President Trump Outwits Chairman Xi Jinping Ahead of G20 Summit…

President Trump has taken the leverage of economics to levels of geopolitical strategy never seen before.  Nowhere is the genius strategy more clear than in the way Trump has positioned the trade reset and confrontation with China.

In hindsight every move since early 2017 including:  (1) the warm welcome of Chairman Xi Jinping to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate; (2) the vociferous praise poured upon Xi; (3) the November 2017 tour of Asia; (4) the direct engagement with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un; the strategic relationship with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe; and a host of smaller nuanced moves have been quietly building toward a conclusion.

The upcoming G-20 summit is the last chance for Trump and Xi to reconcile considerable differences and President Trump has the strongest strategic position any Chinese official has ever faced.

After Beijing walked away from previous agreements between USTR Robert Lighthizer and Vice-Premier Liu He, Trump initiated a series of punishing economic consequences that had to have been well planned in advance.

The economy in China is reeling from the pressure applied; and stunningly it has only been a month since the consequence phase began.

In addition to tariff increases, the U.S. blacklisted Huawei Technologies Co., threatened other major Chinese tech companies and essentially cut-off China from the international supply chain it needs to sustain itself.  Beijing responded by drawing up a list of “unreliable entities” and making threats against any enterprise that would walk away from business engagement with China.  The totalitarian response has worsened the situation, and more companies have announced their intent to decouple from Beijing.

An important aspect, missed by most observers, is the ideology and outlook within any Chinese engagement. Quite simply, if it does not benefit China it is not done.  Therefore any negotiation with China is challenging because Beijing will cede no ground they view as already won.

China does not believe in ‘concession from current position‘ within any terms.  Ultimately this is the reason why the negotiated agreement by Lighthizer and Vice-Premier He was dismissed by Beijing and talks collapsed. China will not cede an already attained position.

China never negotiates terms where they give ground.  Almost all negotiation with China has historically surrounded time.  To appease the West the longer-thinking approach of China has been to negotiate winning more slowly, but they will never retreat on previously won gains.

However, in advance of the G20 Summit in Japan President Trump has positioned Chairman Xi in a lose/lose dynamic.  This forces the outlook of Beijing into a state of internal anxiety.  Only President Donald Trump could have achieved this position, is really is remarkable and is noted within this Bloomberg article:

(Bloomberg) By now, Xi Jinping is used to Donald Trump’s tariff threats. But the U.S. president’s latest ultimatum is personal, and the Chinese leader’s response could have far-reaching consequences for his political future.

Trump on Monday said he could impose tariffs “much higher than 25%” on $300 billion in Chinese goods if Xi doesn’t meet him at the upcoming Group of 20 summit in Japan. China’s foreign ministry — which usually refuses to provide details of meetings until the very last minute — declined Tuesday to say whether the meeting would take place.

The brinkmanship puts Xi — China’s strongest leader in decades — in perhaps the toughest spot of his six-year presidency. If Xi caves to Trump’s threats, he risks looking weak at home. If he declines the meeting, he must accept the economic costs that come with Trump possibly extending the trade conflict through the 2020 presidential elections.

“Whether they meet or not, none of the possible scenarios are good for President Xi or the economy in the long run,” said Zhang Jian, an associate professor at Peking University. “You don’t have a good choice which can meet the needs of the Chinese economy or Mr. Xi’s political calculations.”  (read more)

Read that again carefully….

“If Xi caves to Trump’s threats, he risks looking weak at home. If he declines the meeting, he must accept the economic costs that come with Trump possibly extending the trade conflict through the 2020 presidential elections.”

That is what you call a Lose/Lose scenario.

China NEVER faces lose/lose situations.  The Chinese culture doesn’t even have a frame of reference for a position that includes ‘less losing’ amid better options.

For President Trump to have navigated Chairman Xi into such a position is the pinnacle of strategic success. In the long history of western engagement with Beijing it has never happened, ever.

President Trump is now playing with Chairman Xi like a mouse in a maze.

Trump wants to go to the full confrontation position. Donald J Trump has been talking about this for thirty years.  Additionally, for the past two years he has strategically laid the groundwork and aligned the allies needed for this final confrontation.  President Trump is looking for an excuse to apply the scale of tariffs on China that will crush their U.S. export business – and – force them into massive state subsidies to retain their manufacturing model. This approach creates pressure to retract from preexisting global financial obligations.

President Trump has threatened more tariffs and more consequential action as it relates to non-tariff barriers, IP protection, forced technology transfers etc. as a result of China  reneging on their prior agreement.  In essence, President Trump has put Chairman Xi under threat.  Beijing’s traditional and cultural position would be no-meeting and no negotiation while under threats.

However, as a baseline disposition President Trump doesn’t want Xi Jinping to meet with him.  The appearance of a ‘slight’ is the opening Trump can exploit to apply the 25% tariffs to the remaining $350 billion of imported Chinese goods. This will crush his adversary.

So what does President Trump do… while the tariff threat and trade punishment looms (and he keeps reminding everyone of it), he levels massive amounts of praise upon Chairman Xi making the pressure almost unbearable.

Laughably, U.S. President Trump is wearing the panda mask, and simultaneously applying the dragon approach.  Yes, Trump is using China’s own duplicitous strategy against them.

Chairman Xi cannot meet with President Trump or his appearance implies a willingness to negotiate terms; and that reverses the dismissive position previously outlined by Beijing when they rebuked the earlier agreement. A meeting now would appear as weak.

However, if Xi refuses the G20 meeting he will be walking into a trap and allowing President Trump to take all adversarial action that could indeed collapse Xi’s economy.

Worse still, Beijing cannot fall-back-on their historic approach and begin shooting missiles from their proxy province of North Korea to attain leverage and negotiating position… because President Trump has already blunted that ability by meeting with Chairman Kim Jong Un.

Oh, the G20 is going to be epic.

…and LOL, the G20 is on Trump’s home ASEAN turf, Japan, with Trump’s good friend and golf partner Prime Minister Abe.

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341 Responses to President Trump Outwits Chairman Xi Jinping Ahead of G20 Summit…

  1. Sunshine says:

    Meanwhile, Canada is in deep trouble with Xi.
    The Huawei thing… Justin from Canada has two options: extradition to USA or no extradition to USA.
    If no extradition, Justin from Canada would be throwing Trump under the bus.
    If extradition, Xi will probably kill the two Canadian detainees and Justin will be blamed for it. All a few months before the Canadian election.

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    • CoffeeBreak says:

      Good clip. Thanks, fellow Treeper!

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      • Sunshine says:

        Thanks. Let’s keep an eye on this. Loads of fun on the way as G-20 unfolds.
        Justin from Canada will be meeting with DJT very soon. I think Justin will not throw Trump under the bus. It would be a signal of strength toward China.

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      • There will be no deal at the G-20. All the media polls showing Biden way ahead of Trump is a “shout-out” from the Globalists to China. China will wait a year and a half until Biden becomes President. Big mistake!

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        • cher says:

          Biden doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in h3ll of becoming President in 2020 and China knows it. They have been Trumped at their own negotiating game and there is no way they can win at this point. MAGA!!!


    • glenndc says:

      E.M. Smith, who rights as “musings from the ChiefIO” posted this a couple of days ago
      “There has been a shift in the weather toward the Little Ice Age pattern, with big storms, late heavy rains, flooding, and even snow into the start of Summer / late Spring at higher elevations. Not just in the USA, but all over. Europe, China, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, South America…. [ellipsis] It is highly likely there will be a big spike in meat prices after the effects work through the system. Now add in that China is having a terrible time with swine flu and are trying to buy up replacement pork / pigs from all over the world (so pork prices will not be low any time soon) and chickens need “chicken feed” that is largely corn and soybeans (both late to plant so likely a low yield) and you can see where this is going.” Lots of detailed discussion. Man of many interests, is Mr. Smith.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      There will be no deal as I have always said. The CHICOMs are all in with hopes a Democrat will win in 2020! As in the the Zero sum approach their strategy has become predictable! Everything else playing out as Sundance points out, is part of the evolutionary shift of destroying old business models and transitioning to new ones! The problem for China is they hate playing by rules that don’t give them a unfair advantage Nor do they like Change in which forces them to adapt! With the latter, by the time they realise and come to some conclusion to change the world will already have left them behind leaving them in a much weaker position! The 2020 elections and the importance of it for Trump to finish his work of resetting the World trade model could be more apparent that some will bluff with a pair of aces against a Royal Straight flush! The stakes couldn’t be higher for America’s future than the dynamic being played out behind closed doors between the US and China, everything’s else gets washed out in the laundry!

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      • mr.piddles says:

        “destroying old business models and transitioning to new ones”

        Actually… destroying new business models and returning to old ones. :^)

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      • Petey says:

        Don t you think the chinese money to Biden s son was hedge bet on a future election. Biden and the dems have been a wholly owned subsidiary of China since the Clinton’s were president. Feinstein was just a surface catch there s lots more money to dems under the surface

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        • …and R’s as well. Don’t underestimate McConnell’s China connection. Or, do you think the Amash affair is an isolated incident? The corruption in Washington knows no Party! What is needed is a complete “flush”.

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          • warrprin1 says:

            Kudos to Petey and Ralph above. Sundance doesn’t call it the Uniparty for nothin’.

            While Kentucky needs to overwhelmingly step up in 2020 to rid our U.S. Senate of this filthy prevaricator, McConnell, the rest of us – in 49 other States – must commence, or continue, to hound, harass, and hold our own states’ Uniparty U.S. Senators’ feet to the fire.

            The 6-year term of office per member in the U.S. Senate is making it difficult to persuade our Senate members that “we see them”: that we see each and every one of their sorry, betraying asses working for their own benefit at the expense of our Nation’s security, well-being, and economic success.

            But, there are many of us, and few of them. They have the $$$, but we have the final say in sheer numbers of “throw the bums out” voters. Even their combined Uniparty voter fraud tricks cannot overcome massive MAGA voter turnout at the polls.

            Continue to make their lives, and the lives of their staff people, miserable, with multiple phone and email contacts every. single. week. Do not become cowed by the technology tricks they are incorporating into their email contact systems to discourage you. Yesterday, before Sen. Pat Toomey’s “verify” function would allow my message to “send”, I had to work my way through about a dozen+ “verify screens”. This appears to be by design, in order to discourage correspondence, and “encourage” the writer to give up before the message can be sent successfully.

            We must be getting closer to the “over the target” position.

            May God bless and protect our Lion, President Donald J. Trump: Defender-in-Chief of U.S. interests at home and internationally.


            • Agreed.

              Two words: John Cornyn! Cornyn is a Chamber of Commerce puppet and continuously on the wrong side of the Southern Border issue. The fact that he is McConnell’s lieutenant only highlights the need to run him off.


      • The Demon Slick says:

        I prefer no deal. They’ll just cheat and we’ll be right back here again. I say drop the hammer.


  2. Jumping ahead here..
    Quote from upthread..
    Worse still, Beijing cannot fall-back on shooting missiles from their proxy province of North Korea to attain leverage and negotiating position…

    Watch the Spratly Islands
    Call Xi’s Bluff..

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  3. Nagothm says:

    This no retreat strategy is usually a losing strategy. When you are over extended and taking a pummeling you should pull back and regroup and above all come up with a new strategy. Just ask the Wehrmacht how well Hitler’s no retreat strategy worked in Russia. China is destined for economic hardship of the kind they have not seen in decades.

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  4. A2 says:

    Targeting Huawei, is not just a security issue, it also has other ramifications. It is now common knowledge due to some excellent research that it is a State-owned Enterprise. I contend it is more than that, it is a PLA owned enterprise.

    As you may know the Chinese military is heavily invested in the economy (a model North Korea follows). At different times the CCP goes after corrupt generals and has tried to limit their economic activities (there are historical reasons for this set-up), but it is never entirely rooted out, in fact it re-emerges in modified, but recognisable forms.

    By cutting Huawei off at the knees internationally does two things. It improves US and our friends and allies security and it defunds the Chinese military machine. That is why they are going hammer and tongs on US sanctions and giving their products almost for free to countries that cannot afford, or who like bargain basement prices to upgrade their networks.

    Huawei is not just another tech company, it is vital to fund their military.

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  5. Somebody's Gramma says:

    China, the country that had a policy of limiting couples to one child, so they killed the girls in hopes of keeping a boy to carry on the family name. China, the country that forced/s abortions and sterilization. China, the country, that employed/s forced organ harvesting of undesirables. China, the country, who tortures and kills Christians, Muslims, or political foes. China, the country with a vast population of poor peasant class whose families were decimated by the above policies. China, a country that indoctrinates the children from a very young age, often separating them from the nurture of their parents. China, whose policy has been theft to get ahead. Intellect does not thrive under such circumstances. The Chinese students who come to America for an education, find a way to stay here and keep their home country happy – most live a dual life. All I can think of is to pray for the Chinese people who have been subjected to horrors, terror, subjugation… I pray specifically for these people, and I pray that God uses Trump to free them ultimately from their evil Communist leaders. I pray that God will not allow another world war. Amen.

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    • Just Curious says:

      Amen, Grandma. I share your sentiments and agree with you 100%.

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    • peace says:

      And it’s well past time that the American consumer stop buying all the crap from China from Target, Kohl’s, Walmart, etc.etc . I’ve gone beyond stopping the purchase to telling store personnel that if it’s not made in America, I’m not buying it. I’ve had very good luck googling for Made In the USA products and , for the most part, finding what I need. I may pay a little more, but it’s worth it.

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    • SG…

      And the nerve of the Chinese media talking about Americans teaching our schoolchildren that they are better and superior!…..the very thing China does to the nth degree, even enslaving young childrens’ minds as cults enslave and indoctrinate minds. Except Chinese children cannot choose whether they want to join the coomunistic “cult” of China.

      I am fully on board with you about praying for the Chinese people. As written in the scriptures, God sets kings up and others down. A reading of Daniel chapter 5 is a primary example.

      Why shouldn’t the people of God exercise some faith and trust in the sovereign works of God (tho we may not see Him physically) to engage a heavenly intervention in China and give 100s of millions of Chinese people a better option to consider?

      With men it is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.


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    • signreader says:

      I would say under God’s plan Mao shouldn’t have killed millions upon million ppl and succeeded in establishing China as a power on the globe!
      In Korean conflict they also killed thousands of Americans! And American president Truman just let it happen and after that American presidents ever since Nixon been allowing American multinationals use Chinese plantation to make toys for Americans toy makers bc Americans love toys. Toys come in all forms & fashion.
      Lots of blame should go to belligerent unionized workers also, who forced the companies to let the Chinese in the game.
      The sad part is the American labor/ Democrats are behaving likes of labor of that forced off shoring of American work to hungry Chicoms!
      Who know how the whole game will end but it doesn’t look it will end well when most of American youth are in favor of the Marxism! My 2 cents bit stretched !


  6. Dallavise says:

    This is going what seems to be too well. Trump is kicking China butt, but giving them essentially no options, and putting their economy back a decade may increase confrontation. While I think Trump is doing a brilliant job, am I wrong in worrying an all out war with China/Iran/N Korea/Russia? I think it would put NATO against them, that would still be a nasty conflict. Hopefully they believe that to be a losing proposition.


    • Dutchman says:

      IMHO, concerns of war are unfounded.
      THATS the beauty of a TRADE war; war doesn’t ‘solve’ problem for CCP. It gains them NOTHING.

      People were concerned when Reagan confronted USSR, as well. Even though it was big expensive weopons systems, he was actually confronting USSR on ECONOMICS. And there was no war with USSR. No, China may ‘bluster’and saber rattle, but they are going to be bankrupt. War is not a viable solution to their problem.

      Their problem is they need access to our market, MUST have it. Going to war with us doesn’t change that.

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    • Esther says:

      Where are China, Iran, N. Korea and Russia going to get the funds for a war when Trump has crushed them with sanctions? Maybe some banks will lend them? But when your people are hungry, as in most of these four countries, they will not support a war, and soldiers are not going to be loyal when they are hungry and their families are starving at home. Any of these countries tries to start a war and their own people will rise up against the leaders and turn on them. Maria Antoinette and her husband discovered this.

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  7. Brainiac says:

    Good analysis. Xi could also ramp up militaristic anti US rhetoric, but I think the Hong Kong restiveness makes that difficult to carry out, since the US cannot be held as the cause of that.
    Xi could not attend the G 20 but that would be a disaster PR wise.
    No good option except to make a counter invitation to Trump that in some ways offers a way for Xi to save face? not sure how this would look though.

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    • Kintbury says:

      I still believe the President wants to take all the business away from China, even if it is to other Asian countries. Why keep pumping money into China so they can keep building their military, it is totally ridiculous. We are going to have to start manufacturing our goods here or use another supplier in the meantime. Strategically, we should not be relying on anyone for the necessities of life.

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      • sickconservative says:

        Really not if they play fair but that isn’t China.
        Now we really need to see globally who is taking money,


      • swimeasy says:

        Kintbury, I agree with you that POTUS is keenly aware of China as a militaristic threat and speaks regularly about how the US has rebuilt China’s military when speaking about the trade deficit. I believe the President is particularly grooming relationships with India, Japan and S Korea to help fill the void in addition to expanding manufacturing at home.

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      • Linda K. says:

        You have a point. Take down China, stop their theft and let them live on their own creativity and productivity. See how that goes for them. Ever since Nixon opened the door for China, they have taken advantage of every generosity of the U.S. market, like a monstrous spoiled child.

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    • Maga Jim says:

      For Openers, China could offer to build the border wall. They could probably complete it by next fall. They built a far bigger one about a thousand years ago that still stands. France gave us the Statue of Liberty, The Wall could be a wonderful gift from the Chinese.

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  8. Bill Henslee says:

    So many people underestimate Trump’s cunning and intelligence.
    China is a tough adversary with a ruling class that has convinced itself it will be the world leader in a few years simply by outwitting the Western nations with economic power backed up by economic espionage. They have never come across a Western leader who says “no more.”

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  9. hard masada says:

    Wonder what all the naysayers, you know the “he’s in way over his head” crowd, are thinking/saying NOW! The PrezMan is not your CONVENTIONAL Politician, Praise be to GOD, after all he wrote the “Art of the Deal.” In the future that will be a 400-500 level course subject for PoliSci, and MBA degrees. Something to think about when you VOTE in the future, “is this a person who has been a Political Lifer or do they know what works in NEGOTIATIONS, in the REAL world?” Many have said that the PrezMan has lost Billions over the years, well in order to become a ‘top of your field’ person you have to (early on) learn by your mistakes and that is what he has proven. President Donald John Trump is NOT your Daddy’s PrezMan but a ‘your children’s” quintessential NEW politician/PrezMan~~one with a successful real WORLD savvy.

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    • The elite ruling class here are empty suits of power hungry, pathological narcissists.

      PDJT is practical.

      Cuts through all the bs like a hot knife through soft butter.

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    • swimeasy says:

      HM, I always laugh when people talk about his losing billions as they never admit the complete account of DJT’s amazing comeback, better than ever.

      As SD mentioned in his post DJT has been talking about China for thirty years- that’s a fact. One used to be able to find videos on youtube of DJT being interviewed about it and other topics and his positions are similar if not the same they are today.

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  10. Gary Lacey says:

    Sundance has exposed the chink in the Chinese armor…..losing

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  11. Esther says:

    Mexico, you better be watching and understanding you are next.
    Step out of line on your agreement with Trump and think you can call Trump’s bluff with all your posturing. See what happens next. All your backdoor deals with China are in Trump’s bullseye. Its why he waited to nail you until he’d set China up on the brink. If you try to help China by continuing to relable their products to flood our markets, Trump will crush you like a bug under his heel. Believe me, Americans will applaud, as we get out auto industry and manufacturing back.

    Its good to be alive in such a time as this.

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    • Alexander Bocephus Hamilton says:

      Esther, then Western Europe who sucks at the U.S. teat to pay for it’s socialism with the never ending Marshall Plan. Those smug elitist grifters deserve to be crushed, especially being complicit in the global illegal alien invasion that undermines Western Civilization.

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    • botchedcasuality says:

      I think President Trump has informed Mexico that if they do not live up to this deal, Mexico will be named a terrorist supporting state, the narco cartels will be named as terrorist organizations. The President will then order the US military to move inside the Mexico border and eradicate the terrorists, anything drug related and implement martial law thirty miles inside Mexico’s border.
      Then watch the Patriots cheer and liberals short circuit.

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    • botchedcasuality says:

      I think President Trump has informed Mexico that if they do not live up to this deal, Mexico will be named a terrorist supporting state, the narco cartels will be named as terrorist organizations. The President will then order the US military to move inside the Mexico border and eradicate the terrorists, anything drug related and implement martial law thirty miles inside Mexico’s border.
      Then watch the Patriots cheer and liberals short circuit.


  12. grahampink says:

    The “non-tariff barriers, IP protection, forced technology transfers etc” are truly the most important issues at play.
    Those things are fundamental to the ChiComs plans for world domination.
    It’s great to see a US President willing to step up.

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  13. Joe Renaud says:

    I knew Trump was baiting him the moment I read that statement directed towards president Xi. No one makes demands like that unless they have a plan in the works to countermove any reaction by their opposition. Glad to see Trump is still on his negotiation game. I’m betting the meeting may happen but nothing concrete will come out of it because Xi is far too proud to bend to the will of someone who’s able to our maneuver him. Xi and the Chi-coms would rather see what becomes of their economy in a slow burn rather than and immediate avalanche.

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    • guest4ever says:

      Is the Chinese leadership, do you think, trying to wait things out to see if they can get someone bought-and-sold into our presidency in 2020?

      I know the demonRats are good at vote fraud, but with the way things are going for POTUS, there’s just no way any demonRat or socialist (but I repeat myself) would be elected.


  14. WSB says:

    Sundance, I just was able to read this. Thank you. What a master class!

    I am now able to explain the US/China relationship to others because you so patiently and deftly can break this down for us.

    Never thought I would be pins and needles on the Art of War, the General who never strikes a weapon, and an actuary who is teaching a generation or two.

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  15. California Joe says:

    If China is crazy enough to execute the two Canadian business executives they have detained on “spying” charges, and they just might, it would mark the destruction of any American, Canadian and European investment in China. No tech executive or anybody else would risk their life going there knowing there is no rule of law. Hong Kong would become an empty shell causing a mass exodus of wealth and people to Vancouver, Oregon and Southern California! Irvine, California is already busting at the seams with Chinese so much so that the school district has the highest test scores in all of California.

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    • WSB says:

      Joe, I worked for quite a few years for a company in the US doing business in HK. I was last there in 1997 and immediately saw the handwriting on the wall. When I last flew back, I sat next to a HongKongese gentleman (mainland China born, and extremely wealthy from the shirt, suit and cufflinks noticed) who was flying his mother’s casket he had un-interred from a Chinese cemetery.

      Just not sure about Britain. Had Winnie been alive I doubt he would have ever allowed the transfer. Citing all of the human abuses, he would have declined.

      Now, we have Chamberlains again.

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  16. ADDgolfer says:

    “It’s not personal, Xi. It’s strictly business”
    Yes Mr. President, the panda mask does look Boss. Mindful of any future official China visits, yeah that obama snub thing.
    Suck it up, laugh nervously like a wedgied beta jammed in a HS hall locker, is a look only the replaced president would go with.

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    • WSB says:

      ADDgolfer, Do you know what is so funny about the Chinese Great Wall? Just like the dragon, you can find the tail and go around the end of it.


  17. gammer says:

    There is still another option remaining. Tell China, that because of their theft of technology that their US bonds will not be honored! We require Trillions for payment! That will definitely be the final straw.

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    • todayistheday99 says:

      The way that would work (if it were to ever happen) is the US Treasury would default on US Treasury Bills/Bonds held by the PRC (the money the US Government has borrowed from China).

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  18. archie says:

    All China has to do is two weeks before the 2020 vote throw a conniption fit. They could halt exports to the US and it would be Goodbye Trump.


    • L4grasshopper says:

      Just the opposite 🙂

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    • Lack is not all says:

      Wishful thinking Just the opposite. We will vote for President Trump with even more vigor. Poor democrats. Now they expect the Chinese to win the elections for them. They are really at the bottom of the barrel on new ideas. Maybe Biden could wake up and tell them what to do about China , if he ever makes up his mind about it.

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  19. Kimberlee Watkins says:

    Our President is a Genius!! He’s so far ahead of them, many snowflakes were not even born, when he’d already begun talking about US problems & the very Solutions he’s had the balls to implement! I Love My President!!💪❤️🇺🇸

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  20. MDNA I says:

    This passage from the introduction to Solevenian philosopher, Slavoj Zizek’s 2011 book Living In The End Times is, in hindsight, prescient & salient

    * * * * *

    “After meeting Nixon & Kissinger, Mao said: ‘I like to deal w/ rightists. They say what they really think – not like the leftists, who say one thing & mean another’

    “There is a deep truth in this observation. Mao’s lesson holds even more true today: one can learn much more from intelligent conservatives (NOT reactionaries) than one can from liberal progressives. The latter tend to obliterate the ‘contradictions’ inherent in the existing order which the former are ready to admit as irresolvable”

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  21. noswamp says:

    Nah, if they halt all exports to the US, we would simply buy them elsewhere. Actually it would be goodbye Xi!

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    • WSB says:

      We can easily mak everything back at home…again.


      • Garry Smith says:

        That’s the intent. All those corporations who were enticed to sell out to the Chinese because of their own greed are now faced with either moving from China, and paying some taxes should they opt to come back to US, or losing the investments entirely. By trusting in a communist system instead of investing in their own has consequence now.

        Every American citizen should get down on their knees and thank God for DJT. He calls it by it’s name…… the truth. You may not like everything he does, or how he does it, but he has a lifetime of strategy for this time. Pres. Trump may not be God’s appointed person, but he is certainly God’s anointed person for this time.

        As a Canadian I am embarrassed and ashamed of Canada’s corrupt administration. They more closely resemble Chinese authoritarianism than they do of a land that is supposed to have free speech and honesty of thought as we claim to be a land of Laws only when it serves the elite, globalist, worldview.

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        • WSB says:

          Garry, I have been honored to meet Canadians and travel from the far east of St. John’s, Newfoundland, to the Canadian Rockies to Vancouver Island. The world’s people are slowly arising to a freedom of tribal pride. KEEP AT IT. And may God bless.

          You will find your Trump. God bless you all, our cousins.

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        • Linda K. says:

          Every corporation was forced to go to China to compete with the cheap labor advantage it offered. It is hard to stay alive in business when it costs you more than your competitors to produce product.

          Trump’s corporate tac cut was one way to make it profitable for companies to come home. Tariffs on foreign countries is another inducement, if it costs money to export to our market, might as well stay home.

          Happy U.S. workforce makes a healthier culture.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Garry Smith says:

            I understand the concept, but when I only looked at the price and not where it was made and whether it provided work for my neighbour, I stopped understanding value.


          • Tee says:

            I don’t believe anyone was forced. They were enticed by wall street and higher profits.
            Prices never came down when companies were offshoring. Margins and stock prices just went up. I would expect the opposite for companies coming back.


        • azchick says:

          God does not choose the qualified, HE qualifies the chosen.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Wit's End says:

          Yes. And I thank those who met to draw up a Declaration of Independence.
          Read it carefully. The government of Great Britain still has not gotten over it.
          For all the words GB is less an ally than Poland and Slovakia.


          • Garry Smith says:

            I have felt for many years that USA was the last bastion of righteousness left in spite of all the corruption in its leaders and its politicized depts because of the Divine wisdom used in its Constitution. And thank heaven that God has raised up a man in the 12th hour who could not be bought or influenced to remind its citizens of truth as outlined in your Constitution. My point is not to be complacent, for God has used many of the other Nations and Tribes in history to serve His purposes for a time, despite themselves. GB had a powerful document in the Magna Carta which has not been uphelp in their Nation for a long time and yet God has raised up some powerful people to further His purposes over time from the UK incl. Scotland, Ireland, even Germany. And look at them now. GB may have had too much inbreeding as of late.

            I agree, Poland and Hungary, Slovakia and some of those looking to distance themselves from the influence of the EU and the UN are turning into great allies for those who turn from their own corruption and seek after Godly ways. Canada should just keep it’s mouth closed for there is no creditability as long as there is a globalist intent on destroying its lands in power.


    • WSB says:



  22. GSparrow says:

    China or their pro China Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam announced that she has: “suspended efforts to pass a bill allowing extraditions to China, in a dramatic reversal that she said was necessary to restore order in the Asian financial hub and avoid further violence and mass protests.”

    It is not a total reversal yet but the suspension is also not a Peking victory. Lam said, she won’t be acting on the Bill anytime this year. Will they wait for the protests to die down and reintroduce it later or will they quietly drop the issue to save face?

    Liked by 1 person

    • noswamp says:

      They will not stop. Its a temporary situation. If I had property in Hong Kong, as long as XI is in charge, be prepared to get your money out. They will not stop!!! Investors should start to slowly get their money out of Hong Kong and China. That little threat to investors in the Mainland and the subsequent law pushed in Hong Kong tells me that the handwriting is on the WALL. In my opinion, this is a HUGE opportunity to slowly de-vest even if you have to take a loss in the short run as most will have to.

      Liked by 3 people

  23. noswamp says:

    As long as XI is in power, I do not see anything changing for the better in China. Its a pity.


  24. noswamp says:

    This tells me that XI will be meeting Trump at the G20, Trump has nothing to talk about now, and Xi has no drama going on in his home country for people to talk to him about. Don’t worry they will do it again. Trust me.


  25. bkrg2 says:

    We are witnessing epic history from Trump on many issues.
    Orchestrating China into a lose/lose position is beyond strategic brilliance. This single action will place him into the list of all-star Presidents.
    Then compound all his other winnings – he will go down in history as one of the top 10%.


  26. Bill says:

    The Chinese have a mere $2 Trillion in currency reserves. The PBOC banking system requires a MINIMUM of $3.2 Trillion in reserves based very well established calculations. (James Rickards & Kyle Bass)

    Trump is forcing the Chinese to into ever greater financial expenditures for subsidies AND to maintain it’s currency peg to the US Dollar. And FYI, according to Kyle Bass (40 minute video below), Hong Kong has less than 3 months of currency reserves to defend it’s peg agains the US dollar and they blew 80% of that reserve in the past *12 months.* The elite are packing up from Hong Kong and leaving now. The Hong Kong Banking system is 9 TIMES GDP (that’s what brought down Iceland and Ireland when housing turned down) The Hong Kong housing market increased 700% in the past 10 years, and a small housing down turn wipes out the Hong Kong banks and China has to step in…. and of the 850 Billion in Hong Kong banking loans, 230 Bllion is to mainland Chinese developers (so that money’s gone.)

    Now Trump is screaming at the Chinese ‘Don’t Make Me Lose Face!’ by not meeting with me or I’ll set on your neck so hard you’ll pass out……

    AND Kyle Bass is working with the Trump team now…announced ~2 months ago.

    Never, and I mean NEVER in my life have I seen anything so well played in my life….

    My gratitude to SunDance for guiding us in the ways of Trump!

    Liked by 2 people

  27. cindylou62 says:

    So, “Live to fight another day” is a view the Chinese could benefit from.


  28. Conservative_302 says:

    President Trump rocks! God bless him and us, his supporters. It’s been a long and weary road, but Ttump is doing exactly what he promised despite the backlash from Hades.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Mark says:

    Who’da thunk that Donald Trump may ultimately defeat Communism! THAT is the story waiting to be written. Remember, he witnessed what America could do against the Soviet Union under Reagan.

    Liked by 2 people

  30. Jon Jones says:

    No compare that Grand Master level chess playing to; the Globalist Bush family childish play, the stupid lining his own pocket play of Slick Willie, the it’s all for his son illegal play of Biden, and the how stupid and insane at the same time terrorist approach of the black president.

    Thank God we have President Trump. I hope there are many young Republicans who are being inspired and learning from him so we can have more generations of Presidents who are as successful at actually helping the USA as he continues to be while standing up against the treasonous libs, MSM, Establishment, Globalists, Deep State, hollywierd and academia. He has been selfless and shown the correct way to treat his political opponents.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Joshua2415 says:

    Xi could order an embargo of Taiwan and threaten war with the US unless sanctions are lifted.
    Xi could choose to retaliate through outright nationalization of US corporate assets in China.
    Both courses would be disastrous for a generation of Chinese people, but Xi would maintain his domestic political strength and Chinese nationalist pride would keep the peasants at bay.
    I agree with Sundance’s analysis, but I doubt that Xi or any other Chinese leader will ever accept a lose/lose scenario. I expect a lot more dragon and a lot less panda.
    We’ll know soon I guess.


  32. You can pretty well say that the entirety of “globalism” was really, “Chinese Communism.” To those who committed John Ruskin’s error of “considering price alone,” China’s irresistibly low (and subsidized) labor costs and its disregard for environmental considerations was a candle flame, and they were the moths. And that’s why we now ship socks 10,000 miles by sea.


  33. davecatbone says:

    I’d like opinions about at what point a losing China turns to the military option?


  34. zombietimeshare says:

    “Trump has taken the leverage of economics to levels of geopolitical strategy never seen before…”

    Much like Barry before them, the Democrat candidates, who even mention China, are recommending deep bowing combined with capitulation.

    “An important aspect, missed by most observers, is the ideology and outlook within any Chinese engagement. Quite simply, if it does not benefit China it is not done.”

    Sounds a lot like that scary nationalism the left abhors.


  35. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    I will it say it again to all the pundit class, Trump hating NeverTrumpers and the America hating evilcrats who think President Trump “doesn’t know what he is doing”. Just read that man’s d@#$ book. Go back and find the recordings of everything he has said about China for the last thirty years. Think he doesn’t know the Chi Com’s playbook by now?


  36. k4jjj says:

    If China’s intent was NOT world domination, they would be happy to negotiate a deal in which China and the USA can BOTH prosper. China’s play is zero sum (they must win, everyone else must lose) which drives them inevitably toward ruin.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. azchick says:

    I was told that both Costco & Walmart told their suppliers to get out of China over a year ago. Just sayin’


  38. Wit's End says:

    Xi agrees to meet President Trump at G20; walks into a room full of cameras.


  39. Esther says:

    Trump told us we would be winners. Tonight the smell of even more victories is in the air. I’m not tired of winning are any of you? I say if Trump changes his slogan from MAGA it should be KAGA
    KEEP AMERICA GREAT ALWAYS!!!! Let’s tweet this to Trump and see if he’ll respond.
    Here’s a cherry on top


  40. delquattro says:

    Can you imagine if a majority of journalists were smart, accurate and truthful, how many of these kind of pieces we would be treated to?
    Thank you for writing this!


  41. starfcker says:

    One of the mind f##ks of liberalism is the idea that confrontation is to be avoided at at all cost, and meeting in the middle is always the best option. It’s the best option for the person who has the most to gain. It’s the worst option for the person who has the most to lose. Look at the countries that currently have women leading them. Canada, Germany, Britain. They’re all economic and social messes, because the women have been trained to, or are predisposed to give up ground willingly rather than fight over anything. I saw a little video of Charlie Kirk the other day saying that he would fight for the idea of America, but not necessarily the ground. I got news for you, little feller. If you’re not willing to fight for the ground, somebody a little more manly will take it away from you. Wars are fought over two things, territory and treasure. Liberalism has caused us to give away both and convinced some of our fellow countrymen that this is ideal. President Trump confronting China is long overdue. China only knows take, take, take. I believe they’re going to have to come up with a different strategy.


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