Magnanimous Panda Departs Pyongyang After “reinforcing the traditional friendship between China and North Korea”…

The money quote from Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping in the role of magnanimous panda as he departs Chairman Kim:

“This visit has achieved complete success in reinforcing the traditional friendship between China and North Korea”..

Kim remains hostage, and Xi highlights his captive capabilities in advance of the G20 ‘expanded’ meeting with President Trump in Osaka, Japan.  Magnanimous panda thinks he’s created leverage for hostage release negotiations with Trump in exchange for economic and trade concessions… except he hasn’t.

Beijing has fallen into a trap created by a combination of their cultural approach toward geopolitical confrontation and an echo-chamber that does not allow -or consider- warnings from dissenting voices.  In essence, it might sound goofy considering the magnitude of the issues at hand, but Beijing doesn’t know President Trump.

One of the reasons for the miscalculation is likely due to Beijing weighing their analysis and strategy based on typical Western reporting similar to THIS ARTICLE in the New York Times.

NYT […] Before Mr. Xi landed in Pyongyang on Thursday, American officials said they expected him to try to secure Mr. Kim’s promise to take steps on nuclear weapons that might appeal to Mr. Trump, in hopes of gaining leverage for China in the trade dispute.

Mr. Xi signaled as much in a televised session with Mr. Kim on his first afternoon in Pyongyang, when he emphasized the need for the North and the United States to revive talks that broke down in Vietnam in February, when Mr. Kim and Mr. Trump last met.

“The international community hopes that North Korea and the United States can talk and for the talks to get results,” Mr. Xi said, sitting across a table from Mr. Kim. (read more)

That Western outlook is what has led to the miscalculation by Chairman Xi.

It would appear that former ‘special envoy’ and Chinese negotiator, Vice-Premier Liu He, did have a solid understanding of President Trump.  However, after working closely with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Beijing summarily rejected the deal and removed the status of Liu He as a direct representative voice of Chairman Xi.

With that, everything collapsed. Hence, the current status.

The ongoing miscalculation is really quite simple.  Thinking that he can leverage the stability of the DPRK (his proxy province) in a trade discussion with President Trump, Chairman Xi has positioned himself as the arbiter of a denuclearized North Korea.  However, in doing so Xi has taken public ownership of any future DPRK hostilities.

China has always held control over North Korea as a hedge against Western interests; however, Beijing has always strategically denied their influence.  This dynamic is the center of the issue. This is what President Trump needed to change.

From the perspective of President Trump engaging with Chairman Xi, the removal of the curtain hiding the control is just as valuable as removal of the control itself.

A withdrawal by China (hostage released), or the public appearance of the control by China (captive admission) serves the same purpose.  The DPRK cannot mount hostile action.  Chairman Xi now owns the problem of any North Korean hostilities.

That connection was all President Trump needed strategically in order to confront China and remove the worry of hostile actions coordinated by Beijing through Chairman Kim.

Chairman Xi walks into the G20 to negotiate with President Trump, but selling influence over the DPRK to gain a better trade outcome no longer has value.

SCMP – […] In a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un before returning to Beijing, Xi also said China was determined to support the country’s new “strategic path”, Chinese state-run newspaper People’s Daily reported.

“This visit … has achieved complete success in reinforcing the traditional friendship between China and North Korea,” Xi was quoted as saying.

“It has laid down the direction of future development of China-North Korean relations in the new era, and also shown to the outside world the firm determination of China and North Korea in achieving a political resolution to the Korean peninsula problem and delivering long-lasting peace in the region.”

North Korea’s state media quoted Kim as emphasising Beijing’s rock solid relationship with Pyongyang. According to Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Kim told Xi that his visit was “decisive” in showing the unchanging friendship between the two countries to the world. (read more)

With the DPRK retaliatory threat removed; and with Chairman Xi now owning any hostile action from inside North Korea; President Trump can now take more aggressive action toward China on global trade and economic influence.

The magnanimous panda has walked into a geopolitical trap.  President Trump now controls the bamboo forest….

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130 Responses to Magnanimous Panda Departs Pyongyang After “reinforcing the traditional friendship between China and North Korea”…

  1. jc says:

    “One of the reasons for the miscalculation is likely due to Beijing weighing their analysis and strategy based on typical Western reporting similar to THIS ARTICLE in the New York Times.”


    To be fair, up until recently all foreign adversaries could depend on the NYT being a mouthpiece for specific power brokers that controlled the government through the Deep State. I could see why it would take time to understand if that direct link was no longer dependable.

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    • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

      @Donald Trump is a much more reliable media source, Chairman.🐼🇺🇸👍

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    • sunnydaze says:

      ….” To be fair, up until recently all foreign adversaries could depend on the NYT …etc.etc”
      I’m not giving Xi a pass that easily, jc.

      Xi fired his own rep.- Liu He- who *did* understand the situation….and decided to go with Western Anti- Trump Propaganda, instead.

      And this after months, no YEARS, of proof that the MSM here is absolutely full of it when it comes to Trump. They miscalculate and lie ALL the time.

      If this narrative outlined by Sundance is correct, and Xi fell for NYT bullish*t over his own smart negotiator , Liu He, then Xi is just not that smart.

      It feels like a lot of Foreign Leaders are “wanting to be swayed” by US MSM propaganda these days, like they are pinning their last hopes on it being true.

      If they keep it up they’re gonna be just as pi$$ed as your average American is when they finally Wake Up to the lies of these garbage peddlers. *Everyone* will be WalkingAway from US MSM ….side benefit, I guess.

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      • jc says:

        ” *Everyone* will be WalkingAway from US MSM …. ”


        Oh how I pray that your words will come true. Please, please, please let your words come true.

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        • sunnydaze says:


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        • HankB says:

          ” *Everyone* will be WalkingAway from US MSM …. ”

          Please, call them S.C.U.M So-Called-Unbias-Media instead of MSM. Much more accurate

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          • Rgt says:

            Trump identified the SCUM from day one as the problem. Exposed them for what they are, propagandists. I still remember I thought that was going to be a mistake, and Trump pulled their fangs, allowed them to expose their corruption and again I learned not to second guess Trump.


      • CountryDoc says:

        I wonder if the Fox polls stating Trump was behind were intentionally false (released “inappropriately” by a contractor employee for the polling company, who is now fired) was to fool Xi into showing that he still is a dragon, and others into thinking US is not behind Trump.

        Trumps restraint with Iran goes against those who want to criticize him for being a dictator.

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      • Daniel says:

        Do not underestimate the persuasive power and influence of the shadow government and the deep state.

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      • scrap1ron says:

        Leftists screwing over their fellow leftists. How did Jackie Gleason put it? Oh yeah…


    • RightAroundTheBlock says:

      “One of the reasons for the miscalculation is likely due to…” -huberis.

      A need to save face on the mainland has consequences. Hard to believe they could be this… stupid. IF Xi is not ready to capitulate, then take the Trump meeting without a public visit to Kim. Eat it. He may look strong to those in the stands now but looks even weaker to those on the field. -Pooh bear.

      Questioning now whether it is a “miscalculation” or merely a tell. What I mean is it was fatally not worth the exposure if the future still held the possibility of hostile actions.

      Xi holds a losing position. I think he looks less at the NYT and more at who is filling the stadiums for 2020. I’m not a tic tocker but this guy does not have five…six years… he’ll be Melba toast in three or less. China is getting MiraLAXed as we speak.

      Is he now taking his loss magnanimously as the peninsular purveyor of peace in the public sphere? If they are to concede they will do it saving as much phony face as possible -perhaps what we are witnessing. If so, then owning future hostile action is a moot point.

      But then again, perhaps that’s too optimistic.


    • Father of 3 Gen Zers says:

      They continue to misread around the world because of Obama minions keep visiting and trying to preserve power. The Fake News CNN and other leftist mouthpieces continue to paint the false narrative that President Trump will not win and has no support. The devastation after the 2020 Trump landslide for the Dems will have a wonderful impact on the future of the US and the world. The left has lost this war. The leaders of the left will have no intellectual or moral standing after the destruction they brought on themselves. Their followers will be further devastated and never believe them again. The Fourth Turning will be complete by the most conservative generation since WWII righting the ship. A glorious spring, a new Golden Age. Rebuilt future of the world with peace, prosperity and opportunity. Thank you President Trump!

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  2. Happy Flower says:

    God bless our President. He’s playing everyone like fools. I love it. China thought they were the owner of this country and the world for quiet some time, they never expected WE THE PEOPLE were sick an tired of them and we’ll vote them out!

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    • TreeClimber says:

      I doubt they even have a frame of reference.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Happy, the more Xi tries the more he makes it worse. He thinks and firmly convinced that he knows how our President works and it will and might cost him that life long position for failing. He may for the moment think he still owns NK but time well tell and that time may come soon. Winning with Trump is not that fast nor easy and time for Xi to wake up that he doesn’t control the world and even less our President.

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    • GenEarly says:

      Ditto for the incessantly whining Progs of the USSA. Sooo tired of their insane busybody blathering on everything.

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    • peace says:

      The American consumer needs to say “NO” to purchasing products made in China. To date, I have been unable to find an electric can opener made in the USA.

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      • Dekester says:

        It’s likely you have tried, but a neighbour and I ( both of us retired.) enjoy hunting down small appliances made in the U.S.A or Canada. I found a Canadian made steam iron last week, and blender with all the attachments that was made in the U.S.

        $5.00 and $20.00 ( Can ). respectively.

        My neighbour makes a few bucks finding this stuff, and selling it on eBay

        God bless PDJT

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      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        Try this

        Oh and it opens more than cans too

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      • AH_C, Boofer says:

        Don’t download apps made by the Chinese nor electronics. The Chinese are not above hiding “call home” chips and or code in order to collect data on the user. China is a police state thus any information in you can and will be used against you.

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        • CountryDoc says:

          how do you know an app or software is made in CHina?

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          • yucki says:

            Good question!

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          • lumoc1 says:

            Do you think it possible that a Chinese appliance manufacturer would licence the software for the appliance whose design he stole from a western manufacturer? 😉

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          • AH_C, Boofer says:

            Sometimes tricky, but when you look at apps take a look at the developer bio or info. And compare descriptions and clues emanate themselves.

            The other day, I was looking for a Barcode scanner app and there must have been 30 some offers on Google play that not only were developed by Chinese “programmers” and most were identical to each other except for cosmetic customization. These clown just copied someone’s original work and mass produced free apps and even try to hook you into the pro paid version

            Another way to tell is the Chinglish descriptions and instructions. Lol. And even those were identical… They they copy/paste much? Hehehe.

            And the ads. .. Oh boy. 🙄

            I kept looking around till I found a geeky developer and went with that. A real geek cares about getting it right and are worth supporting if they ask for a few bucks.

            Last but not least, check out Dan Bongino’s episode from yesterday. He’s just barely scrapping the surface.

            Put it this way, just assume the Chinese government is the Borg and they will subjugate the world, one country at a time, one app at a time.

            When will they rule the world? Too soon to tell. 😉

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      • Janie M. says:

        peace, for at least 10+ years, I have been using a manual can opener, a Swing-a-way (no China stamp on it), works quite well. Went the electric route for decades but eventually decided just as easy to go manual, no counter space needed.

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      • felipe says:

        peace: restaurant supply outlets carry high-quality, U.S.-made electric openers, but they tend to be pricey. One company is Edlund made in Vermont. There are used openers on ebay for a lot less and they probably last forever (the company sells replacement cutter heads)

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        • GB Bari says:

          The Edlund 203 2-speed can opener is $714 on Amazon. The model 266 single speed is $693. Those are serious appliances.


      • Mr. Morris says:

        For what it’s worth I love manual can openers. Two of my favorites are from Swiss Companies Kuhn Rikon and Zyliss, patented in UK and USA. They take up zero counter space and work like a dream. I keep one in my kitchen drawer and pack one in my hurricane evacuation kit.

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        • Janie M. says:

          Kinda looks like mine, John. Mine has thick rubberized red handles. This looks exactly like mine and I noted it is made in the US, according to the photo. I had to laugh that it is described as vintage.


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      • futorian says:

        We can’t afford to. The Government and Big Business/Wall Street have ruined the economy and manufacturing. We let them do it one step at a time. In all fairness we didn’t have the internet and access to information when we were voting but hopefully that is turning around but it will be a slow process.


    • bertdilbert says:

      The problem for the Chinese is that Trump knows who he is and what he represents. Trump already knows he can get the full deal and more. The longer China holds out the weaker and more desperate they will become.

      If Xi leaves the G20 without a deal, he has lost.

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  3. Paul B. says:

    Photo caption:

    Xi: If this little prick steps out of line, I’ll crush him!
    Kim: My face hurts from smiling so much! Dear God, when will this be over?

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  4. chojun says:

    Excellent write up!

    I’d characterize the situation simply as this: Chairman Xi has miscalculated the value of a denuclearized DPRK to the United States. Previous to the Trump Administration, the DPRK could threaten the world in exchange for more favorable conditions. Trump recognizes this dynamic and refuses to be held hostage to DPRK. In essence – “don’t threaten us, we’ll remove you from the map and you know we can (and will)!”

    The miscalculation comes in that the DPRK does not represent an existential threat to the US (it never really has). The Chinese trade imbalance and its exfiltration of US wealth in conjunction with forced US tech and IP transfer, for the purpose of countering the US status as sole world superpower, is what represents an actual existential threat to western civilization to China’s benefit.

    The US will not exchange status-quo trade for a DPRK hostage release. If Xi expects this kind of a deal, then he has grossly miscalculated. Due to central planning shenanigans, any outcome other than status-quo is an existential threat to the Chinese current system of governance. Trump holds all of the levers and controls the fulcrum.

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    • A logical analysis easily understood by this common peasant!

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    • Newhere says:

      Thanks for clear summary!

      Perhaps can help with this: My dunce head can’t follow SD’s logical steps from:
      1. Xi visits Kim and publicly endorses current nuke talks with the US, plus confirms Chinese/NK solid “friendship,”
      to the conclusion that:
      2. In doing so, Xi has now publicly taken ownership for any potential future nuke threats/actions by NK.

      Straining for why 2 follows necessarily from 1, but can’t quite get there!

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    • WSB says:

      Excellent analysis, chojun. Thank you for making this as clear as as SD! Some of us need booster shots!

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  5. Dutchman says:

    Potus is the little boy, pointing and saying “But MOM! They’re all buck NAKED!” (In the Emperors new clothes).
    Its really handy to have a ‘crazy cousin’, that only you can (barely) keep under control. Like the story about the trained bear; nobody would pay to see the show, if they knew the bear was tame, and not dangerous.

    And now the world knows. Sending ‘rocketman’ and ‘fatboy’ tweets was ‘poking the bear’; showing he knew there was no danger.

    In front of the whole world, he was saying “Look, Kims NOT unstable or crazy. He ISN’T gonne launch nukes, due to being insulted. Its not REAL!
    Its an ILLUSION!”

    Xi is left standing naked in front of the world, unfortunately, due to the echo chamber, he doesn’t realise it, yet. Suspect he will get a wake up call, at G20.

    PDJT will not be eager for meetings with Kim, as NK, like Iran are secondary and inconsequential players.
    China is the whole ball of wax,…
    Keep your eye on the prize, comes to mind.

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    • Pew-Anon says:

      Your last paragraph likely explains Trumps attitude toward the current domestic corruption issues as well. They are secondary concerns. China is the fountainhead of it all, and if Trump can burst that fountainhead, all the corruption downstream will wash away. Or so he thinks, perhaps, and he may just be right.

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      • Dutchman says:

        I think so, too. You don’t drain the swamp by putting on a pair of waders on, and climbing in to wrestle alligators.
        Cause its hard to remember your goal is to DRAIN THE SWAMP,
        When; alligators are snapping at you,
        Water moccasins and pyranha are slithering INTO your waders to bite,
        Malaria infected mosquitos biting as well,
        And constrictors are dropping from the trees, around your neck.

        No, you go miles away, to the SOURCE of the water ($), and you cut off or divert the water ($).

        THEN, dredge some channels, to drain the existing water, which won’t be replenished.

        As the water level drops, the creatures are,exposed, and begin to fight for the small pools. Eventually the last survivors either wander off, or can be killed.

        THATS how you “Drain a swamp”.

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    • WSB says:

      Bingo, Dutchman!

      Nothing worse than a naked Chinaman, and I need to post this for your ears,
      “I woulda been on The Ed Sullivan Show, but my bear died.”

      Don Rickles

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      • Dutchman says:

        Remember him, yeah. Prefered Dangerfield style humor, to Rickles, myself. Both funny, just one is laughing at self, one at others.

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        • WSB says:

          Don’t miss the humor that Don Rickles maintains. That statement was to the ludicrous power of the fake media back then and Operation Mockingbird. The Sunday night spectacle. Engage the family.

          Don Rickles’ humor is deeper rhan you think.

          Rodney Dangerfield was much later. Don Rickles’ humor was sarcastic to the political understanding he had.


          • Dutchman says:

            Like carlin a lot, of coarse. I REMEMBER Rickles, didn’t care for. Remember Ed Sullivan show. Beatles,..later Barry McGuire,…eve of destruction,…

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            • WSB says:

              You may be too young to understand what Rickles did. He countered PC. It was brilliant.

              Do you remember the humor of Sid Caesa? Also brilliant.

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              • Dutchman says:

                Too young to remember mort saul, much, or lenny Bruce, I think they were the prominent Bill mahers of their day? Sid Cesar, vaguely.
                Born in 1955.

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                • WSB says:

                  Yes, sorry…my typo! If you have a moment…take a look at Sid again…he was a true comedian. There is a famous clock skit. Fabulous! And Sid had his own signature by speaking the sounds of a foreign language while not actually speaking it!

                  Here is The Clock.


  6. Wow. When Donald Trump wrote The Art of the Deal, I guess he really meant it . . .

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  7. ALEX says:

    To paraphrase the President….you are a long ball hitter Sundance. It is interesting how the two Summits with Chairman Kim play into this, the position Chairman XI finds himself now and what he thinks is going to happen vs reality.

    Always enjoyed you’re take over the years on numerous subjects, from who is funding these neocon political hacks on the radio etc, to the fake pollsters like Shaw at Faux News…I think you’re reasoning is dead on here.

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  8. TreeClimber says:

    And poor Kim is still screwed. Is the hostage release negotiation still a thing, or is NoKo being left to continue to eat dirt for the next few decades? I mean if we’re going to be nation-building I see more potential there than some of the other places they’ve selected to send billions to in “foreign aid”… at least NoKo isn’t actively invading us…

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      I’ve got an idea … we send $2 Billion in food stuffs to North Korea … soybeans, pork .. and Kim sends $1 Billion to a 3rd party, which hires the Build The Wall independent group to build private sections of needed Wall at record pace.

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      • In exchange for the food stuffs how about Kim lets Mexico and the USA “borrow” his army to guard the southern border? Bivouac them on the Mexican side. The Norks have experience and are good at keeping people INSIDE their borders…………..

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    • formerdem says:

      Trump made him a promise, conditional on terms being accepted, and Trump keeps his promises.

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    • Janie M. says:

      Tree, earlier last year or so, I read a very interesting article about NK and its “underground” economy which is surprisingly quite robust. Of course, this pertains to their “elite” who live quite well and doesn’t trickle down to their deprived starving NK citizens. If you duckduck (search engine I use) it, using the term “underground economy”, you’ll find a number of articles.

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    • Dutchman says:

      I don’t think Kim is ‘screwed’, he’s just taken ‘out of play’, which screws Xi.

      We’ll have to see PDJT’s manuevering with Xi, as it plays out at G20.
      Xi has an incredibly weak hand, PDJT a commandingly good one, but,..
      We’ll see what happens,…

      Ironically, this affirming of friendship (ownership) of Nork by Xi may mean Xi can’t eliminate Kim, as it would be clear who done it. So, Kim might be in marginally better shape.

      Trump just said “I wouldn’t allow you to be killed like your brother, that,was Xi that did it.”
      How does THAT play into the dynamic, and was THAT the reason for the meeting?

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  9. rayvandune says:

    The NYT and most of the rest of the media want to sing a happy song along with Xi, so that when China refuses to give ground, it can be spun as Trump’s failure. Of course Xi is well aware of that opportunity to damage Trump at home, which emboldens him and makes any movement on China’s part unlikely. Everywhere we turn, be it China, Iran, Venezuela, or Russia, or on domestic issues such as illegal immigration or the economy, we see Demediacrats working to prevent their worst nightmare – any success for Trump. The fact that also works against American interest is not really a factor in their calculus, because they know what is best for America, and just by coincidence it is in their own best interest: Demediacrats in power.

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    • Dutchman says:

      IMHO, there NEVER was going to be a ‘deal’with China on trade.
      PDJT will NOT yield on enforcement mechanisms for cheating.
      And XI can NOT agree to such terms.

      That is the equation and NOTHING changes that fundamental equation.

      And so the beatings,continue until moral improves.

      The only thing that changes that fundamental equation is A) PDJT no longer POTUS, or B)CCP no longer in power or control of China.

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      • jc says:

        Or …. C) DJT manages to cause a realignment of U.S. public opinion, which has long term effects as well.

        Some evidence that it is happening is: 1) Hunter Biden’s dirty China deals have hit the front pages — which also happens to benefit Dem prez candidates not named Biden, but public opinion is shifting all the same. 2) any company looking to move some or all of their production to a non-China controlled locale. 3) a substantial number of U.S. citizens strongly considering or changing their minds on the value of tariffs.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Yes, agree that IS a possible third option,..just read a thread with an eeyore/troll, that obviously doesn’t, and likely is NEVER going to ‘get Trump’.
          We wean off as many as we can, and frankly the dems are making that easy, as they are shedding all but the most extream, but there are those that will NEVER wake up.

          And never relent,…


  10. Perot Conservative says:

    My 3,000 miles away from DC goals.

    1. No concessions to China.
    2. Inform Apple and Intel on the DL, things aren’t improving.
    3. Get USMCA signed in Congress, ASAP.
    4. Get Ag deal signed with Japan, so we can compete or beat Canada and Australia (TPP). [Stability for markets, etc.]
    5. New tariffs on $300 Billion in Chinese goods? How much? 10%, 25%?
    6. Finalize remaining Japan trade deal.
    7. Tariff the EU? (German cars.)

    Wildcard: what is the status on the India trade deal?

    Are there any other trade deals, such as Taiwan, the Phillipines, Vietnam, that can be inked before we get serious with the EU? Thus giving corporations more choices and options.

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  11. Curious says:

    NYT is so childish with their “Mr.Trump” veiled insults. It is President Trump.

    You’ll never see them refer to demonrat former presidents as anything other than the proper “President,” but I’ve seen the Times refer to Presidents Reagan, Bush, and Trump constantly as “Mr.”

    It drives me nuts, but I suppose that is the intended result.

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    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Someday there will be a grand monument with the name President Donald J. Trump engraved in granite, marble, bronze, or other long-lasting material for generations to ponder, while the words of the New York Times and the people who write them will be long gone and forgotten, flecks of dust in the wind.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Common complaint.
      The long accepted traditional ettiquette goes back to the days of hand set type.
      FIRST time in an article the author refers to POTUS, its “President blank”, every time after its “Mr.Blank”, much eeasier for type setter.

      And, every time W.H. changes parties, the Presidents supporters (who didn’t notice it gor 8 years, while other party was in power) see it as insulting to their guy.

      IF they say “President Trump” first time in article, and “Mr. Trump” thereafter, they are following tradition.

      And, since time is $ on T.V., and “President” takes marginally longer than “Mr.”, the same ‘rule’can reasonably be applied there, as well.


  12. MAGADJT says:

    I still don’t understand this analysis by Sundance. How is Xi owning any hostilities by NOKO, thereby allowing POTUS to be more aggressive in trade negotiations? If NOKO makes any hostile actions, no one will assign blame to Xi except for maybe the readers of CTH.

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    • Carlington Racki says:

      I agree. Xi has not publicly taken any ownership. The NYT article quoted does portray Xi as the magnanamous Panda helping to act as a mediator, but it shows the media is still ignoring China’s role as the one really in charge. If Xi doesn’t actually give up the NK nukes, he can step away and say he tried to be an intermediary and even put blame on the US by saying they were not negotiating in good faith. This would allow China even more ability to utilize NK hostilities as a leverage tool.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      The 1,000-pound gorilla just said they (China) are encouraging peace.

      We know China owns NK; 92% of NK 2-way trade is with China. China launders their money, supplies military “advisors” (guards?), etc.

      NK goes rogue only with Xi’s consent.


  13. kp says:

    My take away from the article.

    Imagine using the US’s ‘greatest’ purveyor of misinformation (NYT) AGAINST the worlds(?) ‘greatest’ country of purveying misinformation…and neither one KNOWS it!

    I stand in awe!

    VSGPDJT is a GIANT amongst midgets, an INTELLECT amongst tards…
    A GOD Blessed Man amongst Satan’s minions!

    You all lose.

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  14. Pyrthroes says:

    Fascinating… though real estate valuations are typically location-location-location, Trump knows from long entrepreneurial experience that “intangibles” –prospective vs. current pricing/value– are crucial to any long-term project amortized over the standard thirty years.

    Not to make invidious comparisons, but NYC’s post-Appomattox master of this visionary sense was (of all people) City Councilman George Washington Plunkitt, 1842 – 1924, of “clean graft”, “I seen my opportunities and I took ’em” fame.

    Having official access to Manhattan builders’ permit applications, Plunktitt sagely divined the relentless uptown thrust of New York City’s commercial/residential real estate market. Acquiring dirt-cheap plots at outrageous leverage via Wall Street bankers’ Tammany Hall contributions masquerading as mortgage loans, Plunkitt notoriously unloaded “sheep meadows” [think Central Park] at high premiums some 3 – 5 years later as municipal population generated new demand.

    For Hsi & Co. there’s a salutary lesson here: Go with the flow, but direct the flow to everyone’s advantage, exercising rudimentary foresight to (as Plunkitt put it) “trade on growth”. Alas for ChiCom satraps, Trump (and Plunkitt’s) visionary capitalism, putting personal premiums on long-term growth-and-change, is outside parasitic mealworms’ grifting provenance.

    Ah, well… having “picked power off the streets” in 1949, Hsi’s economically crippling ChiCom regime is due to climax with either a Bang or a Whimper about end-2021, the requisite three 24-year generations, two 36-year cycles, from Mao’s singularly brutal, short-sighted, stultifying era.

    Liked by 3 people

  15. MVW says:

    I expect Trump will have to actually impose the 25% tariffs on the remaining Chinese imports before the Communist Politburo wakes up. Once the tariffs are in place, real dealing will take place.

    So, June 28, 29 will be when that hits the fan.

    Liked by 4 people

  16. CopperTop says:

    45 to Xi: “..and as you ses Iran ain’t no bother. Would you like fries or caviar with that bamboo sandwich? You choose.”


  17. billrla says:

    Diplomatically speaking, these two psychos deserve each other.


  18. jbrickley says:

    Trump has been thinking about the China problem for decades. The topic came up many times in various interviews back when the media gushed over Trump. They would ask him all the time about politics, he would provide a very reasonable and well thought out answer. The next question was when was he going to run for President? Trump would say oh, no. They would cheer him on and even encourage him. No I don’t want to be President but you never know, maybe someday.

    Obviously, it is not all Trumps doing he is directing others but he’s chosen those people and he’s communicated portions of his plan and asked for their input and refined that portion of the plan. I don’t think anyone has the big picture. Trump keeps it compartmentalized.

    Anyone paying attention, can see the chess pieces being moved. There’s a bunch of stuff going on with China that the media hasn’t reported on. Various measures to weaken One Belt, One Road for example. China has their meat hooks set all around the world and there are things happening with US leverage over those nations.

    Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock…

    Liked by 3 people

    • usayes says:

      The #$% has already begun to hit the fan. PDJT is a business man who knows that dealing with a non-market economy involves risks not associated with free market nations. He also knows that any U.S. company (SME’s as well as large corps) seeking to establish a PRC address is going to go into China with a plan B or maybe even a Plan C and D and E (aka exit strategies). This is fundamental risk assessment planning when the decision is made to locate in a non-market country. Put another way, non-market = potentially shaky. By introducing tariffs our VSG has… well, let’s just say “there’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on…” So what does the U.S. company located in China do? They leave. “Execute plan B!” Simple as that – and it’s happening at a very speedy pace – only you don’t read much about the exodus in the MSM… maybe a few leaks by Reuters, but this is huge news that us international trade nerds see occurring – and it probably explains why King Tom of the U.S. Chamber looks like he’s aged 30 years since the tariffs took hold. The Politburo and Xi knows this exodus is taking place — can you imagine their reaction when Apple said they might be looking at alternative sourcing??? Safe bet there’s no PRC retaliatory tariff on Rolaids 🙂

      There’s really no going back to the way things were for China. The minute VSG announced the third tranche of tariffs (that are now in full effect), the course of history changed. That was the gauntlet moment — companies were forced to at least look for the exits if not get to Vietnam or Malaysia ASAP. Even it the tariffs are lifted (they won’t be), would you go back to the PRC? Our POTUS just showed the world how risky China trade can be — and this lesson has not been lost on other countries. President Trump, the business man, knew this pivotal weak point, knew that companies undertake risk management and knew what would happen when the cost of doing business in the PRC was just too high. Brilliant.

      Once some young anons compile the list of companies that have left China – and they, no doubt, will be up to the task, the MSM is going to have some “splainin” to do. Brilliant x 2.

      Great times ahead for the USA.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. mr. deacon says:

    The main thing I heard Trump say back in March was that he was in no hurry to negotiate a deal. One thing wise westerners learned long ago when dealing with Asians was their use of deadlines. Asians discover a western negotiator’s (and their bosses) needs, desires, priorities, time schedules, and deadlines, (Time is money) (We’re burning daylight Pilgrim) and so they wine and dine their guests and entertain them with shows but avoid talking business. Eventually they get around to asking questions and making promises and suggestions but then they might just change the whole thing around or drop it all together just to wear down the westerner’s stamina and patience. It makes the westerner more cooperative and speeds up their desire to reach an agreement. (see Korea, Vietnam, Japan, et al Oriental trade agreements.) Trump is holding a Royal Flush. Royal. He has the bank roll and means of security to call their bluff or their raise and to deter any threats or intimidation their team might make. (N. Korea)
    China is hemorrhaging money by the hour. Trump owns a blood bank. Trump has taken off China’s tourniquets and hooked them up to an intravenous set of tariff blood thinners. He will visit the patient soon and if China does not show improvement his nurse will just keep giving them liquids and monitor the vitals.

    Liked by 5 people

  20. ““One of the reasons for the miscalculation is likely due to Beijing weighing their analysis and strategy based on typical Western reporting…”

    Goldman Sachs miscalculated too and fed bad advice to the CCP, as Dr. Michael Pillsbury reported. China’s been normalized into US leaders who are career politicians. POTUS has said many times he doesn’t blame the Chinese for their behavior dating from Clinton handing them WTO membership in 1999. It’s perfectly rational and ingrained behavior.

    The 20-year arbitrage play of Managed Decline has been the political class selling (out) American prosperity to the Chinese for the price of their own personal advancement which also happens to be consistent with the Globalist’s desire for a flatland: Make Everybody Mediocre (MEM).

    These mercenary types are all about maximizing their personal reputation so that it can be parlayed in chapter two of their careers into influence-peddling ala the Clinton Foundation.Trump’s resume by contrast ‘moves backwards’. His wealth already secured, he can afford (literally) to be an unabashed warrior for American interests. Trump may be the first President in the modern era who isn’t a professional politician and pole-climber. This makes all the difference in the world.

    Trump isn’t a politician, which means he won’t accept any signed agreement for political/ reputational gain. The Swamp favors the Clinton career arc. Part of McCabe’s et al’s soft touch with Hillary is that that’s the career arc he (and his wired-in spouse) aspire to. Rosenstein and his wife too. In a way it’s a battle of career arcs for power in America.

    Liked by 3 people

  21. Child of Morning says:

    I say NOKO has been de-nuked already. It’s what started the whole process. Kim, Xi, and PT all know it but 99.999% of the rest of the world does not. I’m guessing that Xi is hoping to use “the scale of political victory” that Trump can claim for himself as the peninsula moves toward peace in the bargaining calculus between the two at G20. It is not without value.

    If SD is correct about the level of control that he has over Kim, then Xi has the power to end the Korean War and give Trump all the credit.

    “Do these things for me Mr President and I will put you amongst the ranks of George Marshall, Gandi and Winston Churchill. And you can trust me because I will be helping you to get re-elected. You’ll be around much longer than I care for you to be”

    If such a deal were put in front of me…..


    • Dutchman says:

      C of M,
      I don’t know if you mean LITERALLY denuked, if so I would disagree. Its not actually the nukes, anyway. They are just symbolic.
      Nork has enough conventional weapons aimed at seoul to make the rubble bounce.
      Nukes are symbols, its the threat that ‘matters’; and in THAT sense I would agree Nork is already “de-nuked”, cause the threat has been exposed as phoney.

      You, (Xi) are NOT going to get into a nuclear war,with the USA; you know it and I know it.

      Since Nork is your ‘proxie’, which you and I also know, you are NOT going to have your proxie nuke anyone, or bounce rubble in seoul.

      So, your not “giving” me anything. I took NK out of play. Now, tarifs on remaining imports, and you are crushed.

      Finish and sign the deal,…or I’ll deal with your succesor. Oh, and since you can’t use Kim any more, I’ll take him, thanks.

      No hurry on making deal with Kim,…or Xi either for that matter. And, since China and allies were behind that drone strike, give Xi a bill for $120 million.

      Now THATS what I call a proportional responce!


  22. Zippy says:

    Don’t trust, and verify. Results of recent planted “lost wallet” experiment. Note worst country:


  23. Perot Conservative says:

    Gordon Chang says we could shut down China by just enforcing banking rules i.e. China laundering $$ for North Korea.

    92% of North Korea’s 2-way trade us with China.

    One year ago …


  24. Summer says:

    Dearest NYT columnists, you should drop your pretentious manner already and use the proper honorific for your ideological soulmates. Embrace your inner commie. You know you want to.
    Comrade Xi, Comrade Kim. That’s better! Alternatively, you can call Xi Master. That would also be appropriate. Doesn’t Master Xi “occasionally” send a few bucks your way? Yes?
    Another helpful suggestion: it is President Trump, not Mr. Trump.

    Liked by 4 people

  25. Shop says:

    I hope President Trump puts the squeeze on Xi and his totalitarian CCP. They are are our true adversary who have had a free ride to wage war on us with the aid and comfort of our Wall St fifth column.

    Xi is extremely vulnerable at this moment. And this is the time to break them. Our conflict with the CCP is not just a trade dispute but a strategic war where we’ve been hogtied by our own fifth column.

    President Trump should disregard the advise of those that are sympathetic to our fifth column like Mnuchin and add all those Chinese companies that routinely steal our technology to the sanctions list. he should then bar Chinese companies from raising capital from US investors and in US markets. He should then use the Magnitsky Act and sanction top CCP officials including the governor of Xinjiang who has 2.5 million Uigyurs in concentration camps. The coup de grace would be to ban all financial institutions from lending to Chinese banks in the eurodollar offshore credit markets. Then increase tariffs on all Chinese-made goods to 200%.

    Caput! This would collapse the highly leveraged smoke & mirrors Chinese credit structure and possibly prompt the Chinese citizenry to revolt from the jackboot of the totalitarian CCP.


    • Mo says:

      We have to boil the frog to allow our companies time to move their supply chains out of China. Moving slowly and deliberately equals the same pain for the CCP with less pain for Us.


  26. RJ says:

    I’m so sorry, but I just can’t help myself here…I think Kim’s hair style is ‘THE THING’ in men’s grooming…what a look! Got to have it!

    Liked by 1 person

  27. AustinPrisoner says:

    I don’t understand this about Chinese culture: how can “saving face” to maintain honor be so important while the country openly cheats for the world to notice? Remember about 20 years ago, when those tiny Chinese Olympic gymnasts turned out too young to be competing? There was no shame and i dont think they returned their medals. And then without dispute china engahes in all this IP theft. So I dont understand the contraction.


    • jmclever says:

      I think it is because there are two contradictory cultures overlapping. The ancient Chinese culture of wisdom and honor that gave us Confucius and the communist culture of kill, steal and destroy that took over in the 1960s.


  28. jmclever says:

    So this meeting with Kim allows Xii to meet with POTUS Trump at G20 without looking weak at home while at the the same time giving in to Trump’s request for a meeting. Interesting to see how this will turn out.


  29. kary says:

    China gets its oil from Iran. Trump’s pullback from using deadly force in Iran was stated as 150 people’s lives being the reason but it clearly was a signal to China for the trade talks.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Ex-pat says:

    I have lived in China for 20 years. Trust me, the people are NOT the government.


  31. Dogbert says:

    And now President Trump has another card to play with the Iran situation. Maybe it would be in China’s interest if we were to guarantee free navigation through the straight. Of course there is a high cost for this guarantee….


  32. Lactantius says:

    North Korea has not gone nuclear without China letting them do so. Just how much help China has been in helping North Korea go nuclear is somewhere between a tiny bit and not much. China has permitted North Korea to be China’s bad boy alter ego. North Koreans do not escape to China. There is a clear reason why that is so.

    North Korea has nothing of value to trade to China and China has little reason to boost North Korea above its misery. China is the cat and North Korea is the mouse.

    Chairman Xi let the North Korean game of nuclear black mail play out. China is now in a position to neuter the nuclear North Korea and Chairman Xi wants to do it. Chairman Xi saves face and gains some advantage in neutering Kim Jong-Un’s power.

    North Korea is choking under the sanctions and Chairman Kim has run out of options. Chairman Xi is giving his blessings for Chairman Kim to turn over his nuclear toys to China and to open up North Korea to development.

    It makes no difference whatsoever who gets the credit for “civilizing” North Korea. Chairman Xi can not blackmail anyone for having rid the world of a lunatic DPRK. Chairman Xi has one foot planted in totalitarianism and his other foot planted in capitalistic global trade. That is an impossible posture to sustain.

    President Donald J. Trump is causing U.S. industry to pull out of China. Particularly, textiles have fled China for places where tariffs don’t affect their wholesale prices. Large unemployment in a Communist China increases the costs of socialism, decreases income to the government and raises societal discontent among more than a billion people. Chairman Xi is fully aware of the dynamics at play.

    President Donald J. Trump has the gonads to apply the forces of capitalism against the socialists and those socialist systems are dealing with a strong hurricane of reality blowing through their utopian houses of cards.

    Ex-Pat above (7:24) writes: I have lived in China for 20 years. Trust me, the people are NOT the government. Understand, that for more than 30 years, the people have enjoyed incredible freedom of choice and access to goods and services never imagined by their parents. It is highly doubtful that Chairman Xi could put the toothpaste back in the tube or that he even cares to try.

    Chairman Xi, Chairman Kim and President Donald J. Trump are all blazing new trails. Of the three, Chairman Kim is being neutered and Chairman Xi is sweating nails.


  33. davidsstones says:

    Sundance is brilliant. Comprehension, partitioning, evaluation, concise targeted clarity, word selection, analogies to create word pictures so all readers can ‘see’ the picture behind the pictures created intentionally as political word salads in first release MSM. Just brilliant. The rarity of Truth just penetrates the mire and boom….Truth brings with it, it’s inseparable best friend, Hope.
    Don’t give up Sundance. There are rewards in Heaven for those who carry the Truth.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. MaineCoon says:

    Interesting Xi is out of the country when major US potentialwar issues take center stage:

    * Syria – MOAB
    * Iran – drone

    Wonder if he feels diminished in world events or his world allies when he’s not on his home turf.


  35. mtk says:

    That was a first!
    Smart enough to understand why 🙂


  36. mot2grls says:

    I know this is a long video( you really only need to listen). This is part of an excellent series of videos and really amplifies why we need to support our President in his dealings with China:
    American Thought Leaders from the Epich Times:


  37. Dutchman says:

    Really, all you need to do, is look at a nite time sattelite photo of the Korean penninsula.
    One half all lit up, the other half, nearly pitch black. Says it all, really.


  38. Niagara Frontier says:

    I think now might be a good time for the Department of State to do a complete inventory of all Chinese nationals residing here in the U.S. with a temporary visa.

    In 2016 China had 340,000 of the total non-immigrant population legally and temporarily residing in the United States, and 260,000 of them were supposedly students. And while the bureaucrats at State are at it, perhaps they can find out what the other 80,000 Chinese nationals have been up to.


  39. grahampink says:

    Emperor Xi sees his empire shrinking.
    Trump gives the Middle Kingdom the middle finger.
    You wanna fortune cookie with that crow soup?
    No ticky no economy.
    Ching Chang Chong. Sorry, was?


  40. Tim says:

    The “traditional friendship” viewed from space. Its a nasa photo. The big dark patch is north Korea. It seems China is not sharing the prosperity with North Korea. While South Korea looks very different. China liberated North Korea and under “traditiona friendship” with China, NorthKorea stayed poor. America forced Japan into unconditional surrender at the end of WW2 and America wrote the Japanese a new constitution. After American conquest, Japan became rich.
    The koreas at night

    Japan at night


  41. Chris Biggins says:

    I don’t totally agree with Sunadance’s analysis. I agree with the logic and power structure but not the practicality of it. Yes Xi controls NK. But everyone knew that already. So the construct of dealing with NK directly was largely our own fault. It’s a US weakness to allow proxy forces to hurt us and continue to play patty-cake with everyone involved. Most of our biggest thorns stem from the original president, whether Carter, Reagan, etc not nipping conflicts in the bud. They always pass a hot potato to the next admin and the nuisances pile up.

    I compare this to the Redcoats being required to march in unison where the Patriots could fight rogue. China is nowhere near as good at proxy battles as Iran. Not so coincidentally, Iran took a poke at us just prior to the G20! China is Iran’s biggest customer and both are hurting from Trump’s policies. What a shock that they might help each other!


  42. Alec Rawls says:

    I wrote a long post in 2007 documenting how Iran and AQI had chosen a western media strategy in the Iraq war, targeting Iraqi civilians in order to feed our Democrat-controlled media’s defeatist “civil war” narrative as their best hope for winning. Zawahiri specifically talked about the prospects of bad press creating another Vietnam-type pull-out, and that is the strategy they pursued.

    This strategy WAS effective, winning the 2006 mid-terms for the Democrat/ al Qaeda alliance, but it was also the key to American victory on the ground. Attacking Iraqi civilians turned the Iraqi population against al Qaeda and Iran, enabling a switch from Rumsfeld’s force-protection strategy to Patraeus’ COIN population-protection strategy. The civilians were now on our side against al Qaeda so we could work together to drive them out.

    AQI and Iran bet on the power of our anti-American media and as a result lost everything in the actual physical battle on the ground. If Sundance is right, China is making this same mistake with North Korea. Trump is GLAD to have an excuse to continue waging economic war on China because that actual war, as opposed to the media war for appearances, is going drastically badly for China and is working out great for Trump, grabbing back manufacturing by leaps and bounds.

    Trump is in no hurry to stop. He’ll HAVE to stop when China agrees to the denuclearization of North Korea because that is the deal we are offering, but since China’s bargaining position degrades by the month we are sure to get that deal sooner or later and the further China falls before we win the better. If they are sucked into dragging things out by the promise that our Democrat-controlled media will play the optics against Trump that just lures China into actual destruction on the ground.

    Very similar to the Iraq war. The promise of traitorous Democrat media assistance keeps luring our enemies into huge on-the-grounds strategic mistakes.


  43. Sundance, this is one of your absolute best.

    Brilliant clarity for even casual readers to understand the different angles and more importantly how alternative paths lead to the outcome:

    President Trump’s ability to continue imposing ever-expanding economic consequences on China for their malevolent actions.

    IMO, those actions will go beyond the currently-discussed trade practices to address Geographic Expansion and International Debt Traps.


  44. Exactly The chinas nothing But using Kim as Their Benefit,


  45. LCPUSA says:

    i just wonder how much of the press that china listens to is planted by china in the first place.

    we have 6 big media conglomerates? how much money do they make in china?


  46. Sandra Lewis says:

    As I understand ,President Xi has let the proverbial cat out of the bag by encouraging North Korea’s denuclearization. Now President Trump is able to walk by Xi without fear of getting scratched.


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