President Trump Calls Out Predatory Corporate Lobbyists, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce….

Do not overlook the importance of President Donald Trump publicly calling out the largest DC lobbyist group, and epicenter of Big Club corruption earlier today.  During a widely discussed CNBC interview today President Trump landed two torpedoes directly below the waterline on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The U.S. CoC is the largest influence purchaser in Washington DC, and the benefactor of dozens of the highest politicians in both the House and Senate.  The Wall Street funded CoC, and their President Tom Donohue, was already frustrated at their inability to influence President Trump and White House economic/trade policy.  President Trump is now confronting their self-serving politics directly.

The CoC is the lead U.S. member of the multinational ‘Big Club’, and has driven policies directly against Main Street USA for three decades.  Until now no modern U.S. President has ever been willing, or fearless enough, to take them on…. ‘until now’.  A few days ago the U.S. CoC threatened to sue President Trump over countervailing tariffs.

Today, President Trump hit back hard; this is an excellent development.


Our current middle-class (Main Street) economic growth and the shifting supply chain results, bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., completely refutes U.S. CoC Tom Donohue’s doomsayer-promised economic proclamations.  If tariffs are so destructive, why was/is everyone ‘except the U.S’ using them to protect their industry segments and economies?

The truth is, the financial class and professional multinational lobbyists don’t want people to realize the modern trade system was designed to reduce American wealth.  It’s a feature not a flaw.

The collapse of U.S. manufacturing did not happen accidentally.  The rust-belt was not created accidentally.  NAFTA was not designed accidentally.  The back-door to the U.S. market was not created accidentally. Middle-class jobs were not lost accidentally.  Wages did not stagnate accidentally….  All of these results were brought about by specific design.

Who or what was in charge of the plan?

At the heart of trade agreements over the past 30 years you will find the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Yes, a Wall Street multinational corporate lobbying group actually wrote three decades of trade agreement language.

A team of business “experts” from within the U.S. CoC wrote the terms and conditions of actual trade agreements for Reagan/Reagan, Bush, Clinton/Clinton, Bush/Bush and Obama/Obama.  Add it up, that’s 30 years….. now look back to when the rust started, not coincidentally that’s 30 years ago.

All that stopped with Donald Trump.

Trillions of dollars of exfiltration stopped by Donald Trump.

Tens of trillions.

(More Source Data)

Those Big Club players are absolutely apoplectic. Beyond losing trillions in wealth to Main Street, you know what really drives their anger?

The Big Club cannot openly confront President Trump on the specifics, because his results at reversing their scheme is clear evidence they were the engineers behind the intentional loss of American wealth and standard-of-living in the first-place.

So they are left shouting at trees… “tariffs bad”, “tariffs are taxes on American consumers”, etc. etc. etc. blah, blah, blah…  And each day that goes by; as empirical evidence that is completely counter to their predictions continues; their shouts and protestations look sillier, and stupider, and, yes, even more silly.

The overwhelming majority of economic punditry and opinion come from salespeople on the purchased payroll, direct and indirect, of the chamber. It is one of the most, check that, it is the most corrupt and abusive enterprise in the history of our nation.  Consider this article from July 2018:

(Reuters) – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Monday denounced President Donald Trump’s handling of a global trade dispute, issuing a report that argued the tariffs imposed by Washington and retaliation by its partners would boomerang badly on the American economy.

The Chamber, the nation’s largest business lobby group and a traditional ally of Trump’s Republican Party, argued the White House is risking a global trade war with the push to protect U.S. industry and workers with tariffs.

The group’s analysis of the potential hit each U.S. state may take from retaliation by U.S. trading partners painted a gloomy picture that could increase pressure on the White House from Republicans ahead of congressional elections in November.

[…] The Chamber is expected to spend millions of dollars ahead of the November elections to help candidates who back free trade, immigration and lower taxes. It has already backed candidates who share those goals in Republican primaries. (read more)

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a massive multinational DC lobbying group that four consecutive administrations’ have allowed to write the actual language in U.S. trade deals and trade negotiations. Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama all gave the U.S. Chamber of Commerce the keys to the U.S. economy, and walked away. The U.S. middle-class was nearly destroyed in the process.

CTH has stood alone, for years, against the insufferable horde of CoC political mouthpieces and their media conscripts. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is at the corrupt center of almost every scheme that fund the Deep Swamp to the detriment of our nation. They are the most vile and insidious UniParty group of lobbyists in Washington DC.

Until Donald Trump came along, the CoC held virtually unlimited power over the U.S. economy. The Chamber is a cancer; and any politician who advocates for multinational financial benefits over Main St. U.S.A. should be removed with extreme prejudice.



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264 Responses to President Trump Calls Out Predatory Corporate Lobbyists, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce….

  1. jmclever says:

    Sundance wrote, “The back-door to the U.S. market was not created accidentally.”

    Whose goal is the reduction of US wealth? Who benefits from the NAFTA backdoor? Does CoC get those millions from dues paid in by US businesses?

    My bet is that China heavily backs and influences the CoC to do what it wants.


    • jmuniz1 says:

      China does its why our President is going after them. They are hoping he loses in 2020. So they can keep ripping us off. He should win in another landslide.

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    • jmuniz1 says:

      China does its why our President is going after them. They are hoping he loses in 2020. So they can keep ripping us off. He should win in another landslide.


  2. CountryDoc says:

    I love the Modus Operandi of our Lion. He gives everyone a chance to repent. But he shines a light on them — a very uncomfortable light. But he sets you up where you have to move in the direction which declares to the world what your motives really are. His timing is impeccable. He is moving up the food chain.

    He went after healthcare first, because thats where we are both bleeding/being screwed the most and hurting the most from lack of health care — but hit a wall. He will come back. strengthened the military before he made the international community mad, Then had to fight FISA, then China through Korea, then CHina directly, then Canada, then Mexico (Cartel), then Canada, Then Mexico/(Cartel) again. Beating off the pesky stupid immature democrats and all their pawn/victim organizations.

    We are now arriving at Oz, and he is pointing at the curtain where the “Wizard” CoC lives. There are several issues now ripe and dependent on support: China, Mexico, the Wall, The Crisis at the border, USMCT. And now he is flipping on the spotlight to where the Wizard supposedly lives, and with whom he once lived as a boy, and says “I don’t know if I want to be part of that family any more, they don’t seem to be as benevolent to us Amercicans as they claim to be”.

    The whole world drops their jaw at the audacity of the statement, but is thinkig…. and blinking… waiting.

    They are stammering, posturing: “it is not Greed… we are simply following market forces”..

    Our lion will give them every opportunity to choose between good and evil. They are either for America or for themselves at the expense of us. We are waking up thanks to our Lions skill at using the sword of Truth. At first he will just use the sword to point, then he use it to strike, but they know that the principles of Truth in that sword will kill them if they continue to resist. They (CoC) may try to kill our Lion, but as long as he has the Sword or undeniable truth — they are dead men walking — and the whole world is watching.

    It would be more efficient and better for the world if they would convert, change their greedy ways, and show gratitude for the Nation, purchased with the blood of Patriots, that has been the source of their blessings. We shall see.

    They have tried to enslave us, without us really knowing — keeping us just alive to keep the money coming. It is not too late. We are still armed. They are not. We have free speech, and are getting our voice back. We have our Lion, and a growing pride of lions and wolverines, and a whole universe of creatures (created beings) who carry the DNA that recognizes the voice of the Creator — and recognize the similarity in the voice of our Lion.

    Thank you Sundance, for continuing to write the story so we can all see it unfold, and for the inspiration of all of you Treepers who come often to the Treehouse.

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    • mariner says:

      Very well stated, CountryDoc!


    • CharterOakie says:

      Most excellent post, Doc!

      You’ve captured it.


    • Sean Supsky says:

      Quite the inspiring prose. All the more poignant since you believe it.

      Thank you for sharing your encouraging diction with us.


    • Randall Brown says:

      Well stated. But the spotlight won’t shine because the press won’t turn it on. We get the dim darkness instead of the full floodlight.


      • CountryDoc says:

        I think our President is doing a good job turning the spotlight on everyone, including the FAKE NEWS media, now calling them dishonest and deceiving, and calling on them to be accountable. Pointing on their dropping ratings (partly as a result of him turning the spotlight on the false spotlighters)


  3. Zippy says:

    WHILE he’s there:

    Traffickers reap up to $2.3B in illegal immigration, offer ‘all-inclusive’ packages
    June 10, 2019


    Central American crime lords, gangs, and small time operators profit up to $2.3 billion moving Illegal immigrants into the United States, and collect even more from road “taxes” used by smugglers, according to a new study of the business President Trump is seeking to shut down.

    Migrants, paying $3,000-$10,000 each, can choose “pay as you go” or “all-inclusive” packages that include travel from their home, not just through Mexico, said the report.

    The report, titled Human Smuggling and Associated Revenues shows what Washington and Mexico City are up against as they work to slow illegal immigration, one of Central America’s most profitable businesses.


    The study:

    Human Smuggling and Associated Revenues

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    • Zippy says:

      Here’s the EASY answer. So, WHY isn’t this done? I think we know why…

      And Here Is More Evidence


      Stop the lying folks.

      None of these people HAVE $3,000, say much less $10,000.

      None of them are paying in advance, or “as they go” since they don’t have any money, and they certainly don’t have that much money. Hell, half the people in the United States can’t come up with $400 for an emergency! Do you really think any of these so-called “migrants” have ten grand?

      These people are all promising to pay later and the enforcement comes with a threat to murder one’s family if they don’t.

      This can be trivially shut down — all of it — immediately by putting a stop to the cross-border cash flows by anyone who is not a lawful permanent resident or citizen, without exception, including so-called “asylum seekers” without impacting one single lawful actual sender of funds across a border.

      Nobody is going to put that sort of cash out there that’s traceable to them and thus must have been reported as income unless they’re legally here and paying taxes. Shut the “money transmission” garbage down unless the person sending it has proof of citizenship or lawful permanent residence and track all such transmissions by person and for anyone sending over $600 a year, which is the reporting limit for 1099s, enforce that as well.

      End of problem. In one day.

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      • swissik says:

        You analyze it well, thanks. It is a mystery to me why nothing is being done about these money transmissions. Seems simple enough to shut them down.

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      • redridge45 says:

        I agree, but also think that something involving the magnitude of $$’s here, would need to go a bit slow to avoid unintended consequences, like getting people killed or worse. Slow also allows loose ends to be tied up, hopefully! Thank you!


  4. Bogeyfree says:

    This is why we need “merit badge” labeling come 2020 elections

    The Republican candidates are either:

    MAGA Approved



    We must identify and label who is who early so all MAGA supporters can vote these cowardly, PT back stabbers out of office.

    I sure hope PT and the RNC are focused on putting up MAGA candidates to contest these RINO RAT incumbents wherever possible.


    • warrprin1 says:

      RNC: Might this be a reference to the former Republican National Committee, now known as the RINO National Committee?

      This is a BIG part of the National Treachery Problem.


  5. vfm#7634 says:

    I would’ve had the Trump “Shit Like This Is Why I Won” pic at the bottom of this post.

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  6. Your Tour Guide says:

    Maybe should put this on another thread.

    But was thinking about how Realtors are the
    2nd biggest donors behind CoC to congress.

    Illegal ( and semi and fully legal) immigration
    might be behind this one, also.

    How many pricey areas are being bought up
    in large chunks by overseas investors? All the
    stories about San Fransisco, Seattle, Vancouver,
    New York City. Extremely expensive real estate
    made even more extremely expensive by
    overseas investors buying up vast swaths of it.

    Some of which is seldom or never actually
    occupied. Running up the values = running up
    the comissions.

    Goes this way at the low end, also. An area
    tanks, gets bought up en mass, and everything
    goes into lucrative Section 8 rentals.

    Anyone with real estate background could fill
    things in here?

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    • redridge45 says:

      I thought that also. I know purveyors of property have been scamming for decades, that is why all the lots in Corona Del Mar, CA and down the SoCal coast are small, tiny and postage stamp. The developers chopped up lots as many times as they could… In Dana Point there was a low income housing condo project (across from Strands) and real estate agents bought them all up and are upwards toward $700,000 for 1,000 sqft. Sad.

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  7. zaq123 says:

    Curious to know where most of its money comes from. It’s been stated that small businesses employ the most people, overall. So many times you walk through their doors and you see the Chamber of Commerce stickers in the window.
    I think if the President made the decision to “Walk Away” and detailed why, lots and lots of business owners would follow suit and, in turn, starve the beast and Donohue.


  8. The CoC is willing to sell America to the highest bidder. SAD.


  9. Christian Tisch says:

    For 14 years I worked for the NFIB, National Federation of Independent Business. Tom Donohue of CoC openly supported open borders so Big Business could pay lower wages. We were constantly fighting the CoC because their policies undercut small business.


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