The Media are Just as Complicit in DOJ, FBI, Corruption and FISA Abuse…

We shared a discussion thread several months ago about how the media are enmeshed within the story of the DOJ and FBI corruption. The media engagements with the parties swirling around the FBI, DOJ and Clinton-Steele Dossier are so pervasive they cannot reasonably report on any aspect of the story without exposing their own duplicity.

As more and more information surfaces about corrupt DOJ and FBI activity, it’s worth remembering the media’s complicit role.  Here’s an updated review for context:

Michael Isikoff highlighted that level of how enmeshed media is with the story in February when he admitted his reporting was being used by the DOJ and FBI to advance the political objectives of the intelligence community. Additionally, FBI investigator Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page were shown in their text messages to be leaking stories from the Clinton Investigation, the Trump investigation and the Mueller investigation to journalists at Politico, The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. –SEE HERE

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was busted by the Inspector General leaking stories to the media and then lying about it to INSD and IG investigators. FBI Director James Comey admitted to leaking stories to the New York Times, and even hired his friend Andrew Richman (off-the-books), gave him access to FBI and NSA databases, and then leaked information to Richman along with another friend Benjamin Wittes at Lawfare blog.

Lest we forget, the IG report on how the FBI handled the Clinton investigation revealed that dozens of FBI officials were actually taking bribes from the media for information:

IG REPORT – We identified numerous FBI employees, at all levels of the organization and with no official reason to be in contact with the media, who were nevertheless in frequent contact with reporters. Attached to this report as Attachments E and F are two link charts that reflect the volume of communications that we identified between FBI employees and media representatives in April/May and October 2016. We have profound concerns about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel that we have uncovered during our review.


[…] We do not believe the problem is with the FBI’s policy, which we found to be clear and unambiguous. Rather, we concluded that these leaks highlight the need to change what appears to be a cultural attitude among many in the organization. (link to pdf – page Xii of executive summary)


This is an IG fact-based criticism of the institution of the FBI, not simply a few rogue officials within it.

But wait…. Perspective:

Later it was revealed that Andrew Weissman, Robert Mueller’s #1 special counsel prosecutor, was coordinating investigative efforts with the full support of four AP reporters who were giving Weissman tips.  That’s information from journalists to use in his court filings and submitted search warrants.  Make sure you grasp this: The AP journalists were feeding information to their ideological allies within the special counsel.

Nuts; simply, well, nuts.

And then there’s Devlin Barrett, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok:

(Source Link – pdf Page #5)

Additionally, Christopher Steele has stated in U.K. court records the person in charge of the Clinton Campaign’s opposition research firm, Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS, arranged and coordinated for Mr. Steele to talk to several journalists (CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Yahoo News and Mother Jones) while Mr. Steele was also the primary source of information for the FBI investigators (including Strzok and Page):

(Source – page #8)

Make sure you read that full response from Christopher Steele above to see the scope of the media engagements he was conducting.

As more evidence surfaces the relationship between journalists, Fusion-GPS, Chris Steele and the media’s DOJ/FBI sources begins blending together. The FBI was using media reports, which were based on Fusion-GPS pitches, to bolster its investigative documents to the FISA court. It is an intelligence laundry operation:

According to the U.K records, Christopher Steele reports this September 2016 meeting with Isikoff was arranged by Glenn Simpson. According to Michael Isikoff on his February podcast, he met Christopher Steele at a Washington, D.C. hotel in Sept. 2016. They were joined by his “old friend” Glenn Simpson, the founder of opposition research firm Fusion GPS, who Isikoff now defines as a “private investigator.”

So Christopher Steele was meeting with journalists, the journalists were writing articles; the FBI was leaking to media and simultaneously citing those same articles as underlying evidence to support their counterintelligence investigations; and all of this was used to validate the investigative documents the FBI was receiving from Christopher Steele; who, along with the leaking FBI officials, was also the source of the media articles.

FUBAR! This is exponentially bonkers.

This is a circle of information, all coming from Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS, who was the opposition research firm being financed by Hillary Clinton, along with FBI officials who were using their own strategic leaks to validate their own investigation.

Think about the scale of the reporting, and reporting on reporting, of anonymous leaks, false leaks, lies from “people with knowledge of the matter”, “government officials involved in the matter”, “people familiar with the matter”, “government sources” etc. all going in one unified and semi-coordinated direction – against the aggregate Trump administration.

Now, it actually gets even more convoluted.

Christopher Steele has sworn under oath that he met with multiple journalists (at least eight organizations) in September, mid-October, and late-October 2016: “at Fusion’s instruction“. (pdf page #7)

Overlay upon that sworn admission with what Glenn Simpson (Fusion-GPS) told the House Intelligence Committee while also under oath about his involvement in sharing information derived from Christopher Steele:

(Testimony – pdf link, page #147)

…”without my knowledge and against my wishes”?


FBI Director James Comey admits to leaking his ‘memos’ to the New York Times. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was busted for leaking and lying about it. FBI #2 Counterintelligence Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Attorney Lisa Page are caught in their text messages leaking to Politico, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

…. AND the FBI is caught, in at least one FISA application, using Yahoo media reports provided by them AND their investigative source Christopher Steele to establish a basis for FISA “Title I” surveillance; the most intrusive and wide-open search and surveillance authority possible.

The Clinton Campaign is paying Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research against Donald Trump. In addition to Glenn Simpson pushing that opposition research into the media, Fusion GPS is also providing that opposition research –including information from contacts with media– directly to the FBI:

(pdf link – page #4)

… In addition to using the Fusion-GPS opposition research to underpin their counterintelligence investigation, the FBI then turn around and leak the same opposition research information to the media to create secondary support for their counterintelligence investigation.

Tell me again how the media can possibly write about this now?

The problem is not just corruption with the U.S. Justice System, the DOJ and the FBI; the problem is corruption within the media.

We’re talking about thousands of hours of media TV pundits, thousands more columns written, and almost every scintilla of it based on originating intelligence sources -from the larger intelligence system- that are now being exposed as duplicitous and conspiratorial in the scale of their malicious intent.

This larger story-line has traveled in one direction. The narrative has only traveled in one direction. Each thread converging on codependent trails for collective stories all going in one direction. One big engineered narrative endlessly pushed. Think about how far the collective media have traveled with this story over the past eighteen months?

Hell, twenty-something-year-old “journalists” were so committed to the resistance narrative they were even sleeping with their sources to get any little engineering angle possible.

Now, over a period of several months, it has become increasingly obvious the collective journey, using all that expended effort, was going in the wrong direction.

The media have fully invested themselves in eighteen months of narrative distribution in only one direction. Not a single MSM entity has questioned their travel as a result of false leaks or false sources in the totality of time they have covered the DOJ and FBI story.

Nothing within their collective need to will-an-outcome will change the media’s proximity to facts when the truthful story behind the DOJ and FBI corruption is finally exposed. The media are so far away from the place where this story ends, they have no inherent capability to even begin to travel in the opposite direction, toward the truth.

The only way they could align with the truth is to admit that virtually every scintilla of their reportage over the past 18 months was inherently false or manipulated by the “sources” distributing the material for their reporting.

There’s not a single media outlet capable of doing that.

Think about a New York Times, CNN, New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, Yahoo News or Washington Post journalist now having to write an article deconstructing a foundation of two-years worth of lies they participated in creating.

Do we really think such a catastrophic level of corrupted journalism could reconstitute into genuine reporting of fact-based information?




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231 Responses to The Media are Just as Complicit in DOJ, FBI, Corruption and FISA Abuse…

  1. Caius Lowell says:

    Seeing how Clinton got away with corrupting Arkansas, being impeached, and the Clinton Foundation (and who knows what else) and Dubya got away with 9/11, I suppose Obama will get away with his FISA Court abuse.

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    • JAS says:

      Sadly, I agree.

      Do you know the difference between poor criminals and rich criminals?

      They are both criminals, but rich criminals can pay others to carry out their criminality. That is the power base – money.

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      • JAS says:

        Forgot the link! NYT article from 2008.

        “Just months after the Kazakh pact was finalized, Mr. Clinton’s charitable foundation received its own windfall: a $31.3 million donation from Mr. Giustra that had remained a secret until he acknowledged it last month. The gift, combined with Mr. Giustra’s more recent and public pledge to give the William J. Clinton Foundation an additional $100 million, secured Mr. Giustra a place in Mr. Clinton’s inner circle, an exclusive club of wealthy entrepreneurs in which friendship with the former president has its privileges.”

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        • cali says:

          @JAS: Not to hijack this thread but Frank Guistra, The Clintons and their CF being rolled up as we speak via the DOJ indictment by prosecutor Berman/NY as the massive “Panama Papers” unmasked them with massive money laundering helped along by Fonsecca.
          The recent raids on the Deutsche Bank, Danske Bank and others nabbed 4 major players involved in money laundering nabbing four (4) individuals. Three of them have been arrested while one Panama citizen is still at large.
          Read the indictment from AG Berman last week – the take down of the CF among a host of others is underway.


      • SD says:

        Too much of a paper trail with FISA.

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    • TexasDude says:

      “W got away with 9-11”


      Did ya forget, he touted himself as the “Education President”, not a war time president.

      The failings of 9-11 were institutional, massive, and started long before W took office.

      OBL once claimed that a major reason for his anger was that the US was on Muslim Holy Land in Saudi Arabia. Funny thing is, we left to placate that sentiment which was expressed by others and that long before 9-11.

      There is plenty to slamn W for, but the Truther stuff is distortions, half-truths, and out right lies sleekly packaged for consumption.


      • Caius Lowell says:

        So you’re saying Building 7 fell down all by itself because it was, what, tired? Fell down in sympathy with its WTC brothers? Or maybe it didn’t fall down? Either way, good to know!

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        • testpointwp says:

          When you find yourself establishing your position on the scientific analysis of Rosie O’Donnell, you might want to look for another source.

          Building 7 feel because of fire. Burning debris from WTC 1 ignited material in WTC 7. Aerial pictures clearly show burning debris surrounding WTC 7. The failure of the water supply from the collapse of WTC 1 left the sprinkler system in WTC 7 ineffective. The fires spread and building 7 collapsed.

          You can now return to watching the View.

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          • Crabby says:

            You didn’t see the real time video of the City saying they were gonna blow building 7.
            Fire don’t drop buildings. Clinton investigation files were in that building.

            Having learned what we have, you are foolish for calling anyone crazy for believing anything. WTC was NOT investigated aND the culprits were KNOWN within minutes. Really?

            I don’t know and neither do you, so hold you tongue, until you become informed. Try physics and see what temp metal melts at. Check controlled demolition and see how the buildings fall. Fire does not burn so controlled everything collapses at the same second in time.

            Dunno if 911 was our swamp or who, but rest assure it wasn’t bin laden.

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            • Right to reply says:

              My belief, is the NSA/CIA/FBI/DOJ knew what was going to happen, and they let it happen because it was beneficial to those who eventually benefited. Research who benefited after 9/11, and then ask yourself this. Why wait several months to avenge the deaths of Americans. Why go into Iraq when Afghanistan, and Pakistan would have dealt with it, and then go and search for the Qaddafi video where he tells Assad, and Saddam, that America is coming for them, and why it is coming for them. And, then research that meeting and the discussion to lift Africa out of poverty using GOLD.

              GW didn’t give a damn about 9/11. He wanted to finish what his father started.


            • John Denney says:

              Metals soften at temperatures well below their melting points.

              “. . . structural steel begins to soften around 425°C and loses about half of its strength at 650°C.”

              Also, the fire heated the steel framework unevenly, causing thermal expansion in some places, but not others, which caused buckling.



              • Crabby says:

                Soften metals don’t collapse in unison.

                You’ve never ever seen ANY building collapse like the 3 wtc buildings ever – except controlled demolition. All four corners, all four sides and the entire middle sections all at the exact same time, Fire don’t work that way.

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                • davideisenstadt says:

                  Cite another case where two jets loaded with tens of thousands of gallons of jet fuel crashed into buildings travelling hundreds of miles per hour please.
                  Are you a PE?
                  A metallurgical scientist?
                  An architect?
                  A fireman?
                  Have you ever worked hot steel?


                • Caius Lowell says:

                  Exactly correct! davideisenstadt needs to remember that no plane hit Building 7, and yet it fell anyway, completely symmetrically and at free fall speed, as if the building’s entire skeletal structure evaporated simultaneously. Steel don’t work that way.

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          • Caius Lowell says:

            More like engineers and architects — which one are you?


        • donnyvee says:

          Hi Caius. I have had a problem with building seven collapsing since I saw it happen live that morning. It didn’t make sense to me then nor does it now.

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          • Caius Lowell says:

            BBC reported that Building 7 fell, *BEFORE IT FELL*! So not only was there magic physics on 9/11 — solid steel beams magically evaporating so Building 7 could fall at free-fall speed — but there was also magical time transport! Amazing!

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            • vladdy says:

              I remember that day well. I was teaching (English and social studies), and we had the TV on all day and that night. I distinctly remember hearing them say, for a half hour or more, that the media has been notified by officials that Bldg 7 will be demolished purposefully by authorities because it received so much damage that it was not safe to have it in the condition it was, where it could fall anytime, for the 1st responders and those trying to get in and out of the area.

              Then I remember the lead-up.”.Okay, here it we told you, the authorities are preparing to take down the building as we speak. We’ll keep our cameras on it and…there it goes!”

              Now, those aren’t exact words, but close enough, yet I keep hearing people say, yeah, but building 7 fell and it wasn’t hit, as if they have discovered something new. Doesn ‘t anybody else remember that?

              The day is seared upon my mind and was the final straw to change my political ideals from left to right. Thereafter, I voted for W (no comment on that) and GOP from then on, when I had been a leftist, socialist, Green Party, pretty much straight dim voter up till then (voting for such luminaries, for various offices and in primaries as Jerry Brown twice, Ralph Nader (Greens), Jesse Jackson (primaries, CA) with Kennedy and Cuomo as idols.)

              That day is one I will never forget, and I’m sure others also remember the explanation, build-up, camera focusing on, and then the demolition of the building with full commentary from the media (who could have been lying; I don’t know, but it’s no big secret or mystery about that building falling “all by itself” as some say).


      • bitterlyclinging says:

        Maybe Caius Lowell needs the security footage from the National Archives of Sandy Berger stuffing the Clinton Administration records regarding al Qaeda’s preparations for 9/11 into his socks and shorts for shredding, never to be seen again.
        But the Left never changes their talking points. Voluntarily, that is.


      • Well, I have ever after always thought that, if I had been President that day, I would have ordered those planes shot down, if they could not be forced down otherwise. and I would have torn into the non-communicating “intelligence” agencies, for discounting valid intelligence that would have stopped them beforehand.


    • Jederman says:

      That all presents a big problem for PTrump. He vowed to drain the swamp. Everyone wants a good economy etc etc but half the country now KNOWS the corruption is so bad that fed LE, IC and former dem admins are ASSUMED (rightfully) to be very guilty of serious crimes.

      It will be hard to let them all walk. If the swamp isn’t on its way to being drained, in earnest, by the 2020 elections PTrump will need to scrape up some votes elsewhere to get re-elected.

      Then you have to ask yourself: Why would ANYONE want to be in charge of a country that is obviously corrupt? Disregard the question if you’re a dem.

      How long do they think it will be before there’s a big run on yellow jackets in this country if the good citizens don’t see corrections to the current trajectory?

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    • Did the FISA Court abuse come from only the FBI/DOJ or was the right FISA judge or judges selected by Roberts key?

      House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes wants to talk to Roberts about the issue because he appoints judges to the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court through which the FBI obtained warrants to spy on Carter Page and the Donald Trump campaign, the Washington Examiner reported.

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      • cali says:

        @Concerned : I’m glad to brought that up!

        Justice Roberts has lately become vocal and his dismay or negative statement reflected his personal dislike of president Trump. For me that is a problematic issue as I expect a judge from the SC to keep his mouth shut rather than voicing a political opinion.

        Roberts was pressured by Hussein and HRC to endorse Obama care there is no doubt. I do believe that there is something in Roberts past that was sufficient enough for him to dance to the tune of Hussein/Brennan writ large after being spied on like everyone else.

        Hussein et al had leverage over Roberts since then. Roberts just so happen to be the person in charge of the judges appointed to the FISA court.

        Since Contreras who we know for sure approved 1 of the FISA apps was canoodling with Strzok and Page as could be read in their messages published here by @Sundance and other new media outlets. Contreras also handled the Flynn case, indicting him while having approved the FISA app ergo he had a big conflict of interest.

        Despite Flynn’s request for Contreras to remain as judge adjudicating his case Contreras stepped down. Nobody to this day knows why and who caused him to step down.

        Enter Roberts: It is my belief that Roberts is the one calling Contreras to recuse himself from the Flynn case.

        @Sundance: I begin to belief that Roberts and judges on the FISA court are also dirty having assisted this treason via the FISA court.

        Since when does a judge never asks any questions or keeps any type of records or register of the cases that comes before them? The supposedly mighty and secret FISA court suppose to be without blemishes but it was NOT so in this ‘Spygate”?

        How many judges were involved and what was Roberts role? There is something very rotten here that has not been explained yet.

        That takes me back to Flynn who went on a nearly suicide mission pleading guilty not because he lied. Heck – Flynn was a top military intelligence chief far above all of their pay grade. He did no lie!
        Flynn intentionally admitted to a process lie to get into their system. Once inside that system he had the means and guts via his remaining crew left in the Trump administration to dismantle this shit show aka Spygate.

        Remember – each and every one Mike Flynn brought into the national security advisor to the president has NO media foot print anywhere. They – as any good military intelligence specialist/officer – are still with the Trump administration to this day. Nobody knows who they are, where they are or what their names are.
        McMaster – the traitor and deep state actor – did not fire them and could not fire them because he did not know of their existence.

        That was the sacrifice Mike Flynn made – to take this shit show and treasonous/seditious apparatus down from within. That is why he pled guilty of lying despite knowing they were setting him up and framing him.
        What Strzok, Pientka, Hussein and Yates et al did not know is that Flynn recorded his ‘ambush’ interview that day!

        @Sundance: Superbly written and analyzed!

        Huber, Horowitz, Whitaker and Wray: These four (4) men met for several hours on the day of the funeral of Bush Sr in a secret and highly secure SCIF location to co-ordinate and plan for their next move and action.

        Look for a major shoe to drop!


  2. JAS says:

    Thanks SD. I also see the media as the propaganda arm of the FBI, and the FBI is the thugs in charge of progressive political law enforcement. It looks to me that it has always been that way ever since the creation of the FBI.

    Read the short history in the link below. I’ve verified it as correct with other sources. There was absolutely no reason whatsoever to create the FBI. It was the progressives that did it in 1908: President Roosevelt and Attorney General Bonaparte.

    And yes, apparently Theo was a progressive. Just search his name jointly with progressive…

    The U.S. Marshals Service was more than enough law enforcement for the Federal government. It was created when the DOJ was created, in the Judiciary Act of 1789, which was signed by then President Washington. I am guessing here now that progressive politicians had little control over the U.S. Marshals Service so they needed another enforcement arm that better suited their agenda.

    But the facts are clear: The “Bureau of Investigation” was a creation of the progressive agenda in this country at the beginning of the 20th century.

    The article below might be an eye opener for some. An excerpt:

    “Today, most Americans take for granted that our country needs a federal investigative service, but in 1908, the establishment of this kind of agency at a national level was highly controversial. The U.S. Constitution is based on “federalism:” a national government with jurisdiction over matters that crossed boundaries, like interstate commerce and foreign affairs, with all other powers reserved to the states. Through the 1800s, Americans usually looked to cities, counties, and states to fulfill most government responsibilities. However, by the 20th century, easier transportation and communications had created a climate of opinion favorable to the federal government establishing a strong investigative tradition.”

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  3. jack says:

    I think what we need is an Extroverted, Funny, Charismatic A.G that is not afraid to evoke “fear” into the Media, and Congress, and corrupt FBI/DOJ people, and enjoys mixing it up with everybody! With smiles and arrests at the same time! 🙂

    Just like Trump has done as President!

    Trump needs someone who is like Trump in the A.G. spot! And start massive arrests and firings based on I.G. reports and really clean up the swamp!

    An A.G. that will get in the face of the media and start arresting journalists/editorial heads/ and CEO’s of these companies … showing the collusion with China and other countries and intentional false “fake” news … and subversion of our Country!

    Enough with the making “nice” to MSM in the A.G. spot and playing it safe.

    Trump needs an A.G. that is more “powerful” than Mueller! And has a team of 100 battle-hardened DOJ lawyers behind him going after the bad guys in the DOJ/FBI/Media! And has the balls to arrest Mueller and the 17 angry dems … and raid their homes and show how they corrupted the system.

    Will this happen? I don’t know. Do you think this will happen?

    Does Sundance think this will happen?

    …. BUT it should happen…..,… right?

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    • notfaded1 says:

      It seems the only thing that can break this log jam is another special counsel I’m afraid. The media sure isn’t going to do their job… they’re too invested in the lies they’ve been perpetrating for past 20 months.


    • litlbit2 says:

      Totally agree Jack.

      Thanks Sundance for writing this article. Very refreshing and of great importance to keep these propaganda outlets exposed hiding behind the term, news.

      I would also if possible suggest when giving us information please add the reporters or outlets to the articles.

      Thanks Sundance you are a very special person. 🌲🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏


    • guest4ever says:

      Joe DeGenova(spelling?)


    • vladdy says:

      Andrew McCarthy has a piece at National Review (I know — EW!) that is glowing with praise about the new AG for all the wrong reasons. AM stated that he worked with Mueller under Bush, and I was expecting something like “so he knows all his dirt”- instead it went into writing about how “the two men respect each other” and work well together and all this and then complained about DT’s latest Twit “tirade.”

      I’ve tried to like AM since his early books about islam, but he keeps on denying me that pleasure. He is a DC insider with respect for all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons. I remember thinking as I read that earlier tonight, in paragraph after paragraph, he would write things about why it was such a great pick that had me thinking “NO! That’s not right!”…mostly to do with the assumption that the “investigation” must continue and how much integrity everyone has — and that type of swamp rhetoric.

      Would quote more of it, but too lazy to go back and look it up, but if anyone wants to check that piece — geesh, it’s definitely from the GW, Clinton, pro-FBI/DOJ point-of-view when what we need is an END to that and — as someone just posted here — someone more in the line of outsider Trump to help clean things up.


  4. I often think of Washington DC as full of people who have given up on the great experiment known as America and are just trying to steal and pillage as much money as they can as quickly as they can before it all goes to hell.

    That’s what typically happens with any complex organization when it’s headed downhill is everyone becomes a parasite and starts stripping it bare because they’re cowards, gave up hope or think someone else will do it if they don’t do it first. Ironically, the latter perspective is what Soros had when he collaborated with the Nazis in pillaging and murdering his own people, to paraphrase that famous video interview he did.

    The fake news media falls squarely into this category, they’re just covering for the pillaging of America in return for their cut. They’re godless parasites and enablers of parasites.

    We have let them get away with it up until now because at first we did not know it was going on because of these people. Then later we knew it was going on but they were shaming us into accepting it. Now they’re turning to violence and intimidation.

    Its been going on a long time. It takes a long time to kill off and pick clean the greatest civilization in the history of man. But now it’s going to come down to moral courage to wipe these parasites out and get our country back on the right path toward cooperation and production rather than parasitism.

    Violence, murder and intimidation can only be fought with the power of God and the knowledge of salvation in fighting evil. Particularly on the part of our men – they’re targeting our men especially because their demise will arrive from men of great moral courage. Christ is the final pillar of western civilization that I am hoping beyond hope will return back to the forefront in our society, because the flesh is too weak without him. We’re going to lose this fight without a great and historic revival. Only God can deliver us from this terrible evil.

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    • Shelley Keith Childs says:


      Heavenly Father, we thank you and praise you for our country. Please thwart the evil plans of men, and expose the evil deeds of men so that they will not escape justice, and rescue from destruction the innocent, the helpless, the unwary, and the unsaved. Protect those facing persecution, blessing and shielding them, and touch the hearts of their persecutors, lifting the veil, so that they will recognize their sin, repent, and trust Jesus Christ as savior.

      Father we pray that you would give us politicians who have clarity, integrity, and passion for what is right. Give them great intelligence to solve problems, but please give them great strength of character, to stay away from anything corrupt or sinful as well.

      Bless all who love us and all whom we love. Bless and protect Donald Trump, Mike Pence, all incoming Cabinet Members and Aides to the President, all lawmakers who uphold Biblical principles, law-keepers in all branches of the military and in all law enforcement agencies and ALL of their families, and work your good and perfect will in their lives this day, so that they will lead spiritually fruitful, spiritually productive lives, and as happy, healthy, and long as you have appointed with your good and perfect will, free from malevolent interferences.

      Protect us from a slow agonizing destruction we pray.

      In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  5. beach lover says:

    This has been stated a thousand times, but it is unfortunately true.

    Until there are arrests made, it will be ignored. Until there are names named, in the media, this will remain uncovered by the press. As long as they hold together, and the corruption in the FBI, DOJ can be smoothed over with a few..”shouldn’t have done that”, the media will stay the course.

    Mueller is the Insurance policy.. and it is paying off.


    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      More or less. The Deep State has many systemic advantages despite losing the 2016 presidential election. They’ve been gaming our government and culture for decades, which has given them concentrated power. Six media corporations now control over 90% of all news content, which makes the idea of a free press laughable.

      The current press is easily manipulated and full of indoctrinated left-wingers. They do their master’s bidding without a second thought as long as they employed.


  6. TwoLaine says:

    While the “media” were salivating over every line and facial expression at 41’s funeral on Wednesday, trying to make it all about POTUS TRUMP & FLOTUS Melania, they missed this jewel from Alan Simpson, or I am sure, misapplied it to our First Family (Total NEWCOMERS to D.C.):

    “those who travel the high road of humility in Washington, D.C., are not bothered by heavy traffic”

    I view this as not applicable to the First Family, but to the PERENNIAL SWAMP that surrounds them on a daily basis. The career politicians, media, lobbyists, foreign grafters, etc….

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  7. Smiley says:

    This is nothing new. We have known the media is what they have demonstrated.

    The question is how do you override their volume to penetrate the misinformed masses?

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    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      I’d argue the corporate media was overcome and largely ignored in the 2016 election. Social media and the Internet destroyed Hillary’s candidacy, which led to Trump winning. That is why the Deep State and Establishment quickly moved after the election to seize control of social media and put a clamp-down on right-wing posters. The media hysteria over Russia was used to give cover to sites like Facebook and other social media giants, suppressing any viewpoint that went against leftist indoctrination and groupthink. The Democrats view social media as one of the critical reasons why Trump upset Hillary, so they put it an end to it through their buddies in Silicon Valley.

      That is why 2020 will have a much different election environment. 2018 was the test to see how voters would react without prominent right-wing voices on social media. Conservative contributors have been swiftly eliminated from virtually all of the major social media sites and pushed to fringe outlets with much less traffic.

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      • 1stgoblyn says:

        2018 was the test to see how much fraud the dims could get away with.

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      • vladdy says:

        Speaking of social media:

        Do you know what way too many people at tumblr are upset about (contrary to conventional wisdom, there is a good community of thoughtful, knowledgeable conservatives/nationalists/trads there). Nope, not the enforcement of “groupthink” or the censoring of non-PC views…it’s because tumblr is banning porn.

        I see those comments on there like “Who else is leaving tumblr 12-17?” (day it takes effect) and I’m like “leave your social media site because…no porn? Seriously?” but yep.


  8. notfaded1 says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… we need a new special counsel. There’s no way the DOJ are going to be able to investigate themselves and the FBI… the corruption just runs too deep! We need an unbiased investigator and team to investigate the actions of the DOJ, FBI, and current SC. This really needs to be started before Jan 1 as well. The best thing that could happen right now would be for Whitaker to do a press conference and announce that evidence that has come to light requires a new SC investigation. I don’t see how any of this gets uncovered any other way. Does anyone else think there’s another way?


    • marko says:

      agree 100%. Sessions was asked repeatedly to appoint one and refused. We got Huber who proceeded to do nothing but accumulate air miles per Mark Meadows. If we find out through his testimony that nothing has done on the Clinton investigation he needs to be fired and prosecuted for obstruction of justice. Where are the grand juries and indictments Mr. Huber? Exactly what the hell have you been doing?


  9. Now add ON TOP of all of that deliberate colluding, that half of the country willingly believes what the colluders keep putting out — against what their own “lying eyes” could tell them, if they were into actually looking and thinking honestly.

    The key words in the above report are these very few:

    “…what appears to be a cultural attitude…” (within the FBI).

    The “cultural attitude” is not limited to the FBI. The Insane Left — my description, coined back in 2009 or 2010 — believes they are the “kinder, gentler America” that deserves to live (through their gentle tyranny, of course).

    It is an alien culture being foisted upon America, touted as politically correct and hence unquestionable in its (pretended) righteousness.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. StanH says:

    The MSM has long been the swamp/cabal stenographers, and when they deem it necessary, will weight the truth to fit their narrative. A quick example: Walter Duranty reporter for the NYT’s Pulitzer winning articles on the wonders of Stalin’s Russia in 1931. He later earned the name as Stalin’s Apologist by conveniently ignoring Stalin’s Purges, for the good of the state, and promotion of Marxism. The Pulitzer was already corrupt as was the NYT’s “All the News That’s Fit to Print,”

    Yellow Journalism, an adjective for unscrupulous journalism. Bicentenary of Journalism Cause good news is no news,” says Kirk Douglas’ plotting, amoral reporter in Billy Wilder’s yellow journalism classic. Brought to us by William R Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer proud members of the Cabal.

    These creeps attend the same schools and are indoctrinated by the same professors with the same leftist ideology. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone when this incestuous relationship are exposed again.

    The MSM has completely bastardized the 1st Amendment or what the Founders meant for a Free Press. You cannot trust anything that the MSM says, and I mean anything. They lie, cheat, and steal.

    Checks & Balances. That quaint phrase now means exactly that, whose writing the check and how much is my balance. These creeps are fighting to maintain their seat on the gravy train, this entire coup endangers the graft, so the MSM is all in.

    MAGA! …by ignoring Fake News!

    Liked by 1 person

    • SalixVeridi says:

      Excellent analysis. It is still astounding to me that individuals in these bastions of so-called journalistic cabals, that not one….one!…has resigned. I would have thought to go on national TV and lie through your teeth, knowing you are feeding false and dangerous information to the American people at large, would eventually touch your conscience.

      Evidently, they ignore their conscience, or don’t have one at all, or the lure of power and money is so great, they would rather sell their souls. The whole thing is Orwellian in nature, and makes me feel so awful for our beautiful country.

      They need to be exposed. Each and every one of them who has participated in this ‘news drivel’ with an intent to sway public opinion.


      • StanH says:

        That is something that is vitally important that President Trump is doing on a daily basis, exposing the press as frauds…Fake News. Their approval numbers are between 8-12%, and this is polling from their own MSM construct.

        I believe the MSM is as petrified as the swamp of losing their power. This is what President Trump and his Deplorable Army represents to them and all swamp denizens is an existential threat to the DC/NY gravy-train.


    • Zorro says:

      We are ignoring them. Multi millions aren’t.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. fractionalexponent says:

    Remember Strzok bragging on his burner phone that he was not dumb enough to use his government phone in the SCIF?

    thought he would not be fired if he just retired?
    the arrogant twisted facial contortions?
    the psychopathic malice aforethought?

    Let fools talk. Their own words bring them down.

    It’s a Turing Test…are we dealing with good or evil?


  12. Neo says:

    Given the recent email stream contents, did Comey decide to forego prosecution of Hillary Clinton based on his possible believe that Trump had done worse and he didn’t want to throw legal shade on both major candidates ?

    Was he willing to throw the election for one candidate but not two ?

    Did he really try to help Clinton but the Trump part didn’t materialize fast enough (prompting the letter to Congress) ?

    Did Coney try to be the hero of the nation and screw it all up ?


  13. Jess says:

    And universities groomed many in the media to be pawns for the effort to destroy the United States.

    The duplicity runs deep, but hiding it is now a problem that is not only apparent, enough are demanding accountability. Media outlets are starting to feel the economic repercussions, and when at least one person is prosecuted, due to the fact the first amendment doesn’t protect against sedition, the cowards will run, and the house of cards will start tumbling.

    Liked by 1 person


    Any person in the above job areas who is
    not corrupt, report IMMEDIATELY to the the phone booth on the corner of 5th and Market St. in center city Philadelphia.


  15. KnowSERENoFear says:

    “The only way they could align with the truth is to admit that virtually every scintilla of their reportage over the past 18 months was inherently false or manipulated by the “sources” distributing the material for their reporting.

    There’s not a single media outlet capable of doing that.”

    I can not understand why a network like OANN can’t cover this. Granted they are not large and not available everywhere. But this is how they could really get on the map. Just think if they dedicated themselves to investigating/exposing everything we hear from SD? I know I’d be glued to their coverage…it would be like the Jodi Arias/Casey Anthony/OJ Simpson trials on steroids for Conservatives…but not drama…just the basic facts. I think the demand and exposure for this content would force the hands of the other networks…even via their denial.

    I also think there are whistleblowers dying to talk but they have no place to go. A network like OANN might provide them a forum. (I only use OANN because I am most familiar with them…they seem on the up and up. But I’m sure I’m neglecting other small potential players)

    Or better yet: CTHTV! C’mon SD…please!


  16. Trump Train says:

    Still no rope, still no tree, still no snapped necks……………


  17. I have said several times to my liberal friend that I make up my own mind about issues; I don’t need a talking head to tell me how to think. She just stares at me. No comment.

    I think the media has just gone completely off the rails. There was not a single political word spoken by the Bush family at the funeral, but the media couldn’t help finding a way to diss POTUS. It’s totally ridiculous and I thought insulting to the Bush family.

    The media has become so insane with anger and hate towards POTUS and his family it has become totally irrelevant to the American people. The questions they ask are about nothing the people are interested in. I mean shouting out a question about a thousand points of light to the POTUS when he is at a meeting with the Chinese President? What is that about? How insulting and it makes the person who shouted the question look like a total idiot. But of course they don’t get it.
    In answer to SD’s question, no I see no way for the media to be redeemed….we need new sources for information offered in a way that people have easy access to it and of course, on their tv’s. There has to be someone with money who can create something like this…well, there is the Trump family, but they are under perpetual investigation to keep them in line.


  18. Sixtygunnah says:

    Here’s some “context” hence the Megaton of BS since though I have a Steel Trap memory for the satanic marxist megaphone/s, its grotesque hypocrisy, heinous deceit, and increasingly less muted racism in their lust for self-extinction and that of Western Civilization itself. In some All about to surpass even its current state in about (30) days. At some point, perhaps in its desolate wake, historians will marvel stupidity at theirs and its moronic automaton cadre of followers. Like a man going broke, or the sinking of the RMS Titanic, the final result will be slow and little-noted, then calamitously sudden and final. The unprepared Normies and Neo-Jacobins will see their Starbucks predicated lives, squandered in denial, flash before them in an instant. Existences which have been the historical envy of the entire world. Today is Pearl Harbor Day. In lesser significance it too signals the end of Bush holy week as the angst du jour will be the vaunted “jobs report” and the pontificate shock its recovery post decades of the very “best” efforts of the Globalh0m0 Bath House Alliance is by no means linear in an atmosphere of Koch brother like engineered near completely against it. This too will be lightly, if at all, considered. And of course, one Meng Wanzhou the counterfeiting Hauwei CFO chine arrested (for cause) in Canada concurrent spurious outtakes from the serpent Lurch Mueller and his sycophants. And watch those lurking Candy Canes.

    Some here under the age of 45 will likely shed blood before this ominous era in American History ends. Many of you need are well advised to escape various levels of delusion and more, embrace fully its remedial very tangible means. Time is running thin. President Trump, God Bless him, is not coming to save us. Despite his Noble intentions and efforts, is but one (1) man isolated in a sea of rampant Treachery and shameless Cuck. I urge all to pray for him (intensely) and his family – especially he and graceful First Lay’s young son Baron who at all of 12 years old has witnessed quite more than he should, and will yet.


  19. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    From Yesterday’s Occam’s Razor, Michael Flynn thread:
    “Deplorable_Vespucciland says:
    December 6, 2018 at 11:26 am
    So the question remains: Is the corporate media complex the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, or are the Democrats simply the political arm of skynet central broadcasting?”

    Am still not convinced that the corrupt media works for the Democrats.
    It is just as likely, if not more so, the other way around.
    Perhaps it is today’s Democrats who are doing the bidding of international socialists
    via the controllers of information and public opinion?

    Either way, yes, FakeNews IS the enemy of our young republic.


  20. Rose says:

    So in normal language the media colluded with the corrupt FBI and DOJ to print stories based on fabricated information in a dossier paid for by the Clintons and then the corrupt law enforcement agents used said lies to get warrants to spy on innocent Americans? A page right out of Stalin’s playbook, I think the victims of the illegal spying have standing to sue the media who organized the FBI DOJ witch hunt with malice and spite. I hope all the media venues are sued for the role they played, they weren’t investigating news they were fabricating it and that’s fraud.


    • Colt Lending says:

      Where’s the light shining on the FISA Judge who accepting newspaper reporting as evidence?

      If I were a FISA judge and newspaper articles were put before me as supporting evidence, I I would say, “ Where is your direct line evidence that supports what you allege? Why are you wasting the courts time with newspaper articles as supporting evidence on such a warrant request when the taxpayers give you billions of dollars to bring this court direct evidence, if there is any?”.

      Something is also rotten on the FISA court.


  21. JustaVerb says:

    Bongino spent practically his whole show yesterday on a SINGLE article that the NYTlimes put out in March 2017 and all the BS in it.
    ‘Here’s one more…. And another one…. Wait. it gets better….. etc’


    • TJ says:

      “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, 1807. ME 11:224


  22. TJ says:

    “what appears to be a cultural attitude among many in the organization”

    The FBI sounds like it joined the CIA’s “Cult of Intelligence”. This is how the former director of the CIA, William Colby, described it in his book, “Honorable Men: My Life in the CIA”:

    “Socially as well as professionally they cliqued together, forming a sealed fraternity.

    “They ate together at their own special favorite restaurants; they partied almost only among themselves; their families drifted to each other, so their defenses did not always have to be up. In this way they increasingly separated themselves from the ordinary world and developed a rather skewed view of that world.

    “Their own dedicated double life became the proper norm, and they looked down on the life of the rest of the citizenry. And out of this grew what was later named — and condemned — as the “cult” of intelligence, an inbred, distorted, elitist view of intelligence that held it to be above the normal processes of society, with its own rationale and justification, beyond the restraints of the Constitution, which applied to everything and everyone else.”


  23. marko says:

    agree 100%. Sessions was asked repeatedly to appoint one and refused. We got Huber who proceeded to do nothing but accumulate air miles per Mark Meadows. If we find out through his testimony that nothing has done on the Clinton investigation he needs to be fired and prosecuted for obstruction of justice. Where are the grand juries and indictments Mr. Huber? Exactly what the hell have you been doing?


  24. Steve Saaf says:

    Bang on! Sundance. And the same conclusions can be applied to the regional MSM copy cats.


  25. Zippy says:

    “The Media are Just as Complicit in DOJ, FBI, Corruption and FISA Abuse…”

    Meaning they are the propaganda arm of the state/deep state. With all that is known about the impunity with which the three letter agencies have abused their power with no significant consequences visible on the horizon and an obvious cover-up carried out with the help of the media propaganda arm manipulating a mostly ignorant public, how is this ever going to be fixed? Answer: it isn’t.


  26. daizeez says:

    Didn’t we know about the media after reading the Wikileaks Podesta emails? The only difference is there were and still are more unemployed Obama officials and Clinton campaign people working for the MSM after the election.


  27. railer says:

    Defeating the corrupt media should be a goal, or more precisely, letting the corrupt media fall of its own weight is the goal.

    It may have been one of Trump’s biggest accomplishments, smashing that “Net Neutrality” nonsense, which was just the Swamp’s and Deep State’s attempt to control information flow, by turning the ISP’s into indentured servants and making them respond to government instead of their customers… us. With the Tech oligarchs and the Swamp controlling all information to those ISP’s, We the People would be captive completely, which is what Net Neutrality was all about.

    Now, we can demand what we want from our ISP, and they in turn can seek it out because they have a financial incentive to do so. They’re running a business in other words, and not an indentured servitude to a gaggle of Tech oligarchs and their Swamp buddies, who will quite naturally squelch unwelcome voices and information.

    The corrupt legacy media is something few of us will be demanding, but it’s what our overlords have planned for us, using such as Net Neutrality. Left to their own devices, they will collapse, as they deserve.


  28. shipley130 says:

    If the intelligence community has a “political” objective, are they violating the Logan Act (conducting foreign policy)?


  29. lydia00 says:

    I totally get how complicit the MSM is in the DC corruption. I don’t think that’s debatable. Glenn. Simpson is another poster boy. What I don’t get is how and why they stay in business with such horrible ratings. It’s as if advertisers are willing to pay a lot of money to be PC and anti Trump. Business is not business, anymore. That is what boggles my mind.


    • Zorro says:

      I think CNN is being propped up no matter what are the rating.


      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        Media newrooms lose money consistently and are propped up by Democrat Socialist deep pockets. As for CNN in particular it was recently released that 40% of their viewership ratings come from airport TVs.


  30. relictele says:

    At the risk of repeating and/or stating the obvious:

    The information age has obviated legacy media. We no longer rely on them to gather footage of events or to amass and distribute information from the mundane (eg weather) to the critical (eg terrorism). Local news was always witless and banal but now it’s even more so as it relies on ‘viral’ videos 90% of its audience has seen already on multiple platforms eg social media. Cable news has followed suit – Fox, the BBC, and yes, CNN have billions of dollars in technology and infrastructure including satellites, cameras, reciprocal agreements with foreign news agencies (eg NHK, Australia’s ABC et al). But these ‘news’ channels’ content is almost exclusively a pointless round-the-clock gabfest that could be done Wayne’s World style with a single camera in someone’s basement.

    Newspapers are in even worse shape. The New York Times and The Washington Post have obviously decided on a survival strategy: leaks. Leaks are the last form of exclusives, however short the shelf life. Leaks allow politicians and government officials to, well, leak but also to manipulate, to propagandize, to wrong-foot the enemy (even if the enemy is their own boss) and to say what they fear saying on the record. Leaks are so frequent and so commonplace that they make up a significant portion, even a majority, of a newspaper’s front section every day. Politicians cry crocodile tears about but the participants in the leak culture have absolutely no incentive to stop the practice by exposing sources or prosecuting leakers.

    We have arrived in a truly Orwellian era where the truth must be revealed anonymously and secretly and lies are disseminated under the rubric of official titles and duties.


  31. Curt says:

    “The media is just as compliant in the FISA, deep state abuse, etc.?” It’s worse than that. What was once the 4th rail of government, and a sort of checks and balances on politics. is no more. In fact, the media has now become a political arm of the Socialist elites and politicians in this country. If, the united States had an even half-ethical media the dishonest issues and scenarios put forth for the last two years would have been resolved long ago. No, the media, in every form, is in the bag for leftists. Decent and truthful journalism, as we once understood it, is now dead.


  32. TomA says:

    It is inaccurate to characterize this complicity by DOJ/FBI and media reporting as casual mischief or minor malfeasance. Everything described above was part of a well organized and proactively implemented campaign to subvert the Trump candidacy and then later, the Trump presidency. The acts described are serious felonies, not lapses in professionalism that can be dismissed with stern scolding. If the rule of law is to be applied equally to all citizens, then those responsible should be prosecuted like everyone else.


  33. Daniel says:

    The media loves to hide behind their privileged status as “the press.” And there are laws in place which specify these privileges.

    I think some legal eagles need to explore how to apply “criminal conspiracy to defraud” charges against members of the media who KNOW what they are doing is subversive to the government of this country.


  34. Sepp says:

    One member of the news media who does not appear to be corrupt is Sharyl Attkisson.


  35. TonyClarke says:

    Like my last post, firing squad for all of them. Liars and enemies of the people, US and constitution. Truly FUBAR. And we’re called deplorable and irredeemable. Give me a break.


  36. ForGodandCountry says:

    Hindsight being 20/20, all of this was the inevitable outcome from the thoroughly corrupt and ideological leftist “JournoList”, begun by Ezra Klein of Vox. And that, itself, was foreshadowed by Dan Rather and his fake Bush documents.

    None of this gets better until these people suffer severe career and legal penalties for being nothing more than political activists pretending to be journalists/news people. They are propagandists using media credentials for behind-the-scenes access and public platforms to spew their garbage.


  37. Zorro says:

    So we are going to be sitting here in 2020. Trump has been pummeled by the Dem House reign of terror for nearly two years. The media will be promoting the most pc Dem candidate possible to appeal to those with white guilt. In the meantime I doubt we have the will and organization to even gather 1,000 people in Washington to demand justice.


  38. recoverydotgod says:

    “…media are enmeshed within the story of the DOJ and FBI corruption.”

    No kidding! Ali Watkins portraying Burr having an “illicit phone call” back in February 27, 2017 certainly earns the label “enmeshed”.

    The Senate Intelligence Committee Found Itself Shaken With One Phone Call
    Staff and members scrambled Monday to salvage the panel’s investigation after its chairman said he’d tried to steer reporters away from stories on Russia and Trump, at the White House’s request.

    Ali Watkins
    BuzzFeed News Reporter
    Posted on February 27, 2017

    WASHINGTON — Senate Intelligence Committee chair Richard Burr’s White House–sanctioned efforts to steer reporters away from stories about the Trump campaign’s alleged connections with Russia have pulled his committee’s already-delicate investigation on the subject onto even more tenuous footing….

    Despite their tangible outrage last week over the illicit phone call, committee Democrats maintained Monday that they have confidence in the investigation, if not Burr personally.


  39. Zorro says:

    They will protect Warner over Burr no matter what, Burr needs to watch out for passing buses.


  40. Mike says:

    We know from the Wikileaks release of the DNC and Podesta emails that the MSM was working hand in glove with the MSM. Many of the same names in the Strzok-Page text messages appear also in Wikileaks.


  41. Freedom says:

    Will the guilty traitors ever be punished? Will voter fraud ever be halted? Will illegal immigration ever be stopped? For those of us who lived in post WWII America, we see the impending destruction of our beloved America, unless prosecutions begin soon.


    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Maybe someone should start a list. So many persons
      that aren’t currently household names to John Q Public
      should be. Arsonists like to show up to the scene of their
      fires to admire their work. Journalistic arsonists could be
      compared to the same type of logic.

      Who managed to interject themselves into the narrative?
      Who helped push the narrative forward? Where in the time
      line do they fall? Maybe this is a dumb analogy, but are they
      the chicken or the egg? :Yahoo’s Isikoff would fall into the
      chicken category. Benjamin Wittes would also. So would
      David Korn. On the televised front, I’d put John Dickerson
      front and center.

      Once you get the hang of it, use this model. Regard the
      initial lie ( Russian collusion) as it’s own entity. Who were
      the early arrivals to give the initial lie credibility? Leave
      Simpson, Steele, and the others out of it. People are
      overwhelmed hearing about them, Papadopolous, and
      Carter Page.

      Don’t know about anybody else, but co-conspiratory fatigue
      has set in on YTG. Harder to keep them straight. Time to
      put them briefly on the back burner, and focus on the ones
      from the MSM who were early responders in crafting the

      Take a breather for awhile from the ones that the press are
      covering, and start covering the press persons who were
      fanning or admiring the flames. See how they start acting
      once people start figuring out where they fit in.

      Wrapping another long post up. Had a lawnmower stolen
      once. Where I lived at the time had a garage apartment.
      When the police arrived, my tenant at the time came down
      the stairs and started chatting the cops up. In a truly bizarre
      manner. Knew the jerk had stolen it. Just from his actions,
      the words he chose. Couldn’t prove it. My wife saw it all
      happen, came to the same conclusion. If we start shining
      the light on some of the early arrivals, how they act will
      do the exact same thing. Might not get them jailed, but
      plenty more people will realize that they are guilty as sin.


  42. john edward lorenz says:

    Of the bureaucratic “useful idiots” involved in this attempted coup and sedition, how many do you think will ever be indicted? I bet none. If any were there would be recruitment problems for the next Clinton or Obama to weaponize the bureaucracy for their next attempted coup.


  43. Not just Trump, but WE must be destroyed at all costs…. 😢

    Trump is the only obstacle in their way.


  44. Gary Ingle says:

    Every time I’m about to loose it I just remind myself it’s only been a little under 2 years and I never forget!


  45. Jon Exner says:

    Ok, so you work in the DOJ or the FBI and have a high level case to be investigated. You can go out and pound the pavement spending hours, day after day questioning people to dig up the TRUTH. Or, you can turn on the boob tube, or purchase some newspapers and magazines and rely on the dirt form these confidential sources.
    The American citizens want to be proud of and rely on the integrity of the DOJ and the FBI but it is difficult, since obama filled these agencies with left wing loyalists of the progressive socialist movement.
    The media and the progressives, it’s like a tiger feeding the lion.


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