U.S. Pledges $10.6 Billion For Central America and Southern Mexico…

There are many voices very angered by an announcement that the U.S. State Department is providing $10.6 billion to Mexico and Central America while congress fights over $5 billion in funding for a Southern Border Wall. CTH is not one of those voices.

First, the article (emphasis mine):

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The United States pledged $5.8 billion in aid and investment Tuesday for strengthening government and economic development in Central America, and another $4.8 billion in development aid for southern Mexico.

The U.S aid aims to promote better security conditions and job opportunities as part of a regional plan to allow Central Americans and Mexicans to remain in their countries and not have to emigrate.

The plan was announced in a joint U.S.-Mexican statement released by the State Department and read aloud by Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Marcelo Ebrard in the Mexican capital.  “In sum I think this is good news, very good news for Mexico,” Ebrard said.

Newly inaugurated President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador waxed poetic about the plan to provide jobs so people won’t have to emigrate.

“I have a dream that I want to see become a reality … that nobody will want to go work in the United States anymore,” Lopez Obrador said at a morning news conference before the announcement.

The combination of public and private investment for the stay-at-home effort doesn’t require congressional approval, unlike Trump’s signature project to stem illegal immigration — a border wall. (read more)

What I see here is President Trump deploying a root-cause workaround for the current border argument, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo carrying it out.

I strongly suspect there was an agreement of this sort long before the USMCA was finalized and made public.  As part of an agreement with President Lopez-Obrador, [insert Jared Kushner here] these funds will be used to secure Mexico’s border effectively cutting-off the Central American migration flow before it can reach the Southern U.S.

This approach is entirely in line with nationalist AMLO’s objectives for a larger and more stable economy within Mexico specifically by partnering with nationalist U.S. President Trump toward that common goal [See USMCA details].

If Trump can’t get congress to agree to defend the U.S. border, he can damn sure leverage and entice Lopez-Obrador to do it a few miles south.  This approach is POTUS Trump working on optimal solutions while encountering domestic political roadblocks.  This is exactly what President Trump does…. find solutions.

President Trump can sit around righteously fighting with the swamp over the security issues (historic political approach); or he can fight the swamp while simultaneously deploying a solution that mitigates the issue at its root cause (thinking outside the box).

What would a businessman president do?

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558 Responses to U.S. Pledges $10.6 Billion For Central America and Southern Mexico…

  1. Hebo Sabe says:

    Here, let’s just give our money away. Like some conservatives say, that’s a good idea. Small wonder we have so many Paul Ryan’s seeded into our party?

    We don’t need no stinkin’ wall. /s /irony

    We are now living in a time where the IQ regression to the arithmetic mean… means nothing much at all.

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  2. If anyone missed this you can listen to his speech!

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  3. nice picture of them both!

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    OK, let’s say most of these funds actually do filter through the various levels of the corrupt Mexican government structure and make it to ‘southern Mexico’. There’s a pretty solid and well established drug transit freeway down there that includes land, air and sea routes and we’ve been ‘cooperating’ with the Mexicans for decades to close that off.
    Ah well…..maybe this time…

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  5. Grandpa with Luke

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  6. czarowniczy says:

    Small piece today in one of my feeds. China has a very popular contest that tests Chinese students’ abilities to perform and answer questions in English. They are judged by a panel that includes members from US and British universities. It’s immensely popular and is broadcast on the state CCTV system.This year one major Chinese province is not allowing its students to compete as they are responding to civilian requests to curtail the crushing load of work the state’s imposed on students at all levels.

    Meanwhile my grandchildren are off on a two week Xmas/New Year holiday and will return to school in January to resume their studies in how their European progenitors are the direct and sole cause of all evil in the modern world.

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  7. Getting out of Syria finally!

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  8. Don’t give money until all these questions are answered!

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  9. Renate says:

    Yes, let’s stop the invaders before they get to our borders! Makes sense to me.

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  10. Luke of the D says:

    OPIC guys! This is NOT taxpayer money! It is OPIC doing EXACTLY what OPIC is designed to do! Stop panicking about that which you do not understand! You look like fools!

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  11. swamph8er says:

    There is too much corruption in Mexico to ensure Northern/Southern border security without wiping out the cartels first.

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  12. 6x47 says:

    It would be an excellent idea to build a big, beautiful wall along Mexico’s southern border. Much shorter distance. And then get Mexico to interdict the flow of migrants – keep them out of the USA. Now THAT’S forward thinking.

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  13. Snowball says:

    Hey Mexicans , we are going to pay you money to stay in your country , set on your ass and do nothing. Now build our wall. Oh that’s right Trump said Mexico will build the wall but Mexico says screw you Trump , we ain’t building your stinking wall , so America give me some money and lots of it. Trumps says ok, it’s on the way. America is dying.

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  14. JAMES says:

    Use this money to build a secure border at Mexico’s Southern Border.

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  15. bwcarey says:

    ten billion, or a hundred billion, there are huge immigration issues across the world, not just Mexico, it’s a global issue, call it a pandemic, cause that is what it is, meanwhile, there is 25 trillion offshore, and the same elsewhere, a new mindset is required, nothing less, amen, how long can tax havens be allowed to exist as they do, given the dire need in so many locations, they only accommodate thievery on a Babylonian scale.


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