Reconciling John Solomon’s Reporting on Comey…

To say there is broad-based confusion is an understatement.  The recent reporting by John Solomon of The Hill only makes the confusion worse.  Let’s stand back and reconcile two issues (with evidence to support) that are MASSIVELY conflated.

First, go read the full Solomon article.  Notice the entire construct of the article surrounds “The Comey Memos“.  As you will see, this specific topic is important.  Within the Solomon article you will find (emphasis mine):

[…] Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz’s team referred Comey for possible prosecution under the classified information protection laws, but Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors working for Attorney General William Barr reportedly have decided to decline prosecution — a decision that’s likely to upset Comey’s conservative critics.

Prosecutors found the IG’s findings compelling but decided not to bring charges because they did not believe they had enough evidence of Comey’s intent to violate the law, according to multiple sources.

[…] Patrick Fitzgerald and Daniel Richman, two of Comey’s lawyers, and Keith Urbahn, his spokesman, did not return repeated calls and emails seeking comment.

[…] While they cautioned that the IG’s final report won’t be complete until it gets feedback from Comey’s lawyers in the next few days, it is expected to conclude that the former FBI director improperly took with him memos that were FBI property when he was fired, transmitted classified information via an insecure email account, and shared some of the memos with his private lawyers.  (read more)

It sounds like the OIG report on FISA abuse is in the end-stages.  What is described in the highlighted sentence above would be what is technically called “The Principal Review Phase of the OIG Final Draft”.  That’s where targets are given the opportunity to review an IG report and provide feedback prior to public release.

However…. Note:  This reference is not to the IG report on FISA Abuse.

Full Stop.

Repeat:  This is NOT the Inspector General Michael Horowitz report on DOJ and FBI FISA abuse.

This is a carve-out.

John Solomon is conflating two distinct issues…. and there is no effort to explain, because the sourcing is compartmentalized.   Now the comment earlier in the week by Matthew Whitaker makes sense.  Bear with me….

From the outset it was reported and confirmed that U.S. Attorney John Huber was assigned to assist Inspector General Michael Horowitz.  Huber’s job was to stand-by in case the IG carved out a particular concern, discovered during his investigation, that might involve criminal conduct.

Earlier this week Matt Whitaker said: “John Huber is reviewing anything related to Comey’s memos and the like.

Put the two data points together and what you realize is that during the OIG review of potential DOJ and FBI FISA abuse… IG Horowitz investigated the Comey Memo’s and then passed that specific issue along to John Huber for DOJ review.

The IG criminal referral for the James Comey memo leaking was a carve-out sent to U.S. Attorney John Huber.

Back to the Solomon article, only this time I will insert modified clarifying language to highlight what happened:

[…] Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz’s team referred Comey [to John Huber] for possible prosecution under the classified information protection laws, but [John Huber, working for AG Bill Barr] reportedly has decided to decline prosecution — a decision that’s likely to upset Comey’s conservative critics.

John Huber found the IG’s findings compelling but decided not to bring charges because he did not believe they had enough evidence of Comey’s intent to violate the law, according to multiple sources.

This is a carve-out IG report and referral; with a specific target of James Comey; based on evidence discovered during the larger OIG review of possible FISA abuse.

Now the ‘Principal Review Phase‘ makes sense, because the only principal is James Comey.  Therefore the IG has written a final draft report specific to James Comey and his memos. James Comey and his lawyers are now reviewing that final draft report and will provide feedback.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz, together with the OIG referencer, may put the response from Comey in the report along with additional rebuttal from the Inspector General’s office.

That process will generate a final IG report; but the report is only specific to the Comey memo aspect and James Comey’s conduct in handling that memo content.  That IG report on James Comey will be released pretty soon, likely within the next week.

This is not the inspector general report on DOJ and FBI FISA abuse.  This is an IG report carved out of the larger investigation.

Bottom Line: We are soon going to see an IG report exclusively on James Comey.

Does that make sense now?

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520 Responses to Reconciling John Solomon’s Reporting on Comey…

  1. Bob says:

    As a former prosecutor , declining prosecution of Comey sounds like legal BS to me. The same nonsense rationale Comey used not to prosecute Hillary, lack of intent, is now being used not to prosecute Comey. Intent is not even required. There is a separate espionage section which makes recklessly handling classified material a crime. To me, it reinforces that we have a two tier justice system. A lowly sailor does a year for sending photos of his submarine. Petraeus was convicted of leaking classified. Yer, Comey gets a pass? Why? If Comey is not prosecuted for FISA, then stick a fork in our judicial system because it is corrupt beyond repair. Equal Justice under the law and no one is above the law are myths.
    The DOJ May need to officially rename itself THE DEPARTMENT OF JUST US.
    I don’t mind playing by the rules when everyone else does including people in positions of power. But I feel like a damn fool following laws when illegal aliens, and the powerful do not. I feel abused.

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    • lolli says:

      Thank you.
      Only non government, legal citizens are required to follow the law.


      • Manny Lopez says:

        So damn sad. I was so naïve when I graduated from law school. Another reason I left the field. It is truly disgusting. Break the law, attack a duly elected President, make money off if it and go on a book tour and this is what happens?

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      • Stephen R Baze says:

        So far that is exactly the case, but it ain’t over by a far stretch

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        • James Carpenter says:

          The thirst for justice can drive people to great sacrifice.
          It is when one’s life, liberty and sacred honor are set against insoluable corruption that things can become kenetic, the scales of justice balanced with bloodshed.


      • Bill A Bryant says:

        Why don’t we do something about it-a new org. of really pissed off citizens MAGA 2, Make American Government Accountable, until we do this in a coordinated, effective show of citizen power the Federal monolith will roll on doing what it does best, “taking care of itself”
        Lets get of our asses and protest I’m in and will work tirelessly to promote this org.


    • The Central Scrutinizer says:

      One explanation I heard for not prosecuting Comey was that the memo in question was marked classified after he leaked it, and it was classified “Confidential”. While this may seem a lame reason for not going after Comey, the DOJ did not want their first indictment in the Spygate investigation to end up being a dud and having Comey become a martyr who could claim political persecution. I think Comey has bigger issues coming down the pike.

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      • So Comey did not know documents generated by himself in the process of leading the FBI, was FBI property and should not leave the FBI secure facilities? It was interaction with the POTUS for heavens sake, it is privileged constitutionally protected information unless a crime was committed, then he was legally bound to report it to his boss. Not take them home for leverage later.

        Anyway you shake this it is BS that they even have made a determination before ALL the evidence of Comey criminal actions were concluded. You do not charge him with this, then a year later charge him with that, then charge him later with another crime. You put them together you take it to his lawyers and say, ok you are going to jail for this amount of time unless you give us more damaging information on the coup.


    • PBR says:

      If there is one person that most certainly knows the law and whether his actions broke it or not, it is JAMES COMEY. Therefore, it WAS intentional.


    • Meagara says:

      They are purposely confusing “intent” – or dumb to believe the Hillary go free argument.

      because they did not believe they had enough evidence of Comey’s intent to violate the law, according to multiple sources.

      This is a travesty repeating the Team Hillary play. It’s not whether the criminal intends to break the law, but whether s/he intentionally did the act that breaks the law. If Comey gave the memos he can say he did it accidently—but even the DOJ couldn’t make up that excuse to say no to prosecution.

      Comey and his buddies purposely confused the intent matter to absolve HIllary.

      What’s worse–according to Solomon, the FBI under Trump is continuing this purposeful legal confusion so save Comey. So Comey’s legal bull$hit to save Hillary later saves him.


    • Jay says:

      How do we know Comey wasn’t given an immunity deal and has become a ‘witness for the prosecution’?


    • inspectorudy says:

      Every person that I have encountered in this mess has repeatedly said intent is not part of any classified material breach. Why is Huber employing the same use that Comey did with hillary? Wasn’t this settled then that it was not a concern when a security law was broken what the perps intent was? Whom do we trust today in our government? If you discovered a crime involving politicians or government officials, whom would you report it to? The FBI? What if, like all of these people in the Russian hoax, they were connected? Local police? Give me a break!


  2. completelytrue says:

    So, when is Lois Lerner going to be prosecuted for her “real crimes”?

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  3. Laramie Evan says:

    This just highlights one thing I’ve been saying for quite some time. We have evidence that the FBI, CIA, DNI and a host of three-letter agencies are corrupt — probably too corrupt to be reformed, in my opinion.

    Why do I say that? Because if they were going to be reformed, you would need another three-letter agency actively involved: DOJ. And, as I’ve been saying, these government lawyers are the most corrupt of all.

    They believe they are above the law — and since they’re responsible for prosecutions, they’re mostly right. This is the most corrupt department of all. Without it, reform will not happen. And, without reform, the whole thing will continue to rot.

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  4. and yet with Comey’s illegal and unethical behavior being exposed hasn’t even resulted in his ‘Law License’ being suspended or revoked….and that should be a slam dunk without question…..


    • Meagara says:

      because they did not believe they had enough evidence of Comey’s intent to violate the law, according to multiple sources.

      Comey’s skating free whatever Solomon believes. If the DOJ uses the fake “intent to violate the law” test specifically invented for Hillary by Comey or his DOJ–there’s no hope for justice. Either the swamp wins again here–or Trump’s lawyers in the DOJ were stupid enough to believe the Hillary test.


      • As a man thinkth says:

        The LAWFARE GROUP OF DOJ lawyers have revised the standards and policies for inditing Federal Administrators of the democratic persuasion… IMHO, the “small group” is not small, and these deep state activists are actually provoking civil unrest …Antifa in suits…


      • vladdy says:

        How lovely that Barr found it “compelling,” though. Isn’t it nice that someone got some pleasure out of it? Too bad we’re not all in a Netflix series, when its “compelling” nature would be meaningful. As it is – why bother to include that fact? (I know, legally, it is supposed to show that he recognized it as something to look at, but…really, at this point, it’s useless.)


  5. While I am livid Comey is not being prosecuted for the half-dozen or so crimes in the IG referral, I hope Perot C’s previous comment has merit: “So is one theory, they don’t want to prosecute these potential smaller crimes while they are still assembling the bigger cases? Partly because actual charges / indictments would kick off Discovery? Which could be bad timing. And would let all the main perps know Judgement Day was here.” There just may be enough info in “discovery” that is imperative to substantiate another more serious crime. Just hoping.

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  6. Bob says:

    If this was the case, which I am not buying then the DOJ would delay prosecuting Comey not totally decline to.

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  7. Cocoon says:

    I know Barr is not prosecuting Comey and his memos because it would impede POTUS Trump again.
    Barr has spent his first 5 months removing the President from this controversy. Don’t need to bring him back in now.
    But 3 years ago, July 4th weekend of 2016, Comey publicly called out a Presidential candidate for her handling of classified material in a home based operation and transmitting info on an insecure email system. How the public swallows an FBI Director publicly calls out a Presidential candidate for these actions and does the same thing in less than a year and doesn’t have intent is going to harm DOJ/FBI further.
    Unless Barr brings more severe charges against Comey.

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  8. Dave Sanderson says:

    Everybody HERE is very impatient because WE have been following the gory details of this treasonous coup attempt for a couple of years. But it’s Summer vacation time, and most normal Americans are actively ignoring / tuning out all forms of “politics”.

    President Trump has demonstrated that he has the most finely tuned sense of timing of any American leader in our lifetime, so let’s give him and his team the benefit of knowing what they’re doing. Does anybody here not yet grasp the exquisite timing A-G Barr’s recent announcement of the resumption of the death penalty for federal capital crimes …of which treason is one?

    They will start dropping indictments on DC swamp dwellers when it will do the most damage to Democrats, likely late this year or early in 2020. The resulting court cases will prove very financially costly and reputationally destructive for all involved, doing maximum collateral damage to ALL Democrats running for election in 2020.

    Trump will make certain that the MOST SENIOR of Obama’s treasonous administration are indicted within 72 hours of Michelle Obama declaring her presidential candidacy next Summer. Trump wants Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, etc. etc. etc. to be ‘in the news’ for the most evil of reasons after Labor Day 2020 leading up to November’s elections. Moving too soon in that direction will have them OUT of the news when we all want them front and center.

    Patience, Grasshopper …patience.

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    • completelytrue says:

      When is the grasshopper going to bite Lois Lerner?

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    • Martha Aldridge says:

      I agree with everything you say Dave Sanderson BUT I really think after Labor Day 2020 is cutting it a little close!


    • whoseyore says:

      Praying so, but was praying that was the reason for delays before the 2018 Mid-Terms as well. I thought for sure everything was going to spring just before. Unsure what will play out, but I am trusting the Lord.


    • PBR says:

      BUT some of these things are TIME SENSITIVE. Did we not just learn that? Wait too long= no prosecution.


    • Boots says:

      Put the d#mn pipe down. No one’s getting indicted except, possible, s few low level boot lickers.


    • formerdem says:

      No I do not think that is at all possible. That will be election season and indicting people at that point would be a scandal in itself. Would do more damage to Trump than help him. I do not believe in any such Plan.


      • vladdy says:

        I think we’ve all heard so many reassuring “plans,” always excusing the current corruption because REAL ACTION IS COMING SOON. How many times does Lucy get to pull the football away before Charlie Brown hauls off and slugs her? There is so much to be happy about, with the state of the country and the left’s exposing itself, but everytime someone we’re putting our trust in plays one of these games with us, the bitter taste underneath the sweetness increases…


  9. Screaming Eagle says:

    To Hannity, Solomon, and Di Genova. I put big a mirror in front of my TV screen last night. That way you could see the tick-tock is reflected back on you now………Produce something or forever STFU. Enough already.

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  10. Pew-Anon says:

    It doesn’t matter whether it is part of the report or the whole report, Either way, Comey will not be prosecuted. And since we now know that revelation comes from only a “carved out” part of the report, it seems reasonable to suspect the rest of the report will make similar recommendations for the rest of the coup conspirators.


  11. PBR says:

    Hmmmm, very interesting perspective, but to me, Comey cannot hide his distaste (hate) for Trump and I think thus he would not help him in any way.


  12. Linda K. says:

    Personally, “hiding in the curtains Comey,” or Curtains as I like to call him, deserves a trial to clear his name. Here we learn about some of the illegal things he did , yet no indictment.A trial would give Curtains a chance to explain himself.Isn’t that how it works?


  13. Boots says:

    Yet on the wrong site. Comey is a treacherous traitor who should be imprisoned at least and executed for treason if possible.


  14. Boots says:

    Barr is another swamper. Larry Clayborne should be USAG. He’d clear the snakes out.


  15. Marcus says:

    Wait a minute!

    You forgot about the part where Comey used his secret Unicorns to communicate with Trump to keep this confidential

    Comey is a delusional narcissist and should be hung for treason


  16. Pew-Anon says:

    So then why wasn’t he saying all this publicly after he was fired, instead of all the weird invective against Trump he spewed on Twitter? Sorry, “che”. If Comey himself were to post on this board, he could not make a more twisted self defense, nor choose a more revealing handle.


  17. uberintj says:

    At least as interesting as this ‘carve out’ facet is this statement:

    ‘Although a technical violation, the DOJ did not want to “make its first case against the Russia investigators with such thin margins and look petty and vindictive,” a source told me, explaining the DOJ’s rationale.’

    That’s quite a bit more than an implication that there are prosecutions coming against those investigators. That’s what we all expect, and want to see, like, yesterday, but it’s the first time I have ever heard it quoted in such definite terms from ‘a source’.


  18. Donnie duck says:

    It’s totally understandable why Comey has been so sanctimonious and jolly when interviewed or on tour. He KNOWS the fix is in and nothing is gonna happen to him. Sad, but it is Swamp reality.


  19. Dixie T says:

    I understand that it is greatly possible that James Comey will be implicated in something much bigger than his “memo issue,” during the FISA Abuse investigation. However, when Comey “leaked” some of his memos to his professor friend (and now-lawyer), he HAD to know what he was doing was WRONG, even if those memos had not been classified, yet! He broke the LAW (are we to assume it was a little LAW or big LAW???) by “leaking” those memos, with his alleged intent being that it would spawn the hiring of a Special Counsel. It STILL appears he was CORRUPT in his actions. Comey did not have the authority to appoint a Special Counsel, so he “usurped” the Attorney General’s authority—AGAIN—in order to achieve POLITICALLY what HE wanted to see happen—the appointment of a Special Counsel! (It almost sounds as if Comey, Rosenstein, and Mueller may have had some conversations among themselves, about “what needed to be done with Trump!”)

    This all “smells” REALLY BAD!


    • Bob says:

      I was taught in law school that one merely has to intend to do the act, not purposely intend to break the law and ignorance of the law is not a defense.


  20. As a man thinkth says:

    The LAWFARE GROUP OF DOJ lawyers have revised the standards and policies for inditing Federal Administrators of the democratic persuasion… IMHO, the “small group” is not small, and these deep state activists are actually provoking civil unrest …Antifa in suits…


  21. Bob says:

    Comey is a scumbag. A dirty cop. Michael Cohen has a better chance of a pardon from Trump.
    If Comey didn’t appear as a sanctimonious creep bad mouthing Trump maybe I could have compassion for him. But He lied to Trump telling him he was not a target. If Comey was painted into a corner he should have become a whistleblower When Trump took office.


  22. Donzo says:

    DiGenova applauded Barr for not prosecuting Comey when on Ingraham’s show this evening. The reasoning which Dershowitz laid out was that there’s wasn’t a good enough case. That’s hard to believe, but it must be they have bigger fish to fry.. or we’re screwed.


  23. dammit_janet says:

    Seems like dangling that carrot in front of our noses with the hopes that we will see justice, that AG Barr is cleaning house and dedicated to restoring public faith in the FBI and DOJ by showing the public there is no longer a dual justice system. My hunch is that they’ve got something bigger, much bigger. This was just the first slap and by letting him off basically for the same reason he let Hillary off they could be signaling to others that Comey is cooperating, whether he is or isn’t, and see what that dredges up.

    All I can say is God help us if we’re double crossed again. It sure is a nail biter though and keeps me hooked to the news and commentary. And prayer mostly.


  24. Gary Lacey says:

    In the wake of Russian collusion scandal one could conclude the country is teetering at the edge of the abyss, on the one hand, do you prosecute the criminals or do you try to save the depts and pray that will suffice?
    The fact is the DOJ and the FBI are knee deep in this.


  25. up4daze says:

    Comey’s escape from prosecution is not what would usually happen, normally they’d indict Comey squeeze him to get bigger fish, but this is all a charade they don’t want bigger fish. They’ll feed us the line of they let Comey go because of a bigger plan to net them all it’s false hopes while slow-walking deep state indictments to the clock where time has run out.


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