Canadian Business Analyst: Trudeau Intentionally Sinking Canadian Economy for Anti-Trump Political Benefit…

Several days ago I noticed a well-connected Canadian business analyst, Manny Montenegrino, had a considerable assembly of facts, examples, data-points and details to support his proposition that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was intentionally collapsing his own economy.

After going through the evidence, weighing it against our own research, and looking closely at the political network of like-minded followers associating with PM Trudeau (mostly avowed Marxists), Montenegrino’s theory appears very solid:

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181 Responses to Canadian Business Analyst: Trudeau Intentionally Sinking Canadian Economy for Anti-Trump Political Benefit…

  1. gda says:

    Great news Canada!

    OAN will now be carried by your local cable network.

    The MCGA plan is finally working!

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  2. The Ghost of Robert Hannigan says:

    Of course economic collapse is the goal. The goal is a goal of Oligarchical Collectivism, and the enslavement of the average man.

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  3. James Hilton says:

    They are not hating on Trump just because he is Trump. They despise him because of what he stands for which is everything that progressives hate.

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  4. 4430lacey says:

    So the PM is willing to tank Canada’s economy to win “atta-boy” points,… sure sounds like an American Democrat to me.

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  5. Tim says:

    There is a video somewhere on this site. Where Freeland and Treudeau are exposed lieing to the Canadian people. They said Canada is working on a joint statement with the US. The Canadian trade negotiator is asked when? He replies “ there are no discussions at the moment.” Journalist says “how does that fit with working on joint statement?”. Freeland shuts down the meeting, in French. Maybe someone can put the link for video here

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  6. Cooper45 says:

    sundance has definitely tapped into a rational and informed source of alternative Conservative opinion from Canada in Rebel Media.

    Unfortunately, Canada’s MSM networks including pro Justin anti Trump CBC & others that only show clips from fake news U.S. MSM and the national newspapers (The Star and National Post) and the various political machines routinely attempt to discredit and marginalize Ezra and paint his Rebel Media network as a fringe extremist site rather than the rational counter political voice he and they often offer.

    Other than Ezra’s paywall site, the majority of political and other news that Canadians receive about Trump and the USA arrives directly from the studios of ABC, CBS and NBC. I believe all cable networks across Canada until recently also included CNN and MSNBC as part of compulsory group packages while FNC had to be arranged separately at additional cost. Anti Trump articles from the MSM in the USA are often inescapable whether you sign out of your e-mail or check your local or national news.

    If you want to engage in a comments section for a newspaper or a network in Canada, you usually have to sign up with Zuckerberg’s monopolistic and politically biased Facebook scam which I refused to do before Trump. As a result free and open discourse has been mostly stifled and political thought largely controlled in Justin’s Canada but most Canadians don’t seem to care. Ignorance is bliss.

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    • George says:

      For Great real coverage of Canadian real news Rebel is good but Spencer Fernando is the best and often source for Smalldeadanimal articles.


  7. Cheri Lawrence says:

    I think these Canadian leftists much like here actually believe their tried and true propaganda rather than the post truth reality we are all awakening to. These globalists have not one iota of care for the suffering or welfare of the people. It has never been so apparant. Viva La Resistance Canada!

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  8. WSB says:

    For anyone who happened to be sure that Canada could keep supplying the US ‘their’ steel products because we would never be at war with each other? Think again.

    Should Canada be so compromised as we almost were, there is no way we could ever subject ourselves to a hostile invasion or takeover, let alone catapulting dangerous materials across the border. Or leveraging product we would need in our own country.

    Therein lies the reason PT has engaged with Mexico and not with Canada.

    He knows. .

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    • ichicinnabar says:

      I love the timing of the US meeting with Mexico this week, while the Canadians are in Asia.

      On Monday Sundance speculated that there may even be a trade agreement ready by Friday as a result of these meetings with Mexico. Perfect, hammer it out away from the meddling Freeland.

      If Mexico gets a good trade deal that they value, they won’t want to lose it. If that is the case, I can see that Mexico will fight any Canadian interference tooth and nail to keep the US trade deal.

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  9. MickJT says:

    “Trudeau Intentionally Sinking Canadian Economy for Anti-Trump Political Benefit”…will be short lived, the Canadians aren’t as stupid as this neophyte thinks they are. Wait for it Trudeau, your days are numbered, you crash your economy for what you mistakenly think is political gain, it will blow up in your face!

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  10. unnamed source says:



  11. Madi says:

    Did you know that Trudeau party “parti Libéral” lost in recent election in Quebec? Toronto abandonned the liberal party too. Canadians middle class figured it out that there is no free care , no free school and no free speech.
    The election in 2008 was about electing a AA, not a women; in 2016, if you voted for Trump you hate women but in 2008 , it was ok to hate women but you could not be a racist.
    Democrat party is the party of the useful idiots 🙈🙉🙊🐒I apologized to all the 🐒, the democrats are just rats !!!


  12. Charles Krauthammer, when all other pundits and ‘experts’ were saying that the economic collapse brought on by the forced mortgage fiasco in ’08 would tie the hands of Obama’s big spending plans, presaged that it would facilitate and expand Obama’s big spending plans to unforeseen debt levels. Trudeau might well (now) have the same thought, holding true to his ideology and his base while bringing in more voters, relying on welfare, laid off because of Canada’s inability to compete with the US. If you know you’re going to lose, lose big. It’s only the little people who get hurt.


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