No U.S-Canada Trade Deal Likely – Canada Deploys Media To Frame Political Cover for Failed Negotiations…

Continual emphasis on the severity of Canadian politics is needed to understand the latest developments in the U.S-Canada trade negotiations.

The Trump administration set a deadline of today for Canada to join the U.S-Mexico trade agreement and make the NAFTA replacement agreement a three-way pact.  The concessions needed by Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland to join the agreement were politically devastating.

In order for Canada to accept or join, via a NAFTA 2202 modification, they would need to agree to the U.S-Mexico modification terms. For Canada they would have to:

  • open their telecommunications and banking sector (eliminate non tariff barriers).
  • eliminate soft-wood (lumber) and aeronautics subsidies.
  • begin a process of lowering their assembly use of Chinese/Asian goods.
  • accept the rules of origin for North American manufacturing.
  • eliminate protectionist tariffs on dairy and farm products.
  • accept the U.S-Mexico terms for arbitration and dispute resolution.

President Trump and U.S. Lighthizer are holding all the cards.  As we previously highlighted they don’t care if Canada doesn’t join; the U.S. would likely prefer to send congress a NAFTA 2205 withdrawal notification removing the U.S. from the original 1993 NAFTA construct in combination with a simultaneous 2202 modification notification for the U.S-Mexico side of the agreement.

This would allow the U.S. to go into a one-on-one trade negotiation where six months and a day from the 2205 notice. The U.S. would then apply 25% auto tariffs on Canadian made vehicles while negotiating a bilateral deal. Canada is in a very weak negotiating position; politics are paramount for the Canadian team; their exit needs political cover.  Media need to help the optics for the Canadian team.

Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait and Jennifer Jacobs interview President Trump in the Oval Office

Earlier this morning The Toronto Star reported on leaked ‘off-the-record’ comments from a Bloomberg interview with President Trump.  In essence, a brutally honest President Trump said there was no need for the U.S. to compromise, all concessions were likely to come from the Canadian position. However, knowing the political prism for Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland, President Trump did not want to embarrass Trudeau politically with public comments toward that end.

…”Here’s the problem. If I say no — the answer’s no. If I say no, then you’re going to put that, and it’s going to be so insulting they’re not going to be able to make a deal … I can’t kill these people.”…

This was a genuinely honest and factual summary of the current status.

Prime Minister Trudeau and Canadian Foreign Minister Freeland simply cannot accept the terms outlined within the U.S-Mexico trade agreement.  Left-leaning sympathetic media needed a way to assist the Canadian team and attempt to remove the responsibility for any failure in negotiation from the northern liberals.  Hence the Toronto Star leak.

There are simply too many carved-out and protected liberal constituents (trade sectors), within Canadian economic policy to allow for any trade agreement based on open markets and free/fair trade.   The dairy segment is one well known and protected agricultural sector; there are many others.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Canada has made no agriculture concessions to the United States in bilateral trade talks aimed at reaching deal in principle to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement, a spokeswoman for the United States Trade Representative’s office said.

“The negotiations between the United States and Canada are ongoing. There have been no concessions by Canada on agriculture,” the spokeswoman said in a brief emailed statement. (link)

The U.S. and Mexico have agreed to manufacturing origination terms; wage and labor improvements; elimination of AG subsidies and non tariff barriers; and removal of all protectionist tariffs – so long as the structural terms of commerce are upheld.

There’s almost no-way, given the politicization of the Canadian plan, for Justin and Chrystia to agree to those terms and keep their fragmented political support base appeased.

Therefore, absent total acquiescence, it is likely U.S.T.R. will file a 2205 notification dissolving the U.S and Canada trade agreement while simultaneously filing a 2202 notification to modify the U.S. and Mexico agreement to the new terms.

Under dissolution Canada will keep their soft-wood lumber and aeronautics subsidies; keep their protectionist Dairy tariffs; keep their banking and telecommunication rules blocking U.S. access; and six months from now face a 25% duty on U.S. auto imports – effectively destroying their auto manufacturing sector.  Car companies (ex. Toyota) will simply leave Canada and return to building/assembling in the U.S.

This looks like the most reasonable scenario at this moment.


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429 Responses to No U.S-Canada Trade Deal Likely – Canada Deploys Media To Frame Political Cover for Failed Negotiations…

  1. maggie0987 says:

    HC, I think that you are forgetting that PDJT is not doing any of this to hurt Trudeau in the eyes of our Canadian electorate. He is doing it to MAGA.

    As for our national pride being hurt, it seems to me that according to the media narrative in Canada a huge part of our ‘national pride’, is wrapped up in NOT being Americans.

    Have you forgotten the media hysteria when the original NAFTA was being negotiated by Mulroney and Reagan? Those same Canadian talking heads are now defending NAFTA as tho’ it was written by Solomon.

    Having said all that, I do think that one or two of our TCT pals are being a bit OTT in their exuberance – have a heart you guys, remember, it is we who are hooped by all of these Trudeau shenanigans.

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    • budklatsch says:

      Don’t take it personal cousin. It’s just politics, and you still aren’t Americans!

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    • Lemmy says:

      Yep. The lefty politicians and their union thugs were fighting tooth and nail against NAFTA and its predecessor, the FTA, and now they’re on their knees begging to keep it.

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    • snellvillebob says:

      I bought my new RAV4 last month a little ahead of time since it was assembled in Canada to avoid any tariffs. See how the free market adapts to changing environments?

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      I understand your post…howevrer

      .they have “not”had a really big heart for us……we could do as you feel and still be treated as we have been for decades…..

      Media hysteria means nothing…..parties mean nothing….saving our country is priority

      The truth can be a hard cold ugly thing…

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    • Gary Morton says:

      Canadian media indicates talks will continue next week but there will be no deal.
      Daniel Dale (an anti-Trump derangement syndrome reporter for the Toronto Star) released the leak.
      CTV reported that Freeland offered No Concessions, not on Dairy or anything. But is using the Toronto Star to frame a narrative that the deal fell thru because Trump would offer no concessions.
      There is nothing wrong with the deal Trump is offering. It is a good deal for Canada and all they have to do is sign and allow competition. But Canada is not ruled by Canadians but by Liberals (Democrats) with their own agenda.

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      • “frame a narrative that the deal fell thru because Trump would offer no concessions.”

        That’s their problem. We don’t have to offer concessions. We’re the market both Canada and Mexico want to get into. Mexico knew that. For some reason, Justin & Co. are of the mind that they shouldn’t have to give on anything. Reminds of Lighthizer saying in January, paraphrasing, that it appears after the 6th round of talks with Canada that they didn’t seem interested in a MUTUALLY beneficial deal. And I heard it again with Chrystia’s press conference today after no deal had been reached. All she talked about was Canada’s interests and they won’t give on Canada’s interests. Well that’s what a trade deal requires, giving up on and/or compromising both ways. We did that with Mexico and vice versa. But nooooo, Chrystia Canada acts like they get to give nothing and should receive access to the U.S. market because…….?

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        • Jayne gilmore says:

          They have thrived on US $$ to keep their sjw programs going for decades. We’re done subsidizing other counties social benefits. Canada even bragged they would decrease their NATO contributions to stick it to PDJT, how stupid can they get?

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      • ATheoK says:

        CTV and chrystia are lying to Canada.

        “Lighthizer Submits 90-day U.S-Mexico Trade Modification Notification to Congress”

        NAFTA Section 2202 trade modification “notification of intent” letter to congress is in progress.
        Lighthizer was waiting, until Canada had a chance to negotiate and join the bi-lateral agreement.
        Negotiations with Canada and chrystia went so badly, Lighthizer is no longer waiting.

        Now, the 90 day timer is ticking. In 90 days, if Canada has not acquiesced and signed, Section 2205 will be initiated to utterly dissolve NAFTA agreement with Canada.

        Princesses nehru jacket and purple rhinestone ignore what the business world must do.

        Auto manufacturers can chew their fingernails for ninety days while hoping for the princesses to cave and be tractable, or they can immediately start planning, designing, building sub-assembly plants and manufacturing and machine factories in the USA.
        Auto manufacturing has this problem where they must plan to have as good a fiscal year next year as this year.
        Depending on flighty, flirty fake negotiators, don’t cut it.

        Canada’s princesses have made it clear that they personally believe they own this negotiation process. Princess rhinestone, as an ex-journalist, firmly believes the news is what she says the news is. So she invents her news freely.

        Lighthizer aided rhinestone’s fake news, where she claims ongoing negotiations and substantial progress, but Lighthizer’s reactions and Trump’s words do not support rhinestone’s claim toward real negotiation progress.

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      • MelH says:

        The Toronto Star did a very lengthy and detailed expose of what Trump has said in the last month that was not what they consider truthful or accurate. He LIES they said, which is what is said the most against him, by Liberals, on Twitter. The Star writer has made it his life’s work, keeping track of everything Trump says and comparing it to what other Presidents did or said. His writings oooze hate but probably please the heck out of Liberals. President Trump uses Hyperbole and metaphors and when he is in RALLY form, he’s an actor playing to his willing audience. i LOVE every word he says and can’t be bothered researching details. I am proud to be part of his cult!


    • Angel Martin says:

      “Have you forgotten the media hysteria when the original NAFTA was being negotiated by Mulroney and Reagan? Those same Canadian talking heads are now defending NAFTA as tho’ it was written by Solomon.”

      I have to say that it is sad watching this, but it is amusing to see the same leftist D-bags who were so opposed to NAFTA now defend it as the fount of all goodness.

      In their idiocy to defend Truedope and “be against” Trump, the Canadian LudenPresse is ignoring the fact that what is on offer now is much worse than what Truedope rejected at the G7 Summit.

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    • In politics it pays to remind oneself ‘this, too, shall pass’ or, in this specific situation, ‘this Trudeau shall pass’.

      Some of my fellow Americans here forget that our nation gave Barack Hussein Obama 8 years at the wheel of the Ship of State.

      You can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

      There’s still time for deal and, if there isn’t one, ‘this too shall pass’.

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    • Meatzilla says:

      Hi, maggie0987, and a warm hello to America’s hat, too ; )

      Are you familiar with a fellow Canadian known as Ezra Levant? Smart guy, and honest too it seems. Probably too honest – to a fault some Canadians might say…..

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      • Kelly Hansen says:

        I’ve never heard of this guy and this might be one of the most brilliant pieces of political commentary i’ve ever seen. Thank you for posting and sorry you are stuck with boy wonder and the high school cheerleader. As a business woman i was horrified by her crying and emoji stories. That unprofessional and juvenile behavior is a huge drag on womens’ efforts to be taken seriously in business & politics.

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    • formerdem says:

      I hate when Canada gets hurt, though Trump is right. I hope Canada gets different leadership soon. Meantime I for one am not gloating, I hate when Canada hurts.

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      • Newhere says:

        Good reminder. Can’t lose sight that Canada’s foolish leadership is hurting its own citizens who deserve more.

        At least the US/Mex contrast might start to break through the disastrous, pervasive, upside-down narrative that the Trump is trying to replace a “win-win” trade model with a hostile, zero-sum model. In reality, the old model was one big sell-out across the board — portfolios over people — with a few sops baked in to keep key constituents happy (e.g., Canadian dairy); the Trump model — country first — brings leaders to the table with their own markets and citizens’ welfare in mind — to look for true win-wins. Likely still some hold-backs, but the key is reciprocity.

        Let’s hope Canada gets better leadership.

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        • Will Warburg says:

          Canada will have to hurt to learn what voting Liberal (same as socialists and democrats) does to the country. Having that purple journalist trained sausage doing trade negotiations is stupid and embarrassing. Us Albertans never voted for Trudeau and many of us agree with President Trump. Fair is fair. We have oil in the ground here and yet the Libs buy millions of barrels from the Saudis and many others including Russia and our media says zip. (Sounds familiar eh? cnn) Hope it won’t take 8 years like getting rid off Obummer. Prayers gratefully requested.

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      • David A says:

        Good post. Gloating is bush league.

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    • CanaCon says:

      On the contrary Maggie, VSGPDJT knows how precarious Trudeau’s political position is and he knows that Canada will always suck with Justine or any other Liberal leadership, and he sympathizes with Canadian Deplorables. The kid-glove approach is because he already has Trudeau beat – any deal he can make or making no deal will leave an equally bad stain after the way he has positioned himself on NAFTA.

      If Trudeau takes the deal that is on the table, then the Canadian economy can only survive if he scraps his carbon tax, lowers taxes and deregulates. Failing that business investment will wither (foreign investment has fallen at historic rates over the past three years) and existing business will move south.

      That is unlikely to happen and even if it does it will be too late for Trudy and his kindergarten cabinet.

      I think President Trump is exposing Trudeau to Canadians and offering a deal that will move Canada, out of necessity, towards a free market economy, and making sure that we elect a new leader next year who will perhaps recognize that and get on board.

      With any luck VSGPDJT can add MCGA to MAGA.

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      • Bandit says:

        Trump doesn’t care. I think it’s smart to use dairy as an excuse to bring auto manu back to the states. Trudeau is kind of screwed. Our problem is the politicians over here who hate anything Trump does.

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    • NC Nana says:


      “Have you forgotten the media hysteria when the original NAFTA was being negotiated by Mulroney and Reagan?”

      From this side of the border it appears that Trudeau/Freeland is carrying forward Mulroney’s feelings. They have given me the impression that they really did not want a trade deal with America. They have made ridiculous proposals, disrespected and dishonored the President we love, and appear to be childishly greedy.

      When the negotiations began I had warm feelings toward Canada and assumed there would be no issue that could not be worked out. After a year of listening to Min. Freeland my feelings towards Canada changed. Then today I heard Alberta’s Premier Rachel Notley speak. My heart is completely hardened. I honestly had no idea until this all started that Canadian’s disliked America so much.

      Both of our countries have strong people. Whatever comes out of these negotiations between US/Canada we both will recover. The good news is if you get the right leader you can recover quickly. Look at what happened to us after Obama left and President Trump came into office.

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      • maggie0987 says:

        NCNana – not sure if I am misunderstanding you but, as you can tell from the Canadian commenters on this site, not ALL Canadians toe the, ‘Ugly American’, BS our elites push 24/7.


        • NC Nana says:


          I agree. Neither of our nations have a one size fits all description of our people.

          Having said that our nation elected Obama twice. What is amazing about this is that he ran the country straight into the ground very quickly in his first term.

          We were retired during his first term and had a local grill that we often went to for lunch. One of the interesting things about it was that most of the other people who came in for lunch were labor from nearby construction sites and factory workers. We heard firsthand the expressions of how their businesses were going downhill. Other retired people who came into the grill and talked about their losses in stocks and their retirements. One woman talked about having invested in a Bank (not bonds but actual bank) and lost her total investment.

          After all that Obama was elected by the American people a second time. We live in a small town that has a major highway and an Interstate highway running through it. During Obama’s 8 years in office we watched factory after factory close in our town. They are still closed down. But at least with President Trump the working age people have jobs they can commute to.

          During Obama’s first term we regularly contacted our gov representative and worked to get people elected that we thought would work for the country. With this effort nothing changed for the better. As you saw Obama was elected a second time regardless of the negative impact on the country.

          I am saying enough voters in your country elected Trudeau and Freeland that they are carrying out the wishes of that group of people.

          Until you hit the bottom you likely will not come back up.

          Our bottom was Obama. President Trump is our way back up. In fact our rising back up is like a cork popping up out of the water from the bottom of a barrel.

          When I say my heart is hardened I mean, your country has to make your own decisions. I would not wish this on you but I am not going to lose any sleep over your going through it. It is a situation of your country’s own making just as Obama was a situation of our country’s making.

          Best wishes in your travels. I can say from personal experience there is a way back. You will have the kind of government the people want. And bottom line is, who knows maybe this is the best thing that will ever happen in Canada, eh?? Cheers.

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          • There are strong indications, NC Nana, that 44 got a second term through voter fraud not any kind of mandate from the electorate. As you shared, it was not hard to see the negative impacts from the policies and actions of the previous administration for our beloved nation. Thank God we beat the fraud in 2016 and now have a Lion in the White House to work for We the People.


            • NC Nana says:


              I hear you on that. I worked with elections for quite a while after moving to NC. I probably have stories that would make your hair curl.

              In the 2008 election, Obama won NC by just over 14,000 votes. That would not take many fraud votes to swing an election.

              With each of us having said that, there is no will to investigate voter fraud. I think the best hope is to get voter ID laws in place. Even that is not going to be a “solves all solution” to our voter fraud problem. Our nephew was just here from CA. He told us about the driver license practices in place in CA now. It made our hair curl.

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          • NC Nana says:

            Hi Maggie0987,

            The shelf life of this post has past but I’m going to put the link to this article over here in the event you might see it.

            It is about California which I imagine is somewhat like today’s Canada. Even though they are an “overregulated and overtaxed state” they have come out of their recession and have jobs for anyone who wants one.

            I think it might give Canadians something to think about. IMHO catching onto President Trump’s coat tails is better than the alternative and it could help Canada to soar to new heights.

            Best regards



    • Kiyoko Abrams says:

      “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s just business.”

      -Michael Coleone

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  2. Ziiggii says:

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  3. Ziiggii says:

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    • Ziiggii,
      That is awesome. JT and China are gonna have to let this sink in. POTUS is Doyle Brunson at the poker table. Isolate the small stacks and punish them with re-raise after re-raise. No American administration has ever ran over countries on trade deals like this Alpha Male Predator F@cking Boss! I love this man in a non-gender specific manner!

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      Scanned a few comments on that thread. Someone asks why Ford doesn’t build it here, blaming unaffordable US union wages. Lol. Canadian auto workers make $35 dollars an hour too.

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  4. “Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is scheduled to hold a news conference at the Canadian embassy in Washington at 4:30 p.m. ET. will carry it live.”

    Get ready for tears and poor, noble, good faith, Chrystia and Justin against mean, bully, Trump. Will she hand out popsicles again to the press at the end of her sh*t talk about American interests/Trump disguised as polite, innocent, did nothing wrong here, Canada? Who cares. Our autos and jobs are coming home.

    Styx “Blue Collar Man”

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  5. Ken Maritch says:

    Was Howards comments deleted?


  6. Troublemaker10 says:

    Trudeau is playing election games, but the election isn’t until October 2019 (iver a year from now).

    By then he will have destroyed Canada’s auto industry. He will also screw the dairy industry when he signs TPP.

    And, I’m sorry, but I don’t see how Trudeau can blame Trump if Mexico and US are happy and prosperous with our trade deal.

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    • Nope says:

      The optics of a happy and prosperous Mexico and USA compared to a depressed and flailing Canada is going to do a lot of damage come election time. A year gives enough time for the US-Mexico deal to take effect. It could also give Trudeau enough time to weather the blow-back from signing onto the deal, unless he’s on more treacherous ground than we realize. They’ve got a parliamentary system up there, and even if his party has the majority, it doesn’t mean he’s going to stay as the head of his party.

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    • Justah says:

      He can gamble and call a Snap Election now and ‘hope’ to cash in on Anti-Trump Outrage – that would put a stop to next year’s election. I won’t be surprised to see him do that.


    • Exurban says:

      He can blame Trump whatever the circumstances and be supported by a sycophantic media owned by his major donors. And by the state broadcasters of course. In the next election he will run against Donald Trump, guns, climate change and the kind of mean people who drive pickup trucks in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

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    • Jayne gilmore says:

      Their TPP cows will be gas taxed to death. Wish Icould come up with an HILLARIOUS remark.


  7. James Hilton says:

    ‘left-leaning sympathetic media’. Rabidly left-leaning would be more accurate. The Canadian government doesn’t want to do a deal with people who they ideologically despise. You make it seem like a no-deal would be a result of them not wanting to piss off traditional leftists.

    Trudeau and Freeland are both progressives/neo-Marxists. The mainstream news media, who will try to support their position, is dominated by progressives/neo-Marxists. None of these people gives a stuff about traditional leftist politics. They don’t care about votes. They would rather fu@k their nation up instead of doing a deal with ‘fascists’.

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    • Doug Amos says:

      Well said. The media is dug in, fully committed to socialism and strength in diversity. There is no way out for Canada. The country is in the hands of a corrupt media and the bewildered China. The opposition is in denial; committed more to optics than the people who need them so much. Other than Maxime Bernier or Kevin O’Leary, there are precious few options and they have exactly 0 resources at present.


  8. Ristvan says:

    WSJ just published some back story after apparently talking to Lighthizer’s team. There are two parts to ther backstory.
    1. Why the Friday Aug 31 deadline? Because the 1974 Trade Act (empowering POTUS to negotiate trade) §102 requires 90 day written notice to Congress before POTUS can sign yhe Mexican bilateral. And Dec 1 is Nieto’s last day in office. Nieto signs, then incoming Mexican President socialist AMLO cannot back out. Plus AMLO wants Canada in, so adds additional pressure on Canada during the next 90 days.
    2. Three major sticking points:
    a. Ag (dairy). Trudeau just threw the Canadian auto industry away to save a crazy protectionist dairy scheme. Won’t go down well in nonrural Canada, so more pressure.
    b. The Article 19 dispute resolution scheme in 1993 NAFTA, which requires arbitration by special boards comprising representatives of all 3 parties. This has very much sheltered Canada’s protectionist tariffs and subsidies from US complaints, because the A19 arbiters have to agree and the Canadian arbitor just stonewalls. That is how the 275% dairy tariffs survived US dairy industry complaints. Mexico agreed to change this in the bilateral to more normal commercial dispute resolution mechanisms involving disputant selected arbiters or the courts of both countries depending on who is complaining.
    c. (Only in Canada) 1993 NAFTA provides strong ‘cultural media’ protections to Canada—for example no French language edition of NYT or WSJ. Trudope needs the liberal Quebecois vote if he has any hope in the 2019 election. Pure cultural pandering.

    Yesterday’s Forbes ‘leak’ in theCanadian press, this mornings flap, now looks like a genius chess gambit proving two things. First, no media can be trusted, even with explicit off the record interviews conducted in the oval office! BOOM! Second, Trump is serious about a fair and reciprocal deal. The three sticking points listed by WSJ are obviously neither fair nor reciprocal. That sends a VERY strong message to the EU and China for what follows.

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    • Ristvan says:

      Correction. Bloomberg leak, not Forbes. Bloomberg being an ardent lefty antiTrumper, even more powerful gambit.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “1993 NAFTA provides strong ‘cultural media’ protections to Canada—for example no French language edition of NYT or WSJ.”

      Is there at least one passage in NAFTA that does not screw us over one way or the other?

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      But I thought AMLO was on board with the deal?

      So why would getting Nieto to sign be so critical?


      • Ristvan says:

        The discussions hve been going on for over a year. Trump giving Nieto a legacy, plus once AMLO is in power expect some stuff to change. Justifiable rational precaution, in my opinion.

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    • gda says:

      “Trudeau just threw the Canadian auto industry away to save a crazy protectionist dairy scheme. Won’t go down well in nonrural Canada, so more pressure.”

      The Canadian auto industry is centred in Ontario which just elected a populist Conservative (Doug Ford). If Trudeau kills that industry to protect a few fat cat dairy farmer tycoons in Quebec there will be absolute HELL to pay.

      The prairie provinces already HATE Trudope. Ontario hates Trudope, and that hate will spread far and wide when it’s shown that he’s screwed Ontario.

      Could be that the annoying and seemingly continuous threats by Quebec to leave Canada will be overwhelmed by the fervent desire by the rest of Canada to kick THEM the hell out. The English Canadians are sick and tired of paying off Quebec. We subsidize them (bigly), we allow almost every Prime Minister to be FROM Quebec, and we kow-tow to them for seemingly no good reason other than to try to get along.

      Honestly, we should have pushed them out in 1812 when we had the opportunity. They suck us dry and sneer at us constantly. They’re French, what do you expect.

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    • KittyKat says:

      “c. (Only in Canada) 1993 NAFTA provides strong ‘cultural media’ protections to Canada—for example no French language edition of NYT or WSJ. Trudope needs the liberal Quebecois vote if he has any hope in the 2019 election. Pure cultural pandering.”

      It is the liberal Quebecois who primarily support the dairy tariffs as well. So politics has put great limits on what he can or will agree to.


  9. Bigdog35 says:

    It’s simple Canada- If you like your tariffs and subsidies, you can keep your tariffs and subsidies….

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  10. Ziiggii says:

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  11. Sunshine says:

    THINK, please. Is it possible POTUS 45 is using stupid and insignificant Canada as a pawn (3-D chess) to get China’s attention?

    We all know China controls North Korea. And Trump wants full denuclearization knowing that China is the problem.

    Trump mentioning severe sanctions on China’s economy. What better way than to destroy the Canadian economy by making it public?

    China is looking at this story unfold and is swallowing hard.

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  12. trapper says:

    ” and six months from now face a 25% duty on U.S. auto imports”

    Trudeau and company think they can squeeze out another 5 months and 29 days of tariffs on American lumber and dairy, and then on the last day agree to the Mexico deal and avoid the auto tariffs. They think they have Trump boxed in. We should make clear to them the Mexico deal for Canada expires today, NAFTA will be terminated in 90 days, and after that no Canada deal until 2021, after Trump’s first term is over. Screw Canada. I hate those guys.


  13. MIKE says:

    R.I.P., Ontario.

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  14. thedoc00 says:

    If one listened to Freelands comments to the press, she clearly stated Canada wants a 1-way deal, that is good for Canada only. Canada never entered any good faith discussions.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “she clearly stated Canada wants a 1-way deal, that is good for Canada only”

      The reality is that Prime Minister Trudeau and Canadian Foreign Minister Freeland, along with the “carved-out and protected liberal constituents (trade sectors)” WANT WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM, not what is “good for Canada only”.

      Those two (representing Canada) never entered any good faith discussions. How much did that “advice” from BHO cost them? I don’t think the total is in yet – in many aspects.

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      • Jayne gilmore says:

        All the world leaders who accepted a meeting with former President obama awho advised them not to take our very stable genius PDJT serious because he would be removed are going to pay a very big price for their seditious behavior.

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    • singingsoul says:

      thedoc00 says:
      “If one listened to Freelands comments to the press, she clearly stated Canada wants a 1-way deal, that is good for Canada only. Canada never entered any good faith discussions.
      Canada has had a one way deal that is good for Canada only for two many years.
      What is wrong with these people…? hey truly think uS is stupid just the same mindset as Europe… Just astounding plain astounding ..

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  15. Freeland spins round and round says:

    Chrystia Freeland , poor little spinner. You are Monkeying down…bye by little spinner. Get off our tree!


  16. JMC says:

    So this news from the Bloomberg leak is the “Bombshell” that Chuck Toad said the Beltway mucky-mucks should come in to their offices for today? LOLROFLMAO!


  17. Ziiggii says:

    see it’s all part of the Canadian plan! They got him (POTUS) right where they want him… win-win-win is ALMOST there; just a little more poking

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    • Sunshine says:

      It looks like USA banks are an item of interest.
      Last November, I cashed in all my Royal Bank of Canada managed investments. My instinct on overdrive.

      Liked by 2 people

  18. Newhere says:

    Ok so Bloomberg got a nastigram tweet from Trump for publishing an “OTR” comment — but could Trump have looked any more pleased to get to confirm the zinger on camera?

    My take — the OTR was a bit of a wink wink. Trump was ready to call the charade and let his staff, that’s no doubt been killing itself, have its weekend. There might have been subtler ways, but this had to be more fun. Canada was going to twist itself into a pretzel (and waste everyone’s time) to make the “breakdown of negotiations” Trump’s fault regardless. Now they can do it with their pants pulled down.

    Happy Labor Day, team USA. Don’t tell anyone, but Trump’s a good boss.

    Liked by 11 people

  19. Niagara Frontier says:

    Listening to the news conference now live on Canadian TV. When asked if Canada was surprised about the “scope of the U.S. agreement” with Mexico, she dodged the question, just like every other one.

    Her phrase for the day that she’s included in almost all answers: “We will not negotiate in public.” IOW….nothing useful was gained by listening to her news conference.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gil says:

      Fox biz talking about her tarriffs are illegal comment. Theyre just desperate to save themselves not their country.

      Liked by 1 person

    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      So…I do believe something classical should be in order for Socks and the Eggplant….

      Have you ever heard of the 2 Cellos?…..These guys are really, really good…

      This is just for you Justin….for your None Deal…..enjoy…..Listen….classic….

      Liked by 5 people

      • 🍺Gunny66 says:

        and….not to hog the page but a better rendition of these guys talent is below….

        No offense to Canadiens, but this rendition reminds me of the Socks crowd and the Cellists reminds me of us……look at the kids and the look on the faces….

        Here ya go Socks just one more….for you…. watch….this one is better…classic

        Liked by 6 people

      • kenji says:

        I want to gouge my eyes and ears out after having seen/heard this. Hint; if you;re gonna prance across the stage holding your fake e-cello … at least put on the schoolboy pants

        Liked by 1 person

        • 🍺Gunny66 says:


          Fake e-cello…no…cello’s are not usually know for such music….and

          “Put on school boy pants”…it was a video made to entertain.

          So I see you were not entertained, however I now know your preferences…

          About these two

          Hauser born in Pula, Croatia, and Šulić, born in Maribor, Slovenia, are classically trained musicians. They met at a master class in Pula while still in their teens. Šulić—the younger of the two by a year— attended the Academy of Music in Zagreb, and then studied in Vienna. Šulić later entered London’s Royal Academy of Music. Hauser attended the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, after completing his studies at Trinity Laban in London.[3]


          “The key to holding a logical argument or debate is to allow oneself to understand the other person’s argument no matter how divergent their views may seem.”

          Liked by 1 person

          • Kenji says:

            You’ve properly schooled me (even if you didn’t slip on the schoolboy outfit) … I generally like “odd” covers like this … but I think it was the crowd shots that put me off … watching all those typical Opera patrons clapping and singing “Highway to Hell” … just pissed me off. Nothing personal … I have a fairly “wide” musical taste … I’m sure these two are quite talented.


      • DanO64 says:

        All I have is a road.


  20. Rose says:

    Justine would rather destroy Canada’s economy then piss off the Quebec Dairy Cartel. Isn’t nice that around 1000 rich Quebec farmers can cost an entire nation’s economy. The media will pat him on the back for being so brave but we all know what Trump asked for was fair. I guess Justine will protect the Chinese market at the expense of the Canadian economy.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Niagara Frontier says:

      I believe it has gone beyond the Quebec dairy farmers and cartel. Trudeau and Co. have enrolled themselves in the movement to remove President Donald Trump from the world scene regardless of what it does to Canada and her economy. That’s the price he’s willing to pay.

      That’s just how I’m viewing it from my personal vantage point which is smack dab on the border.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Rose says:

        Justine is a globalist, so yes he’ll do what he can to remove Trump but keep in mind he’s made an ass of himself in so many countries that no one takes him seriously.

        Liked by 1 person

  21. scott467 says:

    “There’s almost no-way, given the politicization of the Canadian plan, for Justin and Chrystia to agree to those terms and keep their fragmented political support base appeased.”


    Well, there might be ONE way, but it would require something so foreign, so antithetical, so diametrically opposed to Leftist religion, that it’s hard to see how they could pull it off without becoming apostate.

    They could try Truth.

    To make it more palatable, they could wrap it up in manipulation.

    Seems pretty straight forward:

    1) schedule a televised town hall event and invite all of Canada to tune in

    2) invite a group of 50+ Canadians who work in the industries which will be destroyed if Canada does not give in to U.S. terms. Make sure to have them bring their young children with them.

    3) also invite the craziest, most unhinged, most vocal, most radical and uncompromising Leftists who support all the tariffs and subsidies

    4) pit these two sides against each other, exposing the loons and creating sympathy for the families that will be negatively affected

    5) then stand up proudly and say that you are going to rescue these families and save Canada by surrendering completely

    (maybe use some other word besides ‘surrender’)

    It gives Trudope all the emotional and political cover he could possibly want, makes him out to be the good guy, and throws the loons so far under the bus that they’ll never be seen again.

    It’s emotional, it’s triumphant, it’s completely phony and staged (though the families and their plight is very real), and Trudope comes out smelling like garbage dump rose.

    Ta da!

    Liked by 1 person

  22. rbrtsmth says:

    I never thought they would be that crazy to not sign and risk their auto sector. But, for Globalists, the people don’t matter.

    Liked by 3 people

    • scott467 says:

      “I never thought they would be that crazy to not sign and risk their auto sector. ”


      But it not a ‘risk’. Destroying the auto sector — and every other sector — is an ‘objective’.

      The objective of the political-class, the globalists, death-cult, is to D E S T R O Y.

      Destroy the economy.

      Destroy the military.

      Destroy the culture.

      Destroy the predominant (Christian) religion.

      Destroy societal cohesiveness.

      Their true objectives cannot be achieved until these things happen.

      It is exactly that simple.

      And most people can’t or won’t allow themselves to believe it — which is exactly how the destroyers get away with it.

      Liked by 2 people

  23. nerveman says:

    I would think that the Canadians are banking on Trump being defanged by Mueller or some hoped for Blue Wave. From the outside looking in it may appear to them that Trump’s time is limited. I doubt any of JT’s people are as informed as the average reader here at the Treehouse. Otherwise they would be making a deal.


  24. Ziiggii says:


  25. Stillwater says:

    Agile wolverine Lighthizer in aggressive negotiations with Canadian reindeer (Freeland).

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kenji says:

      I find the human narration to be … disturbing. Indicative of just how out of touch modern man has become. “Is this supposed to be nature” No. Nature is a Disney cartoon. Idiots.


  26. znoxide says:

    That is so foolish to once again turn trade discussions into political discussions. If they were actively involved in the negotiations throughout, they may have been able to work in some concessions.

    Unfortunately the Canadian team decided to make political moves. Surely they see how Trump treats the media here, so why would they think he is concerned what the Canadian media says.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. jfhdsiu says:

    Guys…. I know it must have hurt no matter WHICH foot you hit……


  28. I think Trump has this on His Sound Track Hits..
    Along with..
    “I won’t back down”

    Liked by 1 person

  29. I Wish to remind EVERYONE HERE..
    If this is Science, BASED TRUE & FACT, China, CANADA, & quite a bit of the EU..
    Based on “Solar Cycles”.. There haven’t been NO SUNSPOTS, in over 100 Days now..
    We are heading into a “Grand Solar Minimum”..
    CANADA is going to be quite SCREWED, Farming, Dairy, along with about every bit of it AG..
    Just watch this video..
    This is “NEWS” you WILL not hear on MSN..

    Remember the Farmers Alamac forecast? That just came out?
    AND Trump pulling out of the Paris accords? Global “warming” is a Hoax..
    Honestly give this a watch, Science Based.. Were in 400 year(s) cycles.. We are DUE..
    Canada is screwed, (In Canada)..
    Information is there, If you look..

    Liked by 3 people

    • czarowniczy says:

      All weather’s cyclical, we’re overdue – according to other climate scientists – for a regular ice age. Of course the global warming krewe sees this as further proof of the warming as the warming’s delaying the ice age. Never waste a good lie.
      I see it as the latest tool in the dictator’s bag, the only way to make people voluntarily give up their rights and freedom is to make them think that only by turning over control of their lives to the state can they be saved from the global climate change boogeyman.

      Liked by 3 people

    • GaryT ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ🇺🇸 says:

      Factual indeed on the solar minimum. I was searching for info on how long Sun activity or lack thereof takes (in years) to actually affect Earth. But there have been zero sun spots for about 20 months now (more or less). I was just wondering because I WANT SNOW so bad, and I thought last year was our time, but alas. Maybe this year I hope.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mark McQueen says:

        Want snow? Ha..the only people who want snow are those who live far enough North that they have no choice or those that live far enough South that it’s a “novelty”. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    • Kenji says:

      Is that why … “we don’t have ANY MORE TIME to SAVE the planet from Global Warming” … “we MUST ACT NOW”. Cede total control to the UN!! Or risk burning to death … or freezing to death … or EXTREME weathered to death … or Polar Vortexed to death … or …

      Liked by 3 people

  30. ray says:

    “keep their banking and telecommunication rules blocking U.S. access”

    This is interesting. isn’t the U.S. blocked from reviewing the CGI records currently?
    what would change under new rules?


  31. TheWanderingStar says:

    At the end of the day PDJT has always said that every leader must make decisions that put their country and citizens first. Obviously, Trudeau and company believe that they have put Canadians first. Now we should both move on from there.

    America FIRST! MAGA.


  32. Clarioncaller says:

    Fidel, Jr. can send his autos down to daddy’s homeland because they can really use some vehicles from the 21st century. Of course, don’t expect to be paid any time soon.


  33. Sedanka says:

    I’m fine with Trump just breaking them economically. I’m sick and tired of our parasite neighbor to the north, along with their fake “politeness” which turns into condescension at the merest hint of disagreement. (This observation is from years of transacting business with Canadian companies.) The fact is, if America wasn’t protecting them all these years, they’d be part of Russia.


    • Kenji says:

      Canada is a PRIME example of what happens when an Immigrant population overruns the native population. When the natives start to assimilate to the immigrant … culture


  34. J Gottfred says:

    Trudeau has a tattoo of a Haida Raven on his left shoulder. I’ll gladly pay for an American Eagle on his right shoulder and make it official that Trump screwed, glued and tattooed him.


  35. czarowniczy says:

    Interesting how there were ‘imminent agreement’ leaks for the last few days and suddenly…nothing.
    Wondering if European interests figured into this – main reason bought Canadian passenger jets this year instead of Boeing was that the Canadian government so heavily subsidized them they were much cheaper than Boeings. If Delta hadn’t bought the CSeries Bombardiers a whole bunch of jobs in Ireland would have been on the chopping block so EU pressure was brought to bear on Canada. I’m wondering if the EU leaned on Canada to hold back as their interests were threatened too?
    I sometimes wonder what Europe would look like today if they didn’t have the US to kick around, feed off of and save their asses on a regular basis.


  36. jeans2nd says:

    The Toronto Star article makes it very clear – it is a virtue to lie, cheat, and talk about others behind one’s back, but it is absolutely not acceptable to tell the truth.

    With world leaders and media like this, it is no wonder this world is going to Helena Handbasket.
    So glad we live in another world.


  37. czarowniczy says:

    Canada’s got some problems – a big one is population. They’ve been trying to increase their population to 100-million by the year 2100 heavily through immigration, they just don’t have the population to effectively deal with the land they have.

    Canada’s land area is about 4 million square miles while California’s is only about 164,000 square miles. Canada’s population is now about 37 million while California’s is about 39 million. Canada’s GDP in 2016 was US $1.53 trillion while California’s was US $2.7 trillion. We have a state that outperforms Canada with only about 5% of Canada’s land mass.

    Canada has an advantage though, for as the polar ice retreats it opens up huge areas of previously frozen land that can be exploited for minerals. That makes Canada one of the three major Arctic powers along with China and Russia and it gives Canada a strategic position in control of the Northwest Passage. Problem is with a smaller population than California and no realiiviable increase due for another 80ish years – what to do?

    Note that China’s been cozying up to China at the economic conferences for some years now – not to mention a large number of Chinese millionaires who set up shop in Canada. Canada’s also been a hub of illegal Chinese immigration for decades. More importantly China has published its Arctic policy:
    This is interesting as China considers itself a near-Arctic state, Russia has the Arctic land that China would have had Russia not taken it. China isn’t deterred though, it’s been sending icebreakers into the Arctic for decades, is building an Arctic dedicated operational fleet and challenging Russia in Arctic dominance – including militarization of the Arctic. China’s moves toward Canada are militarily and economically beneficial to both and can make China and Canada Asian powers.

    Let’s see if Trudeau is going to play the China card instead of caving to the US. China does have more to offer Canada than the US does in the long run but there may well be costs to walking with the tiger. In the short run Canada could benefit greatly from partnering with China, China has a stable regime with a long-term goal and a long-term focus and massive resources to dangle in front of Canada. It can also make Canada a star on the Asian stage, something Canada can’t hope for in the West where it’s outclassed by one US state less than a 10th its size.


  38. nrgmizer says:

    Old Canadian socialist habits die hard in Ottawa under Trudeau Jr. Trump was clear in the EU and China about just what he demands in free trade deals. The writing was on the wall, yet they tried to bluff Trump with an empty hand, putting Canada’s auto industry at risk. His father Pierre Trudeau gave away control of the Bank of Canada to International Bankers who ever since charge the nation interest to borrow its own money. Prior to that, projects like the St. Lawrence Seaway were funded within Canada under favorable terms. Also, before that Canada’s dollar was on par with the US dollar, but now it’s been inflated to 75 cents US. Inflation is not rocket science, and results when wealth is robbed from the treasury in covert and devious ways.


  39. jameswlee2014 says:

    What dufus in Canada sent that kid to negotiate with a killer like Trump? Wow!

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Jan says:

    I think the people in Canada are getting the same wake-up call we got a while back. And think about one thing that Sundance says over and over again, whether its trade, FISA abuse, Mueller investigation, immigration, whatever. There are trillions and trillions of dollars at stake for the big time players. And they use fools like politicians to manipulate power and money on their behalf. Trudeau, OVomit, McCain, Hillary…they’re the surface of the evil they snuggle with. There aren’t too many politicians who can’t be bought; and, for the most part, Pres. Trump can’t be bought. He’s uniquely Donald Trump. Canada, you have to find your own Trump and soon, if you don’t want to lose your country. And you can’t save your country in one election. This fall election is crucial to the survival of the USA. 2020 will be, too.

    Liked by 1 person

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