POTUS Trump Frames Stunning Win on Steel and Aluminum Tariffs – Announcement Coming 3:30pm Today…

I have never witnessed an economic policy initiative positioned, framed and delivered with this much success.  A few points must be noted for emphasis.

♦ First, at 3:30pm today President Trump will announce the final end-policy on his Steel and Aluminum tariffs.  It is going to happen; and the final outline will be extraordinarily effective – in part because the opposition to the policy walked directly into the hands of a deal-maker who knows how to position the opponent’s demands to increase his own strength.

After President Trump’s lead trade policy advocate, Peter Navarro, stated yesterday the steel and aluminum tariff announcement would be coming today, the opposition immediately increased their calls for modifications.

While the White House trade lawyers were working through the day and night constructing the legalese, Fox News Ed Henry stated late last night there might be a delay….

But the media again displayed how they don’t understand this President.

When Trump establishes a goal that is a top priority for his personal MAGAnomic agenda – he will not accept roadblocks.  As such, today the announcement is proceeding according to the timeline set by Trump, no-one else.

This trade specific issue, and many more soon to follow, are important to this president.  This is President Trump’s subject area of specific expertise.  These trade policies are the issues he has been discussing for over thirty years.

♦ Secondly, the target of the tariffs is China.  The specific target has always been China; and POTUS Trump, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, USTR Robert Lighthizer and Trade Policy Adviser Peter Navarro know to hit their target they have to get past the hurdle of trans-shipments of Steel to proxy nations by China to avoid the tariff.

So what does POTUS Trump do…. he takes the position of the tariff opponents and amplifies it.  Trump’s trade policy opponents, realizing something was going to happen regardless of their opposition, started demanding “targeted tariffs”; that is, tariffs applied against target nations.  POTUS Trump brilliantly spins their position and says: ok, let’s target by granting “exceptions” to the tariffs.

What POTUS will announce is “targeted exemptions” to the trade tariffs on Steel and Aluminum.  Not “targeted tariffs”, but rather “targeted exemptions”.

The exemption approach puts more power in the hands of Team ‘America-First’ than targeting the steel dumpers directly. Team Trump will reward good behavior.

Any nation that acts like a Chinese proxy in the trans-shipment problem will not get relief from the tariffs.  However, the nations that manufacture and trade honestly will be granted tariff relief.  This allows Team Trump to evaluate the origin of the Steel used by countries that want to import their finished goods into the U.S.  If they are using Chinese Steel, the tariff applies.  If they are using their own manufactured steel, there is no tariff.

See how brilliantly that works?

By taking the position of his opposition and modifying it to enhance his own policy, POTUS has gained leverage.  The U.S.A. now holds the strength of enforcement based on American determination of origin of their material.  If the producing nation doesn’t follow the Trump rules, they will pay the tariff.  In essence, Trump is helping all manufacturing nations by positioning the United States as the “steel compliance office”.   We will determine who is using Chinese Steel and who is not.

This also gives Trump, Ross and Lighthizer massive leverage against China.  No country will want to lose access to the U.S. market by engaging in the sketchy trans-shipping arrangement with China.  POTUS Trump holds all the cards.

This approach also puts Mexico and Canada (NAFTA) on notice that if they use Chinese steel they will face a tariff despite our NAFTA agreement.  Again, more leverage.

Brilliantly played….


And now you understand this moment:

(Source – video at 19:03)

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137 Responses to POTUS Trump Frames Stunning Win on Steel and Aluminum Tariffs – Announcement Coming 3:30pm Today…

  1. kathyca says:

    yet some still don’t seem to see the brilliance coming. Go figure. Pro tip…the louder the howler monkeys are in opposition, the more likely it is to happen and the better the result will be.

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    • Jazcox says:

      I’m with you Kathyca – can’t see it yet! And, I believe a whole lot of people (like me) can’t really follow nor understand this complicated process – so, I’ll wait & see.

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      • G. Combs says:

        You might want to read: Why the ‘Local Multiplier Effect’ Always Counts

        This is the WHY of bringing back manufacturing and booting out illegals that send massive amounts of US $$$ to Mexico.

        As Sundance has explained elsewhere. Mexico and Canada assemble Chinese made parts into cars and other products and then label them as Made in Canada or Mexico even though the raw materials and most of the labor was done in China.

        For example China makes the engine, transmission, drive shaft, wheels doors, hood, body…. and ships the pieces to Mexico. Mexicans put the pieces together and call the car ‘Made in Mexico’ even though 90% of the value was done in China and only 10% in Mexico.

        The Result is a major trade inbalance with China that is even worse than reported.

        This shows just how much in jobs and $$$ China has sucked out of the USA and WHO was behind it.

        1. China’s Tiananmen Square massacre takes place on Jun 04, 1989 and the USA placed sanctions on China

        2. Bill Clinton presidential term: January 20, 1993 – January 20, 2001

        3. China Bribed Clinton link to get full access to the US market and US technology including nuclear weapon and ballistic missile technology.

        4. Since Clinton helped China enter the World Trade Organization, the Chinese economy has INCREASED TEN FOLD!!!! while the US economy has not even managed to double. As Sundance says our wealth, factories and technology has been DELIBERATELY exported to China.

        This is the interactive chart for China’s GDP google link

        YEAR —— GDP in Trillions (current US$)
        1980 — 0.191
        1985 — 0.309
        1987 — 0.273
        1989 USA imposes sanctions – Tiananmen Sq
        1990 — 0.361
        1994 Clinton extend to China’s most-favored-nation status
        1995 — 0.734
        2000 — 1.2
        2001 Clinton helps China enters WTO
        2005 — 2.3
        2010 — 6.1
        2015 — 11.1
        2016 — 11.2

        4. More important China’s GDP PER PERSON takes off. google link

        YEAR —— GDP per capita (current US$)
        1980 —- 194.81 USD
        1982 —- 203.34
        1885 —- 294.46
        1987—- 251.81
        1993 —- 377.39
        1995 —- 609.66
        2000 —- 959.37
        2005 —- 1,753.42
        2007 —- 2,695.37
        2010 —- 4,560.51
        2012 —- 6,337.88
        2014 —- 7,683.5
        2016 —- 8,123.18

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        • tonyE says:

          Actually, I don’t know that the example of China is correct when it comes to cars.

          I know that Honda doesn’t bring stuff from China. The bodies are stamped in Mexico and many of the parts come from North America.

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          • G. Combs says:

            Honda is a Japanese brand and given the dislike between Japan and China, I would expect in that case it is Japan making the engines and transmissions in Japan and shipping them to Mexico. Also those body parts are likely fabricated from CHINESE steel and aluminium, Japan not being a big exporter of steel.(Just 9 percent of all steel exported globally. )

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            • Deplorable_Infidel says:

              Honda has suffered because of the rampant counterfeiting of their small engines by the Chinese. They not only look the same, many times the parts are physically interchangeable. that is only one example.

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        • G. Combs says:

          The GDP numbers are for China, sorry I didn’t label them.

          Also my example is not from any data just an exagerated example of why we need specifics on what ‘made in’ actually means. I think Sundance mentioned a minimum of 85% of a car made in the country of origin IIRC.

          That is NOT where these talks are headed.
          Ambassador Lighthizer: “….I would like to comment on two proposals by the Canadians, one of which has been in the press quite a bit, and that is a presumed compromise on rules of origin.

          We find that the automobile rules of origin idea that was presented, when analyzed, may actually lead to less regional content than we have now and fewer jobs in the United States, Canada, and likely Mexico. So this is the opposite of what we are trying to do.

          In another proposal, Canada reserved the right to treat the United States and Mexico even worse than other countries if they enter into future agreements. Those other countries may, in fact, even include China, if there is an agreement between China and [Canada]. This proposal, I think if the United States had made it, would be dubbed a “poison pill.” ….” https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/01/30/nafta-round-6-ustr-robert-lighthizer-highlights-canadas-deceptive-negotiation-approach/

          Sundance has several NAFTA articles this is a good one.

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        • hanna693 says:

          Since when has China made cars? I can’t think of one car made by China..ever. Korea makes cars. Germany, Sweden and the UK make cars. But, Japan has always been the king in building cars and shipping them, not China.


          • cozette says:

            Hanna693 Are you questioning the wisdom of President Trumps trade policies? Are you questioning the positive analysis provided by Sundance? If so, why? Have you read Trumps books on the subject? Listened to videos by Ross, Navarro or Lighthauzer where they explain the reasons for the policies? Read the MANY articles written by Sundance explaining the need for the policies and why MAGAeconomics is brilliant? If not, why not do that before posting?

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          • Sayit2016 says:

            Top 10 Car Manufacturers in China:
            Beijing Automotive Group
            Guangzhou Automobile
            SAIC Motor
            Dongfeng Motor Corporation
            First Automobile Works
            Chang’an Motors
            Brilliance China Auto
            Jianghuai Automobile

            CHINA JV’S with Foreign Car mamkers

            A foreign car manufacturer is allowed at most 2 joint ventures in China.[2]

            Foreign Auto Manufacturer Joint Ventures (with)
            BMW Brilliance Auto (BMW-Brilliance)
            Fiat GAC
            Ford Changan
            General Motors (GM) SAIC, FAW
            Honda GAC (Guangqi Honda), Dongfeng Motor Group (Dongfeng Honda)
            Hyundai BAIC
            Jaguar Land Rover Chery (Chery Jaguar Land Rover)
            Kia Dongfeng Motor Corporation (Dongfeng Yueda Kia)
            Luxgen Dongfeng Motor
            Mazda FAW, Changan
            Mercedes Benz BAIC (Beijing-Benz), BYD (Denza)
            Mitsubishi Soueast
            Nissan Dongfeng Motor Group (Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.)
            Peugeot Dongfeng Motor Group
            Renault Dongfeng Motor Group
            Suzuki Changan
            Toyota GAC (GAC-Toyota), FAW
            Volkswagen SAIC, FAW

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            • Cuppa Covfefe says:

              And don’t forget the MANY automakers which are owned, either wholly or in part, by the Chinese. Volvo is now (sadly) a Chinese company, and a Chinese Billionaire has just bought (or extended) a chunk of Mercedes…

              The Chinese are going on a world shopping tour, after having crushed other economies, buying companies and property for pennies on the dollar, WITH OUR DOLLARS!!!

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          • USTerminator says:

            China makes ton of cars but mostly for domestic consumption. However, China makes most of automotive components from electronics, plastics, metals, accessories…. If you take a typical cars make in China probably 90-100% China content, Mexico cars use between 50-75% China made content. There is not much value added at Mexico auto plants than some light assembly of car. Most of the work is done by robots with components pipelines from China, Japan, SE Asia….. The automotive suppliers are in dogs eat dogs business. They would sell their own mothers to save a few cents. China government has national manufacturing policy to support her industries by protect home market and subsidy export. Japan is the same. Finally, US has Trump to do the same and that is why China and the rest of the world is running scare with Trump America First policy.

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          • China exports huge numbers of BYD’s (Build Your Dreams) compacts, SUVs, Trucks, Great Wall sedans,compacts, SUVs, Geely Suv, compacts sedans. They build Chryslers, GM, VW. They all look very similar to Japanese and Korean vehicles. (they are great at copying). They flood the Pacific Rim with their cheap cars and motorcycles. Except not to the USA. Central and South America all over the roads.


            • Cuppa Covfefe says:

              They’ve been trying to get into the German market for years, but can never get past the crash (and other) tests. Seems the crumple zone is the entire car…

              Could be why they’re attempting to take a big bite of Daimler-Benz… I think Zetsche looks like the “Monopoly Man” but I’m starting to doubt his decision(s). Then again, he is a dyed-in-the-wool globalist…


          • Mongoose says:

            “Parts is parts, baby!” Of course they have their own auto and truck manufacturing and those are all over asia but not in America. What we do get is lots of “parts” in cars and trucks supposedly made in other countries like Mexico and Canada. Get it?


        • brh82 says:

          Thanks for all that info, G. Combs! Very enlightening, at least for me.


    • Carrie2 says:

      kathyca, Trump has been in business and very successfully for years and knows how, when, where, and why and that confounds democrats, republicans, and corporations, and businesses who all think they will be shafted. Well, in sense that is true but America will get factories back here, make Made in America a wanted product due to quality and workmanship (as it was when I was growing up), and Trump could also consider a VAT on the rich as was used also when I was growing up. In other words, we will now have our cake and eating it! Get used to, you who grumble, complain and try to bring Trump and America to your level.

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    • Tegan says:

      Yes, Kathyca, the C of C puppets will certainly unmask themselves “bigly” on this one. Heh heh

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    • NJF says:

      Lol. Charles Payne basically said the same thing last night. Made me smile.

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    • My NeverTrumper (s)ass(e) is howling – SMH – what scum!

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    • j1u2l3i4a5 says:

      Mark Levin doesn’t like it. Says it is socialistic. We’ll see Mark…..we’ll see….

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        Mr. Levin needs to invite Mr.Peter Navarro to his Sunday evening TV show on FNN so he can receive some enlightenment. If his website has contact info, I will suggest it.

        Many people are very intelligent; however, his attitude is a prime example of you cannot know everything. Perhaps it is left over bias from the primaries and he is still trying to find fault with our POTUS, I don’t know.


    • Patsy says:

      Ed Henry needs to STOP talking to Ryan and Turtle.


      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        He may want to, but controversy is needed for ratings. The higher the ratings, the more they can charge advertisers.


  2. Pam says:

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  3. Earl & Pearl Tourist says:

    Drinks on the house!!!!!!

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  4. ginaswo says:

    *jumps on coffee table waving flag*
    Thank you Mister President!!!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      I shared this on another post and will share it again here because SD is absolutely right! This has and always will be the EAGLE versus the DRAGON. The EAGLE has the greatest threat to the Dragon that he and his country ever faced. The 301 case on Intellectual Property.

      The Chinese are very good and disciplined workers. However, they lack the creativity that the USA has as well as a country like India has. If they can’t steal our Intellectual Property, they are screwed!

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      • doit4atlas says:

        My ex-wife is Chinese, I lived with the Chinese culture for 6 years and I can see how they lose on the creative aspect of well, EVERYTHING. They cannot make executive decisions on even the most basic level. Their culture is all about “face-saving” so nobody, I mean NOBODY, from a dishwasher to a CEO, will take a chance and make a damn decision on their own for fear of the societal backlash in case they are wrong. This impacts on everything they do, from picking a restaurant for dinner, choosing a college, to hell, even driving a car. Driving a car is nothing but continuous executive decisions and they simply cannot make them. They need to bring others in on the decision so they can deflect blame if they make a poor decision. This is not a good way to drive and consequently they are really crappy drivers!

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        • G. Combs says:

          No doubt the result of thousands and thousands of years of totalitarian rule sucking the creativity out of the society and killing off the mavericks responsible for ‘Thinking Outside the Box’

          The USA USED to import those mavericks by the boat load until Ted Kennedy decided to kill off our old immigration rules. Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Legacy — and why did he do it?

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        • cozette says:

          Doit4atlas very interesting observations about the down side of Chinese cultural hive mindedness. Imho Cultural Marxist Libgressive Democrats are trying to change Americans from free spirited entrepreneurs into a variation of the hive mind. Shudder.

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        • fleporeblog says:

          Thanks for the insight!

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          • spren says:

            I have noticed this for years regarding Asian culture. If you give them a specific task, they will be as efficient as possible and enjoy success. When they steal our IP, they reverse engineer it and can do great things with it. But when it comes to innovation, they are severely lacking. And I’m talking about Japan as well as China.

            My son is working for a Chinese start-up in Boston, and he is constantly chagrined by the way they operate. There is no alignment between, or among, their various business unit components. They step on each other, go in separate directions, and their leadership fails to provide the direction necessary for all the oars to be rowing the same way.

            He provides very obvious steps to improve, and they think he is a hero. They are doing some really incredible stuff, but their operational ineptness really holds them back.

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            • fleporeblog says:

              They are extremely loyal! Your son will be worshipped by them.


            • Deplorable_Infidel says:

              There was an article, I believe last year, that compared patents issued to the Koreans compared to patents issued to about 10 countries that were Islamic. It was insanely lopsided. These are not the actual numbers cited, but is was something like 10,000 or 20,000 patents issued to the Koreans, versus about 500 to the Islamic countries. Many of those patents in the Islamic countries were given to foreigners that resided there.


        • MTK says:

          I am all about intellectual honesty. That being said compared with what you stated, “I mean NOBODY, from a dishwasher to a CEO, will take a chance and make a damn decision on their own for fear of the societal backlash in case they are wrong.”
          Uhm… I see alot of above quote going on in this country, i.e. the fear to make executive decisions because of social media backlash (just read any Reddit forum on gaming developers), advertising blacklisting and boycotts for any number of executive business decisions, right on through national, state and local political dialogue being truncheoned by the MSM.
          Just saying…
          Do a little research and you will find hundreds of innovative, ground breaking creative research being carried out the chinese nationals in mathematics, physics, computing and medicine. So don’t fire back, well they are all based here at American Universities. Hogwash, I’ll give the chinese credit where credit is due, many of their own homegrown PhD nationals are leading cutting edge R&D basic research. Just read the journals and published papers.

          So, to say the chinese are 100% creatively brain dead is dishonest.

          The question then becomes how to confront the deeper issue of intellectual property theft that occurs (also intellectually honest) without ad hominem rhetoric.

          Maybe the answer lies with looking in the mirror, and restoring priorities back to R&D as more than accounting tax right off.

          Maybe, part of the answer is changing the direction innovation is viewed by corporate America from that of how quickly can it be implemented on mainland China. Just watch any episode of shark tank, and get the balance sheet reads of the Sharks, where they ask, “Where are your Chinese connections to manufacturing and supply chains.”

          Maybe the answer lies with looking at red tape restrictions.

          Maybe just maybe the sky is not falling and we just don’t hear of the countless daily innovations made by many of our fellow citizens because that is WINNING. CAN’T HAVE THAT!!! It does not fit the narrative of the Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out dopes that have been gutting America for decades.

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          • bkrg2 says:

            there is no doubt that China has some innovative thinkers and researchers.
            However, spren, atlas, and a couple other posters are correct that vast majority of Chinese do not take independent risk and innovative chances. It actually permeates several Asian cultures (like both Koreas, but less pronounced in Japan…)

            This is good news for Americans. We have a 200+ year culture of risk taking and challenging status quo. Basically unmatched in the world.
            There are many globalists and snowflakes trying like hell to stop this, but I just don’t see USA becoming anything like China and visa-versa in my lifetime.


          • Deplorable_Infidel says:

            “It does not fit the narrative of the Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out dopes that have been gutting America for decades.” – I realize that this is not the topic of the thread, but I feel this is a big problem with the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana. The Federal law has been way too strict since it was demonized in the 1930’s, but that is for the lawmakers to fix. They have not been doing their jobs.


        • cyn3wulf says:

          Interestingly, the last ten years (at least) have seen us trying to make our schools more like China’s even while they are trying to make theirs more like ours.


        • Mongoose says:

          And if that is not bad enough, you need to read up on the culture of “chaduduo.” In the US we used to say “Close enough for government work!” Well, in China, it is even worse. The culture of finishing work and concepts of “quality” are really foreign. What they produce in their “off-shore” manufacturing of other countries products comes from those countries and is not endemic of China, at all. That is why quality control is so important on finished goods coming from China. And they think their military toys will work? ha ha


        • brh82 says:

          doit4atlas, I do believe that kind of personality is in the genes. It’s about the risk factor; they cannot take a risk of ANY kind, no matter the subject or the stakes. I married one, not Chinese, German actually. I know several others, same personality, and all are very popular as friends, particularly with people who DO want to take risks. Risk-takers are leaders, and those who won’t take risks enjoy their role as followers. Fortunately, we need both.


    • Fe says:

      Grabs Ginaswo and together we start square dancing while shouting USA USA!

      Don’t mind me, I’m feeling happy and silly 😁

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  5. DanO64 says:

    Not tired of winning. More please.

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  6. rsmith1776 says:

    The very idea that saving $0.005 per can of beer is worth leaving the US without a NATIONAL steel and aluminum industry was sheer lunacy.

    The lunatics are calling the one sane person, who happens to be the President, a lunatic.

    Go figure.

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    • 🍺Gunny says:

      My father told me if I wanted to be comfortable in life, to invest in hospitals, funeral parlors, or buy a bar.

      In that people will always get sick. People will always die. And people will always spend their very last penny on a drink. No matter how expensive the drink is. 😎

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      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        And the sad part is, the Marxists have dumbed-down and traumatized our society to the point that people go from the bar, to the hospital, and end up at the funeral parlor…

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    • The enemedia goal was to turn the deplorable rednecks against Pres Trump by claiming that their beer and candy would be more expensive. This deplorable redneck buys American whenever possible and the possible incremental additional cost doesn’t deter this decision. Apparently I’m not alone.

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      • G. Combs says:

        Deplorable rednecks deal with the REAL world where the crappy Chinese stuff breaks in less than a year. We would MUCH rather buy GOOD American products that last. I broke a fancy high priced meat thermometer the first time I used it. Snapped a manure shovel in two within a year. Out of a dozen frost free water hydrants bought ten years ago only four still work and three died as soon as they were installed….. (I dread digging them back up and replacing them!)

        I and Hubby haunt the flea markets buying old American made hand tools after giving up on the chinese ^*&$%.

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        • Cuppa Covfefe says:

          I think Sylvia Avery can help you out with the shovels 🙂

          Chinese quality isn’t… I will never drive over the “replacement” span of the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge, even if I have to drive down to 237 or up north to avoid it. And tools and hardware (e.g. screws and bolts) from China are HORRIBLE. Just spent the worst part of today fixing some furniture that collapsed due to screws made out of pig iron that should have been hardened STEEL…

          And their tools scare me. A broken socket or a fragment from a screwdriver or wrench can seriously injure someone, let alone ruin the workpiece…

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        • Sylvia Avery says:

          Your shovel broke????? I hate it when that happens, unless it is over Adam Schiff’s head….

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        • unconqueredone (American Dreamer) says:

          Ha! I had a frost free hydrant all ditched and ready, After reading how poor the quality was for the hydrants available to me last fall I filled in the ditch. I feel your pain!


      • angieunderground says:

        “enemedia”–great word for them!


      • Janeka says:

        Alone..? Not by a long shot.. Hubby spends the extra $2-$5 on a tool made in USA because the alternative alway breaks, regardless of warranty, at the most crucial time of need.. I’m always looking for USA grown vegetable and meats (seafood) regardless of price.. If it’s not grown and processed in the USA I don’t buy it..

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        • spren says:

          My only point of departure with what you said is that I believe that back in the 70s, following the oil (gasoline) shortages and price shocks, the movement was towards smaller more fuel efficient cars. The Japanese cars (Toyota) were far superior to the crap that American manufacturers were presenting. I bought three Toyotas, two Celicas and one Camry. But the fact I was working in an American steel mill at the same time led me to have one Japanese car and on American car. The American car would be the larger one (Chevy Caprice station wagon or a Plymouth mini-van) but the most efficient car was the Japanese one. I drove my first Camry over 250,000 miles and it lasted over 14 years. Its American counterpart would fall apart within just several years.

          I hope that is all changing now and that buying American will provide dividends.


    • Mongoose says:

      Let’s face it. President Trump is not necessarily “the” smartest man around. Of course, in business, there are lots of rich, successful people who have made it big. And I don’t say this to denigrate him in any way. My point is that what distinquishes him, the key difference, to my way of thinking, is it is all about his motives. While others are ONLY interested in their bottom line, he has reached a point where he truly wants to give back to his country using common sense. When ‘ol Gordon Gecko said “Greed is good,” well, he was only speaking for himself. That sentence did more to follow on generations of business people just like BJ Clanton’s “What is the definition of “is” is? and the sexual permissiveness in our culture since then.

      Trump might be criticized, and rightly so, for his past actions and indiscretions, but the truth of the matter, as in most things is “what have you done for me lately?” and he has done a boatload for this country. And only in his first year!! So those that can only focus on the past, all I can say is, wouldn’t it be a shame if all of us were constantly judged based on our own youthful mistakes and indiscretions and those were held up for the rest of our lives as the measure of our worth today?


      • brh82 says:

        Mongoose, I’m always curious about why so many people devalue Trump’s smarts. Do you know his IQ? Have you been the receptor of some “dumb decisions” of his, and please do tell what his “past actions and indiscretions” have been. Seriously I am asking, because the Liberal commenters on Twitter are almost always referring to what you are referring to, whatever that is, both without an ounce of fact ever mentioned, to substantiate what you are saying. I would like to know what you know, so I can respond appropriately and not get called a “Trump Cult Member” because I defend him.


  7. Pam says:

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  8. Alison says:

    My face hurts from grinning.

    Please POTUS, stop all this winning! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    😁😁😁😁 #MAGA #AmericaFirst

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  9. Bob Thoms says:

    It truly is brilliance in government. Something I thought I would never see.
    And even the so-called smart class is missing things that we Treepers know (thank you Sundance). For example. Over at Powerline they are waxing on about why Cohen left. They completely miss the mark, and don’t realize Cohen was around for a specific job – Tax reform and regulation reform. Once that box was ticked off, there was no need to keep Cohen. Again, another simple insight that Sundance put light on and we all are that much smarter and ahead of the herd.

    Thanks for all your work on trade; I can only imagine the hours or research and fact checking that goes into each thread. Much appreciated.

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    • Remington says:

      Let’s just stop for a microsecond and have a look at how far we have come since osama & Co., was sent packing..Let’s just stop and look the team of wankers we’ve had to live with for those horrendous eight years….compare and contrast to our team under PDJT…

      ‘Just for a second…Onward Christian soldiers…

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  10. Bendix says:

    I’m thinking of the people like Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton, the Cuomos…
    They’ve been in public life around the same amount of time Donald Trump has been thinking about these issues. They sat and watched the changes, for the worse. It never occurred them to question why?
    Yet they, and all their fellow sit-arounders, suddenly leap into action with their criticism. Don’t do that! You’ll ruin everything!
    It’s already ruined. There’s a good chance he’ll fix it.

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  11. TwoLaine says:

    Incoming. Duck!

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  12. I love him, and long overdue for Paul Ryan to resign!

    Liked by 6 people

  13. magacombover says:

    Liked by 3 people

  14. SoCal Patriot says:

    The fact that the left and the RINOS think he is stupid is a sign of their arrogance and downfall. At some point, they will have to acknowledge what we all see…that is incredibly strategic and a masterful negotiator.

    Liked by 4 people

  15. Mark McQueen says:

    We should brace ourselves because there will likely be a short term negative impact in some business sectors. They’ll be screaming “we told ya so” and the media will be all over it.I say, “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!”

    Liked by 5 people

  16. Doug says:

    SO is that Mattis cheering Ross because he knows getting our armed forces supplied with American made steel is not only a positive for national security but is that a slight admission to the rumors going around that faulty steel was knowingly and used by our armed forces?

    Liked by 9 people

    • G. Combs says:

      Since it was KNOWINGLY used in our commercial aircraft I would say YES!!!!

      (I used to work in the industry as a QC manager until I found out what was going on…)

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Blacksmith8 says:

    Jim: Remember when I asked you, if you could, please find a way that our boys and girls don’t have to die in North Korea?

    Wilburine: Yes, I do.

    Jim: Thanks Wilbur

    Wilbuine: Not a problem.

    Liked by 6 people

  18. Bob Thoms says:

    China’s reaction will be interesting……….Panda or Red Dragon rising…….


  19. duchess01 says:

    Live | The White House – 03/08/2018


    3:30 PM EST

    President Trump Signs the Section 232 Proclamations on Steel and Aluminum Imports

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Mike diamond says:

    Yes,Yes,Yes !!!! I agree Sundance,President Trump is doing a great job on the trade deals ! He can make things happen for the good of our country! The liberal press and the liberals in our government can’t stand it,but that’s just too bad !!! President Trump is winning for all of us !!!!!!

    Liked by 6 people

  21. jmclever says:

    Its kind of like what candidate Trump did with the term, Fake News. It was designed by Google and Hillary (per Cheryl Atkisson Ted Talk on Fake News) to destroy him, but he took it away from them and used it against them and did it So brilliantly that he is credited with the term.

    Liked by 6 people

  22. doit4atlas says:

    I’m watching this…WOW! A President with balls. I never thought I’d see the day. This whole thing is bringing me to tears. WOW! WOW! WOW!

    Liked by 6 people

  23. Payday says:

    What a great speech from a great great man!!

    Liked by 3 people

  24. Bassplayer says:

    Did I hear that correctly? Right after Wilburine and Maddog toast. “Do you miss Gary yet? Hahaha. Standing on the lawn at the White House. Hahaha”

    Liked by 2 people

  25. distracted2 says:

    As stated by Sundance, “These trade policies are the issues he has been discussing for over thirty years.”

    30 years. For nearly half of his life he has been waiting for this day. Congratulations, President Trump!

    Liked by 5 people

  26. ForGodandCountry says:

    Love the “cheers” between Mattis and Ross. An exquisite moment!

    Liked by 2 people

  27. Gary Murphy says:

    Making America Great Again ! ! !
    Watch your six, ………a rabid animal is dangerous.

    Liked by 4 people

  28. NJF says:

    I posted this in the open thread, it it goes well here too.

    Liked by 6 people

  29. MVW says:

    China is a bubble ready to pop. This might set off a cascade. It makes me wonder about the associated turmoil and Xi’s power consolidation ahead of the tough times.

    I also wonder if Europe might get more dumping, and be forced to take the same measures. Shake ups coming.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Electra says:

    Okay. I’m still a little confused. I’m totally with the program, but I want to understand.

    If targeted exemptions are to be used to punish nations that act as proxies for Chinese steel, then wouldn’t the goods in question need to be some form of raw steel? Sundance appears to be saying that countries, like Mexico, who manufacture things like cars and piping from Chinese steel would also be subject to this arrangement. But to do that, wouldn’t we need special tariffs on any goods made with Chinese steel? I don’t know. Maybe there are already provisions for that in the regulations Trump signed today. Does anyone know?

    Liked by 1 person

    • cozette says:

      Electra you have things reversed. Perhaps thats why you’re confused. Exemptions are a REWARD for any nation who can PROVE they’re not acting as proxies for China. Right now the steel and aluminum tarriffs apply to all countries. If you are interested in the legalese, the document is now publically available to everyone.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Electra says:

        Yes. The tariff is the punishment and the exemption is the reward–but for which behavior? Does the carrot/stick apply to proxying Chinese steel in ANY product, or only to proxying Chinese raw steel?


        • I believe Chinese steel in any product. But I am certainly no expert in this area – quite the opposite – a true novice. SD has increased my knowledge base on this issue 1000 fold. I learn more here than anywhere else, hands down!


        • Mongoose says:

          Carrot and stick. You are a friend and will be treated accordingly if you trade fairly and don’t lie about place of manufacture, or we punish you with higher tariff’s if you try to sneak in Chinese steel as US made. We will treat you as foe. Play nice and we will all get along and prosper.


  31. Jeff Flake is raising his ugly head to say he’s introducing a bill to fight President Trump’s tarriffs. Call your senator now! Tell them to side with Flake is to side with someone who has only an 18% approval rating with his own constituents!

    Liked by 1 person

  32. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Take that Paul Ryan and Turtle. FBN at 3:00 pm was so hoping the stocks would fall. Clayman had the stocks on the right side as he was talking and ticket saying stocks falling. Ha. They ended up positive for the day.

    Liked by 2 people

  33. jstanley01 says:

    The ADVChina channel on Youtube is produced by a South African and an American, who have both lived in China for a decade and both have Chinese wives. Their video about how China has changed in that time is worth watching…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Electra says:

      Funny that you should bring that up. I just stumbled across these two last night on YouTube. They offered some fascinating insights on Chinese culture while zipping around China on their motor scooters. If you have any business with China you should definitely check this out.

      Liked by 3 people

      • jstanley01 says:

        They’ve got a couple of documentaries out too that are very informative.


      • Hmmm, Electra – you “stumbled across” these two guy on YouTube. I see that China is upping the propaganda war. Or maybe the American guy is working for the massive Chinese propaganda machine. He sounds like a real snowflake, that’s for sure.
        Thanks for the heads-up. This is a very well-made batch of PR. They may become media darlings soon!


  34. Missing Andrew says:

    Very Presidential

    DId you know what was that the

    1st Law, of the
    1st Congress, on the
    1st Session, signed by
    1st President?


    Passed at the first session, which was begun and held at the City of New York on Wednesday, March 4, 1789, and continued to September 29, 1789.

    JOHN ADAMS, Vice President of the United States, and President of the Senate,
    FREDERICK AUGUSTUS MUHLENBERO, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

    CHAPTER f.-An Jet to regulate the Time and and Manner of administering certain Oaths.


    CHAP. II.–An act for layinga Duty on Goods, Wares, and Merchandises imported into the United States.(a)

    SEC. 1. Whereas it is necessary for the support of government, for the discharge of the debts of the United States, and the encouragement and protection of manufactures, that duties be laid on goods, wares and merchandises imported: (b)

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That from and after the first day of August next ensuing, the several duties hereinafter mentioned shall be laid on the following goods, wares and merchandises imported into the United States from any foreign port or place, that is to say:




    (Pages 23-27 of Vol 1 – Pages 143-146 of pdf)


    Liked by 2 people

  35. Mk10108 says:

    Playing chess while covering his moves. I’m tapped out with all this winning.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. agryphon says:

    If you stand too close to the tracks, the backwash from the Trump Train will knock you down! Most people have no idea what they are witnessing.

    Liked by 2 people

  37. scott467 says:

    “After President Trump’s lead trade policy advocate, Peter Navarro, stated yesterday the steel and aluminum tariff announcement would be coming today, the opposition immediately increased their calls for modifications.

    While the White House trade lawyers were working through the day and night constructing the legalese, Fox News Ed Henry stated late last night there might be a delay….”



    A) who could possibly care what ‘the opposition’ wants? Tell them “elections have consequences”, that’s what Hussein, the traitor sh!#-bag, said to our side

    B) anything ‘the opposition’ wants is certainly a LOOPHOLE at odds with the entire point and purpose of the president’s objectives, so…

    C) WHY would the WH trade lawyers be working through the night, shooting themselves in the foot, constructing ‘legalese’ to satisfy ‘the opposition’?

    And WHAT ‘opposition’ is there, anyway?

    WHO has the authority to stop Trump from doing this?

    If the answer is “nobody”, then there *is* no ‘opposition’, just wailing and gnashing of the teeth.

    The same thing WE had to put up with for the last EIGHT FREAKIN’ YEARS during traitor 44’s regime.

    Liked by 3 people

  38. AH_C says:

    I love it. And I’m pissed at our politicians that don’t understand this type of negotiations. But then again, most politicians were “born and raised” in politics and/or legal profession, not real life.

    We need more people with a background in industry, both manufacturing and trades being allowed to step up and serve this great nation of ours.

    Liked by 2 people

  39. nikkichico7 says:

    Attention, attention all treepers … make way for and cheer heartily for our own VSG President Donald J. Trump, ….. what.a.patriot. ….. sir this is for you …. thank you for all you do ….


  40. jeans2nd says:

    “Fox News Ed Henry stated late last night there might be a delay….”

    Poor Fox News. Even they still do not get it.
    The leaks are real. The news is fake.
    No one listens 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Thankful again for our adroit president. The change-maker of our time.


  42. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    The howling continues. I took one look at where the article originated from and it told me all I needed to know.



    We don’t care. We know our Presidents policies will work and all these liars and cheaters will be exposed to all but the most blinded low-info/ mind-full-of-mush people out there. They will no longer be able to swindle us out of our wealth.

    Perhaps some day there will no longer be the need for both parents to work outside the home just to make ends meet, like it was back in the 1950’s.
    (more howling and protesting about that last statement)


  43. JP says:

    Soon be importing more of manufactured car parts made from aluminum and steel since as a result of tariffs, now more expensive in US to buy aluminum and steel and make car parts. Job gains in US steel and aluminum making sector and less imports, come with job losses in US steel and aluminum using sectors and more imported manufactured aluminum and steel items. Consumers will also buy less US built cars which are now more expensive to produce making US less competitive, and US car exports fall too. It is now more expensive to produce an aluminum rim for a car wheel in the US and relatively cheaper to import one. Net job gains here will be zero, and little change in trade balance, as few here understand. A true conservative would prefer free trade over socialist government managed trade with cronyism political handouts to some industries at cost to others.


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