NAFTA Watch – GOPe Construct U.S. Deregulation and Business Scheme To Increase NAFTA Appeal…

Sneaky.  CTH anticipated POTUS Trump would withdraw from NAFTA due to the FATAL FLAW that still remains unaddressed in all discussions.  So it came as a surprise to see reports (opaquely cited) that U.S.T.R. Lighthizer was willing to drop the U.S. firm stance on content origination rules within the auto-sector.

Why would the Trump team agree to low thresholds of U.S. auto-parts used in American cars?  It just doesn’t make sense.  Still doesn’t… but no-one’s talking right now; and clarity is impossible to find.  The bigger question remains:  Why haven’t we pulled out yet?

Perhaps the answer to that question lies in the heart of a plan concocted by a small group of conniving GOPe multinational business interests. The tricksters are creating an enticement plan to insert domestic rules on U.S. regulations into a renegotiated NAFTA draft.  The GOPe loves them some NAFTA. The GOPe will scheme to keep NAFTA.

Their current enticement plan is to work around congress, by structuring a NAFTA chapter on “rules of competitiveness”.  If the scheme works as they have outlined, many domestic regulations currently tripping up expanded U.S. business development, specifically shipping/transportation infrastructure (ports/railroads), could be reduced or eliminated by putting rules to override U.S. regulations in a final NAFTA deal.

Hypothetical Example: Portland, Oregon doesn’t want a new port facility to open. They block the proposal citing environmental regulations or internal infrastructure etc.   However, the new NAFTA rules require streamlined timelines and support the facility being built.  The NAFTA rule overrides the federal regulatory register (the domestic rule) being used by Portland to stop the development.

On it’s face, this sneaky approach seems like a way to cut through bureaucratic regulations to speed up economic expansion.  Ergo POTUS Trump would like the approach; or so the architects of the plan are approaching their construct by anticipating Trump’s thinking… Therefore POTUS Trump would see this innovative approach at deregulation as reason to remain in NAFTA.  “An enticement to remain”, at least that’s the plan in their mind.

However, the ultimate beneficiaries are not necessarily the local U.S. business interests; rather the beneficiaries are multinational corporations (Wall Street) who would still exploit NAFTA, but now hold a talking point showing benefit to Main Street U.S.A.   Hence, my definition of the schemers as “sneaky bastards”.

The “SNEAKS” never stop conniving and scheming. EVER.  In this endeavor, just like the TPP scheme no-one understood, Tom Donohue has the same Wall-Street-Minded Decepticons in position to pitch the ruse:

Ted Cruz of Texas, Steve Daines of Montana and Cory Gardner of Colorado. The senators touted the plan in a letter to Donald Trump on Tuesday, describing it as an unprecedented opportunity “to lock into law” major elements of the president’s economic development plan. (link)

You can barf or eye-roll, your choice.

Remember this is the same Decepticon crew that was for TPP and giving Obama the legislative fast-track trade approval authority (TPA); before one of them decided to run for the 2016 presidency and manufactured an insufferable walk-back that convinced a bunch of “Battered CONservatives” he really didn’t support TPP or TPA.   [See: historic reference for “sneaky bastard.”]

Behind the curtain here we can sense the invisible hand and familiar fingerprints of Tom Donohue and the U.S. CoC.

BLOOMBERG – […] The tactic could enable passage of an array of legislative proposals, including regulatory overhaul bills stymied in the Senate and measures to expand workforce development programs. Potential changes also could include setting ceilings on the cost of new regulations and making additional spectrum available for commercial use.

Adam White, who directs George Mason University’s Center for the Study of the Administrative State and who has been briefed on the effort, says the approach could improve the U.S. trade position by strengthening American competitiveness from within and enticing businesses to invest in the country.

“We need to be given the best possible opportunity to compete,” White said. “In some ways, that involves lowering barriers to trade abroad, but sometimes it involves lowering the barriers that we have created for ourselves.”  (read more)

Consider me suspicious cat on this scheme, as we look for more details:


Build the wall.

Destroy NAFTA.

Enough with the too-cute-by-half plans.


Just – get – us – out.


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140 Responses to NAFTA Watch – GOPe Construct U.S. Deregulation and Business Scheme To Increase NAFTA Appeal…

  1. uptothere says:

    Not being critical of CTH, just curious. We’re very familiar with the corruption of the DOJ, FBI and the key individuals involved. Now waiting for arrests, etc. instead of more endless hearings and statements. What I would like to see at this point is some analysis regarding Mr. Tillerson’s abrupt removal, any conclusions regarding a recent high level leak in the WH and anything on the omnibus spending bill.


  2. jeans2nd says:

    Have read, and reread, and reread, every link. Except Cruz vid; once in Nov 2015 was enough (phooey).

    There are def downsides to this, no denying that. Trains go in as well as out.
    Except – would we not be paying for the infrastructure improvements anyway? The worker retraining? All the other gimme’s?

    Otoh, this has the potential to train our citizens for the technical jobs that every industry now requires. That unleashes American creativity, which NO ONE can match. All we need is a chance. Just give us a nose in the tent. We’ll take it from there.

    The multinationals may always find a way around us. But at least this gives us a shot.
    3-pointer from mid-court predicted.

    Btw, have you noticed the change in Dem messaging lately? Schumer says this latest horrendous Cromnibus is Great for the middle class. Yes, Schumer is lying. But the wailing and gnashing of teeth is gone. Is a start. Listen for more in the future.


  3. Rhoda R says:

    Why would training Americans for technical jobs be a good thing when NAFTA isn’t doing anything about the technical jobs being exported to other countries? For the rest, the best thing that we can do for your businesses and industries is eliminate much of the unnecessary regulations and then get out of their way.


  4. MontanaMel says:

    Thanks for the tip-off to this end-around… CofC can go suck an egg!…

    Sorry to see one of my Senators’ involved in this “play”… Steve Daines. Wet noodle lashes!

    Is this why a simple/basic PICK-UP truck costs us in the $40k range now?…use to be $12K???


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