Second Scope Memo – Rosenstein Authorizes Mueller to Target Michael Flynn Jr…

The original authorization for the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller was May 17th, 2017.  However, the recently released Weissmann report shows there were two additional scope memos authorizing specific targeting of the Mueller probe.  The first scope memo was August 2nd, 2017, OUTLINED HERE, and is an important part of the puzzle that helps explain the corrupt original purpose of the special counsel.

The second scope memo was issued by Rod Rosenstein to Robert Mueller on October 20th, 2017.  The transparent intent of the second scope memo was to provide Weissmann and Mueller with ammunition and authority to investigate specific targets, for specific purposes.  One of those targets was General Michael Flynn’s son, Michael Flynn Jr.

As you review the highlighted portion below, found on pages 12 and 13 of the Weissmann report, read slowly and fully absorb the intent; the corruption is blood-boiling:

This second scope memo allowed Weissmann and Mueller to target tangentially related persons and entities bringing in Michael Cohen, Richard Gates, Roger Stone and Michael Flynn Jr.  Additionally and strategically (you’ll see why), this memo established the authority to pursue “jointly undertaken activity“.

With Paul Manafort outlined as an investigative target in the original authorization and the first scope memo, the second scope memo authorizes expansion to his business partner Richard Gates and their joint businesses.   This memo also permits the investigation of Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen and all of his interests; and in ultimate weasel sunlight, Rosenstein authorizes an investigation of his boss, AG Jeff Sessions.

Before getting to more targets, notice the underlined passage about starting with a lot of investigative material because the special counsel was picking up a Russian interference  investigation that had been ongoing for “nearly 10 months.”

I would also note that our CTH research indicates all of the illegally extracted FISA-702(16)(17) database search results would be part of this pre-existing investigative file available immediately to Weissmann and Mueller.  However, in order to use the search-query evidence, Weissmann and Mueller would need to backfill some alternate justification; or find another way to “rediscover” the preexisting results….. I digress

The four identified targets within the original July 2016 investigation, “Operation Crossfire Hurricane”, were George Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and Carter Page. (See HPSCI report):

General Flynn was under investigation from the outset in mid-2016. The fraudulent FBI counterintelligence operation, established by CIA Director John Brennan, had Flynn as one of the early targets when Brennan handed the originating electronic communication “EC” to FBI Director James Comey.

The investigation of General Flynn never stopped throughout 2016 and led to the second investigative issue of his phone call with Russian Ambassador Kislyak in December 2016:

Back to the Page #12 October 20th Scope Memo:

The first redaction listed under “personal privacy” does not appear to represent an individual, rather it’s an organization. However, The second related redaction is a specific person, Michael Flynn Jr.

In combination with the October timing, the addition of Flynn Jr to the target list relates to the ongoing 2016/2017 investigation of his father, General Michael Flynn, for: (1) possible conspiracy with a foreign government; (2) unregistered lobbying; (3) materially false statements and omissions on 2017 FARA documents; and (4) lying to the FBI.

This October 20th, 2017, request from Weissmann and Mueller aligns with the time-frame were special counsel team lawyers Brandon L. Van Grack and Zainab N. Ahmad were prosecuting Michael Flynn and attempting to force him into a guilty plea

Getting Rosenstein to authorize adding Mike Flynn Jr. to the target list (scope memo) meant the special counsel could threaten General Flynn with the indictment of his son as a co-conspirator tied to the Turkish lobbying issue (which they did) if he doesn’t agree to a plea. Remember: “jointly undertaken activity“.

The October 20th, 2017, expanded scope memo authorized Mueller to start demanding records, phones, electronic devices and other evidence from Mike Flynn Jr, and provided the leverage Weissmann wanted.  After all, Mike Flynn Jr. had a four month old baby. 

The amount of twisted pressure from this corrupt team of prosecutors is sickening.  A month later, General Flynn was signing a plea agreement:

And don’t forget, Andrew McCabe was also likely the person who leaked the content of the Mike Flynn phone call between Flynn and Russian Ambassador Kislyak.  A massive leak of classified information:

Within the case against Michael Flynn…. Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack filed a cover letter attempting to explain the reason for the Flynn interview on January 24th, 2017, and the official filing of the interview notes (FD-302) on February 15th, 2017, and then again on May 31st, 2017.

To explain the FBI delay, Van Grack claimed the FD-302 report “inadvertently” had a header saying “DRAFT DOCUMENT/DELIBERATIVE MATERIAL” (screen grab)

What the special counsel appeared to be obfuscating to the court was there was factually a process of deliberation within the investigative unit, headed by FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, surrounding the specific wording of the 302 report on the Flynn interview.  Likely how best to word the FBI notes for maximum damage.

In late 2018 Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack was attempting to hide the length of the small group deliberations within the FBI. It seems he did not want the court to know Andrew McCabe was involved in shaping how the Flynn-302 was written.

We know there was a deliberative process in place, seemingly all about how to best position the narrative, because we can see the deliberations in text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok: See below (note the dates):

The text message conversation above is February 14th, 2017.

The Michael Flynn FD-302 was officially entered into the record on February 15th, 2017, per the report:

Obviously the interview took place on January 24th, 2017. The FD-302 was drafted on January 24th, and then later edited, shaped, and ultimately approved by McCabe, on February 14th, then entered into the official record on February 15th.

It was a deliberative document from the outset. Thanks to the Strzok/Page text messages we know the cover letter from the Special Counsel is misleading.  The Feb 15th, 2017, date was the day after McCabe approved it.

May 17th, 2017, Robert Mueller was assigned as special Counsel. Then, the FD-302 report was re-entered on May 31st, 2017, removing the header; paving the way for Mueller’s team to use the content therein.

This level of overt corruption, and corrupt intent within the special counsel, is one of the many reasons why Rosenstein apologists and the ‘trust the plan’ crew should be collectively slapped across the face with a cold fish.  

Moving on….

♦ Another issue is reconciled today on Page #13 of the Weissmann/Mueller report surrounding why FBI Director Chris Wray asked DOJ-NSD head Dana Boente to become chief legal counsel of the FBI.

Look at the investigative structure as outlined by the Weissmann report:

Technically the 40 FBI agents remained under FBI supervision at all times.  Additionally the assigned FBI attorney worked under the FBI legal supervision; not the supervision of the special counsel.

[ie. Mueller retains plausible deniability for criminal investigative wrongdoing]

Initially in May 2017 this meant FBI chief legal counsel James Baker, part of the original small group, was coordinating the FBI roles and legal responsibilities.  However, by the end of 2017 James Baker was in trouble as congress highlighted his corrupt endeavors.

Remember what was going on in late 2017?  In addition to the FBI issues with Lisa Page and Peter Strzok surfacing internally, by December 2017, immediately after Michael Flynn signed the guilty plea… all hell broke loose.

Can you imagine an institutional idiot like FBI Director Chris Wray watching all of the information about McCabe, Strzok, Page, Kortan and Baker start erupting in the headlines and all around his office?… and simultaneously he has 40 corrupt FBI investigators attached to the corruptly organized Weissmann/Mueller detail?

That reality is exactly why Chris Wray needed to get one of the corrupt DOJ insiders to take over as FBI legal counsel.  Director Wray saw the need for massive ass-covering; and the perfect man for the job was the guy who participated in the FISA application fraud, Dana Boente.

Exactly six months later FBI Director Christopher Wray was telling a national audience there was no political bias, misconduct or corruption within the FBI; but hey, we’re going to go through bias training because we’re good enough, strong enough, and doggone it – people like us… or something.  [IG Report June 14th, 2018]

ps.  I would be remiss if I did not point out that every person identified in this outline is still in their position of authority to this day.  Including the 40 FBI agents who participated in three years of corrupt investigations of a non-existent Russia conspiracy.

But hey….


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518 Responses to Second Scope Memo – Rosenstein Authorizes Mueller to Target Michael Flynn Jr…

  1. Abe Pecota says:

    Since it’s clear that the children of targets are now targeted themselves, someone is going to begin investigating the Joe Biden/ Hunter Biden Ukraine quid pro quo, right?

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  2. lewfarge48 says:

    I have a question for Sundance and or others:
    Has Wray earned a firing and can he possibly be charged ?
    Sundance: As always, Thank you more than I can express, and may we all live to see real justice !

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  3. Iamcat says:

    I’m so sick of reading journalists who say RR is a good guy. I pray Barr knows the truth. This all must be exposed . Very few Americans will ever read this report.

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  4. FPCHmom says:

    The McCabe “First we F&*k Flynn and then we F&*k Trump,” comment is exactly what they tried to do particularly with pressure applied to their children.

    I wish there was some way for Flynn and his son to fight the strong arm tactics and charges against them rather than take the guilty plea.

    The coup engineers were able to use that to further their assault on Trump in so many ways.

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  5. Black Irish Rose says:

    I’m going to go out on limb here, Sundance. I have nothing as evidence, just my memory from my time in govt. If my timeline is correct, there may be a personal vendetta by Brennan toward Flynn wrapped up in this faux Russia Collusion fiasco.

    Gen. Flynn was Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency at the same time John Brennan was in the White House as Obama’s chief chief advisor for US homeland Security. Prior to this, Brennan was Obama’s chief counterrorism advisor, so he would have had a lot of by brush ups with/knowledge of Flynn, whose credentials were former director of Intel at Joint Special Ops Command and director of Intel for US Central Command.

    Under Flynn, DIA was a thorn in Obama’s/Brennan’s side, as DIA wasn’t always on board with the Obama narrative re: the Arab Spring. Flynn, who fought in AFG and IRQ, privately criticized US ops and rules of engagement, which didn’t go unnoticed: whereas Bush tolerated private dissent among his generals, Obama would have none of it and I believe he waited for the right time to get Flynn. He finally did in 2014, forcing Flynn to quit DIA, ostensibly due to the unhappiness of higher ups over his DIA reorg. (Puh-lees. Reorgs happen all the time in govt, big and small. No top dog ever loses his job for it. They are usually applauded for their insight, bringing the agency into the 21st century, blah, blah, blah.) I think newly installed CIA Director Brennan was only too happy to assist in Flynn’s removal.

    When Flynn jumped on the Trump train early, Obama and Brennan saw Flynn not only as their foil to get Trump, but also saw another chance to stick it to Flynn. (How DARE Flynn arise from the ashes to possibly become a presidential advisor, should Trump win???)

    While others cheered, I always thought Obama installed Brennan as a mole/director of CIA to get that agency completely in the tank for his (Obama’s) foreign policy shenanigans–boy howdy, does that appear to be just the tip of the iceberg now.

    We’ll never know if Brennan is settling some personal scores against Flynn, but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit, given Brennan’s character and that of his former boss (or lack thereof). Just my $.02.

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    • Dixie says:

      I believe American Thinker has a similar article that backs you up which was posted earlier on this thread.

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    • Zippy says:

      Dan Bongino also suggests that Gen. Flynn by virtue of having been deep within the BHO regime and having knowledge of highly classified operations knows where many of the skeletons are buried and therefore had to be neutralized by Mueller.

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    • I think they saw Gen Flynn as an existential threat to the fundamental transformation of America…and to them.

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    • Bill Henslee says:

      Dont forget the fiasco of Benghazi which threatened to reveal Hillary’s operation to transfer the arms that the CIA flooded into the country to help remove Ghadaffi. They were be9hg moved to Syria and to parties inimical to the US. Remember that the Syrian ambassador was meeting our Ambassador Stephens at that location that night for undisclosed reasons. This operation would have created a crises here at home if it was publicly revealed.

      Flynn would have been regarded as a absolute debacle in the post of NSD because he knew where the bodies were buried and how to dig them up

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      • Interesting. There seems to be more than meets the eye here. Note the names that keep popping up.

        A web search (for what that’s worth) reveals the following…

        Note that one of the other senior officers who came to SSA Gritz ‘s defense, as noted in the circa article was Rear Admiral Losey, head of Navy SEALs. Admiral Losey’s promotion to his second star was criticized by Congressman Ron Waden (D-OR) for “retaliation” against “whistleblowers” after a lengthy DOD IG investigation substantiated the claims (the link also attributes the loss of support due to a rift between Senator McCain and Navy Secretary Mabus. It also states that Mabus was unpopular with many in Congress due to him emphasis on gender issues.) also of note, the Admiral was involved in Congressional testimony on Benghazi (remember how long it took the FBI to begin their ground investigation of Benghazi, or even to secure the scene—even though CNN investigators/reporters remained on-site).

        The Navy, uncharacteristically initially discounted the DOD IG findings and moved ahead with the promotion, but later retracted it. A senior official of the DOD IG at the time was Mr. Glen Fine, the current acting IG (i do not know his involvement, if any, with the Losey case.). Mr. Fine’s bona fides include a lengthy stint as the DoJ IG. He won acclaim by the Washington Post for investigating the Bush Administration firings of 4 US attorneys, and alleged politically driven hiring in the DoJ Civil Rights Division. Mr. Fine’s immediate predecessor was Michael Bromwich (of Dr. Balsey Ford fame.).

        Also as noted on the web…

        As the current acting DOD IG Mr. Fine is also the head of the organization investigating the allegations agains Admiral Ronnie Jackson, President Trump’s former Physician, which has also held up his promotion to his second star. (Admiral Jackson incurred the wrath of the media for a glowing report of President Trump’s “Fitness for duty” in a press briefing at the White House.). Subsequently he was also the subject of complaints of wrong doing and creating a hostile work environment by subordinates. These complaints, lodged in April 2018, were leaked to the press by Senator Tester, D-MT, derailing his nomination to become Secretary of the VA. To date, those allegations have either been found to be untrue, or unsubstantiated.)

        Back to Admiral Losey…

        The military board of corrections later overturned the decision, and promoted him two stars.

        Of further interest (as noted in the Sara Carter link) was SSA Gritz’ claim that Mueller and McCabe were known to lead by fear, and retaliation against…whistleblowers—the same complaint (apparently fake) lodged against Admiral Losey. (Of note, Losey served at the White House in the NSC under Presidents Bush and Obama.)


        QUESTION: were those complaints themselves fake and retaliation against a second senior officer (the other being Flynn) to publicly support SSA Gritz?

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        • TANGO268 says:

          Forgive me if I’m taking a new look at everything I dismissed as conspiracy theory, knowing we know now. On 12/22/2012, Cmdr. Job W. Price allegedly took his own life in Afghanistan. At the time, an article in an Israeli online journal claimed that Hillary’s military transport plane made a hard landing in Iran while she was going there to do back-door negotiations prior to the Iran deal. According to the article, Price was killed in the crash landing and Hilary suffered a head injury. The author backed up his story with aviation records. The whole thing seemed pretty improbable, until I was watching Armed Forces Network and saw Price’s name among those listed as “Honoring the Fallen.” I thought, why would they honor someone who took his own life as a war casualty? If Hillary and Obama’s Iran shenanigans led to the death of another Navy SEAL just three months after Benghazi, I could see that being pretty explosive and the kind of thing that Brennan, and not Flynn, would try hard to cover up. It’s amazing how many suspicious aviation incidents happen in the Clintons’ orbit.

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    • Yy4u says:

      Worth a lot more than $.02.

      As director of mil intel Flynn rcd a memo that warned against backing Syrian rebels.
      Memo warned something like ISIS would result
      Flynn Warned administration
      Administration backed Syrian rebels anyway
      ISIS resulted
      After Flynn retired and original memo declassified Flynn went public
      Candidate Trump blamed Obama for creating ISIS.
      Suspect Obama administration sicced CIA or FBJ on him
      Admin probably would have bugged Trumo campaign anyway
      They expected Hillary to win. Had she none of this would have come out
      They have been in CYA sjnce

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    • cjzak says:

      Brennan’s shadow is hovering over much of this fiasco. He seems to have tentacles wrapped around many years of corruption in DC especially with the Clintons and Obama. It would be so very pleasing to see him indicted and jailed. The country would be much better off with him put safely in a jail cell.


    • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

      Obama purged the military of many fine officers, such as Gen. Flynn.
      Anyone who questioned his dithering , dangerous ROEs, and lead from behind anti-American (IMHO) policies.


  6. California Joe says:

    Rosenstein authorized Mueller to conduct a criminal investigation of Jeff Sessions because Sessions didn’t remember talking to the Russian Ambassador during an official State Department function with hundreds of Congressional staff, diplomats and senators were present????? How the heck is an official State Department function colluding with Russians???? Rosenstein should have slapped Mueller across the head instead he gave Mueller a green light to politically assassinate President Trump. Rosenstein is a RAT! At every turn these thugs twist an absolutely innocent function of a Trump staffer’s job into some nefarious criminal enterprise while ignoring the blatant criminality of an Army of Democrats and the news media!

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    • Avi says:

      Müller is seeming more and more like Heinrich Müller his mentor.

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    • concerned3 says:

      Yes, but were the Senators working with RR? And, can it be proven?


    • cjzak says:

      Yes and yet there he was standing right behind Barr the other day. Why? I can’t figure RR out nor why Barr would praise him knowing what Barr surely knows now.


      • PVCDroid says:

        Hope beyond hope that Barr has RR by the balls. “Work with me to clean up this mess or else” is what Barr should be doing with him. Then RR comes clean and says he was duped all along. They lied to him all along is what Rosey should be saying in the near future. That’s the only way he can get out of this unless Barr is fooling us and will only superficially go after the spies. The problem with RR is that he let Mueller pursue this ruse.

        It would be very difficult to and I can’t imagine Barr to go negative on Mueller’s posse. The world needs to know that the Russian meddling was a farce which Mueller held up as the truth in his report and the deep state still relies on. Barr really needs to give us the truth on Russia and the Clinton and Podesta e-mails. The BS theory that Gucifer2 did it must be corrected.

        It will be interesting to hear Barr testify on why he passed on PDT obstruction charges. His demeanor and answers to stupid Dems will be the deciding factor of whether they pursue impeachment. They’re going to continue to be all riled up over the next two weeks before he testifies.


  7. VegasGuy says:

    These people are just sickening….The only bright ray of sunshine here is Barr totally disrupted their grand plan by making the Meuller decision for Meuller ….

    That right there puts the kabash on the obstruction angle. Really….Think about it.
    How the hell can Meuller DISAGREE with Barr when Meuller could not decide the issue himself???? Can Meuller NOW suddenly decide that there was obstruction? Does his Legal thought process suddenly become clear after the report is issued? No…It is a done deal.

    He (Meuller) may have believed that the decision was intended for Congress to make …but..the clear fact was that Meuller, by his own statements, said he himself COULD NOT define obstruction as either having been or not been present. So, as a subordinate within the DOJ his superiors (Barr/Rosenstein) had the authority to do so one way or the other. The evidence (or lack thereof) was presented & it is the duty of the prosecution to either charge or not…based on that evidence.

    Sorry but a lack of charging equates to exoneration on that basis. They overplayed their hand & it is coming back to bite them on the ass…..

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    • Amy2 says:

      He punted.


      • II don’t think it was a punt. To carry the metaphor, i think it was a conscious decision to go for it on fourth down, ie to push it into congress for continued discussion and a continued presence in the press, all the way through the campaign. The last thing they want is for the investigations and debate to end.

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    • cjzak says:

      Yet our ever present enemies-the media-today in unison have dropped the ‘maybe obstruction’ to full on ‘the president committed obstruction.’

      They are planting the seed in the public mind that PT is actually guilty and has not been exonerated. They will run with this forever. The media must be taken to task and hard, by all of us. Somehow the media must be shown to be the traitors they are.


  8. concerned3 says:

    The Special Counsel structured the investigation in view of his power and authority “to
    exercise all investigative and prosecutorial functions of any United States Attorney.” 28 C.F.R.
    § 600.6. Like a U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Special Counsel’s Office considered a range of
    classified and unclassified information available to the FBI in the course of the Office’s Russia
    investigation, and the Office structured that work around evidence for possible use in prosecutions
    of federal crimes (assuming that one or more crimes were identified that warranted pro secution).

    “There was substantial evidence immediately available to the Special Counsel at the inception of
    the investigation in May 2017 because the FBI had, by that time, already investigated Russian
    election interference for nearly 10 months. the Special Counsel’s Office exercised its judgment
    regarding what to investigate and did not, for instance, investigate every public report of a contact
    between the Trump Campaign and Russian-affiliated individuals and entities.”

    *So the Obstruction investigation started by May 2017. This was never a case of Russia Collusion.

    *Volume I was the Russia Collusion cover story and Volume II the Obstruction investigation.

    *So are we looking at Dossier II created in the open by the Mueller Team?

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  9. k4jjj says:

    The disarray among the Democrats demonstrates: Hate is not a strategy. Those who operate out of emotion will lose.

    The election of Donald Trump made the Democrats lose their minds in hatred. They have not recovered. Nobody on the Democrat side can herd all of their wild cats in a single direction.

    Listen to the constant irrational public statements. They are beside themselves, drowning in emotion and vitriol.

    People don’t win majority support when they become emotional basket cases. Their conduct begs for fittings for strait jackets, not that they be handed more political power.

    The Democrats are faced with a crippling reality. Even if they gained complete political control, they could never agree on what to do with it. Some, like Hillary, would put opponents in cattle cars to send them to the camps. Some might even try reasonable reforms only to be knifed in the ribs by their own purists.

    There IS a Democrat circular firing squad that would never cease fire upon gaining even more power. They are fractured by gigantic egos pushing ridiculous solutions in opposite directions.

    People like this cannot govern. They cannot even act like adults.

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      They have no consequences for their failures. I hope that changes but the propoganda is a strong protection for them. They all just pretend things.


    • Less than 6 months ago the Democrats picked up 40+ Congressional seats. As irrational as they are, like the Nazis and Communists before them, the Democrats are always dangerous. Only a powerful, concerted counter-attack and political purge will preserve the Trump Presidency, and, frankly, our republic.

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    • tarheel69 says:

      I know one thing if the Leftiest try to impeach our great President Washington needs to be burnt to the ground.we all know Trump would have to have the cleanest criminal reacord that you could possibly have and if the establishment thinks they can pin a crime on our President we as citizens should take action our President has sacrificed his great life to help us common folk and we will not take much more from these disgusting traitors I know one thing when they harm our President it feels like I’ve been hurt and I’m getting to the point to where I’m going to start fighting back I’ve just got this feeling that we, us citizens are going to have to clean up this mess if we don’t we will lose what’s left of this great country that we all grew up in and if we let the Leftest take control of this country and don’t fight it with ever fiber of our being, then we will live to regret it..This bullshit has got to stop.our President is a good man and he needs to be treated like one.There is not one of us who could take what’s been laid at the feet of our President and we should demand that he be respected and treated like the great paitroit that he is.its time to get in the face of these evil people and give them a dose of there own medicine..If it takes violence so be it.Us conservatives are al ready treated as a far right terrorist group so maybe it’s time for us to own it..


      • RCAS says:

        “ I’ve just got this feeling that we, us citizens are going to have to clean up this mess if we don’t we will lose what’s left of this great country that we all grew up in and if we let the Leftest take control of this country and don’t fight it with ever fiber of our being, then we will live to regret it..This bullshit has got to stop.”
        Tarheel69, I so agree with you!!! I don’t know how to get organized to fight back. I live in the once great state of California – the demonrats have so screwed us up, I’m not sure we can recover. They are stealing our elections out here and making it impossible to elect anyone who is not a terrorist, idiot, or a demonrat. I think it is probable (no evidence) that John Cox won the governors race, there was a lot of momentum from people that had been sitting out of voting, but I’m not sure a non-demonrat can win here anymore. It’s depressing, especially when there seems to be no way to take back our state and country! To see these evil criminals ruining good people’s lives, our country, and trying to destroy the best President since Reagan definitely makes the blood boil. I just wish there was a plan of action!!!


  10. roder duroid says:

    The take down of all of these is going to be epic. PDJT is not going to let it go. WTF kind of country is this where a SUBORDINATE(rosenstein) can launch a secret FBI investigation into his own boss. (Sessions) HTW could Sessions NOT know this was going on? Every damn media outlet probably knew it.

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    • Marygrace Powers says:

      IT’S COMING…..and
      it will definitely be EPIC.

      Donald J. Trump

      Verified account

      Follow Follow @realDonaldTrump

      Move slowly, carefully — and then strike like the fastest animal on the planet!

      10:11 PM – 19 Sep 2013

      10,936 Retweets 19,155 Likes

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    • H. Hawke says:

      I can’t wait for Rosie and his Trump-hating wife Lisa Barsoomian to get their comeuppance.

      It galls me no end that Rosenstein has thus far been allowed to skate after he single-handedly casued the most egregious stealth-coup in U.s. History.

      Just think of what he’s created.

      1 – Firing Comey
      2 -Hiring Mueller
      3 – Crippling Sessions
      4 – Authorizing Gestapo tactics against Flynn, Page, Papadopoulos, Stone, etc.

      You might say this country has been run by one smarmy, treasonous Deputy Attorney General for the past 2.5 years.

      Astonishing, isn’t it?

      And he didn’t even come on-board until 2017.

      Before his appointment to the Trump team he was the Maryland AG.


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      • tarheel69 says:

        There is a special place in hell for people like Rosenwessel I’m so fed up with the whole lot of criminals that roam the halls of our institutions and you might as well throw congress in they same category us citizens have not got one damn person in Congress other than our President that represents our interests how have we let this happen our goverment for the most part is a criminal organization and they are above the law if something don’t change fast were headed to a place we don’t want to go just look at the scum in the Senate not on danm fool came out in support of our President but my god Romney could not get to a microphone fast enough to trash our President it a sad time in the USA when the law only matters for us deplorables..May God have mercy on our souls..

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  11. Screaming Eagle says:

    Its is amazing how quickly things sped up after Sessions resignation. The Dems immediately call in Whitaker before the house to plainly state, LEAVE MUELLER ALONE!….. Sessions was always the key and DJT knew it. Once he was removed, the Dems and Mueller knew the jig was up. Rosey’s hands were taken off the steering wheel. When Trump got Barr in, all of a sudden, Mueller report is hastily and sloppily completed. I do believe Barr is keeping his enemy Rosey close so he cant signal to his cabal what’s coming. Time to cancel the passports of these traitors.

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    • Sharon says:

      Screaming Eagle that’s because Sessions recused himself and therefore couldn’t do his job duh!


      • Beau Geste says:

        Idiot Sessions recused himself for inconsequential trifles. Rosenstein refused to recuse himself for outrageous conflicts and bias – he signed the fraudulent FISA warrant requests when there was “no there there”, and must have known about (and may have been a participant in) the treasonous coup attempt. He had supervisory authority over the gestapo attacks on mamafort, cohen and stone.

        Roesnstein gives new biased meaning to the phrase “different strokes for different folks”


      • thedoc00 says:

        Disagree. Recusal involves material involvement in an investigation but Sessions had an oversight duty that remained to be sure all Rosenstein did was legal and ethical. The recusal is not an excuse for abrogating these oversight responsibilities. Sessions allowed Rosenstein to completely rewrite the original SC orders to essentially appoint a new SC focused solely on President Trump. That action by Rosenstein was well within Sessions oversight duties to stop. He did NOT. I believe that is the crux of President Trump’s non-stop assault on Sessions.


  12. joebkonobi says:

    Shouldn’t there be tracks (records) in the FISA database in regard to who searched for info on who and when? Seems those records could tell a story.

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      This gets to Sidney Powell’s point that at least 3 contractors had unfettered access to the NSA database to gather whatever data on Americans they wanted.

      Imagine how powerful this information or database might be and the leverage one could have in using this information against one’s enemies or folks on the other side of the aisle.

      Any names come to mind?

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      • Didn’t Comey, Mueller (and possibly Wray) threaten to resign during the Bush Admin because they believed the Terri’s surveillance program was an abuse of power?!


        • Marygrace Powers says:

          Christopher Wray: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
          By Tom Cleary
          Updated Jul 12, 2017 at 11:55am

          1. Wray Worked in the Justice Department With James Comey & Robert Mueller, Threatening to Resign With Them During Comey’s White House Showdown in 2004

          “While Wray was assistant attorney general from 2003 to 2005, Comey was the deputy attorney general and Mueller was leading the FBI as its director.”

          “He was willing to resign along with Comey and Mueller in 2004, during Comey’s showdown with the White House over the plan to renew the National Security Agency’s Terrorist Surveillance Program while then-Attorney General John Ashcroft was hospitalized.”

          According to the Washingtonian, Wray approached Comey at the Justice Department headquarters and said, “Look, I don’t know what’s going on, but before you guys all pull the rip cords, please give me a heads‑up so I can jump with you.”

          kp/you are correct. Comey, Mueller and Wray
          are the 3 Amigos garnering high level SWAMP
          positions over several decades in many different
          configurations. (see link)

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          • Thank you for researching the Wray question.
            Begs the recurring question…”why was he nominated” in the first place?!


            • Somebody close to Trump has been giving him what certainly appears to be intentionally BAD advice. Remember, Trump fired all 49 US Attorneys the week after his inauguration. He kept only THREE: Rosenstein, Dana Boente, and John Huber.

              As more comes to light, I hope Trump recalls whomever it was that has steered him into so many bad decisions. He can’t afford any more like these.

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          • Here’s another BIG one! Wray was Andrew Weissmann’s supervisor at DOJ when Weissmann was running roughshod over all of Houston and breaking all the rules on the Enron Task Force per . Wray lauded and applauded Weissmann’s work! There’s video.

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      • clr says:

        Judge Roy Moore comes to my mind every time I hear about 3 contractors with unfettered access to this database. Roy Moore was a target of the Senate leadership. Mitch McConnell was out to get him at all cost. Remember? Where did all that oppo research come from?
        I’m still livid over what they did to a good man. A man who demonstrated his high regard for the Constitution his entire life was disparaged publicly with charges similar (in origin) to charges and false accusations against President Trump and his team.
        God willing, someone will connect these dots too.

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  13. freepetta says:

    The horrendous Nazi tactics Mueller and Weissmann used to extort an American hero like Flynn are disgraceful and disgusting!!

    What’s being done to Roger Stone now is nothing short of outrageous!!

    Meanwhile Obama’s terrorists are blowing up churches before and during Easter!!

    I am impatiently waiting for the perp walk to be done by Obama, Hillary and all their co-conspirators. Guantanamo awaits their arrival!!.

    This is all a shameful and horrendous chapter in American History.

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  14. konradwp1 says:

    “ie. Mueller retains plausible deniability for criminal investigative wrongdoing”

    Mueller retains nothing. He is a dirty cop and guilty as sin. He can’t plausibly deny the clear evidence of his hideous crimes.

    Mueller initially agreed to operate on the authority of the Carter Page FISA warrant. A warrant obtained in clear violation of Wood’s procedures. Mueller can’t claim ignorance of this issue as he was he FBI director tasked with putting those safe guards in place in 2012. Mueller is as guilty as sin.

    Mueller stopped searching for “Russian Collusion” before August 2017, yet kept his SC investigation running in the mad hope of provoking Trump into “obstruction of justice”. Mueller is as guilty as sin.

    Mueller never sought the testimony of Natalia Veselnitskaya, nor Preet Bharara who overruled the DoJ travel ban to get her into the US for her failed entrapment meeting. Mueller is as guilty as sin.

    And most damning of all:

    Mueller never sought the testimony of Admiral Mike Rogers. Guilty as sin?!

    Admiral Rogers, the man who saved America, quite reasonably offered to give Mueller testimony under oath in July 2017. Hello? Hello? Over 400 pages of drivel without a word from the man who did the most to stop FISA abuse in 2016?

    OK, I don’t know how to type this. I know this is a Christian website and I am a foul mouthed atheist. You do the “forgiveness” thing and all. Has “turning the other cheek” worked so far? No?

    Might I suggest a non-Christian solution?* Try beating Robert Mueller with a sand filled aluminium baseball bat until his quivering body is forever still. Justice and cathartic release for hundreds of millions of people both in the US and abroad.

    *If I was less angry, I’d suggest Gitmo. It’s a more practical solution and you don’t need drop-sheets.

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    • Leaving says:

      Forgiving does not mean you have to continue to put yourself in a position to be wronged by the person you are forgiving.

      Forgiving a murderer doesn’t mean you have to allow yourself to be alone in a room while the person is armed.


    • Sharon says:

      “You do the ‘forgiveness’ thing and all. Has ‘turning the other cheek’ worked so far…”

      Two different issues. A willingness to forgive should never be equated with naive cluelessness about what is going on. and Sundance has never suggested that it should.

      Unfortunately, over many decades, there is a silly and completely unBiblical notion that Christians are (or must be) endlessly sweet, willing to be mis-used and abused.

      A willingness and ability to THINK is essential. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m a lifelong “church lady” and believer in Jesus, the Christ. However, I am also acquainted with atheists whose company and conversation I sometimes find preferable to frothy Christian ladies who are scared to death to talk with an atheist. Keep in mind that it was the Pharisaical religionists who could not endure the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

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      • Amy2 says:

        There are times when it is a sin to forgive. We don’t have God’s authorization to forgive sin. Matthew and Luke both talk about how there is no forgiveness without repentence, so we are not required to forgive a person who is continually sinning against us (yes, if they sincerely repent and do it again, etc. seventy times seven-yes we forgive). The reason being, it makes God look like He forgives everything and everybody, which He does not. it cheapens God’s grace and Scripture is pretty clear on it, even though Christians think it makes them look good!

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        • Lindenlee says:

          Yes! We are to forgive as Jesus did, which means that forgiveness is a 2-way street. Jesus holds out His Forgiveness all day long, to whomsoever will, but it is not a done deal u til we repent, and ask for it. He even gives us the grace to do that, but we still have to do it.

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    • RobInPA says:

      I’m with you konrad –

      ALL of the vermin need to pay an extremely heavy price for their crimes! No quarter for any of them!! They’re all scum and enemies (both foreign and domestic) of the United States of America!

      Their justice needs to be commensurate with what they have done, not just to PDJT, but to the USA and We The People.


      • Lindenlee says:

        I also want to see them publicly humiliated, on TV, played over and over again. I know they do not have enough of a conscience to feel shame, but thry shoukd be shamed anyway.


    • fractionalexponent says:

      An empty aluminum ball bat has a nice ring to it…

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    • Do “honorable”people do the things (or allow the things) his team has done?


    • Konrad,
      I too see Admiral Rogers as a likely hero, as one of the few real “honorable” men in this mess, and possibly they way to turn it around. His absence from the scene for the last two years, alone, is telling. As Richard prior once said, “come Thanksgiving, you will see me again” (or something like that, Miss Rudolph)

      I also share your anger.
      God is just. (I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever. Thomas Jefferson)

      As for “the forgiveness thing”…Easter is God’s solution for the disconnect between His Holiness, His Justice, our “unholiness” (wrong-doing that separates us from Him…”guilty as sin” I think you said 🙂 and His desire for reconciliation. His love is unconditional, but His forgiveness isn’t. It required something from Him (Christmas and Good Friday) and although it is free and available to all, It does require something from us (acknowledgement, confession, repentance, acceptance, etc). Absent that, I think I’d rather be on the receiving end of a sand-filled bat (since I don’t think cheek-turning will be an option).

      The same is true here (Maybe Mrs. Barr can share that with Mrs. Mueller at the next Bible Study.)

      Lastly, I didn’t know this was a “Christian” blog (I do see a lot of contributors who seem to be), but I am glad you and so many others are part of it. Hope you will continue to be, because I appreciate your comments, color, and candor (and you give voice to my anger!)


      (Ps I don’t like the expression, but “happy Easter!”


    • tarheel69 says:

      KONRADWP1..I appreciate your input I’m Christian but I belive in the rule of law and justice we as Americans no matter what our religious beliefs are should demand our goverment officials represent our interests and live by the same laws we all have to live by if we are going to change things we need all hands on deck we as Americans should demand accountability by our goverment and us as Americans as of now have the right to worship any religion we please and we also have the same right to not be affiliated to any religion that’s what makes us a free country to belive and think any damn way we please. like I said I do appreciate your input if we were in a fox hole what someone’s religion is would be the least of my worries…


    • FreedomLover says:

      A theme throughout Jesus’ like is that he absolutely detested hypocrisy, lack of integrity by people who had a position of power over people under their care. Remember the scene where he cleared out the Temple.


  15. I hope there’s a special place in Hell and FEDERAL PRISON for these bastards! I am enraged!!!!!!!!

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  16. The Last CT Conservative says:

    Proverbs 17:15 English Standard Version (ESV)

    He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous
    are both alike an abomination to the Lord.

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  17. Retired USMC says:

    Hanging is too good a penalty for these seditious scumbags. I pray to God they pay dearly for their actions.

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  18. Kalena says:

    Sundance, how do you manage to get so far into the weeds of this and not have your head explode at how outrageously evil this plot is? All of them need to be perp walked and Wray fired for helping to try to keep this evil covered up.

    The average American will never be told the whole truth about how our own government officials just shredded our constitution and tried to overthrow a fairly elected president.

    I alternate between total despair and wanting to bury my head in the sand to wanting to go outside and howl with rage. I am so sad, scared, and afraid these evil doers will get off scot free. Why are so many of them still employed?

    We have to tell everyone we know what happened. We need to defeat every Dem possible next year.


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  19. iconoclast says:

    Anyone who read Sidney Powell’s book, Licensed to Lie, will recognize Andrew Weissman. The man is sick and twisted, a sadist who gets his jollies not by pursuing justice, but by aggressively going after innocent people so he can display them like hunted animals on a trophy wall. He famously is alleged to have been in attendance at Hillary’s futile victory party when she lost to PDJT.

    Someone should answer how this man was placed second in charge in Mueller’s probe. This is the Department of Injustice on parade.

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  20. Curt says:

    Happy Easter. “This memo also permits the investigation of Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen and all of his interests; and in ultimate weasel sunlight, Rosenstein authorizes an investigation of his boss, AG Jeff Sessions.”

    Rosenstein standing behind Bill Barr during the Thursday news conference seems to be all things to all people. I find it seriously amusing that Rosenstein authorizes an investigation into his boss Sessions. It’s one evil weasel wanting to investigate another bothersome run of the mill weasel. Rosenstein IS the supreme Machevellian actor in all this, playing both sides extremely well. He has managed to survive and even stay effectively in place. That he was a willing player in this criminal conspiracy, from the beginning, is absolutely clear. It will be interesting seeing how AG Barr handles this issue, if at all.

    PS: I hear lots of noise about the pending Horowitz report. Get set for disappointment. If the first report is any indiction, Horowitz will obfuscate, pontificate and find no real grounds for misconduct of the main players in this debacle. The Washington DC cabal is huge, runs deep and probably too big to be exposed. President Trump has found this out himself. In a nut shell, the fact that ALL these players, and investigators, are willing to bend the rule of law is the core reason this republic is in serious trouble going forward…

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    • There are “good people who do bad thing,” there are “bad” people,” and there are “weak people.” I think Rosenstein is a weak person.


    • Yy4u says:

      Horowitz is a swamp creature. He is for Horowitz 1st, swamp 2nd. Country doesn’t figure. He will try to protect the swamp but if the press cant control the damage he will save his own ass.

      As far as Flynn … find out why FISA judge Contreras was suddenly recused from all things Flynn. I don’t know but somebody does. Where’s Waldo. I mean Roberts. Isn’t he in charge of FISA


  21. Drogers says:

    Democrats – Move along, nothing to see here.

    Treepers – This thing will end up being one of the darkest periods in our nation’s history.

    *a choice has to be made … you’re either on the right side of this or you’re not but a middle ground doesn’t exist.

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  22. ATheoK says:

    “Rosenstein authorizes an investigation of his boss, AG Jeff Sessions.”

    What a seditious ambitious insubordinate twit!?

    “To explain the FBI delay, Van Grack claimed the FD-302 report “inadvertently” had a header saying “DRAFT DOCUMENT/DELIBERATIVE MATERIAL”

    As Sundance deconstructed and documents so well, there is a massive well of conspiracist discussions and likely documentation regarding this inhuman corrupt to the core investigation and organization.

    Not that it was cemented before, but these documents prove Sundance’s previous analyses regarding the origination of corrupt attempts to influence an election and the avalanche of twisted collusive efforts to conceal that unholy corruption.

    “This level of overt corruption, and corrupt intent within the special counsel, is one of the many reasons why Rosenstein apologists and the ‘trust the plan’ crew should be collectively slapped across the face with a cold frozen very rotten fish, repeatedly.”

    Suggested word changes…

    “institutional idiot like FBI Director Chris Wray watching all of the information about McCabe, Strzok, Page, Kortan and Baker start erupting in the headlines and all around his office?… and simultaneously he has 40 corrupt FBI investigators attached to the corruptly organized Weissmann/Mueller detail?

    … Director Wray saw the need for massive ass-covering; and the perfect man for the job was the guy who participated in the FISA application fraud, Dana Boente. ”

    Massive evidence that the DOJ, CIA and FBI desperately need a massive cleansing from the top offices and officers right down to the clerical and human resources staff! Root, bough, branch and twig must be cleansed!

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  23. jameswlee2014 says:

    I’m ready to see video of FBI agents in SWAT gear kicking down Mueller’s door in the middle of the night and the dragging his wife out the front door in her pajamas like they did to Mrs Stone.

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  24. Bogeyfree says:

    I wonder if we listed via bullet point examples of all the abuses that Sundance is uncovering that the SC made and sent it to AG Barr with the simple question……

    Mr. Barr, are these abuses, tactics and techniques displayed by Mr. Rosenstein’s SC all in line with FBI/DOJ protocol, procedures, standards, ethics and principles?

    My guess is this is not the FBI/DOJ Mr. Barr knew back in his day.

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  25. jstert says:

    an observation: mccabe had a deep grudge against flynn:

    and a comment: indeed here is yet another well-reasoned analysis, but i’m tired of well-reasoned analyses. i need to see mass firings. i need to see humiliating, handcuffed, head-down, perp-walks. i need to see our lion awaken:

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  26. dbethd says:

    Thank you, Sundance!

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  27. Sundance, please tell us these thoroughly corrupt bastards who abused their power and outright violated regulations and broke laws are going to be held to account. The 19 lawyers, the 40 FBI agents and their support personnel…. all of these corrupt, untrustworthy sons of bitches are going to be handed their asses! Please tell us justice is going to reign (or is rain?) down on them.


  28. Carson Napier says:

    The Gestapo never died, it just changed its name and country.


  29. Comey and McCabe will tell us there was a strong predicate to launch a counterintelligence investigate against the Trump campaign.

    Isn’t there much, much more evidence to suspect an attempt to topple a duly elected President (as well as many, many other crimes), I.e. sedition or even treason, more than sufficient to formulate a predicate to launch a criminal investigation against the Coup Conspirators…and use the same powers of investigation?


    • I don’t think the sedition and treason statutes apply–although this is the kind of thing we all think of as treason or sedition. The statutes have specific elements. They seem to require force/violence, but there are plenty of other statutes that would seem to apply depending on what the actual facts show when we get them all. There is still MUCH to learn.


      • Sean Supsky says:

        Was there not force involved with targeting Flynn Jr., Manafort, Cohen, and Stone? The midnight raids?

        Does force necessarily have to be physical? Could it not also be emotional, that puts undue duress on a person, as in the case of Flynn and his son?


  30. Newhere says:

    I’m going to note two potentially hopeful realities.

    Look at all the individuals from this plot who moved on to book tours, think tanks or teaching posts; what they aren’t doing is practicing law — cashing cashing at the big firms, the obvious move if given the chance — which means they more than likely are in trouble and targets of investigation. That is the first potentially hopeful reality.

    Here comes the second. We see now the plan always has been to tee up impeachment with a “mosaic” of “Russian ties” and a gossipy account of “obstruction.” But they have already lost.

    Think carefully about timing, and how far each side already has gone — publicly. This is the old guard vs. the new guard — and each has accused the other of treason. What are the odds that the loser walks away unruined? Or even walks away at all (i.e., prison). You don’t shoot for the king and miss. Here it goes both ways.

    In short, I believe that Trump can’t delay accountability past 2020. The corruption is so vast, maybe some will have to spill over; but the main blow must come before. There’s too much to lose by letting it go and allowing these people back in or near power, and winning an election is never a certainty in a democracy. The main blows must come before.

    It was hard to wait for the Mueller investigation to play out — maddening, stupefying — knowing the evidence is there. It created a sense that Trump’s side may constantly be on defense, a reckoning continually deferred. *But it can’t be.* If it were going to be deferred — if the blows weren’t certain to come — he’d have stood down already so that he could walk away. But he has put all of these actors on notice, publicly. We can see in hindsight that it was possibly necessary (or at least, conservative) to let the Mueller probe finish without countermoves. But one way to look at it is that to the extent the new guard was willing to stand down that whole time — it was only because of the knowledge of what they had ready once it was over.

    All the logic swings the other way now. The only move the old guard has left is impeachment, either the threat or actual proceedings; but even if they go ahead, even if they’re successful, it’s too late. Even if Trump were impeached this summer — the investigations already have been announced and are underway, and let’s be honest, we don’t really know how long they’ve been underway, or how extensively; even if only limping along, we’re not starting from scratch. With Barr as AG — and assuming what we see so far in his conduct can be believed — it is too late to stop accountability.

    So the question now is how far it will go. I think we’ll at least see it go to FISA abuse and bias among the Trump investigation; next, we could see accountability on media leaks, media conspiracy, and the connection to the Clinton email cover-up; if it goes all the way, it’ll trace all the way back to cover-ups of corruption in the last administration (e.g., U1, Libya). Here’s what I think will be the tell: If, FINALLY, there is a true investigation of whether the Russians actually were responsible for the DNC/Podesta thefts — that’s the test. If it goes that far, Katie bar the door.

    It may not go that far. But it also aint going nowhere.

    The old guard failed politically. They needed more than they got out of the midterms. They needed to cripple Trump enough that he couldn’t remove Sessions, or at least couldn’t confirm a serious AG. They failed. Whomever holds the presidency needed to be hamstrung from confirming enough of his own people (always remember: McConnell has precluded recess appointments) or wounded enough that Senate republicans would have cover for voting him out. Neither happened — and now it’s too late for the latter. It’s just too late. They’ve got plenty of Hail Mary’s but no one down field to catch them.

    Of course, this whole analysis only works if Barr is the real deal. That is the million dollar question, and evidence points to yes.

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    • Leaving says:

      I made a similar comment to a friend in 2017 or 2018. Both sides have made such egregious charges against one another that the public expectation is that SOMEONE needs to be arrested (and I’m not talking about names general public had never heard of before, like Flynn or Cohen).

      Each side of the public will have their excuses and denials should they lose. To have it all be brushed under the rug and nothing significant happen would cause great anger on BOTH sides, whose expectations have been raised so high that SOMEONE has had to have committed serious crimes.

      Having nothing significant happen after all this will make it obvious to EVERYONE, no matter who they support that D.C. is corrupt and will never apply justice to it’s participants.


      • Newhere says:

        True. It’s telling, though, that the Mueller report, nor any other investigation targeted toward Trump, has provided compelling EVIDENCE of actual crime. What’s been charged speaks for itself, as it goes; but as for the innuendo that mis-statements and unrelated financial crimes of loose affiliates equates to treason and conspiracy by Trump and his family — we are right not to buy it just because we’re asked to. Same with the menacing declarations by intelligence officials about Russian “hacking;” these bald assurances are not, in themselves, evidence.

        Point being — this isn’t, or can’t be, a case of swampy “both sides do it.” The take down of Trump failed because it lacks evidence. Those on “Trump’s side” aren’t looking away. They’re saying, is that all you’ve got? And they’re saying thanks but no thanks to “trust me” from the likes of Comey, McCabe, Mueller, Brennan and Clapper.

        I think everyone here knows that if there is to be a reckoning for the attempted coup, it must be based on bona fide, demonstrable, convincing evidence. Not “it’s classified, but trust me.” People can choose not to see or to believe demonstrable facts, just like right now in the face of nothing they believe our president is a traitor. But evidence speaks for itself. So yeah, there’ll be anger. But it’s not because this is all a matter of perception. Unwillingness to accept the truth doesn’t mean there is no truth.

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  31. Brant says:

    If Barr was even remotely ambivalent about the deep state/bureaucracy (honorable profession to him being a lifer), I hope he is having a rude awakening and becoming furious with what is going on and the names he is being called. A saying is a republican is a democrat who has been mugged. He’s being mugged big time. Someone who gets it constantly (battered conservative syndrome) gets punch drunk. Hope he is reeling and will come out swinging big time.


  32. Shadrach says:

    Hmmm, that list of names in the initial list looks alphabetized. What if the last one is DJT Jr, (T comes after S) and the other redaction is Michael Flynn Jr, it looks like fits in the other blank, and it works alphabetically. Yes, they are that stupid to alphabetize.

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  33. Shadrach says:

    Well, my comment that shows I don’t know my ABC’s didn’t show up yet. But here’s my facepalm anyway. I still think the other name is another valid possibility for consideration for that last redaction.

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  34. Counter-investigation? In addition to RR (because he’s weak), I would start with putting the screws to Ben Rhodes…and Farkas and then move on to Susan Rice.


  35. Aunt Clara says:

    Andy McCabe hated Flynn for a variety of reasons – let’s not forget this:


  36. Lucille says:

    “The amount of twisted pressure from this corrupt team of prosecutors is sickening.”

    I have no doubt that all these filthy miscreants believe they will get away with everything. So far their lives have been charmed. Except for the few who have been publicly shamed in very minor ways most of America doesn’t even know about, no one has yet paid any price of significance. There are so many who deserve their comeuppance. Please, God, make this all to change…make them pay in this life as surely as they will pay in the next.

    And who from this point forward will ever see the word “sickening” again and not think of Mittens.

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    • concerned3 says:

      I think charmed in this case as a name – the 2016 Gang-Of-Eight

      Case In Point: Think Peter Strzok knew he was being protected – but who is powerful enough?


    • concerned3 says:

      You have seen this arrogant face before: We know now and can prove that she was being protected.


  37. Bogeyfree says:

    Simple question Mr. Barr to ask Mr. Rosenstein and Mr. Mueller…….

    When did you first learn there was No Collusion? Mid 2017? Late 2017?

    Why when you learned there was No Collusion did you not inform the President or the media?

    Why did you purposely let this false allegation and false narrative to linger, to hang out there for months upon months possibly when you could and should have informed the American public immediately once you became aware?

    How about you start there so you begin to see what type of folks you are dealing with.

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    • concerned3 says:

      Barr must have realized that Mueller Volume II is nothing but a political hit peace, Dossier II. So, they must have a plan for dealing with the conspirators.


    • The reason they didn’t do the honest thing was (1) their media allies had not run enough negative headlines against President Trump to damage him significantly; and (2) THE SC WAS STILL WORKING ON THE OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE ANGLE and were goading the President repeatedly in an effort to get the President to fire Mueller and Rosenstein.

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  38. Margaret Berger says:

    Let us say Barr is honest. He has a mess on his hands. If he is an honest man and a man who believes in the rule of law he will do this “by the book”. He will not take short cuts.

    When you are making conspiracy cases you need insider testimony. You make deals. Rosy is the biggest fish in the net so far. I remember vividly when the net was cast out to get rosey. Those beautiful gold cuff links that the President gave him for appearing before the Supreme Court. President Trump treated him gently. Mccabe bit and thru rosey under the bus. Rosy ended up on a plane with the President. That bought rosey some time and I bet he was still trying to play both sides, praying to satan every night that mueller would find something anything to save his sorry carcass. Then “Along Came Barr”. I am praying to my God every night that rosey has made a deal and has to give them all up.


  39. Fools Gold says:

    Y’all dont forget who appointed Wray & why him?

    Also, Sundance you’ve solved the mystery no one else could. Many koodos, many koodos!

    Now watch how it plays out or predict it, which I think you’ve already done…

    Barr is key, what song will he play in the near future?

    Also, horitz needs the same music sheet as Barr…assuming Barr knows the story of this travesty or is content with it…which is my guess until proven wrong. Words don’t mean schiff when a lashing is about to be or is being renendered is just!


  40. Sassy says:

    A question: Will a House investigation tie up the President with regard to his releasing information and documents, in the same way that the “ongoing” Mueller “investigation” served to prevent the same releases? Will they now claim that the President, by releasing information/documents or defending himself, is now obstructing Congress? What if they begin impeachment proceedings? Will that cause even more delay in the public learning what really happened? Will House action, iow, be another “insurance policy?”


  41. Deplorable Canuck says:

    Stalin would have been proud of the DOJ/FBI. Only in his world is something like this possible.


  42. Alleycats says:

    Oh goodness Sundance, I am so in love with your brain. You are undoubtedly the most intelligent, most driven thinker of the modern era.

    Please… Keep hammering away at it. I eagerly await The Big Ugly.


  43. frances says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for shining light on and through this nightmare. Respect.


  44. Cheesehead54016 says:

    I hope you can get the material and work done that you need to do in the next two weeks. The integrity of the US legal system is at stake and without the integrity the US becomes a banana republic in one or two generations….. or less. Good luck and god bless you patriots.


  45. Republicanvet91 says:

    As a rather corrupt FBI Director once said, so many questions.

    It appears LTG Flynn had to be taken out by any means, so they targeted his son for leverage.

    Sessions? Why target him since he was already recused? Other than to insure he kept his nose out of anything. As we see, he folded like a cheap suit and punted almost everything to Rosenstein.
    Why would be recuse himself anyway since it was clear he contacted any Russians as a part of his Senate duties. Why be so gutless and roll over so easily?

    As for investigating Russian interference for 10 months…who are they kidding? The indictments they produced don’t appear to reflect the amount of evidence supposedly collected. This just sounds as if it is more of an excuse than anything. Or a reason why they targeted certain people.

    “Well, we were just looking at what the Rooskies were up to and we found this other evidence. Golly gee”.

    Simply disgraceful and corrupt throughout.

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  46. Bill says:

    How is anyone going to be held accountable without even a grand jury?… IG can’t do it .nobody has any info if Huber…if people were being called it would be Trump stays and other than some embarrassment…nobody in Obama admin..clapper… FBI…DOJ…a just walk???..that is BS but seems by Rossnsteins involvement. It all just stays covered up..BS!!!.


  47. Jerry Joe says:

    Sundance, the released Simpson testimony always bothered me. He admitted to meetings with Veselnytskaya before and after the Don Jr. meeting, but downplayed his interaction because he did not speak Russian. He admitted to having one Russian speaking employee. Using Bongino’s two hop rule, it would seem likely, that she would have been surveilled to find collusion. 1) Unless Nellie Ohr was using her ham radio to hide further communication, Mueller would have to be aware of other contacts between Simpson and Veselnytskaya or 2) Mueller would have been able to confirm/rule out collusion at that moment. If he was charged with finding Russian collusion, how could his direction of investigation not then shifted? She is one of the very few “actual” Russians whose who did not otherwise have an alternative reason for contacting the Trump campaign.


  48. This is excellent work Sundance!! Right on target!


  49. jus wundrin says:

    Rosenstein was supposed to ‘retire’ after the mewler report was finished, but there he still is. What changed?


    • Ackman420 says:

      When the heck is Flynn getting sentenced? Any word on that?
      At this rate, he’ll get the case dropped after bankrupting him.

      This should be our aim. If we can’t put the coup plotters in prison, we need to bankrupt them, and make their lives a never ending legal hell, courtesy of the Barr DOJ.


    • It isn’t over yet 🙂 plus Barr’s new DAG hasn’t been confirmed yet. Expect RR to stay until it is finished===and IG is finished with him!

      Liked by 1 person

  50. ~I can add only 2 things concerning this article.~
    1) Contact Pres. Trump and ask him WHO suggested Chris Wray as FBI Dir. and tell him to keep a Close-Eye on that Person[s].
    2) Contact A.G. William Barr to make him aware that the Public knows what the CORRUPT DOJ & FBI have done & are still Doing.

    Liked by 1 person

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