, which would mean parliament is usurping power. Something about the bill being based on an earlier bill that didn’t need Queen’s assent, I think. Roughly, Royal assent is for domestic use, Queens’s assent for international is what I took from the discussion.

      Some people saying filibuster was just buying time to find the holes in the bill, thus BoJo’s head scratching order order to stop the filibuster. Legal challenge, tomorrow, perhaps.

      BoJo holding off until Queen’s speech starting new session is a big factor. Nonetheless, even reading UK sites, looks like no one is really sure what is going on.

      BoJo is correct, too, when he says that the MP’s don’t want a Brexit, so even he negotiates a new Brexit deal, they won’t vote for it. It’s a scam that has to be getting obvious at this point.


    • Doppler says:

      Good article, gust, especially for those of us who like both constitutional law and the sweet science of boxing. The US Constitution marked a radical departure from British constitutional law, because we put it all down in one document, including formal adoption and amendment processes. We left out how a State, once in, could later secede, so that contributed to Civil War, with ~ 600,000 dead, not only ending slavery, but establishing that once a state is in, it cannot leave, without the nation’s consent.

      Britain, with its mishmash of old statutes, cases, treaties, customs and traditions (“since the memory of humankind runneth not to the contrary”), signed onto the EU constitution, but not the Euro, and now the people want out. The EU must take a hard and punitive line, or risk a broader meltdown. Its constitution requires agreement, and, I believe, substantial compensation. EU has no incentive other than to be harsh.

      Hard exit will be harsh on Britain, including cash owing, though there will be the issue of collecting it.

      So Boris steps into the ring with his new majority, which promptly abandons him, voting to outlaw any Brexit without a deal, demanding a three month extension, and refusing to vote no confidence nor to call for new elections. He prorogues, suspending Parliament, but the new bills are adopted before it starts, needing only the Queen’s assent. Boris will advise against assent. If I were counseling the Queen, I’d advise her not to assent, but instead to recommend holding another election, in order to hear the people through voting on a new Parliament, one in which the Prime Minister and the majority are in synch, instead of asking her to decide between them.


  14. railer says:

    The UK has a Uniparty, same as us. It’s Lib/Lab/Con (I’ve been banned on UK comments sections for using that formulation, btw.). There was ZERO difference between Clegg/Milliband/Cameron. ZERO. They are all globalists. Boris is of their ilk, so was May, and Trump obviously knows all this.

    Today, you see the “Con” remainers defecting to the Lib party, a common tactic over there. Lab members previously did likewise, when it suited the Lib/Lab/Con Uniparty. Con PM Cameron then formed a coalition government with Lib, which was a joke because Lib/Lab/Con is a coalition by definition (although the censors hate it being said, as previously mentioned).

    It is only Farage and the Brexit Party that can break this stranglehold of Lib/Lab/Con. The frequent tactical flipflopping of the 3 Uniparty clones can only be strategically countered by a 4th party, as the other 3 parties are clones.

    Don’t fall into the distraction trap of “Corbyn is a communist”. It’s the same thing the Uniparty does here to maintain power. Corbyn is doing exactly what the Uniparty wants… REMAINING. The Uniparty just needs to provide cover for the Lib/Con member clones who join with Corbyn in remaining. Only Farage can provide another way. Absent him, Boris, Corbyn and whichever stooge is in front of the Lib party will bring about a remain status.

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  15. Dunno … as the political rhetoric that is flying back and forth becomes both ever more outrageous and ever more dramatic, I think that all of us need to be aware that “we might just be being played.” What’s the craziest thing that I could say which you’d still be disposed to accept (and so, react to …) at face value? And then, if you did do as I expected, what would the PROPAGANDA value be to me? My goal is simply to push you off-base and then keep you there …

    One hallmark of the 2020 election definitely seems to me to be: “overt and heavy-handed use of classic propaganda techniques.” In this country we’re not used to seeing them, but Trump’s opponents are desperate. So, let’s keep the salt-box handy. Choose whether to believe it. Choose whether and if so how to react. “You are being manipulated … but only if you allow it.” Eyes open.

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  16. gary says:

    a comparison ,if you will. the soviets went away with a whisper. reagan took them on when he told them to tear down the berlin wall. maybe the trade reset is trumps berlin wall, and the chinese communists go away with a whisper,when their people start really starving,for food and freedom. the food part has already started. our cia missed the soviet dissolution completely.

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  17. Dutchman says:

    Beyond Brexit, there is some question regarding a trade deal with the,EU.

    I see a deal between PDJT and the EU as being impossible. Firstly, the consistent pattern, over many years of EU countries (especially Germany, which IS the main driver of the,EU) failing to meet their article 5 obligations re NATO funding, and their machinations on Brexit make it clear the EU can NOT be trusted.

    Like CCP China, their history shows they will reneg. Since PDJT doesn’t NEED to make a deal with EU, and they DO, AND they can’t be trusted, why in the WORLD would PDJT make any deal with them?

    Secondly, EU is in the same ‘pickle’ as China, only for slightly different reasons. The EU can NOT agree to PDJT’s reasonable terms. The EU has financed their generous social programs at the expence of the U.S.

    Retirement with full pension at 55, a month paid holiday/year, and government paid healthcare all ‘paid’ for thru the trade deficit and underfunding their military (NATO obligations).

    If they drop their trade barriers, and meet their Nato obligations, they can not afford to continue these generous entitlement programs. They are called ‘entitlement’ programs because once people accept them, they feel ENTITLED, and won’t willingly give them up.

    As PDJT has used the threat of tariffs against Mexico to get them to enforce the border, there is (I think) every rrason to think PDJT would use tarriffs against Germany etc. to meet their Nato obligations.

    Or, conversely he could pull troops out of Germany, and reposition in Poland.
    One only has to look at the resistance to closing bases in the,U.S. to see; a military base generates a LOT of economic activity for the local economy.

    So, my point is I don’t see any way a ‘deal’ is reached with the EU, on trade.

    Just like with CCP, a ‘deal’ is simply NOT in the cards. A collapse of the EU (which was originally sold as forming a ‘trade bloc’) is inevitable, so long as PDJT is in the Oval office.

    Many have said CCP are waiting out the 2020 election, and IF PDJT wins they will make a deal, and I suppose many think the same with EU.

    However, the underlieing dynamics,don’t change; the EU and CCP can NOT agree to PDJT’s terms, and they have shown they won’t abide by any agreement they make.

    PDJT will be politically stronger after reelection, AND not have to look at running for reelection. So, WHY would he agree to any deal with either, assuming they wanted to make a deal?

    Gourdian knot, indeed.

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  18. k4jjj says:

    There can be no deal with China. They are ruled by liars, tyrants and murderers. They will never honor an agreement.

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  19. Bill434 says:

    SD, this kind of article is why I’m a loyar reader. Good analysis, well written, takinbg a thoughtful risk with your conclusions. Keep up the good work.

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  20. Allard Otten says:

    There is talk that Benn’s bill is flawed. Center’s around the improper gauging of the necessity of Queen’s assent, which would mean parliament is usurping power. Something about the bill being based on an earlier bill that didn’t need Queen’s assent, I think. Roughly, Royal assent is for domestic use, Queens’s assent for international is what I took from the discussion.

    Some people saying filibuster was just buying time to find the holes in the bill, thus BoJo’s head scratching order order to stop the filibuster. Legal challenge, tomorrow, perhaps.

    BoJo holding off until Queen’s speech starting new session is a big factor. Nonetheless, even reading UK sites, looks like no one is really sure what is going on.

    BoJo is correct, too, when he says that the MP’s don’t want a Brexit, so even he negotiates a new Brexit deal, they won’t vote for it. It’s a scam that has to be getting obvious at this point.


  21. Carrie says:

    Ok, as if Labour couldn’t get more extreme, here are the updates.
    First, McDonnell says if Corbyn gets power, he will bring back up May’s deal and then try to get everyone to vote against it!

    Then, after already stating that he would ban banker bonuses, now they are saying they will scrap all private schools (you know the same ones the Goldman Sachs kids attend…) Those bankers have got themselves in quite a pickle!


  22. Benn’s Bill aka The Surrender Act is unlawful in that it compels the PM to accept unknown conditions demanded by a Foreign Power (which could include conditions on anything from Defence to Education). It runs directly counter to every precedent, and all historic Constitutional Acts in letter and in spirit including the Privy Councillor Oath, the Coronation Oath Act and pre-eminently the Bill of Rights which remains un-repealed.

    Remainers are talking of jailing the PM if he does not co-operate with The Surrender Act. If they think this will turn out well for them, they are mental and deluded. They are sowing the seeds of their own extinction.


  23. PinotNoir says:

    And yet the Queen gave assent. What on earth is she thinking?


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