Mueller “Team” Does Not Want Special Counsel to Testify…

Can you imagine the questions:

Q: Mr. Mueller, did you go to Oval Office on May 16, 2017, because you wanted to apply for the job of FBI Director?
A: No.
Q: Mr. Mueller, was the mysterious cell phone you left behind in the oval office that day actually yours?
A: No.

And then, as Rod Rosenstein takes a hard and uncomfortable swallow, the Weissmann constructed house-of-cards starts to collapse….

(CNN) Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team has expressed reluctance to him testifying publicly in front of the House Judiciary Committee, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The special counsel’s team has conveyed the notion that Mueller does not want to appear political after staying behind the scenes for two years and not speaking as he conducted his investigation into President Donald Trump.

[…] Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, suggested at Tuesday’s hearing, a meeting where former White House counsel Don McGahn did not appear after being subpoenaed, that Democrats appear to have a lack of urgency in scheduling Mueller’s testimony.

[…] Justice officials are generally supportive of how the team is proceeding with negotiations. As Attorney General Bill Barr told The Wall Street Journal last week: “It’s Bob’s call whether he wants to testify.”

Special counsel spokesman Peter Carr and the Justice Department declined to comment on the current status of negotiations. (read more)

With a larger portion of the U.S. electorate now beginning to realize there never was a Trump Russia-Collusion-Conspiracy case to begin with; and with people now realizing almost all of Mueller investigative time was spent gathering evidence for an ‘obstruction case’; and with new revelations from Andrew McCabe, John Dowd and Mueller officials overlayed on the previous Strzok/Page texts; we can now clearly reconcile a previous issue:

..The May 16, 2017, Mueller meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office.

There has been a great deal of flawed interpretation of the May 16th meeting between President Trump, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller. Some people even claimed that meeting showed Mueller and Rosenstein working to the benefit of President Trump. However, if you overlay all the information there is considerable evidence that interview was for the purpose of Mueller determining if he could achieve an ‘obstruction’ goal. Here’s how…

FBI Director James Comey was fired on Tuesday May 9th, 2017.

According to his own admissions (NBC and CBS), Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe immediately began a criminal ‘obstruction’ investigation the next day, Wednesday May 10th; and he immediately enlisted Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

These McCabe statements line up with with text message conversations between FBI lawyer Lisa Page and FBI agent Peter Strzok – (same dates 5/9 and 5/10):

(text message link)

It now appears that important redaction is “POTUS” or “TRUMP”. [Yes, this is evidence that some unknown DOJ officials redacted information from these texts that would have pointed directly to the intents of the DOJ and FBI. WARNING: Don’t get hung on it.]

The next day, Thursday May 11th, 2017, Andrew McCabe testifies to congress. With the Comey firing fresh in the headlines, Senator Marco Rubio asked McCabe: “has the dismissal of Mr. Comey in any way impeded, interrupted, stopped, or negatively impacted any of the work, any investigation, or any ongoing projects at the Federal Bureau of Investigation?”

McCabe responded: “So there has been no effort to impede our investigation to date. Quite simply put, sir, you cannot stop the men and women of the FBI from doing the right thing, protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution.”

However, again referencing his own admissions, on Friday May 12th McCabe met with DAG Rod Rosenstein to discuss the issues, referencing the criminal ‘obstruction’ case McCabe had opened just two days before. According to McCabe:

… “[Rosenstein] asked for my thoughts about whether we needed a special counsel to oversee the Russia case. I said I thought it would help the investigation’s credibility. Later that day, I went to see Rosenstein again. This is the gist of what I said: I feel strongly that the investigation would be best served by having a special counsel.” (link)

Recap: Tuesday-Comey fired; Wednesday-McCabe starts criminal ‘obstruction’ case; Thursday-McCabe testifies to congress “no effort to impede”; Friday-McCabe and Rosenstein discuss Special Counsel.

After the weekend, Monday May 15th, McCabe states he and Rosenstein conferred again about the Special Counsel approach. McCabe: “I brought the matter up with him again after the weekend.”

Now, overlaying the hindsight we did not know in 2018, to include the John Dowd interview and McCabe admissions, a very clear picture emerges.

Amid the controversial Rosenstein “wear a wire” conversation, supported by the testimony of Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe and FBI counsel James Baker, it now appears like ly the team agreed on a covert operation where Rosenstein takes Mueller into the oval office while the FBI listened-in through the device (cell phone) they gave to Mueller.

[Side-Note: I suspect the reason why McCabe included the out-of-place reference to the forgotten Mueller phone in his 2018 book was to fire a warning shot at DAG Rosenstein; telling him: don’t try to distance yourself, or pin blame, there are records etc.]

On Tuesday May 16th, 2017, Rod Rosenstein takes Robert Mueller to the White House to talk with the target of the ‘obstruction’ criminal investigation, under the ruse of bringing Mueller in for a meeting about becoming FBI Director.

Who else did Rosenstein bring to Trump for an FBI Director interview? No-one.  This meeting with Robert Mueller appears as advanced reconnaissance.

The next day, Wednesday May 17th, 2017, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe go to brief the congressional “Gang-of-Eight”: Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, ¹Devin Nunes, Adam Schiff, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Richard Burr and Mark Warner.

… […] “On the afternoon of May 17, Rosenstein and I sat at the end of a long conference table in a secure room in the basement of the Capitol. We were there to brief the so-called Gang of Eight—the majority and minority leaders of the House and Senate and the chairs and ranking members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. Rosenstein had, I knew, made a decision to appoint a special counsel in the Russia case.”

[…] “After reminding the committee of how the investigation began, I told them of additional steps we had taken. Then Rod took over and announced that he had appointed a special counsel to pursue the Russia investigation, and that the special counsel was Robert Mueller.” (link)

Immediately following this May 17, 2017, Go8 briefing, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein notified the public of the special counsel appointment.

According to President Trump’s Attorney John Dowd, the White House was stunned by the decision. [Link] Coincidentally, AG Jeff Sessions was in the oval office for unrelated business when White House counsel Don McGahn came in and informed the group. Jeff Sessions immediately offered his resignation, and Sessions’ chief-of-staff Jody Hunt went back to the Main Justice office to ask Rosenstein what the hell was going on.

Now, with hindsight and full understanding of exactly what the purposes and intents were for Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein to bring Robert Mueller to the White House, revisit this video from June 2017:


The DOJ (Rosenstein) and FBI (McCabe) activity in coordination with the Robert Mueller team was always about the obstruction case from day one; heck, from even before Robert Mueller was appointed.

The totality of all primary effort has always been to protect the ruse of the Russia investigation by throwing out nonsense Russian indictments and keeping Manafort, Flynn and Papadopoulos (the original spygate targets) under control…. while the focus was on building the obstruction case against President Trump.

It could not be any more clear.


The objective remains all about controlling the “narrative”.

This investigative ‘small group’ are the people inside Main Justice (DOJ) and FBI headquarters who redacted the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages; removed messages and communication antithetical to their goals; kept key documents and information away from congress; stalled any effort to expose the unlawful aspects of “SpyGate’ and the fraudulent foundation behind the Carter Page FISA application; and undermined any adverse discoveries in the leak investigations (James Wolfe) writ large.

There’s a reason why the discussions about thousands of Andrew McCabe text messages has been dropped.

There’s a reason why Chairman Lindsey Graham doesn’t want Robert Mueller to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

There’s a reason why Jerry Nadler and the House Judiciary committee would rather focus on accusations against AG Bill Barr as opposed to questioning Robert Mueller.

This corrupt DOJ and FBI investigative small group didn’t change when Mueller arrived, in May 2017, they just retooled the focus of their earlier effort based on new leadership and new objectives. Those who created the Trump-Russia collusion/conspiracy case of 2016, evolved into creating the Trump obstructing justice case of 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Everything Mueller and Rosenstein were doing in late 2017 and throughout 2018 was intended to drag-out the Russia conspiracy narrative as long as possible, even though there was no actual Trump-Russia investigation taking place.

It was always the “obstruction” investigation that could lead to the desired result by Mueller’s team of taking down President Trump through evidence that would help Pelosi and Nadler achieve impeachment . The “obstruction case” was the entirety of the case they were trying to make from May 2017 through to March 2019; and continues today.

[¹] Now we know why House Speaker Paul Ryan moved to sideline Devin Nunes under the cloud of an ethics investigation.

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438 Responses to Mueller “Team” Does Not Want Special Counsel to Testify…

  1. 6x47 says:

    I’m sure the Democrats and NeverTrump are still in complete shock to discover that President Trump is an honest man who ran a completely legal and legitimate business.

    Unlike any of them.

    Classic projection, they simply assumed everyone was as corrupt as they are.

    Liked by 3 people

    • inspectorudy says:

      I like what Trump is doing and hope he succeeds even more but let’s not give praise to him where it is not warranted. The man lies almost daily. They aren’t big lies but he lies nonetheless. He exaggerates and makes false claims frequently too. He is, like all of us, flawed. He has different flaws than hillary or obama but has flaws just the same. I understand from past articles that many of his business practices were borderline illegal or corrupt. But then he lives in NYC where everything you do there requires a bribe to someone. Let’s be realistic and praise him for what he has done right but not get into the idol worship stage. Personally, I wish he would get off of Twitter and tell all of his followers to do the same!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

        Twitter (as much as I despise it) is the ONLY way for Trump to communicate freely to the masses. Our media is wholly Fake and in the tank with our enemies. Twitter is CRITICAL.

        Liked by 3 people

  2. repenttrust says:

    Too many have gotten away with too much for far too long. It’s way past time to clean up the swampy mess. Time for judgement day.


  3. lisa belanger says:

    what a mess


  4. cali says:

    @Sundance: B I N G O!!!!!

    Obstruction was the surest thing to succeed to impeach president Trump according to Mueller and crew.

    Mueller and Rosenstein had a deeply personal motive to see to it that the president is removed. That personal interest was uranium one.
    This transaction was within itself destructive and treasonous due to its implication but what followed adds even more headaches for Mueller and Rosenstein. Cue Frank Guistra – Canadian and longtime Clinton friend who just so happen to own the Kazakhstan uranium mines from where uranium was shipped via Canada to Iran and destination Syria.

    This chapter alone was reason enough for Mueller and Rosenstein to play ball with the coup plotters and hope for this headache to go away ergo focusing on obstruction that is as easy as it is to indict a ham sandwich.

    On the other hand and that is a very big ‘if’ what if Mueller and Rosenstein let these Clinton donors et al with the overly compromised and criminally corrupt Weissman take the lead and run wild? There is no question that Weissman and gang colluding with Steele himself during this investigation produced this amateur report with little or no input by Mueller.

    Also – what if if Mueller let Weissman pick his team of ‘angry democrats’ with the intent to have them all under one roof while the FISA by the good guys followed them every step of the way and documenting evidence in their treasonous activities?

    I suppose anything is possible and one can dream right? That’s just a thought!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Jessica Lynn Mixon says:

    thats $1,200 a day PER ILLEGAL PERSON!



    Like I said, how long before Democrats conveniently turn on Mueller as a “Russian agent” secretly providing cover for Trump…? We will just have to see…


  7. Pyrthroes says:

    Give ‘er another 14 months or so, ’til Labor Day 2020, when ye ole Presidential Campaign gets serious. Iranian, NorKo, Venezuelan cluster-bumps and Hsi’s spear-shaking mercantilism aside, this first Trump Administration will be ideally positioned to squash Rats’ duckspeak nominees like Jumbo sitting on an organ-grinder’s monkey.

    What’s that you say– the world is ten years from its end, engulfed in CO2 flambe? Gee, where have we heard that porkrind asininity before?

    Liked by 1 person

    • MelH says:

      inspectorrudy, you parrot Democrat Talking points as if you are some authority with knowledge the rest of us seem to have missed. Please tell us some Trump lies.


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