Moments Away – Inspector General Report on James Comey To Be Released Any Day…

Now that we know the Department of Justice Inspector General is about to release a report on former FBI Director James Comey; and now that we know the OIG Principal Review Phase was already initiated; we can start to monitor the IG Website for the release.

NOTE: This is NOT the IG report on DOJ and FBI conduct about IG FISA abuses. This is a carve-out report, specific to James Comey and his leaked memos.

It appears the pending IG report will cover the conduct of James Comey and how he handled a series of memos he produced; contemporaneous accounts written by Comey covering events he documented outside of normal FBI protocol.

As part of the process, the inspector general report has been given to James Comey in advance.  According to John Solomon reporting, Comey lawyers Patrick Fitzgerald and Daniel Richman, along with spokesperson Keith Urbahn are all participating in his review of the report content.  This is called the “Principal Review Phase”.

In the example of the 2018 IG report on Andrew McCabe, the OIG gave McCabe’s team a week during the principal review phase, and then published the report two days after the responses were submitted. [McCabe Report Reviewed] We don’t know how long James Comey has had the report, but my hunch is several days.

If the IG sticks to the same general feedback timeline as the McCabe report, we could see a final IG report very soon; perhaps even as early as tomorrow (Friday August 2nd); which would line-up with the DOJ request for additional time in the Comey Memo/Archey Declaration FOIA case in the DC Circuit (Judge James Boasberg) also due Aug 2nd, and possibly delayed due to the background of the Comey IG report being released.

Regardless of connection to the FOIA case, the IG report on James Comey is going to become public very soon.

The inspector general along with the OIG referencer, may (not required) include the responses from Comey’s team as part of their final report.  If Horowitz does include Comey’s responses, likely responses from Comey’s legal team, Horowitz will almost certainly include rebuttals to those responses in his final report.

The report itself is likely quite damning as pre-release reporting by John Solomon outlines the IG sent criminal referrals to the DOJ (John Huber) as part of the overall review.

The DOJ has reportedly declined prosecution on the referral; however, there may be extrajudicial reasons why that declination has taken place. [ex. if the DOJ wants to declassify and release the memos, as part of a larger investigative release.]

Now, it’s important to remember…. No-one knows the number of memos that James Comey has written.  [We may get that answer in the IG report.]  There are nine memos written by James Comey surrounding contact and conversations with President-elect and then President Trump (2016/2017).

However, based on the court declarations by Mueller’s former lead FBI investigator David Archey, it sounds like there are many more memos than anyone currently understands; including memos about the investigation of candidate Trump, that were written during the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation 2016 and 2017, that describe investigative details, sources, operations and code-names of intelligence assets used in the investigation.

It is also worth remembering that James Comey leaked his memos to Daniel Richman so that Richman could act as a go-between to pass the information along to the New York Times.  Richman was not only Comey’s friend, it was later discovered that Richman was an unpaid FBI employee given special access by James Comey.

Fox News Catherine Herridge detailed how Daniel Richman held special access privileges to the FBI, as an outcome of former FBI Director James Comey authorizing his friend as a “Special Government Employee” or SGE.

(VIA FOX) […] The professor, Daniel Richman, confirmed the special status in response to an inquiry from Fox News, while referring other questions, including on the scope of his work, to the FBI.

“I did indeed have SGE status with the Bureau (for no pay),” Richman wrote in an email.

Richman emerged last year as the former FBI director’s contact for leaking memos documenting his private discussions with President Trump – memos that are now the subject of an inspector general review over the presence of classified material.

Sources familiar with Richman’s status at the FBI told Fox News that he was assigned to “special projects” by Comey, and had a security clearance as well as badge access to the building. Richman’s status was the subject of a Memorandum of Understanding.  (read more)

A few paragraphs later in the article about Richman you might pay particular attention to this: “Richman’s portfolio included the use of encrypted communications by terror suspects.”

How did Daniel Richman review “encrypted communication”?  Well, likely through access to the FBI/NSA database.  The same database outlined by FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer:

It seems too coincidental to be disconnected. [Backstory]

When considering who were the FBI contractors, with special program access to the NSA database, conducting unauthorized searches and extracting results… there’s a specific type of contractor described by FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer.  One who was able to work around the security protocols: [Page 21] “systems …. that do not interface with NSA’s query audit system“.

I have my suspicions, [backstory] but we would need to see the fully unredacted Collyer FISA report to get the answers.

I digress.

After it was revealed that Richman was an exclusive special government employee of FBI Director Comey; and after it was revealed that Richman was the go-between for the leaked memo distribution; James Comey said Daniel Richman was also his lawyer.

Calling Richman his personal lawyer, conveniently has the benefit of taking Richman away from the reach of the current DOJ investigators via attorney/client privilege.

So we await the IG report on James Comey which could come at any time; and I suspect there will be some good information included within it for those who do research.  The primary question I have is whether the declination to prosecute now means the report will contain the actual memos.

Additionally, knowing this report is soon to be released it will be interesting to see how the DOJ responds to Judge Boasberg tomorrow in the FOIA case that involves the Comey memos.

Stay tuned…

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700 Responses to Moments Away – Inspector General Report on James Comey To Be Released Any Day…

  1. JAS says:

    My take on this whole thing:

    Who are the most knowledgeable people about breaking the law and getting away with it ?

    Attorneys and prosecutors

    What professions are the people that staff the higher posts in the FBI and DOJ?

    Attorneys and prosecutors

    Not holding my breath on any of this…….

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    • RJ says:

      I think you have the same microscope that I have been using! We see the same cells squirming about the petri dish.


    • Just for Clarification:

      The following is on the Fox News Website:

      The Justice Department has decided against prosecuting former FBI Director James Comey for leaking classified information following a referral from the department’s inspector general, sources familiar with the deliberations told Fox News.

      “Everyone at the DOJ involved in the decision said it wasn’t a close call,” one official said. “They all thought this could not be prosecuted.”

      “Comey penned memos memorializing his interactions with President Trump in the days leading up to his firing.” He then passed those documents to a friend, Columbia University Law Professor Daniel Richman, who gave them to The New York Times. Comey admitted to that arrangement during congressional testimony.

      After the fact, the FBI classified two of those memos as “confidential.”

      NOTE: Comey DID NOT TAKE ANY DOCUMENTS OUT OF THE FBI, HE “PENNED” the memos…which means he was doing it from MEMORY!!!…

      I wonder if Comey has a PRODIGIOUS MEMORY?

      Where’s the CAT when you need her?

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    • Richard Orberson says:

      Nothing has changed
      Looks like we all got our hopes up for nothing. Nobody is going to prosecute anyone for anything, they’re just going to run the clock out and let everybody go

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      • Steven Andros says:

        As best I recall, Bill Clinton invented this technique. The democrats have been using it repeatedly to good effect – ever since. There’s a statue of limitations on most crimes, and these criminals know exactly how long they need to stall.

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  2. Bubby says:

    I have an IG Report process question. Why the separate carve out and why now? Why not wait until the full report is ready next month? Are carve out reports standard MO for the IG? I really never fully understood what an IG did until President Trump was elected and I found this blog. Someone earlier posted that some here have a reading comprehension problem. I guess I’m one of those posters some of it is age related and some genetic. Godspeed President Trump, AG Barr and Sundance!

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    • Horowitz cannot make criminal referrals. When he encounters activity which might be criminal, he “carves out” those specific parts for examination by someone who can make that call. It is then up to them whether or not to do it.

      It’s pretty obvious to me that Comey wrote all these memos specifically intending that they would be “leaked,” and one day published (thanks to CNN) in their entirety. By doing so, he sets the narrative using his own words. Simply because he wrote them, and simply because they were there, they will be assumed by many to be true.

      If the Government now presses criminal charges against him based on these words, it will add credibility to them. And it will be easy to defend against them because we’re talking about words that the Defendant himself wrote. Hold your fire, boys … this shot’s not worth taking. There will be more – much more.

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      • P.S.: Also note that when the FBI did classify the documents, so far as I know they used only the lowest level of government classification – “Confidential.”

        This is the big-dog who was leading the FBI when so much of this shit came down. There’s no need to waste prosecutorial time on his “memos.”

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        • Breath of fresh air, Mike❤️ Those who are stressing on the AG’s decision to pass might take a deep breath. Like you say, prosecuting would mean all Comey’s anti-Trump rhetoric would be spewed 24/7 on MSM.

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      • Battleship Wisconsin says:

        You are right on this score. The memos are a smoke screen intended to camouflage Comey’s more serious criminal activities while he was FBI Director. Firing the big prosecutorial guns at the smokescreen results in missing the important targets hidden behind the screen.


    • covfefe999 says:

      I think Sundance explained it at the top. It’s because there are two different subjects, FISA abuse and Comey memos.

      This is NOT the IG report on DOJ and FBI conduct about IG FISA abuses. This is a carve-out report, specific to James Comey and his leaked memos.

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      • Rob says:

        Why carve out the Comey memos from the rest of the FISA abuse investigation? Would that mean they only found something potentially illegal with Comey’s memos, but not the rest of it?


  3. arze says:

    There is no guarantee Comey’s name will even be on the OIG document [Assuming a release is imminent].

    This likelihood is based on the OIG report on Stzrok, released nine weeks ago, when we can speculate it was on Strzok without being certain, since the title and not the name was identified, only.

    The OIG will issue an ‘Investigative Finding’ in a ‘Case Involving Administrative Misconduct’ — soon on Comey, the “cut out” as it were, based on Solomon’s unnamed sources and Sundance’s amplification [that zerohedge noted in his post].

    The Strzok summary was less than a page, included following: “Prosecution” of “a then FBI Deputy Assistant Director” “was declined.”

    Strzok’s name never appeared on the OIG summary of findings they published May 29.

    Click to access f190529.pdf

    Perhaps the OIG finding will begin exactly as follows:

    [[[The Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of the Inspector General (OIG) initiated this investigation upon the receipt of information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), alleging that a then FBI Director had numerous contacts with members of the media in violation of FBI policy.]]]

    Strzok was not prosecuted, even though, in a sense, what he did — compared to apparent ‘cut out’ summary we may soon see from OIG — may be worse, in terms of its moral terpitude.

    “The OIG investigation concluded that the DAD [then FBI Deputy Assistant Director] engaged in misconduct when the DAD: (1) disclosed to the media the existence of information that had been filed under seal in federal court, in violation of 18 USC § 401, Contempt of Court; (2) provided without authorization FBI law enforcement sensitive information to reporters on multiple occasions; and (3) had dozens of official contacts with the media without authorization, in violation of FBI policy” — and accepted a $225 bribe from a reporter, the OIG summary said.

    “The OIG also found that the DAD engaged in misconduct when the DAD accepted a ticket, valued at approximately $225, to attend a media-sponsored dinner, as a gift from a member of the media, in violation of federal regulations and FBI policy. Prosecution of the DAD was declined. The OIG has completed this investigation and is providing this report to the FBI for appropriate action.”



  4. iwasthere says:

    “Everyone at the DOJ involved in the decision said it wasn’t a close call,” – when analyzed through the swamp & TDS prism, one official said. “They all thought this could not be prosecuted.” There fixed it.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      One official is speaking for “everyone at the DOJ”.

      Whether or not what Fox got from their leaker is true, it totally irks me and jeopardizes my newly-achieved zen attitude. 🙂

      I think we need to start scrutinizing the info coming from people we consider to be our allies as much as we scrutinize info coming from the Dem propaganda media. We never accepted info from anonymous unnamed “officials”. I think we should stop accepting it when it comes from The Hill or Joe DiGenova or Hannity or Sarah Carter, even if it’s good info. I let myself get a little bit excited about Joe D’s prediction that declassified documents would be released starting Wednesday, or at least by the end of this week. I regret that now. I wish I had just looked it like I would look at a Dem propaganda media leaked “breaking news” bit. Just brush it off and say “I’ll wait for the official announcement”. I mean, what do I care? I’m just a nobody citizen, I don’t need to be “First!”, and I sure as heck don’t need to get all worked up in advance about something that might not even be true.

      We have a long road ahead to November 2020. This crap is only going to get worse. Self-serving people are going to attempt to jerk us around many many more times between now and the election. We learned back in 2016 to ignore the alarmist polls and reports telling us Trump was going to lose. Let’s advance to the next stage of being rational evidenced-based thinkers.

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    • william elbel says:

      There is nothing preventing prosecution for any misdeed- however weak the case. Then the jury decides, sort of like with OJ Simpson ” gimme that form to sign”

      To say Comey could not be prosecuted when we remember Scooter Libby was prosecuted when the true leaker Armitage was known shows how depraved this country has become!


      • franz dorn says:

        I disagree with Barr immediately deciding to decline. Terrible optics. Holding onto the case for a while is not unethical.Tone deaf strategy. It appears that Barr destroyed bargaining position.

        But, a prosecutor has an ethical duty at some point to bring winnable or at least triable cases. Usually the floor is 50% chance of winning. In a case like this 25%… or 10-1. A prosecutor who brings cases “however weak” is a kindred spirit of Nifong and should be disbarred and destroyed. WE don’t need our own Mueller or Weissmann, either. Again, the prosecutor has ethical considerations here,but did not need to ethically address them now.

        Barr and the President should hold a news conference and level with us. What is real? What is hope porn? What are their goals? I don’t see EVERYTHING in terms of Deep state intrigue or betrayal. There are are other forces out there that are ALSO very real and that must be honestly appraised.


  5. I can’t stand corrupt arrogant comey

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  6. Cocoon says:

    We know from Comeys actions he was targeting the POTUS for prosecution.
    We also know he purposefully leaked memos regarding his conversations and investigation into POTUS.
    What has not been discussed is the inherent bias Comey has towards the POTUS. He sent Agents in early in Administration to interview Flynn taking advantage of their lack of organization.
    He kept memos on Trump but not with Obama.
    Barr has spent 5 months separating the POTUS from investigations allowing the POTUS to focus on his Agenda and upcoming election.
    If Barr were to prosecute Comey for the biased memos, it would draw POTUS right back into another Court matter and bring validity to Comeys one-sided, biased, memos.
    Comey is toast. Written up by Rosenstein for usurping power from DOJ and not being able to admit errors and now referred for criminal prosecution for leaking if classified material. He should have his Security Clearances taken away zig not done already. Furthermore, Dems don’t like what he did to Hillary and Repubs don’t like him for what he did to Trump.
    He has no future in law enforcement and none in politics.

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  7. totally_fed_up says:

    Comey’s arrogance tells the story. I doubt anything will happen to this criminal. A bigger investigation will take him down? Yea right!

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  8. Gunner says:

    Another day, another investigation, and criminal leftists laugh and keep walking. Really tired…wake me when they lock one of them up. (Yeah I know, will be sleeping for a while).

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  9. Jonesy says:

    So when I went to a Study Abroad in Europe in the 80’s, my parents said not to take any packages from “strange friends” back into the states. Why? If it was drugs or other illegal carrier items, I should not be prosecuted because I had no intent if I don’t know what was the package.

    If Daniel Richman is a witness and a defendant for leaking classified material, why is he allowed to continue being Comey’s attorney? Same bull patties as with Hilary and Cheryl Mills during her July 4th interview!

    They should charge Richman and hold him as long as possible for leaking classified information. Do the Stone/Manafort containment the DOJ does so well. Start prosecuting Comey’s minions! Let Comey sweat for the bigger crime tba!

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    • TWOHAWK says:

      I’m sure, if questioned about the 380 kilos of cocaine that was found on ‘El Chapo’ at the border, that when questioned about it, he told them ‘I had no idea what was in the luggage’, they believed him and let him go.


  10. islandpalmtrees says:

    If you live in a State and are represented by a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee or a members of the group of RINO’s volt them out!

    Make sure your neighbors know who these people are and don’t forget them between now and election day.


    • lurker2 says:

      #1 goal: retain the GOP majority in the Senate.

      If you live in a firmly red state where you can vote out the incumbent RINO during the primary and guarantee a GOP winner in the November election, then by all means get rid of the RINO. But DO NOT ALLOW A DEMOCRAT TO WIN THAT SEAT.

      The GOP majority in the Senate is EXTREMELY important. Extremely. If the Democrats had the majority in the Senate right now, Trump would be impeached and removed from office. Trump never would have had his Supreme Court nominees confirmed, or other nominees.

      In 2018 voters allowed the Democrats to win the House majority. We need to take back the House and keep the Senate too.


  11. flatlandgoober says:

    This sounds serious. I bet Comey gets a STERNLY WORDED LETTER OF REPRIMAND!

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  12. SKYJACKER says:

    “Mueller… Mueller… Mueller…”

    “He’s sick… My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s sister’s friend heard from this guy who knows this kid that’s going with this girl who saw Mueller pass out at 31 Flavors last night…

    I guess its pretty serious.”

    But seriously…

    In the “follow the wives category for $1000… run this one down…

    Jean Broward Shevlin’s husband’s father….

    That would be the “Jimmy” name-dropped below:

    Julius Klein
    Public Relations
    Westminster Building – 110 South Dearborn Street – Tel Dearborn 2-4110

    Chicago 3, Illinois
    TWX: CO 1379

    July 1, 1954

    The Hon. Allen Dulles, Director
    Central Intelligence Agency
    Washington, D.C.

    Dear Allen:

    It was indeed a pleasure to chat with you last week and leave you my thesis on “COMBAT PUBLIC RELATIONS”. This material was, of course, prepared for our fight against the Nazi’s. I do not believe, though, that it is completely obsolete because, in my opinion – and if I may say so – it advances the elementary fundamentals which can be learned only from actual combat experience.

    I have always maintained that there is no decided difference between the Nazis and the Communists. In other words, the Nazis and the Communist ideologies have a striking similarity. If we carry this thought still further, we come to the conclusion that all potential enemies and aggressors are equally dangerous to the peace and security of the world.

    This is an era of total war – to win it, psychological warfare and combat public relations must play an important part in our strategy.

    Somehow I feel qualified to pass judgment because, after all, I have spent my entire life in this field. Even as a young man I was interested in psychological warfare and was quite proud when Jimmy Gerard, patron of my family, recommended me to President Roosevelt for an important assignment in this sphere. We are fortunate, indeed, that psychological warfare has become an essential part of our planning. Great leaders like General Marshall were certainly aware of it, and I recall with much satisfaction those times, long before Pearl Harbor, when he asked me to give him my views on this subject.

    The Germans are now our “Allies”. The situation in 1919/1920 was very similar. The danger from the East then resulted in the rebirth of the German General Staff and the German Army, backed up by men like von Seekt, Col. Bauer, Col. Nicolai and Captain (later Admiral ) Canaris, as its prime movers. I lived with that experience, and as a young reporter and a member of the U.S. Mission in Berlin, reported in 1919 and 1920 the rebirth of Prussian militarism in dispatches to Washington and my articles to the American press.

    A repetition of those developments would be a major catastrophe for the entire world. I know that you are fully aware of the situation prevailing then and now and that, under your able stewardship, appropriate steps are taken which will make it impossible for “history to repeat itself”. The thought occurred to me, however, that it might be advisable for members of your fine staff to acquire a thorough knowledge of those earlier events.

    If you feel that I can in any way make a contribution by delivering a lecture to any of your classes, *do not hesitate to call on me.* I am at your command for anything you wish me to do for you or your agency.

    Under separate cover I am sending you some interesting correspondence in regard to Cuba and Germany, so that those in charge of these desks in your agency can get the political evaluation. I am referring to letters from Mr Altmaier, member of the German parliament, and Dr. Pujol, former vice-president of Cuba.

    With kindest regards,

    Sincerely yours.
    [signed] Julius

    Julius Klein/jb

    And when your done researching Jean and hubby and get to daddy-in-law…

    You’ll understand that Klein’s letter above is the equivalent to the horse’s head scene in
    “The Godfather”.

    “Its rabbit season.”


  13. Jason Ross says:

    COMEY IN 2016: Hillary did highly treasonous behavior that is worthy of criminal prosecution, but she gets a pass.

    DOJ IN 2019: Comey did highly treasonous behavior that is worthy of criminal prosecution, but he gets a pass.

    history repeats….

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  14. Truthfilter says:

    It’s time for letters and emails to flood into AG Barr’s office. Tell him you want justice NOW. The integrity of his beloved institutions is dead if the coup plotters skate.

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    • I’m not sending any email there; they investigate you if you write one and then you are an enemy of the state.

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      • BoreMole says:

        Totally. With the state the DOJ is in and my level of faith in those institutions, you have to be really naive if you think you will not end up in a person of interest file for domestic terrorist or white nationalist or blah blah blah. Most of us are probably already on it for being present on this website.



        They can investigate me till the cows come home. That would just prove my point.
        Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

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      • Raised on Reagan says:

        ^ True this.
        I wrote a letter congratulating the appointment of Bill Barr as USAG after his confirmation. A few months later, my LinkedIn account was shown it was visited by the DOJ with “Lawyer” as what the searcher did. Coincidence?


      • dawg says:

        Ive emailed them multiple times with complaints about all this. I’ve got nothing to hide.


  15. albertus magnus says:

    During the Hillary email investigation, I believe I read that Cheryl Mills was given immunity for being a part of or agreeing to being interviewed. Is it possible that Comey was given immunity as part of the leak investigation by some higher up, which TPTB do not want the deal exposed?

    If so, that could explain why no prosecution and also why no one is being told why…too embarrassing to DeepState and too instritutionally damaging. Also, would explain why Comey doesnt seem to be concerned about facing any charges.


    • covfefe999 says:

      I don’t know about your first paragraph, but regarding the second I think Comey and Peter Strzok suffer from narcissistic personality disorder.

      a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration.

      They were going to save the country, you know. They’re so brilliant and they have such a high purpose in life! Maybe they even speak directly to God, I don’t know. They think average citizens, mere mortals, like us are too stupid to be able to choose a President, so in 2016 they worked very hard to choose one for us.

      And now even though both of them have been fired for misconduct, they both still believe that their higher purpose is above human laws. They are infallible! (cue angels singing) I don’t know about Strzok but Comey still seems to suffer from the delusion that he’s going to save the country even though he’s out of a job right now. I think someone is planning to choose him as their VP candidate. Not Biden though, Biden needs a POC, woman, gay, or tranny because he’s just an old white guy and for the Dems that doesn’t cut it any more.


  16. Stephen F. Paul says:

    I don’t have high hopes that anything will be done about all that has gone on. I’ve seen too many cases where the perps walk for one reason or another. One of the only people aside from Anthony Wiener who have been held accountable was grossly under charged so he wouldn’t roll on the rest of the criminals involved. Clinton and about a dozen others walked away without having any consequences other than some notoriety that gave them little street cred in “Their Criminal Network” !
    Now we have Comey who we all know broke the law, and if anyone should be held to a much higher standard than everyone else It’s him. He should have been made an example of after all the low down dirty tactics and the violations of the law. This guy has lied too many times to count and some of the lies were very serious felonies ,like being part of the fake FISA warrants and the criminal conspiracy involved.
    If ever there was a case for RICO it’s this one,this was corruption at the highest legals of the government.They all should be rounded up and charged for the fraud they perpetrated for political purposes. How many Millions have these people wasted in their criminal conspiracy? Mueller and the rest of those political hacks stuffed bundles of money in their pockets. Money none of them should ever had gotten. Now we have a political party whose leaders (if you want to call them that) have decided to waste the governments time and money to pursue their political agenda. That agenda is simple,get as much power as they can and to steal as much money as they can from the treasury.
    It’s very sickening . And SAD that such a great country has been perverted and corrupted by these scoundrels and low life lawyers who would be chasing ambulances had they not pursued this con game and decided to fleece the tax payers.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      I suggest not being too upset about it until the official announcements. It’s possible what we’re reading right now isn’t correct. It’s based on anonymous “US official” leaks. Maybe it’s true, maybe not, but IMO it’s not good to get worked up about it in advance when it might not even be true.

      Insert one of those outdoor pics like Comey loves to post, only I’m truly there (in mind and spirit) and I’m not just doing it as a posed photo op. 🙂

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  17. steph_gray says:

    John Solomon interview on Howie Carr yesterday was very interesting. His take was that the leak case was not airtight enough to survive an unfriendly venue – something many here have mentioned in the past as a hurdle we have not yet encountered.

    He seems confident that they will bring a far stronger case for the FISA abuse. I hope this link posts okay… The podcasts of the show seem to last only 24 hours or so, so I apologize if someone else already posted this (next I intend to go back and read the whole thread).


    • rozelave says:

      why can’t they bring up several separate cases at the same time against Comey to drain his funds and have his lawyers fighting in several different venues? This would serve to bankrupt Comey even if they can’t get a conviction.


    • covfefe999 says:

      Solomon’s initial tweets on the matter were pretty alarmist and firm. I’m done with him.

      And at the end of the day I’m probably going to be done with Joe DiGenova too.

      Friends don’t jerk other friends around.


      • albertus magnus says:

        Not just friends but NO ONE, seeking support of any kind from MAGA patriots should jerk us around.

        Whole LOT of folks stirring the pot, stocking the flames.


      • They might have been bad info….or unseen developments could have occurred after they were given info…’ll all come out in the wash…….along with the DIRT.


    • franz dorn says:

      We have already encountered the unfriendly venue problem. It affects prosecutorial decision making at the outset at all levels. It emboldens the perps and defense counsel. It acutely constipates everything. It requires you to seek slam dunk cases where there are no true slam dunk cases. Even if there were a slam dunk case, that unfriendly venue problem affords the grand or petit jury the right to nullify even the perfect case. It may work independently of or in conjunction with Deep State perfidy and intrigue.

      At least one DC Grand Jury was impaneled with respect to Andrew McCabe. Witnesses were summoned at that grand jury. It lasted for at least six months (and may still exist).
      My guess is the Jesse Liu used this grand jury as a diagnostic and she ran into a buzz saw. Durham may have experienced the same difficulties. He is good, but maybe even he can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd.


  18. evergreen says:

    Did Comey sign an NDA, and did that NDA cover the contents of his leak? If so, he is in willful violation of his NDA.


  19. Dan Patterson says:

    “Any day now”.
    “This is going to be a BOMBSHELL!”
    “The swamp is squirming over this”.
    “Many high profile, VERY high profile people, are getting very nervous”.
    “Release of the documents is going to be very embarrassing…”

    All part of a circus. To keep you and me entertained until the subject cools off.

    Nothing will happen. Get over it. Until proven otherwise Barr is part of the damned swamp. “Everyone at the DOJ involved in the decision said it wasn’t a close call” tells you all you need to know. Some weasel lawyer has decided “intent” is a clause in the Code of Federal Regulations, and now probably in state laws as well. Unless it’s you on the hook, that escape is for them not you. Peasant.

    There will NOT be a larger investigation, there will NOT be a criminal proceeding, there will NOT be a trail for treason. No there will not, so save your breath.

    Every one of those assholes is going to skate. Free as a bird as if NOTHING HAPPENED. So fu** you and your “liberty”, and “freedom”, “due process”, and “rights”. Ha!

    But if I am asked for my ID by a uniformed tyrant I’d better by God comply or I am going to jail. And the robed tyrant in court will see to it that next time I kneel before my master Bill of Rights be damned. There are two classes of people in the United States: Them and us. And “them” are protecting not only one another but invading armies of unknown intentions.

    Tell me again that Fairy Tale about “the power of the ballot box”, daddy.

    Someone please give me some tactile, palpable reason to be wrong. Please.

    Liked by 3 people

    • covfefe999 says:

      Nothing will happen. Get over it. Until proven otherwise Barr is part of the damned swamp.

      That’s not rational. As I wrote to someone else, the problem isn’t Barr, the problem is YOU. YOU are impatient. You want everything to happen today, and if it doesn’t happen today you declare a loss. It’s a complex matter, lots of evidence to be sifted through, timelines to be created, and determinations of whether or not crimes were committed. It takes time. Just because it’s not done on YOUR schedule doesn’t mean it’s not getting done.

      Honestly, this is all so much easier to deal with if you get rid of the high emotion and pessimism. If you look at the situation entirely objectively and form your opinions based on actual evidence, you’ll be calm about it.

      Liked by 1 person

    • warspite2 says:

      Yep. At this point I am starting to think the “declassification” is sort of an urban legend. A myth. How many more times we will fall for, “its coming next week”? Maybe we need to accept that all those involved with spying on Trump, etc., will end up bragging about allegations against them being “right wing talking points”.


    • tozerbgood8315 says:

      “Nothing will happen. Get over it. Until proven otherwise Barr is part of the damned swamp.”

      LOL – Yeah… because everyone knows Barr is guilty until proven innocent.


  20. I am feeling really discouraged about this whole thing. Nothing is going to happen to anyone and so they, meaning the resistance employees of the intelligence and justice system, will feel free to continue to subvert this President and this presidency.

    Comey as arrogant as ever indicates he knows he will be cleared of doing anything wrong and everyone was working for the good of the country.

    Very depressing…I’m going for a hike.

    Liked by 3 people

  21. gda53 says:

    Comey is a lawyer. Comey was FBI head. You don’t get there without being both crafty and deceitful.

    The memos he wrote and his leaking of them was a carefully engineered plan by Comey. He KNEW that prosecution for these was a long shot at best. Perhaps he even hoped they would go there and he would be gloriously “exonerated” and emerge unscathed and gleaming in the public eye..

    Instead, the IG did not just censure him, he recommended him for prosecution!

    Make no mistake. This has dirtied him up. So much for Sanctimonious Jim now.

    The FISA stuff wasn’t engineered by Comey in the same way as his memos. That was a hurriedly arranged CYA. There is where he is weakest. That’s where you get him, and that’s what Barr/Durham are concentrating on.

    Did we not already hear that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th FISA warrants were illegal? And that the Kovalec memo very likely was the final straw that made the original FISA illegal as well? A slam-dunk 4 for 4?

    Comey was clever. But he is no match for Barr.

    Liked by 3 people

    • At the end of the day, you’ll never get justice (meaning, jail time) against these deep state goons. If they wouldn’t prosecute Hillary — who CLEARLY committed multiple, jailable offenses — they’re not going to get Obama’s goons either.


    • Mr e-man says:

      Democrats read the Mueller report which said they could not prosecute Trump but did outline some suspect activity in the report. The press ignored the conclusion and focused on the underlying investigation as proof Trump was guilty.

      Now we have an investigation where the investigator says charge Comey and the DOJ says no. What does the press do? The exact opposite of what they did with Trump. They claim Comey is exonerated and ignore the reports finding of criminal activity.

      Double standard. Again.


  22. Garavaglia says:

    I repeat..there is only one true way to handle this. Flappin jaws and strokes of pens has never made anything happen, never will. Waiting on others to do what needs to be done doesn’t work either.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. redthunder238 says:

    If you ever want to see what the Lib talking points will be just go on the Fox boards. A lot of the people on there are paid agitators fed bs to spread and they ALL say the exact same thing. It’s ridiculous.


  24. Paintingal says:

    Up and down, up and down- seriously, you can get nauseous if you go by the day to day “a trusted official said something” crap that is spewed by everyone. Yes, including JDG and Solomon.
    Whom do I trust? President Trump. Period.
    Anything other than an official announcement/release/etc. is just conjecture/speculation.
    I’m not worried. Our President loves this country and has our best interests at heart.
    As well at that of our (and his) kids and grandkids. He won’t let us down.
    America is becoming stronger, safer, wealthier because this incredible man answered the call.
    Thank you, President Trump. Thank You, God.


  25. Pokey says:

    I take a wait and see approach to all of these rumors. Wait until something becomes an actual event to worry about the outcome. That said, my experience tells me that none of these bureaucrats will ever be prosecuted for the crimes they may have committed. That would be too much like work for a prosecutor and not something anyone in the ‘ Civil Service ‘ will likely ever get around to doing. Remember that all persons in the DOJ are, first and foremost, bureaucrats. This is a reality that every elected politician must deal with from the day they start asking anyone in the bureaucracies to do anything that resembles actual work. Only the low level lackeys in Government are ever asked to actually work for a living, and most of them get their examples from the top of their particular bureau. So, don’t expect much.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Louisiana Tea Rose says:

    So much doom-gloom.

    For crying out loud, people, we need nothing less than slam-dunk moves at this point!

    Did Comey commit a crime on Memogate? OF COURSE!

    Should Barr push forward on it full-steam? PROBABLY NOT.

    Is it fair? HELL NO!

    Do we have a two-tiered system? UBETCHA!


    Political capitol and credibility is a precious commodity. What the Dems have been doing is DISCREDITING THEMSELVES with all this nickel-diming and salami-slicing. The energy and momentum of taking these fu€kers down should be on the slam-dunk stuff. This is a STRATEGIC DECISION. Don’t go with charges on stealing the Zippo, charge for the Arson.

    This just ain’t complicated…I’m a simple girl, and I get it!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  27. CTH Fan says:

    I worry that Joe D, Solomon and Hannity are becoming to us what Schiff was to the left. I am not saying they are lying, these are honest, good guys but, unlike Schiff who was purposefully lying, they.are being led astray by their sources. In any event, the result will be the same for us as those anti-Trumpsters, bitter disappointment.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Koot Katmando says:

      Add J D to that list. Just the right R. Maddow. Trying to spin Comey walking is good lol.


    • 1970novass396 says:

      Bingo……both need a good dose of STFU until someone is placed in Cuffs. Perhaps nether know the story of Chicken Little

      Liked by 1 person

    • CNN_sucks says:

      His contacts are just playing him for fool. but Hannity is also a sensationalist and a showman. Tick..tock..guy to keep that rating high and laughing all the way to the bank.


    • Joe D. may have been trash talking and head faking the enemy, not realizing his impact on us. I think he has become very sober to that now and becoming more measured in his approach the last few times he has been on the air.


  28. XO says:

    I see a great defense for anyone charged with murder or whatever while driving under the influence.

    I had 15 drinks last night, but never did I intend to hit that car holding the family of four and kill any of them. You can’t charge me.

    Liked by 2 people

  29. OmegaManBlue says:

    The problem with tick tocks is eventually you run out of time…

    Liked by 1 person

  30. The FBI, IG, and DOOJ are dissecting the components of the entire criminal enterprise against Trump…and with each dissection, they are minimizing and nullifying each individual criminal segment — labeling each a ‘decline to prosecute’ — so that the public will incrementally have its outrage dissipated, as they place hope for prosecution on “the next” promised investigation and charge (which will never materialize — but the job of whitewashing the crimes will have been done, incrementally, akin to the frog who is in the pot of steadily heating water that doesn’t realize his fate until it reaches the boiling point)

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Sobriquet4 says:

    Slow burn…


  32. tozerbgood8315 says:

    Liked by 1 person

  33. 4EDouglas says:

    Friday afternoon Doc dump-the Dems old trick back at them-watch.
    It will blowup the talk shows..


  34. Richie says:

    FBI published a report warning that “conspiracy theorists” discussing “deep state” crime are a new domestic terrorism threat.

    Turns out they used far left Snopes and Wikipedia as their sources for their report….

    Liked by 1 person

    • lurker2 says:

      Antifa riots, burns, loots, assaults, and makes threats. Q followers discuss stuff. Definitely the latter is more dangerous. (To Democrats)


  35. Midnite says:

    There’s one thing that keeps running through my mind as this discussion of Comey’s non prosecution takes place and that’s something Comey himself said a long time ago. Now I’m relying on my memory to get this right, so bare with me. I clearly remember him saying when asked about the memos that he relayed (or transmitted) the context of his memos to his friend. I think he chose those words carefully and deliberately because A) he’s a lawyer and B) because he’s covering his ass. You have to be careful with this guy, he may be a weasel, but he’s a damn smart one and he knows exactly what he’s saying.
    Now, let’s say for the sake of argument Comey leaves the Oval office after meeting with PT and using his FBI laptop to compose contemporaneous notes of that meeting on the way back to the office. He KNOWS those are classified the moment he writes them! He goes back to headquarters and calls a meeting to discuss what just happened and shows the others players the memo he’s just written to memorialize the event. They too KNOW that those notes are classified because of who wrote them and how they were written. They may all be treasonous bastards, but they’re not stupid treasonous bastards and everyone of them is a lawyer, so they also know how to cover their ass in a legal sense.
    Eventually, Comey decides to leak in the hopes that it will provide the impetus for appointing a special counsel, so how does he get his classified documents into the public forum? Easy, he writes or “pens” a set of memos outlining the content and or context of the original classified memo. Despite the 100+ “I don’t remembers” he offered as his testimony this guy is famous in the FBI for his total recall of facts and it’s not a stretch to think that he can at least remember the salient facts of the memos he wrote and later discussed in detail. So, how hard would it be for him to dash off a few lines to hand off to his friend for public consumption? You see where I’m going with this? He knows the originals are classified, but he also knows that his later recollections of them aren’t especially if he leaves out certain bits of classified information that may have been contained in the originals.
    The original classified memos and the later recollection of those memos I believe are being conflated to mean the same thing and if I’m right there’s a good reason the DOJ declined prosecution.

    Liked by 2 people

    • seanbrady says:

      That would be quite interesting. He gives the professor a memo that is NOT the actual memo but rather an unclassified summary and intimates that it’s the real thing. The professor leaks it to the Times saying (as expected) it is a leaked memo. It’s much more valuable as the “real” memo. But Saint Comey still hasn’t even lied, and even if he shaded the truth, there’s no law against deceiving professors (which I have done a fee times, especially when I had a big paper due.


      • Midnite says:

        Well sort of. These guys are buddies and they’re both lawyers, so how hard would it be for them to figure out a way to circumvent the law and still get the job done? All they have to do is leave out any really classified stuff so they don’t get nailed for it and they’re off to the races. Comey gives him his “memos”, he goes to the press and says “Hey I’ve got Comey’s memos and no one knows the difference. Every one is left thinking Comey leaked his classified memos…Oh there’s seven that are classified and he leaked four, so he must have leaked classified documents…do the math! He sandbagged everyone including Nunes because he got caught up in the same trap we did.


    • Mr e-man says:

      If you recall, Comey said he had Richman leak ” the substance” of the memos, not the memos themselves. Note also that many, if not most, of these memos were written before Trump was inaugurated. He was only President elect.

      With that said, the IG investigated, knew all that, and still referred a criminal prosecution. The IG thought a crime had been committed.

      The DOJ can only be saying; 1. the IG is wrong and no crime occurred, 2. there is not enough evidence to successfully prosecute, or 3. we are passing on this small crime (for now) because we have a bigger crime to look at.

      I don’t think # 1 is true. #2 is plausible, but # 3 seems much more realistic, especially given all we know about Comeys conduct.


      • Midnite says:

        If the scenario I laid out above is even partially correct and Comey only transmitted the substance of the memos then he DIDN’T actually leak classified documents. And if some of those documents were classified retroactively then the case gets even weaker. Look the IG did the right thing by referring the case because he can’t prosecute him anyway and it’s just as likely the DOJ also did the right thing because they knew they Comey’s lawyers would have a field day making the case for reasonable doubt. I’m with Bongino on this one they should have hauled his ass into court, but the chances of getting a conviction are about zero and it would just make him look like a martyr.


  36. Proud American from Texas says:

    Citizen justice could always happen. Creeps like Comey and others should know this. I’m not predicting or condoning violence, but at some point, some people may do something.


  37. YY4U says:

    Comey is going to walk. The FBI’s reputation and morale could not take the hit of a Director, no matter how crooked, being indicted much less prosecuted. They might “have a talk” with him and tell him to STFU in return for not putting him in the slammer, but he knows and they know he knows he is NOT going to jail. Comey is above the law. As are Clinton and Obama. For different reasons.

    Comey represents a powerful bureau the Deep State MUST protect. FBI is “family” to the Deep State. It’s like finding out Grandpa is a serial rapist pedophile. You don’t want the old guy to go to jail and taint the whole family, so you lock him in the attic to keep him from raping committing more crimes. In short you handle it within the family. Which is what they’re trying to do.

    I hope they go after Richman. Put his fanny in the slammer for leaking information. He is NOT family to the Swampsters.


    • GSparrow says:

      “Comey is going to walk”

      “Multiple Reliable sources” informed me that he had been alternating between cartwheels and skipping for hours while singing:
      Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
      My, oh, my, what a wonderful day
      Plenty of sunshine headin’ my way
      Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
      I fooled them all…..!


    • Mr e-man says:

      Richman was designated by Comey as an SGE (Special Government Employee) He had a security status and a key to the FBI offices. He is like the swamp daughters boyfriend. Still family for now.


  38. dawg says:

    If Comey has reviewed the IG report, why would he tweet that he’s confident that it will show he was an honest guy just doing his job?


  39. robohobo2014 says:

    Any day, week, month now………



  40. Tl Howard says:

    I keep going back and forth on this declination thing.

    Worry: WE know BECAUSE WE HAVE FOLLOWED THE STORY FOR MORE THAN two years Comey was/is part of a conspiracy to take down a candidate, then a POTUS-ELECT, then a POTUS. We know that Comey memorialized in memos a whole bunch of things, then gave his friend/attorney one of them to leak to the NYTimes IN ORDER TO insure there would be public calls for a special counsel to investigate POTUS. This was PART of his CONTINUING EFFORT TO UNDERMINE the President of the United States by accusing him of collusion and obstruction of justice. Key word: “CONTINUING.”

    On the one hand, DOJ declination at this time makes sense. The “intent” becomes clear to anyone who KNOWS the story of the cabal, the two years of trying to frame POTUS and people who worked for him but to most of the nation, the INTENT is not so obvious, is it? They know who Jim Comey is but they don’t yet know of his involvement in a conspiracy to overthrow the President, to frame him, set him up. Declination, therefore, makes some sense.

    On the other hand, by declining to prosecute and saying “we didn’t think the evidence was necessarily strong enough to convict” isn’t the DOJ undermining their ability down the road to tie this act of James Comey to all the other obstructions and framing of the POTUS. Won’t this declination undercut their future hopes of proving the former FBI Director was doing all he could to frame the POtus and that when he was fired and no longer in an official position to pull the strings of the intelligence apparatus he ran, he found ANOTHER WAY to pile on, by leaking a memo to his friend who would give it to a major newspaper, all intended to handcuff the POTUS with a special counsel investigation?

    I’m of two minds. Very confused.


  41. GSparrow says:

    Re eagledriver50 (8:33 am) —Fox News reports that “Everyone at the DOJ involved in the decision said it wasn’t a close call,” one official said. “They all thought this could not be prosecuted.”

    I know one person that has worked at the DOJ and according to pre-announcement hoopla has recommended possible charges against St. Comey. That person is I G Michael Horowitz and he has some experience in the law. Ie. He earned a Juris Doctor, magna cum laude, from Harvard Law School. After a stint in private practice he was an assistant U.S. Attorney for the SDNY (1991 to 1999). He then worked at the DOJ in Washington, D.C. as a Deputy Assistant A/G and then as Chief of Staff. (1999-2002) Returned to private practice and then Barack Obama appointed him IG in 2012.

    So, only the Obama appointed IG recommends charges against St. Comey after months of painstaking investigation but after a few hours, not one Trump admin. DOJ lawyer involved agrees to indict the man most responsible for P Trump, his family and numerous associates being hounded or indicted by Darth Weissmann for almost 2 years.

    Is this a battle between Darth Weissmann and Mr. Rogers Barr?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

      Last time I checked, Barr is still at DOJ and Weissman is reading bedtime stories to baby law students. Sounds like Weissman got a job promotion to me. And poor Barr got left behind at the dance party.



      • GSparrow says:

        Louisiana Tea Rose:

        I doubt “Weissman is (ONLY) reading bedtime stories to baby law students.” But your clever description creates a great undercover narrative for him to avoid further scrutiny.

        9 to 0 Weissmann’s intense anti Trump animus has likely not subsided in any way. It’s probably greatly intensified after all the criticism and he could still be actively engaged in continuing to depose POTUS. I wonder if he’s met with Lawfare’s Impeachment manipulators etc.


        • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

          Very interesting, but I am afraid you havemistakenly attributed a disguise he may take to lower his criminal profile. I personally think the man is so toxic nobody wants to be seen anywhere close to him…kinda like an Epstein, without the cell (yet)…

          ….but, okay, whatever.


      • tozerbgood8315 says:

        Lemmee guess… he teaches “GESTAPO TACTICS IN THE 21st CENTURY 101”


    • GTOGUY says:

      The thing is, Barr knows that although Comey violated the law here, he (Barr) not only has to prove all the elements of the crime, but he must also show that he is not being vindictive and “going after” Trumps enemies on such a light charge.

      Liked by 1 person

      • GSparrow says:

        Respectfully, who are the people that Barr “must also show that he is not being vindictive.”
        Frustrated Trump supporters or the millions of Americans that already believe Barr is a corrupt, vindictive stooge of P Trump? Your sentence is a repeat of the talking points from Solomon, Hannity and DiGenova and I don’t know whose writing their sedative scripts to assuage the masses.

        The indictment score in this Spygate scandal is in the hundreds for Weissmann vs Trump associates and 0 for A/G Barr vs the Deep State and their Coup participants (including St. Comey) and they still hate him.


  42. Wizardman.49 says:

    If Daniel Richman was indeed a “Special Government Employee” (yet receiving no pay), I do not envision that as absolving him from completing all the rules/ instruction/ forms required of all federal employees (the mere fact that Comey directly calls him an “employee” verifies him as such, from a legal perspective).
    He therefore should have an employee file, documenting
    background check
    SF-86 questionnaire for security
    FD-258- fingerprint card
    documents stating he has received and understood training and guidelines regarding
    classification of information
    Non-disclosure agreements
    Training re: diversity, sexual harrassment

    Really doubt that any of this was done, doubt he has a valid employee file; suspect all of this was done based on word of Comey- another violation of governement regulations.


  43. GTOGUY says:

    Seems to me that if Daniel Richman was involved in criminal activity, like leaking classified memos, his office could be raided and he indicted a lot like Michael Cohem was.


  44. kfish63 says:

    …sad trombone.


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